The Sixfold Blessing of the Tithe

The Sixfold Blessing of the Tithe | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

If you’ve decided to travel down the path of–and work toward–a financial rebirth, the first thing to do is to break the curses off your finances.

I’m very burdened about three specific curses that can sit on people’s finances, so we’re going to talk about the first one today–and about the sixfold blessing that you get when you break this curse. There’s even a free, printable bookmark down farther in the post, so you can pray for all six blessings every day! 🙂

First, you need to know:

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    How is a curse broken? When you get rid of its cause.

    Proverbs 26:2 says:

    Like a flitting sparrow, like a flying swallow, so a curse without cause shall not alight.”

    Every curse has a cause. And as soon as we get rid of the cause, slamming the door in the enemy’s face, BOOM! We are free to step into blessing.

    The cool thing about today’s subject is that the WAY you get rid of the curse actually carries its own, sixfold blessing with it.

    So when you do the thing necessary to break the curse, God automatically promises that He’ll bless you. Neat, huh?

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    And what is the curse? Sin. It’s the same curse on all this world’s systems, including money; and you break that curse by tithing.

    When Adam and Eve fell into sin in Genesis, they took the whole world into with them. What had been a perfect cradle for two perfect people who communed with a perfect God became …

    … this.

    It became world where the default state of things changed from perfection to sinful. The creation had been holy, but everything about the world became cursed as soon as sin entered it.

    BOO! HISS! I know. It’s so very sad. 🙁

    But it’s true.

    When our first human parents fell, the world ceased to be a place where humans frolicked about naked, walked with God in the cool of the day, enjoyed the company of squirrels and giraffes, and loved each other.

    Instead, it became a place where sin reigns. A place where people hurt each other. A place where nothing is perfect except God Himself.

    When the world fell, everything in it fell under the curse of sin. Including money.

    In the Scripture passage below from Malachi 3:8-12, God personally tells us that we are suffering from a curse in regards to money. However, He also gives the prescription for breaking that curse and establishing His sixfold financial blessing: by tithing.

    So today we’re going to talk about tithing so you can break the curse off your finances and be blessed instead.

    I want to answer as many questions below as I can. However, this article is not meant to be a full treatise on tithing; so, if you have additional questions, I encourage you to study and research the tithe on your own.

    There are tons of Scriptures about tithing in the Bible, in both the Old and New Testaments. But I’m going to talk about the most important aspects of the tithe today–the things you need to know as part of your financial rebirth.


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    First, what is “the tithe” and “tithing”?

    • The phrase “the tithe” refers to the first 10% of your increase.
    • The phrases “giving tithe,” “tithing,” and “paying tithe” mean giving the first 10% of your increase to God.

    Why is tithe necessary? Because it breaks the curse off your finances.

    Giving the first 10% to God redeems money from the curse of this world’s systems. Giving God the first of anything brings His blessings onto the remainder of that thing.

    If you think about it, money isn’t unique in this. God always asks for the first and best that we have. Then He tells us that, if we will give Him what He asks for, He will redeem and bless the rest.

    For example, in the Mosaic Law, God said that the first of everything that opens the womb belongs to Him. Exodus 34:19-20 says:

    All that open the womb are Mine, and every male firstborn among your livestock, whether ox or sheep.

    But the firstborn of a donkey you shall redeem with a lamb. And if you will not redeem him, then you shall break his neck. All the firstborn of your sons you shall redeem. And none shall appear before Me empty-handed” (Exodus 34:19-20).

    This means:

    • The first lamb that an ewe sheep had belonged to God. It had to be sacrificed to Him.
    • The first calf that a cow bore belonged to God. It had to be sacrificed to Him.
    • The first donkey colt that a donkey bore belonged to God, but God didn’t want donkeys. So He said they had to “buy it back” from Him–redeem it–by giving a lamb instead.
    • Even the firstborn son of a woman had to be redeemed. (That’s one of the reasons why Hannah said she’d give Samuel to God if He’d give her a baby. The firstborn son always belonged to God.)

    This principle works the same way whether we apply it to time, priorities, money, lambs, or anything else. God always wants the first.

    That’s why Jesus said, in Matthew 6:33:

    But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

    In this passage, we see that Jesus wants the first of our time and efforts. He wants the first of our labor. He wants to be sought FIRST in every way.

    God convicted me about this a few years ago in regards to time.

    I used to wake up, eat breakfast, shower, and only THEN would I sit down to spend time with the Lord. However, one day, the Lord showed me what my heart attitude–and what my routine–felt like to Him.

    Basically, He showed me that the way I ordered my time showed Him where He was on my priority scale. He showed me:

    • I ate breakfast before I spent time with Him because I was hungry. That meant my stomach was more important to me than He was.
    • I took my shower before I spent time with Him because I wanted to be ready to go to work and not be late. This meant that sleeping in was more important than He was, because the only reason I was concerned about being late was because I slept too long.
    • I did All The Things in the morning and sat down with Him last because I felt it all depended on me. I fit Him in as an afterthought.

    When He showed me this, it broke my heart. I realized that I needed to change and SEEK HIM FIRST. I needed to spend time with Him, seek Him, love on Him, and show Him my total and utter dependence on Him FIRST.

    When I started doing that, my whole walk with God changed. He accepted my offering of the FIRST, and He came in and blessed all the rest. Everything I did began to be blessed.

    Money is the same way. The natural state of everything in this world is cursed because we live in a sinful world. But giving God the FIRST of the money redeems and blesses the rest of it.

    I was taught to tithe at a young age. However, as I drifted away from Christian teaching (because I didn’t get saved until I was 21), I stopped tithing. And as soon as I did, times got hard.

    However, after I came back to the Lord, I began tithing again. And although I had a lot of financial hurdles to get through–shoveling out the dumptruck of debt I had accumulated–when I began tithing, the Lord began blessing.

    So where is the tithe prescribed in the Bible?

    In many places–and it pre-dates the Law, as you will see below. (That means that the theology that says, “You don’t need to tithe because you are under grace, not under the Law” is totally erroneous. Read on to learn why.)

