Discouraged About Your Calling?

Discouraged About Your Calling? Read This. | Encouraging Word by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comFriend, if you’re discouraged about your calling, this word is going to minister to you today. I’m going to share my own transparent process and how the Lord deals with me and with us all, and this word is going to encourage you in your calling.

Read on.

Not gonna lie: I feel discouraged right now.

Really discouraged.

We just finished hosting a huge women’s retreat.

We had about 80 people there altogether. Dozens of people had their lives forever changed. Testimonies are rolling in. Dozens were baptized. People rededicated their lives to Christ. Restoration happened. Healings happened. People got their joy back, their dance back, and their worship back. People that I consider to be my personal sons and daughters exploded in growth, and are still fired up. It was amazing.

So why am I discouraged?

  • Because people treated us really badly in some cases over it.
  • Because people lied, cheated, and stole money from this ministry by cancelling late and not paying their fees, even though we had to pay huge amounts of money in advance for each person to be there, but we could not recoup it so late in the game.
  • And because some people decided to complain about the luxury, highly discounted lodging arrangements THEY SIGNED UP FOR.

It’s little things like this that make you want to scrap it all and walk away. 

By the way:

Don’t send me emails to correct me. I’m teaching here through my transparency, and if you can’t honor that and learn from it, unsubscribe.

I’m just being real. You want somebody that’s fake? Go read another blog. I’m real, and I’m just me, and this is what we’ve got around here: Faith in God; the Word of God; and real-life transparency.

But here’s the thing: I don’t operate in this calling to please people. I operate in this calling because God ordered me to.

When God called me to preach, it was a command–not a suggestion. (It is the same with your call; your calling is a command, not a suggestion.) And when God gave me His Father-heart to make disciples and RAISE THEM UP to walk in their own giftings and callings, it wasn’t an option.

The Word of God is a fire in my bones. I have to preach. And the love and passion I have for people from the Father-heart of God is a LIFE-CONTROLLING PASSION.


It is a mandate; a compulsion; as central to the necessity of being as breathing is.

But sometimes discouragement happens.

(And if you don’t know that, then you’ve never led anything or done anything big for God. Again, don’t send me trite messages. Just LEARN here, because I’m preaching the real Word to you here as it applies in REAL LIFE.)

So here’s what I have to do–and what you have to do when you get discouraged about your calling too:

1. You have to seek God more and seek Him harder than ever.

You really do."Hear my cry, O God; Attend to my prayer. 2 From the end of the earth I will cry to You, When my heart is overwhelmed; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I." Psalm 61:1-2.

When all you want to do is walk away and get respite from the testing that accompanies blessing …

When digging ditches for a living suddenly sounds not-so-bad …

When the agony of your heart, accompanied by the agony of pushing the next level out in the Spirit realm, threatens to overwhelm you …

When you’re so tired of forgiving all the time (because you’re tired of things happening that require forgiveness), and you just wish for an explosion of GOOD things that don’t actually require forgiveness to be your focus day in and day out …

You have to seek God like your life depends on it, because it does.

Let’s face it: The higher you get with God–and the more He uses you–the tougher the warfare is.

The fight gets harder as you go on, not easier. The warfare gets more intense. The attacks become more and more unreasonable.

And instead of sitting back on our laurels and enjoying the benefits of the good character we’ve already built, we have to work with the Lord as He exposes all the things in our hearts that are not just like Jesus yet.

And that’s hard.

Really hard.

Just being real. 

You don’t like real, don’t read.

It’s hard to go to new levels with God.

It’s difficult because the testing is real. The patience required is real–and nobody likes to be patient. The perseverance in which we have to operate if we desire a new level is real perseverance. And the faith you have to put out there, when truly all you want to do is cry and feel sorry for yourself, is agonizing.

Nobody said growth is pretty. Nobody ever said breakthrough is fun.

Breakthrough can be a torment–because getting there is a torment.

