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Scroll down to the bottom of this page to access all three free worship and soaking music albums.

I’m so excited to offer free worship and soaking music downloads again!

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    Awhile back, I took some of my ministry team–musician and singer friends–into a studio to worship prophetically and see what happened. We had four recording sessions so far, and these three albums are “what happened.”

    The first album is called “Rain,” after the happy, refreshing rain of God’s presence!

    Here is a brief description of the songs on “Rain”:

    •  Track 1: Rain. This is our spontaneous instrumental interpretation of a happy, cool, refreshing rainstorm of God’s presence. It features piano, flute, trumpet, and violin.
    • Track 2: In Love With the Father. This is the finished track of a spontaneous song God gave to my friend Heather Moorman during the sound check! It’s amazing!
    • Track 3: Only In My Father’s Presence. This is a song the Lord birthed in my spirit the morning we were headed to the studio. Pay special attention to the trumpet on this one.
    • Track 4: Open Up the Sky. Spontaneous song about the rain of God’s presence.
    • Track 5: You Paint the Sky. Written by Amanda West. Featuring vocals, trumpet, flute, and violin.
    • Track 6: (New on February 16, 2013): Drenched. Another spontaneous interpretation, including vocals, of a drenching, joy-filled rainstorm of God’s presence. Featuring piano, flute, trumpet, and viola.
    • Track 7: Peace. This is an instrumental track featuring piano, guitar, and flute. It was recorded spontaneously in studio.

    Our second album is called “Behold Your God”!

    This is a powerful time of soaking and healing worship in which we sang through the descriptions of Jesus from Isaiah, Revelation, and Ezekiel. The Lord also downloaded some beautiful, encouraging words on this album.

    Much, but not all, of this set is spontaneous… but you’d never know it if I hadn’t told you that! It’s amazing!

    Our third album is called “Beyond the Veil.”

    This session was a powerful time of prophetic worship. If you are tired, weary, or have people in your life that need prayer, you will be powerfully encouraged by this album.

    More songs will be recorded on an ongoing basis, so check back each month! I’ll add additional tracks throughout the year.


    I am absolutely overwhelmed at what God has done with these soaking music tracks starting from Day One. The day after the first recording, I was flooded with emails all day long about how God used these tracks to minister to people. God is so good. Look at what He has done when we started with just one tiny step of obedience:

    • “This is soaking, worship music! As good if not better than the ones I have at home. I really do like this! I will put them on a CD when I get home, so I can listen to them on my stereo. And yes, I really do think they are perfect for soaking! Thank  you again for sharing!” – Tonya
    • “WOW !!! that’s all I can say .. the spirit of God is all over those songs and it puts you in a different atmosphere especially at work ..but I need that today ….thanks for sharing ….let Jamie know I said WOW and thanks for thinking of me… ” – Becky
    • “WOW!  It seems like you listened to the Holy Spirit in the direction of this venture.  Absolutely amazing.  So will you ladies be ready to tour soon? J  You might think of sharing this among some of your other Christian friends. I am sure it would indeed be a blessing to them.” – Amanda
    • “I love it! It was exactly what I needed today! Psalms 27 is one that I pray often “To Behold the beauty of the Lord”  thank you so much for sharing this with me. “Catch Me UP” is inspired!” – Linda
    • “Jamie, I want to thank you for (indirectly) blessing me again.  I felt like I was truly in His Presence as I listening to your musical offerings.  I have forwarded this to a dear sister … Only God knows….” – Dan
    • “Thank you for sharing these wonderful songs! I appreciate that, and it is just what I needed. I will definitely be able to share these songs to bless others! Thanks!” -Anon.
    • “Nice! Glory to God. Thanks for sharing.” – David

    We are thanking the Father for using our offerings to minister to others. Please send me your testimony if the Lord ministers to you through these songs!

    You should see music players below to play each of the three albums. If you don’t, your browser might be blocking the player, so click here to play or download the albums directly from my Soundcloud account.


    1. Teresacoggen n.n. (Trish) says:

      Sister of God i have to reach out to you so as to let you know Holy Spirit has been busy today and somehow not sure how dont know you or yr site but definetly Our father above needed me to have your lovely prayer today as im being treated and have been being treated unjustly by so called friends some family members etc…just general my GOD IS A JUST GOD AND I HAVE SOOOO MUCH LOVE FOR HIM THAT AS IM TRYING TO WRITE THIS IM WIPPING AWAY NOTHING BUT TEARS OF LOVE FOR HIM AND JESUS HIS SON …im sure i cannot be the only one who asks why did he give his son up for us for me….and so many times i just want to shout from the rooftops how blessed I AM TOO HAVE SUCH A LOVING GIVING CARING FORGIVING COMPASSIONATE HONORABLE FATHER WHO WOULD AND DOES DO ANY AND EVERTHING FOR ME LITTLE ‘OLE ME GOD BLESS YOU MY LOVE AND ALL YOU DO NEVER STOP GOD HAS PLANS FOR ME YOU SEE IM AN EMPATH AND A SENSATIVE and finding out i may even have medium abilities to yet control…love & light with peace sincerelyand lovingly Trish ♡♡♡

      1. Trish, I’m praising God with you. Your comment made my day. Thank you for sharing. And thank You, Papa, for blessing my sister!!!!!!
        Have a great day! He’s so GOOD!!!! 🙂

    2. Jamie, new sister in the Lord, thank you for your website. I had struggles with crazy emotional coaster rides my entire life, and your post on praying on emotions has really blessed my heart. I know God led me here, not for the original intent I stumbled on your website for but to explore and found it most helpful, that I kept little notes for myself. Bless your heart darling…oh and I wanted to also share that when I rededicated my life to the Lord recently, I started wearing a champagne coloured scarf with fringes around my shoulders to keep me warm when reading the Word, then, for some reason I started to put it over my head and felt different in the Spirit, more in tuned with God. It wasn’t until recently, when found your website and the write up on the tallit that it confirmed in my spirit that’s what was making the difference… I wear it all the time when praying and slept with it yesterday. It may not be an original tallit, but God has anointed it for His purpose. I am covered and protected under the wings of the Almighty…and understand the importance of keeping my head/mind safe from the enemy. Again, praise God for this new found website. I pray that Abba Daddy continues to use you in the many ways He has.

