Prophetic Word: You Have Been Rescued; Safety Is Nearby

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Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Have you been feeling like you’re drowning in stress and warfare lately? If so, this word is for you:

I saw in a dream that you have been in the glory of God, but you have been feeling like you’re drowning at the same time.

You’ve been deep in the glory. However, the warfare against you has been intense. You’ve been deep in a valley, and your work and/or ministry have been so stressful to you that you recently had a big brush with danger.

However, the Lord wants you to know that He is rescuing you from the place where you were in danger of drowning.

You know the way back, and the Lord has sent His helpers to get you out of the deep and dangerous place. And although you’ve been thinking that you have to walk a long way to get back to high ground, actually the Lord has provided safety for you MUCH closer than you realized.

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    There is a safe place just behind you.

    The safe place behind you is a refueling and resting place for wayfarers. You are going on a journey, but safety can be found in this safe place the Lord has provided for you. It’s okay to take a little bit of time and get ready for the rest of your journey there.

    When you step out again toward high ground, you will be taking the prophetic word spoken over your life and ministry with you. You are retaining your ministry and anointing. But you will find that the Lord is setting you high upon a rock and establishing your comings and your goings. You will no longer feel out of control or subject to the flood of stress and war.

    The warfare against you took you to dangerous place–a place where you had a brush with even worse danger.

    But, the Lord has rescued you. Fear not; you are in a safe place now. And the place of rest and refueling was right behind you–not a far journey away.

    If this word is for you, please leave a comment below.

    Love in Jesus,



    1. Angela Tolbert says:

      Thank u so much for this word!! I needed this I have been feeling like this it’s been a very hard road but I know he is there with me through it all!!

      1. Totally, feeling like in the Glory, praying, listening, being, and then stepping out to work feels like a slap here a slap there, and a tiresome road. Praise be to God for encouraging words and the breath of Hope. Thank you very much. This is a word in perfect timing, in season.

      2. Barbara Williamson says:

        Yes I ended my ties with a very stressed and dangerous job. I feel happier to walk away from that job. Better things are in store for me 😉

        1. Amen! I have been stagnant in life for so long,.no job yet it’s already 5years since I graduated I know God is at work and for sure His timing is perfect I can’t question

      3. Wow is all I can say. The enemy hit me hard but God made it fail. I’m speechless. Thank you for that word

        1. David Njenga says:

          Yes this has been my position since I committed by life to God’s service. I receive the prophetic word. Higher glory is my portion.

    2. Yes! So be it, and it is so!

      1. Emeka Ajoku says:

        God bless you and your team is like you have said it all I am right now in the middle of a Storm nothing is going right in my life, I trust the Lord His going to rescue me I need yours prayers.
        May the good Lord bless you. Emek

    3. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      I give thanks and praise for having rescued me.In Jesus name.Amen

    4. Thank you for delivering this word! Thank you Father for this specific encouragement.

    5. AMEN!! I receive this word!

    6. So grateful for this word. Thank you 🙏

    7. Wow Jamie you are a true woman of God I was so close to the edge, but today there has been a turnaround, I felt like my life was over and there was no hope be blessed

    8. This word exactly describes me right now. God has fought my battles, I’m so happy and grateful.

    9. Thank You Jamie. Truly, I have been in warfare at my workplace but the Lord has saved me indeed. May His Name be praised and may you be blessed so much, Jamie.

      1. Dear Jamie I rename u the Mouth piece of God..this is absolutely for me,I am so much in sync with Christ that I think I’m at my best with him yet I’m fighting a battle so fierce that I thought I would lose my life in the process..but Ur word has confirmed to me that my rest is here and now!!! Thank u ABBA father,I truly love u so much…thank u Jamie,God bless u.

    10. IRMA NORTJE says:


    11. Thank you Jamie, this is indeed a word in season for me. I needed to know that deliverance, through our deliverer and his rest was coming.

    12. Thank you Father for this Word and for using Jamie as your voice to deliver it. I have been up against so much these last few weeks that the weight is almost crushing at times. As far as the danger goes, the Lord LITERALLY saved me from a potentially bad car accident earlier today that would’ve been 100 percent my fault, because I was so heavy laden with my thoughts of everything going on that I wasn’t even present in the moment while driving, almost like I left my body because I was that deep in thought! Praise be to God for saving me from the dangers that I was in and facing, and I very much welcome His restful and refreshing sanctuary!

    13. Amen, a very good & timely word, thanks Jamie!

    14. Glory to GOD for how He comes always with a word. Thank You my rock and my shield.

    15. YES and amen… rescued, healed saved and delivered from all the enemy’s plans! As you have spoken SO BE IT and amen…. Blessings upon you too beloved, in Jesus name♥️

    16. Margarita says:

      , a confirmation thank you abba

    17. This word absolutely describes the situation I’ve faced over the last several months. Only in the last week or so have I finally felt that the warfare is truly over and that God has saved me. I want to live changed by the grace of God, and I want to spend every minute of my life resting in Him. I’ve left my dreaded job and I’m now looking for new employment at a workplace where I will be a blessing to my employer and my employer will be a blessing to me. I pray that God will send me the perfect job that He has for me and I thank Him for His faithfulness, grace, and mercy. Thank you Jamie for sharing this prophetic word with us. God bless you and all of the people that you and your ministry has blessed.

    18. Isabella Nolucky says:

      Thank you Father God for this prophetic word…it is for me. I am in the middle of a raging storm. Thank you so much for coming to my rescue. May Your Name be praised in heaven and all the earth amen

    19. Reshma Van Wyk says:

      Greetings of the day to you Jamie.

      All the way from South Africa. You always in line with what God is saying to me, my past spiritual experiences, and even this dream.

      The warfare against me has been so dangerous, so vicious and I never knew it, only suffered. And I also wasn’t ready for it. But now it’s over and I recieve thus word of rest, and safety.

      I also prayed the prayer to claim damages done by the devil as you sent it out sometime last week.

      God bless your heart and and may he shines in face upon you in Jesus Name.

    20. JaQuiah Zuniga says:

      Selah, I receive this word in the name of Jesus. Amen!

    21. Amen! Confirmation that Trust God to fight my battles , hold my peace and remain rest.

    22. Laurie Leiding says:

      Praise Jesus!! Yes this is exactly what I’m facing right now but it’s all for the Lord’s glory!!

    23. That word was for me. I really walking under fear, stress and many more things. Today I stand to say thank you for Jamie for revealing this prophetic to me. I feel safe in the hands of the Lord now.

    24. I receive it, thank to the Lord

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