Prophetic Word: The Lord Says, “Do Not Doubt My New Beginnings!”

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comHave you been feeling like the Lord is doing something new in your life … but then second-guessing yourself, thinking, “Nah, probably not”? Maybe you’ve even thought it seems too big to be true?

If so, the Lord says to you today:

“Do not doubt My new beginnings! I am bringing things full-circle!

I am alive, and I am working in your situation–but you have not believed it! You have not seen Me yourself in this situation yet, so you have let your faith diminish. In some cases, you have lost hope completely!

But I say to you, I am alive! I am walking with you and talking with you right now, today–and you do not see Me! I am giving you revelation right now and you have not known it was from Me. I am in lock-step with you, walking with you where you are going; for it was all part of My plan from the beginning!

You are not alone. I say it again: You are NOT alone!

You have been sad, but I have snuck up on your sadness with joy. I have come to bring you joy! You didn’t even know I was there, but look again, for I am defeating your sadness with My manifest presence.

Your dreams have died, but I have not–and your true dream has been hidden in Me all along.

You need to understand that you have hope because I AM HOPE. I am the fullness of everything you want and everything you desire. And I have established your new beginnings.

I will say it again and again until you hear it: I have established your new beginnings! 

You ARE moving forward. My plans for you are concrete and they are happening, for you have obeyed Me in everything. Even though you have been concerned that you might have “missed it,” you have not missed anything. 

I know your heart and I know you. I know you better than anyone else in the world, and I know that your heart is totally submitted to me. Even when you struggle with your emotions sometimes, you love Me and I know it. You have cooperated with My Spirit and have let Me transform you; and indeed, I am still transforming you.

You need to know that I am rewarding your heart.

Man looks at the outside appearance, but I look at the heart. I am the only One who can look at your heart; not even you can see it properly. And I have found such beauty in your heart that I have decided to reward you. 

I am rewarding you with all things new. I am giving you a new life, a new heartbeat, a new vigor and verve. I am bringing things full-circle that you thought were in your past.

If you will look, you will see that you are so healed that you can move forward while embracing those things from your past as part of your story! You will even be able to enjoy the new parts of your life that are related to those old things–without trauma! 

I have washed and healed your memories.

You can move forward now, not as a slave but as free; not in bondage but in freedom and joy. You can have the things that you love back!

This doesn’t mean to go back to people that I have removed from your life; but you have blocked off various aspects of your life and personality–things that used to give you joy–because even thinking about them brought up bad memories. You don’t need to do that anymore! You don’t need to hide, fear, or be ashamed! You are FREE!

My beloved, do not doubt the newness of My work in you right now.

Oh, I am beyond excited about what I am doing! So excited! I am restoring the years the locusts have eaten. I am rendering honor to you where none was rendered before. Look for it; watch for it! Look for My honor as I pour it out on your head!

Oh, My sweet child, I have signs and wonders for you that you know not of.

Dance with Me in this season. Enjoy the waltz! Enjoy the adventure! Your heart is newer now than it has ever been before. Your life has more potential now than you have ever had because you have taken care to eliminate things from your character that displease Me.

My child, I have seen every tear and sacrifice.

I have embraced you while you have cried. I have held your hand as you mourned. Now is the time to take off your sackcloth and realize that the same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you! And if He raised Jesus from the dead, then LIFE is who He is and LIFE is what He must bring! 

Recognize the force of My work in you! Recognize the power of it! I am raising you up! I am resurrecting you, right along with My Son Jesus! Oh, feel the wind in your hair as I breathe deeply into your lungs with the refreshing, rejuvenating, resurrecting breath of My Spirit!

The time of mourning and discouragement is over.

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Your night has passed and your morning is here. You are in a new season; now it truly does spring forth, and you SHALL know it.


Abba Father.”

Does this word from the Lord speak to your heart today? If so, leave a comment below and thank the Lord for what He said to you!


  1. Anonymous says:

    SO GOOD!!!!!

    1. Sherry Leger says:

      This word is exactly for me!! Thank you for being obident to the Lord! Thank you Lord for this beautiful word!!

      1. Tracey Eutsey says:

        Thank you for this word, it was just for me !

      2. Wow God bless wat a daily encouragement God is surely speakin to u woman of God I believe an receiv Dat prophetic word in jn da lord bless u an use u fr his kingdom an glory may u always walk under an open heaven declaring a 11th h hour miracle fr watever u trusting fr luv u god bless u

      3. Thank you Lord for this word for I felt it speak directly to my spirit and i cried as I read.
        Thank you Jamie for being obedient to God and being His beautiful servant.God bless you and your ministry.

