More Details: You’re In a 3-Month Spiritual ICU

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This morning, I released 3 urgent prophetic bulletins. They were about 3 specific heart-agonies the Lord showed me His people are having right now, and His answer to them. I received a couple of questions about those, and I wanted to answer one of them tonight.

Someone asked me: What does it mean to be in a spiritual ICU season of rest and recovery?

I asked the Lord what He has to say about the matter, and He said this:

“You are in a spiritual season of ICU-like rest and recovery because you have been very ill from a burnout standpoint. You have been burning the candle at both ends far too long, sometimes out of necessity; and I have delivered you from your burdens.

I am now healing you, but it is going to be a process. 

It took you a long time to get here, and it will take time to get out of this place. Realistically speaking, you have been in a place of desperation in your soul for many years:

  • You were in a place you weren’t called to be.
  • You were attacked.
  • You were challenged.
  • You were maligned and talked about.
  • People who should have been on your side were on the enemy’s side instead.

You wept many tears, but I saw you through it all.

The “ICU” place of rest is a place in which I want you to know that I SEE YOU.

Get it? “ICU” … I SEE YOU. I see the trials you have endured, but you stood fast in Me. I see the friends who stabbed you in the back; I removed their knives Myself. I see the pastors who did you harm. I see the family members who bad-mouthed you to your entire family, ruining your relationships unjustly. 

I see you.

And I want you to know: I will restore the YEARS the locusts have eaten.

Years of your life have been stolen away from My Kingdom of righteousness, peace, and joy. Years’ worth of effectiveness were stolen, for you had to fight the enemy because of the sins of others. The devil did this to you, but I want you to know right now:

What the enemy meant for evil, I am turning around for your good … because I SEE YOU.

I see every fiber of your being. I see your heart. I see how faithful you have been. I see where you have been and what you have done. I see every moment you have spent in the prayer closet, and I see the agony of your spirit as you forgave.

I was there when you cried out in great, guttural cries, when you experienced more agony of heart than you have ever experienced before. I saw the injustice done to you, and I saw the purity of your love for Me and others.

And now, I am healing you.

Your body and soul still need to be healed. Your spirit is healed already, but much injustice was done and I am going to undo it. Think not that I cannot do this. I can do all things, and I do all things well. 

But in the next 3 months, you are going to see the manifestation of this in your body and soul. You will be in the intensive care unit of My love, for I care about and for you INTENSELY. My care for you is watchcare deeper and better than the best parent or guardian in the world. I AM YOUR SHEPHERD. I am the one who will require the flock at the hand of the false shepherds, and I have redeemed you out of the pit and corruption.

I am now restoring and healing your soul. 

You will see Me clothe you with the cloak of honor over the next 3 months. Doors you never imagined will open to you, for I the Lord your God am opening them. I am making you to feed on the highest of mountains. I am ushering you into fine and prosperous grazing on My highest hills and My sweetest pastures.

This will be an intense season of rest, recovery, and restoration.

If you get busy, you will not miss it entirely–but you will miss part of what I need and desire to do for you. I need you to be still. I need you to sleep, eat, and rest. The journey has been too great for you; arise and eat, then sleep again. You may not quit doing the other things I have called you to do in this season, but you MUST stop doing other things I have NOT called you to do.

My process of refining requires deep rest. 

This is the only way I can reach deep into your heart to heal. Ask Me for spiritual anesthetic if you need help resting. I will help you! I will give you courage! I will separate from you the busyness of life if you will let Me do it.

I love you, My child, and I SEE YOU.

Not one hair on your head falls off without My notice. Not one pore on your body has escaped My protection. It is the time for some serious recovery, serious restoration, serious healing. Allow Me to work in your life as you rest.”

Wow, again. Thank You, Lord. Beloved, is this word for you? If so, leave a comment below and tell the Lord a big THANK YOU!


