Prophetic Word: You Are Entering a New Life

Beloved, can you feel the times and seasons changing swiftly all around you? I hope you can, for the Lord is moving faster across His Body than I have ever seen.

This morning, the Lord told me He wanted to encourage you with this truth:

“You are entering a new life!”

I asked Him for details, and this is what He said:

“You have been faithful with little, and now you will be faithful with more. I am bringing you the “more,” because I have expanded My Kingdom and I need the help of faithful stewards like you to watch over My new territory.

You are My chosen vessel, fit for every good work. You weren’t always that way, but I have washed you; I have cleansed you; I have made you like Myself. Now, you can have confidence that I trust you, for you have yourself seen how I have expanded your borders.

I am now bringing you people who will expand your borders for you.

Remember that My Word says, in Isaiah 54:2:

“Enlarge the place of your tent, and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings …”

The “them” I referred to there is indeed a reference to people other than yourself. You have battled alone for so long, and there is good in that. You have learned to depend on Me. You have allowed Me to carry you, and you and I are much closer than we would be if you had not had this season of being alone with Me.

However, now is the time that I have set aside to put you into community with others.

The “others” I am bringing are the people you have prayed for–people who will have My Kingdom on their mind; people who will bring your sons and daughters from afar. I am giving you favor, and favor moves mountains. 

You cannot go on without the other people I have ordained for you to walk with. You know this in your heart; you have felt the existence of these other people for so long, but you have not seen them nor known them. Now, however, I am bringing them to you.

I am doing a quick work.

It is a quick work of grace. My work is going to be one of those ‘suddenlies’ for which you have longed, but which you have rarely seen. The work that I do will prepare you for your future better and faster than you have ever been prepared.

Leave all baggage behind. Where you are going, you will need to move swiftly.

You cannot move swiftly if you are weighed down by baggage from the past. You have a new life now; I repeat, you have a new life now. You know it as such, for you can feel it even before you see it. However, you will see it soon.

Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance.

This is the promise I made to My Son, and the same promise I am making to you today. Find a mentor; let Me be your mentor as well–first and foremost–and do what you can every day to make your inheritance of the nations a reality.

Behold, I come quickly, and My reward is with Me.

I am the Lord who rewards you; that is My name. I know no other way to be; and indeed, it is not possible that I should be anything else. I am a Rewarder, and My eye is on you. I am going to recompense you for all you have done in My name and for My sake. 

Never think that your work has been overlooked; it has not. I have seen everything. Your reward has been delayed, but it will be delayed no more. I am coming soon into your situation, and you will see quick and drastic change.

I love you, My child. Cling close to Me, and you will see the fullness of what I desire to do for you.

Love, Abba.”

Thank You, Abba Father! I receive that word!

Beloved friend, do you receive that word as well? If so, leave a comment below and give thanks to the Lord!


  1. Thank you Lord! This word is for me and I claim it!

    Thank you for all you do Jamie, you are a blessing

    1. Merrill Donald says:

      Thank you so much Jamie. God is so good to raise you up to encourage and instruct others in His body. Stay faithful for Jesus is so worthy.

    2. I receive that word and I trust The great I AM to fulfill it. Thank you Jamie for being His messenger.


    3. Patricia S says:

      Timely and confirming word. It is as though God was sitting before me and speaking directly to me in answer to my inquiries. Yes, I feel it – hallelujah

    4. I receive this word.Thank you Father God and Lord Jesus Christ.Amen

      1. Thank you Jamie, that was like directed to me as well… strongly. Indeed the past will have to be no more! 🙂 God bless you and your family and Ministry.

  2. I receive this word! Thank you Holy Spirit, Father God and Jesus Christ! You are Good!

    1. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      In the name of Jesus christ. Amen

      1. ANN Mayne says:

        I receive this word over my life and my children thank you father so much. Have a great evening and stay blessed.

    2. Thank you Jamie this is exact for me. How powerful God is. Thank you for your life Your such a a great instrument of living for us. Continue to be a blessings for us all Nation who need God to streghten our faith. Godbless you always

    3. I received that timely word wow God bless you.

  3. Thank you Father…thank you ABBA! Indeed this is a new season and a new life!

    Thanks Jamie and be blessed!

