Your Progress In the Spiritual ICU

Hey friends,

The Lord gave me a brief update on where His people are in the Spiritual ICU process described here, which is where we are until mid-March.

Briefly, know this:

  • Only yesterday did the hard ground of your weary soul begin to accept water. (I’m referring to the ground of your burned-out emotions and mind that has been so exhausted that the water of the Spirit has just been running off and hasn’t been able to soak in.)
  • You saw the manifestation of this because your physical body suddenly craved water yesterday, and you noticed an unusual ability to drink literal water that you’ve been struggling to find before.
  • You are in a season in which the Lord is rolling away the reproach off you.
  • January 10 was a pivotal day in which you finished crossing over into your new season.
  • The Lord is elevating you right now because you have humbled yourself under His mighty hand for so long.

For the intercessors, pastors, and Christian leaders, the Lord showed me:

  • You have been feeling forgotten and discouraged as you have watched people all around you move into their miracle season, with tangible manifestation. However, you feel like you have been standing still and passed by.
  • The Lord wants you to know that you have been standing in the middle of the Jordan, holding the ark and holding the line so everybody else could cross over. They finished crossing over on January 10, and you followed them.
  • The fact that you’ve been so weary is because you’ve been holding the Ark for so long.
  • But the Lord wants you to know that now you are at Gilgal, and He is rolling away the reproach from off of you. They that wait upon the Lord shall NOT be put to shame.
  • You are in a resting season and a healing season.

No matter who you are, claim the promises right now:

  • Ask, and you shall receive.
  • Seek, and you shall find.
  • Knock, and the door shall be opened to you.
  • Anything you ask for, in faith believing, you shall receive.
  • Whatsoever you ask the Father in Jesus’ name, it shall be done for you, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

These are urgent promises right now. Pray them often and urgently.

Love in Christ,




    1. I’m telling you you are truly in a divine position to hear the voice of the Lord. I recently testified of how I read your prayer for unjust things being reversed and was fired on the 10th of this month. I was in the middle of women and children that were living in deplorable conditions and now am freed. I have been trying to find another job but kept experiencing blocks so i heard that I have to rest now from my labors. I didn’t want to hear that bc my household was inadvertently held up by me working but I realize today that God is truly Lord in and of my life and I give Him full reign…Early this am I sowed a seed to the children’s room furniture, and the seed has returned w/ 10% increase to it not even 3 hours later…God is wowing me

      1. Wow, that’s amazing, Sheila! PRAISING GOD with you!!! And thank you so much for your generosity to the Lord, Hallelujah!

    2. Rita Kumarasinghe says:

      Hi Jamie thank you for your word. I am blessed and couldn’t wait to ask you if our Father in Heaven has revealed anything to you about my daughter Preshanta who is trying to get over her depression and anxiety. I am waiting everyday that The Lord Jesus Himself will reveal Himself to my daughter and set her completely free free all medication. Thank you. God bless you. Love Rita

  1. Thank you ,I needed this word

  2. Thank you & bless you! I’ve got chills & I should not be so stunned because I know our Heavenly Father sees ALL!! But the water thing!!!! Im not typically a drinker of plain water but yesterday and the day before I drank a bottle, and now Im very motivated to go drink another right now! This is so amazzzing & I cant believe my eyes! Haha ..I dont know to laugh or cry?! Thank you Jamie for bridging the gap for me and so many ..every single day.. you are wonderful & you keep me in awe of the Lord!! You have my sincere Prayers..blessings..and THANKS.

  3. Thank You Abba Father for your voice speaking through Jamie.
    just what I needed praise God Amen.

    Thank you Jamie Bless you..

  4. I thank Jesus Christ for this Prophetic word it’s 100% spot on.
    It’s as if you are living with me in the same house, I’m so encouraged.

  5. Thank you Jamie! I always thank God for leading me to you in this season of rest and healing.
    Your prophetic word today is a confirmation of what the Lord has been telling me in prayer. Be Still. Press in. Wait. We thank Him for His refreshing.

