7 Areas In Which You Can Stretch Your Faith RIGHT NOW

7 Areas In Which You Can Stretch Your Faith Right Now | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comHave you found yourself stuck in one place in your life, and you’re desperate to move on? Have you been wandering around and around that same old mountain long enough, and you finally feel like you’re ready to cross over into the Promised Land–no matter what it takes? If so, it’s time to stretch your faith today!

If you want to overcome your current situation and move past your current station in life, you’re going to have to do something you’ve never done before.

The old adage is true: If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done. In many cases, that “something” you have to do to move forward isn’t some big outward accomplishment; it’s an inward change.

This has been true for me in some of my darkest moments.

In some of the worst times I’ve ever endured, I can clearly remember that the Lord broke through those times when–and only when–I made the inward decision to believe Him differently, to pray differently, and to think differently. Every time I decided to meet His challenge in those areas–stretching my faith to follow Him more fully–He has instantly and immediately broken through my gloom and darkness in order to rescue me.

Sometimes that “rescuing” was an inward, emotional rescue in which Holy Spirit brought me comfort, peace, calm, and reassurance. In those moments, He took away my tears, worry, and debilitating fear and replaced those things with His perfect peace and love. And in those times, He followed the inward breakthrough by an outward breakthrough in my physical circumstances pretty quickly.

Sometimes, however, the inward breakthrough and the outward breakthrough happened at the same time!

Either way, the Lord knows best. And if we choose to follow Him when He asks us to stretch our faith, we will always see inward results and outward results both, in whichever order He chooses. 🙂

Here are 7 areas in which I believe the Lord is inviting you to stretch your faith right now:

(In other words, these are areas in which I believe the Lord wants to bring you breakthrough, but He needs you to come up to His level of thinking in these areas before breakthrough can occur.)

1. Stretch your faith in the area of what you receive from the Lord.

7 Areas In Which You Can Stretch Your Faith Right Now | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com
Everything we receive from the Lord is by grace and by promise. We receive from the Lord only because He loved us and Jesus died for us. The sacrifice of Jesus provides grace for our lives.

But in addition to that, we receive things not only by grace but also, after grace, by promise. All of Heaven–everything God is and everything He has–is available to us by grace because Jesus died for us. But after we enter into grace, Father God has given us exceedingly great and precious promises by His Word.

What’s the caveat to receiving everything God has promised you? There are two:

  • You have to obey the conditions and prerequisites God places on His promises; and
  • You have to have faith that you will receive whatever God promised if you comply with said conditions.

The Lord showed me that many of you are living far below your station in the Kingdom. You are settling for crumbs from the table, instead of believing God to sit at His feasting table so you can enjoy everything He is, has, and does. 

Remember what Jesus said in Luke 12:32:

“Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

Our Abba Father is the Giver of good and perfect gifts. He loves to give to you! You are His beloved child; He loves to wrap His arms around you, dote on you, and dump every good gift He’s got RIGHT ON YOUR HEAD!

But He can’t move in your life like that unless you will let Him. And “letting Him” requires faith and obedience.

How are you doing on your faith quotient today? How about your obedience quotient? Are you believing God to do everything He has promised in His Word for you? And, are you obeying the conditions He has attached to His promises, so you can receive more from Him?


2. Stretch your faith in the area of what doors are open to you.

7 Ways To Stretch Your Faith Right Now | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com

Just recently, I have asked the Lord for a couple of “stretchy” things in the area of open doors. And you know what? Within days, He opened the doors to me that I had asked Him for. 

When Papa did this for me, I was stunned. I shouldn’t have been, but I was. I was surprised because it was so easy. I didn’t have to go out and do anything special; all I did was ask the Lord to open these doors to me, and He did. So, I started kicking myself for not asking sooner! 🙂

My friend, do you need doors opened to you today?

If so, it’s time to knock on them. And the “knocking” may take many forms, but the very first form of knocking is to present your petition before the Great Door Opener, who opens doors that no man can shut–and who shuts doors that no man can open.

After you present your petitions to Him, He will direct you to take additional steps. Those steps may be to simply keep praying, but He may also tell you to do some things to knock those doors down yourself! (He doesn’t tend to like it when we wait for a kingmaker, but He loves it when we are aggressive and we take the Kingdom by force.)