  1. Thank you,Lord!
    I receive it!
    Thank you,Jamie,for your obedience in giving this word.

    1. Thank you WOG for your obedience and thank you Lord for that wòrd. It was for me. I pray God continue to richly bless you

      1. valarie Sherrill says:


        1. Yes, thank you Lord, this is me, in awe of the love of God in this message

          1. Oh….My…After the past 8 weeks of an escalating, crazy schedule and knowing of the need to rest but seeing no physical way to do so, I hit the wall Christmas Day Eve. Exhausted physically and spiritually. I was worse the following day and God began revealing why and what I had to do to rest. I had already cleared my calendar of everything until Easter when I read this word. It so ministered to my heart to know He has been watching, I have heard Him, and HE is going to restore me. I can’t wait to sit in His ICU. Thank you for your faithfulness, Jamie.

    2. Anastasia says:

      Thank you Lord God of Angel armies and thank you Jamie

    3. Imabong Idem says:

      Lord I believe, in totality, cause this is me You’re speaking to. Lord I say thank you

    4. Joan Garrett says:

      THANK YOU! I REALLY RECEIVE THIS WORD FROM THE LORD!! A friend of mine sent this to me and you couldn’t even imagine how full of painful truth my life has been and now..I finally can was worth it ALL!! I can FINALLY be FULLY ME and not this HURT person walking around living from breakthrough to breakthrough! Thank you..I have never heard of you, but God knows you and he knows me and that’s all that matters 😭

    5. Annette White says:

      Wow! This resonates with me! I don’t have words to describe how I’ve been struggling, waiting on the Lord to rescue me from the hands of those who have and still are falsely accusing me and trying to defame my character. It’s especially hard because it’s one of my children, his wife, and a person who I thought was a friend. I’m waiting to see the Lord step in and right every wrong.

  2. Brenda Payton says:

    Oh wow this message is like God confirming what He has been telling me! He told me it will be a process & it will take time. Truthfully I enjoy the slower pace with God! Thank you Jamie for sharing this precious word today! Thanks for answering the question-what it means in God’s ICU.

    1. Wow! Yes this word is for me.I cried as read the words Poppa gave you Jamie for it touched my heart deeply to read words about myself and the great hurt and pain I’ve gone through and the tears I’ve cried and I’ve always known It’s been by Gods grace I was able to get up and continue to function .I am so thankful to Him for the help He has given me and I’ve prayed many prayers to be whole and healed completely.and now it’s coming and I’m so ready.
      Jamie thank you for your ministry.I have learned so much from you.I am so thankful for this word.

      1. Thank You Abba Father, and thank you Jaime for sharing this message for spiritual rest and peace. I believe this message is for me, and I recieve it!

  3. Yes Jamie,

    I believe this message is for me. Tears are rolling down by face as I read your words of insight and encouragement.

    I am so tired, and I rejoice for the spiritual and mental healing that has taken place in the last several weeks. Our Abba is so loving — so awesome. I now need physical healing and restoration, and I receive your encouragement and I pray for God’s clear direction and instruction.

    God Bless you, Jamie, and thank you so very much.

  4. Going through nasty divorce. Husband cheated on me is with someone else. We have a daughter and he puts this person before her. He is narciccistic and sociopath. The girl is manipulative y evil. I’m still dealing with everything. Praying that things turn in favour of me and my daughter. Reverse this unjust situation. Can relate to some things but my healing hasn’t started. Still in the midst of pain and turmoil. Please Lord let me feel you. Guide me protect me and my daughter against this evil and bless us with miracles.

  5. Great confirmation in my life with this word!
    Thank you Jamie

  6. Thank you God bless y i believe and i receive it in jesus name

  7. Casimir OKORO says:


    1. cynthia ward guidry says:

      you are welcome here ,Lord .
      have your way

  8. Joy Ehrenzweig says:

    God Sincerely Bless you Jamie for such profound words of encouragement. I desperately need spiritual ICU. I can’t wait for the seminar on fulfilling my calling.
    Keep lifting up The Blood Stain Banner higher!
    Love always!