And although we’re supposed to count it all joy both along the way and when we get there, let’s face this also: When you get to your new level, the Lord doesn’t leave you alone in your breakthrough. Instead, He congratulates you on your newfound level of faith–but then He looks at the next level you haven’t achieved yet, points out that “whatever is not of faith is sin,” and invites–no, compels–you forward.

Forward into the next testing season.

Forward into the next persevering season.

Forward into the next test of your faith.

Forward into the next thing He has for you …

… even when forgiveness is required because people treated you badly in the last season …

… even when you’re tired and you just wish everything could come naturally and easily.

Something about “glory to glory, faith to faith, strength to strength” is coming to mind here.

We preach “glory to glory, faith to faith, and strength to strength” like it’s always good. We preach it and people clap and cheer and say, “Yeahhhhhhh!!!!!”

However, God’s honest truth is that He’s going to take us from glory to glory, faith to faith, and strength to strength even when we would rather stay at the current level of glory, faith, and strength. We don’t always feel like putting forth the exertion and self-discipline and submitting to the correction it requires to increase. 

But the Lord is going to take us there anyway.

Let’s face it: The supernatural life is not an easy life.

It’s not. And anyone who tells you it is is a liar.

Suffering is part of growth. As the apostle Paul said under the influence and dictation of Holy Spirit:

“But what things were gain to me, these I have counted loss for Christ. Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord,

for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ and be found in Him,

not having my own righteousness, which is from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness which is from God by faith;

that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death, if, by any means, I may attain to the resurrection from the dead” (Philippians 3:7-11, emphasis mine).

At the retreat, I preached one session about the theology of suffering.

I hadn’t planned to do so, but Holy Spirit specifically told me to do it at that moment. It was really hard because I had to tell part of my story from years past, and some of the suffering the Lord has allowed me to go through.

But you know what? People got free because of it.

Our suffering is never without purpose.

The suffering you endure today will serve you and others the rest of your life–IF you will allow Holy Spirit to refine you in the middle of what you’re going through. The suffering you are going through right now is going to change your life for the better because Abba Father is going to work it out for your good.

Not only that, He’ll use your testimony to set other people free.

The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy. When you testify about what the Lord has done for you, and about how He has worked your suffering out for your good, He’ll take that testimony and bear witness through it to other people, setting them free too.

But our suffering has an even more important purpose than that:

When we suffer, we get to know Jesus more than we ever could otherwise.

Sometimes, you can only truly know people when you share their suffering. People that have never been through anything can’t understand people who have. And if we want to know Christ, we have to know Him in His suffering. That means we’re going to have to go through some things.

And when you get discouraged about your calling, you have to remember that there is a plan and a purpose for what you’re going through.

You also have to remember that there is a reward for seeking God.

That’s “Thing-to-Do, part 2.” When you are faithful to seek God and obey Him, He does reward you. 

The reward may not come when you wish it would.

The reward may not be what you wish it would be.

But the rewards, plural (for He rewards us in many ways), will come at God’s perfect time–and His perfect timing will be better than anything you could have conjured up. And His rewards will always be better than anything we could have imagined ourselves.

The long and the short of it is:

When you’re discouraged about your calling, you still have to persevere.

My staff and I have been searching for other retreat centers that are cheaper and still provide space for building of relationships, preaching the Word, baptisms, personal ministry, rest, and more–but we haven’t found a better one yet. The place where we just hosted the Between Two Worlds retreat is the largest cabin in the Southeast, and it’s the best. I keep asking the Lord what He wants to do. My staff and I are praying intensely. But I keep hearing the Lord say, “I want to provide the best.”

Honestly, my flesh doesn’t want to put out the energy to believe again for this lodge. We need the Lord to send $25,500 to even book the thing. And that season is booking out fast, so if we’re going to get acceptable dates at all, we need to book it NOW.

This is not even counting other missions trips we’re praying about, or other additional retreats and intensives people have requested, or anything else. The pressure is intense, my friend. Not gonna lie.

But you know what? When the Lord commands us to do a thing, we don’t get an option if we want our souls to stay well-watered.