    The verse I want to focus on today is Malachi 3:8-12, which says:

    Will a man rob God? Yet you have robbed Me! But you say, ‘In what way have we robbed You?’ In tithes and offerings. You are cursed with a curse, for you have robbed Me, even this whole nation.

    Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in My house, and try Me now in this,’ says the Lord of hosts, ‘if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it.

    And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, so that he will not destroy the fruit of your ground, nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit for you in the field,’ says the Lord of hosts;

    ‘And all nations will call you blessed, for you will be a delightful land,’ says the Lord of hosts” (Malachi 3:8-12).

    Where should your tithe go?

    Malachi 3:10 tells us this. In this verse, God Himself personally speaks and says, “Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in My house …”

    So where should your tithe go? To the storehouse–the house of God. And where is that? It’s your local church.

    The local church is your storehouse. It’s where you go to get fed spiritual meat.

    Is tithing a requirement of the Mosaic Law that has now been completed by Christ?

    No. Tithing pre-dates the giving of the Law. Abraham tithed to Melchizedek, the high priest; and Abraham was called a man of faith.

    Genesis 14:18-20 tells us the story of the first tithe in the Bible:

    Then Melchizedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine; he was the priest of God Most High. And he blessed him and said:

    ‘Blessed be Abram of God Most High, Possessor of heaven and earth; and blessed be God Most High, who has delivered your enemies into your hand.’ And he gave him a tithe of all.”

    If it helps, think about this:

    • Jacob also tithed.
    • The Israelites tithed.
    • The Levites tithed on the tithe that was paid to them.
    • The Pharisees tithed–and Jesus told them they should. 🙂

    The principle of tithing goes on and on and on throughout Scripture. Although it was part of the Law, it neither originated in the Law nor ceased when Christ fulfilled the Law.

    (If it helps, compare tithing to the commandments about worshipping God. Worshipping God was always a commandment, from the beginning through the end of Scripture. Just because the Law also told people to worship God doesn’t mean we no longer have to worship, now that Christ fulfilled the Law.)

    Should you tithe on your net or your gross?

    Well, do you want to be blessed on the gross or the net?

    Seriously, though, I feel that, for your personal income, you should tithe on your gross income. The only reason there’s a difference between gross and net is because some of your financial obligations–debts you owe, taxes you owe the federal government, and even health insurance premiums–are paid for you, on your behalf, before you get the remainder of the money.

    Therefore, the gross amount is actually your increase. It’s just that your nice employer paid some of your bills on your behalf before you get the rest of the money. 🙂 Your taxes were paid, your medical premiums were paid, and you still have X amount left … but your whole gross income is your increase.

    How do you tithe on business income? I researched this a lot for my own business, and finally had to get an answer from the Lord because I couldn’t find anybody else’s resources telling me how to do it.

    You take this to the Lord, but what the Lord showed me was to tithe on the increase of my business. That means I tithe on everything I receive, after subtracting overhead expenses.

    And what happens when we begin tithing? We receive the sixfold blessing of the tithe.

    God blesses. And every week when you give God your tithe, you should pray over it and ask God for every one of these six blessings.

    Whenever my husband and I pay our tithe, we always pray over it. We pray out loud for each of the six blessings below. We’ve been doing this for awhile; and, as soon as we started doing so, the Lord started answering every prayer. It was WILD.

    So are you ready to receive the sixfold blessing of the tithe? Let’s look at each blessing individually:

    And by the way, I made you a free, printable bookmark of the six blessings. Download the bookmark here: The Sixfold Blessing of the Tithe printable bookmarkand keep it with you, so you can pray for the sixfold blessing of the tithe every day!

    1. God will open the windows of Heaven and pour you out so much blessing that your provision overflows the need.

    The NKJV translation of Malachi 3 says, “if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it.” However, that’s a horrible translation. How can you receive something if you don’t have room to receive it? Makes no sense.

    So, I did what anybody would do. I got out my trusty Strong’s Concordance and looked up the original meaning.

    And you know what I found? It actually means:

    if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you so much blessing that your provision overflows the need.” Now, THAT is a meaning I understand!

    Can’t you see it now? Can’t you see lots of waterpots and crates and boxes sitting around, and God opening up a big window in Heaven and dumping out so much provision and blessing that all the boxes are full …

    … all the crates are full …

    … all the waterpots are full and sloshing over …

    … there are blessings sitting around everywhere that we don’t even have space in our arms for, so we’re going to have to come back and make a second trip to pick up all the goodies?

    Yeah. THAT’s what God actually said when He said He would open the windows of Heaven and pour out blessings for us. When you tithe, He will give you so much blessing that your provision fills up all the need you have AND THEN SOME. 🙂

    Sign me up for that!

    Sixfold blessing of the tithe | by Jamie Rohrbaugh

    2. He will rebuke the devourer for your sake.

    Remember that our enemy, Satan, wants to steal, kill, and destroy you and everything you have. Jesus said:

    The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).

    So how does God handle this? When you tithe, you break the curse off your finances. By your own obedience, you remove yourself from the enemy’s grasp, and he can no longer eat up the blessings God sends you.

    That means God rebukes anything that would rob from you. He gets rid of it on your behalf. He gets rid of anything that would steal from you. He prevents accidents from happening that would use up your savings.

    He keeps your light bulbs burning. He fixes your machinery when it goes bad, or provides for new and better machinery. And on, and on, and on.

    My husband and I have seen God rebuke the devourer for us over and over again. A number of times, God has brought to light various situations that the enemy had plotted against us to either cause accidents or other costly mishaps. Every time, though, God has protected us from it–because He was rebuking the devourer for our sakes.

    When you tithe, God kicks the devourer out of your life. 

    3. He will protect the fruit of your ground: the results of your labor.

    Malachi 3:11 says, “And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, so that he will not destroy the fruit of your ground ….” What does it mean when God says “so that he will not destroy the fruit of your ground”?

    Well, ground is the thing you plant your seed in. Then a plant comes up and, eventually, produces fruit. It’s the principle of seedtime and harvest (also known as seed, time, and harvest). 🙂 Whatever you sow, you will also reap.

    So how do you apply this to practical life? Well, ask yourself this question: What have you sown recently?

