Prophetic Word: 3 Doors to Open, 2 Doors to Close

Beloved, have you been waiting on some doors to open and other doors to close? If so, it’s time to make specific declarations in the Spirit, and to pray specifically, because the Lord says:

“I have three doors to open for you and two doors to close!”

I asked the Lord what He meant by this, and here is what He said:

“My child, your time is now. The set time has come. The lines have truly fallen to you in pleasant places, and you have a good inheritance–but you thought your inheritance would never arrive.

However, in one moment, your inheritance HAS arrived and you need to know some things in order to claim it. I tell you today that:

  • During this season, do only what I tell you to do–and nothing else.
  • Keep the best things in the silence. You will lose power if you open yourself up to ridicule.
  • Contend for your promise over and over until you see Me do it. You won’t have to wait long, but don’t give up or let up.

You are in a season in which I am elevating you above you enemies.

I raised you up in obscurity, and now I am flaunting you to the world. You have humbled yourself under My mighty hand, and therefore I am exalting you, as I promised to do. My Word is not far off; it is near.

You thought it would take a long time for Me to manifest such lofty promises as I have given you, didn’t you? But it will not. Instead, I will move quickly.

You are surrounded by enemies, but you don’t understand.

I have gathered your enemies round about you so they may witness you defeating them. I have gathered your enemies into the arena of My blessing. You thought that, when I said I prepare a table for you in the presence of your enemies, that the enemies all gathered on their own–didn’t you? 

But no. I have gathered your enemies together to witness My great move on your behalf. I am truly preparing a table for you in the presence of your enemies. I am anointing your head with oil and crowning you king above the nations. I, the Lord, do this thing and I do it well.

Your enemies are taking swipes at you, but they cannot harm you.

Nothing shall by any means harm you, for I have called you Mine. No weapon formed against you shall prosper; I shall only turn it to good on your behalf. Trust Me to defend and protect you, and praise Me in the storm.

I have doors to open for you that you cannot imagine.

I am elevating you above the nations around you. I have three specific doors to open on your behalf, as well as two doors to close. Decree and declare into the atmosphere the shifting of these doors, and you will find them moving quickly. I tell you again, it will be a sudden thing.

The doors of My favor are opening WIDE to you.

You have been faithful with little, and now I will allow you the chance to be faithful with much. Fear not, though: I will help you. You will never be alone, and I am your Shepherd. I will take care of you and help you whenever you need help.

Your success in this season hinges on intimacy with Me, and on rest.

Rest and heal. Rest and heal. I say it again: rest and heal. And while you heal and rest, seek Me with all your heart. You will find Me, and My people shall not be ashamed. You will not be disappointed at what I do for you, for I am the Giver of ONLY good and perfect gifts.

I love you, My child. You are MINE. I fashioned you from your mother’s womb, and you are marvelous in My sight. Keep your eyes on Me, and the others shall be afraid of you–but YOU will be hidden away in My secret place of love.

Love, Abba.”

Thank You, Abba Father! 

Do you receive this word? If so, leave a comment below–and then sow a seed and pray, decree and declare, and act on the word! Be encouraged today; it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom!


  1. Abonymous says:


      1. Thanks Jamie I’ am touch by this message. I am on the battle of the enemy I am in the process of leadership on the church where I belong. Your message were touched me.

        1. Anonymous says:

          I recieve this word. Amen.
          Thank You Abba!

        2. Thank you lord
          I have started look I ng and speaking of the doors and I believe

    1. yes Jamie, I received your work today. It’s like God is speaking to me through you.

      Amen, I received it in Jesus Name!

      1. I receive it in Jesus’ name

    2. Hallelujah. A word on time
      I receive and my arms and heart is open for you my Lord. Glory be to God

    3. I just felt my heart warm up and my belly starting to kick, it’s so exciting and so humbling at the same time to know how dearly the Lord loves His children..

      1. Phumi, I just read the word God gave to Jamie and felt the same way! The word jumped in my belly and my heart quickened with Love!

        May God bless each person reading this message and declaring His promises!

    4. Sauni Box says:

      How precious is a timely word! I love that He wants us to rest! So many times, we believe we have to do something! I read a devotion today that said, “God orders our steps and our stops.”