  9. Linda Stanford says:

    Than you Jamie for your word and your ministry. I claim this word Jesus in your Holy name! I add Lao claim the miracle you are going to perform for my Brother and my family. You know how bad we need this miracle Lord and we need it now Lord! Thank you again for all you do! Amen

  10. TEDRA N JOHNSON says:

    This is totally God speaking to me through you! I appreciate you allowing God to use you in only a way that he can.

    Thank you!

  11. Hi Jamie, was gna get u yest. To tell u this word was for me…is for me. But its been so v v hectic and in South Africa, power (electricity outtages) for 6 -8 hours a day…phone dies! This word is for me. Ive been to hell n back, almost in coma twice, mom in law robbed my hubby of his own paid up apartment n had sheriff throw us out! We were homeless. Wirh 3 furry babies and a cat. Then starving. Then someone payed for us for6 months for a room. Wev just secured an apartment…but please pray salary doors open for Mike to sustain it. We lost our refrigerator, lounge suite and kitchen stuff in this process from pots to microwave. We need miracles…its been exhausting, draining, terrifying but God. Yes! This Word includes me. We have done this move by faith with no income!! Please please pray. Grateful thanx.

    1. I am praying for you, Fiona. May our Abba continue to show you what you are capable of through His Strength and abiding Mercy as He is working to restore to you what has been stolen in lost possessions, opportunities, and within your mind and spirit. You are an Overcomer and can do all things through Christ Who gives you Strength! <3

    2. Thank you Jamie, and thank You Abba Father! This word is for me. Be it unto me according to your word! Praise you my Lord!

  12. Margaret A Mills says:

    Wow. Yes, I receive this. Tears this morning at this word. And a laugh – I know exactly about the anesthetic. In hospital a couple of years ago a nurse did that – gave me a shot because I needed to rest and heal.

  13. I believe this Word is for me. And I am now sure that I will be restored in my body with a brand new hip from heaven. Thank you YESHUA. You are my redeemer, my healer, everything I need and want. Thank you Jamie. SHALOM SHALOM SHALOM

  14. Sanhawit Suzie AHMAD says:

    I can’t even speak now this word just wrecked me . I’m at work weeping like a chilf .Oh Lord thank you Jesus . Heal and Restore me. Wow the words its like he was there in my living room when I wept , in my bed at night when I wept . Even when I tried to pray and can utter no words but my heartache I just wept. I’ve seen so much hurt in my life from family ,coming out of Islam, even church people calling me radical n obsessed with God. I’ve been told by Pastor I understand your Fire to serve God but calm down for now. I thought I was losing my mind that people took my love for Christ as Extreme. The wilderness was dry and long and finally in it he was healing me . I forgave and wept so much that no energy was left and I do feel burnt out. And I have been still for past 2 weeks just dwelling in the secret place . I told friends I need to be alone with my father so please do not worry because he is healing me .
    I’m weeping again i can’t contain his goodness. Wow Lord wow. Praise you . Bless you Jaime ! Bless you my sister and keep you !

    1. Sanhawit Susie, your story has touched me deeply. I relate to some of what you shared, especially the being told to quiet down your enthusiasm for Jesus by the very people who should be rejoicing with you. I am hoping that this was said out of concern for your protection rather than out of the unresolved issues and personal pain of those who have spoken this to you.

      Our Abba is writing a beautiful story of your life and you are fully redeemed at this very moment. I am praying for a Hedge of Protection around you as you continue to walk with The Lord and as He guides you along your beautiful journey!

    1. Maneesh Massey says:

      Jamie, I am so touched by your word. I cannot mention in words how true this word is in my life. I needed this and this was provided in a wonderful way. The Holy Spirit is so accurate in His timing. My heart needed to hear this so much. I love you Jamie, for you are a true prophet of the Most High God. This word has so much comforted my heart and head. I know Jesus has been at work in my life. But the way in which He responds and talks in His speech is something awesome and out of this world. He is so caring and wonderful. God bless you so much Jamie. I have been in anticipation and hopefulness for my impossible miracle and this word is so welcomed at this moment. This word hit me hard and I believe it was only for me. I receive it in Jesus name!

