3 Things the Lord Is Telling Me RIGHT NOW

Hey beloveds, I wanted to share a few things with you today that the Lord is telling me right now. These aren’t necessarily “prophetic words” in the normal sense, but I do believe they are rather urgent–and we know that, what the Lord does with one person, He does across His whole Body.

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That being said, here are 3 really practical (and, I feel, rather urgent) WISDOM KEYS the Lord is speaking to me about right now:

1. The Lord is really speaking to me about nutrition. Specifically:

A) He is helping me learn about inflammatory foods and get them out of my diet.

I’ve been reading books by Dr. Don Colbert, whom I learned about years ago from Joyce Meyer. I’ve also been reading online materials from a number of other people.

The information I am learning is information I wish I had learned 30 years ago. It’s information that nobody in the mainstream talks about. But I am making major nutritional changes as a result of what I am learning, and I feel SO much better. (I could actually tell a difference after the first non-inflammatory meal I ate.)

B) He is teaching me to associate sickness, bodily pain, setbacks, and discouragement with things that are bad for me–because these are the end results of things that are bad for me.

This goes against the lust of the flesh, for the lust of the flesh wants to concentrate on the momentary thrill you get when you taste (for example) a piece of pie, and all the sugar that comes with it.

Nevertheless, the end result of things that are bad for me is BAD.

These things result in sickness, disease, an inability to function, and so much more. This is the TRUTH, and Jesus always wants us to focus on the truth, which sets us free.

C) He has asked me to learn about functional medicine.

None of the physicians I have seen before in my life are into functional medicine, but I am learning that (at least I believe) finding a functional medicine doctor is actually more apropos for what I personally need than even my PCP is. Learning about cortisol levels, hormone optimization, nutritional needs and food sensitivities is a BIG deal. You might want to read up on it if something sparks in your curiosity about this.

2. He told me to establish routines in the morning and evening for my family and myself.

To establish the routine, He showed me to begin at the time the routine ends–e.g. the time I need to leave my home and drive to work. Then, He told me to work backwards from there, and to set a schedule for the other things I need to do in the morning, with beginning and ending times for each.

I’ve been using the new schedule for a few weeks, and it has already made a HUGE difference to both my mindset, my health, and my productivity. I feel more tuned in to the Lord than ever before. Also, I am living more holistically than ever before because of these routines. 

What I mean by “holistically” is:

Everything we do should be worship, and everything we do should be done as to the Lord. There should never be a time when we “put our spiritual hat on” or take it off. Everything we do is spiritual, and we should perceive it all as such.

In practical terms, this looks like:

  • When I get up in the morning, I get up because I want to please the Lord, and I’m going to meet with Him.
  • When my Bible study time is over and it’s time to exercise, I get up from my study spot and begin exercising–but still in a spirit of worship. I’m exercising as a way to worship the Lord, because taking care of my body honors the Lord.
  • When I’m done exercising and it’s time to prepare for the day, I cook healthy meals for myself, my son, and my husband before they even get up–because Proverbs 31 says I should, and I want to obey the Lord.
  • When I’m done with that and it’s time to get my son up and ready for school, I do that as unto the Lord.

This is what I mean when I talk about “living holistically.”

Everything we do should be done to the Lord, and should involve our whole person pointing in worship to Him. Establishing routines (with His help) has helped me do that better than ever before.

3. He has told me to declutter because I’m going to need to be mobile.

I feel strongly by the Spirit of God–and I have heard Him telling me this for most of this year–that tremendous opportunities will open up in 2021. He told me that my family and I will need to be mobile, agile, prepared to act, and NOT held down by clutter and chaos if we are going to be able to take advantage of these opportunities.

Therefore, I am ruthlessly decluttering, purging things I once held dear (mementos, knick-knacks, clothes, etc), and cleaning. I want to be able to move with the Lord, and 2021 is getting closer.

I don’t know if any of these things resonate with you or not. However, I feel in the Spirit that they are quite urgent.

If the Lord is already speaking to you about any of these things, then I pray this blog post will serve as confirmation, and will inspire you to press on. 

If the Lord has not yet spoken to you about any of these things, please ask Him today if you need to be aware of any of these items–and then begin to research and pray, however He leads you.

Love in Jesus,



  1. Joelle Doan Erdmann says:

    This absolutely is what I have been hearing! I have the antiinflammatory diet, I just need to follow it. I have been decluttering, but I desire to purge alot! Also, I feel the need for routines, but haven’t honed them down to what they need to be. Thank you. This does confirm and encourages me to get moving! God bless you Jamie ❣️

    1. Leslie Blackmon says:

      Yes this absolutely resonating with my spirit!

