How To Break Free From the Spirit of Control (video class)

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How to Break Free from the Spirit of Control | Recorded webinar | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Is someone trying to control you, manipulate you, or keep you down? You can be free from that! Learn how to get free in my How to Break Free from the Spirit of Control video class, with a bonus video about how to avoid the Jezebel spirit.

The How to Break Free from the Spirit of Control video class is about 1.5 hours long (before the bonus teaching). In the main video, I teach about:

  • What the spirit of control is, and what it isn’t;
  • 3 root issues that open a door for a spirit of control to operate through a person;
  • 9 signs that a spirit of control is operating;
  • 5 MUST-KNOW techniques that help you break free from a spirit of control; and
  • How to discern if you should walk away from a situation or simply refine a relationship.

Also, this class includes my bonus video teaching about how to recognize and deal with the Jezebel spirit.

The bonus video teaching is 1 hour 9 minutes long. In it, I teach about what the Jezebel spirit is (it may surprise you; standard church teaching on this is often incorrect). I also teach about how to recognize it; how to combat it; how to stay safe from it; and how to win against it.

This video bundle is POWERFUL. We had a tremendous amount of spiritual warfare getting this class to the public for the first time. I can safely say that the enemy does NOT want you to watch this teaching.


Because if the enemy is using someone else to control you, you can be assured that he wants to continue doing so. The enemy does not want you to be free.

BEAT THE ENEMY. Don’t accept spiritual bondage as your portion in life. Beat the enemy. Learn what the Word says, and follow God.

This class contains 2 hours 40 minutes of video teaching, plus class notes, for $30. These are downloadable, digital products only; physical products are not available.


  1. Isabel B Reyes says:

    Jaime do you have a prayer for this topic. “How To Break Free From the Spirit of Control” This might be the one I need from my current situation. I was looking for a prayer to decree “Spirit of Control” for my brother-in-law to release him and for the spirit of God to enlighten him with reasonableness and for him to give up control and be more merciful toward his brothers. For God to convict him of what he is doing wrong toward his siblings.

    1. Hi there. No, I don’t have a written prayer because it’s not something that a written prayer will solve. It’s an entire video class worth of teaching to even begin to understand how that spirit operates, then you have to walk it out. 🙂

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