Prophetic Word: The King Is Coming; Rest Deeply

LIVE webinar: Healing from Emotional Abuse | June 7, 2024

Prophetic word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

I saw in the Spirit that the Lord is placing a holy anointing on His people to prepare for His blessing.

I saw people in a state of rest, and suddenly they began running around like ping-pong balls in small spaces, doing the work of the Lord with extreme efficiency and anointing. They never got out of their place of rest; they were simply anointed to handle tough tasks that had intimidated them for so long.

I also saw the Lord suddenly making a way for things to happen that people have been fasting and praying for for months. These were things that they had been told could never happen, would never happen; but suddenly, all the factors lined up and the Lord gave His permission. He nodded His head once and every dam of resistance broke, as if those dams of resistance had never been there at all.

The Lord showed me that the reason things haven’t happened sooner was that they wouldn’t have been the right thing. He had not presented the best options to His people before, so people would have made decisions based on second-best because the things that eye has not seen and ear has not heard had not been presented to them at the time.

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    The Lord showed me that He is in charge of dams of resistance.

    Even when those dams of resistance appear insurmountable, the Lord is still in charge of them. He is using those dams as restrainers to protect you from getting out of His timing.

    The dam will break and water will gush forth when He gives the word, though. If He has put something in your spirit, don’t neglect to keep it and ponder it in your heart, birthing it in prayer.

    I saw in the Spirit that the Lord put commissionings on people in December 2019–commissionings to do things the world said they would not or could not do.

    The dams of resistance are still holding those commissionings back, but they are being held up for a time and a season. They are being safely kept and stored up in you, so they can grow roots; they are not being prevented permanently.

    I heard the Lord say, “Your time of hiddenness is not over yet.”

    Isaiah 49 discusses Jesus, and how Father God hid Him like an arrow in His quiver until the set time for Him to be made public to the world. And I heard in the Spirit that many people are discouraged with God and indeed some have given up, thinking that He has neglected or forgotten them. However, they are not forgotten; they are simply being kept, again, for God’s perfect timing.

    I saw the Lord is crowning your year with good things.

    The crown doesn’t go on the newest part of the body (e.g. newly-grown fingernails); it goes on the wisest part of the body–the head, which is the center of thought. Many people have felt that the crowning of the year must occur when the year is new (e.g. at the New Year), but the Lord showed me that He is actually placing His crown of good things on the wisest and deepest part of your year–which is now.

    The Lord showed me that He has deep, healing, life-changing revelations to hand out in this season of rest.

    Many have felt led to rest, but we have not understood that the rest we have been given is only the surface of the matter. The Lord wants to take us deeper into His rest than we have ever been; to plumb the depths of the thermal pools of His rest and relaxation.

    He has a place of rest for each of us in which He will come up under each person supernaturally, doing in one day what it would have taken ten weeks for Him to accomplish through us if we were not in that place of rest.

    The Lord is removing strongholds of rejection during this time as well.

    The enemy has tempted many to embrace a stronghold of rejection, but the Lord says He is freeing you from the tendency to enter the traps and guises of the enemy. The Lord is laying bare all the devices of the enemy to entrap and ensnare you, and you will see through them like glass. 

    After you see through the enemy’s traps and devices, it will be up to you to renew your mind yet again in the Word of God, so that you do not pick up–even unwittingly–the traps and thoughts the enemy is trying to place in your mind.

    The thoughts of rejection you are thinking are NOT from you.

    Know this in this season: the thought is not yours; it is the whispered words of a demon sent on assignment against you; but that demon has no place in your life unless you give it to him. DO NOT allow the ungodly words you may hear whispered in your ears to become your own. Reject them and speak the Word of God out over them, and demons will flee from you.

    I saw a great outpouring of the Spirit of adoption.

    Holy Spirit is the Spirit of adoption; and when He manifests Himself, we receive a baptism of the love of God. Everything in us cries out to God, “Abba! Father!” (“Abba” is the affectionate, diminutive word in Hebrew for “Daddy God!” or even “Papa God!”)

    I saw this outpouring of the Spirit of adoption breaking strongholds of rejection.

    Many have tried and tried to break out of thought patterns of rejection, but they kept getting pulled back in and aren’t sure why. Through this outpouring of the Spirit of adoption, God is breaking old thought patterns and strongholds by pulling people into an overwhelming encounter with His love and goodness. This encounter will be so strong that the old thought patterns will dissolve in its wake, never to be seen again.

    I saw that the storm you thought would hurt you is actually meant to refresh you, and to propel you higher.

    The voice of God has sent His storm with thunderings and lightnings into your life. Yes, He occasionally sends storms. But this storm is not meant to hurt you; it is meant to ensconce you in a quiet, secret place where you can heal. It is a form of spiritual hospitalization, if you will–but the most compassionate, caring, most luxurious, most calming, peaceful, and restful hospitalization you could ever imagine.