Psalm 106:15 talks about the Israelites and how they lusted exceedingly after idols and various things from Egypt in the desert. And the Lord wrote a scary thing in that verse. He said this:

“And He gave them their request, but sent leanness into their soul” (Psalm 106:15).

Did you get that? “He gave them their request, but sent leanness into their soul.”

The Israelites wanted to walk in their flesh.

They didn’t want to exert the faith and strength to believe God. They didn’t want to keep pushing into the Promised Land. They yearned and complained for onions and leeks, for meat and whatever else … and finally, God gave them their request.

But it cost them their peace.

It cost them their victory with God.

And that is not a price I am willing to pay.

Are you?

Friend, no matter what it costs you to go on with God, it’s better to be well-watered and victorious in Jesus Christ who loves us …

… than it is for our flesh to be mollified and comforted.

I know it’s hard to believe God and keep pushing into Him. It’s difficult because there is a price to be paid when you go higher and deeper in God, and in what He wants to do on the earth.

But pushing into Him like this–refusing to quit and give up–standing in perseverance is the only way to victory.

It’s the way to the cross, but it’s also the way to the resurrection.

This wasn’t intended to be a “Holy Week” kind of post, but maybe it is after all.

Because after the cross comes the resurrection. And Jesus said:

“Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.

For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?

For the Son of Man will come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and then He will reward each according to his works” (Matthew 16:24-27).

Whatever the highest and greatest and best will of the Father is for you, that’s what you have to take up your cross and carry out.

It’s not always glamorous. It definitely won’t be easy. Sometimes it involves people lying, cheating, and stealing from you. Sometimes it involves hard things you’d rather not do. And sometimes it requires you to operate in faith when you’d rather just quit.

Frankly. 🙂

But there’s no going back.

Luke 9:62 says:

“But Jesus said to him, “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God” (Luke 9:62).

I’ve come too far to look back. Haven’t you?

Won’t you gird up your loins with me today, and let’s run with endurance the race that is set before us–looking unto JESUS, the Author and the Finisher of our faith?

I pray you will. Please leave a comment below if the Lord is dealing with you about this today too! Even if you’re discouraged about your calling, let’s press on together for the high call of Christ today!

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  1. I have no calling and never have. I have resigned myself to the fact that God does not want me. I still believe in Him, but He does not believe in me. I have no talents, gifts or abilities to make me useful; that probably explains it. I have called out to Him many times but I never get an answer. I guess I never will. I am learning to be OK with that. I have stopped praying because it’s no use. I will never hear anything back and nothing will happen anyway. So I am trying to be at peace with that. I console myself with the fact that there are probably other people in the world like me that God has decided are not worth His time.

    1. That’s a crock of lies you’re believing, Marilyn. You’re spouting nonsense that the devil has fed you, and here you’re believing it, hook, line, and sinker. God loves you and if you’ll become willing to listen to Him and not to the devil, He will heal and restore your life. Every human has a calling, including you. But you have to decide you want to believe God and become powerful, not pitiful. YOU will have to do the work to transform your mind. Jesus already shed His blood for you and gave His life for you. Everything God has and everything He is is already yours, if you want it.
      It’s up to you.
      Thanks for reading.

    2. Maybe you lack forgiveness in your heart Marilyn.

    3. Oh Marilyn, sweet child of God, the devil has been lying to you for too long. Time to evict his lies from your head, he comes only to rob you of your destiny, steal your hopes and dreams and destroy the seeds and vision Jesus died to give you sweetheart.
      You may not know your talents yet, but unless you come into agreement with who God says you are, then you are in agreement with the enemy and that leaves you vulnerable to attack.
      Say ” I reject your lies Satan, I am a child of the most high God, made righteous in Christ Jesus. He has a plan and a destiny for me, He can use me as a vessel to be blessed and be a blessing to others!” God will say ” Amen to that my precious Marilyn” begin to agree with who He made you to be. He speaks through His word to us, but we have to pick it up and read it, faith comes by ‘hearing’ (and declaring) the word of scripture.
      We must come into agreement with the word of God and declare it over our lives, the word is like seed, so scatter it liberally over your life and it will begin to grow. I speak this from experience as I’m sure many others in Christ know also, be encouraged. If a stranger came into your house and took over your space you would boot him out, time to boot that slime ball devil out of your mind too. You let him in when you agree with him, he makes himself at home, tells you you’re no good, you’re not special, kick him to the sidewalk!! You are precious, Jesus lay down His life for you with His blood, thank Him, believe in yourself as He believes in you, not in your own strength but by His word xx

