Prophetic Word: Stop Waiting for a Kingmaker

Are you a minister who has become discouraged because the ministry opportunities you desire have not come? Has your faith tarnished, despite your best efforts at keeping it bright and shiny? Have you become sad? If so, read on! Father gave me an encouraging word for you.

In the 1400s, there was a man in England named Richard Neville (called “Warwick”), the 16th Earl of Warwick. History still debates about whether he was a “good guy” or an unsavory character, but one thing is certain: he had influence.

Warwick was called the “Kingmaker.”

Warwick himself was not a candidate for the crown of England, but he had so much influence that he deposed–and helped to enthrone–kings during the Wars of the Roses. He had influence with England’s citizenry, with the aristocracy, with armies, and even with foreign governments. People who wanted to be king wanted the Kingmaker on their side.

And the Lord showed me that, in today’s church, many ministers are waiting for their own version of the Kingmaker to show up.

The Lord has shown me many ministers who know what they are called to do. Their hearts yearn and hunger to function in their calling–or to function in their calling more fully. They feel fully alive when they do what they were born to do, and just trudging through when they are not.

The problem is that, with or without knowing it …

Many of these ministers have been waiting for the Kingmaker to show up.

They have been waiting for other people to take them, raise them up, and establish them in ministry. They have been waiting for others to introduce them to key contacts. They have been waiting to be invited to do what they are called to do:

  • Waiting for the church invitations;
  • Waiting for the dinner invitations;
  • Waiting to be included in the plans of others;
  • Waiting to be drawn into the inner circle of the spiritually-elite.

And it just hasn’t happened. They have become sad and discouraged as they have waited for the Kingmaker. Bent and broken, they are now questioning both their faith and their call.

If that describes you, know this:

The Kingmaker is not coming, but the King–your Maker–has already come.

Your faith has been tarnished because you have not seen doors open for your ministry. You have wondered and questioned everything you stand for. Your heart has been broken over and over again as you have been passed over, passed by, and seemingly forgotten.

But I believe the Lord wants to call your attention to the fact that He already called you. And when He did, His call did not come with a need for a kingmaker. He called YOU, and the responsibility is yours alone.

He is the King, you see, and He made you.

The fact that He made you means He has authority over you. And when He created you and ordained your life, He made you to function in a certain way and to do a certain thing. That thing is His mandate on your life.

Merriam-Webster defines “mandate” as:

“1: an authoritative command
especially : a formal order from a superior court or official to an inferior one
2: an authorization to act given to a representative …”

The Lord has given you an authoritative command.

He has issued an order from His superior seat in His superior court to the inferior seat of your life. He has given you HIS authorization to act as His representative.

And when He did, He did not issue that command along with the condition that someone else give you permission to obey His command as well.

Reinhard Bonnke began his international ministry standing on a street corner, singing and playing the accordion.

When enough people gathered, he put down his accordion and preached. Why did he do that? Because it was the only door open to him at the time, and he was determined to be faithful. Bonnke’s ministry has since seen over 78 MILLION decisions for Christ, along with signs, wonders, and miracles.

Bonnke didn’t wait for a kingmaker. None of the kingmakers were even interested in him! Still, though, Bonnke decided to obey the King, His Maker, and preach the Gospel because he knew he was called, and he determined to obey.

Are you waiting for your kingmaker to arrive? Are you waiting for a kingmaker to notice you? Or, are you willing to obey the King, your Maker?

The Kingmaker is not coming, beloved.

In ministry, there is a trying process. There is a testing process. A certain amount of struggle is required to build your wings strong enough to carry you during the challenges and brutality that years of ministry can bring.

And being elevated by a kingmaker won’t cut the mustard. Being elevated by a kingmaker makes you weak. You have to earn your microphone yourself.

So what can you do?

Here’s what I would encourage you to do:

  • Search your heart. Between you and God, ask Holy Spirit to reveal to you whether you have been waiting for a kingmaker or not.
  • If you have, re-acquaint yourself with your original call. Look to the rock from which you were hewn.
  • Ask the Lord to show you HIS vision for how you can obey Him in the area of your call without waiting for someone’s permission–just between you and Him alone.
  • Write down what He shows you.
  • Begin to pray and ask Him to show you next steps.
  • Obey each step as He shows it to you.

Always stay under authority, but know that your call doesn’t depend on the Kingmaker’s permission.

Too often, we get spheres of influence confused. If you’re trying to do something in the Kingmaker’s castle, then yes, you have to submit your thing to his/her authority. But if you’re obeying God outside the Kingmaker’s castle, the Kingmaker’s permission is not needed.

We have too many ministers waiting for their respective Kingmakers to give them permission to obey God in places that are not part of the Kingmaker’s authority. This is an unholy thing. Get under authority, but understand well where appropriate spheres of authority lay.

Beloved, if you’ve been waiting to be set free to minister, know this:

God already set you free. And he/she whom the Son sets free is free indeed.

You don’t need a kingmaker. You need the King, your Maker.

Daniel 2:21: “And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.”

Does this word resonate with you? If so, leave a comment below. I’d love to hear what Holy Spirit is saying to you.


  1. Very iluminating. How then can we avoid conflict with kingmaker when we minister outside the castle

    1. ohhhhh good question, yes I want to know also.

      1. Great question. If a kingmaker has a problem with your doing something that does not pertain to their sphere of authority, then you may be in the wrong castle. Ask King Jesus. Our labors are supposed to be about the Kingdom, not about building a kingmaker’s castle.