Either way, persist in prayer, faith, and obedience, and just watch what the Lord does for you!

3. Stretch your faith in the area of what you earn from your work.

7 Ways To Stretch Your Faith Right Now | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com | OverNotUnder.com

Are you happy with your current salary? Or, do you think you could earn more?

Similarly, are you happy with your current job? Or, do you think you could earn more, do better, or even be your own boss by starting a business?

I believe every person can earn more and be promoted in their own job; you just have to work hard and learn what the requirements are for promotion–then do those requirements. (And yes, I do have workplace experience that taught me that–nearly 15 years in the Fortune 500, plus lots of other experience other than that.)


I also believe the Bible specifically commands all of God’s people to run their own business. (Take my video class called The Entrepreneurship Mandate if you want to know all the details about where in the Bible God commands this, so you’ll have the faith to step out.)

The Entrepreneurship Mandate | recorded webinar by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com | OverNotUnder.com

But whether you earn your income from your job, from your own side business or full-time business, or from a combination of both …

God wants your income to increase.

He absolutely does. Riches and wealth are always a blessing from the Lord in the Bible. Poverty is always a curse. That’s why God identifies Himself in the Bible as the God who gives you POWER to get wealth! As it says in Deuteronomy 8:18:

“And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day” (Deuteronomy 8:18).

Related: Read about HOW God gives you power to get wealth over here in this article on my financial blog, OverNotUnder.com.

There will come a day when money will be unnecessary.

In Heaven, we won’t have any need for money. But you know what? Until we get to Heaven, we do need money … for everything. And most importantly, the Kingdom needs money because we need to finance the preaching of the Gospel. We need to care for the poor, preach the Gospel, minister to orphans and widows, and lift Jesus up around the world. All of that takes money.

So yes, God absolutely wants your income to increase. For so many reasons:

  • He wants you to be blessed.
  • He wants you to represent Him well on the earth.
  • He wants you to live like the King’s daughter or King’s son that you are–royalty in the Kingdom.
  • He wants you to tithe and give and prosper; and
  • He wants you to finance His Kingdom.

You need money for that. (Although if you’re not currently tithing, and you don’t have money, the not-tithing is probably the reason that you don’t have money, so I encourage you to start tithing right away even if you feel like you can’t afford it. Read why I say that here, in the Sixfold Blessing of the Tithe.)

So, will you stretch your faith today for promotion and increase in your job, business, and wages?

I double-dog-dare you. Write down what you’d like to earn this month from your work, and make it a higher number than you expect to earn. In fact, I challenge you to make it a higher number than you’ve ever earned before. 

Then, pray about it; roll up your sleeves; keep that number in mind; trust God with streeeeeetched faith, and get to work! The Lord will meet you at the point of your combined faith and obedience.

7 Areas In Which You Can Stretch Your Faith Right Now | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com

4. Stretch your faith by believing God for new, improved, and better relationships.

Have you been content to sit around at home, lonely, sad, and discouraged? Do you wish you had some friends?

Or, if you do have friends but they aren’t very close friendships, wouldn’t you love to have deeper, closer friends with whom you can share life?

I think the area of relationships is one area in the Kingdom where we Christians are living WAY below our calling. The Bible shows examples of friendships that are covenant friendships, but too many of us are satisfied with mere friendships of convenience. But, what would happen if you believed God and stretch your faith for Him to help you build a few “forever friendships” instead?

You can have covenant friends. They may be few and far between, but the Lord can bring them to you. 

Friendships like that develop over time. So, if you’re tired of being sad and lonely, you have no time to waste. Get started today!

How do you get started finding better friends than you’ve ever had before? Simple. To have friends, a man must show himself friendly; so get started today and go out and find someone who needs you to be their friend. As you do this, continuing to pray and stretch your faith, the Lord will bring you together with the right people and deliver you from the wrong people.

5. Stretch your faith by choosing to stay steady in faith during your most painful situations.

7 Ways To Stretch Your Faith Right Now | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com | OverNotUnder.com

Walking in faith is a choice. Staying in faith is a choice. Choosing to believe God and His Word, even when times are hard, is a choice.

And when you’re going through something awful, you always have the choice to operate in doubt and unbelief–or the choice to walk in faith. 