    2. Yep! A few years ago the Lord began speaking to me about my health, eating better and exercising for body and mind. Being a military spouse we move quite a bit. This last move made us purge tremendously. We went from a two story w/ basement to a ranch with basement to a ranch on a slab. I told my husband jokingly that the Lord must want us ready to go quickly when He calls with no baggage. Me saying that had to have been Holy Spirit for sure only no joke. And my husband has been feeling the need for schedules: even down to timers. 😁 The Lord is trying to get us to be prepared for whats to come.

    3. Belita Randall says:

      The Spirit of The Lord is encouraging me to de clutter as well. Clothing especially which can be used by the very poor! I have a sense that a relocation or emigration will take place! I am happy to go where HE sends me.

      Blessings and love In Christ to you all.
      Belita Randall
      Cape Town
      South Africa.
      PS pray for this country – Corruption is rife as is Racism, La
      nd Invasion etc.
      Thank you in all in Jesus Name – Amen

    4. Aida Resendez says:

      Wow! I was speaking to my pastor about this yesterday. It only confirms we are headed the right direction. Thank you for sharing. God bless everyone.

  2. Becky Tibbetts says:

    Confirmation, YES! Me Too!! I also started a new diet but I was encouraged and inspired by your tips. Our family is also going through and purging.
    Thank you for sharing! Becky

  3. Definitely confirmation, these have been discussions in quiet time and even times where Holy Spirit is saying pay attention. I recently got lab work done and I said my body is truly speaking to me in a real way to say get the spirit, mind, and body aligned and back in tuned with what was my original pre-destined state for there is yet a work to be done and God is truly going to BURST open many opportunities in 2021, I have been meditating and standing on Ex 34:10. ALL OF THIS is confirmation. Thank you for always being obedient and so accurate!

  4. Yes! I have been sick with endocrine issues for over a month now. I’m seeing a Functional Medicine Practitioner in a few weeks! I have never been this knocked down before. Highly recommend finding a FMP!

    1. I read this from my bed today with yet another migraine after pondering the urgent need to address these things. I have Dr. Colbert’s book and Wellness for the Glory of God within reach on my nightstand along with your wonderful book, Radical Prayer, Radical God. My new walking stick awaits me under my bed. Across the hall is my unfinished decluttering project for purging.
      My Lord, my family, Israel, the nations, and I need my body to be in the fullness of health to carry out my calling! This public post seals my commitment to do so will ABBA’s help, for without Him I can do nothing! Love, Ann

    2. God used functional medicine to save my life. I find that it respects God’s whole and integrated systems Creation of the body, as well as His individual person approach (no duplicates!). And now I’m newly entering this FM world at mid-career. I pray for clarity and vision, as it’s strictly obedience right now.

      Great job with taking steps towards wholly thriving!

  5. Everything you said has been in my spirit. Yes, I will definitely take heed. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Martie Giesbrecht says:

    Yes! This definitely resonates with me. I have chronic pain and digestive issues that I have been trying to figure out via natural ways. And the part about being ready to be mobile does as well. Thank you for sharing!

  7. The Lord has been speaking to me regarding nutrition and drinking water, settings time for Him (He has said to quit my job) and rest for myself, a few months ago. It has been ongoing (I think because at times I forget or busyness), and He has said that I will be moving new year.

    Thank you Jamie for sharing.

    With His help we can overcome this….Amen!

  8. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    This is what i was hearing about for the last months and weeks.It is my confirmation and i received it .Thank you Lord for revealing it through your daughter.Amen and Amen.

  9. Cathy Anderson says:

    My health and diet have become one of my focuses this year since I’ve had to retire because of major health issues. i am trying my best to find what works well for me and helps my body function more normally. I am not able to exercise much as I am not even supposed to be putting any weight on my foot where the bones might collapse. God is helping direct me I believe as to what to do to make my life easier and more healthy. I am not getting much direction from the Lord about decluttering but occasionally I think about the need to do this but my body is having a hard time just doing what I have to do each day. I will pray and ask God to help me know what to do and how to do it.

  10. Yes, I have recently been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis on top of the Hypothryoid diagnosis a year and a half ago. due to ongoing stress for 3 years now. I had started an Autoimmune Protocol diet just over a week ago and am starting to begin to feel better and less bodily aches. Definitely on par with Jaimie’s recent prophetic message.

  11. Part C Functional Medicine is a confirmation for me. Took mom yesterday for her monthly blood draw amid this covid mess. Were told she could not get it after weeks of nagging she was overdue and had make a doctor apt. Big mess and treated like criminals. I told mom we needed to think about finding her a functional medicine Dr. For me as well for my chronic mystery illness till God heals it. And then I get your email and see this. I will stay calm while dealing with the medical plan drama and know the path God wants us to look into. Thank you

  12. Aliesana Sandoval says:

    Amen! God has been revealing some things to myself as well considering my routine, time management, eating (possibly going vegan, but have to discern this more, not sure yet) and overall resisting foods that are bad for my health—such as fries. Thank you for this! God is good.

