3 Prophetic Words for You Today

Prophetic word with Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comHey beloved,

Today, I heard the Lord say these 3 very short, simple prophetic words. They are not necessarily associated with one another; but if one is for you, you’ll know it.

Word #1:

“I saw you leaning on the wall of your shower this morning and crying. I heard you say, ‘I am not garbage. I am not garbage.’

And indeed I say to you, My child, you are not garbage. You are greatly beloved. I love you so much, and I see you; and I am coming to help you right now. Get the help you need and pursue Me, and I will make all things whole.”

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Word #2:

“I feel your fatigue and your burdens. But know that you are not strong enough to carry even the smallest of them by yourself.

Cast your cares on Me, over and over; even if you have to lay down and rest on purpose, just to stab the devil in the eye. Refuse to get over into worry and stress, for I am with you to deliver you,” says the Lord.

Word #3:

“Today is a day of friends. You needed friendship and I gave it to you, My child. Enjoy and delight in the people who love you, for greater are they who are on My side than those who are against you.

I love you and I see all the deepest needs of your heart. I am wiping away the bleeding from the walls of your heart, where you know your heart has been broken. Take heart; it will be all right,” says the Lord.

Was one of these very simple words for you today? If so, leave a comment below! I will be praying for you!

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    1. Words #2 & #3 were for me precisely

    2. Thank you so much for your ministry. It has brought me closer to God. I have a broken heart right now as the devil had diminished our relationship from lies that were told about me. I’ve been giving my friend Gino space , trying to be patient which is hard for me thanking God for comforting me while working on restoring our relationship. I please the blood of Jesus to God over our broken relationship to heal it . I thank him for hearing me and for the work he is doing. I know he will heal my relationship . I thank him for always loving me and being with me even when I didn’t think he was and for always blessing me for being to wake up each day . I give all the glory to God!

    3. Judith Makunga says:

      Thank you Jamie for praying for me and being sensitive to the Holy Spirit.I receive prophesy #2 and 3.

    4. G MONTSHO says:

      Good morning, thank you Jamie the 3rd ord is mine, since Sunday I have been receiving massages and calls from friends who support me, thank you

    5. catherine says:

      Thanks…I feel fatigued and burdened

    6. Dr. Torise Hiller says:

      These were so vital to me in this hour that you for your obedience and sending these my way

  1. #2,#3 are definitely for me. Praise God. Thank you for posting these Jamie

    1. #3 was for me. Thank you!!!

  2. Matshepo Seletswane says:

    Word #2 is definately for me! I cast all my cares unto the Lord and take His rest and peace. Thank you so much Jamie.

    Much Love

  3. Thanks Jamie, #2 really struck my heart. Abba revealed that I overthink things, and tend to carry burdens and “work” for love and I need deliverance. I want His supernatural to flow in and through me without me causing any hindrance or delay. Your prayers are appreciated, Jamie!

  4. Hi its Temwa these words are for me accused at work with my bosses of being
    dishonest and are really draining me trying to find me a fault.

  5. Joseph Pedroza says:

    I got very involved in a ministry
    As I grew in grace I had to leave. For something’s weren’t as they seemed.
    When abba asked me to leave
    I lost what I knew as my counselors. My support. My circle of friends in the body.
    The last 7 months or so have been to me what feels as a lonely road.
    Within the last week. He has opened countless doors for fellowship and I once again have received all that i left behind

  6. Kedibone Celia Magooa says:

    Thanks Jamie for the words they all applies to my situation, as i fell into the hands of the scamers, i did not remain with even one cent, This afternoon my best friend brought me a 1000 ZAR without asking, that is why I’m so positive towards your prophecies

  7. Alberta Baker says:

    One again I thank you Jamie for being the obedient servant that you are. #2 really spoke to me and in the deep recesses of my heart. God knows what each of us needs and when we need it! Thank you again for being such a blessing!!!🙏🔥✝️

  8. Good afternoon, thank you for that I am tired mentally and physically, with worry and stress. Please pray for me I’m going through a tough time right now and I’m waiting and seeking on the Lords promise I’m trusting and believing in him.

  9. Jane Davidson says:

    Jamie, #2 was right for me. I know I have a broken and bruised heart. Thank you so much for your wonderful prayers and encouragement.

