Prophetic Word: The Lord Says, “I Will Take Care of You” (with Prayer for Worry)

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Friend, have you been wrought with anguish and worry lately? If so, hear this word from the Father today, in which He not only gives comfort and help, but even a sample prayer for worry that you can pray from His own heart.

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

I heard the Father say:

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    “I will take care of you.

    I see your needs right now. I know how much you have been worrying, and My heart is full of concern for you.

    But, My beloved child, I am not concerned in the same way that you are. I am concerned for you because I love you so much and I am teaching you, and I want you to walk free of worry and pain. But the way for you to be free from worry is not for Me just to solve all your problems instantly; the way to be free from worry is for you to learn to TRUST ME.

    I know you trust Me some, but you do not yet trust Me in the way that you need to trust Me.

    We have been through a lot together and I am well-pleased with you. But, that doesn’t mean that you are perfect yet, or that you are perfectly conformed to the image of My Son Jesus yet. I am thrilled with you and delighted with you because you exist; because you are Mine; and because the life of My Son Jesus is in you.

    Nevertheless, My dear and darling baby, we have so much more to do together.

    You need to grow and I need to help you–and I will help you. You are mature enough to understand that you need to grow and grow and grow. It is a measure of your maturity that you can admit that you need help!

    You don’t have to worry about it, though, in the way that you have been. You have been worrying yourself to death and have literally brought sickness into your body by your worrying! You do not need to do that, beloved.

    Do you not know that I am here, and that I am with you to keep you and comfort you?

    Every time you are tempted to worry from now on, I want you to run to Me. Don’t just ask Me for help with the things you have been worrying about; you have been doing that, and I am helping, but you already know how to do that.

    The thing you don’t know how to do yet is to confess your temptation to worry to Me right away, as soon as you feel that spirit of worry come after you.

    You have been looking at the problem then worrying about it–and then praying about it. But what I want to teach you today is that worry is both a spirit and a sin. And when the temptation to worry is brought to you by the spirit of worry, come directly to Me and tell Me about it.

    When you come to Me about your worries, here is a short, sample prayer for worry that you can pray:

    ‘Father God, I feel worry coming over me about this situation. Your Word says I should not worry; Your Word says to take no thought for tomorrow, for sufficient for each day is the trouble thereof. Your Word says to consider the lilies, how they grow; they neither toil nor reap, and yet You feed them, Heavenly Father.

    Thank You for feeding me and clothing me every day. Thank You for perfecting all things that concern me every day.

    I confess that I am tempted to worry, but I reject this sin right now and I repent for ever picking it up. Please forgive me if I did pick it up in any way.

    I confess Your truth that as Jesus is, so am I in this world; and just as You take care of the sparrows and the lilies in the field, so You will also take care of me. Thank You, Abba Father. In the name of Your Son Jesus Christ I pray, amen.'”

    The Father continued by saying:

    “When you worry, you deprive yourself of faith and expectation. By setting your eyes on the problem, you begin to expect the negative thing to happen; you expect more of the negative thing.

    This is why I commanded you to keep your eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith. When you keep your eyes on My Son Jesus, you will see:

    • My Son whose blood provides everything for you;
    • My Son whose breath sustains you;
    • My Son whose love is always yours;
    • My Son whom I gave for you, and who is a Reflection of Myself.

    When I gave My Son for you, I was giving Myself, for I and He are One.

    Every bit of love you saw in My Son while He was on earth–and still see in Him through My Word and through experience in knowing Him personally–is My love for you also. Every word of hope and comfort He spoke to you came directly from Me, for We are One and We cannot speak apart from One another.

    You do not yet know the vastness of My love for you, but you will.

    Getting to know My love is a journey, but we are on this journey together. I am in you, for Jesus is in you, and I am in My Son Jesus. I delight to live within you also, for you are My beloved.

    It is not a trial for Me to abide in you as you also abide in My Son Jesus, for when I look at you, all I see is Jesus. You are truly in Him; and although you are but a baby, you are My baby and My delight.

    You do not yet know My Father-heart as you should, but you will.

    When you know Me as I am, you will see Me as I am. I see your cries and your anguish. I see your desperate need, and I know you better than you could ever know yourself. And the more you get to know Me, the more you will know Me as your Father, and your cries and anguish will dim and extinguish in the joy of My presence.

    Be at peace today, little one. Receive My comfort, for I am with you; I am in you; I am for you.

    Love, your Heavenly Father who is in you right now.”

    Wow. Thank You, Abba Father.

