Need Your Financial Prayer Requests Please

Good morning,

I am interceding for finances today for all the people in our Presence-seeking community. In order to pray for you better, I would love to have your specific prayer requests over your finances.

Here’s how to submit your financial prayer request:

  • Leave a comment below ON THIS POST.
  • Do NOT email me with your request; I get so many emails that it will get lost if you do.
  • Leave up to 3 requests, one phrase each.
  • Do not write a book or a detailed request in the comments. God knows the details. I just need your name and a brief description of up to 3 requests.

I am praying for these today, for you by name, so please submit them as soon as you can.





  1. Babylin salazar says:

    Pray for my financial needs

    1. 1. Supernatural debt cancellation
      2. End the cycle of debt and lack in my family.
      3. Open up the floodgates to rain financial blessing on my family

      1. supernatural debt cancellation

        1. Nesha Parker says:

          On All My Student loas And House Property taxes.

          1. Debt removal from our life

          2. Alberta Gibbs says:

            That we will have yhe finances to move to a smaller home that needs no work doing to it.

          3. Sorry for using your post Nesha parker I don’t know how to write a fresh comment here.
            My name is Sophie am praying for finances to clear debt, fees for my children , to buy food supply and gas.

        2. Lakisha
          Prayer for my job back or a better job
          Breakthrough I get my back pay unemployment money
          Legal court case for favor

      2. 1. debt free
        2. abundance
        3. financial wisdom

        1. Nichelle Alexander says:

          Debt cancellation
          Financial aid to get back in college
          Financial wisdom

          1. Sale of my condo

      3. Rachel Martin says:

        1. To be debt free.
        2. To be able to open my business back up, so that I can pour back into my community.
        3. To have all of my financial needs met and to have overflow( more than enough) to help Gods people

        1. Juliet Ikeba says:

          Business growth and prosperity
          Continuity of both my contracts without any hitch
          Financial restoration for Patrick.

          1. 1) Job for Timothy in a hospital as a billing clerk .
            2) Is it God’s will for me to sell my house an move into a smaller place an need confirmation.
            3) debt cancellatfinance for car to be fixed ,need wisdom .

        2. Sale of house re S.A provision of land and property
          Coming out of poverty mindset
          Business strategy

          1. Provision for health care,a family business and a handicapped accessible vehicle.

      4. Katrina Walter says:

        1. Obtain a stable job
        2. Have enough funds to pay off student loans, mortgage, and collections debt
        3. Have an idea for passive income. To still generate income once debt is paid fully.

        1. Bridgette Henry says:

          1.Debt cancellation of $ 7084.00 on credit score
          2.Pay off $50,000 home mortgage
          3.Pay off all my husbands credit cards

          1. 1. Sale of house
            2. Jobs
            3. New home

          2. Pray For Financial Miracle, Abundance in Finance, Student Loan Paid Off,

        2. Tamekio Debrow says:

          To cancel all my debts, in Jesus name.
          To pay off all my bills.
          To generate a source of income while caring for my son

      5. Dahlia Manalaysay says:

        Debt free, abundance & financial wisdome

        1. Danielle Brewton says:

          End debt, lack, and poverty.
          Financial Abundance.
          Financial wisdom

      6. 1. All debt paid
        2. Provision of Employment
        3. Health

      7. Ma Corazon Ortiz says:

        1) Financial wisdom
        2) Financial freedom and increase
        3) Financial wealth and abundance

      8. Charlotte says:

        1. Supernatural debt cancellation
        2. Supernatural financial provision
        3. Supernatural business financial breakthrough and favor with God and man.

      9. Josephine Young says:

        1. Husband pass certifications to get a career that will pay all bills.

        2. Financial blessings to take care of my mom and pay her house off.

        3. End cycle of debt and to have relief financially to not worry.

      10. People who owe us $ will pay us.

        For more work

        Financial blessing

      11. Cathy Smith says:

        Please bless me with a $500 to pay my utility bill’s before shutoff.
        Praying for a financial blessing for $750
        gor my medical bill’s s J battje skin cancer.
        In need of moving funds to rent an affordable apartment. Thank you Jamie. God bless you.

      12. Oralean Williams says:

        1. I pray for a large financial blessing 5million dollars 2. 5 million dollars. 3. 5million dollars co.e to me today in the mighty name of Jesus I pray.

      13. Karen Watkins says:

        Requesting prayer for dismissal of all debt to include cancellation of student loan debt.

    2. Thank you Father for blessing and increasing my finances so that my needs are taken care of and that I may continue to walk as a blesser, not a beggar in your kingdom. Thank you for joining me in this prayer that my business will increase financially, and that my ministry will increase. HALLELUJAH

      1. Re: Husband Self and Children/ Grandchildren :To BeBlessed and Highly Favored and Pleasing and Beloved and Virtuous In GOD’s Sight Now and Forever
        Happy Husband: Happy Me Happy Marriage : Blessed Marriage
        Sell House For the Most Money

      2. ANN Mayne says:

        Super natural debt cancellation, to be able to meet all my needs and not lack. Financial increase. Thanks

    3. Anu Rajarajan says:

      Dear Jamie,
      Our house construction stands incomplete due to lack of substantial finances, need finances to complete the construction and to clear debts and to move into our house this first quarterly of 2020.
      Sale of lands in Ooty
      Complete all unfinished projects.
      Invest in kingdom as well as other business.
      For growth in my gym and clinic. Help n healing for those in need.
      Thanks Jamie.

      1. Wisdom on how to spend my money wisely
        Financial blessing to pay off debt
        Financial blessing to get into a car

      2. Claudette T says:

        Hello Jamie: Thanks for feeding us with the word. I’m believing God for deliverance in my home & a financial Breakthrough. Please lift me up in prayer. Thank you & God bless.

        1. Hello. Jamie, my name is Vanitha . Please pray for
          1. An inheritance which did not come to us from my moms family as yet, my mom is the only one who did not get her share am trusting God to intervene.
          2.For finances to start a building , shelter for abused women an children.
          3.For a building or a land given to us free to worship God an I believe with God all things are possible. For my very very high light bills.Thank you Jamie May God bless you mightily

        2. Dear Jamie,

          1. R250 000 for outreach programme expenses
          2. Supernatural provisions to buy a house
          3. Sevenfold restoration of finances

        3. Jenneva Russell says:

          1. debt cancellation/financial freedom
          2.For God to make a to me a good steward of His financial blessings.
          3.Financial Prosperity in my business

      3. Neliswa Rorwana says:

        pay off my debts
        buy a house and car

    4. Sheila Edwards says:

      1. For a financial increase in my business
      2. To be financially blessed so that I can bless others
      3. To have wisdom with the overflow of finances

      1. Holley A Richardson says:

        Please pray that God will grant me financial integrity that He will send increase in all areas of my company life.

    5. Freedom from a poverty mindset
      Debts payed off this year
      More finances to sow into the Kingdom

    6. Please pray for my finances…I’m in a lot of debt…pray for wealth for me and my children

    7. Elesia Main says:


      My name is Elesia Main. I am requesting financial prayers over my business and my husband business. I pray that they both be fruitful and prosperous for 2020.

      The names of the businesses are:-

      Remy’s Transport
      Shania and Samiya Import and Export

    8. Shelonnie Oliver says:

      2. House
      3. Credit Card Debts

    9. Finances so that I can give more to my church & community as my finances increases. Finances to purchase home, vehicle, children’s college fund and get my mom a Beautiful Tombstone.

      1. Busisiwe
        Early realise on my RAF funds
        Permanent work at Finastra Company as a Customer Advocate

      2. Divine Anku says:

        Financial breakthrough
        Expansion of business
        Money completion of shops

      3. 1. To be debt free
        2. For a career move that will obliterate financial lack
        3. To be able to give more

        1. Hi Prophet Jamie,

          Please pray for a job that pays me what I want and that I can start work by 1 mar with all the conditions I have told God met. Thank you.


    10. More revenue at facilities for company: pay off student loans, enterprise and money for my kids wedding. Raise so I can sow more: a new car. Ability to buy a house and get licensed to dive. Money to further my career and practice

      1. Financial prayer request

        A profitable Employment.
        Break a curse from not receiving from Tithe and sowing a seed.

        Always having a enough to give.

      2. Vincent Jason Benadie says:

        Need money to pay off my debt,people that i ow,buy a car for me and my family,buy/build a better place for us to stay in

        Need a better Job,with a salary that will last thru the month

        Need luck to win alot of money to start my own Music Studio,and help others

        Thank You in Advance

    11. New job
      Financial freedom
      More with Leftovers

    12. Leslie Mahan says:

      -Be guided to the door to the job God wants me to walk through next.
      -For my bills to be supernaturally handled and all debts paid off this year
      -For my family and I to stop spending unnecessarily

      1. 1. That I will be totally free from my debt.
        2. That God bind evil spirit of poverty and give me the grace to be financially blessed
        3. That all the people who needs most of God’s financial blessings will be blessed the soonest and they will be free from debts.

      2. Debt free
        Financially blessed so I can bless my church/others
        House paid off

      3. Amen, I pray and stand for the same in Jesus’ Name

      1. Paul Charles Burdic says:

        Hi Jamie,
        I am Paul C. Burdic and I am currently finishing up classes BA in Biblical and Theology studies this fall. So that I can graduate in December 2020. I need prayer for financial provisions from God to finish classes. $16,665.00 is needed to finish and graduate. I thank you for taking the time to prayer for others and my financial needs.
        Shalom in Christ,
        Paul C. Burdic

    13. My name is JoAnna,
      1). I need a financial blessing to pay my taxes, payroll and to continue to be a blessing to and for others. Thank you and God Bless!

        1. Jenneva Russell says:

          1. debt cancellation/financial freedom
          2.For God to make a to me a good steward of His financial blessings.
          3.Financial Prosperity in my business

    14. Linda Ong says:

      Pray for business breakthrough for me to owe my own apartment , no more renting . Regards . Linda

    15. State debt waived for Mother’s home property
      Increase to meet living expenses lost due to roommate moving for my daughter

    16. to pay off debt owed to friend for and including
      Car payments.
      financial ability and supply to save after expenses.
      a real vacation

    17. Karen Brown says:

      Pray for all bills to be paid. My name is Karen Brown I’m currently unemployed do to lay off worked with company for 13 years. Thank you for I know God is my source. Amen.

    18. Mary McClary says:

      1. Finances for new place, start business, and to move forward in life.

      2. Healing and Restoration

      3. Tools and Resources to move forward.

    19. Shaneathia Hill says:

      Increase my finances
      Get me out of debt
      New job opportunity

    20. Please pray for my finances. debt free life. pay off my mortgage and loans. financial freedom for my pharmacy business.

    21. Deanne Martinez says:

      Hi Jamie,

      1. Provision for my house payments.

      2. Provision to keep my Moms home.

      3.Provision for my bills.

      Thank you, God Bless you.
      Deanne Martinez

    22. Cynthia Tribbey says:

      Pray for my financial needs
      Pray for me I suffer with chronic pain everyday in my body especially in my left leg
      Pray for me because I have a patchy white matter on my brain which can cause strokes or TIA mini strokes. Thank you, God bless!!!

    23. Ericka johnson says:

      I am kindly praying that my oldest daughter who has a baby. Receives financial windfall to Grant her a full time job and affordable housing.. I also pray my youngest daughter receives the scholarships that she needs to continue her education and the nursing school at the college she is attending.. And I kind of proof myself for a job promotion that will allow me to help take care of my family and my medical needs. A new, higher paid salary job that has a work schedule that works well with my family and with my medical needs.

    24. Milouse Milhomme says:

      Pray for financial stability and financial freedom and debt free in 2020

    25. -the money to pay my
      Mortgage without assistance
      -scholarships for my girls to go to college
      -the ability to start a new business to support my family that will sustain me through retirement and hopefully I can pass to my daughters.

    26. Anu Rajarajan says:

      Please pray for a divine settlement from my in-laws as we did not receive any sum of money or property from the family inheritance from the elder siblings .

    27. Hi Jamie
      Prayer for a good paying learnership for my daughter in law
      Prayer for a deposit on a house
      Prayer to be debt free

    28. Dionne Williams says:

      Dionne Williams:
      College Tuition for daughter
      Increase of finances to catch up on bills.

      Thank you

    29. Please pray for
      1) Financial breakthrough- Urgently need steady income (more than enough) to pay my rent and bills, help my family, advance God kingdom

      2)May the opportunity bring out joy, passion, zeal and fruitfulness in me.

      3) May the opportunity give me time to pursue family, God and his kingdom assignments and grow a side business.
      4) May the opportunity allow me to travel for conferences in different parts of the world and come back.

    30. Please pray for a new high paying job and a financial breakthrough so we can be kingdom financers and fund the kingdom of God. We also pray for financial blessing to pay off student loan and credit card debt. We pray for financial blessing for the realese of gifts and ministry inside of us.

    31. Financial increase, a new job making more money, breakthrough in all areas of my life

    32. My financials are upside down and I need funds within the next few days otherwise I could be homeless

    33. Carmen Martin says:

      I appreciate your prayers for me in these areas….
      1. I would like to double my tithes and offerings.
      2. I would like for my new business to be overbooked instead of overlooked.
      3. I want to save at least $2k a month.

    34. Alberta Baker says:

      Alberta B; Pray for finances for 2 mission trips I committed to this summer; finances for a new car ; hearing aids for my husband.

    35. For a job that will use my gifts in health care
      For recovery of funds lost due to having to sell a home urgently
      For prudence in financial decision-making
      For a good relationship with new roommate because living here saves me money

    36. Please pray that I receive funds today for my daughter to go back to school today. Food, gas, and rent are needed today!

    37. Danni
      Job promotion W/Increase in salary
      Rent and bills Paid in full
      Student loan forgiven

    38. Tamara Chappell says:

      Tamara Chappell: Financial Prayer Request. Thank you for interceding on my behalf.

      1.Financial wisdom: for the increase
      2.Financial increase : Career, and businesses
      3.Giving in my tithes and offering and building fund for my church.

      1. 1) 360 degrees of restitution and retribution
        2) Financial and business wisdom & wit (dad 1,052,200 minimum after everyone is paid/ me 893,333.86)
        3) increased intimacy, discernment, faith, joy, n favor

    39. Funds needed today to catch up on bills after being out of work for two months. Especially to get my daughter back to school. Needed today!

      Praise God I found a new job!

      1. 1. Supernatural debt cancelation
        2. Wisdom to steward Kingdom wealth with excellence
        3. Wisdom,innovative ideas and favor in businesses to create wealth

    40. 1. For the Financial miracle the Lord showed me would come to pass to be a Kingdom Financier
      2. Victory in every area of my life; especially court battles and marriage
      3. To know Jesus and his heart in a deeper way

    41. Hello Jamie.
      Please pray for my

    42. myself and two kids moved to new city, car note behind, need super natural money blessing to pay it.
      Kids need new uniforms for school.
      2 major bills behind need financial blessing to catch up.

    43. Elizabeth Winfree says:

      Please join me in praying for:
      * provisions for the correct house in the correct location
      * if the correct path – a job to honor you in the correct location
      * provision for my daughters
      Thank you!!!

    44. Pray for financial freedom to be able to tithe fully and give above and beyond my tithe

    45. Praying that the financial stronghold will be broken (yes, I am a tither and giver) – that not only would I make enough to pay the mortgage that is due on the 16th, but that I won’t have to struggle and work around the clock to make ends meet (single, widowed mom)

      Praying I will have the finances to not only get basic repairs done around the house, but actually be able to buy clothes and get a haircut – with enough flowing through to be an extravagant giver.

      THANK YOU, JAMIE!! ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Alexandra Nicole says:

        1. Financial strongholds are broken. Stability secured..
        2.Success in my Music Flourishing.
        3. ..All debt removed.

      2. 1. New job with a good pay
        2. Open doors for business
        3. Growth in my husband work

    46. Olatunji Ojuko says:

      -Divine favor at my job interview on Friday
      -Divine favor with the job visa application that follows
      -God’s Grace to be highly successful in the job

    47. Janette Calhoun says:

      Please pray for my daughter Danna to get piano students in the town where she has moved. People have stolen her signs.
      Our church needs growth and finances to renevate it and repair it.
      Unspoken request requiring finances.
      Thanks Janette

    48. Sherie Smith says:

      Break the spirit of lack in my family Abundant Increased In Finances.
      Home and All Debt paid in full.

    49. New career/job w/ $15k salary increase
      Mortgage paid in full this year
      Finances to pay off new furnace/compressor

    50. Natashia Cunninghamm-Harris says:

      Please pray that I pay this $ 7,000 loan off this year.

    51. Kristina Brown says:


      Thank you for this. May God richly bless you exceedingly and abundantly.

      -Discipline in managing money
      -Pay off credit card debt
      -Ability to freely bless others financially because I have more than enough to give away

    52. Mwanamuke Mwiya says:

      I need $3000 as capital for business. Please pray for me.

    53. be able to pay off my debts

      get a promotion

      Have enough money to support the ministry

      1. Jamie McLaughlin says:

        Please pray for my daughter’s student loan debt for her freshman year to be eliminated! Please pray that someone will co-sign for her to get a loan to help her stay in school. The enemy just stole my house so I can’t and I’m ready to scream!