During my hardest trials, I always received major breakthrough (first inward breakthrough, but then outward breakthrough as well) after moments when I decided to believe God, no matter what:

  • I actually, physically decided that I was going to stand on the Word of God.
  • I made the choice to believe for a positive outcome, no matter how terrible the situation appeared to be.
  • I chose to believe that no weapon formed against me would prosper.
  • I’ve had to CHOOSE to believe that God loves me, would provide all my needs, and would take care of me no matter what.

But you know what? Every time I have chosen to do that, those choices have changed my life in short order.

If you want to grow in God and in His blessing, you have to choose to stay steady in faith despite your pain.

The first time you choose to do this is always the hardest, but God will help you if you let Him. 🙂 He’ll empower you and give you grace.

After that, you’ll realize how well it worked out and the next choice will be easier. Eventually, if you keep choosing faith over doubt and unbelief every time, you will become a faith giant.

Many Christians walk in spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and financial turmoil and poverty simply because they won’t choose to stand in faith despite their circumstances.

And that’s sad. Don’t be one of them, okay? YOU make the choice today to S-T-R-E-T-C-H your faith and stand on God’s Word, no matter what.

7 Ways To Stretch Your Faith Right Now | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com | OverNotUnder.com

6. Stretch your faith about what you can accomplish for the Lord.

For example:

  • Can you write a book to the glory of God? Sure you can. 
  • Can you score a film for the glory of God, or land a part in a Broadway musical? Sure you can.
  • Can you start your own independent ministry and reach millions of people around the world, all while being your own boss and earning just as good of a salary as you did in your old job? Sure you can.
  • Can you plant a church that becomes the next city-transforming, soul-saving, life-changing megachurch, where people come in one way and go out changed, all to the glory of God? Sure you can.
  • Can you become a full-time writer, speaker, and preacher? Yes.
  • Can you plan and host a sold-out marriage conference through your new, independent ministry? You betcha you can.
  • Can God prosper you enough so YOU can write a million-dollar check and pay off a church or an evangelistic crusade, all by yourself? Yes.

No matter what you want to do for the Kingdom, you can do it.

God Himself promised you that you can when He put in His Word:

“For with God nothing will be impossible” (Luke 1:37)


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13).

NOTHING is impossible to you. You can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens you. That’s the truth. But will you stretch your faith for it?

If you want to do something big for God, you have to step out and take a risk.

You have to take the risk to try. TRY to do the thing you want to do. If you fail, pick yourself up and try again. Then try again and again and again, and again–as many times as you need to. Eventually, it will work. But YOU’RE the one who determines if it will ever happen, and you make that determination with your faith.

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7. Stretch your faith by resting and believing God to take care of you while you do.

The Bible specifically commands us to incorporate regular, physical rest into our week every single week–in addition to the 24/7 spiritual rest that we are to embrace in Christ. However, if you’re anything like me, it takes faith to rest.

It takes faith to rest because:

  • You have to believe that the Lord will provide your needs while you’re not working and earning money.
  • You have to believe that you will still be loved by people, and your friendships won’t be ruined, if you aren’t “performing adequately” or always around.
  • You have to believe that GOD Himself will still love you, even if you aren’t accomplishing anything for His Kingdom one day a week.

There are probably lots of other reasons that it takes faith to rest, but those are the big three that come to mind. Regardless of your reason, it takes faith to stop what you’re doing and obey God by going to sleep, taking a day off, or whatever else He tells you to do to rest.

But you have to do it. If you don’t, you will burn out.

You know you need to rest, too. I believe the Lord + your body have already told you this. 🙂

So even though it takes faith …

And even though you know it will take a miracle for God to provide for you while you cease working and rest …

And even though some people may think less of you if you don’t perform adequately …

God will never let you down. He’ll never stop loving you. He’ll never let you go without when you obey Him. And He’ll always provide for ALL your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

So stretch your faith today … and rest.

Maybe you could:

  • Take a nap.
  • Take a day off work.
  • Plan a vacation.
  • Go out to eat by yourself if you love doing so.
  • Play a round of golf.
  • Sew a quilt or paint a picture.

Whatever the Lord tells you to do to get some PHYSICAL REST, do it. It will stretch your faith to stop your normal routine, stop working, stop performing, and just HEAL, but again … you will be glad you did. 🙂

Do you need to stretch your faith in these seven areas?