    Pray this with me as we respond to this prophetic word about worry together:

    Father God, thank You for this word. Thank You for speaking directly to my heart. Thank You for speaking to me about all that concerns me, and thank You for walking with me and never abandoning me as You teach me and grow me. Please forgive me for worrying, Father. Help me to rest in You and trust You like I should. In Jesus’ name, amen.

    Beloved friend, did these words from the Father–and the sample prayer for worry and all the situations that worry you–speak to your heart today? If so, please leave a comment below.


    1. Venisa Villar says:

      Thank You Holy Father for showing me my need through this devotional prayer on the sin of worrying caused by a spirit of worry and probably a spirit of fear…I’m pretty sure worry and fear work together. Thank You Father God for opening my eyes to my need today to not just run to You with my worries but to run to run to You in prayer because I am being tempted to worry first and foremost, then bring my petition to You in prayer and then believe that You are going to perfect what concerns me. And what concerns me doesn’t concern You in the same way because You are God an I am not. But You love me and listen to me out of that love anyway, because Your Son, Jesus, lives in me and when you look at me…You see Him. Glory to You God for Your indescribable gift!! In Jesus’ Name and Blood I repent right now of worry and for allowing a spirit of worry to come upon me. From this day forward with Your help I will run to You first when the temptation to worry is staring me in the face…I will first look fully into Your face Jesus and be equipped with Your Word to fight off this temptation just as You did Jesus when being tempted by Satan in the wilderness in John 4. Thank You God for your servant Jamie in being faithful to share with us what you give her…bless her and her family in a mighty way today and everyday. Thank You for loving me/us with an everlasting love and providing all we need. In Jesus’ Name I pray believing Who brings us victory over the darkness. Amen.

      1. Thank you Father for revealing this to me . Please forgive me for the sin of worry and fear . For not trusting you . I cast all my cares upon you and choose to run to you when I feel tempted to worry and to meditate in your words of trust day and night . Ps 1
        I love you

    2. Thank you for this word. It was just what I needed. Bless you Jamie and family for your dedication to Gods work and most of all thank you Abba Father for always knowing what we need and when we need it.
      Blessings, Maryann

    3. Jessica F. says:

      There are no words to tell of the joy and comfort this brought to me. 🎯💯
      So thankful for you Jamie. ❤️🌻
      Thank you sweet Jesus. 🌹🩸🕊

    4. Debra Drake says:

      This morning, January 15th 2022 I was setting here I had a conversation with Jesus it was like he was setting on my couch across from me. I said to him take these cigarettes, I heard him say I cant you wont let me, I was like what? why? Just take them, he said you have your own free will, but through me when you are weak I will make you strong.
      The majority of the time we are in the way of the Lord, My prayer is the Lord get us out of the way of Jesus. Make thy path straight.
      God bless and keep us all.

    5. Yes and Amen! This is so timely. Thank you Jesus! Bless you, Jaime.

    6. So good and so needed today, Lord help me to trust you more and worry less

    7. Perfect prayers for my soul. Thank Anna Father!! You do care for your children. Bless you Jamie, you are always a blessing.

    8. Thank you ABBA FATHER.

    9. Perfect prayers for my soul.Thank you Abba Father!! You do care for your children. Bless you Jamie, you are always a blessing.

    10. Grace Bristol says:

      My mother was a worrier, me not so much, but so much is happening right now. Husband in Hospice seems to be getting a little better. Everyone expected his death by now. I have to take each day as it comes. My son works in food industry with people all day long..Pray for him to get good nights sleep please. He gets late night calls. We are going through this trial together…We are mostly all there is..His wife is told to stay away from him until tested for covid. I am just so very tired and have so much work. Thanks for you Jamie. I need the help.

    11. I needed this today as I’ve been repenting for worry and fighting it all week.! Thank You, Father!🔥♥️
      Thank you, Jamie.😊

    12. Oh my Lord thank you for using Jamie as a beautiful instrument to give us this Word of encouragement and love! We give all the glory! Your Word oh Lord is a lamp to unto my feet and light unto my path…
      Forgive me Father God for not trusting You more and for trying to do things in my own understanding. I endeavor to keep and adhere to Proverbs 3:5-6…”Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” God bless you Jamie!

    13. Thank you for this word that comes in your perfect timing Lord…Bless your heart Jamie for sharing it with us. Lord you know how distressed with worry and fear I have been over the breast MRI that I had on Friday 1/14…Thank you for reminding me that you are taking care of me!!!
      Amen and Amen 🙏 🙌
      All glory and honor is yours Lord!!
      Thank you again sweet Jamie for all that you do.
      Love in Christ
      Gina Trahan

    14. Thank you Jamie. That spoke to me. Your words are timely and so beneficial for me.

    15. Gladys Mutungu says:

      Right on point. Thank you very much. I pray that I win over worry and fear.
      Thank You ABBA Father.
      Thank you Jamie.