        1. Josette Pierre-Louis says:

          Cancellation of all debts. Creative ideas to increase funds. Hearing God on how to increase in all areas of my life

    54. Believing for financial breakthru,(increase), and debt cancellation for me and my family, including jobs, business, and ministry to be able to fund Gods Kingdom, for every good work and charitable donation.

    55. Wisdom for marketing my business and services after having relocated .
      Housing and a retail premise .
      Financial restoration – a total reset and restitution.

      1. Efua Oduraa says:

        Thank you for your prayers
        My name is Efua
        That all our debts will be cleared

        Restoration and restitution of all the enemy has stolen

        Multiple sources of income

    56. Bobbie Jo says:

      Please pray for my husband Matthew for his soul to find the Lord again.
      Please pray for the Lord to give us wisdom to save for our retirement years and for me to find a job in Troy MI where we just moved.

      May the Lord Bless you Jamie!!
      And thank you for who you are in Christ!!

    57. Kate Sevier says:

      Hi Jamie! Thank you. I need a better job, get out of debt, ministry funds. My husband to make tithe priority.

    58. I am in need of income. I do not have any income at this current time. I am in need of a miracle. Bind the poverty spirit off of my life. Thanks

    59. Tammy James says:

      Praying for my for new home
      Praying for finances to sow more into Kingdom
      Praying for finances to get a car

    60. Chrystlyn Edwards says:

      Currently I’m unemployed and I have more bills than money. My unemployment benefits are going to out before the end of February. Also I’m in over my head in credit card debt.

    61. Praying for to be debt free
      Praying for increased in Finances
      Praying for a better job

    62. Danielle Morris says:

      Hi Jamie,

      Please pray for me & my family regarding:

      The removal of poverty and a poverty mindset.

      The ability to be a good steward over finances (able to handle increase with wisdom and discipline).

      Cancellation, repayment, & forgiveness of past debt & financial mistakes

      Thank you Jamie for your prayers!

      God bless,
      Danielle Morris

    63. Chanelle Roberge says:

      Please pray for my Church and I for the complete financial Miracle allthe way around so that we can really begin our ministry and really be unlimited with whatever financial needs or ideas we’d like to explore with Our Father GOD XOXO GOD BLESS YOU SWEETHEART AND YOU’RE ALWAYS IN OUR PRyers in North Idaho too 🙂

    64. Pamela Pertillar says:

      Pam Pertillat

      Good Morning, please pray for me to make $10000 as capital for a business venture

      Pray that some outstanding debts would be paid off

      For wisdom to steward what comes to me

    65. Enlarge internet market place ministry

      Debt free

    66. Doreen T. says:

      My name is Doreen
      1. cancellation of debt and lack supernaturally
      2. Increase in finances for my family
      3. Finances to buy and operate a home for those with mental illness
      Thank you and God bless you.

    67. Deirdre Gray says:

      1. To come out of debt with financial miralces
      2. Supernatural debt cancellation
      3. End the cycle of debt and lack in my family.e out of debt

    68. Samantha koning says:

      God bless you Jamie Rohrbaugh

      Request 1

      For pastor Adelis from Peru that God blesses me financially so that I can help the pastor, wife and their children to move to the Netherlands.

      Request 2

      Financial blessing from God for people who helped my husband ernesto and our daughter Rishana and me in time of need

      Request 3

      For God to restore the finances that the enemy stolen from me.

      God bless you Jamie Rohrbaugh.
      I thank God for you and the work you do for God.
      You are a proverbs 31 woman.

      Thank you ,
      Greetings from Samantha

    69. LaCourdia Jones says:

      Good day. My name is LaCourdia and I am in need of financial help. I was blessed to gain employment after 13 years and have been a faithful tithes but my job hours have decreased and my husband hasn’t financially been faithful. I’ve been depending on my children but I’m believing to be a work from home as a commercial printer. I pray for supernatural finances so I can get caught up in bills and be able to enjoy spending on my children. I have 9 but 4 are dependent upon me. I thank you for the daily encouraging and prophetic words you obediently release. Most of the time, they’re on time and point. Thank you.

    70. 1) Need at least $300 more income each month just to stay in black.
      2) Need lump sum of $300 minimum now to get out of red and start fresh.
      3) Going forward more than enough so that I can be a blessing to others. I want to be generous!

    71. 1. Student loan forgiveness
      2. A well paying job that allows me to be home with my kids when they’re not in school

    72. Lawrita Miller says:

      All my financial needs met

      All the finances I need for my building this year provided for in Jesus name. Amen

    73. Dissolution of and complete freedom from all debts, big and small across lifetimes and generations
      Supernaturaly enormous and continually increasing financial windfall in this lifetime and the next
      The money to purchase,maintain and financially support a huge property where I can shelter abandoned and neglected animals

    74. Please pray to:

      1. Rebuke the Devourer
      2. Additional work/responsibility to be offered
      3. Grace from those I owe

    75. Supernatural Debt cancellation
      Financial restoration
      Money to finish my house

      Thank you

    76. Sharon Schlabach says:

      Prayers for abundant provisions
      For a house
      Supernatural debt cancelation
      A second vehicle
      Provision for traveling expenses

    77. Jennifer Landry says:

      1) For my husband to make more money at his new job or a better opportunity
      2) For us to have a secondary vehicle or be able to afford to fix the one we currently have
      3) For our finances to increase dramatically so that we can make ends meet and bless others at the same time

    78. Olufunmilayo Adeniyi says:

      God gave me a business idea,I need to know the “how”. My financial prosperity is tied to it

    79. Arelis Paez says:

      1. For the lord to cancel all cicles in my life and take me to the land where milk and honey flow
      2. Financial breakthrough
      3. Money to pay for my surgery

    80. Olufunmilayo Adeniyi says:

      Clarity regarding business strategies and clients to patronise my business.

    81. ELIZABETH CHACON says:

      House car credit cards

    82. 1-supernatural return of stolen inheritances
      2-financial support so that I can leave my corporate job and focus on ministry
      3-financial resources to build my ministry

    83. Katherine Root says:

      1) Identity Theft with my bank

      2) School loans paid off

      3) Financial stability (scammed)

      4) Place to live (I’m living in a temp house)

    84. Torise L Hiller says:

      1. Cancel All School Debt and Medical Bill’s. 2. Financial Release/ Settlement of Workers Compensation Case. 3. Financial Favor, Abundance and Wisdom so that I can continue Kingdom Assignments, Writing & Coaching Full Time. ( take care of Family)

    85. Financial break
      Good Health

    86. Latrice Cuffee says:

      1. Cancellation of Debt
      2. Building of Family Legacy of Wealth that blessed the community around us.
      3. Gain access to sources to provide provision and clarity purposed for me.

    87. Chanara Dulaney says:

      Hi my name is Chanara

      1. Finances for a new car with affordable car note
      2. Raise at work
      3. Finances for school with no debt


    89. Wow I have never left a comment or reply anywhere( I’m technology challenged) here goes,,,
      My name is Kathleen
      1- agree with me that I am debt free
      2- I’ll always have “ more than enough” to meet all my needs with much left over to give to every good thing
      3- wisdom in my giving

        1. Hi Jamie ,, thank you ❤️Kathleen

    90. Catherine says:

      Phone bill for friend is paid
      Auto repair not done but paid for undone
      Medical bill for dog bite is low

    91. Octavior Washington says:

      1. Supernatural Debt removal for my wife and I.
      2. Better stewards over our finances.
      3. Financial growth

    92. 1) debt-free
      2) wisdom for financial stewardship
      3) abundance to enable me to bless others

    93. Doris Cassab says:

      New job near me in the area I am looking for, before this month ends.
      My investments to grow.
      Out of debt in 2020, breaking financial curses in my life.

      1. Jean Potgieter says:

        Standing in agreement with you in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

    94. 1. Return of monies hidden from me by former spouse during my divorce
      2. Supernatural debt cancellation
      3. Financial wisdom
      4. Open the floodgates of financial blessings on our business
      5. Bind the devourer and spirit of poverty and lack

    95. 1. A great paying job for my son Larry Hudson II. 2. Miraculous Debt cancellation. 3. Job Promotion to a 7/9. HALELLUJAH!! In Jesus Mighty Name, AMEN! May The Lord, Triple your blessings, C. Lachelle Beale

      1. Jean Potgieter says:

        Praying in agreement with you Rachelle. Also standing in faith for a great job for my son Schalk. Praying that your debts will be supernaturally paid or cancelled in the name of Jesus and for that promotion to come to give you extra income. Thank You Lord for hearing and answering this prayer. So be it. Amen.

    96. 1. Our family business flow of finances
      2. Release of receivables held unjustly by our distributors
      3. Our personal debts to be eliminated so to give back to furthering God’s kingdom in a mighty way
      Thank you for praying!

      1. Debbie Schulze says:

        Prayer for finances to open up a food pantry/soup kitchen to help homeless people n help the needing

        1. Jean Potgieter says:

          Prayer in agreement with you Debbie. Asking the Lord to supply every resource necessary to open this food pantry/soup kitchen in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus. Thank You Lord for hearing and answering this prayer. So be it. Amen.

        2. I pray that God blesses you exceedingly and abundantly above all that you ask

          1. My name is Robin and I’m asking for prayer due to i recently lost my job , I got fired and im waiting for unemployment to be approved. As it looks in the natural that I may not get approved so I’m asking for prayer that God will bring this income through until I end up going back to work so I dont have to live on very little. Asking for favor and a for God to move on my behalf on this thank you

    97. Please pray for divorce settlement to go in my favor
      Also I need to move in to my modular home it’s costing me $
      Many delays
      Thanks Donna

    98. Supernatural Debt Cancellation
      More streams and avenues of income
      Witty invention ideas

    99. Please pray for financial blessing in Jesus’ name amen 🙏

    100. Nancy Lawrence says:

      Please bless myself and my family with a financial blessing to be able to pay off my bills. Pay my mortgage due to losing my job and I can bless others

    101. Kim Evans says:

      Jamie I would like for you to pray for me and my sons Matt and chad to all be debt free thank you. Kim

    102. 1. Supernatural debt cancellation for me and my family
      2. An abundance of money/financial breakthroughs for me and my family
      3. Success in businesses and many streams of income for me and my family


    103. Rosetta Hargett says:

      Need finanez to pubish my 3 Christian novels

    104. Phumzile Msiza
      Debt Free
      More Business opportunities

    105. Alissa Roberts says:

      1) financial blessings to overtake me-rebounding from divorce
      2) a sizable raise
      3) financial blessings to overtake son/daughter in law.

      Thank you so much,

    106. Hi, my name is Esther.

      1. I desire for debt and lack to be eliminated from mine and my family’s lives.
      2. To open the doors immediately for me to get The position that meets all His and my standards, where I will be filled with purpose and joy as I touch and impact those around me by representing God back to the world!
      3. I pray God,the author, provides me with witty inventions that will cause my money to work for me and make money to support myself and my family for at least 100 generations!

    107. BOLADE SOREMEKUN says:

      1. Pray for financial breakthrough in my businesses
      2. Pray God will provide working capital to enable me execute projects on time and with quality
      3. Pray i will never suffer shame or reproach in my finances.
      4. Pray i will always be able to meet my financial obligations.

    108. 1. Deposit money for mortgage/house
      2. Supernatural increase to account balance
      3. To be a good steward

    109. My requests:

      1. May the Lord fulfill Deuteronomy 28:12 for the Tyler Coleman Clan.
      2. For the Coleman Clan to be strengthened to faithfully honor the Lord with our firstfruits.
      3. For all of what the adversary has taken away from the Coleman Clan to be restored 7 fold.

      Amen, thank you Jamie !

    110. 1. Supernatural debt cancellation (student loan, car, and 2 credit cards)
      2. Employment
      3. Paid for rooftop terrace brick townhome

    111. 1. Deposit for a flat
      2. Second income stream
      3. Supernatural increase to account balance

    112. 1. Supernatural receiving of a new car
      2. Financial help with adopted children
      3. Debt cancellation and improvement in finances to easily supply my needs

      1. A Financial blessing to have the resources for a victory this week over debts.
        Discernment with Agape to help others with their financial burdens, in some way.

    113. 1.Immediate debts cancellation.
      2.,Reversal of generational curses on our finances & Financial breakthrough for my entire family/ restoration of harvest / financially the devil has stolen from my family!
      3.Recovery of my stolen land to build Engen filling station with great investment returns!

    114. 1) Financial wisdom and prudence
      2) Ability to pursue dream career with no financial worry
      3) Providence in 1st home

    115. Deanna Gorham says:

      Debt cancellation.
      Fincances to cover late payments
      Increase income

    116. A Financial blessing to have the resources for a victory this week over debts.
      Discernment with Agape to help others with their financial burdens, in some way.

    117. Rowena Del Carmen says:

      1.Financial Wisdom
      2.Good management and stewardship
      3.Ability to create wealth.Divine idea for business.

    118. Gorataone says:

      1. Refrain from debt that brings financial embarrassement
      2. Give me wisdom to use finances well
      3. To be a good tither

    119. Kathy Magaw says:

      1)That God will restore us financially 100 fold (give back opportunities that were stolen)
      2)Praying for our home to be paid in full this year or to cancel our debt
      3) praying for us to have our own business that will give back to others and bless others and bless our finances at the same time

    120. Supernatural debt relief
      Increase on my job
      My son’s certificate of citizenship filing fees $1,170

    121. I ask for prayer for my family names Figaroes who lives and missionaries in Puerto Rico God will shower them with all their financial needs.
      God will provide an over flow of food and water; so they may use it to serve others and lead the lost to Christ.
      God will give them the super natural courage , peace and strength.

    122. Phyllis A Jones-Mejia says:

      Please Pray For Financial Freedom To Purchase A Car And Home.

    123. Amanda Jackson says:

      1 Wisdom, understanding and a clear strategy to birth every business, every idea, conference that He’s placed within me (People & Resources)
      2. miracles in my finances, debt cancellation (Bless me to Bless others supernaturally financially)
      3. My children will return to the fold and their hearts desires will be to walk in truth please God and serve others(Impart in is the Gift of Leadership and power of influence)

    124. 1. Return of stolen money
      2. Sell of my house
      3. Business opportunities- for wide open doors

    125. 1) No new debt
      2) Supernatural debt cancellation
      3)On one accord financially with my husband

    126. Lorenza Passarella says:

      Hi Jamie Thank you for praying for my finances!

      1)My mortgage Paid in Full Supernaturally with supernatural debt cancellation for Lorenza and all family members (including school loans)
      2)End the cycle of debt and lack for me and my family
      3)Open up the flood gates to rain financial blessing for me and my family

    127. 1) Weekly church salary restored to original amount (cut in half in 2019).
      2) Church income restitution (lost $200/week for 10 months).
      3) $10,000 back taxes paid in full to IRS due to church salary (independent contractor).

    128. Crystal Wilson says:

      Debt cancellation! Title to home be corrected .

    129. Financial/accounts Job specifically
      Financial favor

    130. 1) provision to pay for business needs and direction for business
      2) financial wisdom and abundance
      3)new / more income sources, Sara contract to open up today

    131. Joshua Jones says:

      1 For provisions to pay for our family (ministries) trip to Israel.
      2 paying of debt.
      3 financial decision making.

    132. Greevin Chindalo says:

      Financial breakthrough to complete building
      Restore what I lost to Zambian revenue
      To clear debts for rates and closed Bank accounts

    133. Crystal Baraka says:

      1. Pray for supernatural debt cancellation
      2. Avenues for generating money
      3. New career opportunity

    134. Sappirha Turner says:

      1.In need of the generational curse broken off of my finances.
      2.In need of debt cancellation of all debts for myself Sappirha Turner and my husband Gregory Turner.
      3.Asking for financial increase and the wisdom to sustain it Amen.

    135. Candace Lykken says:

      1, Pay off outstanding credit card debt totaling $1200
      2, Protection over current mortgage, HOA and dues, etc on home
      3. Believing for new or better dependable car

      1. Candace Lykken says:

        Sorry that was 12,000 in cc debt

    136. Doreen Thomas-Payne says:

      HI Jamie,
      I know you asked to limit our requests to 3. I posted 3 yesterday, but this came to me this morning.
      I would like to generate income from using my Cricut machine.
      Thank you.

    137. Cancellation of debt
      A home I own
      Protection from anyone meaning to do me and my family any form of harm.

    138. Swahili Jackson says:

      1. Supernatural Wealth
      2. New Home manifested
      3. New Career manifested
      4. Supernatural debt cancellation
      5. Favor God/Man/Banks/ Companies
      6. Multiple Streams of Income
      7. Godly Money Management Skills and Investing
      8. Wealth Stewardship with Strategy for Advancement
      Thank You. Swahili J.

    139. Daizja Leach says:

      Supernatural Debt cancellation
      Financial freedom for my family
      Mindset of poverty broken and destroyed

    140. 1. Financial Freedom (To be debt free, To be able to invest)
      2. Need a New Job as a God’s present for my birthday this year (a Career move that will obliterate financial lack)
      3. Mission (My Finance used to be able to give more for others)

    141. Agnes Mendenhall says:

      1.Pray for Financial breakthrough
      2.Pray for my online business to increase
      3.Pray that the curse of Dementa/Alzheimer be brokingin my family.

