Prophetic Word: Remember the Graces You Received Through Prayer

Beloved, have you been wondering where certain anointings and unctions have been in your life? Have you been missing your old spiritual fire, spiritual hunger, and prophetic flow?

If so, the Lord would say to you today:

Prophetic word from Jamie Rohrbaugh

“Remember the graces you received through prayer, My beloved.

I want you to remember how dependent upon Me you used to be. You cried out to Me day and night for help, and I helped you. You asked Me to vindicate you, and I did. I elevated you above all your enemies! You asked Me to help you hunger and thirst after righteousness, and I did.

But all of these graces were things you received through prayer. You asked me and I helped you. You did not conjure any of them up yourself; you needed Me and I came through for you every time.

What happened, beloved?

I removed your enemies from you, and you stopped asking for Me to remove your enemies after I did. You feel like you are in a place of rest, yet you still have enemies. You just no longer see them in the same way you used to, but you still need My help even though things don’t look the same.

Also, you advanced to a place in Me of true intimacy with Me. You are still there, but You have been feeling like there isn’t more–or like somehow I am holding out on you, refusing to give you more of Myself. Yet, there is so much more of Myself that I desire to show you. There is so much more of My heart to know; you have only tapped the surface!

Oh My child, I need you to pray again for all the things it appears like I already gave you.

You need My anointing, and I desperately desire to give it to you in greater ways. It looks like you have certain things, but the things I gave you are only a down payment of the things I am going to give you.

Don’t rest on your laurels. Instead, pray! Hunger and thirst for righteousness again. Ask Me to make you hungry and thirsty for Myself. Ask Me to increase your capacity for prayer and for the Words that I speak. Ask Me to help you hear; to give you eyes to see and ears to hear, and a nose to smell My fragrance.

Oh My friend, My child, My beloved, you are so close to Me but I desire you to be closer.

Call upon Me, for I will answer you and show you great and mighty things you do not know yet. I will show you hidden things to come! I will fill you with My anointing in so great a measure that the world will wonder; the world will be warned of My coming; the world will hear of My love through you!

Ask Me for My anointing today. Ask Me for My manifest presence. Thank Me for everything I have already done for you, but lift this word back up to Me–and the rest of My Words in the Bible–and ask Me for MORE!

Beloved, MORE is yours today!

I desire to fill you with My prophecy; with My fire; with My power; and with My boldness. Be like the early church, who prayed again and I again shook the house where they prayed. 

Do not be content to stay where you are in Me, My beloved child. I have so much more for you. The yearning of My heart is to be so much closer than we are right now, even though right now we are very close. 

Come back to your first love for Me.

Seek Me again with your first fervor. Feel for Me again your first need. Come to Me with your first desperation, and I will fill you up and give you rest.

Love, your loving Abba Father.”

Oh Father. Please forgive us for resting on our laurels in any way we have done so. Please fill us with Your holy power and manifest presence again today.

Father, in Jesus’ name, please forgive our sins and make us like You. Teach us how to love, and how to seek You. Make us hungry and thirsty for You and for Your Kingdom ways, and we shall be filled. Thank You, Abba Father. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Beloved, is Holy Spirit speaking to you today through this prophetic word? If so, leave a comment below.


  1. Awesome amazing..the Lord bless you Jamie. This word of encouragement was just for me!

  2. Jamie,Thank-you,We have endured so many bad things from people over the years people we never did anything to, showed them respect an they spread evil lies about us ,our children were bullied at school because of it ,we moved,an for the past 15 yrs we tried to heal, from it things were going better ,I was trusting again an the bad neighbor’s we have now are the thorn ,no one here bothers that family, they do crime,an bully, intimidate, etc. it feels like we are back to square 1 they are doing this to other neighbor also ,they know the system they know what they can get away with why is God allowing this ,an a few days ago the male half was shooting a rifle toward homes in a area with trees the trees block the homes ,a person can be killed does God not care a very unstable family that is slowly destroying that property, an doing a criminal life there that I think some know about that is why I asked you in a pray request what God meant by informant they I think are being watched.when will God bring justice?

  3. Ricardo Gutierrez says:

    The Lord spoke to me through this words . Prayers needed


  4. Anita Murphy says:

    Hi Jamie,
    This was just what I needed! I am 80 years old, still amazed at how our Lord works through
    His people to encourage us along the way. I have been crying out to Him for relief of pain
    that my youngest son, Darren Joseph Murphy has suffered for so many years, it’s enough
    to break a mother’s heart….nevertheless, the Lord upholds me and him in and through it
    all. He never, and I mean never complains. He always has a smile on his face and is so very deeply concerned for those who he refers to as “worse off” ~ He’s a bachelor, and would love to meet the one God has for him, yet that has not yet happened. He says, not to worry, Mom, perhaps it’s not meant to be.
    He is always “at the ready” to help me and does much without my even asking ~ always in
    pain ~ Mom’s know these things. Thanks from a Mom’s heart for your prayers for him,
    and blessings of the most needed kind, Anita Murphy.
    PS I cannot give on line because (by choice) I have no credit cards. Will try to send by
    “snail mail.”

  5. Jamie ….Thank you

    Your emails are are always sent at the right time , when i need a word or prayer of encouragement .

    Be Blessed

    Your sister in Christ

  6. Thank you Jamie! I needed to hear this. Especially the part about resting in our Laurels. I know He has so much more in store.

  7. Father thank you for been there every time may your name be priase, adore and glorify in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you my friend for giving to the Lord

  8. johnscott harris says:

    thank you again Jamie, right on the money with this word. thank you Jesus, i needed to hear this today from youso much. i love you Abba.! Amen

  9. Chris Love says:

    I feel like God is speaking to me in this prophetic word. Thank you Jamie for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit. God has so much to offer me that I need to seek Him even more.

  10. Rosemary Siders says:

    Thank you much in a few words, Yes, this Prophetic Word spoke volumes to my heart and is my heart cry to the Lord.

  11. Maika Kamikamica says:

    Thank you for the word
    So encouraging to hear what the Lord wants from his children.
    Be blessed Jamie

  12. Kathy Buck says:

    Hi Jamie. Thank you for the Word today. I really need to get closer to God. My passion left me in following the LORD. and I want it back. I still believe in God, that will never stop. I just need to pray more and listen to hear him. I know He wants me to, but I don’t know what to say or I’m too anxious to sit. Please pray for me that these reasons will be swallowed in His presence and that I can sit to hear him and then my passion comes back. Thank you so much Jamie. God bless


    Thank you so much Jamie. The holy spirit has spoken and blown these prophetic messages directly to my current situation. I have somehow relaxed and rested on my laurels. I pray that God Almighty through the power of the blood of Jesus and the Holy spirit helps me to keep my spiritual fire burning, pray without ceasing in Jesus name

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