    5. Deborah D Byrd says:

      My dearest Jamie, your word today was for me. I have learned how to spent alone time with our Father Abba and it has been amazing. Jeremiah 29:13 is one of my favorite scriptures. I declare and decree this word from you. Thank you

    6. Davinia Rachel Jones says:

      In the Name of Jesus I receive this Word. I’m looking for relocation…the doors seem like all is caving in. But this Word touches. Thank YOU

      Davinia R Jones
      Please keep my family in prayer…Lord YOU see what we are up against. We need a home. Thank you for answered prayers

    7. Hallelujah!!! Father you are my refuge and my shield I have put my hope in your word!

    8. Pamela Maseko says:

      Hallelujah 🙌 🙌 I receive it shall be done, God speaks because he saw a need to his children soo.. I believe and have faith in my heart it shall happen in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


    10. My heart is pounding! I receive this word. Thank You, Father! Thank You, Jamie, for your obedience

    11. I recieve!! Thank you Jaime! Yah bless you!!

    12. Jamie thomas says:

      Thank you father I am so blessed I can’t find the words but you know my heart lord and thank you for Jamie and her website it has changed the everything for me GOD is awesome!!!!

    13. Phillipine Tlou says:

      Thank you for the message I received from you, I believe that doors are open for me, and I pray that three months srd appeal grants will be approved, my application be considered

  2. I receive this word in the Name of Jesus! It is so for me and on time. I was just seeking God about Promises. He spoke to me back in 2018. I was literally asking God to send me a sign today, because I was starting to feel sick in my heart. I asked, God, today, send me answers. Then I saw your email. Praise God. Thank you for your obedience, Jamie. Many blessings to you.

    1. Imabong Idem says:

      This is the word God spoke to me. Isaiah 62 vs 2-3. I receive it in Jesus Christ Mighty and Matchless Name Amen

  3. Amen! Thank you Jamie for the Word of God for me today! Hallelujah glory to God! Bless you my sister ❤

    1. Claudette Turner says:

      Thanks for the word Jamie. I receive it, claim it & declare it over my life in the name of Jesus. Hallelujah.

    2. This word spoke right to my heart, I believe and know the change is taking place, my arms are wide open to receive it. I need these Doors open now more than ever and
      I receive this word in the name of Jesus, thank you Father Amen!

  4. Seriously waiting for open doors. Lost my job and I am seriously looking up to Him for breakthroughs. This mail is really for me. Thank you Father.

  5. Thank You Haba Father, I receive and I claim this promises for my life and I believe in God. I decree and declare in the Precious and Mighty Name of Jesus Christ that 3 doors that are been opened for me are acceptance and purchase of our new house with no down pmt and no credit check, all my debts are wiped out and I am employed as a full time employee. I decree and declare that these 2 doors of the enemy trying to steal my son Olabanji has been closed permanently and the door of my sacrifices of my will, anger, doubt, animosity and carnal lust are closed permanently in Jesus Name amen. Thank You Jesus.

  6. I am so happy to receive this letter from you I am a child of God and I believe in God I have give him my life and my children to court and I was waiting to receive a message from God because I want to be filled with the holy ghost thank you for the message that you have sent me today I know the Lord is with me and shall be well with me I’m going to a lot of things but I know I will come out in Jesus mighty name

    1. What is the meaning of “I have gathered your enemies round about you so they may witness your defeat.”?

  7. Name Obita says:

    I pray this word over my life in Jesus’s name. Lord open doors for me and my family members for financial breakthrough. Help me and my family members finance businesses. Let my hands and the hands of my family members create wealth. Lord let me and my family members breakthrough in finances, career, relationships, prayer, emotions,fasting, praise and worship all other areas in our lives not mentioned. Lord where we have been disgraced and shamed and where there has been injustice cause there to be a divine reversal and bring forth recompense, justice and exalt, honor and exonerate me and my family members. Lord prepare a table for me and my family members in the presence of our enemies. Lord hear our cry and remove all blockages in the spiritual realm and cause me and my family members to breakthrough.

    1. Lawrita Miller says:

      I receive it in Jesus name.

      1. It is amazing! It is keeping the feet on the paddle on the homestretch of the miracle highway.

    2. MarYvonne says:

      As I go back to read this word for the second time. I realize just how much God is speaking to me.

  8. This had to be from my Lord and Savior because I wasn’t planning on reading this morning but I just did. I truly believe this a confirmation. A confirmation about what is happening right now in my life where as I was just beginning to think things was not going to go according to the plans. I had to remember it not on my time or my team time, it is truly on GODS time. Thank you Jesus.