      1. Francie Robertson says:

        So good to meet you sisters!
        Marilyn have a look at bitter root judgments and expectancies. I’ve been there and I am still there and growing. And then there’s awesome material on Jamie’s Gumroad store re: MOTHER WOUNDS and FATHER WOUNDS. Jamie put out a few email shorts over the years and even most recently through popular request, touching on these two subjects. Here is something she put out in 2021. Jamie says MOTHER WOUNDS keep us from RECEIVING FROM GOD and that’s a BIGGIE MINUS sister!
        Here is a link

  2. Jamie, I love you for being so real. I feel, when I read your posts, that I’ve just sat down with a dear friend and hammered out what walking with God is like. I’ve learned from you in victories and defeats, and because of your posts I want to press on. Today I’m frustrated and discouraged and just opened up to this post, and realize that marriage is a calling, too. (And that position can receive truckloads of ingratitude, too.) So I’ll pull up my big girl pants and keep trusting God.
    Thank you for your transparency and commitment to “keeping on”. I’m sorry people who should know better aren’t acting better. You deserve honor for all you give freely. Here’s a huge hug from a grateful reader. Mwaaa!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for your precious, sweet encouragement, Mel. I love and appreciate you too!

  3. Raven Tasker says:

    I just messaged my spiritual mama about this: she said how are you? I said I feel the need to press not feeling as close to him and my calling .

    Thank you Jaime for sending this and your transparency. You have been a figure of unselfish loving . Commitment . Dedication . Passion . And plain ole good boldness.

    I’m pressing with you sister. We push long enough and the baby will come.

    I had a section and 2 natural vaginal births following and not getting the medicine is what I’m sensing right now. So I feel everything . I even feel when I need to push. You feel that without medication. You don’t feel it or sense when have medication. Someone has to tell you when to push. You aren’t partnering with The birthing process as God designed . They will tell you when to push. But when you can feel it . You know it. You experience it and each push gets you close to meeting something new. Something that is a mystery that is finally being revealed . Something created by God inside of you now being made manifest to the world; fully. B

    Bless you and all in Christ.

    1. Praise God. You hang in there, sis. Our Daddy has got us–and He’s got this!

  4. Wow I cannot even put into words how on time this was. I literally just got off the phone talking to my Prayer Partner 🙏🏾 and literally said that I was discouraged with my calling. And for you to send this message today at this time and to share your reality and your frustrations with people resonated with me so much. I know that this was a word from the Lord for me. I appreciate your transparency and I’m going to keep pressing on. I’m going to make adjustments but I’m going to keep going

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for sharing your thoughts, Chauna. Hang in there! <3

  5. Dr. Claudette Alvarez-Dalmau says:

    Siento mucho que quizás no leas Español: pero, es mi lengua Madre, ya que aunque nací en Manhattan, NYC, crecí en San Juan de Puerto Rico.

    Me ocurre exactamente así como testificas y cada día va más en aumento. Lo único que nos sostiene es Su Favor & Gracia…

  6. Gladys Mutungu says:

    Thank you Jamie for being real. I have been there many times. To a lesser extent maybe but painful and challenging times. The sense of betrayal and being stolen from and taken for granted.
    Yes I will press on too towards the upward call of God.
    I pray that you will heal and that the Lord will honor and reward you even in this life.
    Obedience and walking in righteousness and helping people is tough. May grace and favor abound to you. I feel for you.

