5 Prophetic Words of Encouragement

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In the last few days, the Lord has given me a number of encouraging prophetic words for people in our community. I wanted to share 5 more of them today, for any word that encourages you is for you too, even if it wasn’t originally issued to you. 🙂 Click here to read more about how to know if a prophetic word is for you.

Without further ado, please read these 5 prophetic words of encouragement today!

Word 1:

“My heart burns with love for you, and with joy in who you are and who I have made you to be. You never have to fear pursuing My call on your life, for I prepared a path for you to walk in before the foundation of the world. I have dreams for you to dream that you never thought of.

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    Do not be afraid of what I have placed in your heart. Only be a good steward of all I have entrusted to you, for every aspect of your life will be important as time goes on. I will give you wisdom, and I who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it!” says the Lord.

    Word 2:

    “There are tests and trials which have attempted to roll over you and flatten you. Those things were not from Me. But though the enemy came in like a flood, I want you to know that I am rising up to fight on your behalf.

    I am with you to keep you and protect you from all the attacks of the enemy, and I am raising up My battle standard that indicates that I will absolutely obliterate the enemy’s attacks over you. All you need to do is seek Me first, and seek My Kingdom and My righteousness. And all these things will be added to you!” says the Lord.


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    Word 3:

    “You are a light that shines brightly everywhere you go. I have placed that light in you; it is the light of My Spirit, and of My call on your life. There are people who have let the enemy use them to try to extinguish your light, but what they did was not from Me even when they said it was. Refuse to let the enemy cover you and your light with a basket! Instead, shine brightly with all your might.

    Let My love shine through you to those who need it, and disregard the persecution of those who cannot honor you,” says the Lord. “I am with you always, even to the end of the world–and you are MY special inheritance, chosen and made for Me and by Me. Never forget that!” says the Father of lights.

    Word 4:

    “I am testing your ability to rest. I know it seems like you don’t make any progress when you rest, but believe Me when I say that the period of rest, without making any progress, charges you up to catapult you forward at a whole new level.

    Even when taking a weekly day of rest feels like a waste of time, I assure you that, the day after you rest, you will see more progress than you were seeing before. Rest is part of My rhythm for you, so be sure you obey Me and indulge in it,” says the Lord! “Learn to have fun in rest, and delight in My rhythm of rest like I delight in you! For you are My precious child, and rest is My gift to you,” says God.

    Word 5:

    “You have been on a roller coaster in some ways, with many ups and downs. However, I tell you that I desire to lead you into a green pasture of peace, where we can sit together and watch the wind blow its waves in the grass.

    To get to that place of peace and quiet in Me, believe that you can come unto Me when you are weary and heavy laden, and that I will give you rest. Cast your burdens at My feet and do nothing but stare at My face like Mary did.

    As you choose the good portion every day, I will calm all the things that concern you, for the good portion shall not be taken away from you,” says the Lord God Most High, Creator of the universe.

    Friend, do these words resonate in your heart?

    If so, thank the Lord today for His mercy, grace, and help in your life! And sow a seed below to link your faith with the word, offering the Lord your gratitude for His strength, which is made perfect in our weakness!

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    1. The Words have spoken to me… lost my husband of 41 years on Nov. 20.

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