  9. Holy Father please open the good doors for me and shut the bad doors for me! Praise you Lord ! Thank you Jamie.

  10. Thank you Jamie,

    I receive this word from the Lord, as I have been waiting and praying for new doors to open. I declare and decree that I have the favor of God on my life, and He, Father God, is doing a new thing in my life for 2020. I decree in Jesus name; I will see my way out of debt and all my bills are paid in full. . I will receive a teaching position for the remaining of the school term. I will receive more than enough to pay my tuition, and return to school to finish my 8 classes for graduation, and earn my BSBA degree. I am blessed to marry my BOAZ, a man of God after God’s on own heart. I decree in Jesus name, the Lord is my shepherd, and I shall not want in 2020. I will call those things that are not, as though they were, and trust God for His blessings on my life.

    I pray that God is blessing you abundantly Jamie. Thank you for being obedient to His calling on your life.


  11. I receive this word from God over me my husband and son and our business in Jesus name Amen thank you God bless you

  12. “…….Keep the best things in the silence. You will lose power if you open yourself up to ridicule….” I’m in awe of this word from the Lord, resonates with me since November 2019. A miracle the Lord has withheld me from sharing with my husband until it manifests. Oh God!!!
    Thank you Jamie for being His vessel deliver the Good news to us in times like these. I thank our Father for the 3 open doors He’s opening and closing the 2 He wishes to close. Everything works out for my good because I trust Him!!!!!
    Keeping the faith!!! Continuing to pray, our Father has confirmed its coming. To God be the glory. Oh I am so excited!!!
    Calvary blessings!!!

  13. Linda Lisk says:

    Awesome! This is a Confirming word that is speaking to my spirit. I will begin to focus my declaration and decrees to the doors opening and to the ones needing to close. Anticipating suddenlies.
    Thank you Father for Jaime! It is her obedience to you that we gain Timely understanding and instruction. If we heed the word we benefit from the implementation. Great things are coming!!!

    1. Shirley Govender says:

      Thank you I recieve and honour this word..Blessed with the word,i did think wgy was i surrounded.I appreciate it now.God help me to forgive and bless my enemies .as you are about to bless me.
      God move and anoint me as i need only his peace and rest.
      He as set my face like flint .that i will not be ashamed .Jesus has definitely rescued n kept me.not only me but my family God bless you for this message of affirmations.

  14. these words reflect exactly where i am and i decree a change as 3 door are opened
    and 3 doors at closed in Jesus Name
    i have been in obscurity for so long and i declare a new season over my life. thank you Jamie

  15. Thank you Abba! And thank you for your servant Jamie! I receive this word for my unsaved loved ones, my marriage and my family.

  16. AMEN! MINE!!!


  17. Amen! Confirmation of what God said to me yesterday.Thank you Jesus

    1. Thank for this prophetic word of God. I receive in Jesus mighty name. I cover it with previous blood of Jesus Christ. By God’s grace I must testify of this prophecy. More Grace to you.

  18. Jamie, in one place it’s written “I have gathered your enemies round about you so they may witness your defeat.” Correction needed?

    1. I was wondering about that too!? I thought I read it wrong.

      1. Same question here Jamie. Would you mind clarifying what you meant by that line? Thank you! 🙂 What a blessed word it is other than that!

      2. David Lockett says:

        Awesome word,encouraging and confirmation to things that I wrote for 2020 visions on January 1, amazing how God confirms things,thank u Yeshua, and thank u Jamie for right now word

  19. AMEN! AMEN! MINE!!!


  20. Sonja R Campbell says:

    I receive it. I believe it. He is changing everything.

  21. Amen!!! Thank you Jamie for being obedient to the voice of God ,your words of empowerment always comes right in time .


  22. I receive this word in Jesus’s name!!

  23. I am so going to sow into this word. I was just hearing this in this Spirit this morning Praise God! Thank you Jesus, thank you Jamie.

  24. Jamie thank you so much!!!!I receive this word in the Mighty name of Jesus.I’ve been waiting for something in my life and I’m sure its about to happen, I can feel it.Thank you Jesus!!!!