    Sending love and hugs.

  7. Francie Robertson says:

    Right now I’ve got my face between my knees Lord God! And we’ve been here before Abba! Many times…and we’ll go again and again. Last time it was 7 times, then 70 times and now…70 x 7 TIMES even???!!!
    And know what? Hard hard hard as it was starting out Lord…look where You’ve brought us!!! And see what You have made us to become…MORE THAN CONQUERORS!!!

  8. “whatever is not of faith is sin,” this season of consecration and the level of what the Lord has made available to us for His glory and kingdom to manifest has been a challenge for each of us who have heard what the Spirit is saying.
    Love you sister and thank you for equipping the saints for His greater works! I have a deep urgency that the Church needs to choose now and believe God for His resurrection power, so that we can stand in spirit and truth against the darkness that is rising in the world.
    Praying that the Lord has blessed you richly with peace and comfort as you released this very transparent and timely word- I know it ministered to and encouraged me! I love you and am so thankful for the ministry and life of Christ in you. Praising God for your obedience and asking that He would reward you with a special touch from His presence that your soul is longing for and only He can satisfy. Hallelujah- glory to God in the Highest.
    Your sister in Christ – Amy Lee

  9. We all must be going through difficulty. My family and I are going through so much spiritual warefare. I haven’t seen it this bad when I was little. I know i have a calling, but I feel so lost lately from all the warfare. I can hardly hear Father lately. Probably from my forgiving situation. I’m working on it, but sometimes i feel like there’s only so much I can forgive if people keep doing it. But, I was watching one of your workshops and you explained so much how unforgiveness opens the doors to the enemy. And after saying the prayers you have, they help calm things down even though it picks up again. So thank you very much for those tools you share. They help me so much. And I’m sorry to hear what’s going on. Hopefully, the Lord will open their hearts and make them be kind enough to do the right thing. I just thank you for all you do because all you do helps all of us. Sending big hugs and love. Keeping you in prayer.

  10. Well said Jaime, amen and amen we must keep our shoulders faced forward, our head strong, feet planted firmly and we must press on

  11. Jaime, sometimes you have to put your foot down and be very stern to those who appear to be ingrate and unappreciated of what you are doing here. It’s sad to know that people see how hard you go for this ministry and still have the audacity to be selfish, Unfortunately this is the world we live in, however with the Grace of God we can can overlook nonsense and keep pushing forward towards our calling.

  12. Thank you for another on-time word, Jamie! May God’s Glory fall all about you right now, to comfort, encourage, and restore you!! With much love, may you and your family be amazingly blessed this Easter!!

  13. Jamie thank you for blessing me with such powerful God given words, I look forward every morning to hearing what God has told you and I’m believing God for all he can and will do in my life, through prayer
    be blessed you already are blessed and highly favoured

    Love you Marlene

  14. IRMA NORTJE says:

    Beloved Jamie You encourage us with your transparent humane and humanness and humanitarian heart for the people God wants to win souls for His Kingdom. We Pray for you, your ministry and family to serve the Lord through your tears into joyful expectation that God is healing hearts and His Calling will be fullfilled in many lives in these trying times. Have a most blessed Easter season of His Resurrection Power into the future. Thank you for your passionate love for mankind, for generations. God’s creation. AMEN

  15. Denise Sargeant-James says:

    Thank you Jaime for being transparent. Your message has touched my heart and what I needed to hear now. Going through some warfare right now and I know there is a breakthrough coming. It is easy to just settle but I know that is not we are called to do. I am encouraged by people like you so I read and look for the answers in the Word and where God has asked me to listen and dig deep. You are an inspiration!

  16. Thank you Jamie for this beautiful message. As an alternative practitioner, I sometimes feel so angry when people don’t use their medication and expect to be healed by some wishful thinking. I also feel discouraged sometimes when a month or two goes by without having clients, while on the other hand I am still looking for a permanent place I can use for my practice.
    No matter what I will press on, I know God has promised never to leave me nor forsake me because this is my calling.

