How to Meditate on the DNA of God PODCAST

My friend, do you want to grow in the Lord by leaps and bounds TODAY?

If so, today I want to share something that Holy Spirit taught me while I studied systematic theology in seminary. It’s something that built my faith like CRAZY; something that every person ought to know, but which is rarely taught inside the doors of the church.

It’s how to meditate on the DNA OF GOD.

When you learn to meditate on the DNA of God, you get filled with holy awe and fear. When you ponder His DNA–WHO He is, through and through–the Lord will fill you with the Spirit of the fear of the Lord, which we all need in order to live holy lives. And when you meditate on the DNA of God, your faith will grow exponentially because of the revelation the Lord will give you about WHO HE IS.

In today’s podcast (the most recent episode of Take Your Territory with Jamie Rohrbaugh), I teach you how to meditate on the DNA of God. You do NOT want to miss this word.

Here’s a little, tiny sneak peek:


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Thank you so much for listening!


  1. Bless you Jamie. I am grateful for this message. I believe it will help me a lot.

  2. Thank you, I am truly blessed by sharing of God’s word.

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