    142. Josephine Young says:

      Pray that justice is done for my husband losing his job and he finds his career

      Finiancial needs are met
      Payoff debt
      Be able to assist son and other family members with their financial needs

    143. james lewis says:


    144. Cathy Smith-Gariepy says:

      Jamie, Thank you! 1. To restore back to me the 20K the enemy stole from me leaving me without provision. 2. To obtain/buy a home and inheritance for survival for my daughter and her husband and my 2 little grandchildren and myself, Nana.#. Miracle financial blessings for me to start a foundation for senior women who are homeless called ” No women Left Behind” as well as as setting up an ENDOWMENT for YOU Jamie Rohrbaugh to set up a retreat center in the location of your choice for us all! AMEN and I thank you for your intercession Jamie and I praise God in advance for answering my prayers!

    145. Milissa Gaither says:

      Debt cancellation.
      Business ideas speedily
      Multiple streams of income in 2020

    146. Camille Heid says:

      Hi Jamie
      Please pray in agreement with me for a supernatural financial blessing to eliminate lack by 1/31/2020

    147. Chanell Bridges says:

      Cancel debt, financial increase

    148. Zach- 1.) New business clients
      2.) business funds increased
      3.) Debt free

    149. Please pray for my son in law 3rd job interview tomorrow.
      That I keep my moms house.
      Provision for all my bills.
      Peace in my family.

      Thank you Jamie!
      God Bless you!

    150. Supernatural favor with business opportunities
      Financial freedom
      Homes mortgages paid

    151. To be a good steward
      To be debt free
      To be a Kingdom giver + builder


    152. Thelma Wells says:

      2 new cars (1 for Jim and 1 for me)
      2 paid for houses (our family home for 6 people and a place on the beach (ocean front) a place of refuge and a place to get away to write, study and a place of ministry/refreshing
      recompense and restoration of finances stolen and or lost

    153. Abundance God Given in every way

      Prosperity to enter my life and flourish in every area

      Many thanks eternally


    154. Catherine says:

      $5,000 in savings before our baby comes in April.

      Break to spirit of lack off of our paychecks

      Financial breakthrough

    155. 1. Pray our scammed money is returned to our bank account.
      2. Our new venture is taking off and making money immediately.
      3. The new job gets a pay rise.

    156. Babylin salazar says:

      Free from debt, Financial breakthrough in the family, and for me and my children

    157. Pray for money that they need for a house my daughter and son-in-law , money owed to me from my last job , money I or me to go to Nursing school

    158. 1. Business Prosperity
      2. Debt free
      3. Financially overflowing so that it overflows into the Kingdom

    159. BONNIE MARIE JONES says:

      Please Pray For.

      1. Jean Potgieter says:

        Praying in agreement with you Bonnie Marie for supernatural wealth transfer and total freedom of debt. May your family business be blessed and may you receive total prosperity in every area in life in the name of Jesus. Thank You Father, for hearing my prayer and answering. It is done. Amen.

        1. Wisdom and strategy for financial freedom to become debt free. Thanks

    160. Nesha Parker says:

      My Name Is Nesha Parker Need Prayer For Me And My Husband’s Daryl Parker To come out of Debt on everything financially. All bills paid in full. And a approved determination on my Disability Case Feb 27 2020 @ 9&10am. And All Our Family & Friend’s To Be Financially Blessed As Well. Thank you in advance. Amen And Amen

    161. Abby Kennard says:

      Jamie PLEASE pray for my family :

      1) Financial breakthrough to buy a house debt free

      2) NO SPREAD of breast cancer cells after my double mastectomy
      It’s been a year and a half, and my lymph nodes on one side are
      swollen and hurt, i’m going for tests soon and financially don’t
      know also how to afford anymore of this ! I’d just ask for tests
      to show no spread !!!

      3) The necessary finances to care for my daughters needs, as well
      as abundance to help other indigent children in our area ; the
      need is great !!!
      Thank you !!! Abby Kennard and family !!!

    162. Camille Heid says:

      I am not sure if we are still interceding for each other’s financial need but please agree (I have been seeking God since January:I have prayed, given financially what I could and have yet to see a breakthrough) with me :
      To have money for rent by February 22 (I have been repenting, praying as well)
      To have money to get car back (got repossessed yesterday) and I really need one have DS-ASD child and we need a vehicle
      To find legitimate work online or to have a job that works within my son’s school schedule (due to his health concerns and his DS-ASD) to have income coming in

    163. Please pray for my son he is 22 going down the wrong path please pray for my baby! Lord please stop this before it gets out of control Lord you said you’ll never leave nor fair sake us father!

    164. I need a garage for my home
      Inheritance to leave to my great grandchildren

    165. Supernatural debt Cancellation NelNet Student loan $23k
      ALL dormant seeds sown to harvest 100 fold
      Provision Resources Right people Right help Everything needed to find a safe place to live/provide for all needs
      Restoration Restitution of ALL my finances/losses due to scammers
      A new life

    166. Financial breakthrough freedom from debt supernatural favor and overflow

    167. Please prayer for my husband to get a better job with increased finances and better hours overtime vacation sick leave etc. And we may be able to achieve our own house in Santa rosa

    168. Janice Miller says:

      My prayers is for God to keep loving me and blessings me and my family so each day I can help somebody else.

    169. Hi Jamie
      Kindly pray for me,am currently borrowing to pay rent
      I need either a new job or a business
      2 ) multiple streams of income
      3)income from my music ministry

    170. For God to fulfill 2 Corinthians 8-9 in my family

      For total cancellation of debts

      For staff ship position for my husband in his job

      Thank you Jesus. …. from Grace

    171. Tana Pierce says:

      All the money that has been stolen from me to be returned seven fold.

      That all my investments my bank account and my savings account will multiply and increase 100 fold.

      Let all the seeds that I have planted produce a generous harvest

    172. Sheri Stuart says:

      Please pray that I receive:
      (1) Kingdom business idea
      (2) Aurora student debt cancellation
      (3) Miracle money to pay off debt

    173. Extreme growth in my business
      Debt forgiveness
      Miracle money

    174. Bridget Savage says:

      Praise God—thank you so much! I’m asking for all debts to be cancelled and for all provisions needed for mighty Kingdom advancement and exploits. Lastly, I’m asking for plenty of wealth left to bless my children their children, and many others’ in Jesus’ mighty name.

      Manifold blessings and thanks again! 🙏

    175. Prayer for my husband’s deliverance! Prayer for a financial increase from something God!

      Matthew 18:20. “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there among them”

      Dear God! I come to you to intercede for others . I ask you to bless everyone on this post. Take every worry, hurt or concern. Heal & restore families, save love ones from darkness. Draw people “us” closer to you Heavenly Father we want you to get the glory! We give you the honor and praise. You said we can ask and we can receive. Lord you are a God that shall not lie. Thank you Lord!

    176. Amanda Jones says:

      Debt cancellation for myself and my family
      Wisdom / Knowledge regarding finances
      Wealth building Tactics

    177. Glenda Naidoo

      1. Enough money to cover my rent and outstanding dept.
      2. To have Enough to buy food in the house for my family.
      3. To have my children’s need covered with nothing lack.

    178. Good day my name is Rosina Matlho please pray for me I need financial breakthrough I’m currently unemployed for two years it is very hard I pray God opens the doors for me and my family as my brothers are also unemployed.
      Thank you.

    179. Melissa Callstrom says:

      1. Supernatural Wealth Kingdom miracle that God has promised to me so that it helps those in need and takes care of my needs for the Kingdom to start a ministry
      2. Finances to come to the women’s Between 2 Worlds women’s training, as God has promised, and a safe means of travel since I have been shown my vehicle won’t make the trip.
      3. Supernatural help with my rent starting next month(March)

    180. 1. Financial Freedom
      2. Debt Free
      3. New home & car

    181. Thank you Jamie for this. It has come in time of financial breakthrough. I need financial breakthrough so my son and I can live a much better Life. It’s been a journey of pain and despair for us. Thank you and May God increase in you Abundantly as you intercede for Us. Amen

    182. Financial breakthrough
      Credit card payment post to my account by due date

    183. Please pray for me for a financial miracle today for my credit card debt of $12,000 to be paid in full today. This is really draining me and stressing me out causing me to have so much anxiety and terrible headaches. Please please pray I need help. Thank you

    184. Kimberly Walker says:

      1. Debts are out of control
      2. I’m owing taxes
      3. Student loans are coming for me

    185. Marcelle Jephtha says:

      Sorry I’m sending my request here as I cannot find comments to dybmity.
      I’m praying for a fully paid home for my 8 year old and 90 year old mom and myself
      I am praying for a job that I love and to provide for myself and my family.
      I am praying to come out of this depression soon
      Thank you and God bless you Jamie. Amen

    186. Nicole Harper says:

      1) To bless my business
      2) Debt cancellation
      3) Increase in finances so I can be a blessing to others

    187. Melissa Miller says:

      -For the Amazon business to take off and bring lots of profit
      -some kind of financial blessing that will remove the stress of how I’m going to continue to survive.
      -for wisdom to make good responsible and generous financial decisions

    188. Someone owes me back a substantial amount of money. She promised to send everything back and the check didn’t clear earlier this month. She has promised to send me cash on some conditions. Praying that she will send me everything back without further delay.

    189. Nancy Anderson says:

      Hi, my name is Nancy Anderson and my husband and I just purchased our first home. We already need repairs and don’t have the finances. We are both full time employees and we are entrepreneurs. Please pray for us concerning our businesses being successful and lucrative. I don’t want to struggle anymore. We want to be able to help others, travel, pay off all our debt or have it completely cancelled and do the things we have always knew in our hearts God has called us to do. We need financial breakthrough and increase. Thank you, ♥️

    190. LaTasha Blissett says:

      Supernatural debt cancelation of my student loan, business loan and car note. In Jesus name. Thank you Jamie & my God supply all of your needs and bless you & your ministry 100 fold. Lord we need the overflow to build houses, business and to spread your Gospel.

    191. 1. To be able to dispose off several tracks of land. Unable to over the last 10 years.
      2. To start a business after the one I had collapsed over 13 years ago.
      3. Most urgently, to be able to pay school fees for my kids.

    192. Froswa’ says:

      1 Cancellation of all student loans
      2. Increase in well paying contracts and substantial business growth
      3. Become significant Kingdom financier to bless God’s work and people

    193. Latishia Rawls says:

      I pray for me my fiancé Troy Ervin and our children For money to come to us easy consistently frequently in large amounts from different sources supernaturally to be paid in full debt free debt cancellation lack free to have financial freedom to generate money everyday! I ask for a acceleration a suddenly! And more!!!

    194. For our mortgage to be paid off
      For $2000 more income each month
      For money to buy a vehicle

    195. Rachel Branan says:

      We need a financial miracle. We don’t have enough money for May bills . We don’t have a car. We need to get out of this mess. Please pray we don’t get evicted. That our electricity and internet gets paid. Thanks

    196. 1. Purchase of our New Family home accommodates my family and represents His Kingdom and wealth.
      2.Supernatural debt,lack and poverty cancellation,rewriting my family history starting with me.
      3.Open the floodgates of 1000 generational wealth, multi- streams of income
      “Our wealth has a mission for God’s Glory! “

    197. Marnika Brown says:

      1. Shift my mind, body and soul to new dimensions
      2.Prayers for increase revenue for my business
      3. Become new home owner

    198. Prayer for a super natural increase in our finances we need help with home repairs and furniture in Jesus name we pray amen

    199. Dawn Melendez says:

      All debt cancelled or payed in full.

  2. Doreene Carlisle says:

    Bind up poverty mentality and spirit of poverty over me and my children

    Clear financial strategies to create financial wealth for my children

    Break the back of lack and not having enough to never return over my life or the lives of my seeds

    1. Ericka Lesley says:

      Money for a house
      Money to start my business
      Money to be financially free & stable so that I can bless others.

      1. -Debt paid off before the end of this year
        – To be a good steward
        – Financial breakthrough for my parents.

    2. Olufunmilayo Adeniyi says:

      Clear strategies for my business and clients to patronise my business

  3. Money to cover Sally’s surgery, Jimmy’s surgery
    Six Grand Children’s education
    Pay off our mortgage

    1. Shanica Wheeler says:

      Urgent prayer request for finances. Specifically, money to cover late bills and bills this month. Also, I am currently unemployed and am in need of steady income so that I can move into my own place.

      1. 1. Debt cancellation
        2. Multiple streams of income
        3. Increase in finances

  4. Finance
    Music instrument-keyboard
    Outreach plan -Year

    1. For emotional/spiritual/ strength well being over me and my 5 boys ( husband just) passed
      Uncommon favour over my finances/financial freedom
      God to open the door for the new path God wants me to go down.
      Sonia’s husband health he just had heart attack

  5. lerato Pheko says:

    i need financial breakthrough,to pay my debts

  6. Please pray for me to find a job that will provide a lot of money and to learn to save it finally.

  7. Marcelyn Osborne says:

    Please pray that I get the clinical manager position at my job. Please pray that I am approved for all the financial aid I need to be able to attend school. Please pray I have more than enough on a monthly basis to take care of my Son and I.

  8. Brett JOHNSON says:

    Please pray for scholarships for my daughter to continue nursing school

  9. Tracy Williams says:

    Financial Request:
    Believing God for a down payment to purchase a home for my family
    Increase in clients for business to grow
    Increase in team members to build passive income

    1. Please pray for money to pay my mortgage this week. Salvation for my Sister Debbie and her family. Healing in my body. Thank you!

  10. Thank you for agreeing in prayer for:
    * financial freedom
    * finances for a new HVAC system for our home
    * above and beyond money for our trip to Israel and Albania.
    Our kids are serving in Albania, we want surplus funds to bless
    them and others while we visit in June.

  11. Hi Jamie, I am believing God for a permanent job breakthrough. Praying from South Africa. God bless you and your family.

  12. Praying for financial breakthrough; new home, furniture and things for my children and grandchildren, in Jesus name

    1. Naume Obita says:

      Please pray for
      1) Financial breakthrough- Urgently need steady income (more than enough) to pay my rent and bills, help my family, advance God kingdom

      2)May the opportunity bring out joy, passion, zeal and fruitfulness in me.

      3) May the opportunity give me time to pursue family, God and his kingdom assignments and grow a side business.
      4) May the opportunity allow me to travel for conferences in different parts of the world and come back.

    2. 1. Supernatural provision/wealth transfer on my name.
      2. All debts/court case/credit card bills/loans etc to be cleared
      3. A paid for house and car
      To be a blessing to many.

  13. Restoration of all the finances that were stolen, delayed or denied to me that should have rightly been paid or given to me. Financial Miracle this month to manifest for me.

  14. Tiffany Ray says:

    Please pray for me that I find a new home with no obstacles and that I can afford to pay for it,

  15. Theodosia Weeks says:

    Please agree with me in pray in my finances. Single mom 4 girls and need my business to grow exceedingly. God has provided but I need more than just getting by I need OVERFLOW that I may give even more than I have in Jesus mighty name

  16. Please pray for sales in my business. Need finances urgently, in Jesus’ Name.

  17. Please pray for my financial stability and freedom.

  18. Christian says:

    Prayer to come out of my overdraft loan this month
    Prayer for financial breakthrough to pay off specific bill to friend
    Prayer for financial breakthrough to find an apartment in a new city I am being relocated to with work next month.

    Blessings and thanks

  19. 1. A higher paying job
    2. Student loan debt paid off
    3. Exponential financial increase

  20. Shannon Greathouse says:

    Shannon financial need to pay off debt and provide my daughter a place to live.

  21. Good Morning!

    I’d like for a miracle in my finances for:

    Debts that I owe
    Increase in income for sayings and to pay all monthly bills that re due
    For savings
    Consistant cash flow of money to provide and take care of my son and I

  22. Need long term professional employment with benefits and growth path.
    VERY grateful for current contract work.

    1. Milouse Milhomme says:

      Pray for breakthrough to be able to purchase my 1st home in 2020 in jesus name it’s already done.

  23. Wisdom in all financial areas of our lives.
    Clients for my wife’s ministry in counseling.
    Guitar students for my private teaching practice.

  24. Leslie Moors says:

    a Vehicle

    Clarity on should I leave my church

    And for the word of God to open up, a clear understanding

  25. Please pray for my financial breakthrough, I wasted all of the money I’ve struggled so hard and for so long to earn, please pray for me to learn how to save finally. I need to buy an apartment, it’s emergency. Thank you and God bless you

  26. 1. Praise God. Kindly pray for me for financial breakthrough.
    2. Pray for me.against the spirit of almost there.
    3. Pray for me for a job and business breakthrough. I have been through a lot and trusting God.
    Thank you.

  27. Sharrell McKennie says:

    Pray for my finances to be restored after the loss of employment.

    1. Pray Job 22:28 for me. That all my payments shall be released soon so as I can be debt free.
      I also pray for permanent financial income for I depend on freelance work.
      I also pray for my family that we may all be blessed with finances,some of our children are home and not in school due to fees.
      Thanks Jamie.