  25. Thank you Jamie. Was reading the promises of God this morning. its an accurate word for me an I receive this in Jesus Name.Bless you

  26. Finally, his spoken words have come to pass. My season of wait is over. My Great Turn -Around is here at last. I claim every single word in this prophetic revelations/declaration.
    All thanks to the MIGHTY GOD for using his anointed servant to reveal and declare this.
    This is my season of multiple celebrations in Jesus name. AMEN.

  27. Lorna Murray says:

    Amen amen!! I receive this good word in Jesus’ name!
    The scriptures referenced here from Psalm 27 are what the Lord gave me years ago. Whenever l am going through, l always refer to this Scripture for strength. The words spoken here today speaks volume in confirmation what Daddy God has promised, so l rejoice in Jesus name!!

    Continued blessings in Jesus’s name my sister Jamie!

  28. Jean Potgieter says:

    Glory to God. This Word is a confirmation of the Word gave to me. God gave me a vision to leave the place I stay (Goodwood) and go to Joubertina in the Langkloof, plant His church, extend the Garden of Eden so that His people can prosper. I petitioned the Lord and I sowed seed for the successful sale of our house in Goodwood and that the Lord will show us the house He choose for us in Joubertina and I decreed that it will be a cash transaction. I also sowed seed toward the move and any expenses we have to make regarding the sale of old house and purchase of new house or any alterations. God told me that He will move suddenly in my life. That in the morning I will still have my old house and by that evening it will be sold. I believe God’s promise. Here He also says that He will do a sudden thing. I thank You Father, I give You all the Glory, praise Your Holy Name. Hallelujah! So be it. So be it. And I want to encourage you Jamie to keep on doing what you do, and the blessings of the Lord will come after you and overtake you and you will be a delightful land. God’s favor is upon your life and your family. I pray in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.

  29. Good Morning! this Word was truly a blessing for me. I have been praying and fasting, asking God for directions concerning my life. This was for me. I believe God will do it. I believe many doors will open for me and I thank God for what He has promise.

    Thanks Again!

  30. Thank you my Abba Father!!!. Bless you Jamie for sharing.

  31. Thank you so much Jamie. I decree and declare that GOD open the doors for me in Jesus mighty name!

  32. God has gathered my enemies round about, HE rendered them impotent so they may witness my Victory & All Round Celebrations in this Year 2020 in Jesus Unfailing Name (Amen).

    Thank You Abba Father, I declare all my Good Doors are widely open unto me NOW & Forever and bad doors are CLOSED Permanently in my life NOW by The Power In The Blood Of JESUS CHRIST in JESUS MIGHTY NAME (AMEN).


  34. I receive this blessing in Jesus name!! Amen!!

  35. I receive and after with this word! It is the season I have been in for 3+ years! I believe God is bringing the supernatural breakthrough and impossible miracle that only HE can, and that will bring him all the glory, and bring others into his kingdom as true sons and daughters. Hallelujah and amen!

  36. Glory to the king. The one and only true God. My provider!

  37. Yes Amen I receive it by faith.

  38. Wow!! I receive it in Jesus name. What a Word??! Thank you Jamie for your obedience to the Lord…and you agreeing to be taught by God so as to be His mouth piece. I have a question though: you mentioned according to Papa God; He says decree & declare into the atmosphere the shifting of these doors. Are we supposed to get specific with the doors we want Papa to open? Would you be so kind to explain this to me? Thanks …love you.

  39. Dan Mbugua says:

    Thank you Jamie.i feel this Word resonating in My spirit.i grab this Word and i Know Abba Father Is Going To Do Mighty Things in my life and Open those three doors that i need in my life and shut down the ones i don’t need in Jesus Mighty Name.

  40. Thank you Jamie I receive in the name of Jesus Christ . May you the Ministry and your family be blessed financial abundantly. You bring hope to people. From my side I am exceedingly blessed to be a subscriber in your Ministry

  41. Yes!! I receive this word. Thank You Lord for speaking what I’ve needed to hear to get my faith alive. I’m going to reread this word to make sure i do what is required of me. Thank you, Jamie for obeying the Spirit of the Lord. God bless you.

  42. scott mahoney says:

    yes I receive it and touch and agree in jesus name

  43. Brenda L Payton says:

    Thank You Abba Father! I receive this Word into my spirit & being in Jesus’ Name. I do Believe & Trust You. Let It be to me just as You have said! Amen
    Awesome Word for such a time as this!! Praise God Hallelujah!!!!!

    1. Hallelujah! I receive and believe this word. It resonates with what I hear in the Spirit. I sow my seed into good ground. Praise the Lord!