    • Have you sown time, and you need results from that investment of time?
    • Have you poured energy and love into someone, and you want results from your labor?
    • Have you sown a financial seed, and you want it to bear fruit?

    Whatever you have sown, fruit will come from it. And WHEN YOU TITHE, God gives you His personal guarantee that He will protect the results of your labor.

    That’s right. He will protect your fruit. God the Father will guard the fruit of your ground. He’ll protect the results of your labor. He’ll protect your fruit even while it’s growing; even before it’s ready to harvest. God will protect it.

    And next …

    4. He will guarantee you a harvest from your investments.

    Malachi 3:11 goes on to say, “… ‘Nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit for you in the field,’ says the Lord of hosts ….” And in this phrase, God Himself guarantees you a harvest from your investments.

    What does that mean?

    Well, an investment is a deposit of anything that is originally intended to bear fruit. For example:

    • Grape vines in a vineyard are investments. They cost time, money, and labor to plant and tend; but they are designed and intended to bear fruit for their owner.
    • Stocks and bonds are investments. They cost money to purchase, but they are intended to bring a harvest to their owners.
    • Time sown into your children is an investment. Parenting is a sacrifice, but you intend everything you do with and for your child to bear fruit.
    • Labor sown into building a business is an investment. Your business cost you sweat, tears, and sometimes blood; but you did it for a purpose. You intend to see a return on your investment.

    And when you tithe, God Most High personally guarantees that HE will cause every investment to bear fruit.

    This is the Word of God, folks. It’s God’s personal promise about what He will do when we just give Him our first and best. It’s pretty awesome stuff. Are you running to write your tithe check yet? I would be if I were you! 🙂

    5. All nations will call you blessed.

    I know it sounds almost too fantastic, but global influence is actually a promise that goes along with the tithe. “All nations will call you blessed.” That means all nations know who you are and what God has done for youAll nations.

    That’s a pretty amazing promise. Do you have faith to believe it?

    Seriously, you have to have faith that God meant it in order to receive what He promised. Jesus often said, “According to your faith be it unto you!” But if you have faith to receive it, then you have a legal right, based on God’s Word, to ask God to give you a global witness for His glory when you tithe.

    Again: God has promised that all nations will call you blessed if you will tithe. That means all nations will know who you are, what God has done for you, and will acknowledge His blessings upon you. All nations will therefore see God when they look at you.

    Hmmm … that sounds a lot like God’s master plan to glorify Jesus, described in Psalm 2:7-8:

    I will declare the decree: The Lord has said to Me, ‘You are My Son, today I have begotten You.

    Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations for Your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for Your possession” (Psalm 2:7-8).

    God the Father commanded Jesus His Son to ask Him for the nations for His inheritance. The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) is also a command to disciple nations.


    Maybe we’ve been thinking too small? According to your faith be it unto you.

    6. You will be a delightful land.

    The sixth blessing of the tithe is so beautiful. The word “delightful” in Malachi 3:12 means “pleasure; desire; a valuable thing; delight; acceptable; desired” (Strong’s Concordance, Hebrew word #2656). This means that you and everything about you will be GOOD. It also means you will be acceptable and desired. The word “land” means actual land or nation/country.

    As I was researching this word, it occurred to me that this promise could be prayed at the individual level over a lot of things. For example:

    Are you single, but you want to get married? You could claim this promise in prayer when you tithe, asking God to bring you the spouse He has for you, and make you delightful and desirable in that spouse’s eyes. (I would also pray for protection from every wrong spouse, if I were praying that, in case everybody suddenly thought you were the most desirable thing around–even the wrong people.) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Do you feel like you have no friends? You could pray this promise back to God when you tithe, asking Him to bring you the friends He has for you, and that they would find you delightful.

    Do you have low self-esteem, feeling like you’re not much use to God or people? You could pray that Father show you how beautiful and valuable you are in His eyes, so that you would know you are delightful; so you will see yourself the same way He does.

    The opportunities are endless … but any way you pray this promise, God has promised to make things GOOD for you when you tithe.

    [mv_video doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” jsonLd=”true” key=”asbhwlmliqo7nngso4mv” ratio=”16:9″ thumbnail=”” title=”Declaring INCREASE Over You from Psalm 115″ volume=”70″]

    The sixfold blessing of the tithe will change your life in every area.

    When you tithe, God will open the windows of Heaven for you and pour you out so much blessing that His provision overflows your need. He will rebuke the devourer off your life. He will bring you a harvest, protect the results of your labor, make you delightful and desirable, and give you global influence.

    True story … all because He said so.

    So are you willing to start tithing today, so you can break the curse off your finances? So God can redeem and bless your finances in every way?

    I hope and pray, for your own sake, that if you’re not already a tither, you will run not walk to take your tithe check down to your local church this very day … and that you will never stop tithing. Remember to pray over every tithe, and expect to see Father answer. He INVITES you to prove Him on this promise, and He’ll always keep His Word.

    Is Holy Spirit speaking to you today about the blessing of the tithe? If so, please leave a comment below. I love to hear from you!


    1. Jamie, I really testify that tithing is a command that we should all practice. When I was working, my tithes helped me to take care of my kids even through college. It really open doors. I am praying that my kids will take this to heart and keep up to it. God bless you.

      1. Julie Clark says:

        Jamie I absolutely love this teaching, God bless you abundantly Sister 🙌💕👏🙏

      2. Mary Archie says:

        Jamie I really Loved this , and you also a very motivated person in my life I love to read your emails especially when I am going through a breakthrough. Thanks a lot Love,

        1. Thanks for the inspiring massage.T Tithing brings blessings

      3. Ericka Dyann Thomasdingle says:

        I paid my tithes with my rent money so I need six fold blessing in my life I have the faith. I am interviewing now and want job so want favor.

      4. Daveed Holmes says:

        Thank you very much. I had a discussion about tithing and said that it was fulfilled when Jesus died. However, Abraham’s tithe predated the Law,. Even though I am very generous, I will give God my first and my trust over the economy. Thank you for the clarity.

      5. This was the best teaching I have come across that has brought the true meaning of tithe. You have broken it down so well..
        God bless you.