  28. Pray that I will be able to finance my entrepreneurial endeavors by getting gigs, and that I will rise out of obscurity, and come into a place of great favor and that instead of being invisible and ignored I will be CELEBRATED for my talents.

    Also please pray that all shackles that are currently on me will be broken. That all cages that I’m in will be busted wide open1
    Thank you so much!


  29. Provision for our daughters wedding on March 7, 2020 in one of the hardest financial years that we have ever had.

  30. Annabella says:

    1. Being able to pay my debts, and live in peace.
    2. Have enough to support my family’s needs.
    3. Stop struggling with money.

  31. For God to increase my territory and my finances
    For a higher paying job
    For the breaking of poverty and lack of having enough

  32. Henry Mbeera says:

    Financial abundance

    Debt elimination and no more limitations
    God redeem my destiny and originality
    The holyspirit to overshadow my spirit

  33. Praying for new Clients and Trucking Contracts

  34. I need a job/craft that I can do FROM HOME to bring money into the house for my children and myself

    Reverse the curse of never having enough, not being blessed to be a blessing the way things used to operate in my life but don’t anymore

    Husband to care about finances of household and not hide money from me so that I can’t pay the bills

  35. Alana Brown says:

    I need to close on my God-ordained house this week. Also looks like I’ll be needing a new car very soon. Finances to homeschool my children.

    1. 1) For finances to go back to school debt free.

      2) For finances to be able to purchase my own home and live comfortably with my child.

      3) For wisdom and understanding when it comes to finances.

      Thank you. God bless you.

  36. My husband and I are believing for a bigger house in our dream location and we are seeking God for it. A new job in a form of promotion with a 6 figure income and excellent benefits and schedule for my family. Thank you Lord in advance for answering these requests.

  37. 1. I need a supernatural breakthrough for a job that will exceed my expectations
    2. Debt cancellation
    3. Relocation to NC, for a job.

  38. Veronica Esau says:

    For the finances for our daughter to go to university.
    For our mortgage to be paid off.
    We are needing monthly support for our ministry.

  39. I need financial prayers:
    1). A good career that pays well, and have great benefits. Also, I need good working hours. I tend to get so busy that I have zero time for God.
    2). New opportunities. I need a new job quickly.

  40. Nicole Patterson says:

    Promotion for my husband so that we may be able to stay a float. To get our car back as well.

  41. Sea Mokgosi says:

    Financial wisdom and knowledge.

    Multiple streams of income that will ensure debt-free life.

    Employment and viable business ideas that will enable financial stability and freedom.

  42. Brandon Spain says:

    Pray for a debt that keeps ballooning that we can’t make payments on cause of financial difficulties.


  43. Direction, blessings and open doors for mine and my husband’s career’s.

    1. A. Johnson says:

      Loans and credit cards at zero balance this year.

      Open doors for additional streams of income that multiples our current income begining this year.

      To have an abundant overflow financiallly to strategically give life changing blessings to others

  44. Kolagani malathi says:

    Hello Jamie,i am malathi,thank u very much.1)i have a big debt.2)not able to help people in need 3)need to recover from my losses.God bless you abundantly.

    1. Gelenda Norman says:

      I posted my 3 requests, one of which was the immediate release of an inheritance payment. Today the payment was in my mailbox! HALLELUJAH!!!


  45. Sheri Stuart says:

    Finances to complete MSW degree without any student loan debt.

    Finances to get any needed car repairs done

    A strategy to realize a second and third stream of income.

  46. I need a financial breakthrough,for me and my family.

  47. HI Jamie
    Please pray for GODS hand upon me when I prepare to do an amazing business transaction within two weeks.

  48. financial needs to pay off debt (especially school loan and taxes)
    release from fear and disappointment of not having enough

  49. Irene Jones says:

    Employment , vehicle me and my kids.

  50. Please pray
    -That I have overflow to give generously to my family and those whose needs I’m called to help
    -That God would bless our family business so that it prospers
    -Thank you and may God bless you

  51. 1. Spend wisely.
    2. Gain stability in my finances.
    3. Represent God we’ll by saving and being a good steward of money.

  52. Christina Benson says:

    Ability to pay my financial debts in full and to owe no one but God

    Right now financial blessings to afford a comfortable life and home for myself and my child

    Stored up financial blessings to be able to give freely and be a financial blessing to others

  53. Lindsey Crosbie says:

    I cannot believe how amazing God is! Today at this ,moment, we are praying fervently for the building society to provide the final approval for £360,000 of funding to buy a residential retreat centre where we can provide equine assisted therapy and christian healing services, giving God’s best to people who have lived through the worst that the world has to give. I also need £2000 to pay for my trauma and arts healing certification and £2500 to pay for dental work. I know God will provide but I am just astounded at how He has sent people to intercede for me at every stage. Last time it was a group of teenagers who literally just appeared on the corner of my street, praising God and offering to pray for me. Today it is you! THANK YOU for being his hands and feet!

  54. I am praying for the immediate release of some inheritance money (from my aunt & dad’s estates).
    I am praying for the release of multi-million dollars.

  55. Maureen Wangari Kamau says:

    A new well-paying job
    Clear financial strategies to create financial wealth
    Prayer to meet my current financial needs and clear debt

  56. Sharrell McKennie says:

    Pray for the restoration of finances after the loss of my job.
    Pray for finances to support traveling for ministry.

  57. Robyn Keller says:

    1. To be able to pay off all my bills
    2. To be able to help my mother and daughter financially.
    3. To be able to give , tithe, and leave my daughter an inheritance.

  58. JULIA ISABEL says:


  59. $12K Tithe for below
    $20K for oldest son to purchase first home.
    $100K to pay off mortgage

  60. Jean Potgieter says:

    Hi Jamie. The Lord gave me instruction to leave the place where I live (Goodwood Cape Town) and move to Joubertina, Langkloof and plant His church. To take the Garden of Eden and extend it so that the people will flourish and prosper.
    Please pray for successful sale of our house in Goodwood and successful purchase of new house in Joubertina and also for the financial resources to cover all the expenses of the transition and move. I have sowed seed and asked the Lord for 100-fold and 30-fold harvest respectively. The money I will need is about $10 000.
    Thank you.
    God bless you for the wonderful teacher you are and the work you do.

  61. 1. Bind up the spirit of poverty & generational curse.
    2. Entrepreneurial blueprint and strategy download.
    3. Release a harvest of every good seed sown.

    Thank you for standing in agreement!

    1. Alexandra Nicole says:

      Yes, This is perfect for how you put it.
      2. Release a harvest for every good seed sown.

  62. Freedom from the curse of debt, lack and the mindset that goes along with them!!
    Thank you for interceding!! May you and your ministry be blessed 100 fold! Amen!

  63. Kimberly Begley says:

    God to provide finances for a new car.
    financial blessings over my family and household.

  64. Marilyn Thompson says:

    Thank you Jamie. Your prayers are precious to me.

    1. All debts canceled-
    2. Increase in all my financial accounts- checking saving investments etc so that my accounts always have an abundant balance
    3. Overflow so I can be a kingdom financier

  65. Need a new job as a Software Engineer
    Just had an interview this morning. Pray that I get this job I have been unemployed for a year
    Prayer that God will provide all of my rent,credit card bills, car payment until I start work.
    My rent is short $900. Prayer that I will pay that off this week.

    Thank you Jamie! God Bless!

  66. Amina Khatri-Mack says:

    Please pray for my Business debts to be paid off
    My personal debts to be paid off
    And for me to have enough money to travel to Africa sort out my Business debts

  67. Please pray for my provision to relocate, find my oily alignments, and to prepare “ a place”. Thank you and Hod bless!

  68. Busayo Otekayi says:

    Hello Jamie
    Thank you for all you do and I pray God will bless you and enlarge your coast, amen.
    My prayer points:
    • Pray that God will restore all the years that I have lost financially.
    • I pray for financial wisdom, the ability to make good financial decisions in terms of saving and investing.
    Thanks once again

  69. Financial freedom
    Ability to pay off credit cards
    Growth in my savings

  70. OLIVIA HINES says:

    All my debts cancelled, I need a new start. I am a victim of identity theft. I need Money to come to me from the north south east and the west now. I also need a raise on my job I am doing the job of two people. I also desire my on successful business . I know some in need I want to bless. In Jesus Name

  71. Mortgage free and debt free status
    Marriage restoration
    Family salvation

  72. Amina Khatri-Mack says:

    Please pray for my Business debts to be paid off
    My personal debts to be paid o

    1. Good day Jamie,
      Please pray the God would release finances for:
      My home
      My job
      To help others

  73. Aida Situmba says:

    I need prayer:
    To get out of debt
    To be able to tithe
    To get a good job with good benefits and profitable business opportunities
    To have abundance of God in my finances

  74. Charlotte says:

    Student Loans
    Financial breakthrough
    Finances for Reliable transportation

  75. David Lockett says:

    Just to be debt free,increase financial

  76. Kolagani malathi says:

    Need a financial breakthrough.need to clear all debts.thank u.

  77. Please pray for my finances, business and husband. Thank you Jamie

  78. Lorraine Murray-Richardson says:

    Need a new job today

    Money for mortgage
    Money to take care of pass and future tuition for children
    Debt cancellation for student loans

    1. Carol Cain says:

      1. A Financial breakthrough for my business, prosper,protection
      2.Favor with this IRS debt
      3. The removal of fear from moving forth in the ministry that He has place upond me to reach the lost soles
      Women of war outreachministry

      Thank You for praying with me for me

  79. *Prayers for increase of finances for living expenses
    *Finances for vehicle
    *Prayers for debt cancelation

  80. Freddy Morales says:

    Financial freedom
    To be able to pay for our trip to Israel and Egypt . I’m believing in a breakthrough !
    Above and beyond money to be a blessing first to God’s kingdom and many who are in need !

    Thank you for agreeing with me in prayer 🙏

  81. Nompelo Balfour says:

    I request infinite financial abundance to build my new house , pay off my children’s School fees, pay off my financial obligations, pay off my debts,offer work to the job seeking and be able to pay them well in Jesus name .

  82. 1. Increase to pay our mortgage & all expenses
    2. New job For my husband with benefits for our family
    3. Time, energy, & wisdom for me to launch a business that produces passive income streams

  83. Bind all spirits of delay and stagnation to enable job and business ventures breakthrough

  84. Natile Thompson says:

    1. Increase in my finances, so I can properly take care of my children and myself
    2. Pay off my house, $14,400
    3. Increase and favor over my future finances

  85. Need a well paying job. Urgently!

    In need of finance for my Affiliate Business.

    Money to cover all debts in Jesus name. Amen

  86. LaWanda S says:

    I thank God for you Jamie !
    1. Financial miracle in my bank account(no more robbing Peter to pay Paul)
    2. Pray against lack and poverty
    3. Tithe-despite circumstances

  87. Philani Veba says:

    Praying for financial freedom
    *Money for my fees
    *Money for writing English
    *Praying for a job

  88. Maria Liscio says:

    Please pray for finances, business and husband. Thank you Jamies

  89. 1. Financial freedom.
    2. I am in need money for a home.
    3. Release of funds that are held up

  90. 1. Money for our rent that’s due on Wednesday (January 15th)
    2. Freedom from poverty and debt
    3. Better jobs for me and my husband

    1. I pray for you. How much do you need?

  91. 1. Open door in finances
    2. Strategies to steward this finance for the Kingdom of God
    3. The wisdom to create more financial avenues for my family and ministry.

  92. Debra Talley says:

    Hello please pray that I have the necessary finances:
    Pay all my bills on time (a wicked person does not pay their debts)
    So that I will be able to give to ministries like I desire (the gift of giving)
    So that I will be able to help others by starting a nonprofit that will help others
    go to school, find jobs, get housing, buy homes, take care of their families, help children get all their needs met (food, education, clothing)
    Thank you so much for praying for me!

  93. Tammy Locke says:

    Negative 33.74 in our checking account as of today. No savings. IAM tithing but my husband is not. I have been tithing and sowing seed. Last year was one thing after the other. I’m standing on God’s Word. we need 1500.00 to be current on our bills. Thank you for praying.

    1. Praying for you right this second, my sister! The Lord will honor your obedience!!!

  94. Move into my new Home this year Debt free; Getting the fully furnished, fully detached gated property with its own driveway and gardens free or extremely cheap

    Debt Free Wedding and Marriage: All the finances required for the wedding and to build our finances for our marriage is made available

    Financial Miracles and Miraculous Finances with Debt Cancellation and more than enough left. All Monies and inheritances owed to be released with speed. Increase finance, clients, contracts and productivity for LibbyTee’s Chocolate Factory.

  95. Debt cancellation for student loans
    Break spirit of poverty over me
    Provision for our next trip

  96. Pray for financial protection against the Accuser who has come against me. I ask that the accusations be dismissed immediately. I pray I will have the best year ever for my family.

  97. 1. School fees for my brothers
    2. For money owed to my parents by different people to be paid asap
    4. For the deals to go through so as to get the finances needed by my parents, brothers and I

  98. Katie Marie Halstead says:

    Thank you for doing this:
    Prayer for student loan debt of 98k to somehow get paid for with my single income
    Prayer for me to afford a safe home for daughter and I
    Prayer for a new job that pays me enough that I don’t have to work 2 jobs as a single mother.

  99. Shanica Wheeler says:

    Urgent prayer request for finances. Specifically, money to cover late bills and bills this month. Also, I am currently unemployed and am in need of steady income so that I can move into my own place.

  100. That all blocked financial doors to be opened

  101. Belita Randall says:

    – Presenting an idea to create jobs for the youth of South Africa, for those who cannot afford tertiary education. I need ‘buy in’ from a Main Business Partner and Private Companies to Sponsor a Student.
    – This project needs to be rolled out throughout Africa to assist in increasing the Economy and reducing Crime. This will give HOPE to God’s Children and Glory to The Father.
    – Monies earned will go towards creating Homes for Gender Based Violence which is ravaging Women and Children, especially in South Africa.

    I pray this all in Jesus’Name.
    Thank you Jamie for this wonderful opportunity.
    God Bless you mightily
    Belita Randall – Cape Town, South Africa

    1. Hello Jamie..
      Thank you for praying.
      1. Trusting God for a new job.
      2. The Lord to pay all my debts

  102. Margaret A Mills says:

    For success in the business my daughter and I just started.
    For miraculous sources of supply for the next few months as our main income has stopped.
    Wisdom and witty inventions as we move forward.

    1. Ida Selvarani says:

      Please pray for
      1. money to invest in my primary school which is unable to attract students for the last 20 years.
      2. Payment of fees without default by all students.
      3. All 210 seats in the school be filled so that my school becomes a profitable business.
      4. To repay all loans and outstanding credits incurred so far on account of business loss

  103. Boitumelo says:

    I need a job
    Financial breakthrough

  104. Capita for my business and that God will give me new ideas on how to expand it.
    To get a good job
    Be free from the spirit of financial stagnation

  105. Financial prayer request
    1.student loan and credit card debt to be cleared.
    2. Financial breakthrough
    3. Ideas and witty inventions to create and income to start business.

  106. R200000K Trevors car to get back frin his boss.
    R10000 to 3months outstanding rent.
    R5000k for Tithing

  107. Please pray and agree Jamie with me to gain financial freedom in my life
    – credit loan debts to be supernaturally cancelled or paid in full
    – To obtain Peace in my life

    – To get to buy own the home god helped me moved into and convert it to 3 bed
    God bless you

  108. Prayer requests:
    For unity and peace in our marriage especially around the topic of finances.

    For breakthrough and increase in my husband’s business; more customers, stronger team and wisdom for future planning.

    To find a church (we recently moved to a different part of town) that we can sow into and serve with.

  109. Aloysius Okechukwu Ezenwankwo says:

    My buisness shop have been put on for sale by its owner. I want God to help me raise fund to purchase it since its highly vital to my buisness survival

  110. Kathy Armstrong says:

    Financial restitution and financial independence thank you!!

    1. Rashidat Kassim says:

      Pray and believing God for financial break through:
      1. To buy a 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath in best area of long island for me and my babies.
      2. For all financial debts to be supernaturally pardon and cancelled
      3. Promotion and elevation with profound salary increase at my job.

      1. Margaret Le says:

        Please pray for 1) Punitive damages for my stolen superannuation ,
        2) Husband’s gambling to stop and his debts paid off.
        3) Poverty mentality broken off us in Jesus’ Name. Ta

  111. Emma Vinyu says:

    For all my business deals to start coming through and for me to start receiving money from them.
    For me to get a big tender and the tender deal to actually go through and to receive income from that. That will really change my life and my baby’s life and hopefully my baby father’s life and it will hopefully Change how he looks at me and treats me.
    For me to finish my projects that will bring in consistent income not only for myself but for the people I am working with.

  112. 1). New career that pays well.
    2). Great benefits.
    3). Good helpers.
    4). New Environment.
    5). Brand new vehicle..

  113. I need a divine breakthrough that will shake the earth and shatter the bonds of lack and want. I need God’s blessings to manifest in me through a financial breakthrough in the next 6 months.

