Today’s Post Went Out by Email Only.

LIVE webinar: How to Speak In Tongues | June 26, 2024

I can’t make any changes to the blog that matter because my hosting is being migrated today. Did you get today’s post?

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  1. Rowena Del Carmen says:

    I love reading your blog,the first time the Holy Spirit led me to your website through Pinterest I was amazed because all your teachings are like fountains of water that quenches and nourished my spiritual thirst in every different subject you’ve been tackled about life,prayer,ministry,relationship to our Father,prophetic words,soaking music etc.I felt like God handed me a box of gifts and inside are the tools,knowledge,wisdom,on time WORDS that will help me to mature and grow my faith and walk to the Lord.I thanked God so much because there were times that I can’t understand the situations I have and by your blog it helps me to see and understand clearly how God moves in different ways.I’ve been blessed reading your “Heavenly downloads for New Season”.I’m not just reading it but find myself writing every message that God speaks to me through this soul fed nourishing blog.I also want to thank you for allowing our Father to use you mightily in this area because you’ve been a blessing not only to me but to all of us led by God himself to your site. May the Lord continue to bless you,your family and all your ministry especially this blog.

  2. Hi Jamie, I resubscribed to your blogs/email list but I’m still not receiving any in my inbox. I have checked my junk and trash folders but nothing there either 🙁


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