Awake, O Rusty Prophets!

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Prophetic word from Jamie RohrbaughThe Spirit of the Lord showed me that there are prophets and prophetesses in the Body who are rusty. If that’s you, the Lord says to you today: “Awake, O rusty prophet!”

Here’s what I heard the Lord say:

“Some of you, My precious children, know that you have been designated into the office of the prophet; it is your DNA with which I have created you. And because you don’t have a title, you have allowed yourself to become rusty.

But, My child, a title was never part of My job description for a prophet.

If you are a prophet, you are a prophet because I made you one. I endued you with calling and I have pulverized you in the fire until nothing remains but My love, My power, and My character.

You, however, have not pushed in like you should have. You have not abandoned your post, either; but you also have not advanced despite all odds, like I want you to. You have allowed circumstances to beat you too many times.

You don’t have to have a place to prophesy in order to prophesy. You don’t have to have a place to intercede in order to intercede. You don’t have to have a posse in order to seek Me aggressively.

I do want you to have a place and a posse.

But in this time of transition, you’ve gotten rusty. You haven’t lubricated the flow of the prophetic like you should have by praying in the Spirit at all times. I am proud of you for what you have done, but I challenge you to come up higher.

Come up higher, where I am.

I know you’re lonely, so lonely. You wish you had people with whom to share your life. I know that. I feel your loneliness. I feel your struggle.

But you used to fall on your face and worship Me. You used to weep before Me. Your carpet used to stay damp with your tears. Now, your carpet is dry and you’re barely making it through.

Allow Me to give you hope.

Wake up to the possibilities I have for you. Awake to the possibilities that I AM for you. Wake up to the JOY that you can find in Me. You know this joy. You know the peace that I am. You know.

I am calling you to drink from the well of My oil, beloved child. I am calling you back, calling you higher, calling you deeper. The road you travel is a lonely road, I know. It is a hard road. You wish you could have fun again, and you will. You wish you could enjoy your life again, and you will. 

But right now is a season of testing, such that you didn’t know you could endure.

I am testing you in ways I have never tested you before. I am forging you in the fires of My Spirit. I know you feel like I have abandoned you, but I have not.

I love you, My child. Awake and come to me. Love on Me again. Let your tears stain my robe as you weep and dance with Me. Forget those things that hinder you. Forget the things that worry and strain your mind. Awaken to My future and press into Me again.

Love, Papa.”

If this word speaks to your heart, please leave a comment below.


  1. Dear Jamie,
    Thanks for the confirmation. I pray your strength in the Lord, and that He will bless you as you continue to work for Him.

    1. Jackie Freeland says:

      Dear Prophetess:

      This word really resonated in my spirit today. Thank you for allowing Daddy to use you to awaken my spirit. I will do better with go before the Lord and seeking His face in my daily walk.
      May God continue to bless you and your family.

      1. Vivian Welsh says:

        Dear Jamie,
        This word, I believe, is for me as well
        I’ve gotten weary and have prayed less than before. I need that closeness with Father again. Thank you again!!

        1. Teresa Ollison says:

          Dear Jamie,
          I praise God, for Saints like you! I needed this word tonight.

    2. Keith Carraway says:

      Thank you so much. I have been praying for a word, because something is not right with me. I got a word this morning with many tears. This confirms what I am feeling right now.. God bless you.

    3. Raymond Miles says:

      Jamie this really ministered to be and my wife we moved to Florida wound up homeless with sickness. We both know that we are called into PROPHETIC ministry. But I know God will make a way when there is no way. Over the last year I have drawn closer to Jesus in the midst of the storm. He has been our comforter and deliver. I have fallen and stumble but get back up and serve Jesus!!!!,