    2. Angela Davis says:

      Wow. Thank You. This trully touched my heart Deeply. Thank You Heavenly Father for all your Doing for me and my Family💕

      1. Norma Clark says:

        Thank you Lord for my new season.I am expecting the expected and the unexpected suddenly and miraculous power of almighty God in this new season. Thank you Lord and THANK YOU FOR YOUR OBEDIENCE TO THE HOLY SPIRIT.

        1. Gill Delano says:

          With tears rolling down my cheeks. Oh Lord, What a word! Amen! Oh Jamie, God bless you. 🤗🥰🙌

    3. Thank you so much for being obedient. This word is for me. I have been so sad and stuck! Thank you for sharing.

    4. Frances Alio says:

      I have been in a wheelchair since 2007. been praying and praying for the Lord to heal me. three weeks ago I was told about a benefit my insurance was giving me. I was eligible for a physical therapist! Last week I led him to Our Lord and this is the 2nd week I am walking !!!!! On my walker of course but I’m walking Praise the Lord!!!!

      1. Linda Wansa says:

        Oh wow! Praise the Lord!

    5. God is Good. Amen🙏

    6. Thank you…I really needed those words right now….I know the just shall live by faith…but sometimes lately I feel my faith failing…so Thank you ….very encouraging…

      1. Anastasia says:

        Thank you, this word speaks into my heart Praise Him!

          1. I receive it Abba Father 💖💖💖 Thank You!

        1. Charlotte says:

          I love my heavenly Father God n Jesus Christ n the power of the holy Spirit n I have faith n my Holy Lord’s. I Thank you my holy Lord’s for never leaving me alone. N I receive the Holy Father God word for my life n my soul.

      2. This what I needed to hear today. Thank you for your faithfulness! I know that I have to continue in faith through my situation and the Lord will make all things new. Praise his holy name!!!

    7. Encouraging words speaking into what I have been going through these past days. Thank you for the prophetic words from the Lord. I needed this and it is confirmation of what the Lord spoke to me that I should start afresh. Praise be unto the living God. May the good Lord richly bless for this wonderful work. AMEN

    8. Julian Rubatika says:

      Thank you so much for this on point prophetic word. I RECEIVE IT!!!! IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME. IT IS DONE!!!!

    9. Shauna Michelle Lundy says:

      This made me cry, I knew this word was for me. I needed to hear this. I might have to read it a few times and let it sink in. Thank you so much for the work you do.

    10. Mireille Williams says:

      Thank you and God bless you, your family and the ministry. Please keep praying for me and my family. Lord knows I want to take my refuge under his wings. The enemy is continuously trying to attack me and my family but I know who my Savior, my Waymaker, my Promise Keeper is. The Lord of lord’s, the King of kings.

    11. Jamie, It’s Friday, April 17th and this word from the Lord was exactly what I needed to read this very moment. Not just parts of it, but everything in its entirety was for me. Thank you for hearing His voice & continuing in obedience.

    12. Grace Aucoin says:

      YES!! This is beyond encouraging LOVE The Goodness Of Our ABBA!!❤❤❤

    13. Lorena Zambrano says:

      This word is for me. Thank you so much,. .God bless you and your family abundantly..♥️🙏⚘🇨🇦

    14. Glory To God! This was truly a word from God. Amen.. Loving God for the anointing word 🙌🏾🥰

      1. Thank you Oh Lord my God for my new season. I know you are working to complete me and perfect me. Strengthen my belief in you God and take away any fear of the future for you are my future and my good heavenly Father who has good plans for my life. I love you PAPAH!. Amen

    15. This message is for me, I felt it deep in my soul. Thank you Jesus for turning things around. Thank you for letting me know that you haven’t forgotten me.
      God bless you

    16. Amen! This is my word and I received it in Jesus name. I bless You ABBA! Amen!

    17. Lisa Margaret says:


    18. Gina Deaguiar says:

      Thank you!!! This Word definitely ministered to me!❤️🙏❤️

    19. Lisa Knight-Windahl says:

      It was like it was written just for me! Wow. Wow. Wow. Thank you for sharing.