  17. Sheila Jane Schutters says:

    This Word of encouragement has blessed my heart as I am currently going through discougement in ministry .Thanks for your transparency Jamie and for keeping it real.God bless please do keep me in your prayers too.

  18. Thanks Jamie, I’m always encouraged by your sweet words from our LORD, may HE continue to anoint your head with HIS oil and blessings. We can’t give up no matter what because the Lord is always our strength. Each time I’m so weak and overwhelmed, I remember Job in the Bible, GOD’s favorite. I ask for more of GOD’s grace and strength to always wait on HIM at all times. Amen. Thanks Jamie and Keep up the good work of our Heavenly FATHER. GOD bless you. With love. Helen

  19. Jamie, I’d like to comment on things that happened concerning the retreat that brought you so much discouragement. The people who didn’t pay their fees and didn’t even contact you to let you know they wouldn’t be going (or sending their fees) may be the FIRST ones to judge YOU for your (in their opinion) “unchristian “ response, without first realizing it was their actions that were unchristian to begin with. Not being able to attend at the last minute because of unforeseen circumstances is one thing, (a family emergency for example), but not even contacting the host to apologize for backing out at the last minute is just plain rude and doesn’t the bible say Love is Not Rude? If something happened that kept them from being able to attend or pay the fee, even though they had every intention to from the start, that can be forgiven more easily if they at least let you know as soon as possible. Things happen, but a person of integrity would consider the feelings of the hosts and at the very least let the hosts know, hopefully before it’s too late, if possible…Even in the secular world everyone knows it’s rude to RSPV to an invitation to a party, or a wedding or baby shower, with a “yes”, then not show up and not even be courteous enough to let the host know they won’t be attending after all and why….often the host has spent X amount of dollars on meals, or other accommodations, per person (as in your case). It happens more often than we think. For example, at my church there was a women’s fellowship meeting on a Friday night about once every other month; a sit-down meal was prepared and served to each lady at no cost to the ladies. Sometimes even free childcare was provided in the nursery. (It was that way for years but we eventually changed to “pot luck” where everyone bought something to contribute to the meal. Even then, some came with nothing to contribute but still filled their own plates every time.) We were encouraged to invite guests and many would be led to the Lord by the messages given. Usually a church member would volunteer to make something nice to be served at those fellowship meetings. The church would pay for the ingredients, but the women (along with other volunteers that helped) would spend hours in the church kitchen (remember, they were volunteering, not getting paid) making spaghetti, or chicken or other dishes, along with bread and salad and desserts, all because they wanted to serve their sisters and be a blessing. But I can’t tell you how many times I heard someone at the table complain about that the meal was too salty, or not salty enough or it should have had this or it should have had that, etc…”I do MY spaghetti this way”, or “ I bake MY chicken that way”, yet THEY never volunteered once. They’d just been served a FREE meal, made with LOVE, and they STILL complained. Eventually I started speaking up and reminding them they were eating a FREE meal, and being waited on, and treated like a queen, and they should be grateful instead of complaining about it. That didn’t make me very popular sometimes but so be it! We should be able to expect MORE from our Christian brothers and sisters than from those folks that are still in the world. And in your situation the ones complaining about accommodations even though it sounds like they were top notch, is unthinkable. Yes they had to pay for their accommodations but no one twisted their arms to be there. The NICEST, most luxurious hotels I’ve ever stayed in, were STILL not completely perfect. If someone looks hard enough they can find SOMETHING to complain about, even if 99% of it was perfect they’ll make a big deal of the 1% that wasn’t perfect. That’s human nature I guess, but at some point as Christians we should be past that kind of attitude or behavior…Anyway, sorry you went through that. God saw, and God knows. He’ll restore ALL that has been stolen, squandered or held back.
    The devil tried to discourage you even BEFORE the retreat started, but look at what God did anyway. God is pleased with you, Jamie. You are making a difference in so many ways, and bringing glory to God through it all; your reward will be great!!!

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