    4. Pastor W. Jean says:

      Blessings Sister, Woman of God. Blessings and Grace be unto all in Our Lord and Savior Jesus
      Christ my Lord. Truly you are sensitive to the Holy Spirit. I asking God for the sensitivity that you
      have even deeper. What the Lord spoke to you , Is my prayer, He heard my cry. What the Holy Spirit spoke to you, every word is what I’m going through now. It’s amazing to hear that, I’m not alone and that he hears me. I prayer and Declared and Decree things into existance. I pray for others and see signs and wonders and miracles in the lives of others but not myself. I have seen that if I’m in need he always provide. He’s a loving God and the only God I know. I accept this calling and chosen by him. I thirst to come higher and speak and see more in the prophetic. I’m not big on titles… never have, just want more anointing to heal, deliver, with signs and wonders and miracles. I seek and Love the Lord. But It is a very lonely road. Im asking for a husband… and feel so heartbroken. I pour into others and bless them. I so long for this to please the Lord and serve him with my husband. I believe and know that he will and did. It gets hard. But I know all things work together for them who loves God and who are called for his purpose. I have the hope and faith. I choose life.. in Christ Jesus. Please pray for my strength in the husband, finance, children, Son basketball career NBA, and the continue my steadfast and in the Lord. I thirst for more of God, I need it.. can’t do nothing without him. Pray for me, this isn’t a easy walk. But I’m not walking away…only walking more and desire more of the things of God. His will be done in my life and I trust him. Pray that he will show me things that he says to come higher in him. I receive it in Jesus Name Amen. Thank You for the now word. It was on time. and gives me hope like never before. Thx! Sister J

    5. BABOULE DAVID says:

      Thanks: this is a confirmation of what I’m going through now. More grace to you. Shallom

    6. Thank you very much Jamie. Romans 12:12 echos you prophecy. Indeed it speaks of me. Pls continue to include me in your prayers to overcome.

  2. Carolyn Yates says:

    I thank you for that word. I know it’s for me because I have drop the ball.

  3. Babylin Salazar says:

    Amen… I think this words is for me thank you. I’m feeling down and I am sick but I know just a testing for me. Lord I’m asking for the streght. Iloveyou

  4. Hello, this word really spoke to me. I am a caregiver for my mother and now sometimes my father for the past 3 years. I feel as if I am all alone and no one understands what I am going through. I have 3 other siblings, but the weight of everything is on my shoulders. I feel as if I am stuck and do not know which way to turn. Thank you for sharing what the Lord gave to you. I have to keep holding on to the Word of God. His word says that He will Never leave me NOR forsake me. God bless you! Delores

    1. Delores, you are being equipped right where you are. God is building your wisdom and endurance for the ministry He has placed upon you. There is a saying ‘Bloom where you have been planted’. I believe growth is slowly taking place–but you are spiritually dehydrated. Jesus says, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them” John 7:37-39. Blessings are upon you–your wisdom and words of life can miraculously change that caregiving situation!

      1. Robin, thank you so much for your encouraging words. I do feel spiritually dehydrated, it is unexplainable :-(. Thank you so much for the reminder (John 7:37-39). God bless you!!

  5. Irene D Jones says:

    Amen that is me

  6. This whole word speaks to my life. For the past 2 years I have been in transition and haven’t found a church to call home. I have felt a loneliness as I struggle to sense His presence. Even with the new job, house and everything I have not prayed like I used to and neither have I sought Him like I used to. Thank you for this word, THIS IS MEEE

    1. I felt my Daddy’s Heart in this and was sad because I know He’s sees the best in me and wants me to become better. I just say yes to His will…I am His workmanship, His priest, king, and prophet of all nations! I am His beloved and I will express His LOVE to the world. Holy Spirit FLOW!!!! Thanks Jamie

  7. Yes, it hit home. What a powerful word from the Lord. I receive it! God bless and thank you for allowing God to use you.

  8. Oh Jamie, I wanted to weep reading this. I know I’m not where I should be , not where I want to be! Father God rekindle my prayer life and my total focus on Your Word.

  9. I am surprised to believe this is me. This time or season has made me question everything about myself in Christ. Thank you for the word that does set me free.

    1. Hi Jamie yes this resonated with me and made me cry! Thanks for sharing it. Ive been severely tested recently and its been unbearable but now I see I need more faith. I had a thought last nite re money and said if I had money I could do anything, Jesus corrected me and said “no thats a lie but if you had faith you could do anything” Thank God for Jesus!

  10. Francie Robertson says:

    Hi Sis!
    Yesterday the 18th Sept 2019 (NZ time) I came across your “21 days to the Manifest Presence of God.”