      6. God has visited me twice about tithing in dreams and im real praying to God to help me tithe, as i read deuteronomy 8 and 28,i know those are the commands he is giving to me everyday, tithing, staying away from sexual immorality, forgiving my offenders and obeying his word, i have always looked for a write up from you concerning tithes

    2. Thank you Jamie for this teaching! It really opened my eyes and helped me understand tithing. It’s something I never fully understood and after reading this God opened my eyes to a lot of lies I have believed around tithing. Thank you for shining a light on what’s TRUTH! Now I need to only find a local church, I have been praying for God to show me where I belong in His local kingdom, but have yet to find my home. Can You ask you to help pray for me to find my church home? Where God wants me and can use me? Thank you again Jamie! God Bless You!!

      1. Teresa, yes, I will pray. Your response made me cry. Thank you for being open as Holy Spirit spoke to you and for obeying His Word. You will be blessed as you obey Him.

      2. Just wanted to add that, if you ( or anyone) is in a season of searching for a new home church, your tithe can go to ministries that have blessed you- like Jamie’s! And it can be divided up between several places; like Your local Christian radio station that blesses you while you travel, and your favorite television ministries that you are faithfully watching each week while you search for a church; any place that lines up with the Word and is spreading it abroad. Just make sure it all adds up to at least 10% of your gross/increase if you divide it up!

    3. I want to thank you so much for this article on Tithing. It opened up my spiritual eyes. I never thought about praying about my self esteem issues because I tithe. I will be praying for you and the ones who leave comments. I need encouragement from others. This is the place for me. I found a place that I can make new friends. Susan

      1. Wow, praising God, Susan. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that you have found a home here in our community. It’s our honor to have you.

      2. Lorenza Passarella says:

        Thank you for the 6 prayer blessings over the tithe! Praise God!!
        I found this Golden Key soon after my husband passed 17 years ago!
        When I cried out to God ! Why why things in my life was off!!
        First of all needed to be reborn again !
        Salvation!! My mamma and I and I myself were at a Believers Convention Center meeting and Jesse Duplantis did a alter call! And we went up and gave our lives back to the Lord!! And from that day forward everything changed in our lives for the better!!
        The Holy Spirit has been teaching us and we were so hungry to learn His ways to make our lives better!! God our Father gave us a second chance of life!! And we also learned about tithing!! We were going through lidigation with my daddy over my house we were co habiting together!!
        Many many years and I can say God taught us how to stand and have faith in His promises to come to pass no matter what the out look looks like!
        Because of that He heard our prayers to Save my family and house my home !!! We believe it’s all because of the tithe!!! Praying Gods Word back to Him.. Fasting when called to do that and sowing your tithe also offerings and declaring His promises out loud!! And believe!!!
        Now today my house .. the title .. is clear in my name!! It took the good fight of faith .. from beginning to end it took 18 years!! I’m still in my house!!
        Now believing my house is Paid in Full Now!!!! For its pay back time.. the thief has been caught.. snd he owes 7 golds and double payback!!!
        Hallelujah!!! Amen!! Thank you Jesus!!

    4. Mainza Shakantu Waugh says:

      Hi Jamie, thank you for this teaching. I have two jobs and get paid on different days, do I need to pay tithe from both jobs?
      God bless you. Mainza

      1. Hi, Mainza! Yes, absolutely. The Word tells us to tithe on all our increase. And when we do, ALL we have is blessed!

    5. Greetings Jamie,

      I thank you for this excellent teaching on Tithing, which is an area I have struggled with. I was once a faithful Tither but allowed myself to be swayed and unduly influenced by others. Your Article on this day (Good Friday) has shown me that I not only need to be obedient but consistent in my tithing of All that I receive, and to pray specifically, over my tithe. You are, and have been a Blessing to me. Continue to share your ministry gifts to us.

      1. Ah yes, many people will try to tell you that you don’t have to tithe–or do many of the things that God’s Word prescribes. They water down God’s Word so that the sacrifice of serving God will cost them nothing, or very little. But Jesus doesn’t ask us to live a comfortable life. He asks us to come and die. Although it’s true that He blesses us when we do, obedience always requires sacrifice.

        Much love and big hugs to you today, dear sister. I am proud of you for listening to the Holy Spirit, for only He can quicken His Word in your heart and speak to you about these things.

        1. Thanks for this Article, I normally do not post, but I had to respond. I am a tither and have been for over 20 years and we do tithe on our gross. However, we were not watering our seed the way we should have. Father God always blesses us, and we know we are highly favored because of his grace! Beginning this day, we will confess the sixfold blessing of the tithe. I also want to thank you for this comment: “But Jesus doesn’t ask us to live a comfortable life. He asks us to come and die. Although it’s true that He blesses us when we do, obedience always requires sacrifice.” It spoke to my spirit. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I could go on and on, but I wanted to keep this comment brief. My God continue to shine on you and give you his wisdom. Shalom

    6. Jamie this was amazing to me. Thank you. I see now that tithing is meant as a vehicle to reestablishe trust between us and God. We distrusted his word in the garden and did sin. But now he’s given us a practice which works to undo the distrust of that word by putting ourselves in a position to have to trust.
      Love it! Thank you so much for this! Keep up the good obedience my friend! Amen.

      1. You could look at it that way for sure. It’s certainly, first and foremost, a Lordship issue. Who is Boss? Tithing shows everyone–including you and the Lord–that He is Boss.

    7. Meloni Simpson says:

      Thank you for sharing on tithing. I have recently started tithing on my earnings. I am married and my husband isn’t saved, so unfortunately I am only tithing on my earnings.

      What should I do, will God look on me as I am not really tithing because I am only tithing on my earnings and not my husband’s?

      1. Hi Meloni, many people in the secular world tithe as well, even without any relationship with God. If your husband isn’t open to tithing on his earnings, then you are doing the best you can and I believe the Lord will bless you for your obedience.

      2. Saundra Box says:

        Dear Meloni: God will bless you for your obedience!!! And hopefully, it will be a vessel in which God can make His presence known to your husband.
        God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Thank you for sharing.In a situation where one is not working,and does not receive allowance from her spouse, how does she tithe?