    2. Samuel Amponsah says:

      DEAR J
      Hallelujah to GOD the Father
      Hallelujah to GOD the Son
      Hallelujah to GOD the Holy spirit.
      I recieved it and believed in my heart that it will answer for me in Jesus’s name Amen.

  44. Kimberly Walker says:

    I receive this word!!!! in Jesus’ name

  45. Shailaja Abraham says:

    Thank you Father God for your prophetic word I receive it in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ.Amen.

  46. Tierashia Adair says:

    Amen! I receive it in the mighty and matchless name of JESUS!!!

  47. Amen and Amen. I decree and declare this Wors over my life. Thank You ABBA Father, for knowing what I need and when I need it…. You are worthy to be praised.

  48. Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..


    Thank YOU ABBA FATHER wow

    Yes I receive PAPA

    Thank YOU thank YOU thank YOU.

    Bless you Jamie thank you for your obedience bless you


    Thank YOU LORD for the Rest and Love that YOU are supplying for me in YOU wow YOU awesome FATHER and there is none like YOU wow THank YOU……

  49. Georgekutty P.A says:

    Praise God for this message. Hallelujah.
    Thanks Jamie

  50. Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..


    Thank YOU ABBA FATHER wow

    Yes I receive PAPA

    Thank YOU thank YOU thank YOU.

    Bless you Jamie thank you for your obedience bless you


    Thank YOU LORD for the Rest and Love that YOU are supplying for me in YOU wow YOU awesome FATHER and there is none like YOU wow THank YOU……

  51. Awesome word for such a time as this. I receive it in Jesus Name. Thanks

  52. Okhen Esangbedo says:

    I believe and receive this prophetic words in Jesus name amen. I have been feeling strongly in my spirit that God is hastening his word to perform it in every area of my life and destiny. Father God, you’re he that opens and no man can close, and he that closes and no man can open. Thank you Jesus, I decree open doors for my marriage, childbearing, job, finances, spiritual life, prayerlife, my entire life, destiny and marital destiny this year 2020 in Jesus name amen. I decree that God will close every evil door the enemy has used to gain access into my marital destiny, every area of my life and destiny in Jesus name amen. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers. Thank you Jamie for being a wonderful vessel in God’s hands.

  53. This message resonated with my current situation! Oh…I have been waiting for God’s intervention and I am believing that soon I will sing a new song in the presence of my enemies!

    God bless you Jamie!

  54. Thank you my father, thank God for speaking to me the words have been waiting for, thank you for using your servant to pass this message at the right time when I needed it most.. Have been seeking God’s face for his promises over my life, going through tough situations but see God, he will come at the right time when we least expect, I claim these prophetic words from God in my life to manifest in Jesus name, I am receiving full blast of blessings, favors, miracles, restoration, protection from God in Jesus name, doors are opening for me, I speak breakthrough in my business, finance, in my search for a husband and my daughter to get a job in Jesus name.. Lord my provider, my miracle working father thank you for restoring my life, thank you for using your servant to speak this words to me, thank God, thank you and I receive the doors you’re opening for me in Jesus name, 2020 is my year to celebrate, be happy, to help others and to seek you more.

  55. Thank you ABBA Father! Recieved! Have been waiting for open doors! I believe I need to shut more then 2 doors! Will be meditating on this more indebt! Keep silent hit my spirit!
    Praise God for preparing a table for our enemies! Glory!
    Bless you Jamie!

  56. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    Amen and Amen! It’s my GOD’S WORD OF PROPHECY to me.I received it and i will do what it says…REST AND HEAL…God’s timing is so AMAZING..I will worship you alone ny God.Thank you so much Jamie for hearing God’s voice it is mine.

  57. Amén hallelujah I receive it in Jesus name . Thank you Abba

  58. Thank you Lord for the word!! This was meant for me, I’m in a unhealthy relationship and have no where to go (my son and I) but today I will step out on Faith.
    I declare and decree that doors will open for me…Lord bless me to get out of this situation and not look back. In Jesus name!!