    “There is 21 DAYS left to YOM KIPPUR (?!). so when I saw Jamie’s post I checked it out. Seeing Psalm 139:7 I took it as a CONFIRMATION.

    1. Amen! Thank you for sharing. I can see the Father’s heart in your prayer. My spirit agrees with all that you prayed and I come in agreement with it, plus a double blessing for our Jaimie, “THE ONE WHO CONTINUES TO LAY HER HEAD BACK ON YOUR CHEST FOR US, OUR BELOVED SISTER JAIMIE!”

      Thank you Miss Jaimie for these posts and for being so diligent in this great work.

  11. I see on your YouTube channel that you have some bethel music videos. Wondering why you are supporting a false ministry that Bill Johnson leads.

    1. Bill Johnson’s ministry is not a false ministry, Rodney; and if you think it is, this community isn’t for you.

  12. Dear Jamie,

    Thank you for this word, it speaks to my heart because I know circumstances have left me yearning for more, at times it feels like I’m all over, struggling to find and maintain my position, it is a lonely road.

  13. Okhen Esangbedo says:

    This word sure speaks to me. I have a hunger to praise, worship and adore God all the days of my life and live according to his word, will and purpose. But things are not working that way, the more I try the more everything around me seems to push me in the wrong directions. I love God and want the flame of his love to burn in my heart always. But I am alone, I need a husband, a helper, children, a family, a life that reflects my belief in God and glorifies him. I am tired of living in defeat, I need a manifestation of God’ s word in all areas of my life. Manifestation of the gift and fruits of the holy spirit including prophecy.

  14. This has really spoken to me. Just today I felt a pull. This period hasnt really been a walk in the park..And the funny part is am able to do all I have to but I havent been preseing into more of Him

    Oh how I love THE WORD. Reading this gave me so much JOY, such truth and confirmation. GOD IS TRULY AMAZING🙏
    Blessings on your journey🙏

  16. Jamie, Thank you for allowing God to speak through you to His Children. He loves you very much and wants you to rest in His Love. You carry a heavy yoke but Jesus is interceding for you to lift your burdens and for your needs. God has captured your tears and wants you to know that He loves you with an everlasting love! Look for His blessings dear one!

  17. All I can say is wow! What a word of both conviction and hope. Thank you for your obedience.

  18. Sonja R Campbell says:

    Give me a fire again Lord!

  19. Danielle Brewton says:

    That word was definitely for me I felt that!!

  20. Lauren Leigh says:

    It really does resonate. I was only saying to the Lord today ‘When will I have fun again and enjoy my life?!’ I long for those moments with him and it’s been a real place of endurance. Thanks for sharing your heart and the word,

  21. Kathy C Privott says:

    Yes, this word was for me, and I am so grateful that the Lord spoke it to you so that I could receive it! Thank you, and thank you, Lord!

    1. Angela Charles says:

      Jamie…this was definitely for me….I did start weeping because of the hard trials and the loneliness….I haven’t been praying as I should nor reading or spending time with Papa…My trials have been fierce and I just felt like why even bother…I felt like nothing I did was good enough….Just tired of being let down and disappointed…. Thank you for the your obedience in sharing the word.

  22. Thank you Papa God for this. Your word says weeping endures for the night but joy comes in the morning. I’m looking forward to that morning when joy comes to stay. Thank you Jamie. This word embodies everything I’m going through right now. Don’t know what happens going forward but I’m going to press into the Lord with all I’ve got. God bless you

  23. Fosen Grace says:

    Thank you for giving to the Lord these words resonate with me beyond what I can say. Lord help me to give in to You oh my Lover Friend Father God. Oh what love what mercy

    Thanks again, Father’s blessings on you for not holding back. You are a blessing

  24. Bless you Jamie for the Word. I need to be on Fire because my Papa God loves me and so I have to press on.

  25. Thank you, I was just asking for joy again before I read this, there has been a lot of testing recently, just clinging on, this really spoke to me.