    Beloved, if you’ve been in despair, do not give up hope.

    Hope assured does not disappoint, and your faith in God is bringing you into a season of rest, refreshment, rejuvenation, and new purpose. Abide in Him as He leads you through this valley, for His expectations for you WILL come to pass if you remain in Him!

    Does this word speak directly to your heart today? Is Holy Spirit confirming something big to you that He has already commissioned you into? If so, leave a comment below and tell me how I can agree with you and pray for you in this matter!


    1. Oneida Martin says:

      What a powerful and timely word just for me. Jamie I pray Abba continues to speak His word to U. For the purpose of healing, guiding, n helping His people. What a blessing U are.

      1. I have been in the darkest place in my life tried to commit suicide but I guess it wasn’t time . Your words and prayers give me hope

    2. I receive this in Jesus name.

      Thank you

    3. I don’t know where to begin with this word. I have been in the darkest place of my life and I have dealt with the spirit of REJECTION my entire life and I do mean that literally. Now I am going through a divorce I did not want but, my husband did I mean I did leave him in hopes he would see the changes that we needed to make in order for the marriage to work but, instead he has BLAMED me for EVERYTHING and I also mean that literal its almost like he hates me. This has broughs up so many bad emotions within me I have had suicidal thoughts ( I am in therapy) which I have lived with those thoughts my, literally again, entire life. I feel as if I was a mistake and I was not supposed to be here. The warfare on my life has been horrific. I read this word today and it resonates with me so deeply and I truly want to believe that God see me and will deliver me because I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. Also, I am doing your 21 Days of Breakthrough on the Bible app and I must say it is by far my favorite I am writing down each day along with a prayer as well so it will probably take me more than 21 days to finish becasue I keep rereading.

    4. Hi Jamie thank you for this prophetic word. I connect in faith and received it in the powerful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

    5. I really needed this. I don t like my valleys. My faith is in Him. He is my only hope. I pray I won t get tired. I need to understand some stuff and be sure of some stuff.
      God bless you!

    6. linda harrison says:

      Amen, Praise the Lord

    7. I needed this. I’ve been struggling lately in every way possible. I confess that I even gave up on waiting on God to do something as my life has been a series of events not so fortunate. Sometimes it feels like I’m alone or maybe I did something that can’t be forgiven. But this blog came at the right time. I just pray the Father gives me the grace and strength to keep waiting on Him. My family needs that rest so bad right now more than ever.
      Thank you Jamie and I pray the good Lord prospers you in all things as you bring us His words. Amen

    8. michael woollands says:

      Jamie, .It is 00h40 in Durban South Africa.. a friend of mine emailed this word to me which has so encouraged me .I have for awhile now been so overwhelmed with many thoughts of rejection. I get up and strengthen myself in the Lord then out of nowhere I get these thought’s again which then want to propel me into further feelings of worthlessness.. I am at my lowest now yet I do sense that something is breaking lose. I will read this again. My desire is to intimately know the Holy Spirit, and to hear and see Him working in my life and to be so aware of His presence that I live in His presence and know the depths of the words from the psalms In your presence is fullness of joy and your right hand are pleasures evermore.

    9. Christina McCrory says:

      Blessings to you Pastor Jamie!
      This Word definitely speaks greatly to my heart and it’s confirming also!
      If you may pray for stillness in the Lord as He performs and I just simply surrender for me I’d greatly appreciate it!!!

    10. Amen and amen!! Thank you. Very timely in my life!

    11. Janine Nel says:

      WOW, our God is a God of promises. Glory and miracles that the brain can not fathom.
      He has you as a mouth piece for him and I am so grateful that everything that comes from you is so on point. I am definitely walking in great footsteps. I thank you for every message that comes from you as God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is leading me on this awesome journey of Revival, Miracles and Joy and breakthrough. PRAISE YOUR NAME JESUS……

    12. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Amazing How God speaks to my life.I received it in The Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST my Lord and Saviour. Thank you so much Pst Jamie.Love you so much.This is mine..Absolutely mine.Amazing God You Are!

    13. Amen.. thank you Lord!

    14. Thank you Jamie for your prayers. Yes, this is speaking to me at what has been a painful juncture and this confirms a word spoken to me that it is time for a season of rest and the manifestation of things yet unheard, unseen. I have been listening learning and made to rest. I trust in God’s rest and all that it means. Thank you for your Godly words.

