Has God used this ministry to bless you in some way? If so, please add your testimonial about what He has done here, in the comments on this post! Just scroll to the bottom of the post and tell us how you found this site, what material blessed you, and what God did in your life through it!

And by the way: I give God all the glory for every testimonial He sends. He is doing the work and touching the lives of His children. All praise be to Him!

  1. “I have been following your for about 5 months or more. My husband and I love your teachings. This is my first time getting and reading The Presence Seekers Creed. I cried. Thank you, for hearing our hearts and being a breath of fresh air.”
  2. “The blog saved my life. I was led to it when I was at the lowest point of my life, I had lost the will to live but by God’s grace I found this blog and now Psalms 40:2-3 have a personal meaning. Thank you Jamie.” – Anonymous reader
  3. “I really enjoy your blogs. The first time I read your blog, something happened that I can’t explain. I felt something inside me as though this is what I need. I believe the Holy Spirit was nudging me to pay attention. I felt like there was an excitement rising within me. A stirring by the Spirit.” – Anonymous reader
  4. “I love your website and your writings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You encourage me with your readings, it blesses me so much. Thank you for your ministry to the body of Christ.” – Anonymous reader
  5. “This is such an on time word. I was feeling so overwhelmed today. Truly struggling, when the Lord specifically told me to go read your blog today. Thank you for this word, which has blessed me more than I can say. You are indeed an anointed warrior of God continue to allow him to use you to be a blessing. My prayer is that God would bless, favor, and prosper you all the days of your life.” – Wincilla
  6. “Thank you Jamie. This has really touched my heart today. I’ve been craving more of God; to know Him more and to know of His love for me. Every word seemed to just reach out to me in love and understanding. Even the replies to your post soothed my soul. Especially this response from you “…..every word you read is like a fresh breath for your lungs and food for your body. That He would feed you with His hand from His Word, for every word that He speaks has power!” Yes! I appreciate you Jamie for sharing your knowledge and your heart.
    I’ve been praying that God would give you rest even while you’re working. That He would give you such peace that His knowledge would just flow freely to you and Bruce.” – April
  7. “Your words were exact to my situation, all of them. Thank you for your honesty and your walk. God bless you and keep you in the hollow of his hand and tucked close to His heart. You are a beautiful sister in Christ and a great encouragement in your honesty.” – Donna
  8. “Jamie, I’m so thankful to have come across your blog last week. I feel like I’ve known you forever. I love your enthusiasm, your gift for teaching, your honesty, and your sense of humor, among other things, and I’m so thankful for the way the Lord is using you in the lives of many.” – Leslie
  9. “You have no idea how God is using you to speak to me. This morning I was on Pinterest and up popped Jon Thurlow’s “Fountains” that you had pinned. Then I went back to find it and I couldn’t ….this baptism of rest popped up instead. Both came exactly when I needed them and both of them flow together beautifully. Today I am asking the Father to let you know in a special way that your posts are reaching the people that need them.” – Leah
  10. “This program has begun to change my life already. I feel bold and full of strength. Thanks so much for bring some clarity to my life. God bless you.” – Joshua
  11. Thank You for the prayers on Reversing Unjust Situations & on Identifying & Defeating the Jezebel Spirit. I could not make it through speaking the prayer about Unjust Situations without tears rolling down my face & the Power of The Holy Spirit speaking through me as I read & prayed. This – from a woman who feels that she’s holding on by the last thread of Faith. Thank You!! – Meghan
  12. “WoW! I am so glad I found your page. As I did the exercise I instantly became overwhelmed and tears of joy rolled down. I saw God opening his arms wide and He said “You see I created all of this, then I saw the dark night sky, the stars and the universe. And he said I love you so much more than that” And when I read the rest of your post I was even more amazed. To Him all the glory!” – Maria
  13. “Last week was when I tried this exercise. I had been desiring to hear God speak for a while and I heard Him for the first time while reading this blog! He said “My arms are open wide.” The second time, it was “To the ends of the earth.” I had never known the incredible quality of my Father’s voice. It’s so loving and gentle and comforting, yet still firm. It’s indescribable. He even kept speaking to me, since I was so excited about this breakthrough. I asked Him for a word; any word. He replied “I hold you in My hands,” and “He is the Bread of Life, consecrated, so that you may know Me, and I know you.” I had to think for a bit, but I realized He was telling me how necessary is is to focus on His Son in order to hear from Him! It sounds silly writing it out, but I had never done that before reading this.” – Kelsey
  14. “I have always wanted to have a strong sense of intimacy with the Lord and this became possible when I accessed your blog. I learnt about how to make an altar and invite the presence of God in my home and I could see my life renewing in holiness with each day passing. I am indeed greatly motivated by the wonderful messages I read from your blogs. I wish you a happy Christmas and I implore you to continue with the godly service to mankind. To express simply,I love you very much and may God richly bless you.!” – Appiah
  15. “Your blog / website is life-changing, every word I’ve read was for me and a great help in advancing me. Your humility and love for the Lord is indescribable and so touching when I listen to you share Moments of Nobility, I said that’s what I want, I want to be changed whenever I hear Him speak to me and that’s what seems to be happening to you when listening to that. Another thing is this your updates or posts is so simple , there is such a simplicity about your posts and encouragement so real and to that one can relate as it speaks to the heart. God bless you exceedingly and abundantly.” – Bronwynne
  16. “This was the last website I told myself I would visit tonight. I’ve been struggling, like … so many more above me, with seeing myself as worthy of God’s favor or anyone else’s. I cried the whole way through that prayer because I never truly understood that I could ask for our Father’s favor. Thank you so much; I already feel my joy returning. God has given you an incredible voice of encouragement and love.” – Starra