  26. Yep… it’s for me too. It’s startlingly on-point for me actually. I heard Him calling me back and to get fired up earlier today, so the timing of this post is not random 😉

    I was present for #WriteWithUs yesterday and Girl! You were on FIRE!! I just got so much out of that session and wanted you to know. Be blessed <3

    1. Joy Ehrenzweig says:

      Oh Jamie bless your soul for these encouraging words. Just today I started to wonder if Daddy had forgotten me. Thanks fir the confirmation that He has not. My heart is encouraged.
      Best to you n family🙏

  27. Praise.the name of Jesus Christ.
    Surely this word has spoken to me so clearly because I am at a plac3 where I feel very uncertain which move to make, which road to take that will help me to progress.

    Thank you for sharing. Please continue to pray with me and others so that God’s voice is more clear to me concerning my nezlxt course of action and my clear purpose in His Kigdom.

    May you be richly blessed.
    Rgs Dorothy

  28. Thank you for that word, so blessed, Lord continue to bless Jamie mightily

  29. This is so me, I know deep down in my heart I have become rusty. And the challenges around has left me wondering. Am one who strongly desire to see the impossible being made possible. Presently my heart is heavy and am sad but I keep pressing in. Am praying and Asko g God to affirm my confidence greatly. Jamie, am praying to Se a miracle , the supernatural, God bringing the dead (my brother) in the morgue back to life as He did in the days of old. Sure am pressing in. Thanks for this word and I will appreciate you standing in agreement with me for this awesome testimony and manifestation of God’s power and glory.

  30. Sarah Maloney says:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing, convicting truth. Ouch! I’m guilty yet forgiven. I’ve never needed a title. I just need Him and to obey Him.

  31. Shailaja Abraham says:

    Yes it is me.My heart has become rusty.I feel Iam alone can’t get to my knees and cry out to God my savior and my Heavenly Father Who loves me so much.I pray God to strengthen me to pray and intercede for others.Thamk you Jemie for the wonderful encouraging word .Iam blessed and encouraged
    Thank you. Your sister in Christ Jesus.

  32. Truly Amazing Jamie
    You spoke directly to how I am feeling at the moment.. I will endeavour to persevere irrespective as I cannot quit, there is no where to go or to turn too.. thank you for encouraging me today!

  33. Cherry lou says:

    Pls help me to pray that God will answer my prayers. Thank you. I am so frustrated and desperated right now. I have no one to go to

  34. Dr. T. Fowler says:

    Oh my….. I cannot stop weeping! This Word is for me. As soon as I read the title via email….. I’ve started crying. My spirit begin to sob before I even read anything (outside of the email title). I cannot even write anything further because my hand is limp and about to give out. I pray everyone take heed to this Word as we all seek Papa.

  35. Teresa montgomery says:

    Jamie, I haven’t been able to explain within myself just what has been going on. I love Him more than anything, but it seems that I am in a dry season. Im doing my best to plow through, but it seems like Ive been trudging along making no headway. Thank you. I have been needing to hear from Him. I felt like it was a season of testing and youve confirmed it from Father. God bless you obedient sister. When I dont hear Him I get antsy. I know this is helping build my faith. God bless you.

  36. Dear Jamie,
    Thank you for this word. I heard the Father speaking to me loud and clear. I have indeed fallen off and often times feel alone in this transition.
    Thank you Father for not giving up on me. Thank you for using Prophetess Jamie.

  37. Dear Jaime for years I’ve felt like the weeping prophet, Jeremiah. I believe your like that prophet too. It hurts when you to see God’s children attacked by the enemy with his lies and condemnation. But you know and I know how much Jesus loves us despite ourselves, our slips and trips. Thank God for His mercy through this message and thank God for you. We will prevail in Christ!!

  38. I am so tired…but thank you, Jesus for your Power in my life! Thank you for the favor and anointing you’ve placed on me! I need you to breathe on me, again!

    In Jesus’ Name,

  39. Veronica Smith says:

    This has really spoken to me today. I use to cry and sing before the Lord. I use to have so much Joy {That Bubble Joy}!!!!} Feel Like I’m all alone at times. Thank You so much for this Word from the Lord. Love Ms.V

  40. Hi Woman of God,
    I want to thank you for this word, it really speaks to me. I have become weary in my christian walk. I ask for your prayer and continue guidance with your word of inspiration.

  41. Thank you very much your always on time with your content I’m very rusty and in a battle with what seams like the entire town of people I live in and I’m confused but you words give great encouragement for me to persevere through these trials thank you for your time I hope to repay you some day soon

  42. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭Father I am soooo sorry forgive me have mercy on me I need your help.