  10. Margaret Mills says:

    #2 but especially #3 right now. Thank you for your faithfulness!

  11. #3 for me, #2 also. Had some calls yesterday and today. I had pushed some of them away because of the amount of toxicity, persecution and betrayal, not neccessary from them. Also putting up boundaries caused friction, and being misunderstood, etc. Thank you for the word.

  12. #3 was for me!! I was distraught yesterday and felt it in my Spirit to call my friend! She said a word that began to speak truth to me. This morning during my prayer time the Lord helped me remember something that my husband and I did with our children 3 years ago that completely obliterated the worry I was facing yesterday. Praise the Lord!! I texted my friend to share what the Lord did and she said she had been praying for me all day to come to that very realization. The Lord answered her prayer and we were both blessed by the experience and our friendship. The Lord is so faithful!!!

  13. Hi everyone. All I can say is WOW! these 3 words are for ME. I have been having a Pity Party lately and not even talking to my best friend who keeps calling me. When I read these 3 especially #3 about friends I immediately called her. “You needed friendship and I gave it to you” WOW. Thank you so much Jamie for these blogs. “Cast your cares on Me, over and over; even if you have to lay down and rest on purpose, just to stab the devil in the eye. Refuse to get over into worry and stress, for I am with you to deliver you,” says the Lord. JUST STAB THE DEVIL IN THE EYE – very well put! He wants us to feel unloved and that God doesn’t care but he is a LIAR – I’m stabbing my Pity Party in its eye as well. Praise God.

  14. Thank you Jaimie for your steadfastness! #2 and #3 definitely speak to my situation for the last year and a half. I have been waiting so long for this deliverance from the enemy!

  15. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for your obedience. #2 & #3 are definitely for me. Thank you for releasing. God bless you always.

  16. The LORD encouraged me to invite a co-worker (potential friend) to lunch today. What a blessed time we had! It was not even someone I had considered as a possible friend, but someone I have had the opportunity to encourage over the past few months. The LORD showed me this morning after some time in prayer that this person will indeed be a friend I have needed.

  17. #2 is for ME. After a good cry in my prayer closet I gave it all to God. I rested today while both of my children were at daycare. For weeks I talked to God about how i needed a break from my children and how some days I wake up and I am feeling so down that I dont have the strength to be a mom. God heard me and I was able to put my 7 month old daughter in daycare today along with my 20 month old son. I went back home, had a good cry, searched for jobs and listened to sharing the word of God. I had “deliberate rest” as it’s been so long since I rested with both of my children present. I really laid my burdens on the Lord. My husband and I are separated and I am believing for God to do great things in my life. Things I have yet to pray for yet. Thank you Jamie.

  18. Hello sister, #2 really is for me. I had been fatigued from this burden that I almost was tired. I have given all to the Lord now. God bless you and everyone who relates to this ministry.

  19. Hi Jamie, thank you for allowing Father God to speak through you. This was me today, I was feeling unwanted, I wept before Baba about it. A few hours later went to visit a friend of mine and I came back feeling much better. These words were so much for me, such that I got scared a bit reading today’s message. I know it is well for me in Jesus name. Amen

  20. every word spoke to me!

  21. Sphilangenkhosi says:

    Hi Jamie this massage came right I time I wasn’t feeling well today emotional broken down by pple we love but God sticks more than a friend you have strengthen me like an Eagle I can fly higher becos of your prayers have a blessed day thank u God bless you more.

  22. Abigail Hale says:

    Hi Jamie,
    #1#2 & #3 they’re all for me. I have previously said I am not garbage because of how leaders treated me when I was under their care it affected me emotionally and I felt torn apart I cried and prayed about it and allowed God to give me a change of heart, I realized that I didn’t have the issue it was Satan using them. I’m praying that God totally heals me emotionally and throw it into the depths of the sea. #2, I was going through very God’s restoring my strength, my health hadn’t been wel I’ve been very fatigued, no energy, and diagnosed with prediabetes. I’m much overweight for my height and have been worrying about an assignment God asked me to do. My I’m believing God will give me large financial breakthrough, it takes finances to get things done that’s been on the waiting list a longtime. I’m praying for total healing, restoration and delivering power from emotions. I turned everything over to Dad Yeshua, I can’t handle alone because he’s my source and waymaker. #3 My heart was broken by people who pretended friends with my but God has stepped in and allowed these few to expose themselves to me and they’re not aware of it. I’ve been a loving person and would step in and help but the devil in them was jealous and worked against me. I’ve learned to guard my heart and move out my way from frienemies. I’m happy because I know that Dad Yeshua is my friend that sticks closer than a brother. I’ve backed away asking God to keep me backed away in making right decisions for my life.
    Thanks for your encouraging words Jamie, May Heaven smile upon you and your work everyday.

