Prophetic Word for 5779: Go West! Pray! Prophesy! Pioneer!

Hey beloveds,

We are in a HUGE time of spiritual transition right now. It’s the beginning of Jewish Year 5779. Also, we are in the middle of the 10 days of awe–the time period between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur when Holy Spirit downloads so, so much into His people about the coming year.

Yesterday, I woke up and suddenly began getting huge downloads from the Lord. It was like I was an 8-ounce funnel and Holy Spirit was dumping a 10-pound bag of flour in. It was a Holy Spirit-led whirlwind, and I’m still reeling from it; still in the middle of it; and still working on sorting things out.

(By the way, the same thing is likely happening to you too right now. When God moves, He moves across His Body. So if you’re seeing amazing things, dreaming dreams, and getting filled up with new ideas, pay attention. It’s not just you. It’s not your imagination. God is talking; pay attention!)

The Lord gave me seven prophetic words for 5779 yesterday, and I want to release those now. First:

1. 5779 is the year of finished works of grace by the Holy Spirit.

Here’s why:

  • Five is the number of grace.
  • Seven is the year of completion and perfection.
  • Doubled events mean the thing is established in the Spirit realm (Genesis 41:32).
  • Nine is the number of the Holy Spirit.
  • Nine is also the number of the 9 power gifts of the Spirit AND of the 9 fruit of the spirit.

5779 is the year in which many will rise up to walk in their gifts, without apologies and without excuses. It is also the year when many of the spectacular grace-works that God established for the foundation of the world will come forth.

The grace-works of this year are the things about which you have only dreamed. They are the greater works that Jesus prophesied you would do. These works are things that you thought you may have to wait 40 years to see. Many of these works will happen this year because of God’s grace and supernatural help poured out on you.

2. Go west, young man! Go west, young woman! Pray! Prophesy! Pioneer!

This word has been resounding in my spirit for several years, and the Lord finally told me it’s time to release it: “Go west, young man! Go west, young woman! Pray! Prophesy! Pioneer!”

An expansion is waiting for you. You are to enlarge the place of your tent and stretch out the curtains of your dwelling place (Isaiah 54). In 5779, you are to move out into uncharted territories. The territories you will face will not be mapped. You will not know how to take them. You will have to ask lots of questions, do your research, and step out in faith. You are to be like the pioneers of old, who determined to live off the land moment by moment as they sought the dreams that gripped their soul.

God has fastened your soul to His dream. In order to claim the territories of His dream on His behalf, you will have to go out where no man is watching. Go anyway.

4. Prepare in advance for great exploits!

Daniel 11:32b says, “but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.” If you want to accomplish great exploits next year, start work on them now.

God is downloading and opening doors of opportunity that no man can shut, nor can any man open. He alone controls those doors. He is sitting on you to be His hands and His feet.

In some cities of the world, the public transportation companies hire “pushers” to literally push people into the subway trains when the doors open. They do this because time is limited, and as many people as possible need to get on board. They don’t have time to worry about people’s timidity. The train is rolling out, and it needs to be full!

In like manner, you may have to push your destiny into existence.

Time is limited. Eternity is almost here. The train of time is moving out, and it needs to be filled with souls. You and I are going to have to do some great exploits in order to fill that train, and you’re going to have to push your destiny in order to see that train fill up.

Only YOU can do the work God has called you to do in His harvest field right now.

You’re the only one. If YOU don’t step up, people will be left behind when God’s train of eternity rolls out of this Earth-station.

So get a vision. Decide what great exploits you’d like to accomplish next year. Then get to work. Start now so that you can fill the role in the Kingdom to which Father God has ordained you.

5. The sky is the limit.

The Lord showed me that “the sky” represents prayer. If you can pray it and believe it, then you can do it. According to your faith be it unto you!

6. Kick down the doors.

Expect intense warfare. Gone are the days in which everything was easy. You can no longer expect things to fall into place without work. This means:

  • If someone doesn’t answer, call them back.
  • If it doesn’t work the first time, try ten more times.
  • If the first way doesn’t work, try a dozen more ways. Or a hundred. Or a thousand.

Beloved, great exploits are here–but you’re going to have to war. We’re in a battle. The weapons of our warfare are not flesh and blood, but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

So pick up your sword. Lift up your shield. Pray and fast and pray in the Spirit as much as you have to. Openly confess God’s Word over yourself and every situation. FIGHT! Don’t give in; don’t look down; and don’t let up. Push in!

7. Be single-minded in your focus.

I feel Holy Spirit agonizing over this last point. Holy Spirit is issuing an invitation to you right now, and that invitation is this:

“Will you care about eternity as much as I do?”

Will you set aside every other goal, every other aspiration, every distraction? Will you allow your heart to burn within you for the things of God? Will you set aside every temporary purpose for His eternal purpose?

People, get ready! Jesus is coming!

5779 is a critical year. It’s the year of finished works by the Holy Spirit. It’s a year when you can either choose to get on the expressway of eternal purposes–never to leave that highway–or you can choose to putter along in earthly mediocrity.

Giants of evil will fall in 5779. Giants of faith will rise as you step up into Father’s purposes for you. Go west, young man! Go west, young woman! Pray, prophesy, and pioneer as you sell out completely to the Lord’s will for you.

Does this word confirm what Father God is saying to you? If so, let me know! Please leave a comment below.