Is the Lord talking to you about one of these areas in particular? If so, step out today and go for it. BIG faith requires big risk and taking big actions, but you will also get big results every time.

Are you going to choose to stretch your faith today in one of these areas? If so, leave a comment below! I love to hear from you!


  1. Friday Idise says:

    Great stuff and I am truly blessed. Thank and God’s blessings always for sharing!

    1. This came at the right time

      1. Ifeoma Udoagwa says:

        This is marvelous. It came at a time when I kept wondering how to manage my faith walk. I thank our merciful Lord Jesus for getting these words out to us.
        As usual am truly stunned at the way our merciful Shepherd, Our Lord Jesus Christ reaches out to his people. Lord am very grateful for this. Thanks you. Jamie. You’re a blessing to our generation.

        Ifeoma. U

    2. Jennifer Bittner says:

      This has got me so excited to begin my future, I can’t stop thanking God !!!!! 🙌 bless you jamie for being the hands and feet of Jesus

  2. Lisa McClain says:

    This is everything that is going on in my life. Big changes, big chances….to go for it. To have a kingdom impact and to do things I have never done before. I have seen God’s faithfulness when I believe and trust. I use to always try to “help” God answer my prayers and that was a disaster. Trusting him alone to do it, has changed everything. Nothing is impossible with him…nothing!
    Thanks Jamie… as always…..you are spot on.

    1. Thank you, Jamie. I believe and receive. The Lord is working to do these things in my life and I am committed to following him!

  3. Mayra Delgado says:

    Thank you! I need these words. God bless you.

  4. Love this. My work dictates my vacation/rest time. I am trusting God and stretching my faith for my vacation as it is used for my church’s camp ministry. Please pray that God will provide a suitable alternative.

    1. Thank you Jamie very helpful and noted God bless your ministry

  5. Thank you so much Jamie. I really needed to hear that. I’m trusting God for two jobs, one is to raise funds to do some medicals( and I want to have fun doing it and be paid well too) and another is the deployment I believe the Lord has already effected. Your blog post just came at the right time. Thank you so much.

  6. Hi Jamie,
    Than you, you nailed it again! You have such an amazing gift. I was struggling some regarding a situation but really wanted faith to take over & give my concerns to the Lord. So when I read this I was so thankful. Blessings to you and yours 💜

  7. 2/21/20 I was released from my job after almost 37 yrs. I had permanent job accommodations in place from the year before, (which took SIX MONTHS to get them to do for three simple things), for a hip issue. I fractured my femur end of July 2019–the store wouldn’t give me any hours until the end of December. I’m the only one that had to call the store mgr every week to get hours; he only gave me three days a week instead of five. They said they couldn’t meet the job accommodations anymore. Please pray for me as I need immediate financial favor & outpouring from God to make mtg pymt & bills & take care of my son diagnosed with developmental disabilities & standing for marriage restoration & family Salvation. My whole life seems to be stretching right now.

  8. I am so moved by this post. How God has used you in my life. His promptness in speaking to me. How timely this post is. The fact that all I have been learning from Father of late is about Faith….I could go on and on…God bless you Jamie.

  9. Jamie, I love you in the Lord. I wish I lived close to you and we could be close friends, because I open your blogs with the expectation of hearing from “ my friend “. I appreciate your authenticity; you are a wonderful writer in addition to stretching me with your thoughts.
    Here’s a crazy thing: I’ve wanted to build exactly what you describe for your retreat center… but I like your dream even better, so I’m switching over to believing with you for yours!! I hope to one day contribute in a big way toward it.
    Would you please pray with me and for what God’s called me to for now? My husband and I are planting a church. The enemy, of course, doesn’t like it. Soon after committing to it, our house burned. Many distractions have ensued: loss of finances, health stuff…and you’re so right, it takes choosing faith when the feelings go away!
    I’m praying for you, Jamie. Thank you for all you give to the Kingdom! Blessings!

    1. Thank you so much, sister. I’d love to meet you someday! I will be happy to pray for you. Where are you located? What kind of a church are you planting?

  10. Jerome Cowell says:

    Jami, Thanks again for all you do. You are God sent and bring an on time Word from the Lord. It really helps me get through the day. The devil is always busy trying to steal our Joy and Peace Of Mind. But he sends that Ram In The Bush. Which you are that Ram In The Bush. I Pray that God Continually Bless and Give You Favor, In Jesus Name. Amen

  11. Margaret Hine says:

    Wow Jamie so good to be encouraged to dream bigger aim higher through faith in God.
    I look forward to seeing things change in my life for His glory.

