Prophetic Word: The Honey of Resurrection

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

The Lord says to you today:

“I love you with an everlasting love, and with great mercies I have borne you. I have protected you from things you didn’t even know were coming against you. More than once, the thief has tried to steal your life; but I have been a shield around you, and I have protected you.

I love you so much that I gave My Son for you. Do you think that, loving you like that, I would ever fail to see your pain?

I tell you, I have seen your pain. I have wept your tears. I have strengthened your heart in the night seasons, when your heart truly would have failed without My help.

You are not imagining things, but I am helping you. I am bringing you into a wide and broad place in My presence. For so long, you have been buffeted and battered. You have clung to Me, but I had to let you go through some things even though they were not of Me.

I am bringing you into a wide place; a broad place.

The place into which I am bringing you is a land flowing with milk and honey. For so long, you have not experienced the honey of My sweet Spirit. He has been with you, and so have I; but I was with My Son Jesus at the crucifixion as well. Nevertheless, He still had to drink the cup of My wrath so that you could be saved.

For a long time, your food has been the gall of crucifixion instead of the honey of My presence.

Now, however, I am bringing you back into the honey of My sweet, manifest glory–for the resurrection is here and now you get to ascend to My throne, just like My Son did. This does not mean you are going home, as in the ending of life; rather, you are symbolically yet tangibly following the path My Son followed.

When My Son Jesus rose from the grave, He ascended to My bosom and My heaven. You are doing the same thing now. The gall of crucifixion is over; the sweetness of resurrection power is now on you. And you shall find yourself doing better and better as you live this life that is sweeter than honey–the life of My resurrection.

Troubles come and go, but I remain the same.

I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life just like My Son told you He is. We are the same. And although it is He who hung on the cross for you, and He is the Way to approach Me, I am still your Way as well.

Seek Me, and all paths that I have for you will be open to you. I am both the door-opener and the door-closer, and I am guiding you and making your path straight.

I have been with you the whole time, but I had to let you be (symbolically) crucified.

I tell you however that, in this resurrection season, you will see the beauty of what happened to you, and you will rejoice. You will know and perceive the good plans I have for you. Your pain has not gone unnoticed, and your pain will not go unrewarded.

I have rewards waiting for you which you know not of. I have hidden treasures in secret places that I will soon un-hide for you. All things are open to you; you have only to seek Me.

Ask Me for My wondrous works each day.

Beseech Me for surprises of good things today and every day. I want you to know how much I love you. Part of demonstrating My love for you means that I get to give you gifts. I know My gifts are meaningful to you, for you thank Me for them. (Thank you for thanking Me!) But I want to do even more for you, and I will if you ask Me.

I see your pain. I know the pain of your heart intimately. But I see the resurrection I am bringing you, and I know that you will know it’s going to be worth it in the end.

Please hang in there. Ask Me to fill you with joy.

For so long, your life has consisted of pain. But I have joy for you; I really do! Ask Me simply, “Please show me the joy.” And then cling to My bosom, and you will have joy.

Invite Me to fight for you.

Rest in your castle; I am your castle. I am your Strong Tower. Come inside the Strong Tower of Me and Myself and rest while I defeat those who fight against you.

Ask Me also to plow up your heart.

You can only receive the best things I have for you when the ground of your heart is plowed up. Invite Me to pour out My healing rain upon you, and I will.

Finally, ask Me to confirm this word TODAY.

I will speak to you in ways that only you know to confirm it. Ask Me to bless you indeed, and to show you great and mighty things you do not know. I will do these things and manifest them TODAY.

All My love,

Your Abba Father.”

Beloved, if this word was for you, stop and commune with the Father. Let Him comfort you. Then, leave a comment below if you receive this word.