  59. I wholly believe it’s for me, l receive it and thank my God almighty. I saw this as the year of all shifting and falling in place after having been in doldrums. All l can give is my prayer for you and all partners for now but more is coming with floodgates that are opened in Jesus Name

  60. Thank you Prophetess Jamie
    I felt that directed to me. Much has been happening in trials and tests as I see it and Abba is very Loving and Merciful and Faithful.
    Thank you for saying YES to Him because it affects others like me. I came across your blog by accident and subscribed to it out if the ordinary. It’s no mistake 🙂 God bless you continuously and opening doors of favour towards you, your family and your Ministry:-)

  61. Jarin Humphrey says:

    Amen I receive it!

  62. ABBA father thank you for this prophetic word and Jamie God bless her abundantly and her time I been feeling stuck a crossroads which feels like forever I think years; lord help remove all generational patterns and or curses in my Family or generation..I trust you to do a new thing in our family’s lives And In all areas; deliverance, salvation and healing provision; help me to obey and yield to the holy spirit lord forgive us ; I receive this for myself and my family in the name of Jesus Christ!

  63. I recieve in Jesus name.

  64. Sanhawit Suzie AHMAD says:

    Crying so hard I can’t breath. My God. Thank you Abba. I can’t type but I receive it My lord .

  65. Thank you Abba Father for your Prophetic words. May it be so as You have proclaimed. I now declare and decree these words over my life and I will enter a “Rest and Heal” period while I wait patiently, full of trust and hope. I pray that the unjust situation where my husband and I have suffered grave injustice and severe financial loss that there be a divine reversal and that it will bring forth recompense and full restoration X 7.

    1. Dominica Jones says:

      Yessss In Jesus name I receive it as I was reading this I felt the spirit all over me almost brought tears to my eyes I definitely felt the connection with the holy spirit Thank You Jesus I received Yours Words In The Name Of The Father And The Holy spirit Amen
      I felt like I was reading a love letter

  66. Valerie Price says:

    God is soo awesome….thank you Father….💜…..thank you Jamie💜

  67. CLAUDIA STRONG says:

    Thank you Jamie for this word! I have been praying a similar prayer to this one! I stand firm
    declarng and ad decreeing: Debt Cancellation, Good Health, Eating Habits, A better way of spending the money that comes to me every month, Debt Cancellation for my family. For everything that was taken from me. The doors that I declare and decree the doors that are going to be closed are all past events that have hindered me from moving forward with the things that
    I have been trying to move forward in to bring forth. For the pouring out of the Holy Spirit’s Fire down upon me. To know the difference in who is speaking to me: “Yahushuah,” “Yeshua,” and
    “The Ruach HaKodesh(Holy Spirit).”

  68. CLAUDIA STRONG says:

    Hi Jamie! I need to make a correction in the last paragraph. What I meant to say was: “For the hindrances that have kept the pouring out of the Holy Spirit’s Fire upon me. Also, hindering me from knowing “who” is speaking to me in the Spirit. Whether it is “Yahushua,” “Yeshua,” or the “Ruach HaKodesh,” (Holy Spirit).

    1. I receive it in Jesus name!!! This must be why I’m battling so heavy in my house. I celebrate my birthday couple days ago and I was excited I couldn’t explain it . Then the enemy attacked viciously and with venom. But I praised God anyhow. I still had joy for my birthday. But I knew something was up. Then the attack came again this morning worst than the last. I was hurt and bewildered but now I see God was up to something. He had a Word for me . Lord I thank you. Just before you throw in the towel…Here comes King Jesus to the rescue. Now I know why the battle was so vicious and vile.
      Thank you Lord for the Word and for using Jamie to deliver it. Jamie stay with God!!!
      Blessings to you and your family

  69. I receive this word. Thank you and God bless you.

  70. I praise God for this prophetic word and I receive it in Jesus Name. I declare & decree open doors in ministry, marriage and the marketplace and I declare and decree closed doors of familiar spirits and accusations of the enemy. I declare and decree into the atmosphere the shifting of these doors , Suddenly & Immediately in Jesus name!

    Blessings to you Jaime!

  71. Thank you Big Sis Jaime⚘🦋for sharing Abba Father’s message💖💟🥰I receive with open arms 🤲

  72. I receive this word. I am ready, LORD!

  73. Praise be to God! Yes Jamie, I receive this word in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen and Amen!🙏🙌🏻

  74. I receive and am thankful for it all.May God be praised forever .
    Thank you Jesus .

  75. Hi Jamie

    Thank you for this prophecy. Lord Jesus, I give you glory. This is my word.

    1. Monica - Seychelles says:

      Dear Jamie,

      I receive and accept my fair share of this life in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, My Good Lord and My Savior.

