Prophetic Word: The Restoration of All Things

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Have you endured long, praying for the restoration of all things in your life? If so, the Lord has a mighty word of encouragement for you today.

I heard the Father say:

“You have endured long, My child. You have been so patient and enduring, even when you thought you would die. You have held out in faith, longing to hear Me say, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’

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    Well, today, I do say it: Well done, good and faithful servant. And I declare to you today that you are now entering into the joy of your Lord.

    I want you to press forward without reaching back.

    Leave the disappointment of the past behind you, for you are right now a new creation in Me, and in My Son. You are entering a new season right now, today, and the past and its expectations of failure have no place in this new season.

    Expecting the difficulties of the past to carry forward into your future is a form of looking back. Don’t do that anymore.

    The old has past; the new has come. In this new season, I will prosper you beyond your wildest dreams.

    I know it’s difficult for you to receive that, so ask Me to help you receive. I need you to understand that I will prosper you beyond your wildest dreams starting right now, today; and I need you to have faith for that in order to do what I want to do.

    Do the math: My vote is the only one that is needed, and what I say goes. I do not need anyone else’s permission to elevate you. Promotion comes from Me alone, and I have decided that it is time.

    I am the Herald of your new season, and your new season starts today.

    In this new season, you will see restoration happen for you, as well as those around you. You have already seen the mercy drops of restoration, but you will now see floods of My restoring mercy.

    You will also see My peace like a river descending into your soul. You have worried for so long, and I have purged you of that worry. Finally, you can rest and have peace in Me, without worrying.

    You will be emboldened to take new steps of faith, and I will be right behind you to back you up. Watch and pray today for Me to affirm you and your steps of faith; indeed, even the steps of faith you have taken today and yesterday will be affirmed today.

    I am surrounding you with favor as with a shield, and I desire for you to be strengthened in this knowledge.

    Watch and look for My favor upon you. You have endured long; and, as you have prophesied under My leading, now is the time for the restoration of all things–better than they were before.

    Love, Your Abba Father.”

    Thank You, Abba Father.

    Beloved, if this word resonates with you, I encourage you to sow a seed today using the links below. And believe God as He brings you into the restoration of all things.

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    1. wow, this is what i have been waiting for, all glory to God Amen and Amen

      1. Thankyou for all those encouraging emails and prayers and words they really help everyday and this one especially today. Bless you

      2. amen thank you God i believe i reive this in Jesus mighty name , i vow to sow my Best as soon as God provides, Ameeeeeeeen and ameeeeeeeeen❤❤❤

    2. What an absolute on time word from God. I receive it and I declare it over my life. In Jesus Name

    3. Molly Norris says:

      Resonates. Absolute confirmation of all He said to me earlier this morning. And Pa stressed the word NOW and followed His words up with, “You will receive a confirming word today.” Well, this is it!! Glory to God!
      Jamie, I love you. I’m thankful for you and your tireless servanthood to the Father and His Body. Thank you for all you do for Our King!

    4. Paul Israel says:

      It’s a frank word from the frank God. It’s my own message and i receive it in the name of Jesus Christ.

    5. Corey Hale says:

      Two years ago I faced the darkest hour of my life when my wife of 8 years abandoned me. I have only seen glimpses of restoration in my life. However today starting this month I am getting ready to transition into a leadership role at my church as become the new Children’s Ministry Director. Plus I will be getting a a significant raise in as return to my 5th grade teaching position in the fall. Today at church I had someone bring me 3 chicks for my flock and I wasn’t even expecting them. I already have 10. God is moving in my life and this confirms it. All I praying for now is for God to restore my marriage.


    7. Cindy🌹 says:

      Sister Jamie,
      I welcome this Season Of Restoration with my arms open wide🤗
      Our Father is entirely good in all things… His strengthening of us, His wisdom, His caring discipline, His faithful love toward us.
      Within this past bitter season of refinement, lie abundant joys beyond measure. It is beyond humbling to now reap the fruitage of God perfecting my patience while enduring suffering, versus the immature me of complaining while enduring.
      Seek🔥holy spirit’s lead at all times🕊
      I’m very grateful to you for your genuine encouragement & ministry… You’re a treasured blessing among the Body Of Christ🙌

    8. Just amazing, awesome Prohetic Word Sister Certainly resonates with me, so right on time, really is and so appropriate. This ministered to me directly today

    9. Thank you God 🙏🏾 😭🙌🏾.

    10. Julie Lopez says:

      The Lord has been leading me in praying for double restoration for my family and myself.

    11. This is a word for me. I declare, now is the time for the restoration of ALL things , better than they were before. In Jesus’ precious and mighty name, AMEN!

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