Father Says, “I Want to Fix Your Life”

Beloved friend in Jesus, have you been questioning whether or not our God can fix and heal the things that are broken in your life? If so, Abba Father says to you today:

“I want to fix your life, heal you, and make you completely new.

You think you are too far gone to restore, but you’re not. I am well able to heal everything about you and set you back into the path I originally had for you in every way. Your sins have not precluded Me from healing you. Remember, I cannot even remember your sins, for I have forgiven them and you are hidden with Christ in Me.

You can be whole in Me, even if you have never been whole before. People have let you down since birth, but I have been holding you up the entire time.

I have never left you, and I will never leave you nor forsake you. I am not like your earthly father; I am your Heavenly Father, from whom all fatherhood is named, and I embody and epitomize the very essence of good Fathering. I am your Good Father!

I would like to heal you with My Father-heart, but you will have to let Me. 

To do this, you will have to disconnect your version of what a father is–the version you have developed from looking at humans–and reconnect with Me. You will have to let Me into that place in your heart that you have closed off to “fathers.” 

But as soon as you do, you will find Me there, ready and willing and, indeed, eager to occupy that place in your heart. As soon as you let Me into this place in your emotions, you will find things in your mind that have been awry suddenly springing back into place.

This spring, be ready for the sudden springing of My divine connections.

Allow Me to heal you so I can connect you with My purposes. Allow Me to fill you with My Father-ness, so your heart can be healed. The root of many issues in your heart is your lack of connection to Me as Father. I know you know Me and love Me as your God, but you have got to let Me be Your Father as well as your God.

Ask Me to help you if you cannot open your own heart. I will help with anything you need! I dote on you; I love you so much, and I would never tell you “no” when you ask for My help. You have simply been thinking you have gone too far for Me to fix and heal your life, but I tell you that you have not. Help is nearer than you think!

Will you surrender to My Father-love?

A baptism in My love is what you need, and I stand ready, willing, and excited to baptize you in My love! When you receive My love at a truly new level, it will be transformative for you.

Pray and ask Me to open your heart to everything I have for you, and to baptize you in love at the same time. I will answer you, for I am near to the brokenhearted and to those who call on Me in truth!

I am ready and waiting to help you. Invite Me today to be your Father.

Renounce every earthly idea and experience of what that means, and receive the truth from My Word about what My Father-heart and Father-love for you truly mean.

You have imagined that I am like your earthly fathers, but that is a vain imagination. It is vain; it is a lie and does you no good. Grab onto the profitable imaginations I have for you, and harness your imagination to dwell on My truth.

I love you and will not hurt you. I will always provide for you; always lead and disciple and guide you; I will never leave you without support. Be comforted in My love today!

I love you, My child. Dwell in Me today.


Your real, only, and true Father; your Abba Daddy God.”

Beloved one, is Holy Spirit speaking directly to your heart through this word from Abba Father today? If so, please leave a comment below! I will pray for you!


  1. Innocent Chilufya says:

    Wonderful encouraging WORD of God, today I was so down worried and confused what to do , my mind and heart troubled too much, I had anger in my heart, but upon receiving the wonderful words from you about what the Father is saying “I want to fix your life, I am so relieved knowing my Father in heaven loves and care about me, I am grateful and grad, thank you so much, continue praying for me so that my Faith in God can grow stronger and that I can know my God more, Amen

    1. I have had a very good relationship with my earthly father. So when he passed on, I looked on God as both my heavenly and earthly father, and I have never looked back. I thank him for being in my life and loving me. I have been praying that he may help me with my step children, who I love unconditionally, to get to know and love him as I love him. I have shared my story with him (God), and am looking forward to hearing from him as my father, the author and finisher of my life. May he lead me and my family for the rest of my life.

  2. Raul Torres says:

    Thank you Jamie, I needed to hear this.

  3. This was perfect. Every word got me exactly how I think how I connect with God how I don’t understand Him his love as a Father. How I thought I just went to far. I cried the whole time I read it. Thank you for listening to the Lord.

    1. Bantshang says:

      Thank you ABBA Father for fixing my life through your love

  4. Over the past ten days I’ve been on a sort of… new chapter with the Lord in our spiritual journey? A fast? A… breakthrough period? Something like that, and today’s day ten. I feel like there was a lot of breakthrough and positives in lots of areas!… but also that I wasn’t as faithful as I could have been in others.

    I felt like I really messed up yesterday; And I did, it was bad. And sometimes I feel like it’s inevitable that it’s gonna happen over and over even though I don’t want it to, and it scares me.

    But the part where He said, remember – I always seem to forget – how my sins are forgiven, they haven’t precluded Him from healing me like I trusted and believed Him for over this period…

    Yeah, I did ask Him for follow-up on that; This felt like a gentle reminder/confirmation. He did a lot of other really cool things too, like really unique-to-my-heart type of signs, and songs, healing, and… this morning my parents said that things are gonna be different and even called it a rebirth (they’ve always fought a lot) which pleasantly astounds me!