    20. I felt this message from Father in every fiber of my being. So much so It brought tears to my eyes. I have had huge reconciliation the past couple of years after submitting my life to be a servant. Everything in my life is falling into place but my marriage because I can only control my heart, what goes into my mind and comes out of my mouth. I gave my marriage to the Lord but the enemy whispers everything might be good but not your marriage, how can you serve when your life isn’t in order? So this post from you Jamie have me some relief. Thank you and God Bless you

    21. Powerful and timely word. I can relate to this as my Father’s voice speaking to me. The message brought tears to my eyes. Thanks Jamie. May the blessings of God increase in your life!!

    22. Thank You, Father for seeing and honoring me and my process. ❤️❤️❤️ You!



    25. I have tears- I just ministered to a friend of mine and I felt like the spirit of the Lord said just this- and then checked my email! God confirms His word- so all who are reading Praise God! You all read her msg of obedience for a reason- He is with He will not fail us!!!

      Thank you for sharing- I appreciate you!!

    26. Thelma.Dlamini says:

      Thank you Jesus, Holy Spirit, u sees my situation to my marriage ,and my tears,hearrbreak and answer thank you Jesus💕💕💕💕💕🔥🔥🔥

    27. Pheonna Adam says:

      Praise the lord and happy new year. This is a confirmation of what God was speaking to me about . Thnk you God blessings on you and your ministry

    1. I believe every single word you said. God bless you in abundance

  2. Taylor Catrice Downing says:


  3. This words are speaking to me directly. For 10 years of into bad relationship that is not heading anywhere. In it I have an autistic son with severe challenging behaviour and learning difficulties.
    In this bad relationship, I have no education, no financial stability. So last year December, I made a decision to leave. First day of 2020, I told my then partner that am ending it.
    Am glad I have this revelation and I praise God.

    1. Jennifer Murray says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this word that speaks to me so much, as my kids and I have been in such a hard place for quite some time, and in need of direction, open doors and breakthrough…God Bless you and yours!

    2. Jules Archer says:

      Thankyou. This is so timely for me. I receive this word.

  4. Kathy Privott says:

    To God be the glory! This is the very thing that I have been praying about, and He has answered my prayer! Thank you, Lord for your love, grace, mercy, and provision!

  5. Oh ! This word spoke to me, I had been so disappointed and without hope… the word today means so much , Thank you

  6. yvonne best says:

    That is so awesome i start crying..Thank You Father..In Jesus Name…

  7. Thank you Father that you hear the cries of your sheep!!! Thank you Jaime for allowing His light to SHINE so brightly through you. This word is conformation to the conversation I had this morning….God bless you Jaime!!! And all Glory and praise tonthe most High God

    1. Wow, this word spoke to every part of me deeply and I cried. Thank you, bless you, love you
      We are so extremely blessed.
      Amen 💖

  8. Lloyd Clarke says:


  9. YES! I claim this and I receive it in Jesus name!

  10. This WORD is for me!! It says everything I have been feeling and thinking. Praise God! All Glory to God! Thank You, Jamie.


    1. Robin keller says:

      This whole word spoke to me in every area of what I have been going through, tra h transformation. I did not know if I wanted to laugh, cry, or just smile

    1. Amen, I received the Word of the Lord. Hallelujah, Amen In Jesus Name Amen.

  12. 🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Thank YOU LORD, Thank YOU HEAVENLY ABBA FATHER, thank YOU DADDY I receive Thank YOU thank YOU thank YOU PAPA AMEN.
    Thank You for your obedience our BELOVED Jamie we love you and OUR FATHER bless you so much more and more AMEN.

  13. Rick Files says:

    Amen be blessed for that word from the Lord.

  14. God is so good This message is me Thank u so much Jesus I’m healed

  15. This word was truly for me!!!!

  16. Divinefavor Osinloye says:

    Yes, it does- perfectly! Thank you- Amen!

  17. Oh my goodness! Such a beautiful word!!!! Thank you gracious God!! Lord Jesus I love you so!!! Thank you for your grace and mercy!!!! Thete is truly no one like you!!!!! Thank you for being my heavenly father!!!!

  18. Very encouraging word,thank you for sharing it.

    Thank you Jaime for your obedience to Our ABBA FATHER……

  20. Thank you for this word, thank you Jamie for being God’s messenger! During my devotion this morning God had revealed that he dwelled in me and that he walks in me so this was more confirmation of what that means. I have mourned over losing my son and losing my best friend. I have cried over and over about my marriage because I feel so broken and lonely at times. I have been rejected by many, fired over and over and just wondering where do I belong. But now I embrace my new beginnings. I am honored that God still loves me enough to speak to me in my most difficult times! What a remarkable blessing! May God continue to use and bless you! I love you my sister!