      1. Hi Paulyn. It all depends on whether or not you have an increase. If you have no increase, then no tithe is due. Hope this helps.

    9. Hi Jamie,

      I was introduced to your website a few months back while reading a word on Elijah List. I was drawn to your blog posts by the presence of God I encountered while reading and studying with you. I have been going through a tough situation for the last few months and seeking God every step of the way to keep me from falling or giving up hope that God would walk with me through my struggle and deliver me to the other side in victory.

      This morning, as I began my day spending time with Father God, I read this blog post on tithing. I placed something on the alter before God this morning that I have been nervous about the outcome. While reading this post, I realized that God has all along this trial been positioning me for victory!

      He asked me to give Him the first part of my day, to desire Him more than anything and demonstrate this desire by putting Him first. So I did.
      He convicted my heart about tithing, telling me to trust His as my provider. So I began and still do.
      He told me to take time to see and care for the hurting and needy that He places in my path. So I do.
      He told me to work as unto Him on my job, always giving my best as if I were working directly for him. So I do.

      Now this morning, I read this teaching and I realize everything God has asked me to do set me up to receive the blessings I have read about in Malachi 3:8-12 but gained a Rhema revelation about today! I am confident that God has already given me the victory over the thing I placed on the alter before Him this morning. I am confident that He is protecting the fruit of all my labor. I am confident that He knows the desires of my heart and now that my faith is increased to ask and believe for His best for me, I will receive His best in all areas of my life.

      Many blessings and thank you for your obedience to Father God to share as you do!

    10. Karen Hardin says:

      Clear, concise and a right on word. Thank you, Jamie!

    11. Antoinette says:

      I have been struggling with gross and nett tithe. God answered me gross. So I tithe gross for last eight months but my finance keep spiralling down. This month I dont know where to start and Iasked God will it be wrong to tithe to tithe on my nett? God answered now. Will pray prayers and trusting God.

      1. That’s the right thing to do, Antoinette, for it aligns with His Word. Pray for the six blessings every single day. And make yourself a financial battle map and attack your finances in prayer from every angle–both in regards to your income AND your spending habits. And everything else.

    12. Before reading your article, I did not understand how important and what it meant to tithe and to put God first in our day. Now I do. I believe God put you here to teach us and open our eyes and you are doing a very wonderful and important thing. I am so glad I found your website. We need to understand the Bible and with you teaching us it has become interesting and beautiful. Thank you.

      1. I’m so glad you were blessed, Allison. Yes indeed, God’s Word is light and life and hope, for it is the tangible manifestation of Jesus! “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth” (John 1:14).

    13. Article came on time… However, I get paid through Direct Deposit which
      #1 mixes in with any previous earnings.
      #2 I don’t know my gross until I pick up my stubs a *couple of days later*–if I have the car to get them.

      So to know the gross I would have to wait. Here is the problem:
      if I were to tithe gross, I would have to wait to spend money on gas, food and other things I needed at that moment.

      I have been tithing NET and giving to an organization that gives out free bibles. If I knew my gross at that moment, I would tithe gross. I could guess but I want to be obedient to the amount being—tenth.

      1. Starr, hi; thanks for reading and sharing. I would encourage you to find out your gross right away, either by calling the payroll department at your employer or working out something with them about this. The Lord will show you how. 🙂 Blessings to you as you give!

    14. We are tithers but while I have experienced incredible financial blessings, we have been going through extreme financial pressure to the point of poverty for several years now which I have been diligently praying through and seeking Him. I woke this morning at 4 a.m. speaking the words, “the acceptable year of the LORD”. I watched your webinar right after about Praying in Power (which was off-the-hook awesome btw!) and I’m wondering if you have a Word for me Jamie? I have prayed for confirmation of what I believe the LORD is speaking to me Jamie but I’m not known for my patience 😉

      1. Hey Julie, I completely identify. My husband and I, though we’ve always tithed on both our incomes since we’ve been married, have been through some really hard times finanically. BUT, I can tell you: even though it felt like at the time that we would never recover financially, WE DID. Father brought us through and we are now in a better position than we probably would have been without that hard time.

        Here’s part of the story about that hard time for us: if you want to check it out.

        So, I would just say: keep being obedient. Keep tithing. Keep believing. Keep praying. Oh yes–and read Deuteronomy chapter 8. 🙂
        Much love to you!

    15. Lillian Bwowe Nanteza says:

      Dear Jamie,

      Thank you for this wonderful blog, it has deepen my understanding about tithing. It confirms what my pastor told me, that i needed to start tithing if i am to get a breakthrough in my finances and general areas of my life. Starting, this month am starting to give tithe to my fellowship. Thank you so much, indeed God has spoken to me.

    16. Mbawemi Ilunga says:

      Dear Jamie,

      Thank you for this article.
      I have been a faithful tither. When i first got a job i used tithe on gross. And when i got loans i started tithing on net. One pastor taught us that its okay we could tithe on net after loans deductions and taxes, i got comfortable with this. At times i missed tithing because i would get frustrated that God was not honoring His Words in my life of open doors because i was always struggling financially.

      After reading this today, i have packaged my tithe on gross and ready to take it to my local church tomorrow. I feel i can still trust God for more.

      God bless you

    17. Maria Dimba says:

      Thanks for opening my eyes, I have not been tithing and I did not understand why tithing but after reading your article I understand very well and as from now on I will start tithing. I so wish that God can one day give me a spouse as I am divorced who will know and love Him first.

    18. Ossie copeland says:

      I am going to try this .thank you so much

    19. Ossie copeland says:

      Will u said pray for me and husband concerning our retirement we’ve been working on jobs for 28 and 18 years and doesn’t have a good retirement plan will you please keep me in my husband and proud about our retirement thank you and may God bless you Jamie

    20. Ossie copeland says:

      Email me a prayer about me and my husband retirement Jamie thank you and may God bless you

    21. Dear Jamie
      This is the second time I am reading this , It is so good Jamie to know the importance of tithing and its wonderful blessings from the Lord . I have already started giving it to Lord from the month May this Year as one of my friend suggested me to do so until then I didn’t know about its importance . I never prayed on each tithe , from now on I will .
      Thanking you once again for making me understand it’s importance .
      God bless you
      Best regards

      1. Amen! I’m so glad you’re being encouraged! Tithing is SO hugely important. It is how we give God our first, money-wise! His promises regarding the tithe are powerful. I depend on them daily!