  15. Wow again, YES!! I have been in this place for about a week or more and I have been praying and thanking God for these healing changes I was feeling. But, I didn’t realize exactly the scope of it all. So, thank you again Jamie for bringing us His plan…it’s so brilliant with light and love….love You!

  16. Sharon Cole says:

    Thank you for this powerful word Jamie! Every word spoke to my heart/spirit! Spiritual ICU is welcomed!
    It has been 20 years of loss and grief. ABBA Daddy I give you my heart in return for yours to love my family and your people lost and hurting. God Bless you Jamie!

  17. Every single word of this applies to me :O God has been telling me that the battle is over now, and that I am victorious so I will thank Him for that, even though my eyes tell me otherwise.

    Thank you so much for this Word Jamie – be abundantly blessed Sister!

  18. Thank you Father , that explains why you’ve been wanting me to stay home . Thank you Daddy I love you I will be obedient .Father , bless your daughter and her family in their health, spiritually, physically, mentally , financially meet all their needs God she is so obedient to you Father and I want the best for her . Thank you Jaime this word was for me. I recieve it all in Jesus name

  19. Cecilia Ramirez says:

    Wow! Thank You my Loving Father! Thank You Woman of God Jamie for your impeccable timing and obedience to release on time Words from our Heavenly Father!! May He Bless You Indeed forever & always! I love You with the love of Christ!

  20. Busayo Otekayi says:

    Hi Jamie,
    This word is for me, this is a confirmation of what God has placed in my heart for so long. My heart has been bruised, trampled on. I have been attacked and it is just by the mercy of God that I am alive today. God I receive your word with gladness and I pray for spiritual anesthetics to help me be still in Christ. Thank you Jamie.

  21. Shailaja Abraham says:

    Thank you Jemie for the timely Word Father God has given.yes I receive it in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.I thank God for His mercies which are New every morning.I want to rest in His arms with joyful dependence.As God said I want to be in Spiritual ICU and want to see His Glory.

  22. I receive this word in Jesus name.

  23. Hi Jamie!
    I’m a new subscriber. I came across you through the Bible app. I was on one of your bible plans I believe. This post that you wrote is definitely speaking to me. I been through a lot for these past 9 to 10 months. This definitely know God is working and healing me. I been through some stuff mentally, emotionally, and physically. God still working on me everyday. I thank God everyday for opening my eyes to new mercies and His grace everyday in my life. I will continue to check out your posts and hopefully can get on some of your webinars. God bless you.

    1. Hi there, Tyeasha, and welcome to our community! So glad to have you with us. 🙂 I’d love to see you on a webinar! And I’m so grateful that the Lord blessed you. Have a wonderful week!

  24. i.habe been talked about my family members wanting serving talking.behind my back but that is ok i receive what the Lord has told me through this prophetic word i will obey what he needs me to do my part i receive it in Jesus name thank you Mrs. Jamie may the lord continue using you i have been sick with pain i can not resist but my Lord has been my healer and continues to so so. I praise him for what he has my life. For who he is i am in him. God bleas you and your husband ministry also keep you baby in good health. Take care and God bless you

  25. Sharon McLafferty says:

    Thank you Jamie this word was absolutely for me! Been through sheer hell since May 1994 (after dreaming about a whirlwind) and suffered so much pain of poverty, severe hardships and loss.

    I nearly walked away from Jesus 9 days ago cos couldnt take any more pain and defeat but I didnt; however, I cried and cried and cried.

    I’m in huge need of healing (havent slept properly since 1995 and especially since 2012 cos of incessant snoring) I am totally exhausted. Need huge financial miracle too. I receive all the RESTORATION God wants to give to me. It will be a glorious testimony when He does!