  21. Ashley Moore says:

    Glory be to God!!!!!! This prophecy just blessed me and is confirmation what the Holy Spirit said to me yesterday, “Get ready! You are moving!” I am so overwhelmed rite now! I’ve had a passion of mine my whole life that I let fall to the ground. But as of yesterday I received clarity and understanding on what to do and how to do it! I am beyond excited! So until next time that you Jamie for this from the Lord! I have to go put a praise on it!!! Hallelujah!!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉

  22. Scott Mahoney says:

    need desperate prayer asap for my 2 kidneys,liver,and blood,to avoid going to the hospital now

    1. W Edwards says:

      Lord, let your healing virtue flow through Scott, right now from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet in Jesus name, Amen!

  23. Candice Smith says:

    Thank you so much. I needed this encouragement and reminder today. Papa is so so good.. Thank you for allowing him to use you. #proudtobeapresenceseeker ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Rebecca Gann says:

    So many things spoke specifically to what has been going on in my life. I receive this word and thank you for your obedience!! I pray many blessings for you and your family!!

  25. I am absolutely broken by this Word. He touched EVERY area that I have struggled with, prayed about, fasted for, dreamed of and the deep cry of my heart to Him. Wow, Jamie, wow.
    I totally lost it when He said, “ I know your heart and I know you. I know you better than anyone else in the world, and I know that your heart is totally submitted to me. Even when you struggle with your emotions sometimes, you love Me and I know it. You have cooperated with My Spirit and have let Me transform you; and indeed, I am still transforming you.” Even now this undoes me. I daily cry to Him this truth from His heart; that regardless of my weaknesses and failings, He knows my heart is totally His.
    Jamie, thank you for sharing this with us all.

    1. As I read this, a lot of it spoke to me, things I have been feeling and going through. God saved me from something and restored my heart real quick and I have my joy back. Thank you jesus

    2. Penny Davies says:

      I cried as I read this for it moved me deep in my spirit.

  26. Boitumelo says:

    All things are possible with you my Father. I receive and believe this word. Lord, You said You will work all things together for our good… Hence New Beginnings will comeforth. Father, the battle is already won on the Cross!!! We will have no doubts and will wait for your appointed time , because Father God we believe and know that we are highly favored.
    You have plans for us just as it says in Jeremiah 29:11 . Seek first the Kingdom of God and the rest shall be added unto us… Lord help us to walk in Spirit and in Truth. Giving you all the honor and the adoration for Who You are in our lives. We humble ourselves before You , giving You Our Father the Glory and the honor… We love You so much and we trust You . Jamie , I want to thank you for being such a great blessing to us alll.
    May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

  27. PM my goodness! I cried rivers as I read this…thank You ABBA Father and Jamie…💜

  28. Amen! I receive this word. Thank you Father. I am walking in my new beginnings. Glory to God and thank you Jamie

  29. Thank you Father for your words of comfort & confirmation, which now will keep me in a place to continuously stir up the gifts inside me , cleaving on to my 1st love.

  30. Jamie,
    Thank you for the word. It was as if the Lord was speaking directly to me, this was confirmation. Thank you Lord for all you’re done for me!

  31. Amen!
    Thanks so much , more Grace ma. Those words are for me

    1. Yes, this was for me no doubt. It is amazing and empowering. Thank you lord for your blessings and mercy with your daughter. I love you Lord

    2. Yes, this was for me no doubt. It is amazing and empowering. Thank you lord for your blessings and mercy with your daughter. I love you Lord

  32. W Edwards says:

    I receive this word! Amen!

  33. Thank you Father God for speaking words into my heart. You have told me never to give up hope and I listened to you. I am so filled with so much love with a grateful heart for all that you are doing in my life. I received every word and thank you for your Mercy and Grace. You have heard my prayers and it has been answered. From the deepest part of my heart I thank You Father God! All the Honor and Glory to you Lord! Thank you Jamie and God Bless you your family and your ministry! Love in Christ

  34. Thank you for the word today. It has spoken directly and sliced through what I have been going through for several years. God bless you as He fulfills the promises in my life. I am now strengthened. In Jesus name. Amen.

  35. Ann-Marie Ramsey says:

    This is exactly the encouragement I was needing to hear from the LORD today! Every single word hit home with me and my current life situation. The last twenty years have been a trial and I’ve been asking the LORD to lead me to lush, green pastures and to restore the years the locusts have eaten. I believe this word is absolutely meant for me. I am so thankful for your sharing this with us, Jamie. May God abundantly bless your obedient heart.