    22. I have struggled with tithing for years. I was raised in church buy fell away for some years. I started tithing things got better. When emergent things came up I felt my finances needed to be used other places so I stopped tithing. Things got hella bad again. This time it seemed to negatively affect every area of my life, not just my finances. After reading this I’m tithing starting next pay check and not stopping. Jesus take the wheel and always help me with my unbelief. Thank you Queen for writing this post and sharing. My life has been changed for the good. Be good be safe be blessed ~Tasha K~

    23. Thank you Jamie for this great teaching! In point #1 you gave so much clarity about how the provision will overflow the need. Hallelujah! I was reminded that I only need to be focused on my need for that day, for tomorrow has enough cares for itself. That’s not to say I don’t need to plan, etc….

      In point #3, God not only protects the fruit of my ground and the results of my labor, I was reminded that He is the one that gives the increase ( Gen 2:9, 1 Cor 3:6, and Ps 104:14 ). So I need to rest in that and let Him do it. Papa God is rounding out and enhancing my knowledge and understanding of His Kingdom.
      Thanks again, you are truly a blessing!

    24. Dear Jamie,
      Inspired by your message I’m grateful that you teach with such wisdom. Every thing you say is backed up by scripture.
      I also had a problem about the tithe from business income. I own a business. But I don’t know how to tithe from my business income as my business has been running at a loss for the past 3 years. And it is in debt. And I don’t know how I can fix this. I know that I must tithe, there is no question in my mind, but how do I tithe when after all the money comes in we are still in debt?

      1. i run a business as well and i Tithe 10% of what i make….I tithe weekly before i use the money for anything….Start now and start where you are and experience God…

    25. Thank you. I was hoping to find a “prayer” for the tithe, as I google’d “what to pray over the tithe” and arrived here. Great tips to work with creating prayer points.

    26. I have been tithing for over 2 yrs faithfully every Sunday and by the end of the week I’m struggling and then I get so upset and frustrated because I truly believed what God said about blessing us but I haven’t experienced that thus far. What am I doing wrong??

      1. I am not sure. A few questions that might help us figure this out: How are you tithing? And are you making a written budget for every paycheck?

        1. BRITTNEY G says:

          Hi! I don’t belong to a church, so what should I do with my tithe?

          1. Hi Brittney. Great question. The Bible says to bring the tithe into the storehouse, and the storehouse is where you’re fed. So if you don’t belong to a church, give your tithe where you are fed spiritually!

    27. Sheila Gapinkse says:

      WOW!!! This is so enlightening, I had no idea of all those blessings included in tithing. I have always believed and tithed, but didn’t know there was more to believe for than the windows of heaven being opened and blessings more than can be contained poured out.
      Thank you Jamie so much. Eternally grateful,

    28. Saundra Box says:

      Dear Jamie: Thank you so much for sharing your Godly wisdom with the world! I do have a question. I have tithed since I was in my twenties; we have lived a good life, but often money gets tight. We give ten percent off the top. This is my question – We tithe from husband’s paycheck to our local church. We tithe off my income to a college organization that is a church on a college campus and also give to a leprosy hospital that starts churches and offers health care to aids and leprosy patients in India.
      In scripture it states to give to the store house; is it ok to give to more than one store house?

    29. Henrietta says:

      Thank you Jamie! I didn’t know how to pray over my Tithe. This post was an eye opener!

    30. This is an awesome teaching on tithing. I am a tither, but encouraged even more to do so and encourage others.
      May the Lord continue to bless you.

    31. Mary Pavao says:

      hi JAMIE, Id like to comment on blessing number 5, i felt your excitement as i was reading your words about ALL NATIONS WILL CALL YOU BLESSED. As i read on when you asked : do you have the faith to believe it? i actually remembered David Green the owner of Hobby Lobby, so if it safe to say all nations call him blessed? i know i call him blessed i read that he tithes and GOD BLESSES HIM ABUNDANTLY…… p\raise GOD for being so awesome……..luv Mary

    32. Good day Jamie

      I am from South Africa and I receive your mail daily.

      Thank you for this insight.

      Even though I tithe every month, I need a prayer to pray over my tithe before I place it in the offering box.

      I have been retrenched.

      Please I would like you and everyone that reads your mail, to keep in prayer to find employment.

      I am a widow and do have any other means of support, neither does the church I go to give me any assistance.

      I need every ones prayer to overcome this hardship.

      God bless you a great woman of God.

    33. Hi Jamie.
      My question is, if my spouse does not believe in tithing(not a christian), how does that affect me. I tithe on what I make, but I seem to not get any further. My tithes also come out of debt, meaning, when i get paid it is not enough to cover my overdraft, therefore I am tithing out of my debt. It seems I am only getting farther in debt.
      I have tithed on my husbands paycheck a few times, he gets so upset.
      I feel like I’m in a no win situation.
      Any advice is good advice. I have prayed and have not received a clear answer.

      1. Hi Wanda. I was touched by your question, and I praying that God will give you a clear answer and strategy.

    34. Thankyou Jamie,
      Thankyou LORD, for you are worthy to be praised.
      I thank the LORD God almighty for this program in clarifying the whole meaning of tithing and scriptures .
      Because as i started tithing these were all the questions on my mind..
      1) Should i tithe on the net or gross?
      2) Why tithing on the gross.?
      3) What scripture should i use to pray upon my tithes.?

      Thankyou and God bless..

    35. Jean Potgieter says:

      I have a serious question. I am a pensioner and do not have a job. My husband works from home and whatever money he makes he gives me to run the household. So there is not really money for luxuries, if I want anything I do have to save from that money. The amount varies from week to week. My husband is not saved so he is not tithing on that income. Must I tithe on the income. I also have a fixed deposit of which the interest gets paid directly back into the investment – I do not receive any of it to use. I use some of my savings to tithe on that money as I feel it is still an increase although I do not have the money in my hand. Please advise if I am doing the right thing. Bless you all. Jean.

