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Here are 3 short words of encouragement that the Lord gave me today for individual readers (as part of a virtual book signing). Click here to read more about how and why any prophetic word is for you if it comforts you (according to 2 Corinthians chapter 1). I pray these words will speak to your heart and lift you up today.

Word 1:

“I want to encourage you to rise up and believe Me again with all your heart, even when it feels like I have abandoned you. For I have not abandoned you,” says the Lord, “and I have not forsaken you or even neglected you.

I know it’s hard to understand sometimes why I bear long with you (see Luke 18:1-8), but I want you to know that I am working it out for your good right now. Be of good cheer, for I have overcome even these troubles that you are facing–troubles that seem like they keep rising up and rearing their ugly heads again and again.

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    Yet nothing is impossible for Me, and I am working miracles on your behalf that you know not of. Keep your chin up and stare into My eyes for your strength; you will find grace and help in Me, and all will be made right in time!” says the Lord God who loves you.

    Word 2:

    “You are like a swan swimming around in murky water, where you can see the beauty I have created in you, but you cannot see your feet beneath you–in other words, where to go. But I tell you that I am purifying the murkiness of your path, so you will be able to see in front of you and know just where I want you to go next.

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    I may not tell you more than your next step at times, but you will see at least the next step. Ask Me for wisdom and persevere while you paddle along, for perseverance is necessary even when life frustrates you.

    I am with you even in the frustration, for I the Lord created you and ordained your path before I even made the sun. My plans for you are older than the universe itself, and I am strong enough to complete them in you!” says the Lord.

    Word 3:

    “You are spinning around in brightness and light, like a galaxy twirling in your worship of Me. And I have ordained your light. I want you to know that I am pleased with you at all times, for the way you faint after Me in love for Me is beautiful.

    You do not have to be afraid or in dread, for much can change in three days. I am going to provide all your needs, as I always have. I am still faithful even in the crunch, just like I was also faithful in times of leisure and abundance. I am with you to keep you; fear not!” says the Father who loves you and cares for you always.

    Did these words speak to your heart today? If so, leave a comment below!

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      1. I believe that word was for me. I needed to know that no matter my circumstance that God was pleased with me for my obedience to remove any and all sin from my life. That in the 3 days he will provide for me a miracle and give me the promises of His word for provisions. I’ve been praying to become debt free, freedom from debt. I confessed my sin for over spending and digging myself deeper and deeper into debt. I believe God will forgive me and cause me to repent and lift my head. He will miraculously remove all debt that plagues me so that I may be a lender to the nations. Not a borrower and a slave to the lender. Oh thank you Lord that you Love me this much to provide for me and give me your Word today.

    1. thank you so much Jamie these words speak so deeply to me.

    2. lucelle sharlene says:

      Good day.
      Trust all is well.
      Please Rory I need prayer for my son’s pregnant girlfriend. She is in her last 3weeks and is struggling with highblood pressure.
      Please pray for her and the baby for a healthy labour/deliver.
      Her name is Justin Louise Miemies.
      Thanks in advance. I know and trust that the Lord will come through for us with our first grandchild.

    3. Thank you Jamie for these words of encouragement.

      1. Thank you for the Words of encouragement, Glory to Jesus Amen

    4. Amen!!!🙏🏾 🙏🏾 🙏🏾

    5. Vanessa Dube says:

      Wow; Praise the lord child of God. It’s really a prophetic words straight to me. I wanted to give up but now I will never again.Amen.

    6. Amen and Amen and Amen!

    7. Those words spoke to me , especially 1 and 2. I needed to hear this and am thankful for the reminder that God is with me and is working it out for my good.

    8. Sasherene says:

      I believe the Lord is assuring me that son will be healed. He will direct me at work because sometimes I am frustrated and wonder if I should look for another job. We have been praying about so many things over the years and these 3 words are just comforting and reassuring and confirming that it is well. Praise the Lord.

    9. When the Lord speaks to you so deeply you can feel Him run all through you, God is so beautiful and amazing he knows exactly how to hold you when you need to be held…

    10. Thank you Jamie, the resonated well with me. More grace unto you

    11. Awesome, I felt like the first one was for me, so I take it in Jesus name

    12. What a prophetic word, I’m ever humble and grateful thank you Abba Father.

    13. Yes, these words spoke clearly to me, reaffirming what the Father has been speaking to me. Thank you for the encouragement! Blessings, Woman of God.

    14. Francie Robertson says:

      Thank you Jamie,
      This message has confirmed for me a FACET of hurts and wounds that was still a major issue to be dealt with. I have been going back over your past message entitled “Beware the Faceted Nature of Hurts and Wounds” JAN 24. I asked in prayer if there be any other facets and it has been a few months now. Suddenly up leapt the word “ABANDONMENT. ” And the day before this message arrived I was seeing and hearing the word abandonment, abandoned etc throughout the entire day!
      You wrote down in here…
      “even when it seems I have ABANDONED you, I HAVE NOT ABANDONED YOU says THE LORD…”
      And now I can’t wait to get into it and GROW WITH OUR GOD!

    15. Thank you God for these words. You always know exactly what we need at the exact time! Thank you Jamie for your obedience with Father! My thirst is quenched! These words feel like a warm blanket coming out of a blizzard! Gratitude!

    16. Going to court for contempt to see my kids. Thank you so much this lifted me up so much. Now I see the fire in His eyes to take care of me!!!!!

    17. Maribeth Bieber says:

      Yes storms are non stop for me. I know the Lord is with me through them but they don’t stop there is always a next one. So yes this prophecy is for me.
      Thank you!

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