  36. This is just so beautiful!!

  37. Thank u lord for remembering for good

  38. I receive these words. Thank you for this new season. I rejoice! Glory to you Abba Father 🙏 🙌

  39. Kristy Martin says:

    Such an encouraging word. Thank you!!!!!

  40. Joel C Lucas says:

    This was awesome and Dyn-O-Mite!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely amazing and.powerful, love it, love it, love it. God truly spoke through you and I receive this in Jesus name!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Jamie, this is so on point ! Amen ! Thank you Lord Jesus you’re always on time, thank you for loving me and not forgetting about me. I felt so emotional reading this word God bless your servant Jamie and her family, and bless her Lord for obedient to your Holy Spirit!! We love you, Lord!

  42. I receive the word that I have NOT missed it! Thank you sharing this lovely word.

  43. What an Accurate prophetic Word, everything you shared is happening right now! Hallelujah Praise Jesus in every season.

  44. Grace Jones says:

    This totally resonates with me and I feel so very encouraged. Thank you for sharing!! I appreciate you!!

  45. Thank you Abba Father! I know this is for me for your spoke right to my heart and needs, therefore I wholeheartedly receive your word with every ounce of my being and I pray that it is sealed in my soul and lockdown in my life by the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus that is above all names, dominions, powers and principalities now and forevermore, Amen. God bless you Jamie and your household for being an obedient carrier of His word always 🙏

  46. Thank you Lord, thank you Lord, thank you Lord.
    This word is directly from the heart of God to me. I feel healing deep inside me. I feel like I can breathe again. I feel so light, the heaviness is gone. Wow! Hallelujah 🙌 🙌

    May God bless you Jamie for being His mouthpiece. All glory and honor we give unto Him.

    1. This word arrived in my email today snd every bit of it spoke to my heart. My husband was having an emotional affair with a girl half his age in the Phillipines. She was milking him for money and attention. When I found out I was devastated but God told me “ i am the Lord your God, I am here. I will not forsake you”. Another time he told me I was in a spiritual battle with Jezebel and showed me 3 demons after my husband. My husband is a leader in the church and was close to God. He wept when reading the word. He has repented and apologized and we are in the process of healing so this word was very much needed this morning because I have been struggling with my faith over all this. I told God I didnt know if I could trust my husband again. He told me He wasnt asking me too. He was asking me to trust Him. This word gives me the faith to keep going. Thank you

  47. Christina says:

    I believe the Word of the Lord and it is blessed!!

  48. Doreen Tukezibwa says:

    Hi Jamie, thanks for sharing the prophetic word of the Most High God. It has directly spoken & touched my spirit. I believe and recieve the manifestation of this word in all aspects of my life. Through Jesus Christ, Amen!

  49. So overwhelmed with God’s word .AMEN!!!!.

  50. Thank you soo much for this message. Last year was a really bad year depression sadness, no money drinking a lot and didn’t wanna live anymore I felt the presence within me changing at this message hear that you have given me makes me realise that he is lifted me . Thank you Father

  51. Thank you Jesus,thank you mighty God ,thank you my father..this was so timely..Lord your words are true,your promises are yes and amen…i speak rest,i speak restoration,blessings,favors,miracles ,breakthroughs and super natural abundance in my life in Jesus name,may everything manifest over my life for you Lord has said its time for me to rejoice and be glad..glory and honor to you father..

  52. I know and believe the Lord is speaking to me directly and I believe Him thanking Him for this prophetic word restore hope, peace and joy I’m alive in God again knowing He’s who He said He is. Thank you my Lord and savior Jesus Christ

  53. Thank you so much for this encouraging word. It resonate so much in my spirit for where I am in this season. Continue to be faithful in releasing what Papa God is asking you to do.
    Love you lots. 👐💞

  54. Alberta Gibbs says:

    Hope things have settled down after the storm in your area. God bless you for sending out His word in the midst of crisis.
    Yes the word really spoke to my heart and spirit. New times are coming and l must trust in His goodness. AMEN!!!


    These words not only touched my heart they are coming from the mouth of God my Father
    Everything that is said He knows about with me. I was feeling like I let Him down and that He forgot about me and my situation but He hasn’t He is still working on it and moving me forward . Even the part about my emotions because I’ve always let my emotions take over doing what’s right with God . I don’t want to turn into a pillar of salt

  56. Father I thank you because your word is yes and amen

  57. Stephanie Moore says:

    Praise YHWH!!! I was feeling discouraged about what I believe His plan for me is, I am alone in this town and felt no one really cared. I am a giver to all. This Word gives me hope. Thank You Father and thank you Jamie.