    16. Tabitha Sekoati says:

      Thank you Lord for you know the deepest thoughts of my heart. Forgive me for worrying and not trusting you totally. I repent and receive your forgiveness and loving kindness. for i know that the plans you have for me are good. please bless your servant Jamie and continue to use her for your glory, Amen

    17. Thank you for this wonderful prayer, I am truly blessed by what you have shown me! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jamie for being the servant for God that you are through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!

    18. Perfect writing illustration of God’s heart through Jaime, her staff and ministry. Jaime, I’ve always been able to understand and receive your messages, thank you again for helping me overcome and believe what God says about me, you are a true blessing!

    19. Thank you Lord for your love. I truly felt his love today through these words. I have been worrying and have been unaware of the sin of it. Thank you for shedding light in the dark places of my life Father . Thank you to Jaime and your team for being obedient to the voice of YAH.

    20. Thank you Heavenly Father I needed this prayer!🙏✝️💕🥰

    21. This is very timely for me. I have been angry so angry and crying. Hod forgive me and give me strength.

      1. Kisha Harrison says:

        I have been worrying alot then pray and go right back to worrying but I thank God as I reject the spirit of worry in Jesus name. I put my trust in you Lord as you abide in me and I abide in you.

    22. Thank you God 🙏🏾.

    23. This is a tinely word from the Lord, lately i have been worrying over little things and turning them into something big I thank God for the comfort he brings through his word Amen

    24. Yes thank you, this profetic word is spot on.
      Thank you ABBA FATHER, for bringing Your word to your Children, through the profet. Bless this person,

    25. Dorothy Williams says:

      This prayer and word were sooooo on point! I have to ask Father for the help I need because worry has made me sick, now it is time to trust God completely! Amen. I thank God for Saints like Jamie Rorbaugh! Love you Jamie! Thank You Lord for loving me!! Amen!

    26. Thank you Jamie for this word I need this today more then ever. You have truly strength me today in the word by confronting worries and saying how worry deprive me of faith and expectation. Everything you share have comfort my heart in Jesus Christ. Thank again.

    27. Evelyn Delgado says:

      Thank you Father for meeting me where I am this morning. I love you and want to walk in your worry free will for my life.

    28. Thank You Our Heavenly Father .

    29. Thank you for this prayer. I trust Jesus but it’s good to ask myself if I really trust Him in EVERY situation.

    30. Debra Turnbo says:

      Thank you so much for this message. It felt as though you was speaking directly to me. Yes the message touched my heart sincerely. Yes, I will be reading this message again and again tonight for now own. There’s a lot of your messages I am reading constantly.

      Thank you for your words of wisdom and guidance.

      Debra Turnbo

    31. Shiroon Patton says:

      Thank you Father for your message, and allowing Jamie to Minister to us, words of wisdom and encouragement. I ask your forgiveness for worrying when I see the bills coming in, for you did not give us the spirit of fear or worry. I will remember to come to you, and give it all to you before I start worrying about anything. You take care of the bird, they want for nothing, you’re our Papa, teach me to trust in you wholeheartedly every day, for provision and anything else that I may need. I love you and I bless your holy name..❤️🙏

    32. Thank you so much for this. I’ve been up all night trying to stop myself from worrying. I will give it to Father. My heart feels do much more calmer now.

    33. Lord thank you for your word Lord and your servant Jamie. Lord this word came in at the right time when I really needed it. Lord please be with me and give me the strength to give you all my worries and leave it in your hands and never take it back Lord. Let me believe and know that you are working for me behind the scenes even when I do not see it. Lord please speak to me and give me the guidance, knowledge, wisdom and understanding in all situations that I was worried about. LORD LET YOUR MERCY SPEAK FOR ME in all situations of my life in Jesus name amen. MERCY SPEAK FOR ME! Lord all the Glory honour and adoration belong to You Amen

    34. Just right as I need it. God bless you ma’am

    35. Amen I give God thanks

    36. This was yet another message that was right on target. This one brought me to tears. It was truly meant for me to see this. God is right, I have been worrying a lot. Even though I know it is written, to be anxious about nothing but pray about everything, life circumstance has a way of bringing me to my knees. I have a tendency to worry because of it, when I should not. God did not bring me this far, to just abandon me now. He has never failed me before, and He will not now. He is faithful, true, loving, and unfailing.

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