  114. 1. Multiple streams of abundant, consistent passive income with anointing of tribe of Zebulun
    2. Total credit restoration and debt cancellation
    3. Successful case verdict Morgan & Morgan and prosperous mindset

  115. I am hoping on God for this; Ineed $233,000.00 to buy a house I dream of owning.

  116. Please will you pray for financial breakthrough for my family.
    My husband and I are both currently unemployed and have fallen behind with rent and car payments. We have 2 teenage children in our care that we need to provide for.
    Thank you in advance for your prayers and awesome blog. Be blessed.

  117. Please pray for me and my family’s finances
    -that I may be able to give generously to my family and help those whose needs I’m called to help
    -that our family business may prosper and increase
    -that my brother may recover his finances and prosper again
    Thank you and may God bless you!

  118. Please pray for all debts to be cancelled.
    Pray that me and my daughter can continue to afford to stay in our current house.
    Financial breakthrough for school fees and stationary for my daughter please.

    Thank you.

  119. Out of Debt
    Resources for kids education
    Resources for 100 Million Souls Movement

  120. Keneeatria says:

    Financial blessing to erase debt, purchase a home and fund the start up of my ministry.

  121. Christle Helms says:

    Pray for Me for Total Debt Freedom From My Car Loan through my bank.
    Believing God for Supernatural Money Miracles so i can get things i need Shoes, Clothes etc.
    Believing God for A Paid for DEBT FREE Home Given to me or money for it This Year.

  122. 1.Supernatural Student forgiveness
    2.Business capital to be released
    3.Supernatural streams of income to bless others
    Thank you

  123. Jasmine Walter says:

    1. I need finances to increase by 40,000
    2. I owe about 27,000 in debt/student loans, I need those paid off.
    3. I’m also in need of financial resources to fund my son’s tutoring and after school activities.

    I pray all of these in Jesus name!

  124. 1.Supernatural debt cancellations
    2. People who are owing me to pay
    3. Creative ideas for my business

  125. 1) Deliverance for those I am standing in the gap for… URGENT S.O.S LORD

    2) O Lord, my WAYMAKER… open up the sea…. demolish demonic forces… that block and hold your people from entering in to the land for revival….
    3) Provide the finances and the jobs… to move into the land….in Jesus mighty name

  126. Constance APHANE says:

    Recover my money lost to scammers
    To be debt free
    Get more contracts and sales in my business

  127. Kisha Coston says:

    My name is Kisha Coston
    Please pray:
    1. I need all of my debts paid in full immediately.
    2. I want to be a good steward of God’s money. God made me a manager and I want to be able to manage His things righteously.
    3. I need to make $10,000 monthly so I can pay all of my bills and have enough left over to help others in need.

  128. 1) To have a commercially mega successful relaunch of my business
    2) To be debt free
    3) To have my own house

  129. Please pray that all credit card, school debt, and debt period be paid off.

    That I receive a job where I won’t have to work for less than $15 an hour.

    And that I gain financial wisdom with my financial increase.

  130. Fiona Port Elizabeth. South Africa. Grateful thanx to u. Bless u.
    1. My Husband Mikes property deals commercial rentals go through and fast. We need provision now! New deals to keep coming in.
    2. Mike applied for managerial position in shop. For him to get this. He is very very successful at it. We need a salary to sustain us urgently.
    3. For Lounge suite, microwave and fridge and carpets. Just moved into townhouse and urgently need these. Wev done it by faith! Thanking you gratefully and kindly.

  131. Debt free
    Child’s medical expenses met.
    Pay off our home

    1. Charmaine Hanse says:

      Praise the Lord.
      1. Financial breakthrough to pay off debts and to renovate my house.
      2. A job for my daughter.
      3. Break the spirit of poverty.
      Thank you Jamie
      God bless you and you family

  132. GreatGrace75 says:

    Thank you for praying for us.
    1) For Favor to surround me, to be Blessed with Great, Loyal Clients..I am a single gal, commission only business.
    2) Restoration of ALL that has been financially stolen from me.
    3) Restoration of a Home and Car..I am driving a 2002 car with almost 360,000 miles on it.

  133. Karen Carter says:

    Husband & I need good, permanent jobs.
    We need ongoing financial provision.
    The NOW manifestation of Fiona (2020 Ford Escape Titanium blue/purple color).
    Thank you so much and God bless you! Karen Carter

  134. Praise GOD! Thank you for praying for me. Kindly pray for financial breakthrough, new home and for a job/career with long term professional employment with benefits and growth path. Trusting GOD!

  135. Father God in the name of Jesus please free me of all debt; bless me with a free home, and enough to pay for my every day living expenses please Dad all I want is enough and not too much and All the Love to go with it.
    Please Bless Jamie for interceding on my behalf; that I should be financially free.
    Thank You Father God
    Thank You Jesus
    Thank You Holy Spirit
    Amen and Amen

  136. Please pray for good stewardship of the resources and finances that are coming. Prayer for increase of finances.

  137. Pray for me and my four children to buy a Mortgage free 4 bedroom house with a detached apartment or in law suite for my college son. Promotion earning more money so that I don’t have to work Sunday and we can attend church together and finances so that we can give more to Gods people and sow seeds and to help abused children. Amen

  138. Thank you Jamie for offering to pray with us:

    1. School fees to complete my post-graduate education.
    2. Payment of credit/ loan debts – $20,000

  139. 1.Better paying job
    2.Financial security
    3.Productive finances

  140. 1. Miracle for finishing my book by Jan 25
    2. Favor/discernment for leaving my job
    3. Grace/provision for pursuing dreams

    Thank you, Jamie!

  141. Nelly Katebe says:

    For my monetary benefits from my former job to be paid.

  142. Ibrahim Ishaku Zambuk says:

    Hi Jamie Glory be the God almighty. My name is Ishaku from Nigeria, please pray for my finances I lost my job with both Save the Children and and I need God to restore it. Amen

  143. Tanya Goolsby says:

    Hello Jamie
    My prayer request that this year every month my bank account overflow with finance. Pray that God allow me stay responsible and wise with what he blesses me with. And pray for my business that it exceeded over more then I can handle with customers and my team! Pray that I will accomplish every goal I desire. And that I stay faithful in my tithes and offerings to the Lord. Also that I make sacrifices in giving to release what God has for me!
    Thank you
    Tanya Goolsby

  144. Tina Ryan says:

    Hi Jamie,
    I am from Auckland, New Zealand. I love your Ministry, you have blessed my whole family in many ways through your prayers and prophecies. May our Father in Heaven bless your faithful work always.
    Can you please pray for –
    *Our debt free home and land as a refuge for our family and others in need
    *Finances to meet all needs to build our family’s worship ministry.
    *Long term, well paid jobs for my husband and son’s
    Thank you and be blessed always.

  145. Naomi Excell says:

    Thank you for your prayers Jamie. 1) To sell our house quickly for the highest reasonable price with minimum spend to get it presentable. 2) For me to develop as an entrepreneurial creative person in ministry I need childcare, a good laptop for music and video.production, sound and camera equipment. 3) my husband to know how to create wealth with his gifts and passions. Thank you and God bless you x

  146. To be debt free before the economic collapse.

  147. Prayer for finances to catch up on bills after being out of work for two months. Am now working again, but need funds this week. Thank you!

  148. Supernatural canceling debt and unjustified debt

  149. Shelli Heinz says:

    Please pray that God will guide me to financially stable employment in my area of expertise and guide over me as I apply to this position.

  150. Denise Barry says:

    Debt cancellation
    Wisdom on job
    Raises bonuses come my way..
    New job if I am not where I should be

  151. Ibrahim Ishaku says:

    1. Financial breakthrough
    2. Breakthrough in my career with save the children.
    Breakthrough in my relationship

  152. Hi Jamie

    1. Debt cancellation
    2. Start new business
    3 . Financial Freedom

  153. Iam in arrear’s with my rent; school fees;my daughter has been chronic illnesses

  154. Kellie Jackson says:

    1. Significant increase in my husband’s income. (Business)

    2. Increase in my income and work in the area that the Lord has already preordained for me.

    3. Home & new vehicle

  155. Thank you for standing in agreement!
    That there is 100 fold return of Child support paid to my ex (currently pay him, his income $400,000+ girls are in 20s) He sexually abused our daughters he got custody due to his business only son! Lost 2 homes, cars, ect.) Over $200,000 in 20 years! We live in poverty and in bondage to him. May this end now! I have paid into the Kingdom of hell now lets turn it around to the Kingdom of heaven in JESUS name!

    1. Sharon, as I was reading your comment, I have the TBN channel on tv and Gloria Copeland & Pastor George are talking about the heavenly banking system. The show is called Believers Voice of Victory” (and this episode is called The Bank of Heaven) Well right as I read “100 FOLD RETURN” ….they just said those exact perfect divine timing! Totally in sync with me reading what you wrote. I hope this is a confirmation for you & this blesses you in a big way.
      Standing with you for victory in Jesus name! From Amanda in NJ

  156. Hi Jamie,
    Please pray for:
    -Urgent financial provision for the next 2 days
    -Abundant blessings for my business
    – Repayment of all debt
    Thanks so much!

  157. Thank you for stewarding these requests and standing in agreement with us for finances! Today I am believing God for not just a new car, but for 3!
    Also, praying for my student loans to be taken care of this month.
    And for my kids private tuition to be paid at their new school.

  158. Nadine Coleman says:

    I’m Nadine C. and I need prayer for restoration in my finances. I’m asking for sevenfold return because the enemy has stolen a lot from me. Asking God to let the blessing of Abraham fall upon me.

  159. Wisdom to find a way and to do it;

    New jobs/sources of income to give me the ability to stay home with my children;

    Total debt cancellation.

    Thank you!

  160. BRAZITA E DANCY says:

    I am praying for supernatural debt reduction
    Additional streams of income to create increase to give to the body of Christ, save and invest more
    Wisdom, strategy and favor in creating generational wealth for my great grandchildren
    Wisdom on how to manage all of the increase

  161. Hi Jamie
    Here are my 3 prayer requests:
    1. Supernatural cancellation of debt
    2. Increase in finances and opportunities
    3. Increase in ability to finance kingdom projects and needs

  162. Please stand in prayer with me for continued financial blessings for me and my family.

    Thank you Jamie!

  163. For Abba Father to answer all the financial requests coming in to your ministry. I myself am believing God for a door to open for income. Our God shall supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory.

  164. Praying for financial increase in my friends, mine, and my husband’s personal businesses. That all will prosper!

  165. Christian says:

    Breakthrough and freedom for the spirit of poverty
    Clear financial strategies to create financial wealth
    Student Loan Debt Cancellation

  166. LaTrina Steele says:


    1. Hi Jamie
      Please pray for me.
      MY HEALTH.

  167. Hello. My name is Kim. My prayer request are:
    1- please pray that my husband’s social security gets finalized.
    2-please pray for finances to purchase a new car
    3-please pray for finances to pay off all of my debts so I can give more.

  168. Teadro Ellis says:

    Financial assistance urgently needed to clear outstanding bills.

    Thank you Jamie

  169. Sherel Williams says:

    Please pray with me I would like to have my own house for me and 5 children A lot of PEACE and a enormous financial blessing.

  170. Laurell Anthony says:

    Financial freedom
    Pay off all my debt
    Give to the church

  171. Please pray for:
    Debt paid/removed
    Daughters college paid in full
    Financial wisdom
    Thank you.

  172. Glory to God, thank you for intercessory prayers for finances.

    1. For God’s financial blessings; more than enough, to cover all of my financial obligations for January 2020.
    2. To receive finances to pay for my tuition so that I can return to school to complete my college (BSBA) degree (8 classes remaining).
    3. To be hired for a Math/Science teaching position for the remaining of the 2019-20 school term to earn income.

  173. 1. Financial freedom: no more consumer debt.
    2. Witty ideas and inventions that produce multiple streams of income (working for myself instead of working for someone else).
    3. New transportation

  174. Finances for a brand new car
    Credit cards paid off
    Finances for my wedding and honeymoon

  175. 1. I ask God blesses me with an online business that it is thriving while it inspires others to God’s Word.
    2. That my art sells well and Blesses People.
    3. That I become financially independent to support my son and myself. And repay the ones who helped me.

  176. Seun Ayetigbo says:

    Please pray for financial help for me and my partner, especially for our wedding this year

  177. Jaime,
    Thanks for asking for requests. Please stand in agreement with me regarding:

    1. A new job making more money in a different city
    2. To pay car off
    3. To start saving
    4. To get a house

  178. Nakia- praying to be free from debt and ahead on all of my bills.
    Praying- to get my car fixed, brakes, tires leaks, and all else that may need to be done.
    Praying for finances towards things that would help me know more about my Father In Heaven and His Kingdom. i.e. ministry school, classes, conferences, mentorships etc

  179. For God to give my husband and I and overflow in Finances so we will not have to continue to live paycheck to paycheck and also for God to release finances so that my husband and I can purchase a home and also to clear our credit!

    1. And finances to pay my car off!

  180. Hello Jamie,
    I’m a single mother of two precious boys, 10 & 7. Since my divorce 4 years ago, I’ve been attacked in so many areas, but my finances have been tremendously attacked. I work full time, however, post divorce, I had some financial obligations come back upon me, and dealing with a wage garnishment, as well as my rent being behind, as well as in late fall, my car engine completely blew up and don’t have a car. Despite all of this, I do my best to always give back to Father God first, even when it’s scary alot of times. I’m ready to see the Lord God to move mightly. I’m trusting in that. Thank you for praying. God’s blessings to you, your family and ministry. Amen.

  181. I am praying for a God Husband for fellowship and ministry to the homelesss.

    Praying for big financial increase startup for home repair biz.

    For most financial help for implants.

    Thank you for all you do for his Kingdom!

  182. Evans Njeru says:

    I need God to supply me with $6000 for completion of a family house construction.

  183. 1. Money to cover all bills & giving each month in 2020.
    2. Seed money (DBP) to grow my business in 2020.
    3. Resolve all debt in 2020.

    Thank you Jamie.
    In Jesus name, Amen

  184. I am praying for finances to buy a new home for y kids and myself.

  185. – Founds for my new project
    – donations for Mental Health Hub
    – increases in our finances (my husband & I; and my family)

    Thank you and Thank you, God for responding!

  186. My son injured at work, went to work today, come home today. Back injury at work, company will not pay for hospital bills. They need income.
    Pay off our mortgage.
    My daughter and son-in-law to pay off student loans.

  187. – Pray for an overflow of unexpected financial blessings to come into the life
    of Steven Baril this week Jan 13 – Jan 17 totaling over $150,000 usd

    -Pray for a legal settlement to finalize this week Jan 13- Jan 17 in favor of Steven Theodore for
    23 million usd.

    _Pray that Steven Theodore keeps his vow to give Sean Theodore 1 million usd, make him executor of the will, and money to Abundant Grace Church.

  188. Catherine Ndika says:

    Trusting God for a job coz am currently jobless and searching for one.
    Financial Breakthrough for my husband (Allan) and I.
    Favour upon my husband at his place of work.
    Peace in my marriage.

  189. Maria Mathura says:

    – Rightful compensation in conciliation process with legal matter after unlawful dismissal 5 years ago.
    – A well paying job after unemployment for such time.
    – Finances to come in to recover from debt and losses from business investments incurred during time of unemployment.

  190. Brittney Wright says:

    1. Debts to be paid off
    2. Finances to buy a vehicle
    3. Consistent Overflow after the rent and other bills have been covered. No more barely making ends meet.

    Thank you for your prayers and God bless!!

  191. Increase revenues and profits with mine and my mom’s jewelry business
    Every check, lost/stolen money that belonged to my mom, to be immediately released
    Financial freedom from medical debt and student loans
    A new house that belongs to my mom with enough for upkeep

  192. Pray for my husband and I find ways to become financially stable in our family farm and eliminate our debt. We also need help finding affordable medical insurance. In Jesus name we sincerely thank you, AMEN!

  193. Payoff mortgage
    Responsible spending

  194. Addie,
    1.)Restoration, Recompense, Refilling of Holy Spirit
    2.)Need Business money for new business
    3.)Buy new house
    ( Thank you Jamie so much!)

  195. Renee Hart says:

    For our womens ministry to go global and finacial provision for all materials as we go into womens jail; for restored relationship with adult children and for them to come to know and share the love of Jesus to the world; for my husband to be delivered of spirit of slumber and wake up to the assignments from the Lord. God bless your ministry richly, in Jesus name, AMEN

  196. Abba Father I come before you in the name of Jesus Christ. I present my financial requests into you this day as instructed by your servant Jamie.
    I pray for Financial overflow to support ministers and ministries of God
    For favor and oveflow of well paying consecutive consultancy contracts per month from international organisations
    For Debt cancellation of all debts concerning my family

    Father bless Jamie with financial overflow in her ministry in Jesus name. Thank you Lord for answering our prayers.