    1. Dear Jamie. For a long time I have not replied but I read a lot of your prophetic words. I am replying this because I am sure God is referring to me, He might been using other medium but maybe I did not understand but I hold this and very sure is talking to me. Yes there might be many people like me. I hold everything He have said to me. I am Happy God have come to my rescue. May God blessings continued upon your life forever in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

    2. Praise God for you are a miracle worker, a jewel, a precious gem..thank you so much for always obeying the Lord our God..bless you and your family and ministers 1000 fold in Jesus Holy name we pray Amen..God

  26. Thank you Lord. I’ve been waiting for this word for a very long time. All the praise to my God!!!☺

  27. Tess White says:

    Thank You Lord! You know what my family and I have been through for years now.
    When all hope seemed lost, You were ALWAYS there, and ALWAYS made a way. Impossible to man, but ALWAYS possible with You, and through You.
    Lord, You are The Lover of our souls, and we can’t thank You enough!
    We receive the outpouring of Your Love and the soaking and restoration of our souls and bodies.
    There is no one like You. Bless Your Holy Name! Thank You Father, for sending Your Son, Jesus.
    Bless you, Jamie and your family for your dedication and your servant’s heart.

  28. Thank you for the explanation on Father’s ICU. Yes it is for me as well. I need rest and restoration. Lord give us wisdom and direction. Let my husband and I hear you clearly together. I am exhausted. And the big mountain before us. Lord settle this case for us.
    Thank you Jamie for hearing God and your love in sharing.
    God bless you and reward you greatly in this life and beyond.

  29. Thank you Lord.This message was definitely for me.Thank you

  30. truly this words are mine and meant for my spirit.thank you so much for this word.Thank you lord

  31. Hallelujah, Jesus! Glory be to God. This word was especially for me. God only and truly knows. he has been dealing with me repeatedly about entering into His rest, specifically concerning business and ministry, reminding me that He will promote me in due season if I humble myself. I am naturally a worker and sometimes that gets in the way, because then I began to overwork and strive, which is not needful if I rest in Christ and the grace that He has extended to me.

    This new thing that God has been doing in and through me for His glory HAS been a challenge as I have been misunderstand, misjudged, talked about, abandoned, etc. However, I have remained in Christ and I trust Him in what He has told me and commanded me to do.

    Blessings to all you who can relate. God’s best to you and your family, Jamie, as you continue to obey God’s voice.

  32. Shera Chieves says:

    Yes!, this is definitely for me!, I’m going to except it, and be still and let the Lord do his will in and for my life! Praise God! thanks again Jamie!

  33. Thank you Baba..I thank you because You love us so much, You always give the best of Yourself. You heal, You encourage, You lift up. Baba, thank you again for the word. I receive, claim, and declare it true over me and my family in Jesus name, Amen.

  34. Thank you Big Sis⚘💙Daddy God bless you. The message you shared with us is the story of my life and at the present moment. I ask for your prayers, weary & heartbroken from it all. Restoration healing rest & real people who are full of love🧡

  35. Dear Jamie, the word(ICU) cuts deep and speaks loud. Thank You Lord. God bless you, Jamie
    Merry Christmas

  36. Thank you lord Jesus! I receive this in Jesus mighty name! Yes Abba Father! This is exactly what I need so much! I praise you! Amen 🙏🙌🏻

  37. MADAM LET ME SPEAK VITALITY TO YOUR QUALITY OF LIVING FIRST..YOU REALLY OPENED MY MIND. THANK YOU LORD FOR OUR PROPHET JAMIE..I confess serious that all your prophetic words are true to my entire life this is not slang, mock or vague,, iam a former divorcee but you really encouraged me to the fullest I LOVE YOU JAMIE,, GOD BLESS YOU.. I NEED YOU ON MY WEDDING DAY with my new spouse DECEMBER 2020 AS YOU HAVE PROPHECISE…YOU LOVE HAVE REACHED ZIMBABWE NOW KEEP US POSTED IN JESUS NAME..

  38. Thank you Jamie for sharing this amazing word! Thank you God for giving your children exactly what we need!! Thank you for communicating with us and through us to tell us your plans and your ways!! You constantly amaze me with what you do and how well you love us!!!