    15. I receive this and Praise our Father God! I will stand in agreement of all that was said and believing that all the rejections I have been receiving will vanish! Father God believing you will restore my relationship with my daughter, no weapon form shall prosper! In Jesus’s mighty mighty name,Amen

    16. Wow!! Gog bless you Jamie. This prophetic word is exactly mine. The Lord has been speaking to me to enter into His rest. To surrender everything unto him especially my financial desires. I pray that I may encounter our ABBA FATHER, GOD and that all the dams of resistance may be loosened so that I may be covered with astronomical blessings. I declare I shall enter into the revelation God has for me. No temptation shall overcome me IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME. Amen.

    17. Awesome! Thank you Father

    18. Kathy Buck says:

      Thank you Jamie for this timely word. I went to a conference yesterday with a friend, to usher in the Spirit of God in the region so we can go do what the LORD has commissioned us to do. My walk with God wasn’t all that good. So it was good I went. Yesterday morning and I was trying to rest from a sleepless night, almost a sleep, I saw and literally spoke, Revelation 2! I was out of town so my Bible wasn’t where I was, so I got my phone and looked up the scripture and it spoke so much to me. God was telling me, to come back to him. Then I had some time to be by myself ( I was with a friend), so a sat outside in a rocking chair and sang some and prayed and then I rested. I asked God to talk to me. To let me know what he wanted to say to me. So I waited. Then I saw in my spirit, mountains and then steps with a car there and then a car driving down a road. I asked God what that all meant and and he said, “I’m taking you on journeys. I was like, ok. Then as I rested longer, I saw a green metal gate. It had a design in the middle of the top. Then I heard the Spirit say, “open the gate. Go ahead. You’re the only one that can open it. So I opened it and I saw 2 huge fat trees off to the right side of me. They were filled with leaves. I saw 1leaf sticking out. He said to me, these threes are for healing. Then I heard him say, I gave you healing in your left hand, but you’re going to use the other hand as well. Praise God! My eyes were soaking with passion! I want what God has for others. Thank you so much for this word you have given. It’s on time and I want to be ready to go and do what he’s called me to do!

    19. Crystal hill says:

      I received this word from God thank you so much Jamie I’m not where I wanna be but I’m getting there keep me updated 🙏 Amen

    20. Wow directly aimed at us. We’ve been in a desert, but after years of praying to reach my husband and my hearts and change us, make my husband our spiritual leader God touched him in ways I am so grateful for. We are now in the midst of spiritual warfare and we are done with traditional teachings, but follow called preachers and we live on James 4:7.

      Thank you for your word today. I now need to go and digest it and think about it and how it truely applies to me.

      God bless

    21. WADELOVE DOZVA says:



    23. I receive this Word !
      It’s for me . Thank you Jamie the Lord bless you and all who read this and our families .

    24. Amen. I agree with this word and receive it in Jesus Name.
      I realized that I’m in a new season, but was asking the Lord what this season entail. Your word explained it for me Jamie. Please pray that everything that Abba intend for me to have this season, that I walk in it please, that nothing falls to the ground, my relationships with my children, my marriage. Thank you.

    25. WOW glory to God, I receive this in Jesus name

    26. Please pray for my marriage, my husband and my two daughters. I want to be in God’s will for my life, but my marriage is not pleasing to the Father. There has been too much sin and pain. It has been satan’s playground. I am finally coming to a place of peace and rest, but the enemy wants to keep me trapped. I am going to break generational curses for myself and my girls by stepping out and taking a stand, but it is hard to break patterns. It is hard to stop thinking about all that will be lost when I leave. I want to trust that I will go from glory to glory! I need faith to believe that God doesn’t remove something and give you lesser. I have to fight the intrusive thoughts that are not mine with God’s word. Please pray that I continue to hear from God and obey Him so we can all walk into a place of rest and healing.

    27. Denise Richey says:

      Lord Jesus, in Your name by the Holy Spirit, I lift up this young lady. She is hurting and so is her family. I declare peace, understanding, Your wisdom, salvation, love, joy, courage as You speak to her and she is obedient to Your voice. Break the satanic holds in this family, generational curses and restore what the enemy has divided and stolen. Thank You for being more powerful than the enemy and all knowing of the enemy’s tactics and schemes. Thank You for being this family’s breakthrough. Thank You for hearing our prayer. We give You all glory, honor and praise for what You do in and through this family! In the name of Jesus Christ!! Amen and amen

    28. Lisa sweet says:

      I do feel like this is for me..Thank you. I have been struggling for awhile. I have gave my life my life to God 4 years ago and this past year the enemy has came and caused so much destruction. I know God is there but so time I feel I’m alone in all this. I know God turns bad things into Good and I stand on that. God’s done so much for me that I can’t let him go..sometimes the enemy tries to convince to but I know my God is got something big waiting. Please keep me and family in prayer.

    29. Annanson John says:

      Thank you very much. I am very grateful 🙏

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