  197. Jamie God bless you endlessly.
    1. I need financial Devine helpers to start my restaurant business
    2. A car
    3. Agood paying job

    Thanks for tge request juliet from uganda

  198. Finances to start my business.
    Finances for my education.
    A higher paying Job.
    Debt Cancellation.

  199. Hi Jamie!

    Please pray for me and my finances
    1. Collections to be paid off and removed from credit report. Supernatural debt cancellation.
    2. I am driving for Uber/Lyft to earn extra income please pray over my car and passengers.
    3. Financial increase in my entrepreneur endeavors.

  200. new job
    online business to take off
    save up enough money for rainy days

  201. Submitting a pray request for Financial Freedom from Debt, Poor Financial Mindset/Choices, as well as opportunities to create financial abundance and overflow and the ability to recognize such opportunities. Relief from financial strain to redirect focus to God’s plan.

  202. REGINA MILLER says:

    To get totally out of debt.
    To not squander the monies God gives us but to use it to help people.
    For my son Jason to be financially independent.

  203. Hi. To Pay off my all my student loans,medical bills,cars and mortgage, all debts paid off. Money to purchase a single family home.finances so that we dont have to work more than one job.finances for ministry purposes. Thank you Lord. Thanks for praying for us.

  204. Kim Miller says:

    1.. All student loans for me and my family canceled, eliminated, or supernaturally paid off this year.
    2.Financial ability, wisdom, and continuous wealth to pay off all automobile loans and house mortgage and continuous financial income to live on.
    3. Financial wealth and wisdom to pay off church mortgage, have faithful tithers, and creative ideas to help sustain income for ministry.

  205. New job that gives me financial freedom to give more back to Him and not be stressed about paying bills.

  206. 1. Prayer for supernatural breakthrough for PROMOTION / NEW JOB that will exceed my financial expectations.

    2. Prayer for Divine direction and guidance to multiple source of finances.

    3. Prayer for Devine provision to finance a new degree program.

    4. Prayer against devourer in my finances.

  207. 1. Home mortgage refinance
    2. Alena’s college tuition
    3. Taxes and work bonus

  208. Please pray for my husband’s (suresh) business

  209. Tracey Hipp says:

    Prayers to be free from ALL debt and acquire passive streams of income. Amen

  210. CHIOMA NZEKWE says:

    Pray for God to bless me extremely financially to be a blessing

    Pray for debt free this year for my husband and I.

    For a debt free four bedroom fetched house in a beautiful area this year

  211. – ALL debts to be paid off
    -New 2020 Honda Accord Touring debt free
    -Finances for wedding & honeymoon

  212. 1. Pay off my brother’s and my credit card bills
    2. Increase in value of my brother’s and my investment
    3. Financial increase to secure my family’s future and to help others in need

  213. JaNelle B says:

    1. Debt paid off (car and credit card) supernaturally
    2. Financial wisdom for my household and business.

    1. JaNelle B says:

      3. For me to be able to financially bless my immediate and extended family continually.

  214. Doors to open for the licensing and promotion of our intellectual property. Need favor wisdom and finances to come forth to grow our business.

  215. i need financial breakthrough

  216. Mortgage / debt free
    Stable job

  217. – Pay off all debt over the next 3-5 years!
    – Better paying job!
    – Financial freedom for generations after me! I am a lender not a borrower!

    1. #1 should include paying off our 30-year mortgage MUCH sooner than we expect! 🙂

      #2 should include that my husband would come into agreement with me on the necessity and blessing of tithing!

      Thank you, Jamie for interceding one my family’s behalf.

  218. Hi Jamie, my name is Beatrice Vorbe and my requests are: 1- that I be financially secure and independent, 2- for the well being of all my children, 3- for the protection and blessing of my couple/family.
    Thank you so very much, may God bless you always!❤️

  219. Yeraida Medrano says:

    Yeraida Medrano,

    Financial increases in 2020. So I can tithe extra for my church and community.
    Financial increase in 2020 for my husband Jeff Clark promotion with financial increase

  220. Thank you for praying Jamie!
    1. Overflow & abundance of finances, I would have so much money that all my needs (and the needs & wants of those around me) would be FULLY MET. No lack in Jesus’ name!
    2. More high quality clients so I can easily generate 6+ figures from businesses
    3. Freedom from fear/self-doubt/indecision/hesitation/worry in business & more boldness/peace/clarity/wisdom/discipline

  221. Thank you for praying.
    Please pray for finances to buy a home for our family
    – pray for finances to have medical aid
    -pray for finances for our investments.

  222. Julie Marcellus says:

    Among many other scriptures we have been praying Amos 9:15 after our home was foreclosed in September. We have been living in limbo, decreeing that God is our restorer and we will not be uprooted from the land He has given us. Amen.

  223. Please agree with me in prayer for:
    1. $10000 school fees to be played in this week.
    2. My business to grow so I can be financially fit to fulfill all obligations and have overflow.
    3. To have the ability to get a house of our own and never to rent.

  224. In need of employment
    Money to move out of parents House
    Finances to clear clear a debt

  225. 1. God income/provision to manifest now making no less than 6 figures
    2. $8000 to manifest for dental/ braces for me & daughter
    3. Monthly royalties to manifest

  226. Gina Williams says:

    I’m asking for a financial blessing, so I can get my home in order, and help my daughters and grandkids, and to pay off debts.
    For the hotel I manage to prosper, and to have an abundance of business, and an increase in income.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  227. Kay Sundling says:

    Prayer for God to restore our large real estate investment that was stolen from us.

  228. – Increase in finances for my single income household
    – Decrease debt/debt collector
    – Breaking the cycle of poverty

  229. Thanks for praying:
    •Financial opportunities and wisdom to carry them out.
    •Favor on my husband and son on selling company and supernatural return on what was taken from them.
    •Blessings on your (Jamie) work and encouragement of people

  230. Angie
    1 Business to succeed financially.
    2 To be able to help others with their needs because of the overflow of finances personally and in business.

  231. 1. Godly wisdom/strategies to pay off debt, budget wisely, create a steady, on-the-side revenue.
    2. Financial increase in my secular job.
    3. Finances to get into a home for me and my children. (It seems impossible because I am a single mother and the sole provider with only a part time job but I know God can and wants that for us.)

  232. Please pray for:
    – My scholarship confirmation letter to be emailed to me this week.
    – Financial Breakthrough so I can tithe, buy a car and save
    – A job in my field of study that will not interfere with school, and my calling in God’s Kingdom

  233. 1Car accident settlement money this month. recovered from stolen debit card.supernatural fincial favor

  234. Please pray for
    -financial increase and overflow so I can give generously
    -prosperity for our family business
    -financial recovery, restitution and restoration for me and my family

  235. Christine says:

    -A less stressful job, and wisdom on whether to stay in same career field or move on, with better pay & benefits.
    – A house in our price range, which we need to put offer on within next month.

  236. Tarrah Johnson says:

    Tarrah Johnson

    1. Wisdom for my husband and I managing our finances.
    2. Our van payments caught up and paid in full
    3. Better paying job suited for me and my husband.
    Thank you! Many Blessings!

    1. Manoucheca says:

      1. Supernatural debt cancellation
      2. Godly wisdom for my finances
      3. Salary increase not only for me, but all the support staff.

  237. Sue-Ann Montaque says:

    Good morning Jamie. Thank you for your kindness to pray over our finances. My name is Sue-Ann Montaque and my prayer requests are:
    1) Debt cancellation – that the Lord would cancel all my outstanding debts before the end of 2020.
    2) Financial stability – give me supernatural ability to create wealth not only for myself and family but for ministry funding and blessings in offerings to my church and outreach minitries.
    3) Double fold harvest of seeds already in the ground to finance multiple businesses ideas for the Kingdom and home ownership.
    Thank you Jamie and God bless you, your family and your ministry❤

  238. Alicia Stinson says:

    Hi Jamie thank you for allowing God to use you and intercede on behalf of others.
    *Job promotion with salary increase
    *Debt Cancellation
    *Upgrade Vehicle

    Thank you Woman of God

  239. Hi Jamie!
    Here are my financial requests:
    1. The Spirit of Poverty to be broken off of my life and the lives of my family.
    2. Debt Cancellation
    3. All that was taken from financially to restored back to me. I would like to give more.

    Thank you Jamie for caring about us all to pray for us all!! Be truly blessed👏🙌😇

  240. Gina Rolkowski says:

    Thank you for praying for all of our financial desires! We pray with you in Jesus’ name.

  241. Thanks so much for praying Jamie!!
    1: that we would be able to do much needed repairs on our house.
    2: that we would be able to have the surgery needed to have a baby. That it would be completely paid off and we would not pay a dime.
    3: for my medical procedures and bills would be paid in full.

  242. Please pray Our Lord sends a buyer that wants to buy my land at top dollar.very soon
    or that another way is provided very soon for me to pay off debts I owe. Thank you for your prayers.
    I am 74 and would like to get this done or taken care of myself so that down the road my adult children are not left to deal with it.

  243. That Financial breakthrough tomorrow.

    1. Sibongile Mabena says:

      Paid of House
      Funds for education of my daughter

  244. Shamonie Taylor says:

    1.Prayer for financial breakthrough to start colledge.
    2.A Great uncommon favour on my mother’s Book that the money spent will be double in return.
    3.A better job for my father.

  245. Thank you for praying for our finances today – Vicki G.
    ~Financial Freedom from credit card debt.
    ~Funds to purchase brother-in-laws half of family home.
    ~Promotion at work

  246. Patricia Daniels says:

    Financial prayers request;
    1. $100,000 to start Eagle Eye Property Resources LLC
    2. $220,000 to payoff house mortgage
    3. $200,000 for new home purchase for daughter with 3 children

  247. Christabel says:

    Dear Jamie thank you for praying for us.

    1)Generational financial breakthrough in my husband tithed but does not feel like it.breaking stronghold of Lack.debt paid
    2)Unity and peace in marriage family life relationship with my children,friendships And healing from depression.
    3)Job,business ,books published,organized disciplined

  248. For that financial miracle i have being believing for, to happen tomorrow.

  249. Dannah Hew says:

    Please intercede for the inheritance that was stolen by the enemy and God restore it to us! Open the way for the house project to start the healing sanctuary here in Belize!!
    Thank you!!!

  250. Hi Mrs Jamie.
    Pls i really need your intercession on the following pls:
    1)My greencatd has been long due since 10 years ago but all my efforts and prayers have proved futile.It’s obvious to me that this is a spiritual siruation.

    2)My apartment situation is terrible.I share an apartment with 3 more people.I am rent because i can’t afford torent one on my own now but the situation there is terrible.It’s a very filthy environment with mice…roaches etc.Hmm only God can help me rent one on my own.

    3)My paycheck is terrible.I only recieve 450 per two weeks of work.I work like an elephant and get paid like an ant.How can a normal human being survive this way?I’m always borrowing and crying even as a faithful tither.Right now even how to eat this week isa problem.Pls i need prayers because this is very depressing.Thank you

  251. I am believing god6to come out of debts
    Praying for the abundant rain of financial flow

  252. 1. Specific wisdom & confirmation regarding the exact home purchase I am making.
    2. Supernatural resources for complete 100% financing and the payment I want.
    3. Immediate Alleviation of debt related to taxes, credit report, student loans.

  253. 1.debt cancellation
    2. New job for my husband
    3. A car
    Thank u Jamie for ur prayers

  254. Jinkie Cris says:

    1. Harvest for all the seeds sowed such as Business Genesis, JCA Business empire
    2. The manifestation of the promises and miracles that God gave.
    3. Dream Job.

  255. 1. Employment for my husband;
    2. Resolution of tax and debt challenges;
    3. Alternate financing to keep home.

  256. Abby Kennard says:

    Hi Jamie,
    I will pray for for your business need .

    I ask you to pray for the Lord to release
    my financial abundance in heaven and
    on this earth, so i’m able to buy my
    family a house with some good land
    to plant for better nourishment !!!
    Extra help to pay off mini-storages
    before it’s too late would be nice too !!!

    Thank you Jamie !!! Your sister in Christ Jesus !!!
    Abby Kennard

  257. Freedom from “not enough’ or just enough
    Financial wisdom

  258. Rebecca Ayanfalu says:

    My name is Rebecca Ayanfalu
    1. A new job, with more pay.
    2. Inheritance held up/ land to be sold
    3.wisdom to bring about Increase in finances

  259. Restoration, freedom and a home of my own again. Ability to perceive the new thing God is doing. A new place, purpose, joy and peace. A new husband. Thank you.

  260. -right buyer for my house with right price
    -debt repayments
    -financial freedom that also heals relationships

  261. 1. No more lack. Enough money to pay all of the monthly bills with enough left over to give and save
    2. Debt cancellation
    3. Supernatural increase and wisdom on how to steward the increase

  262. Finances to complete our business prospect
    Debts paid in full
    Mortgages paid to bless others

  263. Suki Whitmore says:

    Thank you Jamie for praying for the following;
    1. Praying for God to do the impossible with my finances. I’m currently struggling financially with 0 dollars to my name. I am standing on God’s promises but struggle with a poverty mindset.

    2. A new home for my family and I. I’m currently renting and the landlord wants to sale the home. I have no money to move out but also do not want to leave owing him anything. I am trusting God that he will make the possible happen and my family and I to move into our own home soon.

    3. To have all of my immediate debt and loan cleared in Jesus miraculous name. I’m completely in debt and currently have no money or money in my account, yet I have bills to pay.

    Jamie these are impossible requests. I am believing God to accelerate my belief by making my impossible prayers possible in Jesus name.

    Once again thank you Jamie. God Bless you, your ministry and your family.

    Suki W.

  264. Hi Jamie, I need prayer for School financial debt cancellation , a good paying job with dental and medical for my daughter and I, (she needs braces) and also provision for a house and car. Deliverance from any poverty mindset, that I would be a radical obeyer of Christ and generous giver. I have given but I think I need to give more. Thanks and God bless

  265. Kay Cohen says:

    1. Financial increase and success in my business
    2. Debt free
    3. Money to create a meeting and teaching facility/restaurant/place for the Women’s Leadership Institute

  266. Thank you for praying for me.

    1. My business got into trouble after someone cheated us by taking huge amount with an agreement that he will pay back in 3 months which he never did but run away. filed a case recently please pray for that.
    2. Financial to sustain my business till I recover what I have lost.

  267. Thank you for this beautiful offering!

    My requests would be:

    1. For the Lord to lead me to my next place of employment: an environment of integrity that aligns with my values and that will pay me what I am worth according to my solid work ethic.

    2. For Provision in the interim so that I have healthy food to eat and can afford to purchase my daily regimen of supplements as my body is repairing.

    3. For cancellation of all debt so that I can begin to financially invest in my future once I have secured a fulltime longterm position.

    Bless you, and thank you!

    In Christ,


  268. -For my car loans, ScotiaLine and Credit Card debts to be paid off.
    -To make enough money to fully support my family financially.
    -To be able to purchase my home in the next year.

  269. Delores T says:

    Hi Jamie,
    1. I would like prayer for Supernatural Debt cancellation of my mortgage and my deceased mother’s mortgage.
    2. Finances for my business endeavors
    3. Financial increase to be a blessing to my family and the Body of Christ.
    Thank you for praying. I pray that God blesses you, your family and your ministry 1000 fold, in Jesus name, Amen!

  270. Thank you for interceding!

    1. Increase in business
    2. Debt cancellation
    3. Wisdom in managing the finances God has and will bless me with

  271. 1. Prosperity
    2. Abundance
    3. Overflow

  272. Demetri Bothwell says:

    I ask to intercede for increase in my business. That I will be debt free by the end of the year, and that my investments will compound supernaturally.

  273. Shunelle Blaize says:

    I need miracle money right now. Cancel all my debts in the name of Jesus. Break the curse of lack. Need a financial break through right now. Please pray for me

  274. 1. Debt free in EVERYTHING
    2. Wisdom to sow into others
    3. Double my tithes
    4. Pay off my house
    5. Start my nonprofit

  275. Shunelle Blaize says:

    Set me free from debts

  276. Supernatural financial breakthrough for my home. Get my son through college. Get all necessary repairs done to my home. Pay off my car. Financially help and bless other’s.

  277. Veronica Tolbert says:

    Debit Cancellation of all debit
    A new job that will move me to North Carolina
    A house and a new car.
    I am broke. I need help prayer bad.
    The owner of my apartment complex will not fix my tub and it has a big hole in it. I almost fell twice while taking a shower. I am sorry for the long message. Thanks you so much for your prayer

  278. Glory to God and thanks in advance Sister Jamie
    1. I am believing God for a value to obtain an outreach mission car
    2. God should give my husband a job
    3. destroy the bondage of shyness

  279. Thank you in advance for your prayers Jamie!

    1. I’m believing God for debt cancellation
    2. I’m believing God for divine provision for my family and our businesses

  280. 1. Balance of debt paid – already paid 3/4 of it.
    2. Wisdom for business.
    3. To be a blessing to others.

  281. Dylana Alleyne says:

    Good Afternoon,
    1. Debt Cancellation of $250,000 on my mom Weaveny Alleyne British Barbadian or Provision of $250,000 cash/transferred to cancel the debt.

    2. That Dylana Alleyne and Weaveny Alleyne successfully start and have success in a profitable business this year.

    3. Home ownership.

  282. Student Loan Debt to be paid off
    IRS Issues
    Credit Card Debt

    Thank you Jamie for your tender and yet bold heart!

