An Encounter With the Great Door-Closer

This entry is part 11 of 23 in the series 31 Days of Supernatural Encounters

31 Days of Supernatural Encounters | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | free devotional series on FromHisPresence.comFor Day 11 of our 31 days of supernatural encounters, I felt the Lord wanted to talk to you about some closed doors.

Read: Revelation 3:7-13


You always have a choice about how far you go with God:

  • You can choose to follow Him, or not.
  • You can choose His best, or not.
  • You can also choose something that’s not remotely close to His will for your life if you wish to do so.

Our Father God will not force you. He will woo you and draw you; He loves you too much to do otherwise. But He will never force you to choose Him.

And I heard Him say to you today:

“There are some doors in your life that I would like to close swiftly. I am the Great Door-Closer and I am the Great Door-Opener. No one but Me can open and close doors like I can.

The doors I would like to close for you are doors to things that have kept you entrapped. You have been ensnared in less than My best, and I would like to separate these things from you.

But will  you trust Me? Will you believe that I can and will work all things together for your good? Will you allow Me to close doors in your life that are harming you, so I can open others?

Today is the day to decide.”

Are you willing to trust God enough to allow Him to close some doors for you–and open others?

We don’t usually have a problem with God opening doors for us. It’s the closed doors that tend to bother us …

… because if He closes doors, we might have to give up some things.

An Encounter with the Great Door-Closer | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

But isn’t that what it’s all about? Didn’t Jesus say that we should be willing to give up mother or father or husband or wife or children or houses or lands for His sake? Didn’t He say that we should follow Him no matter what, even if it costs us everything? Aren’t we supposed to take up our cross and follow Him?

And didn’t we decide at the very beginning of this series that we didn’t want to gain the whole world and lose our souls?

If we are going to go higher with Jesus, we simply must be willing to allow Him to strip us of things that harm us … even when our earthly wisdom doesn’t understand.

And, anytime you have a supernatural encounter with God, you must decide if you will submit to Him as who He is.

Track 1 of my solo piano album is called “And David Sat,” and it was written to describe David’s moment alone with God. Click the image to listen to previews of the tracks!

And He is the One who holds the key of David; who opens, and no man can shut; and who shuts, and no man can open.

He is the great Door-Opener, and the great Door-Closer.

Will you choose to allow Him to manifest Himself in your life as this part of who He is today?

If so, take time right now to do business with God and yield your will to His in this area.

Pray this to the great Door-Closer:

“Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ name, I realize that I am involved in some things in my life that may not be Your best for me. Father God, I relinquish my right to have things as I want them, and I yield to Your best instead.

Father, in Jesus’ name, please close every door in my life that is not Your best for me. Help me to see Your hand at work as You do, Lord, and please help me to let go of everything I am holding onto if it’s not from You.

And Father, I ask also that You would open other doors for me that ARE Your best for me. Lead me and guide me into Your best plans, and show me the answers to my prayers throughout the process.

Thank You, Father. In Jesus’ name, amen.”


Listen to Eddie James sing “I Am,” and meditate on the fact that everything God is is everything you need. Including His nature as the great Door-Opener and the great Door-Closer.

Does this message speak to your heart today? If so, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Millie Williams says:

    Jamie, I bless you for this word for me today. I know this is coming from God our father to encouraged me. To relied on him only. I thank God for you today.
    Be Bless love Mrs. Millie

    1. Carol A. Barrett says:

      Jamie Bless you for your word today. It made a lot sense and related to myself and my husband.
      Thank you

    2. Vivian V Welsh says:

      Jamie, I so needed that word today. I need an answer from Father God on which door he is closing at this time. The song by Eddie James..I Am ministered to me much! Thank you, Jamie.

  2. Rebecca L Jones says:

    I’m sure I need both open and closed doors. I once had a dream that I closed a door. I understood that later on, I have tried to help some people I cannot.

    1. Jamie I thank the Lord for this exposition and prayer because I need the Lord to close many to enable move ahead spiritually in my walk with the Lord .I know the Lord is my future. God bless you for being a blessing to me

  3. Rentia Pretorius says:

    Dear Jamie

    I am sitting at office, working overtime. Today is not a good day to me. I tried so hard to motivate myself. I just came back from the Camino in Spain and since I am back, I struggle with certain things that I am in that dont serve me any longer…and my work is one of it…and my city, even country is one of it…and being alone and single (but reserved for God who He wants to send in my life) is one of it.

    I live in South Africa and work as a Financial Manager, not really my passion, but thankful that I have a work.
    I have to work fulltime, for I am 53, and is busy building up a pension to help with a living for old age. I am divorced after 24 years of marriage in 2011 and in 2013 my husband died in an accident.

    My heart is for the Lord and I know there is a calling on my life. I feel so trapped Jamie. Specially after walking the Camino, the feeling is just so much more intense.
    If I have to step out here I wont know where I will go, therefor I am so desperately waiting on God for an open door.

