Declaring Resurrection Power and Increase Over You

Video Declarations of Resurrection Power and Increase | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Beloved, the Lord has been speaking to me about resurrection power and increase for months. I haven’t been able to get away from this subject. So today, I wanted to speak and declare the Lord’s resurrection power and increase over you.

I recorded two short videos for these declarations. Forgive me for not being all smiley in them; I’m just intense because I’m FIRED UP and under the unction of the Holy Spirit. 🙂

Here is the short video declaration (2 minutes 51 seconds) of RESURRECTION POWER:


Here is the short video declaration (1 minute 40 seconds) of INCREASE:


These are short because I wanted to unleash the rhema word of God fast. So, it will only take you a moment to watch; please take time to listen and receive!

Breakthrough blessings to you in Christ Jesus,


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  1. I declare increase over my life in Jesus’ name. I claim Eph 3:20 🙌


    Hi Jamie.
    Thank you so much for encouraging me this morning and i received the declaration of resurrection and increase in my life.Today is the 16th of July in Fiji Is,i was attacked last night from the devil.He wanted to take my life.I couldn’t breathe properly and i praued over my life and massage my body with the oil that was prayed over by my Pastor.and also a best friend lof mine orayed over me.And i thank God that i am well again and receiving this declaration this great morning it is a big bonus and blessings to me.


  3. I receive in Jesus name Amen.

  4. I believe and I receive increase on every side know that my God is able to do exceedingly aboundantly above all I can ever ask or think. In Jesus Name

  5. Wow! Thankyou Sooooo muchfor these prayers and declarations over my life! I recieve Gods increase and resurection power!
    Thankyou for the teaching of his power. You gave wonderful visual that not only helped me to understand, it helps meto receive it in my Spirit. .

  6. Dr. Lixon Chikumbirike says:

    We give glory and honour to God for the excellent work you are doing in advancing the Kingdom of God. May the Almighty God abundantly bless you in all your ways

  7. I declare and decree Increase over my life right now in Jesus Name. I Take That Now!! Amen!!!

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