    Be blessed being a blessing!!!

  58. What a word! This spoke so deeply to every single thing I needed to hear from the Lord, thank you!!! ❤️

  59. Josie Gore says:

    Thank you for this word. I have been praying. Asking The Lord to speak back to me. It’s surprising that there are so many prophets, pastors…but they are too busy to address you or even pray with you. Thank you for letting the Lord uses you. Now, I know it’s a new season for me. I look forward to read you again. Thank you so much.


    Oh my soul praise the Lord for hearing my cry and supplication. Thank you LORD GOD for showing me mercy, a sinner like heart is lifted at peace.i pray that I will rejoice at the end with Thanksgiving in my heart for the LORD is good and His mercy endureth for ever.
    Thank you for this word,its for me because I have been crying all night waiting upon the LORD to remember me and my family and change our ugly situation.

  61. Matseliso says:

    This speaks to me and thank You Lord

  62. Perfect for everything I am going through right now. ❤❤❤❤

  63. This word is EXACTLY for me right now today and I receive it in Jesus Name! Thank you Abba Father & thank you Woman of God for releasing it on our Father’s behalf!!!! Love & Blessings!

  64. I must say that the word God has spoken through you is just for me. I have been dealing with an ordeal for almost 3 years and not knowing how I would survive it. But God has assured me through this word that he is doing something new in me, so I’m excited about what’s to come. Thank you for being a willing vessel used by our Heavenly Father. God bless you.

  65. Margaret Mills says:

    Bringing tears to my eyes! I receive this word, in Jesus name! So good!

  66. Henrietta says:

    My ABBA, my LORD! I am indebted to You! Nobody loves me like You do!

    Thank You Lord God for the new thing You are doing in my life! Glory to You forever!
    I love You my LORD, my ABBA!

    Thank you Jamie for this message!

  67. Amen! God bless you for sharing this Jamie

  68. Lauren Leigh says:

    Absolute spot on! Almost word for word and I know it is Papa talking to me. Thank you so much 😘

  69. I definitely receive this word! Amen……..praise the Lord!!!

  70. Rashidat Kassim says:

    Thank You Lord, I receive it all by Faith in Jesus Christ and I believe God. This is my life, my confirmation from my Heavenly Pappa. I am ready Lord continue to strip and pls let me know miss it in Jesus Name amen.

  71. CARLOS OGUNJA says:

    Thanks God for the love that you have for me. I RECEIVE IT in Jesus name. In you i have hope again. You are my strength and my shield. An ever present help in times of distress. In you i shall put my trust O, Lord my God. Amen

  72. Thank You Jesus . For doing a new thing in my life .

  73. Thank you Jamie this Word has touched me deeply into my heart because its talking to me every single Word its for me o receive it and declare it. Amen God bless you 😘😘❤💕

  74. Cynthia Wilson says:

    Thankyou for your faithfulness to share this. I recieve it. HOLY SPIRIT Powerful chill bumps on me as i read through it twice! WOW a word of hope and refreshing in due season!


    I am forever grateful for what The Lord is doing through you Jamie.Ever since I started reading your blogs, it is like God has sent you to speak specifically to me, and for that I am very thankful. Words are not enough to express my appreciation to you my heavenly father. Thank you so much for your loving kindness and tender mercies. This truly was a love letter specifically for me

  76. Veronica Dorsey says:

    My husband and I were talking about a new season and new beginnings last night and I was expressing things to him about forgotten dreams, things we wanted that we had to lay aside for the time being because life happened. I had also talked about the work God has been doing in me since last November. It’s amazing that in this prophetic word, He spoke to me about every conversation my husband and I had as if He was sitting right there, and in fact He was! Thank you so much for letting Him use you. God bless you richly. Love you!❤

  77. Yes, this word DOES speak to my heart. Thank you, Jamie, so much for your faithfulness in bringing ABBA’s words to us. Be blessed overabundantly, in Jesus’ name! Amen!

  78. What an on time Word. Glory be to God. Thank you Daddy (ABBA Father) your word is truth. Hallelujah, Amen Amen.

  79. Mary Lewia says:

    This post was specifically for me. God used you to speak directly to me. This email blog post was delivered to my in-box within minutes of a special prayer. Praise be to God for you and your life. Mary Lewis

  80. Thank you Father. This was a very timely word and confirmation to prayer.

  81. Joseph Dominic says:

    Thank You, Abba Father, for sending this Word to me now. It’s so reassuring of your love, care and, above all, unfailing presence in my life. I am grateful holy Father.😀.