  23. #2 is meant for me. I feel mentally, physically and emotionally exahusted.
    right now, all i can do is look to the creator of the universe, the one who knew me before i was created in my mothers womb, he alone who predestined my ways before they came to being.

  24. I am claiming #3 for my daughter! I had just asked her this morning how I could be praying for her specifically, and she said for more close friends and for a roommate so she can move into a bigger space. Thank you!

  25. Today Jamie, all 3 can fit today Thank-you.

  26. Lucretia Wingate says:

    #3 Is for me it really spoke to me and I felt it, because this morning I talked to a friend for a while on the phone whom I just met. So Thank You so much for this Jamie, God bless you and Thank You Father 😊🙏🏾🙌🏾.

  27. Judith Alfa says:

    Amen and Thank you Jaime.

  28. Annanson John says:

    #3 thank you!
    The shower thing is for a friend I I will forward to her.
    Prophetess Jamie 1Cor15:58/Heb6:10

  29. Sally De Kock says:

    Every word spoke to me, I was literally feeling at the end of my rope. Please pray for me to stand strong in faith and run the race with perseverance so that I may obtain the crown of glory.

    May the Lord bless and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you.
    Thank you so much for your dedication. Lots of love. Shalom

  30. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    Jamie,i felt #1 on Tues(25/08/20),and #2 and #3 i am going through it now.People against me in church,left alone without friends and also about restore- i heard that my husband is coming over to where i am but not to me.It will be 9 months this Sept,He Hasn’t Call or Text me,but i have faith that God will bring that footsteps and that He will be ordered those two legs to come and see me.Thank you so much Jamie

  31. Number 2 was the word for me. An issue was causing me some stress, but the word was a timely reminder for me. Thank you and may God continue to bless you!

  32. Annanson John says:

    I am really excited about the testimony!
    Prophetess Jamie 1Cor15:58/Heb6:10.
    Thank you for your prophetic teachings and revelations. The timely release and the pure honesty that envelops your message is Relieving.

  33. Amen thank Father and Jamie these prophetic words really resonated with me. I know that my Father is with me and his always there to help through all these things.

  34. I receive them all, but #1 was definitely for me. I literally cried out to Him with all of the words thrown at me and experiences thrown at me revolving my children, my disability and the others involved in raising them. It has been terribly difficult at times, but as I pray deliverance from the jezabel spirit, leviathan and religiousness, it has been a rocky road and sometimes I struggle to not believe the labels I’ve been given. The Lord heard me and shared thru you. I receive His word and thank you for hearing what I can’t always. Praise God!

  35. Delia Gonzales says:

    Jamie thank you I do see those who are against us try to impart what I have working and studying God’s word Meditating on it also sometimes it gets hard but we don’t go by feeling but by faith please email me on your private email I wish I could speak to you in person but yes I go through the same things you mention in your blog so we know that God confirms his word have a blessed day I will continue praying for you you can not send money under PayPal but I will bless you

  36. I’m happy to serve a God that says, “stab the devil in the eye.” I feel all warm on the inside.

  37. Today us Sept 1st and this word is for me. I have felt like garbage. Unloved and unappreciated no matter my intentions. I just had an emotional tirade and this is definitely the word of the Father through His Spirit to me. Reminding me that He loves and values me; He appreciates me. Also I have been carrying burdens that I literally have shoulder pain. I know it is stress related. Lord I lay it at Your feet. My need to protect my reputation had made me carry so many burdens but You Lord are my reputation. And Father I need convenant friends; born again Spirit filled friends so iron can sharpen iron. Lord please help me, comfort me, heal my heart, help me forgive. Guide me by Your Holy Spirit. Look to the Son and have mercy on me and be gracious to me. Look to Jesus and remember me. Turn my situation around. Comfort me, comfort me. In Jesus name, Amen.

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