  13. Cynthia Wilson says:

    Yes! Thankyou!
    1. I absolutely agree that we are what we eat so if we eat poorly our bodies will hurt.
    2. I love your comments about living holisticly and about doing everything unto the Lord and rising early and exercising. Im not there yet but getting there.
    3. God has had me on the minimizing journey for about a year. First to get my heart ready by following blogs and now I am doing it. I am minimizing. God works in me both to will and to do…Phil 2:13

  14. Yes God is definitely speaking to me about all that was revealed to you Im over weight, have inflammation, aches & pain all the , thank you Jamie for sharing this post & opening my eyes to doing everything unto God & making that a lifestyle. I have repented for the yrs of abuse to the temple thats been blessed to have His Holy Spirit to reside. I need this word & I hope you will share more on living in a holistic lifestyle.

  15. Crystal Penn Carew says:

    So weird… I hate schedules and stay away from them but these last few weeks I have had the urge to start getting on a schedule and then the last few weeks I noticed how much I was craving superfoods, protein shakes, fresh fruits and vegetables and way more water than ever. I have been doing the minimalist approach for years now getting rid of and donating as much as I can to those in need. God even tells me who needs what! When I need to go down a size in clothing I say Lord send clothes and a friend will call me with clothes she is getting rid of! I had to get rid of mine to open that door up! I am no where near as hungry as I use to be and I even got a 7 minute work out because God knows I have tried everything and I said God I can do 7 minutes. I liked the number too LOL. I got the unction to use turmeric on everything I cook. You can barely taste it and it even comes in tea. It helps with inflammatory. So crazy! I love my essential oils who help keep me calm and my hormones regular. I use Progessence Plus from Young Living. I am a distributor and its the only reason I signed up. I needed something to help me with hormonal swelling, hot flashes and emotional roller coasters. Since I did that I have found even more ways to get toxins out of my life and find ways to support my body naturally so I am healthy from the inside out.

  16. Annanson John says:

    This fussy picky eating lately has been given a sound biblical perspective! I thought I was getting caught up with my earlier veg life.
    Prophetess Jamie 1Cor15:58/Heb6:10
    Thank you. Acts17:28.

  17. Hello Jamie,

    My God YES, all of the above resonates with me. I have been hearing to do these things. God is doing something in the earth. We have to get on board. Thank you for being obedient. God bless you!

  18. Steadily Praying says:

    This is so confirmation for me! I had the desire to do these things and my 2020 goals started off with discipline and focus.

    I’ve been so focus on purging my life lately, of things, people, bad habits, even my home (which I didn’t start the year with that thought).
    I’ve also been focusing on health, which lead to me doing Intermittent Fasting and I’ve lost weight more easily and successfully than I ever have. Along with committed to daily exercise.

    I don’t know what’s coming, but I want to be ready and prepared for God’s will.

  19. John Shomade says:

    A fees and practical word that applies to everyone in some way or the other. Definitely resonate with me.

  20. Arissa Nolastname says:

    Yes, thank you. It’s been there in the nook/cranny of my mind, but implementing some of it is a struggle due to my living situation. I have been driven/motivated to moving my non-essentials out of the place I’m staying in, even though I encountered much resistance in getting a lock for privacy, help for transportation etc. So, I had a friend install 2 shelves in the closet where my stuff was piled one on top of the other making it difficult and extremely stressful just trying to access things on a daily basis. The Lord gave me ideas on how to deal with the privacy aspect, since I was not allowed to put a lock on the door.
    Other areas like nutrition, exercise etc. needs to be more consistent, as the resistance is great. In the 4 years at current living situation, all major conveniences of life were denied me, but pockets of help were available for some areas, but nutrition was poor, skin and hair and eyesight deteriorated, no “rest”, constantly surveiled and treated with disrespect. So, I know that somehow, someday the yoke of bondage keeping me here will be broken, all things restored to me including the years the palmer worm, canker worm, caterpillar and locust have been devouring.
    Thanks so much for your encouraging emails/posts

  21. Lisa Bolden says:

    All of thischasxresonated with my Spirit loud and clear, and I’m listening and taking heed to it. I feel it very strongly and for months being trying to incorporate all these in my life. Thank you.

  22. Its amazing the way our Papa God reaches out to his children. I have been perceiving the need to go into fruits and veggies and to be serious with my exercises. This confirms for me that am quite in line.
    Thanks Jamie

  23. Sister Jamie, you’ve again blessed me as you do so often. This is not only confirmation big time to what the lord has been speaking to me but also to help me get back on board and kn track as I was a month or so ago. I fell off the rails with all you mentioned. I’m going to start again fervently as I believe this is coming straight from the Father’s heart to mine. God bless and continue to use you as a watchman on thecwall!

  24. Keitumetse says:

    Thank you for this daughter of the King. Wow what a confirmation. Thank you for even sharing on how to go about.

    Our Father God has been speaking to me to me about these 3 things. God bless you JamieK

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