I Choose To Remain In Peace

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Peace relaxing by poolDid you know that you can choose to get stressed out, or choose to remain in peace?

You can. I have a personal story to share about this, unfortunately. 🙁

My story begins:

Yesterday was one of the worst, most stressful days I’ve had in a long time.

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    The problem was that this website was loading really slow all of a sudden, and shouldn’t have been. I spent all day worrying about it. I was back and forth all day emailing my hosting provider’s helpdesk, and I spent hours yesterday evening trying to fix it.

    Have you ever gotten all worried and stressed-out about something, like I did? 

    I should not have stressed about it like I did, and I know that. But I did anyway. So before I went to bed last night, I made everything right with the Lord. I reminded Him (and myself) that:

    • this is His website, not mine (Psalm 24:1);
    • that He will perfect that which concerns me (Psalm 138:8);
    • that He has promised to instruct me and teach me in the way I should go (Psalm 32:8);
    • and that He requires me to rest in Him (Hebrews 4).

    I told Him that I am going to stop worrying and rest in Him. I let the Lord know that I was going to bed and would trust Him and enjoy a good night’s sleep. I told Him that I am counting on Him to fix everything!

    I woke up this  morning, hoping the problem would be fixed… but it doesn’t seem to be. I was tempted right away to start worrying again.

    But instead, I decided that I am going to remain in peace instead.

    Seeking peace:

    Matthew 6:33 tells us that we should seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness. Romans 14:17 tells us that that very same Kingdom of Heaven is “righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.”

    So if I’m seeking the Kingdom of God, that means I need to seek righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

    And THAT, my friends, is a CHOICE.

    At this point, I could choose to stress out all day again. I could choose a repeat day like yesterday.

    But I choose not to do that.

    Instead, I choose to remain in peace. I choose to trust the Lord, work hard to fix the problem, and trust God to perfect every part of my life (including this one).

    Jesus is all-sufficient. There is no lack on His end. God is not sitting in Heaven in a tizzy, wondering what He will do because His website is running slow. He knows all about it. He knew this would happen, and He’s going to help me fix it, and He will work it out for my good.

    So I choose to remain in peace.

    What are you going through today that you could either stress over, or choose to remain in peace about? And will you, along with me, choose peace?

    Righteousness, peace, and joy. These things are the Kingdom of God. Let’s just rest in God and embrace peace today, shall we?

    God will take care of the rest.

    Have you ever stressed out about something and realized later you shouldn’t have? If so, I’d love to hear your story! Please leave a comment below.

    Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /FreeDigitalPhotos.net.


    1. Beautiful post and great reminder. As I lie in bed with a back injury thinking about all the things i should be doing today, this is a perfect message for me. Thank you so much!

      1. Hi Kristina, thanks for stopping by, and I’m sorry about your back! I hope you feel better soon!

    2. Katie Reynolds says:

      Yay! Another on time word for me! Thank you! I have been overwhelmed on several fronts and have battled increased anxiety as a result. I have had to remind myself as you did who is in control. I appreciate your scripture references. To give myself permission to just be still and meditate on His Word and His sovereignty has helped me tremendously. Jesus is the answer for everything. ( By the way, the site seems to be running fine on my end.)

      1. Awesome, Katie! Sounds like Isaiah 30:15: “For thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: “In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”…” Yeah! Go Jesus! 🙂

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