  39. Sonja R Campbell says:

    These are the very words he spoke to me in 2016. I feel reenergized but I am willing to wait whatever the Lord says to me, because yes the wounds went deep and he has pulled me out alive and blown his holy breath back into me. I never want to jeapordize all the work he has gone to, to totally revamp my life. I want to be ready for his work,positioned and healthy with spiritual mind. He keeps adding tools and insight and I am loving my time with Him. When he says go, I will go. I did cry my head off at this and all the beautiful love he poured out in word to me. Thank you

  40. Thank you Father God, Lord of my life. I receive this word of rescue.

  41. I receive this in Jesus name amen.

  42. Thank you Jamie for your blessings over my life!! I have been catching up with the readings of your blogs today and I must say to you that I have a calmness over my soul that I have not had since the week of Thanksgiving when the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life happened. This message spoke so true to my heart because I am in desperate need to be in the ICU with the Lord. You seem to always know what I need to know, hear, or read at certain times in my life and I love you so much for being the amazing person and Aunt to me. Love you bunches!!

    1. Hi Tammy, Bruce and I love you very much and we are praying for you. I pray you’d sense the love and affection of Jesus today, and that He would help you and set your feet in a broad place, establishing your comings and goings.

  43. This is such a blessing and really spoke to me. The last many years have been very trying, but the intensity of attacks, heartbreaks, loss, grief has intensified in the last three years. In 2019 the enemy almost took me out. It was probably the worst year of my life. I am still here and not in complete mental, emotional and physical breakdown only by the grace, love and comfort of God. I do believe healing has begun and continue to trust God for restoration of all the enemy has stolen, all the years the locusts have eaten and vindication for injustice. Thank you for the blessing of this word from our Father! God bless you, Jamie!

    1. Laura, your story sounds eerily identical to my own. May I ask what types of losses you have incurred? And, how long you have been a Christian?

  44. Wow! What timing! This word hit home for me. Thank you Lord for not forgetting about me and thank you Jamie for releasing this word! God bless!

  45. Confirmation! Thank you Lord . My spirit so needed to hear this. ❤️


    Godbless you in Jesus Name.

  47. Jamie!!! Thank you!!! Confirmation…I got a Word 2 days ago about resting…not jumping into something…Thank you Jamie! What a refreshing, encouraging Word from the LORD!! My flesh was ready to run as I have had breakthrough after being in such a dark dark place for so long! Breathe Mary.!! Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord!! I too needed this!!

  48. Thank you Abba Father for assuring me yet again that you care for your children. I accept your timely assurances and wait upon you as you fulfill your promises! I have been in the wilderness for the past 3 years, through many devastating experiences and I and my husband am in one right now of unjust treatment with a business dealing. I truly believe that this will be reversed and all restored to our family. Will fully acknowledge that this is the time to rest, heL and wait upon th Lord. Thank you God!

  49. Rebecca Jones says:

    You know I have prayed for people with serious or life threatening conditions to be in the Intensive Christ Unit, there is lot of truth in that.

  50. Glory to Jesus.
    I receive Grace to rest from the busyness of life. Amen

  51. I receive it in Jesus name Amen and Amen thankyou father

    Jamie be blessed God is using you

  52. Em Fisher says:

    This is for me!!! Thank you for being His mouthpiece for me.

  53. Misty Prothro says:

    This is an amazing and on time word!! When I read the burnout line it was like this was for me on this day.

  54. This really touch my heart. This was powerful word of encouragement and God love. It really brought me to tear that fill my heart with Hope again. I really need this because I been through alot over the years. I used said God do see. I felt like it my answer to prayer.

  55. Thelma Curry says:

    Thank you, Father!! This word is for me. I’ve heard Him say some of the same things to me. I receive this word!! Amen!!

  56. Cindy🌹 says:

    Amen, Maranatha🙏

  57. Thank you for this word. The Lord spoke to me a few times about “3 months”. I wasn’t sure what it meant but this was Rhema and I now understand. Thank you Jaime and Praise be to the Lord. Thank you for making me rest and healing me. In Jesus’ Name Amen

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