6 Rewards of This Season

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Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comOver the past several days, the Lord has shown me 6 specific rewards He is bringing to His Body during these 40 days of reward.

These are the rewards the Lord is bringing so far:

  1. Opportunities to do what you love
  2. Visitations of Jesus
  3. Blessing all the works of your hands
  4. Financial provision
  5. Apologies from those who have wronged you
  6. Harvest on seeds sown long ago that were dormant

And this is what I heard the Lord say about those 6 rewards:

“I am with you to reward you. The works of My hands are great, and they are studied by all who love Me. In this season, I am pouring out rewards that have been accumulating to your account in Heaven–your Heavenly “bank” account.

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    First, I am giving you opportunities to do what you love. Your opportunities have been limited to sow and give, and you love doing that. I am making a way for you to give and sow extravagantly, for you have longed for these opportunities and I knew they would be precious to you.

    I am opening doors for you to do other things you love also. Don’t forget that the key is thanksgiving; the more you thank Me, the more I can do for you according to My spiritual laws. So thank Me all the time and watch Me open doors for you right and left!

    My Son is also visiting you personally.

    He said He would manifest Himself to you if you love Him and keep His commandments, but you didn’t realize He really meant it! In this season, you have already had two visits from My Son Jesus personally.

    Yes, He was personally with you–and you felt Him! Thank Me again for these visits, and thank Jesus for coming! He will come back and personally visit with you more.

    You should know this about Him: He takes relationship very personally and He is occupying His time with visiting you.

    I am also blessing all the works of your hands.

    [mv_video doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” jsonLd=”true” key=”sc5fvvdgmqgxrfhjraei” ratio=”16:9″ thumbnail=”https://mediavine-res.cloudinary.com/v1643938483/ircesctvomdhgsyzoiqv.jpg” title=”It Is a Season of Suddenlies” volume=”70″]


    You have entered a season in which reward will come much easier than it did before, and I am prospering your labor of love which you have shown toward all the saints. The work you have done will bear fruit for you.

    Do not despair; though it has been long in coming, the vision is true and will arrive. The appointed time is near; take heart, for I have overcome the world! Nothing can hold back the rewards I send to you!

    As part of the reward for your work, I am increasing the profitability of your labors. 

    You will see My financial provision flow from the time you have invested in My Kingdom work. And remember that My Kingdom is not limited to the church; it is everywhere.

    As long as you are laboring to glorify Me, your increase will come and your profitability will increase in this season. My financial provision will flow to you in accordance with the degree to which you are honoring Me with all that you do. 

    Your tithing and offering have come up as an incense before Me.

    I am pleased with the sacrifice of obedience in your heart as you tithe and offer. It has been difficult for you in some ways, but I honor your attitude and heart to obey Me and listen to Me. Thank You for managing money My way in all that you do, even when it is uncomfortable. 

    You will also receive apologies in this season from those who have wronged you.

    You enforced boundaries when you knew it was the right thing to do, and you thought your Matthew 18 pushback fell on empty ears. But it did not. It has taken time, but I have convicted people who wronged you, and you will be hearing from them soon.

    You have also sowed seeds of love and labor that you thought were bearing no fruit.

    However, I have been hovering and brooding over your seeds, incubating them and keeping them warm. The fire of My Spirit has been hatching produce from your seeds, and you will find that your seeds will be blessed. You will receive good reports; expect them!”

    Beloved, have you been pressing into God for reward?

    If not, it’s not too late to begin. Read this prophetic word here about praying for reward, and seek God with all your heart while you ask Him to reward you at the same time!

    Did this prophetic word about the rewards of this season resonate with you? Are you already seeing any of these rewards? Please leave a comment below if so!


    1. Dianne Dover says:

      This word is so timely and encouraging for me today… thank you


      1. Hi Jamie! I have already been receiving reward during these 40 days, especially in the area of encouragement. I have been blown away by it. Praise God. Blessings!

    2. Melinda Davis says:

      Thank you for the on-time word and I am so thankful that Father Abba allow me to get this notification in Jesus’ Name, Amen. I pray that God will bless you, your family, and your ministry in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen

      1. Kgolo Tsomane says:

        This word resonates so much with me! It is so true and relevant.
        Thank you
        I love you Lord Jesus, glory to you!!!

        1. Glory Hallelujah Christ Jesus! Thank you mighty vessel and honor of the Lord Jamie.

          Yes, I am experiencing the Lord’s rewards and it’s so amazing!

          The Lord is faithful — a true promise keeper.

          I am always blessed by this ministry because it’s blessed and anointed good ground Glory to our Father in Heaven.

        2. I receive this word and your reward Father for me and my son in Jesus name

    3. Em Fisher says:

      Lord, thank you for speaking to me through this beautiful soul. You are my everything.

    4. linda harrison says:

      Thank you Lord, thanks Jamie,
      Praise the Lord, God is so good.

    5. Michelle Gamblin says:

      Thank you Jamie, another spot on and heart needed word of encouragement. THANK YOU for not giving up on your kingdom purpose ever. PRAISE GOD for giving you the strength and ability to go forward. You are a true light on a high lampstand illuminating the love of the LORD for everyone to come see. Thank you again.

    6. Thank you for this timely word Jamie. God Bless you and all that concerns you. may your obedience be rewarded.

    7. Bantshang says:

      Thank you Jesus for rewarding uss in this season. Let it be unto me according to your word in Jesus’s name.

    8. I have been praying for an encounter and am joyful to know the Father is rewarding His children with visitations of Jesus. An on-time word for me. Thanks Jamie for blessing us always with Word from heaven.

    9. Amen. I needed these words.

    10. Chad Hart says:

      WOW, not only are these words during these 40 days of testing very timely starting with Purim but they are written as though you were speaking directly to me and my current situations, I listen and read a lot of words but yours have put a new fire to my dreams and aspirations and I will keep them and absorb them during these 40 days leading into Passover. Talking about a resurrection into all things new. Thanks, Jamie for your humble obedience and service to the Lord. You ROCK!

    11. Simply wonderful
      Amen and Amen

    12. Amen!
      Yes I am getting rewards and lots of ease in things that I was struggling with! I do testify of My Good Lord’s Goodness.

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