  82. Exactly, the words l needed from the Father. Thank you Lord Jesus. God bless you Jamie

  83. Cathrine Murindagomo says:

    God is good. I believe this word and receive it. I have been in a period of prayer but the last 2 days have been feeling down and as if it was all in vain. I know the enemy was using that as an attack. Praise God, the solid Rock in whom I trust. I am entering a new season.

  84. Thanks Jamie. Came just in time. Love you in Christ!

  85. I m amazed by the way God speaks to us through many channels
    This word is for me, its the third message today to me on new beginnings.
    I was abit anxious about this new beginning but now my heart is at rest

  86. Glory to Jesus. thise words are do timely. I recieve all newness in Jesus name. Thanks Jamie

  87. Isaac Odeyovwi Ogo says:

    I am truly blessed and your prophecy was directly referring to me. Since February 2020, my family and I had passed through a very difficult time. I thank God for making use of your to bring relieve to the people of God through the words of God. I claim the prophesy for my family and myself in Jesus name. I am entry a new begaining; for the bible said I should not despise the day of little begaining. Amen

  88. Thank you so much for this timely word! my mum died suddenly in October last year and this year has been tough especially with grieving and with the anniversary coming up. It felt as though joy left and this overwhelming sadness took over and I just felt very alone and isolated from God and people.

  89. Bridget Ingram says:

    Thank you Abba father I really needed to hear that… father thank you for always being by my side an never leaving me… an most of father thank for my new beginnings amen

  90. Thank-you Jamie, we needed this we have a bad neighbor doing criminal things an drawing bad people ,god sees this an justice needs to come please pray for us.

  91. Wow! This word is for me and I embrace it completely.

    Thank you Jesus!

  92. Wow Wow Hallelujah Praise the Lord🙏🙏
    What a wonderful word and I truly can relate and feel God speaking to me, I’ve been going trough so many trials and believe tears and I felt I’ve been mourning without seeing my tears every dried up, but God is awesome and Wonderful and nothing is impossible to my God.
    Thank you Jamie for this word and your obedience to Father Father God, may our Almighty Father bless you abundantly in Jesus Name 🙏❤❤

  93. Elizabeth says:

    I know that I know that I know that God IS good. God IS good ALL the time. ALL the time God IS good. I have prayed for things over the years that I thought were God’s will for me. I felt guilt and panicked and tried to get relationships together again. I realize now that I am a new creature in Christ and all I want to do is love and serve Him. I will allow Him to bring about the circumstances He desires in my life.

  94. I cried all most all weekend about the things that God spoke to me in this message.
    Thank You God

  95. Audrey Bayona says:

    Thank you Abba Father for that word. It definitely spoke to me. Amen!

  96. Lisa Sharpe says:

    Boy did I need this one today!! Thank you Papa God!

  97. Jamie, I cant stop crying. This was meant for me!!!!

  98. Sharrell M McKennie says:

    Hallelujah!!! This is just what I needed this day!!!

  99. Sonya Ott says:

    Praise God!!! Thank you so much again for posting this!!! The Lord once again has used you and your posts to speak to me, bring encouragement and also confirm what He is speaking to me. Yesterday, I was praying in the Spirit for a while as I was packing boxes to move into my “NEW” home in a couple of weeks and my prayer language started to sound like a sushing language/sound. It’s hard to describe but it started to sound like the heartbeat of a newborn when he’s in the womb. And I remember hearing “new beginnings”. I thanked the Lord because I know I’m beginning new things. Then I saw your word this morning. Well, His words of new beginnings, spoken through you, not only confirmed what he is doing but brought such joy and encouragement to my spirit. Certainly things are changing in a far greater way than I can even comprehend! Thanks again and thank you Holy Spirit!!

  100. Shamiso Abuka says:

    Received in totality Abba Father! Siyabonga baba!

    Thank you Jamie

  101. Thank you my Heavenly Father! I wait with open arms for this time of restoration, renewal and joy! I sooo need to receive this… Abba Father please restore my Hope and my Heart and turn my eyes towards YOU!





  103. Bridgette says:

    This goes deep. An answer to my secret prayers – a response to my private conversations with HIM. Wrote a poem this morning. Just jotted down what I was feeling and hearing in my spirit. Worked a couple hours in my garden, came inside and found this – a love letter to my soul.
    Thank you! May God’s abundant blessings always be yours.