  4. Jean Potgieter says:

    Oh Jamie, you have no idea what this word means to me. It is exact confirmation of what the Lord has put in my heart. He has been speaking to me about doing things “suddenly.” for instance He told me my house will be sold “suddenly”. The morning it will be mine and by sunset it will belong to another. He also told me there will be team waiting for me in Joubertina where He has told me to go and plant His church. I have been in the wilderness on my own for a long time, and I have prevailed and now the Lord said He is coming into my situation. Glory to God. This is so encouraging. Thank You Father. Praying for you Jamie, for you and your family and for your health and ministry. May you stay faithful and the Lord’s blessing, favour and reward will be upon you in Jesus Name. Amen.

  5. Totally Amazing God! God had me teach about having a new life this year!
    Also confirmation has been presented when speaking about people that are coming with a Kingdom mind. I literally have prayed that prayer.

    Wow, God bless you indeed, Prophet.

    Continue doing the work for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    1. I receive it in Jesus name ❤️

      1. Joseph Whitelaw says:

        I receive your word Jesus in Jesus name I claim this new life that you started in me now I claimed it helped me see and hear the people you send to me give me the strength to do what I need to do in Jesus name amen

    2. Thank you Father, the message is just for me. There were times i felt i have laboured in vain, and i can’t see the end of the tunnel.
      I am just trusting Him because He is God and His works i have seen and heard as well as His faithfulness.
      How and when? I don’t know, but i know He is faithful.
      His name be praised forever. Amen

  6. Martin Akpatsa says:

    Oh Jehovah God, I do receive that word wholeheartedly. I give God Almighty many thanks. I want to see the change God has promised me now In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen!!!

  7. Donnalee Allen says:

    Thank you Lord for this word this morning! I’m standing in agreement with you on this!
    I am so ready for a New Life free past baggage.

  8. Cecilia Ramirez says:

    Thank You ABBA Father! Bless Jamie indeed Lord! Your a Good Good Father! Always on time!

  9. Thank you Abba Father! I receive it in Jesus name

  10. I receive this word. So timely for my situation. Amen hallelujah thank you Jesus.

  11. I needed this confirmation of extra ordinary and abundant grace, blessings and calling on my life! Thank you Jesus 🙏🏻🙏🏻 And thank you Jamie for professing the super amazing anointing about to happen in our lives for the glory of his kingdom 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Prayers for continued strength, grace, wisdom, and guidance 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Amen

  12. Amen! “The ‘suddenlies’ which I have longed for.”. I receive this word for my husband and me in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah, praise to you Lord. You have prepared us!

  13. Amen! Thank you Lord ❤🙌🙏 God bless you Jamie 😍

  14. All I can say is AMEN AND WOW!!! Thank you Jamie!!!

    1. Sonja R Campbell says:

      I’m ready and committed Lord!

  15. Amen! I receive and It is so!

  16. Margaret Mills says:

    I receive this! Thank you, Father. And thank you Jamie for your faithfulness!

  17. Praise the Lord! These words were right on time, and its like God heard my prayer this morning and answered it by you posting these words. God is faithful, and yes I have been faith over the little things. I love the Lord he heard my cry. Thank you Jesus! God bless you Jaime for allowing God to use you.


  19. Amen I receive it my Father! You love us so lavishly!!!

  20. Gayle Gay says:

    Yes! Amen! Thank you, LORD!!! I receive and I believe that word in Jesus name!

  21. I receive this Word from the Lord. It an on time right now Word for me. Lord I thank you for I know I. Not forgotten. Thank you Lord you showed up just before I was about to give up.
    Thank you for using Jamie to bring it forth. Hallelujah Lord for what you are about to do in her Next Level of Elevation.

    Blessings to you Jamie

  22. Yes I receive AMEN


  23. Pearl Abotsi says:

    Praise the Lord! I’m excited. Thank you Jamie for letting the Lord use you to speak to us. I am holding on to God for dear life and this brings me great comfort that things are turning around for the better! God bless you and your family!

  24. Praise God and thank You! I needed this word and receive it with open heart and mind with thanksgiving! Bless you, Jamie, for being obedient to Him.

  25. Yes!… I receive that word with heart and arms wide open! …. all I can say is wow! He has amazed me before but nothing like this. I love our Father!!!

    Thank you!

