The Presence Seeker’s Inner Healing Checklist

Hey beloveds,

So many of you have asked me to figure out a way to walk you through the inner healing process online. So, I’m doing that.

To help you keep track of all the inner-healing modules:

I made a list of the big inner healing topics that we addressed at our Rosh Hashanah Inner Healing and Vision-Getting Retreat. We covered more than this at the retreat just because we flowed with Holy Spirit, but these are the big topics upon which we focused.

To walk through our formal inner healing process by webinar, you will want to cover all of the modules listed below.

Check our webinars schedule to find out what’s coming up that you can cross off. Some of these topics have already been recorded. If a class has already been recorded, you can grab the video from our Gumroad store or email me to order it by email.

Note that some of the pre-recorded classes don’t include ministry time. All healing classes in this track going forward WILL include ministry time. This way, I can help you pray through things right in class so you don’t have to wonder afterward if you did it right–and so the enemy doesn’t distract you and make you forget to do it.

Knowing about this stuff without actually praying through it is completely useless. You have to pray through each topic.

If you want the printed book that includes the notes from many of these things, you can order your Presence Seeker’s Guide to Inner Healing here on our Lulu store.

Some webinars will cover multiple modules in one class. So even though the list below has a number of modules, you won’t need to attend a separate class for each one.

Click here to download a PDF, printable version of this list: Inner Healing Module Checklist

  • The healing process, keeping your healing, and spiritual warfare
  • How to get what you’re believing God for
  • How to forgive and make it stick
  • Difference between Holy Spirit’s conviction and the enemy’s condemnation
  • How to follow the leading of Holy Spirit in inner healing
  • Healing from bitterness
  • Healing from generational curses
  • Breaking inner vows
  • Breaking word curses
  • Breaking soul ties
  • Breaking the curse of anti-Semitism
  • Breaking inner vows
  • Breaking off occultism
  • Breaking off masonic curses
  • Healing from unholy sexual encounters
  • Healing from father wounds
  • The Father’s blessing
  • Healing from mother wounds
  • Healing from conditional love
  • Healing from church wounds
  • Healing from friend wounds
  • Breaking generational curses
  • Healing from the aftermath of abortion
  • Repenting for generational iniquity
  • Healing from the poverty spirit and mindset
  • Prophetic ministry for resurrection from dead dreams
  • Baptism by immersion (We recommend being baptized first backward—representing being buried with Christ in baptism and raised to walk in newness of life—then also being baptized forward into your future.)
  • The entrepreneurship mandate
  • Healing the pioneer spirit
  • Commissioning to disciple nations
  • Finding your calling and life message

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  1. Rebecca Gann says:

    Hi Jamie, I just watched your video on Spiritual Healing 102. It’s was amazing and I learned so much.
    I’m looking for the prayer on breaking masonic curses. My grandparents were heavily involved in the masons. Thank you for your teaching!!

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