      Hallelujah Amen to the One Glorious Father.

      Thank you My Abba Father, never without you in my life.


  76. I receive this message from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. This word came at a time when I truly needed assurance. I receive this message in Jesus miraculous name, Anen.

    God Bless you Jamie, your ministry and your family.

  77. Rose Kangethe says:

    Jamie, this message found me asking the Lord to speak to me. I heard Him and I receive and possess it with thanksgiving.
    The Lord bless you

  78. confident overcomer says:

    Thank you for your prophet words. Decree and declare with me that I will receive God our Father’s blessing for multiplacation in my life and that His will, that He has given you will soon come to pass for I don’t know how much longer I can take. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen and Amen.

  79. Michael Okedele says:

    I received The Lord’s Prophetic Words in the mighty name of Jesus!

  80. Yes, I receive the Word of the Lord. Thank you for releasing His love to me. I needed the Father to speak and He did. Faithful and Merciful He is.

  81. Amen I receive this word. I have been praying God’s promises from the bible as you had instructed in one of your emails. This word is for me and I claim it.

  82. Linda Stanford says:

    I decree and declare the opening of the new doors and the closing of the old over me. Thank you Father God for this message. I receive it and Thank you for it in your Holy Name. Thank you Jamie for your ministry and the Love of our Father.
    Amen and Amen!

  83. Dan mbugua says:

    I decree and declare that my doors will open in Jesus Mighty Name

  84. Betty Musumba says:

    Thank you for this timely word & confirmation; am humbled by God’s ways & His thoughts for us. I believe & receive the doors of God ‘s favor upon my life & pray for power & grace to walk in obedience. The Lord bless you.

  85. Wow! Jamie, how profound & so perfect is the Word brought direct from the heart of God, by the help of the Holy, it strike right into my heart, resonate within me like a flood & lead me to Psalm 34:1_8, I hear the Lord saying” Taste & see that the Lord is good, blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him, I was also given the Word the beginning of Year 2020, Psalm 62:3 ” You will be a crown is splendor in the Lord,s hands, a royal daidem in the hand of your Lord, this my word & I receive it into my life, The Lord is true to His word & for that, I’m definitely sure to come with a testimony! What a perfect awesome, prophetic word!-Thank you, Jamie! God richly bless!

  86. Cecilia Ramirez says:

    Thank You for your timely word ABBA Daddy!

  87. Thomas Swartz says:

    Amen! Amen and Amen I receive this Word in Jesus name!!!

  88. Rosemond Daniel says:

    This word spoke right to my heart, I believe and know the change is taking place, I need ut and recieved,I need these Doors to open now more than ever and
    I receive this word in the name of Jesus, thank you Father Amen!

  89. I receive this word with deep gratitude. Thank you very much for your obedience and careful listening and love in sharing, dear Jamie. God bless you even more. Yes Lord your favor in my husband and I and our family. Let the boundary lines fall in pleasant places for us. To God be the glory 🙌🙌🙌

  90. Amen..i receive it in Jesus almighty name & his holy blood…amen….Lord Jesus please close those doors behind me & open the new ones….please Jesus…………amen

  91. I praise God even in the midst of the storm, He is Jehova Jireh.
    An Awesome Father and the everlasting Prince of Peace, He has already closed two doors and opened three doors for me, I Bless His Holy name.

  92. Abba Father, The Covenant Keeping God, The Giver of Only Good and Perfect gifts, once again, I accepts all Your promises for me because all the above promises are for me and I receives All by the Power in the Blood of Jesus Christ in Jesus Unfailing Name it is settled (Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Thank You Abba Father, thank you daughter of Zion Prophetess Jamie for yielded to the call of God

  93. This is a now word for me.
    I decree and declare “Baba, open the doors that You want to open and close the doors that You want to close, right now, in Jesus name, Amen, for Your glory”.

  94. This is for me … yes, yes, and YES 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  95. CHRISTINE says:

    thank you so much ,dear Jamie i receive this prophetic word, so blessed me.
    thank you Abba

  96. I receive this is Jesus’ mighty name

  97. I. Receive it in Jesus mighty name

  98. I declare this over my life, in Jesus’ mighty Name, Amen

  99. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you LORD and thank you Jamie. I believe and I receive this powerful word from the LORD in His Holy Name. Amen and amen.

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