  104. All I can say is thank you, Jesus!!!
    Lord, thank you for hearing my prayers!!!!

  105. Truly confirmation….I heard every word before I read this. Thank you!!!

  106. Okhen Esangbedo says:

    Yes, Jamie, I receive life into every area of my life&destiny as God the father, son and holy spirit breathes life into my destiny, my marital destiny&every area and aspect of my life and being in Jesus name amen. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jamie for being a vessel of hono in God’s vineyard.

  107. Leunida Ambalu says:

    Wau! My portion. Has made me to be rejuvenated, I feel loved and cared for again. God is so good with a word if my season.

  108. Lisa Bolden says:

    Every word is True, and I believe what God has said, Amen and Amen!!!!!

  109. Nadia Slater says:

    🙏 Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus, Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah, I worship your name Jesus Thank you Lord for your word, I receive it, I claim it as my own, Amen.

  110. This is a word exactly for me and I so needed to hear this word, which from the heart of Father. Thank you for your obedience and releasing this now word. May God continue to bless and use you.

  111. I am grateful for this

    God is awesome!!!
    I had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago, I cried so hard and felt that God had forgotten about me, feeling sad and abandoned

    But I am happy because this word came for me 🙌🏼🙌🏼
    Thank you so much God bless you real good

    1. Dear, sweet sister, I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious child. I will pray for you–and I ask the Lord in Jesus’ name to give you dreams of your baby in Heaven. May the God of all comfort be with you in this season.

  112. This word was perfect for today. Moving into a new season both spiritually and physically moving to another state. It has been a rough year where we have had to take a stand for what is right. This was just the “God Hug” as we move forward.

  113. Prisca Simango Mwansa says:

    Abba Father in heaven and Earth is my God. My father my God thank you for your care, your word and life. I love you because you are LOVE, you are Life to me and my family. I receive life from you, thank you that you are giving me and my family new beginnings. Thank you for restoration and healings.
    You are giving our son Mapalo Jeremiah Mwansa new beginnings in all areas of his academics, mind, heart, intelligence, Love new good friends to help him grow his Spirit understanding wisdom and everything else.
    Thank you ABBA.
    your daughter Prisca S Mwansa

  114. caroline roshnee naidoo says:

    amen amen amen I receive

  115. Thank for this timely encouragement.

  116. I love this word from the Lord, I know I have changed, but I wasnt sure if it was in my mind or from the Lord, thanks for this timely confirmation, I love the way God does things, God bless you Jamie

    Amen and Amen

  117. This is such a TIMELY word for me, I was feeling so greatly discouraged and really sad about a LOT of things.
    This word has restored HOPE within me.
    God bless you 🙏

    1. I’m glad the word encouraged you, Tara. We would sure love to meet you in person and encourage you in person at our next mentoring event in London if you’re available! It’s in April.
      Have a wonderful day,
      Jamie Rohrbaugh

  118. Yolanda Stinson says:

    Weeping in humble gratitude at how the Father has spoken through you to respond to some of my recent personal prayers. God bless and thank you very much. May God continue to bless and use you to be a blessing.

  119. Praise the aloes! So good and so for me!!!

    1. *Typo Praise the Lord

  120. Amen Hallelujah In Jesus Christ Name You said it Lord I believe it ,It I s done I receive it in Jesus Christ Name

  121. Thank you Lord for your love and your presence. I needed and asked for a visit or a call from a friend today and you gave me a much needed word. I shall dance with you in this new season. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  122. This touched my heart so much and this summer i had lost 2 dogs. I feel Papa bringing me a new puppy, and so much more! I just had to leave behind the negative relationships.
    Thank you Jamie. I love seeing how your words affects so many!!!

  123. Viliame Vakavera Lacanivalu says:

    Awesome!! Received this message as it is for me.
    Amen .. thank you.

  124. Linda Wansa says:

    Wow! This word resonates with me so much. Thank you for your obedience,Woman of God.

  125. Thank you Lord. I receive Your Word and I agree with it in Jesus Name, Amen.

  126. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

    Amen amen amen amen amen amen

  127. Wow!! This is so timely and I needed this beautiful Prophetic Word. It truly encouraged me. I felt the presence of our Abba Father so strong while reading the Prophetic word.
    Father I thank you for your love and your kindness. You are so loving , kind, faithful and so much more. Thank you Papa for healing my heart today and pouring your liquid love over me and wiping my tears. I love you so much Papa.

    GOD bless you abundantly Jamie for your obedience and faithful in serving the LORD.


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