    So anyway… thank you Jamie, and I thank our Father for everything, including giving me and my family a hope.

  5. IRMA NORTJE says:


  6. My life is changing big time. My business has been taking from me. I still have another job. But my business was my income. I keep getting attacked. Waiting for break through. But my trust and my provider is Jesus. My Father will take care of me and support me. But doesn’t mean I don’t have heartache! I give this to my Father!! Here is my heartache and worries!!
    Thank you Jesus!!!!

  7. Hi there Jamie
    It’s my 1st time writing to you Or responding to the word, that you so faithfully share with the body of Christ. I’m just amaze that every email with a word Or prayer is what I need at a specific moment.
    My husband passed on to be with the Lord in 2020,due to Covid Pneumonia. I was at the time 49yrs old and my husband 53yrs old. I never thought that I would be a Widow at the age of 51. I missed my husband terribly and gets overwhelmed at times with the responsibilities of being a single parent. But God is my refuge and strength and been our Source in times of need. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. God bless you in every area of your life.
    Port Elizabeth.
    South Africa.

  8. linda harrison says:

    Amen, thanks be to the Wonderful Heavenly Father

  9. desmond Greene says:

    thank you Jamie I liked the above. it seemed to relate to me very much. it shines a light on the way I see God and I think I need to look at God in a different way. those words are very powerful indeed and it has gave me encouragement to open myself to GOD and let him in. I have condemmed myself where God has not

  10. Amen, thank You Lord. And thank you Jamie. Blessings

  11. It is incredible how this word is right on time.
    My self confidence has been shattered by man.
    This I needed today, thank you for sharing Gods love and truth.

  12. Dear Jamie,
    Thank you for thiis WORD from ABBA. I was only this morning speaking to Him about a similar thing. Blessings my dear.

  13. Amen thank you Father for this prophetic word. Thank you Jamie for always being there for all of us. Father please allow me to open my heart and emotions to you. Father please baptize me in your love thank you Father for all that your doing for me 🙏🏾🙌🏾😭

  14. Gladys Mutungu says:

    ABBA FATHER how very comforting.
    Thank you Jamie.

  15. John Gibson says:

    So thankful for this word. We all need to be undone by the love of our Father, and Lord I give you everything and ask that everyone who read this today and needs a touch from the Father would receive it and be transformed by the Love grace and mercy of God. May He be our constant companion,.

  16. This word is for me, for all our brethern in Israel and in Ukranie! I recieve and accept it now in holy awe in Yeshuas holy Name.! Let us pray and stand in unity with our brethern who suffer.
    Thank you, sister Jamie for your obedience to share. Be blessed!

  17. Francie Robertson says:

    This is just SO very special!
    Thank You ABBA FATHER!
    And thank You for YOUR PROMOTION! No more attention seeking only to get wounded in pride over and over again Lord!
    You sent forth Your Word again through our precious Sister here…and as of today she CONFIRMED for myself and no doubt many others “waiting in the wings” WE HAVE A BUSINESS to get going…I have waited just so. Also Jamie’s message about our CURRENT JOB situation. ABBA thank You that we are FREE to move into the DREAMS YOU HAD PREPARED for us (“I HAVE GONE BEFORE YOU TO PREPARE THE WAY…”), that they have been RESURRECTED IN THE RESURRECTION OF CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD AND OUR GOD HALLELUIA PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE YESHUA!!!

  18. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for that encouraging word. My earthly father thought I was a “throwaway” and betrayed me even in his death. It has been hard to connect with God as my loving Father and to really realize in the deepest part of me that He truly loves me. This helps so much!

  19. Terry Scott says:

    This was definitely a direct word for me today. I do need him as a father and to show me a Father’s Love and to baptize me in his love.

  20. Wow, this spoke right into my life! Please pray for me, and God bless you!

    1. I sure hope this word is from God my dad left our family when I was two years old the next man came into my mothers life beat her and beat me the next man that came into my mothers life wanted to fight me when I was young the next man that came in to my mothers life right now had a hatred for me because I love Jesus I don’t trust many people in my life I feel rejected and I sure want to have a loving dad and I’m trusting that father God would show me his unconditional love I’ve even been rejected by my wife and throughout the years I should’ve been in prison for 30 years or dead seven times by suicide attempts please pray for me, i’ve been serving the Lord for over 30 years on my knees praying for people but I feel like I serve a general more than a father thank you for your prayers..