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  1. This word was for me I’m so blessed and happy God has noticed me and declared his love for me, I am crying like a baby, thankyou Father for loving me and caring for my heart, thankyou Jamie for this amazing prophetic word, I feel overwhelmed by the love my Father is showing me and will continue to show me in Jesus mighty name

    1. God bless u thnk u fr the prophetic word spiritually this is, wat I needed God bless ur heart always fr being a blessing may every desire an need be met in ur ministry in jn. God bless you

    2. This was for me!! Thank you!!

  2. This word was for me! Thank you!🥰🙌🏼

  3. Thanks sis Jamie for today’s prophetic word. I receive my Father God’s honey of resurrection in Jesus name, Amen. I’m glad that the crucifixion period is over, glory be to God.

  4. Iva Leacock says:

    Thank you Jamie, you are blessed.
    I know truly, this message is for me, My God is real, so real. I bless his name, and I cannot stop trusting God and praising his name.
    Please continue to lift up me and my family in prayers.
    God bless you Jamie.

  5. Hope Parnell says:

    Thank you for this on time word. In my time with Holy Spirit this morning you must have eased dropping almost everything and more I talked about. Thank you Father for showing me this sticky love and how to walk in daily. Just finished talking to then He leaded me to your email.

  6. Diamond Wylds says:

    Thank you Heavenly Father for always being there for me… Amen

  7. IRMA NORTJE says:

    Amen, thank you I receive the grace and right open doors for me and my family future path.

  8. Thank you for The Word You gave us today. Yes very much me and my situation.
    But I see the light at the end of the tunnel even though darkness is all around amongst me.
    I believe this Word You gave us and I receive it in the mighty name of Jesus!!
    Amen and amen.

  9. Thelma Curry says:

    I receive this word!! Thank you Father for your love and guidance!!!

  10. Lynne Dreyden says:

    Amen tears are flowing it is exactly for me thank you Jesus I receive this in Jesus name.

  11. This prophetic word is definitely for me thank you God 😭🙌🏾🙏🏾. Father I know you see my pain, hurt and tears😭🙏🏾. I know it will all work for your glory. Thank you Jamie as always your a blessing 🙏🏾🙌🏾.

  12. Gladys Mutungu says:

    Thank You ABBA Father.

    Thank you Jamie. 🙏🏾

  13. Osagie Mary Rita says:

    Thank you Father for your grace and mercy towards me. This word came just in time to comfort me. I’m so glad that you are willing and able to do these things for me. I love you God!! Glory to God!!

  14. Deirdre Danna says:

    Wow! It was like God just read my journal. This morning I saw a license plate that said Godlvsu on it. I was like Awwwww God I love You too! I pray God would confirm this word as right before reading it I ask God what season I was in because things had been rough. Thank You Abba Father for being such a Great & Awesome Father. Thanks for remembering me and Your great promises to me. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, I bless You Father and have a great day.

  15. Thank you Lord. I receive this Word in Jesus Mighty Name. Thank you Jamie for your obedience to release this Word. Show me Today Lord and let Your Word Manifest Today in my life Lord! Please confirm it today Lord.

    Amen & Amen!

  16. Amen, thank you Heavenly Father.
    And thank you so much Jamie for this message and all your work in this ministry.

  17. Lois Harris says:

    I love you Father and thank you for this word. I have been through the most horrible situation and it continues with no let up. I cried again hearing this word because I had all but given up. Much crying out to God. Many times just wanted to go on home. I receive this word and expect that God will now fight the battle for me. Thank you Father God. Thank you Jamie.

  18. Thank you, Jamie, for releasing this word. I believe it is for me and I receive it with much, much thanksgiving! Thank You, Papa, for never leaving me!
    Your ministry is a true blessing, Jamie. God bless you, your family and your ministry!

  19. Dear Jesus,I love u right back n thank u for this special message to me..I feel so loved by you..u have said it all to me and I’m grateful cos I know u will prove to me that this word came from you Abba

  20. I thank you God for so many things you have done and still do to show me you are there and that you love me and that everything will be ok. I love you so much God and I love Jesus as much as you both are my rock in this tumultuous world. Thank you! I love you God and Jesus, Amen

  21. I feel it in my bones! Thank You God for everything! Truly!

  22. Thank you! May the Lord continue to use you and bless you, and your loved ones, Amen ❤️✝️📖✝️

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