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Take Your Territory with Jamie Rohrbaugh Podcast | Free podcast | FromHisPresence.comTake Your Territory with Jamie Rohrbaugh is the podcast in which I encourage YOU to go out and aggressively, proactively TAKE the inheritance God has for you.

It’s positive, motivational, encouraging, and–most importantly–it’s all based on the principles of life in God’s Word, the Bible. Listen and subscribe today!

How to subscribe:

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Or, listen to each episode of Take Your Territory below:

Episode 16: Infinite Kingdom Finance:

Episode 15: Freedom and Abundance:

Episode 14: My Personal Financial Testimony:

Episode 13: The Abundance Formula:

Episode 12: Harvest In the Summer:

Episode 11: Don’t Be an Enabler:

Episode 10: Follow These Cues:

Episode 9: Care for Your Soul:

Episode 8: Oh No, It’s the Wilderness!:

Episode 7: Read the Signs:

Episode 6: The Zeal Inside of You:

Episode 5: You’re a Restoration Agent:

Episode 4: Do Not Limit the Holy One of Israel!:

Episode 5: 3 Ways Ungodly Naysayers Manifest:

Episode 2: 3 Reasons You Have to Be Aggressive:

Episode 1: Where Does Power Come From?:

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  1. Pearl Abotsi says:

    Thank you Jamie! I have a testimony after over a year of being unemployed I just received a job! Praise the Lord!!! He is so faithful and right on time! Just when I felt I could take no more. Thanks so much for your prayers! And the message on Territory. It is timely for me! On point! God Bless you!!!!

  2. Fantastic insights and profound and wisdom Jamie .. thank you 🙏🏻 So much ♥️

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