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  1. MISTY PROTHRO says:


    1. Sandra Simpson says:

      Yes this is an on time word from heaven. The prophetic word is from the Lord it is a sure word. The Lord has been saying the same thing to me and I have been giving this word to them. And two night ago The Lord told me to live what the Lord is tellimg me to tell others. Be blessed women of God.

  2. Confirmation!!!!
    Step into the waters as I will open the way; its time to go across the sea!!

  3. Iolanthe Jansen says:

    Amen!!! Exactly what God has been revealing!! Thank you for your obedience!!

  4. Thanks Jamie for the word. I feel the power of God over me to do the Exploits

  5. Was so waiting to hear this word. Amen. Pray, prophesy,pioneer.
    I’m going west!!!! Amen.
    Pushing down doors.

  6. Amen. God bless you Jamie

  7. Powerful! Confirmation! Spiritually and Literally, thank you Jesus for the exploits in advance. With all my might i want to be separated unto YHVH doing exploits and pushing people onto that heavenly train about to leave the station. I see mass deliverance taking place including healings for the people of God, Complete integration and restoration. My heart is connected to that vision as a servant of the Living King of Glory. I’m all in!!

  8. April L Benton says:

    Speaking directly to me this morning as I have been in great repentance and reflection these days of awe. I know I am stepping into what my book in heaven has said about my purpose…thank u for confirming it.

  9. Mariah Mollel says:

    Amen thank you Holy spirit

  10. Jamie…yes and amen…the Lord has been convicting my heart that I have let some things slip because of things that have happened in my life. I’ve prayed the Lord would not give up on me and bring me back to His plans and purposes for me for His Kingdom. Thank you for sharing what God is saying!!!
    Blessings and Love

  11. Thank you Jamie, confirms, seen license plate 777. Am feeling a little left out, husband broke his left hip, now in Rehab Center and he is understanding Why Jesus in my life and we are now reading the Word together. The greatest desire of my heart was to have a husband I could share things of the Kingdom of God with. Then I had a car accident, hit by two different cars, not sure if my car will be able to be fixed or not. Not much time to be on the internet or prophetic facebook groups like used to and praying in tongues is not as much as I would like as have to deal with so many other things at this time with my husband’s needs, and what I have absolutely got to get done at home. Bless you all.

  12. MWANAMGENI says:

    Glory to God ! May god bless you Jamie. I feel the power of God in Me as I am reading this word. I will not give up until I see a breakthrough.
    Praise the Lord!

  13. Irlain Kruin says:

    Amen and Amen! Pure confirmation through and through. Thank you Jamie and God bless your ministry to the body of Christ. This encourages me to keep pressing in.


  15. Thank you Jamie i am getting there pushing may God bless this words

  16. Grace Ndungu says:

    Glory to God. You were speaking right into my spirit. The Holy Spirit was confirming or rather giving me step by step guidance of what I need to do in the unchartred waters ahead of me. The calling of God upon my life to be an end time soul harvester is real now after reading your message. God is indeed good. Thank you for obeying and sending this word out to us. God bless you.

  17. Daniel Kimondo says:

    This is it! for about a year now,i have been having this groaning in my spirit,its as if the HolySpirit was telling me,prepare for war,prepare for something!
    Now i know why the Spirit is caling the church, why there has been a great awekening in my spirit,now i know why the Spirit is waking me up!!

  18. All I can say is WOW! Thank you Jamie! This is indeed confirmation and enlightenment.

  19. Dean Walters says:

    Supernaturally awesome, profound, timely and so so relevant. Striaght from tje the throne and heart of GOD.

  20. Hello Jamie,

    I also have received words of Isaiah 54 twice from the Holy Spirit but really did not understand. I had asked Him to give a verse to read and heard Isaiah 54. This also happened the following day.
    Now everything is so clear me.
    Thank you so much for always listening to Holy Spirit and for sharing His Teaching

  21. Ophelia C Russell says:

    Hi Jamie
    I pray all is well with you and the family. I am just reading this blog and I am in between situations and I need you to go with me in prayer. I am in many distractions that I can’t hear God speaking to me to tell me what I should do. I have no quiet place but at work sometimes. I just need prayer. Your encouragement means a lot to me.. Help!

  22. Franklin Lee says:

    Confirmation on moving out into uncharted territories. In April of this year, i asked two Christians brothers what their 5 year plans are. One replied, to complete his project on serving local people breakfast, the other said to fulfill his desire to have a praise and worship band. They asked what mine are and i said, “Within the next 5 years, i will be known for doing great exploits at the international level”.

  23. Bianca Currie says:

    Amen to this Word??. I have been feeling everything that you have written down. I’ve been sharing it with my intercessory team. I dreamt about the number 40 the other day. When I woke up I said oh yea Lord it took 40 days for the Israelites to get the promised land. And something hit my spirit and reminded me it was suppose to take 40 days but it really took 40 years. And I told my mom, who is head of our intercessory team that I felt like God was saying to me if we don’t realize that God has freed us from the bondage before, we will still operate in the new season as if we are still in the bondage as before. But if we realize that we are free and follow God, It won’t take 40 years to get to where God is taking us. I actullay moved out west literally from Miami, Fl to Arizona a month ago and the Lord has really renewed my faith and I know that I must fight to get the new I desire and the new God has in store. I feel this is a breakthrough season. It’s like I know that if I don’t act on what God has opened up now, i know that I may miss it. And it’s a choice if I want the greater or settle for common breakthroughs. I’m struggiling with knowing where I should step out at? In my career, living arrangements, job, dream, etc. praying for insight on where I should step out.

  24. Hi Jamie…can you give a better understanding when you say go west?

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