      1. Karen, that is really awesome. I love it. Thank you so much for sharing! I pray our Papa would continue to bless you as you read and worship. 🙂

        1. Diana Fleischman says:


          I too stumbled on your site early this morning after midnight I think EST. due to the fact, that I had to move my furniture out of my apt . home last August 2016. I have just misc. things yet , to move here in Oh. out like books, clothes and pots and pans etc. and, I drive back and forth from Mi to Oh all the time trying to get this work done , but never seem to accomplish my goals. I had to purchase an air mattress so I could continue to live here at my apt when I needed to be in Oh. as this has been my home many years. I have had problems with an air mattress 2 times this past year and last night I was up late driving back to Oh. near the Stateline. So, I went to eat breakfast at IHOZp and then yo Walmart to purchase my new air mattress because the past 2days I have had very little sleep! In any case, while on the way home after May arriving home with my air mattress after 1:00 am EST. I was too tired to bring my air stress inside my apt. and had to leave it covered up in my car . So, I came in very worried I wouldn’t sleep again for the 3rd night in a row , but after praying and inflating my old air mattress and asking Father God for a good night sleep and listening to your beautiful praise and worship music. I feel a sleep like a baby! I slept in , because I was so tired however, I did manage to get up about 8:38 am to take my medicine and eat my breakfast as I am diabetic and I must! I kept asking the lord to wake me and he did! PTL! I joined your new site early this morning and I hope to visit you as often as I have time. These days I am extremely busy however, I will visit you some even so. I had two deaths in my immediate family my Mother died March6, 2014. And, my beloved husband of many years David died June 5, 2016. I lost them both so you see the main reason I have had such a difficult time moving is I have had high blood surgar and blood pressure. and very ill and no one to help me finish my move. All family and friends wanted to do is take advantage of me. My heart has been crying for two years over losing my husband and soulmate of 41 years he was not what I consider old today he was only 67 for 6 months. Iam 64 years and we were very young together! I look very young now! I have been being guessed anywhere from 14 to 30 years younger! I am pressing 30 lbs about 3 days a week and have been working out to loose weight with a certain. Fitness Trainer at a Fitness Club. I know our help comes from our Father God! and his love is so deep and unending!
          Please remember me and keep me in you prayers as I am your sister in the lord raised in church since my birth 1965. I too am a Professional Singer and Song Writer and Recording Artist . I have been singing in Music all of my life. I am a Country Western Singer from the past and I started in 1965 in Music. My record went all over the USA when I was 12 1/2 years old. I was promoted by my parents like some of the past stars . I was promoted in Country Music. I am still sing today and my husband had planned to move out into the Nusic full time , but he had Parkensens and lost his ability to swallow. God decided to call my darling David to heaven. This is the worst death for me we were soul mates forever! I believe the lord Godhas given David things to do for him and I believe he is assigned to help me reach my divine assignment! So, in Jesus name I will move out of this apt ASAP! and leave Oh . I do live in Mi and two places are too costly!
          Iwill believe you wifi keep me in continued prayers!

          God Bless You,
          Beautiful Music

          ps.By the way, my singing name is Diana Sadler and I am on I have a DustyVynal. S
          Key in artist
          Title. It broke my heart int/Rubber Dolly then hi enter it will pop up. One listed.
          Yes, this is my divine promotion I am moving out and I think it’s time to get this show on the road.
          I have been seen by over approx. 2 million in the USA and CA. I was on theGrsnd Ole Opry and on VH 1 in 2003 a show called Where Did All The Unknown Singers Go
          I was the first singer to be shown on the program people here in Toledo told me. They played my record and said, I was a great singer and I should have been signed on to a conttact. I was offered a contract a world star contract by Capitol number one in the world many times! My Mother and my husband would’ let me go.
          God said, now it’s time!
          To win Souls!
          Why ?
          Because that’s the most important thing!
          About a month ago the lied woke me up and downloaded a song hot of the press from heaven and can’t wait to recieve many more please pray I want to go to the recording studio at Gids appointed time. And move int my ministry! Amen!
          He calling an The Army of God to Usher in his Return!

          Diana Fleischman????
          Keep Making Beautiful Music for Him!

          1. Diana Fleischman says:

            Jamie. Please excuse all grammatical mistakes. I am very tired.

            Diana Fleischman??

          2. It’s great to meet you, Diana! Thanks for introducing yourself! I pray this blog would bless you.

    3. cliff Allen says:

      Jamie your soaking music is a big blessing to me
      This is for you,I desire to establish you with all my heart and all my soul
      May the father god bless you so much I love you so much with all my heart in the fathers healing love sister your bro cliff allen

    4. Diane Soriano says:

      Hi Jamie!
      I’m Diane from Qatar! (Middle East)
      You have to come to our place! You are our Father’s answer to my prayer!
      One who encourages the same desire and calling..

      1. Hi Diane from Qatar!!! I’m thrilled to meet you! Thank you so much for reading and I hope the music blessed you!

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