    While I was working I’ve listened to a you tube of Inspirational message on how to change your life, and one of the points was…let go of your own control and Let God…
    and this Let Go thing I so many times already did…and I ask myself, what do I miss?

    and the next moment this e-mail of yours came in.
    You will never know the passion in my heart that I prayed this prayer with, and how desperately I am waiting on God to open His doors to me for a New Life and New Beginnings.

    So thank you Jamie…I always enjoy your e-mails and it really means so much to me.
    I truly admire you for what you are doing…and when I read your BLOGS, our hearts always talks the same language.

    You are a TRUE BLESSING to me

  4. Yes it definitely speak to me it hit my heart full and I thank God for all the closed doors in my life and I thank and trust him for the doors he will be opening up for me in this minute. I decree and declare it in Jesus mighty name. Thank you Lord for everything and thank you Jamie for this word today. Amen and Amen.

  5. Yes this message resignated with my spirit , God I allow you to close all doors this no matter who or what it is God I choose to follow you and want the best that you Have for me. I make a choice today God.

  6. Maria Dimba says:

    God has already closed some doors in my life and I know when He closes a door He will open a better one and I am waiting in Him to open doors for me and this is the time. I receive the prophecy in Jesus name Amen

  7. Sue Tracy says:

    Thanks Jamie, I feel God wants to move on my behalf so I will keep praying and waiting in anticipation.???thanks for the wonderful music

  8. Emmi Micheal says:

    I am sure that with my faith and willing to follow God’s will and word over my life that he will surely closer all those doors causing Harm manipulation to life in Jesus name.
    I am totally willing to follow God as long as i live and i am happy to have this wonderful chance of restoration to the glory of God.

  9. I believe when doors start closing we never see God in action as someone who has the best for us, but having spiritual sight and revelations of what God is doing whilst in the middle of the drama/ storm/event unfolding is one to thank God for mightily as it means the process is short and peaceful. I thank God for closed doors and for the ones opened which I never imagined.

  10. Thato Tsautse says:

    Yesterday I was struggling with a certain matter and I jyst got a confirmation as I was reading that God is closing that door and I should let go. Yes Father God your will and not mine. I fully understand why you are shutting that door and I am glad you did through Christ our Lord

  11. George modise says:

    Thankyou God to answer my prayer.I was asking God to close every doors are not coming from God…so really want God to close the door are not coming from him…love you Jesus..Amen

  12. Thembi Mosebi says:

    I am encountering The Door Closer and Door Opener!

    Through your emails it’s like Daddy God is here to make me understand every step they I take.

    Thankyou so much Jamie
    God bless you

  13. I too have experienced this recently, like during August, regarding a move that I was certain that the Lord wanted me to make a move to another state and these doors never opened and the doors that look promising went cold or closed. So then I began to ask the Lord was there a change if so I would freely surrender and accept these changes and I have been seeking His presence above all else every sense as result, just drawing close to Him so that I can better hear what’s on His heart for me and I must say He has not disappointed me during this time in the Secret Place. I’ve gained so much more than I had hoped for.

  14. nochickenhead says:

    My husband and I are selling our house that we’ve lived in for almost 15 years. No one can believe we are leaving our big, centrally located house in London but I KNOW this is a door that God wants us to close. And I give God all the glory because we sold our house in 7 days above the market price at the price we actually wanted. God is awesome. These closed doors are great for exposing the open doors. We say we trust God, well, then do what He says. Actions demonstrate our love for Him.

  15. Shene Mohoto says:

    Hi Jamie i have tried on several occasions to sell my house in order to be debt free and it does not sell. At first it was difficult to let go cause when i built it i trusted that through the grace of God thats where i will stay till i pension. I then accepted that it must go. I rented it out and its damaged.i tried again to sell it but no buyers. I really want to be debt free cause debt is causing my stress. As i read this passage i see it speaking to me that i should close this door.sell the house and focus on God. I know God opens doors. I am so confused and pray for direction

  16. Iva Leacock says:

    Thank you again Jamie,
    This message has really impacted upon my heart, may God continue to use you, and bless you.

  17. Winsome Robinson says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Every word appeared to be a love letter from God to a daughter who has been waiting to hear from her Heavenly Father. The words were personal and answered many questions requested from my Savior. Again this is very personal, I felt as if the Holy Spirit was talking and reassuring me. I thank God for using you in such ways to bring His voice to those who have been waiting to hear from Him. God bless – this is most transforming.

  18. Thank you sister for this explanation, I lost my husband suddenly to death before my very eyes and I was confused because he was not sick of any, so I was asking the question what happened and how can My heavenly Father allowed such painful experience to befall me, cause I was very sick when this death can,he was the only one taking care of me my ten months baby then.but after some months God told me in a dream that He was the one who took him away

  19. AntonellaC says:

    Yes Father, thank you for closing the doors on what is no longer serving your highest purpose in my life and fling open those doors that you want me to step through and greet you with a big hug as you lead me to the next season in my life. In Jesus’ mighty Name I pray. Amen 🙏

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