    May the Lord continue to Bless you abundantly.

    1. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      In Jesus name.Amen

  6. I claim the promises for me my husband son our business and seal it all up in the blood of Jesus in Jesus name God bless you Jamie and your family and ministry

  7. Thank you so much for the follow up on this!!

  8. Thank you Father for your love towards us. Thank you Jamie for your obedience!❤️

  9. Thanks so much Jamie. You are truly a mouthpiece of Abba, an exhorter. Thank You Abba for this new season and I’m expecting new, big, extraordinary things to happen this year 2020! Not my will Lord but Yours be done. God I love and trust You; a man after God’s heart. It is so!

  10. God bless you
    Thank you this word speaks to me i receive it in jesus name

  11. Fiona – Jamie, def MY WORD…yesterday I truly drank loads of water…and today too. Before I had no inclination. Now…your word explains it…bless you!! So Ive been standing in the Jordan…a long long time and truly my arms in the physical have been totally tired and sore and exhausted, like Ive been carrying very heavy weights non-stop!! Stuff has been mechanical and its felt like Ive lost my balance, momentum, and direction. Been very frustrating, tiring and absolutely draining and exhausting! Thank you for your obedience. Yes! Its very encouraging to see and hear, we’ve crossed over. Hallelujah! I dont think could have held out much longer! Honestly back-breaking, nerve-breaking and unpleasant. Love in Yeshua.

  12. Elizabeth Tuinidau Amen fir that says:

    Amen for the great message…very short, powerful and strong and it hits me right in my heart. Wowww!!!!!!! i am blessed n it really touches me.That was me,i received us.Thank you Lord,thank you Jamie…Amen and Amen

  13. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    Amen and Amen..powerful great message

  14. Thank you Jamie, I am weary for too long spiritually, physicaly, and mentally still don’t know how to rest. What a wonderful word! Hope we are coming out of this soon. Not sure if even in His will. The word hard to read tired of running. God bless your ministry and family in 2020!

  15. Thank you Jamie, I am weary for too long spiritually, physicaly, and mentally still don’t know how to rest. What a wonderful word! Hope we are coming out of this soon. Not sure if even in His will. The word hard to read tired of running. We need a home! God bless your ministry and family Jamie in abundantly 2020!

  16. Oh my gosh! The word about the water and being thirsty “yesterday”(I am reading this a day late so the 14th was my “yesterday”)was so totally spot on!
    It made me tingle when I read it because I was so thirsty last evening that I drank a whole bottle of water in a short time which is highly unusual for me.I even commented to my husband about it.
    I am trusting the remainder of the word will come to pass as well.I have been struggling wearily for 3 years now.
    The date of January 10th wad also very significant because I feel I was spiritually attacked on several levels of reocurring attacks and actually felt a breakthrough.
    This is so amazing to me!
    Thank you,Jamie for sharing this!
    I am praying for you,your family and your ministries.

  17. Thelma Wells says:

    Jamie, spot on! I am currently at the beach to seek Him for this season and to get away from the drama that has been in my life of late. I just wanted and needed to hear from Him. My family left me at the beach on Sunday but it was not until yesterday that I could really pray and “drink” Him in! What the Lord spoke to you describes me to a “T”. Late Monday afternoon I felt like I was physically shaking but I was not doing so. After reading this word I realize that the feeling of shaking from my head to my toes was God bringing me through the breakthrough. Thanks so much. Love and hugs!

  18. Was literally ‘shaken’ in the Spirit about an hour ago and…
    “Believe this is a new season, a new and abundant time of God’s outpouring of His Spirit and Grace upon the church and the world. (I blew a shofar with my voice, 3 times) and announced that in this new season God’s Kingdom will manifest more openly upon the earth, that His Holy Spirit is brooding upon His church of witnesses for Christ, that the love of the Father will shower upon mankind in this new season and open hearts that have been closed, hearts that have turned away, and hearts which never knew Him. He is opening doors of restoration. Strength and days lost shall be restored as if never lost, and there shall be an expression and manifestation of His Glory and work upon the earth as never witnessed before, for the Spirit prepares the Way of the Lord.” Amen, come Lord Jesus.