  283. Ssali Johnson says:

    -financial provisions for our wedding
    – financial provisions for school project am doing

  284. Prayer for my someone to bless my husband with the finances to get to Virginia where I’m at thank you

  285. My name is Diana
    1. Finances for my daughters & I to finish our college degrees
    2. A quick & favorable ending to my husbands lawsuit from a life altering work accident
    3. A home of our own

  286. Finances/money to cover bills, expenses, tuition.
    funds to cover repairs/upgrades to home.
    new/new-to-me vehicle

  287. Sonja Ayers says:

    Please pray for my grandson in Kuwait also I need a job compatible for a 68 year old woman. Social security is not enough.

    1. Raffeeza Soodoo says:

      My name is Raffeza Soodoo Mohammed and I am praying for:
      1. Increase in my finances to overcome my burdens og debts
      2. Increase in my salary.
      3. More finances to help others to meet their needs as the flood gates will overflow in me and may Gof showers lots of finance upon me and my family.

  288. Dana Crist says:

    Hi Jaimie! Thank you for your prayers. I have some credit card debt I like to payoff soon. My desire is to live debt free but it seems right now I do not have much extra cash flow. I ask for more wisdom around my finances.

  289. Hi Jamie my name is sonia

    1. Financial and career breakthroughs for myself and family (no stagnation)
    2. All debts cancelled
    3. Promotion and increase with different career opportunities/options wherever the Lord leads me ..maybe even early retirement..God bless you Jamie I pray to further advance to give back to the kingdom of God..💕🙏🏽 Thank you

  290. Family Salvation
    5 Million rand for business
    Create employment for 500 000 people.

  291. Nadine Carter says:

    1. Debt free before the end of the year
    2. Financially stable so my husband and I can help others and pour into the Kingdom of God
    3. Financial wisdom

  292. Thank you for doing this Jamie:
    1. . A God-idea that will build legacy & wealth for generations.
    2. Extra money every two weeks so I’m not living check-to-check.
    3. Extra income to erase my remaining debt.

  293. 1. Pray for a supernatural financial blessing to offset debt
    2. Praying for a for a sponsor for a project
    3. Praying for a buyer

  294. My husband’s in transition out of the secular work force. Feels like limbo.

    I’m starting a new ministry ~ want the proper avenues to open

    This entire family needs only the jobs that God ordains

  295. Was bullied at work that left me very ill. This was a few years ago. I am still not able to work and in fact l had to leave due to the unresolved situation.
    This has caused problems with our finances as my husband is the only one working.
    We need prayers that our finances can improve as we still have a dependent child.
    Need help for me to be healed so l can have the energy to work or for God to help me find an income that doesn’t give out too much energy as my energy levels are very low.

  296. JeffnRose Friend says:

    Prayer for a financial breakthrough

  297. Gail Dudley says:

    Debt Cancellation including medical bills and student loans.
    Financial Wealth for mission trips, household, and everyday life.
    Financial Wisdom to be a good steward.
    I trust God that it is already done in the name of Jesus.

  298. 1. I require employment urgently
    2. Finances to support my family and be a conduit of blessing to others
    2. Growth in my career to lead to financial stability

  299. Aguti sarah says:

    1 Financial break thru,2 new job favor 3 deliverance

  300. ROBIN RUSH says:

    Robin Rush
    1. Receive independent counselor license (this year!) to start my own practice. (Third attempt–Responsible persons won’t sign validation paperwork).
    2. Money owed to me will be released (specifically Social Security and employer) and other sources.
    3. Doors open for ministry income–speaking engagements, trainings, book writing, ministry materials.

  301. Hi Jamie. Thank you for this, God bless you.

    My prayer is for
    * A new income stream for my pensioner mother which will make it possible for her to pay off her house and live debt free in financial freedom and wellness.

    *My husband’s business to grow and for clients t pay on time.

    * For me to pay off my debts and get a new job which pays well

    Thank you

  302. Financial increase in my business and home
    To be debt free
    Financial wisdom to build and keep wealth

  303. For my bank loan&credit card debt to be paid off ASAP. For a financial breakthrough. For whatever has a stranglehold on me and my familys finances to be broken off our lives once&for all,so there wont be any lack of finances ever again.

  304. Peace Ndukwe says:

    God increase shalom precision laboratories
    Father make shalom precision laboratories a household name
    Father, bless me, my mom, each single member of my family

  305. 1. Money to purchase a house
    2. Money to purchase a truck
    3. Money to open/prosper in our business

  306. Please pray for a financial break through that I will be able to be a blessing to my family and others. Please pray for sale of house to help with bill and deliverance from the spirit of poverty and lack. Thank you

  307. This month Bill dues to be paid
    Please pray for my brother’s new Job
    Financial abundance so that I can support many ministries.

  308. Sara Thompson says:

    Hi Jamie…could you pray for my husband please who needs a new bus so he can help to support our family. The bus he currently uses is very old and all the money made from it goes back into repairs.
    Thanks for your prayers.

  309. Kathleen Evans says:

    Hi Jaime,
    Thank you for praying for us!!!
    1) freedom from debt (student loans, CCs, vehicles, mortgage)
    2) Ongoing exponentially increasing financial stability
    3) financial abundance to allow for blessings to others… big blessings to others!!!

  310. Please pray for:
    1)total debt cancellation and paid off mortgage
    2) full scholarship for current MBA graduate program
    3)successful launch of business next month and contracts beginning this month

  311. Thank you for your prayers, I’m in agreement with you in Jesus name. Amen!

    Supernatural Debt Cancellation & Perfect Credit Score
    Supernatural Blessings & Favor for Finances & Prosperity



  313. Joey
    1. Supernatural cancelation of all debt.
    2. Financial wisdom and abundance.
    3. A good job for my son James
    Thank you very much

  314. Casimir OKORO says:

    1. Supernatural debt cancellation
    2. End the cycle of debt and lack in my family.
    3. Open up the floodgates to rain financial Blessing for me to start my own business.

  315. Mary Ambole says:

    1 Pay off my school loan, credit card debt and car loan
    2. Clarity on my vision
    3. Get a God fearing man

  316. Chimfwembe Mutale says:

    Hi my name is chimfwembe
    1. A new profitable job for my husband
    2. Safe delivery of my twins
    3. Devine intervention in all that concerns my Dad.
    Thank you 🙏

  317. Bernadette Roper says:

    1. Unprecedented in finances repament for all that I have lost
    2. Prosperity
    3. Debt free

  318. Vanessa De Oliveira says:

    Hi Jamie,

    1. Financial wisdom
    2. Cancel all debt
    3. Financial breakthrough – abundance

    Thank you for your prayers.

  319. Meloni Simpson says:

    Thank you Jamie for your prayers and for your ministry.

    Money to either repair current home or for newer home
    Finances to pay current debts, to be debt free
    Sons to have finances to meet obligations over and above
    Enough money to bless others as needed

  320. For the Lord to give me favour with any job/business I have.
    For financial self sufficiency, to be able to pay all bills and care for my sons by myself.
    To be able to sow into more ministries that have helped me immensely.

    Thank you sister

  321. Here are my financial requests:
    1. The Lord will give me increase more and more, me and my children so that we always have more than enough!
    2. All of my debts are paid in full, cancelled, or dissolved and forgiven TODAY!
    3. All that was taken from me financially will be restored back to me a thousand fold!

  322. Mehrunnisa says:

    Prayer request:
    Immediate :- money to pay for car repairs/ new car
    Immediate need :- to be paid for the hours I’m teaching as a trainee tutor
    Long term:- financial wisdom, abundance, end of debt cycle and to enter into cycle of abundance

    ❤️ Mehrunissa

  323. Good afternoon Jamie
    I need a Supernatural debt cancellation of mortgages and other debts
    Restoration of my finances and
    Miracle Monies and resources to complete my home. Thank you for your prayers

  324. Thank you Jamie.
    Please pray for
    1. Supernatural debt cancellation

    2. Son’s student loan

    3. Income generation and financial wisdom.

    God bless you.

  325. Christina says:

    1. An excellent, full time, position with excellent benefits in my area of healthcare with day hours, close to home and where my boss and coworkers are kind and helpful.

    2. To steadily and swiftly fulfill our financial obligations with respect to house and cars and any other pressing obligations or heart’s desires we may have, no matter the size of the issue.

    3. Ability to save for the future as well as do more for my family and all who need help.

  326. Shermaine says:

    Houses and card bills paid off and financial blessing to bless others

  327. juliana maingot says:

    pray for a job for my daughter
    pray for an approve mortgage
    end the cycle of debt and lack in my family
    pray for debt cancelation

  328. Maria Rizzi says:

    Good morning Jamie,
    1. Supernatural Debt Cancellation
    2. Financial Increase to buy the. home I found.
    3. Finances to come, to help further the needs of Kingdom oriented ministries. Blessings!

  329. My name is Raffeeza Mohammed. I need financial prayer in my:
    1. Salary to increase as a result from promotion on my job.
    2. Financial blessings to rain upon me to help others.
    3. Finances to over flow me and my family cup abundantly.

  330. 1) Haven’t been able to work since 2015 due to illness so things are tight, need healing and financial breakthrough and release of money owed to me.

    2) Favor for my husband’s job and his salvation.

    3) Supernatural debt cancellation for my prayer partner Carolyn.

  331. ShaResa Brown says:

    1. Wisdom to manage my finances
    2. Supernatural debt cancellation
    3. Multiple streams of income to break the cycle of poverty off my bloodline


    Good Evening Jamie,

    Please pray for the following for me :
    Financial Blessings to :
    Buy a CAR
    Buy a HOME
    To Assist you and the church to exist.

    amen and blessings

  333. hi thank you. I am $12,000 in debt and need ideas to make money. mickim


    Dear Jamie,
    Pray for me to get a job that will pay me well and have lots of financial benefits including health, travel, education, and incentives.

    Please please pray for me.

  335. 1) Deliverance and freedom from the spirit of mammon
    2) Supernatural debt cancellation and supernatural favor with God and man
    3) Supernatural financial increase and godly wisdom for finances/good stewardship

  336. * Thank you for praying for me.

    1. I am going through a difficulties after someone has cheated us by taking huge money with an agreement that he will return in 3 months but instead he running away, filed a case recently pleas pray that God reverse .
    2. Financial sustain till I recover what I have lost.*

  337. Denese Curtin says:

    Financial breakthrough for myself and kids
    Car broke down and can’t afford to fix it or replace it
    Wisdom of what God wants me to do in this situation we are facing.

  338. Brittney Bolder says:

    Please pray that my family will receive our daily bread
    We need provision for food for this month
    We need provision for gas for this month
    We need provision for any upcoming expenses we will need provision for.

    Thank you for your prayers!

  339. Thelma L Curry says:

    To learn more about investing so I can make wise investment decisions.
    To pay off my student loans
    To become more financially stable in 2020

  340. Sandy Bednar says:

    Past due property taxes must be paid by end of Jan or we face foreclosure.
    Husband needs healing

  341. Okhen Esangbedo says:

    Dear jamie please pray for me in Jesus name for:
    1. The power to get wealth, financial wisdom &knowledge, successful viable business ideas. wisdom to manage Mag-T business & estate and jobs/contracts.
    2. Better job with excellent pay, multiple streams of income for financial buoyancy & stability.
    3. Successful sale of house@300k with at least 5% commission or more, Open the floodgates of heaven and rain financial blessings on me and my family, especially brother to be debt free.

  342. My name is Joan. I lost about 90,000 in a romance scandal. I am so heartbroken about doing something so stupid. I am a lonely widow. I also have credit card debt due to this too. Please pray that God will restore and heal and provide a way to pay the cc debt. I have a hard time believing that God is merciful in a situation like this.

    1. Dear Joan,

      I can only imagine how you must be feeling. I am so terribly sorry for what you have gone through and continue to. *Huge Hugs

      Please be gentle & kind with yourself. The grieving heart and brain are so very vulnerable. I don’t know if this was a romantic connection, but if it was, I was taken advantage of in a similar way, romantically, following the death of my dearest friend, my boyfriend.

      The level of heart investment and trust in sincerity of the other person and in a future together is deep and wide. And unless someone has experienced it first hand they cannot even begin to comprehend the pain nor confusion. .

      The levels of deception are many and leave behind a lot of damage to the human spirit. The costs go far deeper than just a financial loss.

      This is not your fault, Joan. Remember that the serpent was the wisest of all Creation. Satan is the Father of Lies, and is incredibly wise. He was behind the acts of those whom deceived you. You have a beautiful, compassionate, and trusting heart. There is no shame in this.

      The shame belongs to those whom actively pursued robbing and attempting to dismantle your life. And vengeance will be His, as He has Promised. And, He will Vindicate every wrong & injustice.

      God IS with you, and I believe He will Restore to you what has been lost — in one way or another. This may be in part through the very the love and support of those who care about you and want to help you. Do not be afraid to let them — they are Christ’s hands and feet.

      You don’t have to have a huge faith right now. You are likely in shock and it is understandable that you are fearful. But, even Jesus said that faith, even the size of a mustard seed can move mountains.

      God IS on your side, and you are not alone.

      I am keeping you in my prayers, Joan. God Bless you & Keep you.


  343. Pray for promotion new house
    Pray for new business and 50 percent income want to help widows and orphans and churches
    Pray for new car and relationship restoration

  344. 1. Godly financial wisdom for me, my husband, and children.
    2. The unction and ability to create wealth and to do it.
    3. Grace and freedom from all financial debt.

  345. God Bless you for your obedience Jamie:

    I’m J W and my financial request and prayers are listed below:

    1 – Lord restore every penny that has been mishandled, misused or lost and give me wisdom to sow only into good harvest producing ground henceforth, in Jesus’ Name.

    2- Lord please allow me to be completely debt free this first 1/2 of the year…allow EVERY bill, (house, school taxes, credit cards, doctors, loans, investments) to be satisfied with overflow, in Jesus Name!

    3 – Lord God please bless my business mind and thoughts to be able to produce revenue that will result in there being NO LACK for every generation that comes after me. Allow my seeds to produce a generational changing harvest forevermore, in Jesus’ Name!

  346. 1. To be debt free
    2. To be in Gods will financially
    3. To be blessed and not cursed – any/all curses/hinderances/blockages cancelled/broken

    Thank you xxx

  347. Laura Berry says:

    Prayers for:
    1. Fines paid off before February 1.
    2. Money needed for apartment
    3. Money needed for vehicle

    Thank you 😊❤️
    Love in Christ,

  348. I trust God for supernatural debt cancellation
    I need USD 5000 to expand my Christian t-shirt business, Glory Cloud Carriers
    I need finances to buy my own house
    God bless

  349. 1) fraudulent activity cancelled, exposed and cast out

    2) car repeatedly vandalized over the years, car is 20 years old if Lord gives new car asking Him to protect from all vandalization

    3) restore years locust has eaten, rebuke the devourer, thousandfold return on all monetary, material, opportunities etc stolen to be returned in name of Jesus pleading the blood of Jesus over all.

    Thank you.

  350. Pray for financial blessings in my current practice so that it grows and I can generate more income and pay off all my debts and provide enough for my son as a single mom

    For breaking the spirit of poverty that plagues our finances and our relationships with family and friends

    For finding new sources of income and opportunities to earn more and to be able to give more as a result of improved finances

  351. Cecilia Ramirez says:

    Thank You Jamie for standing in agreement with me in prayer.

    1. For the windows of heaven to be opened up and for blessings I cannot contain to pour out.

    2. To be Blessed Indeed, my territory enlarged, His hand to be upon me always, to keep away all evil & pain away from me & everything connected to me, for him to grant & answer all my prayer requests..

    Thank You Father for being a hearer & answer of prayers.

  352. Praying to our mighty Lord for:
    1. Student loan debt cancellation.
    2. Financial wisdom & knowledge for success in all areas of my family’s lives.
    Thank you, Lord. We praise you & glorify you!

  353. I decree, command, and demand that all victims of GANGSTALKING who have been defrauded, robbed, decimated by any and all perpetrators be restored a thousand fold NOW in the name of Jesus.!!! AMEN

  354. Donelle Smeenge says:

    My house paid in full.
    New coaching job for my husband with salary to support family
    Full restoration from the 2008 loss

  355. Pray for my bills to be paid off.
    I relocate to another job closer to my home with the same or more benefits and pay.
    Money that is owed to me.

  356. Hi Jamie
    I am believing God for the following:
    1. Provision of new job during the season of retrenchment
    2. Supernatural investment growth
    3. Payout the bond


  357. Lawsuit money is being held up and in need God’s justice to intervene

  358. CHANTEL Laniese CLARK-FORTUNAT says:

    1. Godly counsel, wisdom and knowledge on finances.

    2. Generational curse of poverty and lack to be broken off my entire family.

    3. A bountiful harvest of prosperity and wealth.

  359. Shirley Alt says:

    Funds to pay off credit card debt for 3 people
    The curse of lack of funds to be broken

  360. Tanya Stewart says:

    1) Supernatural debt cancellation of both of our vehicles.
    2) Supernatural abundance in order to fund what God has called me to do.
    3) for God to bless us with a mortgage free home

  361. Ashley in SC says:

    1. Supernatural Debt Cancellation for 2020
    2. Abundance of Financial Blessings
    3. Wisdom on how to help others financially and doors to walk through and not walk through.