  43. Georgekutty P.A says:

    Yes Jamie ,it is true in my life .The word you have spoken is encouraging me to hear His voice again. Thank you for your prayers. Presently my wife and I am going through Physical problems. My wife Jessy feels pain in her back side of neck and one side of her head.Sometime she feel very painful and even difficult to concentrate in prayer. And for me my for the last one month suffering with swelling on my left feet . It started with itching of the feet and then it became swollen for about one month. It is like a captivity for us. We request your prayers for a wake up in our life and enjoy again. Thank you.

  44. This is my word being going through this ,thanks Jamie blessings

  45. Charlotte says:

    Thank you Jamie for your faithfulness in sharing… yes it’s me, I have strayed away from. FATHER and it’s been harder. Forgive me Father and draw me closer to You like never before. Its lonely and hard but with You I will overcome!!!

  46. This was totally for me! I seemed like He wrote it just for me. Everything in it spoke to my current and past situations. Thank you for allowing God to use you to bless others. May God continually bless you for your faithfulness towards Him.

  47. Mayra Delgado says:

    Yes, this word spoke to me. I’m standing in God’s Word believing in a breakthrough. God will give me the perfect job I need, he will allow some lands to be sold for me to have a monetary breakthrough. He will open doors that no men can shutdown. He will remove anxiety from my heart. He will give me wisdom to learn new things and excel. The Lord is with me. Amen

  48. Thank you Jamie for sharing this word today. I feel blessed and reminded of who God is in my life. Without him I am nothing.
    I will go before my God and do that which he has asked me to do through this message today.

    Thank you

  49. Thank you Jamie for your continual obedience 🙂 You are such a treasure to the Body of Christ & to HIM!! He loves you so dearly. What a precious gem you are.

    My sadness in reading this (& I know you didn’t intend for it to bring sadness!) is that I’ve struggle for sooo many long years (my entire adult life, literally, since I was 18) with loneliness. With abandonment. With rejection. My life up until that point was anything but.

    I struggle to continue onward with this “call” of prophesying because it’s so lonely. How can we go on alone? How can we endure with no support? It has broken & shattered my heart continually 🙁 I could use some prayer & encouragement, seriously. I know He has called me to be a change agent positively in my family & community, but I feel I cannot do it alone. Yes there are so many scriptures of God with us, but what about a community to hold up my arms when they’re failing in strength like Moses?

    I’ve prayed since leaving college for a group of godly women to surround me. I have found small pockets, but they’re never sustained. How does one stay encouraged when the “season of testing” has lasted nearly 20 years?

    I’d love your insights/encouragement/prayers. Blessings Jamie!

  50. sylvia kermee says:

    It is truely meant for me

  51. Nailah K. Taylor-Hill says:

    WOW!! I truly needs to hear this and be reminded that God is in control of every aspect of my life whether I can see it or understand it! Thank you 😊 so much appreciated! TGBTG 🙌🏽🙏🏽

  52. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for this word in due season, God surely spoke directly to you about my current situation, thank you, I’m so thankful I found your website, God bless you!

  53. Hello Sister, I was just told these very same words from a child. The little girl name is Jay. Jay said I can see you than she asked me why I stop doing what’s required of me? After a 10 minute conversation with her and later her aunt I knew Our Father was speaking to me through them. Now I’m reading this. I’m sorry I will finish my tasks and do thy will.

    Thank you for the confirmation.

  54. Made me cry. I read this over and over and got on my face to weep and pray.

  55. Wow I am really blessed by this word

    But pls pastor, pls pray that God should reveal the Gift of the Holy Ghost, that is in me in order for my work for Him to be easy

  56. Dear Jamie, I thank God for this word and receive it. I am going to keep on loving Him and praying. God is all love, Faithful, The Name Jesus Christ is a strong tower. He is leading me through my loneliness and struggles.
    May the LORD bless you and keep you.

  57. Tapiwa Tawonezvi says:

    This is my word, l take with speed and in full. The oil of the Lord Jesus Christ lubricates me right now. And l start to operate in the Prophetic office God placed me in. Amen

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