  19. Mary Holt says:

    OH MY JAMIE!!!!! I have been in a dark dark place for so so long, I am talking years!!!. Jan 11 (1/11 I had a huge breakthrough; I have been seeing 111 for about 5 months like daily and I have been quoting Deur 1:11 daily) I am so grateful and so in awe of this Word about Spiritual ICU!! This is me!! This morning I had this thought about water…my body has not been taking in water…I had no thirst and I could not get hydrated!! Just this morning I was thinking wow I am thirsty!!!!!! JAMIE!!! (that is my daughter name)!! THANK YOU LORD!!! I RECEIVE THIS WITH JOY!!! I AM SO GRATEFUL JAMIE THAT YOU SHARED THIS!!!! Love you!!

    1. Amen! Drank water unusually so yesterday. I believe this is from the Lord and receive it! And, regarding prayer for finances… Even though I got a letter saying bank transfer is gonna be next month.. Which meant everything i own ..which is in storage would be in deeper jeprody of being sold off, (already 2 months late)IT SHOWED UP IN MY BANK ACCOUNT TODAY! God sent it early! Ptl! Thank you for prayers over our finances! And first goes my tithe to be paid! Trusting him to bring in work from ads online…Which is from my talents he gave me so we can pay daily rent…and praying for a car for work. Thank you so much dear Jamie. Pray also for me as I step out to run for office for the first time. And to you dear sister, bless you!: As with the end of Job story may it be to you. “And God blessed JOB greatly as HE PRAYED FOR HIS FRIENDS!

  20. Wow this stands out for me!
    January 10 was a pivotal day in which you finished crossing over into your new season.

    My father who I had issues with passed away on Thur Jan 9. So as I read on someone else’s blog who had daddy issues too. The chapter he’s in is done it is FINISHED!

    Been waiting for a new season of hope, love, provision, abundance and peace my whole life.

  21. This message is so for me. I left work today and I was feeling so down in my spirit. There are promised that God spoke in my life in 2018. I keep believing, praying, praising, spending time in the word. In the natural, I see nothing. I keep holding on in faith. Today, I felt weary and forgotten. I asked God to send me something to help my aching soul. I then saw your message. All I could do was weep. Thank you for being obedient to what God spoke to you ❤️

  22. Linda Stanford says:

    Thank you Jamie! I definitely needed to hear this today. I’m praying and claiming this in Jesus Holy name. Thank you God for answering our prayers and I’m am putting all my faith in you to continue to answer prayers. Thank you Jamie for your ministry and your Love for God our Father.

  23. Oh my – the holding of the ark while others passed. SPOT ON.
    January 10th as well. There was a loved one I was interceeding for all day that day. There was another who received hard news the night before, but it was hard-but-necessary news.
    And even mid-March… that is what I’ve been hearing as well.
    Thank you, my dear. SPOT ON.

  24. Thank you so much for this word! This resonates so much with me down to the feeling of thirst! Glory to God! Thank you, God! Thank you for sending this message!

  25. I say yes and amen to all of the above. The part about water was very interesting and thirst, spot on. THank you for this message

  26. geri riggs says:

    What a confirmation! Wow. thank you so much for sharing this word. On 10-10-18 , the Lord showed me He wanted to put things in me and my family in Godly order. I have been going through (with the support of my wonderful husband) the most painful time of my life. There were days I didn’t know if I would make it and days I didn’t want to. I am so grateful to God, He upheld me, sustained me and is bringing me out of it. So many things were involved I won’t go into it, but on Jan. 10, 2020. I knew it was a turning point for us. I felt led to look up the Biblical meaning of the numbers and 1 means God, 10 meaning order, completeness, harmony and 20 linked to a period of waiting, (suffering) ending (trials and reward). When I saw what you wrote about Jan 10, I was so encouraged! How wonderful to have someone else get the same message. Thank you so much.

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