How I Started My Online Ministry (and How It Grew) PODCAST

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In this episode of Take Your Territory with Jamie Rohrbaugh, I share how I began this online ministry–and how the Lord grew it, along with some keys to help YOU launch your ministry too.

By sharing my testimony, in this podcast I encourage you to know that whatever God has called YOU to do, you can STEP OUT and God will help you succeed in it.

Your success and growth in your own call will require you to remember and implement several keys (which I talk about on this podcast), but anything you desire for your business or ministry can happen.

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Thanks so much for listening!

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  1. Wowww amazing tools 🙏🏼

  2. Kimberlee Bush says:

    thank you … my birthday is tomorrow – my birthday gift to myself is to no longer put off things… i have gotten confirmation so many ways and that whole thing about no longer having as much grace at your work is SO TRUE – WOW – i have thought every word you said…. thank you. i think you should consider coaching/ mentoring people jumping into this type of thing…..

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