    36. Elizabeth Baitie says:

      Wow…I just happened to stumble on your site, this past week at church we have been taught again on the tithe and it’s importance. I have always been a tither but wasn’t doing it the right way or tithing on the gross. I learnt during the teachings at church it had to be the gross and also it had to be the first tenth. First things first so to take it out or write the check before I start spending my pay. Your teaching on the tithe has shed so much more light and given me an even better understanding. I wasn’t really praying on it and giving it an assignment and appropriating the blessings. I now have an in-depth understanding of the 6 fold blessing and as I start to do it the right way I am expecting mighty blessings f on the Lord. God bless you Jamie.

      Question….how do I pay corporate tithe? My husband and I own and run a school. I understand we are to pay from the profits of the business? But as a school we operate 3 terms so do I pay the tithe at the end of the term when we work out what profit we made or do I wat till the end of the financial year after the auditors have worked out the accounts and then pay? And we have huge loans to service too so how does that work out

    37. Elizabeth Baitie says:

      Excellent teaching has helped me enormously. God bless you Jamie

    38. Travia Glasgow says:

      First I thank God for you. What you do is not easy, and you open yourself to criticism but you still deliver a Word from God for us.

      Second, I have been praying that God would provide me with a step by step guide to what I need to be doing. You were the answer to that prayer. I’m excite to read your material.

      Third, currently my finances are in a mess due to my wife seeking a divorce. I pray for her and the kids. I’m asking God to provide a way for me to take care of my responsibilities, but also provide me a way to save for my kids future.

      God bless you, and I look forward to more of your work.

      Lord bring an end to this Government shutdown.

    39. Your words have encouraged so many people may Almighty Father bless you abundantly. I started tithing this month and am not planning to stop. Kindly help me pray for a good well-paying permanent and pensionable job.

    40. Phillias Malenji says:


      The article on tithe is amazing and inspiring.
      However I would like to learn more on an increase regarding a business where you mentioned to say that ” tithe on everything received, after subtracting overhead expenses”. Please shed more light.

      Thank you,

      1. Hello,
        A business’s expenses are not increase. You tithe on increase. So a business would tithe on its profit.

    41. Beverly Yakop says:

      Hello Jamie,
      First of all ‘wow’ – I am thankful to God I came across your site and reading through your article shed light on almost all questions I had on tithing. I spent almost all day today reading on ‘tithes and offerings’ on other sites and your article has answered the questions I had and I kept reading as it was exciting and I wanted to make sure ‘all the lies from the devil regarding my tithing to the Lord’ are vanished and I can walk and live in God’s truth and abundance. I have not been faithful in my tithing and after reading your sharing… this has changed me forever and I can’t wait to run to the house of the Lord (His store house) to give Him what is required of me and I am looking forward for the blessings that will unfold.
      Thank you so much Jamie once again and may God continue to use you mightily in changing lives and in living right with God.

    42. Thank you Jamie. May God bless your work even as you continue serving Him and spreading His word.
      I have struggled with tithing for a while and only carry it out for 3 months before I stop. I have prayed and fasted over it and after reading your message (which I believe the Holy Spirit directed me to it) its opened my inner eyes. I will tithe again and wont stop.
      My only challenge is what the churches sometimes do with the tithes and offerings. It pulls me back from tithing. Sometimes there is theft and misuse, so I opt to donate my cash to needy people or causes. How do I get over that. Thanks.

      1. Hi Eddah, I praise the Lord for helping you overcome the temptations of the wicked one and embrace Jesus’ Lordship in this way. Regarding misuse of the tithe: there can be only one answer. And that is, find a church where the leadership is honest. You don’t want to be in a church that isn’t honest and walking with integrity anyway. What’s on the leadership will transfer down to you. So if you have to change churches to find pastors and leaders who are upright, do it. 🙂 The tithe must go to the church, not to the poor, or it isn’t tithe.
        Blessings to you as you follow Jesus!

    43. Thank you Jamie. This post has given me hope. I have been in a place where I thought I didn’t have enough to tithe. Now I believe that giving my tithe will supply my needs over and beyond my expectations.

    44. Thanks Jamie. I am a tither but this message has inspired me to claim these sixfold blessings on my Tithe. I was smiling as read through some of the blessings as I could see that, that was the reason this and that didn’t happen that could have very well happened, all because of my Tithe. God was keeping the devourer away! I am going to jot down these blessings and claim them over my Tithe all the time.

      Thank you,

    45. Bless you for this message. Tithing is God’s direction to bless us again even though He is the one who has provided for us. He is such a lovely Father who always to make His children happy. Thank you Abba Father.

    46. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Amen and Amen!!!!!! I used to give my tithe every Sunday and take it to the storehouse.BUT STILL Jamie,i still losing out.I admit my life and ask forgiveness to our God.Fnance is losing out.I thank God for this great teaching about tithing. and i believe that i will try to change the way i do it by following these six steps of tithing.Thank you Jamie.

    47. Hosea Richard says:

      I am revived, it was like I have been walking asleep on my own blessings. Thank you, Jamie. I am going to reteach this.

    48. sonia perez says:

      Dear Jamie:

      I don’t know how to pray, so how can I pray over my tithes.

      Sonia Perez

      1. Hi Sonia, I would love to help. Could you be more specific, please, about what you mean when you say “I don’t know how to pray”? That will help me figure out how best I can help.

    49. Jamie, please pray, we have tithed for many years we have struggled for so long an we have even tithe off a checking acct. when there was no income,just money in savings, pandemic has sapped us financially in so many ways, signs of god ,needed,Thank-you.

    50. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      I pray that the holy spirit learn me and give me wisdom of tithing.Amem


    52. Joan Stirlen says:

      This was an excellent focused read in tithing. I am glad to tithe, but even more so when I realize I am giving BACK TO GOD WHAT IS HIS ALREADY! The money isn’t mine, it is His; tithing is an act of obedience and submission to Him and his presence in my life. I want to do it even if there weren’t any blessings promised or given.
      Thank you for your thoughtful and scripture focused read on this important aspect of being God’s child.

    53. I’m currently unemployed and can not tithe due to not having an income so how do I go about it? I live with my kids who don’t go to church but pray at home.