  12. Hi Jamie, I love reading your blogs. Your love for the Lord is infectious. I live at the other end of the globe from you and I look forward to reading your posts. I am a senior citizen now but I want to abound in knowing loving and serving our God. There is no retirement age in the Kingdom of God am I right? Love you!

  13. Matshepo Seletswane says:

    Shew! That whole list was for me. I weeped and prayed and weeped again as I read it, it took me long to read it as the Holy Spirit will minister as I read. Thank you so much Jamie. Love you lots and stay blessed.

  14. Divinefavor Osinloye says:

    Amen! Very anointed words! Encouraging also – Thank you, Jamie!

  15. Divinefavor Osinloye says:

    Thank you!

  16. Kedibone Celia Magooa says:

    Hi Jamie, i would like to to thank God for your life, you are really a blessing to many like myself, all what you taught me today is a lifetime opportunity to me to change my Spiritual life, to believe and have faith only in God for everything, this is my prophecy of my financial life which the devil has attacked so hard, but because of your teachings i believe everything will change and i do make a promise to God my father that i will be a life changer to those who are in need and of course the kingdom financier, thank you and stay blessed

  17. I’m choosing to stretch my faith in 3,4, and 7.

    Thank you for being obedient to the Lord and providing this word. God bless you!

  18. Thank you for this timely message.
    I am grateful to God for your willingness to step out in faith.

    I would like to be a entrepreneur (investing Forex and Options and Real Estate) but i just not sure if that’s God’s Plan for me. Im praying. This was helpful.

  19. Annanson John says:

    A very great help in my bolt and nut season!
    Prophetess Jamie 1Cor15:58/Heb6:10

  20. Vanessa Martin says:

    It’s always amazing when God gives me confirmation I just planted my financial seed even tho I don’t have a income that 133.00 dollars was the greatest blessing to me, for me, and concerning me. Thank you.

  21. I will stretch my faith in all of these areas because I can do everything through christ Who strengthens me

  22. Every area of this message was for me my faith needs to be stretched because all the things you have posted applied to me in my weak state so thankyou God is blessing you

  23. Christine Gothard says:

    Amen, I agree – Greater is he that is in ME, than he that is in the world. I can do ALL THINGS through CHRIST Who strengthens me.

  24. I will follow these guidelines thankyou Jamie for helping me stretch my faith

  25. 🌺LaShaunda says:

    😭😭😭Oh Jamie, I cried all through the reading 😆 I love to receive your prophetic words because you are one of the ones God speak through to me. But you was moments and I mean moments to late with this one! I think on purpose tho, because if I read this before I went through it just moments ago, I wouldn’t know what you was saying, but because I step out on faith(big time) something I never done and succeeded…but darkness came over me when I did it! then I started questioning God and myself, and God always ask me “Who’s talking to you’ (it wasn’t Him) then I was able to switch from what am I doing, to Oh! I remember now how this all got started😭😭😭first time I was able to switch it! Glory to God and I feel so good about Jamie..this trial(wilderness)has been long and worth it! I was pass test after test only by taking it so many times😆 but I made it Jamie! And to add joy to happiness…who would of thunk it that your prophetic word would be just what just happened to me a moment ago..
    That’s just the Father saying I Am proud of you!
    Thank you wog…pray blessings over your family, your ministry your staff and over you❤️❤️❤️

  26. Prophetess of Almighty God, I lift up His name because of your prayers, prophetic words and encouraging word.l was praying with my daughter for open doors for herto be accepted for grade 11 in maths class for 2023 and I also pray for the favour of God and she is accepted in one of the maths schools in our area although her Grade 10 maths marks. are not that good.Now I need to be aggressive in pursuing God for my destiny.It is time that I become my own Boss.I have Taxi permits but I don’t use them because the transport industry is full of ups and downs, prophetess thank you that your prayers will help me to overcome fear and doubt in Jesus name I take it by fire by force

  27. Irma Nortje says:

    amen Thanku Ps Jamie, God help me to stretch my Faith to be blessed to be a blessing in your Kingdom help our family hearts to turn to Thee to honor and serve Thee with rejoicing.

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