  26. God bless you Jamie 😥❤️
    I believe and i receive it in jesus name! Lord i am open to receive !
    Bless you Lord ❤️Thank you ! so timely bless Jamie too and her ministry

  27. Christina McCrory says:

    Minister Jamiiieee!!!😆🤗
    Oh how I love you and pray perpetual blessings from the Lord to reign in your life (family & ministry)!! This is indeed an encouraging Word for it has confirmed what I just shared with my prayer group at my church! As always I love and honor you, thank you so much for your diligent obedience to our Father!!

  28. Clara Walton says:

    Thank you so much Confirmation word for me I am relocating to Mississippi to help A Spiritual Daughter I am 70 yrs old but God said this a part of my Assignment after having Triple Bypass surgery 2017 he said I would complete my Assignments and gave me a Miraculous Recovery I needed this after us Pastoring 40yrs I know it is God. Thank you

  29. Thank you, Father, I receive this word for me. Thank you Jamie for being obedient to deliver this encouraging word!

  30. Amen and Amen. Thank you Abba Father!!

  31. Kimberly Walker says:


  32. Latika OQuinn says:

    Amen!! I receive and my eyes and ears are open.

  33. Thank you Jamie, I receive those words in the Name of Jesus! They will come to pass! Blessings to you 🌸

  34. I claim it in Jesus name. Thank you for this word. May God bless you all. I’m ready for all the blessings the Lord has for me in 2020. I WILL BE BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED!!!!!


  36. Millie Williams says:

    Jamie, I thank you for this word today. May God continually bless you and your family and ministry. I thank you Mrs. Millie

  37. Henrietta says:

    Thank You Abba! I love You Abba Father!!! Yes and AMEN to all Your plans for me. Let it be according to Your will Lord!

    Thank you Jamie!

  38. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    Jamie!wow!!!!! i wanted to shout and cry at the same time to our Dad.Amazing and amazing and amazing indeed to read my message this morning as i am about to start work.I am blessed for the great message from Abba….It is mine Jamie..Thank God for your life for hearing and sharing His message.Love you soooo much dear sister

  39. Kay Sundling says:

    Yes, thank you, Jesus!! I receive it!!

  40. Yes I do Receive this word in Jesus mighty name. Thank you Lord. Amen

  41. I receive this word in Jesus name! Amen!!

  42. Thank You God, I receive Your blessings today.

  43. This word is truly for me and touched the very core of my being. I’m literally in tears. It seems as if God has forgotten me. This word confirms that He’s bern here all alone and working on my behalf. I just feel so alone sometimes. I thank you for this word. I receive it in Jesus Name. Amen.

  44. Rebecca Jones says:

    It;s time for Him to return as a King when before He was the Lamb.

  45. Amen! Thank you Abba Father, we receive this word over our lives. Hallelujah!

  46. Hosea Richard says:

    Truly the Lord is alive and very faithful. Thank you, ma’am, for real God given Word . I receive and will run with it, its been long overdue. Blessings.

  47. Amen, I received this in the name of Jesus.

  48. I’m holding on tightly to every word prophesied in the name of Jesus! Everything has been taken away from me and Whilst still abiding and being faithful with what’s been given to me to live daily and by faith..
    I’ve been praying for breakthrough and recompense in these areas for a very long time. I’m expecting with an enormous about of faith 🙏🏻

  49. Kathy C Privott says:

    I receive it!

  50. Valerie Price says:

    Thank you Father and Jamie. I remember your post earlier about the changes coming for us in 2020 & the “suddenlies” that God will be doing for us…well I’ve been praying to move back to coastal So. County for 2 yrs, where I lived forever…loved it because the coastal topagrahy is very spiritual for me. I moved away for complicated reasons (!)…I desperately wanted to get back to CA. Over time I became overwhelmed as I don’t have big finances, etc, to move & was feeling stuck. I was frustrated to the max as where I am is not a healthy thing. The other day I was at my wits end & even tho I’m not financially able to move this soon, I thought, I decided to start looking for possible places in OC to move to. And to my utter surprise, the house I liked and lived in before I left, was up for available!! I called the owner, my landlord there and he offered the place to me for less money and no last month’s rent because he would live to have me back. He loved how I took care of the place, etc….so…God’s “suddenlies” happened and I’ll be moving back “home” end of Feb. And, I do feel my new life is about to happen “suddenly”!! Thank you Jamie for sharing your amazing gifts with us…praying for you, your cabin retreat & for God to provide for all is to be there!! 💜

  51. Amen and AMEN! Hallelujah, thank you Jamie and Thanks be to God Almighty and His Beloved Son, our Saviour!!!

  52. Thank you God and Jamie for this word. I come into full agreement with this word. Thank you God for the confirmation as always 🙌🏿🙏🏾

  53. Annanson John says:

    To God be the glory!
    Fuel for my soul!
    The bless you and keep you safe.