  21. Kingsley Okere says:

    Please pray for me to experience the Fathers love. I have had so much struggles in my life. Ask the Father to help me open my heart to Him. I need Him fully in my life and ministry

  22. Tim Murphy says:

    Please do pray for me Jamie. Tim

  23. Peter Akinlawon says:

    Wow!!! Thank You ABBA FATHER for this beautiful message. Very timely as I’m struggling with receiving the Father’s love. How I stumbled on this message, I’ll never know!!! I was actually wanting to read a message from another ministry but this one popped up instead!!! It can only be God!!! This message is definitely for me as I so want to be baptised in Abba’so love. And not just baptised, but soaked and drenched in His love. Thank you Jamie for this deeply encouraging message.

  24. Peter Akinlawon says:

    I so want to have a heart to heart connection with God! It’s my hearts desire, more than anything else. This message is oh so encouraging, I know deep down in my heart that He wanted me to read this. Thank You Abba Father, please baptise me in Your love so that I’m soaked, drenched and drunk with Your love. Help me open up my heart to You. I need You ABBA Father.

  25. desmond Greene says:

    yes I have asked father God to help me open my heart to him and baptize me in hie love. show me father what all I need to change to be closer to you.

  26. Cassandra says:

    Thank you so much this is what I needed total confirmation from when I was praying to my great Abba. Father. And then this comes up 🥰

  27. Thankyou Abba Father I am praying that you will enter into my heart so that I can feel and be transformed by your heavenly fatherly love in Jesus name Amen and Amen

  28. Hey Jamie. My name is Yumna. Your word brought me to tears because this is exactly what I am struggling with. I’m struggling with sin and feeling unworthy and it’s a daily battle. And in the struggle I find it hard to connect with God because I feel unworthy. My dad was not always there and he caused our family alot of pain, so that also makes it difficult for me to connect with my Father in heaven. Thank you for being a vessel for Gods glory and work
    With love and thanks

  29. Christine Gono says:

    Powerful!! Thank you for the Word in season. I renounce every earthly idea of Fatherly love that I have in my mind and ask that God fills me up with His true version of what Fatherly love is in Jesus’ name!!

  30. Thank you Jamie. The timing of this word is so timely. I was in here thinking about my earthly father. He passed away 2 years today. Actually in here listening to his voicemail message. Then suddenly I received this beautiful word about the love of my ABBA Daddy. How much he loves me, has forgiven me and will provide for me. Honestly, I have been struggling financially as a single mother. However, I know God loves me and things are turning around for me right now. I have been healed in my body and I live in God’s abundance. I am blessed to be a blessing and God gets all the glory!

    Thank you

  31. Yes, thank you Abba Father, I receive your love. Amen

  32. Kathy Buck says:

    Hi Jamie. Pray I can return back to Abba Father. I slipped away, not meaning to but, I want to be where I used to be, but even closer than, I used to be. I want to rest and wait on God, so I can hear him more. And then I can hear what he wants me to know and do, with my walk with Him. More and more. Thank you Jamie for your prayers for me and mostly, thank you Abba Father for loving me still.

  33. Hello Jamie, the above resonates with me… Please pray with me as we join hands together… AMEN

  34. Just wow! 🥹 such a precious Word from our Abba! Hallelujah
    I’m in awe 🔥👑🙌🏻 Love you sister – blessings and shalom

  35. I feel like this was meant for me to hear today. My earthly father is still alive at 86 and very I’ll for sometime. He wants nothing to do with only me out of his 3 daughters. Been like this all my life. Just turning 55, and always wishing he would want a relationship with me, has been a pain I’ve been struggling with my whole life. To hear this message today from God, telling me that he is my father and will always be there for me, has taken all the pain I carried from my father never loving me. I accept God totally into my heart and he is the only father I need. I trust in him to guide me to do whatever he has planned in my life. He knows how much I want to change my life and give my whole life over to him and live in his will.
    I love you father and I accept you into my heart and I feel the love you have for me, your daughter. Please heal my physical pain I go through and guide me to do what you have always had planned for me when you birthed me into this early world.

  36. Dineo Nkomo says:

    At the right time.. .as I read it’s like something is been torn out of my life,that which I’ve been stuck to or glued and not right at all but killing me instead.Thank you,Lord for the three times same day I heard this prophetic Word…I surrender Lord!!!Thank you for fixing me.Glory be unto the Father in Jesus’s Name,Amen

    Thank you Jammie.More grace to you

  37. Thank you Jamie I was so down and as Abba my Heavenly Father said that he wanted to fix everything that pertains to me. He gave me encouragement hope and peace that nothing is impossible for my God to do and that what my God cannot do does not exist. I Give him all the Glory and Honour. I know that today is the starting of a new life for me because God will start a new thing in my life with all my prayers answered in Jesus’ Name and through Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour Amen.

  38. Thank you for speaking the heart of the Father. I read this post last night and He responded to me very clearly this morning. May the Lord bless you and keep you and continue to use you for His kingdom.

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