      1. Hi Linda, if you don’t have an income then no tithe is due. Tithe is strictly income-based. But you can still give offerings to the Lord if you want to, and He will bless you for it! Here’s an article about that if you want to read it:
        Giving offerings to the Lord is how He brought me and my family out of poverty and debt. I always recommend it to everyone–it’s Biblical and it works! <3

    54. Thank you so much for this exposition on thithing you’ve open my eyes of understanding now i see thithing differently and iam going to teach others about it as well. God bless you

    55. Hello Jamie,thank you sooo are a great Blessing for the Kingdom of our ABBA Father. My question now: i am a German missionary in Uganda. In Germany i visited a housechurch and i didn’t really tithed.i have given when the Lord showed me to give people or ministries or in churches which i visited. So even now i didn’t have a local church but i have in my Heart to start with tithe. Is it also OK when i send my tithe to a ministry???? Thank you for your answer.

      1. Hi Silke. Yes. Back when I didn’t have a church, right after I got saved and was looking for a church, I tithed to Joyce Meyer Ministries because I listened to her discipleship materials all the time and she really fed me. Then, when I finally found a church, I moved my tithes to that church. The Bible says to bring the tithes into the storehouse–which is where you’re fed. So, if you aren’t being fed in a church, a ministry is just fine. As long as it brings food into God’s house!

    56. Thank you Jaime for this great insight on tithing!👌🏽
      What is the difference between “FirstFruits” and Tithing?

      1. Tithing is a form of firstfruits, but tithing applies to everything. Tithe goes to the storehouse–where you are fed spiritually. Tithing is 10% of the gross.

        Firstfruits is only the first of your increase each year. It can go to either the church or to the priest (pastor) personally. Firstfruits, as I understand it, is the entire amount of the increase between the old amount and the new amount when you increase each year (e.g. when you get a pay raise at work).
        Hope this helps!

    57. Daniel Ochonma says:

      I would like to have a printable version of The Sixfold Blessing of the Tithe.
      Kind regards
      Daniel Ochonma

    58. Thank you Jamue, hor this great getting started guide to tithing!! God spoke to me about how I have been tithing; I have an ADD diagnosis, so I had set up an automatic deduction to be sent to my church from my bank because I was worried about not remembering it. But being out of sight that way was a deterrent ti remembering to pray over it and ask for those blessings. So now He us leading me to set a reminder in my new, more reliable system to do it manually and say those prayers!! Thanks again for the great guide for doing that.😁

    59. I am tithing my income (book royalties) and am doing it off the top, not out of profits, just 10% off of whatever comes in. My husband is not a church goer and I can’t force him to tithe his paycheck. I’m giving that to God. While I’ve experienced many blessings, my husband keeps wrecking cars and losing jobs, which is definitely eating up his paycheck. The devourer is at work, but I can’t seem to convince him of that. Please pray for him and his hardened heart.

    60. IRMA NORTJE says:


    61. Lisa Vann says:

      I’ve had many days that I had to choose between tithing and paying a bill. I always chose to tithe and my bills always got paid. We can’t out give God.

    62. Thankyou Jamie, I love to give as soon as I read the title I sowed I understand the importance of giving to God, this post is really good

    63. Souvenir good morning Jamie thank you so very much for all the information concerning Tithe that’s an eye-opening I’ve been tifhing for many many years I have yet as far as I know experience any result from my tithing, thank you so much, and Jesus name, I will put your teaching to practice because 2023 I’m expecting to get results in Jesus name love you thank God for your ministry. Also, please pray for me I’m in a desperate need of my own home. Don’t know where to start how to start. I need a miracle as soon as possible.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Thank you God bless

    64. Thank you for this word!

      Jamie, if I can be honest I became angry reading this article. I have been tithing, giving the first fruit of my labor, time and energy. I seek him first thing in the morning. I have stood on the wall prayed and kept watch! I am hurt that for years I haven’t seen the fruit of my labor. It’s been chaos after chaos, lack after lack and heartache after heartache yet my trust is in the Lord! Why am I still struggling to see God manifest in my life?

    65. Maryanne Njoroge says:

      I thank God for you Jamie. Tithing has changed my life for sure and I would encourage anyone who hasn’t started tithing to do so asap.

    66. Love this teaching, Jamie. Thank you and bless God for you!

    67. Thankyou for this teaching, I was a tither every time when I give my tithes things became difficult for me ,lost in my business nothing was moving until I stop even praying ,by reading this massages I have hope again thankyou

    68. I already tithe. However, after reading this article, I found I have been tithing off of my net – not gross – income. Needless to say, I just tithed an extra $12 to the tithe I already gave to God. It involved math to figure it out, but I did it.

      Thanks for this article.

    69. MaryJo Coleman says:

      Hi Jamie:

      Thanks for your work – and insight on tithing!

      I have been tithing for 31 yrs as a believer but can’t even think of a time I specifically prayed over it – although the ushers did! And sometimes I was an usher!

      I will use these Scriptures to remind the LORD about my firstborn that currently is avoiding the calling on his life 🥹.

      How can I use this as far as my marriage is concerned? My husband and I do not live together at this time. God bless you!

      1. Hi sister, I’m sorry to hear you’re going through that. Pray for the Lord to rebuke the devourer off your marriage, and off your living situation!

    70. Irma Nortje says:


    71. This has been a tremendous help for me! A Christian coworker asked me awhile back about tithing . we both felt that it fell under grace and being generous was all that mattered. After our conversation I had a great desire to search out the matter. At one time I took my tithes into church like clockwork. I stopped paying my tithes but kept giving to Christian organizations. After a few years my finances became a trainwreck and I no longer had the money to be generous the way I wanted to be. This past Sunday I payed my tithes for the first time in years. I feel like some of my worry has been lifted off of me and replaced with peace. Thank you for this article!

    72. Hello Jamie, the question I have is. If you are a pastor in a small church and you are not working and you do receive some people tithing. Do I take money for me as a earnings or what?

      And also if I have to tithe from that money, where do I tithe because I will be receiving that money for me I guess.
      Please can you advise me so that I do right by our God . Thank you.

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