  54. Yes, thank You, Father! I receive it, in Jesus’ most holy name.

  55. Lucretia Wingate says:

    Thank 🙏🏾💕 You heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit.. I received that word 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾.. God bless you Jamie..

  56. I receive that word in Jesus Name! Wow what confirmation of what Abba Father has whispered in prayer. I’m in awe of His Lordship and I hunger for more of Him! Bless you Jamie! I am encouraged by your quick ears to hear! Amen!

  57. Amen!! Thank you for this word. I receive it and I am expectant. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌
    To God be the glory for all the suddenlies coming. He is ever faithful and gracious. God bless you Jamie. May the Lord bless you and your family and provide for you and this ministry far beyond your expectation.

  58. I receive this word for me and my family. Indeed the Lord watches over ALL His promises to perform them in my life.

  59. Dan Mbugua says:

    I receive that Rhema Word in Jesus Mighty and Glorious Name,Amen.

  60. I receive that word. I have been divorced since 2014. I’ve been broken and struggling as a single parent. I won’t lie I’ve been angry with God and myself. Financially I have been barely able to feed myself and two kids. I have always been a giver but haven’t been able to even do that. I pray that God will change my heart and let me smile again. Thanks Jamie for always speaking Gods truth. Blessings to you and your ministry.

    1. Thank you My Abba Father.
      I claim and receive it in the Blessed Holy Name of your Son Jesus Christ.

      Hallelujah Amen..

      Monica – Seychelles

  61. Josephine says:

    Dear Jamie,
    Thank you very much for this prophetic word of encouragement. I really needed it. It has been such a long wait, a great battle, but, God always proof Himself faithful.
    I am waiting with great expectancy for the manifestation of His Promises to me to be fulfilled, and I know in my Spirit it is imminent! It will surely come, Amen.

  62. Confirmation that I receive in Jesus powerful name. Thank you Father for trusting me with the little things and now SUDDENLY trusting me with much more. Thank you for blessing us all and this ministry. I believe YOUR favor is upon us, for this I thank you. In the mighty name of Jesus AMEN!

  63. Divinefavor Osinloye says:

    Thank you, Lord! This Word is for me, and I receive it! Thanks, Jamie! God bless you and your family. Double Amen!

  64. I receive this word and I am claiming it for my life! Thank you Lord for the Blessing and Favor coming my way and Thank you Jamie for this word.

  65. Jerome Cowell says:

    Hello 👋 Jamie
    I Claim and Receive that Powerful Word you Shared. I want to Thank You for your work in building Of God’s Kingdom. For Shedding light in a dark place. I ask that you continue to Pray for me and let my seeds reap a hundred plus fold Harvest 100+, In Jesus Name
    Thanks again for Sharing

  66. Amen. Thank you Daddy🙏. God bless you Jamie

  67. I receive this word for myself and declare it true over me in Jesus name, Amen. Thank you Father for your grace.

  68. Such an ontime word.. I receive this… Thank you Abba Father!!

  69. Kathy Armstrong says:

    Yes! What an encouragement… may this be so for all receiving this word and for my life in this last chapter. Thank you!!

  70. Judy Wellington says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus.
    I receive this word and confirmation of your faithfulness.

    Bless you Jamie.

  71. I receive this word from our God Almighty, and I claim it for me and my family. We have been praying for successful, stable jobs for my two sons and my granddaughter. Our finances have been so low. We have been through so much emotional and physical pain over the past 3 years! But we know that our Lord will bless us abundantly! We are more than ready for our “suddenlies”. Thank you, Lord! We praise You and glorify you! Blessings to you, Jamie, for always sharing the Lord’s word!

  72. Thank You Father for this Word. I receive it in Jesus name.

  73. Thank you My True Father.
    I claim and receive it in the Blessed Holy Name of your Son Jesus Christ.I come in agreement with this prophecy,In jesus Mighty name its gonna manifest in my life

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