      2. thandie ndilowe says:

        And the word is talking to me. Amen

    2. Great question. If a kingmaker has a problem with your doing something that does not pertain to their sphere of authority, then you may be in the wrong castle. Ask King Jesus. Our labors are supposed to be about the Kingdom, not about building a kingmaker’s castle.

  2. Catherine HUNT says:

    This is a very clarifying and illuminating word. Thank you for sharing; It was extremely helpful.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I will indeed have to search my heart on this. Your word also convicted me about the word mandate, which I was going to use on my vision board for my Adult Sunday School class. I had the word ready to use but felt it was too bossy (LOL like me sometimes) it’s going back on there. I have to be true to the Word and the vision and the needed word is mandate! It’s amazing what Holy Spirit will use to get His point across❤️. He is so Good!

  4. Thank you for truely mentoring mre.
    I am learning and teaching others who come to me to be mentored

    God bless you and your family richly

  5. Mwanamuke Mwiya says:

    Praise be to God Almighty. He speaks in did. True i have been disappointed and my faith has been shaken. God shows me things about people, but sometimes its like am totally dry.When i prayed, He remainded me of things i think i ignored.
    1. Fasting
    2. Reading His word
    3. Prayerfulness and separation

  6. Juliette Johnson says:

    This word is so timely. It also confirms much of what I have experienced and clarifies what’s going on in this season of my life. God is AWESOME!!!

  7. Tammy Gilbert-James says:

    Yes Thus is speaking to me its time for me to take my place in the ranks and be obedient to what God has called me to do in Jesus name Amen

  8. I wish you could have seen my eyes double in size when I saw the title of the blog. I haven’t read any of your blogs for a while. This blog was apropos to my current situation. I already had the answers from the Holy Spirit to leave a particular ministry, and birth a ministry from which I had been doing a Jonah act for years. It was not so much that I was discouraged; or questioning my faith or call it was the fact that I had to stop playing with God who is so merciful and be obedient, be bold and be consistent in my call. I feel the urgency that the time is now! Thank you for the inspiration and confirmation to my spirit.

    1. Hi Barbara, it’s great to have you reading. So glad Papa used this post to bless you. May He thrust you out into His harvest field and may you go when and where He sends you!
      Have a wonderful day!

  9. Thanks Jamie for sharing this.

    I have been praying for parents salvation and of late been compaled to approach them. But was not very confident to do so I felt perhaps I need to consult with someone like a Pastor or an elder to be the one reaching them.
    Could this be the “Kingmaker” syndrom too?

    1. Maybe. You definitely don’t need anyone else to tell people about Jesus for you. You have a testimony! Share it! Tell people what Jesus has done for you, and who He is!

  10. Precious word dear sister in the Lord. Thanks for pressing in to hear fro heavenly Daddy. I have been so encouraged by this word!

  11. Joelle Erdmann says:

    Jamie, this does resonate with me in the sense of waiting for a Kingman. I do not recall ever receiving God’s specific call on my life and I have struggled with this. I was in children’s ministry with my friend because that was her calling. When I got out she said she had never heard of someone leaving their calling. I’ve taught youth Bible studies with another teacher and the only time I was brave enough to teach on my own was in preschool Sunday school. That was purely grace. Now I am co-teaching a discipleship class and …well, I’m not the leader at all. Where I’m flowing is one on one conversations with women. I want to give them all the healing you have provided me, so I direct them to you and talk and pray with them. So I’m trying to take advantage of every opportunity, but have never had “a calling”. I will get with God in prayer and see if I have been waiting on a Kingman and see if God reveals a calling or next steps. Thank you!

  12. Rebecca Ditsele says:

    Rebecca Sheila Ditsele
    26 October 2018

    I received this word of prophecy on the 24th, I have been going through it time and again . Blessed be the Lord God Almighty, the father of our Lord Jesup Christ. It can only be God who revealed this to you on my behalf. God bless you man of God.

  13. Really good word- this week my toddler shouted out at breakfast -out of no where and in no context to what was happening- The King is coming! And it was so prophetic to me- I took this moment to share with my children about the second coming of Jesus on the clouds – THEN today I asked the Lord what passage to read in scripture and he took me to Matthew 21 and I started reading until I came to this verse 5 “Say to Daughter Zion, ‘See, your king comes to you, gentle and riding on a donkey, and on a colt, the foal of a donkey.'”

    I was so moved and immediately remebered my sons words.

    I had been so dissapointed the last week as our church attendance was low, and we have been doing all we know to do- mass evangelism, distribution of flyers into the community by the 10’s of thousands,prayer, connect groups- I just said to God- we have done all we know to do.

    And so as a i read on where the disciples placed their garments on the donkey and the colt- I felt the Lord say- this is you providing yourself and your children- readying yourself to carry the King! That we need to understand the generational prepraration and taking it seriously and being diligent in raising our kids with a fire in their hearts.

    And then the disciples laid their clothes on the donkeys backs- this reminded me of the scripture “Your righteousness is as filthy rags before me” When we present our good works to God then know it is just flithy rags and yet when Jesus the King sits is lifted high by us His disciples onto those rags the multitudes are drawn too to come and worship Him as Messiah.

    So Father was encouraging me- keep preparing the donkeys- you and your children and your disciples- keep laying down your rags of good works that Father is telling you to do- no matter how insgnificant they may feel and in time the mulitudes wiill come and hear and respond to the message

    1. Pastor Lucinda, this is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. I prayed for you and your church. May the increase and reward for which you have sown diligently and bountifully come to you quickly, in Jesus’ name.

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