    Thank you. You are a wonderful blessing! ❤️

  362. Thank you Jamie!

    – Supernatural debt cancellation
    – Favor and promotion at work
    – Break the cycle of using credit, lacking money

  363. Loretha Batups says:

    1. Financial to feed/clothe homeless
    2. Blessing financially to become debt free (house/car loans)
    3. Financial blessing for my family.

  364. Jayasree Gopala Krishnan says:

    1. Clear my debts. 2. Financial wisdom. 3. Financial abundance

  365. Hi, my name is Esther.

    1. I desire for debt and lack to be eliminated from mine and my family’s lives.
    2. To open the doors immediately for me to get The position that meets all His and my standards, where I will be filled with purpose and joy as I touch and impact those around me by representing God back to the world!
    3. I pray God,the author, provides me with witty inventions that will cause my money to work for me and make money to support myself and my family for at least 100 generations!

  366. 1) Hello I currently reside in S.Florida I have been feeling from the Lord just about a year a relocation to TN , don’t know why never been there , now it’s stronger than ever to GO , need financial release to be able to get up there and visit for a weekend to see what Lord wants me to see
    2) need the floodgates of Heaven to open over my family for finances to purchase a van I have a family of 6 and have a compact car our van got totaled in the summer haven’t been able to purchase another
    3) supernatural Rain of finances to move when it’s the time which I feeling is sooner than later
    Thank you 🙏🏼 Blessings

  367. Shameka Drew-McNamara says:

    Praying for the glory
    1. debt free
    2. abundance
    3. financial wisdom

  368. 1. Department of Public Works to pay us our ex Garcia payment of R 4 000 000.00 before June 2020
    2. To get 3 or more 5 year term contracts this year 2020.
    3. To receive a building contract of R 20m plus disregarding my CIDB thresholds before the end of 2020.

  369. Please pray my husband and I will use wisdom in our finances in all areas: tithes, bills, spending, saving and pray that we will be able to get on the same page no matter how hard. That we will start making Godly decisions even and especially when it goes against what we’d normally do. Thank you in advance

  370. 1. Children’s school and all financial needs met
    Debt cancellation
    3. Business success

  371. Annmarie Spring says:

    Please pray
    1. Leave a financial inheritance that blesses both my children, my grandchildren, and even generations after that
    2.Finances for paid for house for my family and I
    3. Supernaturally financially blessed, that I can outrageously bless Gods kingdom and others

  372. Chrishauna J says:

    1. Supernatural debt cancellation
    2. Financial strategy
    3. Recovery of business finance health

  373. Vanessa B says:

    1. Break the stronghold of lack/poverty over my life
    2. Sufficient income to meet my rental monthly
    3. Several streams of income as per His purpose for my life.
    Thank you very much for your prayers.

  374. 1. Debt Cancellation
    2. Abundance
    3. Sister’s Business Success

  375. Dear Jamie,

    Pray to able to be debt free.
    Pray Success in my endeavours regarding the arts, performance & my book & scripts.
    Prayer to be financial blessing.

    Thank you. 🙏🏾🙂

  376. Millie Williams says:

    Jamie, I thank you for praying for me. I am praying all this will come to me this year 2020.
    1. Supernatural debt cancellation.
    2. Financial wisdom
    3. Financial breakthrough to purchase me and my family a home. No more renting. Enough money to be a blessing for me and my family and to help the kingdom of God.
    I thank you again Jamie May God continually to bless you and your family, ministry in the mighty name of Jesus. AMEN

  377. 1. More job opportunities for my husband’s business
    2. Bill to be covered until more work comes in
    3. A creative way for me to contribute financially as a SAHM

  378. Financial breakthrough for my daughter to pay off mortgage.

    Financial breakthrough for my daughter to pay off student loan.

    Favor of God to get a job and my daughter to get a well paid government job.




  380. 1. The right provision/form of income.
    2. Debts paid.
    3. Abundance to freely give. No more Lack!

  381. Tralonda Berkley says:

    1. Supernatural debt cancellation
    2. Dramatic Increase in my Veteran monetary benefits for life
    3. Financial Wisdom and strategies with a “DOER” spirit for multiple streams of income and resources

  382. David Delmar says:

    1) acceleration of 4 x promise
    2) open heavens into new season
    3) stewardship of the multiple harvest

    1. Tess White says:

      Please pray for:

      1) supernatural debt cancellation — medical debt, all generational poverty and lack gone once and for all, Mom’s house trying to be foreclosed upon so she had to file bankruptcy

      2) outpouring of Heaven’s blessings in all areas to fund The Kingdom of God and walk in our callings and destinies to fulfill His Will — also to be able to help others as led by Holy Spirit

      3) total restoration, retribution and justice from The Lord in all areas of our lives — and a GREAT Harvest of Souls for His Glory!

      Thank you Jamie! The Lord’s Blessings to you and your family.

  383. Hallelujah, Thank you Lord!
    1. Permanent, Stable job that I can get my own place, use financial wisdom, pay parent loans
    2 Finances to sow seed in the kingdom
    3 Financial breakthrough for my children, Older son needs a job fast!!

  384. Hi Jamie,
    Only the Holy Spirit can guide you to do this, God’s name is exalted.
    Thank you So much.

    My name is Langi Molo

    Request One
    Arrears to be paid in full for my Mortgage (Bond)

    Request Two
    Financial breakthrough in my husband’s real estate business

    Request Three
    I am yet to apply for funds for my newly registered NGO, may the Lord walk in front of me, so that when I start applying doors may be opened.

  385. April Brown says:

    Wisdom on being a good steward over our finances.


  387. Thank you again Jamie for the prayers and intercession. I pray A financial Breakthrough for you and you family and Your Ministry as you Pray for all.of us.
    In Jesus Mighty Name

  388. Latika OQuinn says:

    My name is Latika O’Quinn

    1. College tuition paid in full for myself (Masters) and three children (all Bachelors).
    2. Financial empowerment to empower others.
    3. Have a full-time and part-time job. I will be leaving the part-time shortly to begin school again. I trust that God will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory because it is His will that I return to school.

  389. Hi Jamie, Thank yiu.!

    1. My CEO at AML peacefully agrees to pay me 40/hr. What I’m worth in this industry.( I’m in salary negotiations.)

    2. This year I become a lender forever, not a borrower so I can be a benefactor of the Kingdom and my family esp my mom.

    3. Existing business I’m connected to + my own business I start in 2020 leads me to be debt free and financially independent w/passive income streams for generations

  390. Moji Delano says:

    1) Apartment
    2) Breakthrough with a side hustle
    3. Car

  391. Hi Jamie. Thank you. My name is Carmen. Please pray for my finances and the start of my own business because now Im only working when shifts are available in local spas. Im a massage therapist. Im planning to start my own massage business soon. Please pray for the right location and guidance from the Lord. Thank you sweet sister 🙂 God bless you!

  392. Susanna Baehler says:


    1 for inheritances that belong to me
    2 for victory in financial matters for my aunt in Spain
    3 I gave countless seeds and never got anything back. Do not know why. That I may understand why and how it works to get back.
    Thank you Jamie and God bless you

  393. 1.Immediate debt cancellation.
    2.,Financial breakthrough for my entire family/ restoration of harvest / financially the devil has stolen from my family!
    3.Recovery of my stolen land to build Engen filling station with great investment returns

  394. Total faith in God’s provision and abundance in all areas, seeing it manifested.
    Debt free, able to give freely to help others and follow God’s directions.
    Financial breakthrough, especially for inheritances and business blockages and delays.
    Thank you for this.

  395. 1. That God rebukes the devourer
    2. Debt cancellation for me and my husband
    3. To provide us with finances to buy land for our home.

  396. Angie Tocher says:

    Thank you and Bless you Jamie.
    1. All my debt will be paid off and I will have extra in my monthly pay .
    2. My Mortgage loan application will be approved.
    3. To live free of debt and live in abunadance so I can also bless others and bring my full tithe to our Lord .

  397. Christine says:

    My name is christine. Please pray for debt cancellation. And the ability to to get my own home.

    Thank you Jaime

  398. 1. Supernatural cancellation of student loans and medical bills
    2. Harvest of seeds and tithes sown with financial blessings in every area
    3. Divine strategies, instructions, and mentorship to bring about financial increase through entrepreneurship

  399. Dan mbugua says:

    I am praying for supernatural debt cancellation, different streams of income to be able to finance the work of the Kingdom and help those in need in my family and the society.I pray for wisdom and understanding on the issue of finances and wealth.

  400. 1: Bills paid on time every time.
    2: Student loans, car loan, personal loan, credit card loan and miscellaneous debt paid in full.
    3: A change in shift hours from 12 midnight-8:30am to new morning hours of 8:00am to 4:30pm with the same employer.

  401. 1. Entrepreneurial strategies, follow through and provision for at least 4 extra streams of passive income starting at 1k each, with re-investment capability to grow exponentially.
    2. Back and current inheritance returned to me with 7-fold interest before middle of year.
    3. More than enough to pay off my car before middle of this year (June) and move into my own place stress free w/enough for furniture, making it homey, and enough to put aside for purchasing a home.

    Thank you, and God Bless!!!

  402. Hi Jamie
    please pray for debts paid off and bills paid
    a wealth transfer
    wisdom to steward finances
    kindest regards, Lee-Ann

  403. 1. That my employer would accept my request to reduce my working hours.
    2. That I would receive good financial investment advice.
    3. That my financial resources would grow.

    Thank you, Jamie, for joining me in prayer.

  404. Lucretia Wingate says:

    1: To be debt free..
    2: Financial breakthrough..
    3: Restoration of healings..

  405. 1. Total Financial independence
    2. Debt payed off
    3. Abundance / overflow

  406. Jamie,
    Thank you for agreeing with me in prayer. Here are my requests.

    1. To have more than enough money to cover my monthly expenses.
    2. In 2020, an 84,000 income to recover from lost job and wages.
    3. At least 7 more students.

  407. Thomas Swartz says:

    1.supernatural debt cancellations breakthrough abundance & a job who paid me well.

  408. Agreement on prayer for finances to complete my new home.
    Finaces to meet the needs of my adopted daughter.
    Release of all monies owed to me.

  409. 1) Understand God’s wisdom concerning finances and how to use them wisely/strategically all the time. So be it!

    2) Freedom a poverty mindset in my life and family. I receive the spirit of Ye Bool in our lives now!!! So be it!

    3)Been in a homeless situation(shelter) going on a year and a month. But I’ve been contending with God for a paid for house(don’t know where it is exactly, but I trust God) and all that concerns it. It’s mine now! So be it!

  410. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Jamie

    Please pray for:
    1. A car and accommodation for my son Glenn and job satisfaction
    2. For spiritual wisdom to steward finances for myself and my son
    3. For my business and job to produce more than enough income so I can be a blessing to others.

    Thank you
    Elizabeth 😊

  411. 1. All debt cancel.
    2. Cancel all witchcraft sent against my money.
    Salary increase to $26 hour

    Thank you

  412. Mary Parsaloi says:

    Hi Jammie,
    1. Financial breakthrough suddenly
    2. Debt cancelled supernaturally
    3. Finance to buy land and build house.
    Mary Parsaloi

  413. Mwanamgeni says:

    Thank you so much Jamie may god bless you and your family.
    1) financial breakthrough to be completely debt free
    2) financial blessings to be a blessing to other
    3) financial blessings to sow into the kingdom

  414. 1. finances

  415. 1- Suoernatural provision and debt free
    2- Restoration of all that I and my family lost
    3- Open doors for my professional card and have permanent job to remain in the UK and bring my children

  416. John Annanson says: for crusade equipment, lig
    hting, pick up truck.
    2. Education finance
    3.Finance for a mission like accommodation in Accra.
    Most very grateful and thankful.
    Annanson John (Kweku).

  417. Sherika scott says:

    God bless this ministry and sister jamie i come into agreement that the blessings of Abraham over take me to be debt free and to have more than enough for me my family and others an energy efficient 2bd 2 bath home in my name. Thanks Father God its 2020 i expect so much more as you do from me

  418. 1. Debt free for me and my household
    2. Enough so I can bless my church/others
    3. House paid off/cars

  419. Tierashia Adair says:

    1. Total debt cancellation for my family (mortgages included) with a no return ever to live or be in debt
    2. Business and ministry financial prosperity (abundant revenues, overflow, sponsorships, etc.)
    3. Financial wisdom for our family (management, investments, opportunities, etc.)

  420. 1. Promotion on my job
    2. Money to pay debt
    3. Supernatural money

  421. Brenda L Payton says:

    1. Supernatural debt cancellation!
    2. A Source of Income
    3. Total Breakthrough of poverty & lack.

    Thank you & God Bless you!

  422. Linda Stanford says:

    Praying for the settlement of an insurance claim.
    Praying for the sell of my house.
    Praying for money that is owed to my brother to be paid and then he can pay me.

  423. Hi Jamie need financial increase to pay for my kids wedding this year 2 weddings this year for my affilates marketing businesses to to be successful and to be healed from scoliosis for my spine to be straight no surgery here on earth God Almighty to heal my back with His healing touch no pain in Jesus name

  424. Debt cancelled or paid
    Car payed off

    Thank you so much!

  425. Kathy C Privott says:

    Prayer for finanacial blessings to pay bills and remodel my home

  426. abundance
    Financial breakthrough
    All bills paid on time
    And rent

  427. 1. Abundance and prosperity in my business.
    2. To buy a home for my girls and I
    3. To have the financial debt owed to me completely restored.

  428. SHAUN HARDING says:

    Hi Jamie 🙂 God bless you!!! So here are my three:

    1.) Not worked in ten years, and I’m broke, busted, and disgusted. This needs to change Lord!!!

    2.) My wife (currently living in Anchorage , Alaska) and I (I live in the UK) want so badly to live together in England, but VISAs and finances are a huge challenge.

    3.) We ask for opportunities Lord, and that doors to healthy finances will be opened, otherwise the future still looks bleak, DESPITE the many blessings that have been bestowed on us.

  429. 1. Need a part time job
    2. Need credit card debt paid off
    3. Need medical bills paid off

  430. Francie Robertson says:

    Thanks Jamie
    1. Steps to take Lord to be debt free & prospering even as my soul prospers
    2. To be able to open my business back up, so that I can pour back into my community.
    3. New business ideas & strategies that are from You Lord.
    Thank You in the Name of our Lord and our God Yeshua!

  431. To win the 5,000 or 7,000 a week got life pch I’m believing God for this miracle

  432. Cynthia Silas says:

    I believe I receive,
    Real Estate business growth and prosperity
    Purchase of our beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath Condo, paid in full
    Student loans, maintenance fees and income taxes paid in full
    Thank you Lord!

  433. Hi Jamie

    I’m asking for prayer. My husband of 24 years left me and wants a divorce. The attorney fees have cost me $24,000. My attorney is a Christian. This has been going on for 3 years. I still don’t want a divorce, and have been praying. I want to use every bit of the money the enemy has stolen for the kingdom of God! Please pray that the Lord will intervene for me.
    God bless you, and thank you for all you are doing in your ministry!

  434. Thank you for interceding.
    1. To rebuke the devourer from my finances.
    2. Surplus provision for upcoming legal and relationship needs.
    3. Supernatural debt cancellation in order to pursue my calling.

  435. 1) That by His grace I would be a receiver of everything he pours out on me because it is abundant and overflowing -and overwhelming!
    2) That after graciously and gratefully receiving first, I would obey His voice directing me where to give, invest, and supernaturally handle what He gives.
    3) That I would recognize and allow his restoration of the years the locusts ate, not say “Oh, Lord – it’s too much!”

  436. Danny Castro says:

    I need prayers to help us find finances for a new business opportunity that come forward to us today. Both my wife and I are in agreement but need funding.

  437. Taylor F. says:

    1. Supernatural Mortgage Debt Paid Off
    2. Fulfillment of Malachi 3:10-12
    3. Implement Business Ideas from God and better Career Opportunities


  439. 1)My water was turned off today and everything is behind so I am in need of a FINANCIAL MIRACLE
    2)Supernatural debt relief $82,000
    3)Financial wisdom To double my economy.
    I hope I’m not to late

  440. Christina says:

    Good evening Minister Jamie, I pray to God that I’m not too late! My 3 prayer requests are these here:

    1.) Supernatural debt cancellation
    2.) Money for a home for my son and I. We need a place to live immediately!
    3.) A stream or 2 of income to source our living. I recently was let go at my former job.

    Thank you for your prayers and may you have a restful night!

  441. Hi, could you please kindly pray that God will give me a specific amount that is in my heart? He knows the amount. Thank you so much! God bless you and your family and ministry abundantly!:)


  442. TABITHA SEKOATI says:

    Please let us pray for the following
    1. Supernatural financial breakthrough and wisdom in order to support the work of God and my family.
    2.For the Lord to bless me with business ventures locally and internationally to leave a legacy for other generations.
    3.To restore a thousand fold all that the enemy has stolen