Intercession Week: Please Leave Your 2 Top Prayer Requests (Closed)

***Commenting closed as of May 21.***

Hey beloveds,

I’m labeling this week “Intercession Week” because I want to pray for you by name. (I always pray for you, but I want this to be very specific.)

So, would you please leave your TOP TWO prayer requests in the comments below?

Here are the rules:

1) Please leave ONLY TWO prayer requests.

2) Please limit your description of each request to no more than 2 sentences, so I don’t get lost in long descriptions.

3) Please understand that I cannot reply to individual requests, since I will spend my time praying for you, not typing. 🙂

God answers specific prayers with specific answers. GO!




  1. Hi.. I need to move across the lake.. From New Orleans.. Too much crime.. But I need to sell my house first.. Thank you so much..

    1. Patricia Whiteside says:

      Hello. Pray Deliverance for my two sons from anger and for my financial release thank You

      1. Butler Brown Jr says:

        Please pray for my son Butler Brown iii to get a scholarship to Notre Dame University on a football scholarship. Please pray for me to get restoration in my finances so that I can get a home for me and my family.

      2. Christina says:

        1. Prayer for healing between me and my four children Ethan, Luke Emma and Ben following a divorce.

        2. Prayer for healing for myself to be able to trust people

    2. Hi I’m Leslea. Pleae pray for complete healing in my mouth.. gums and to replace a tooth and crown. And also my hospital debt be cast into the sea. Thanks!!

    3. Joshua Jones says:

      Thank you for your prayers! Yahuah bless you! Please pray that I walk in Spirit not in flesh. Please pray that I main tain clear discernment to know what is flesh and what is spirit, continually! Thank you! Bless you in the name of Yeshua Hamashiac Amen!

    4. Please pray for 1) a new job for my sister will better pay, close to home & great work environment and 2) salvation for my mom, sister, father & step mom. Thank!!!!♡

    5. HI Jamie,

      Please pray for me:
      1. I need to raise money for legal transfer costs for my mortgage.
      2. To be free of financial debt (student and personal loans).

      Thanks. God bless, Jamie.

    6. My son Aaron was attacked by Jezebel wife. He needs truth to come out and to have victory over the situations.

    7. 1) Please pray that I will be happily married. (Currently lonely widow).
      2) Please pray that I will be debt-free this year.

      Thank you for your prayers!

    8. HI Jamie. I need prayer for financial restoration and breakthrough and for restoration of my relationship with my brother Harry. I have failed him and my family.

  2. Christine pascall says:

    Hi Jamie, please pray for reconciliation in my marriage and I just interviewed for a job. Please pray that it’s Gods will for me to receive that job. Thank you. I appreciate it.

    1. Please pray for financial freedom to be debt free

      My own business and for it to prosper

      Thank you, God bless

    2. Julie clark says:

      Hi Jamie can you pray that I get over my mental health illness and my Daughter passes all her GCSE’S with good grades. Thank you

  3. Marlene Bond says:

    I am starting soaking retreats in my region. Please pray for these.

    The right decisions at the right time and in the right order for developing my writing and other ministry endeavours along for abundant provision for this.

    1. Looking for soaking retreats ~ where are you located please?

      1. 1. Husband, Sons and Personal deliverance from mental illness, drug and food addictions.
        2. Restoration of Marriage and Ministry

    2. To have a specific message to share as a book to help people grow closer to the Lord and find their divine calling

      Financial prosperity

      1. I want to do the same praying for you& me Lord God use us make a way in Jesus’name Amen

  4. Jamie, Thank you for the intercessory prayer! Here are my requests.
    1. There’s a coffee company that my hubby, Steve, really likes. He’s applied for a franchise opportunity and we’re hoping he’s chosen to open one in our city.

    2. I’m working with a colleague of mine putting together programs for people who need help with their health. I’m needing to finish putting these together and then I need clients.

  5. Jamie, please pray for my marriage to be saved from the brink of divorce, for my husband to have a powerful encounter with the Lord. Thank you.

  6. 1) Healing for our son
    2) The breaking of generational curses and the release of the generational blessing in our family.

    Thank you ❤️
    I will be interceding for you as well sister.

  7. Heide Modisette says:

    1. That God would show my husband, James, favor by giving him a new job- he lost his job last Thursday. And that Jesus would give him the bonus he has coming.
    2. James would heal from his traumatic childhood & he would receive his Father’s blessing & worth from God. That James would claim his full inheritance & freedom in Jesus.

  8. Shamekah shaw says:

    I would like prayer for clients/contracts for my coaching business before end of May and prayer for fresh baptism/annointing of Holy Spirit. Thank you

  9. Hello, I am interviewing for a job Tuse. & I need prayers God will allow me this job! Also, that I will be healed of arthritis. Thank you & God Bless!

  10. Denise Challenor says:

    Thank you Jamie! Please pray that the companion the Lord told me He wanted me to have (and he named him) becomes a physical reality. (It is a friend in the Spirit). To be delivered from the spirit of poverty and lack, which is part of the curse on my entire extended family.

  11. April McCullough says:

    God bless you Jamie! Thank you for interceding for us and lifting up these prayer requests with us in agreement for God’s will on earth.
    1. As we lay my mom to rest this week, pray that every one of my family members (siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins) will come to the knowledge of truth about Jesus and be saved.
    2. Pray that God would show me what He wants for me to do this season as I await His promises. I want to be found faithful in doing what He wills for me.

  12. pinkie maureen says:

    _Salvation of my Family
    _Spiritual life revival especially prayer life

  13. Dan Thomas says:

    1. Increased income to become debt-free in 2018
    2. Healing from health issues:
    a. Advanced a rthritis both
    both hips
    b. Glaucoma damage both
    both eyes

    THANK YOU, Jamie !!!
    Mat 18:19 at work. ??

  14. Tlhale Pooe says:

    Hi there Jamie. This is so special. Thank you!

    Tlhale Pooe
    1. Gods provision of finances for my International Fashion & Luxury Managemnet Program
    -I’ve been accepted into the global program that takes place in Spain then Paris then New York then Boston at MIT Sloan. I need about $50 000 for everything. I’m a single mom of two so I believe this will be a blessing for our lives.

    2. Business prosperity(Multiple streams of income)
    -starting an all things mother n womanhood blog. I believe it’ll open more streams of income.. Gods provision for all the resources to start it and run it and for God to give me ideas and quicken my intellect and attract great partnerships n readers. Basically anointing of God on my blog.

  15. Hi Jamie. Congrats on your sweet baby boy..❤️ You are an awesome mom. Thank you for all you do. I’m still asking for reconcilation and healing and restoration and love for my daughter and depression has gotten worse since we have been estranged. God Bless YOU✝️?

  16. 1- Prayer for my husband Cliffson Tangwah to repent and come back to Jesus
    2- Prayer for our house in construction. For God to open doors for a financial breakthrough to complete the house in Jesus Name.

  17. Pauline Borgan says:

    Jamie please pray for for God’s blessings on my husband’s business.

    Draw my son and daughter-in-law into a loving relationship with the Lord and God’s blessings in my son’s business. “Peace of the Lord” in their hearts.

  18. Pray that the Lord grant me a good job before the end of this Month.

    Pray that the Lord will hear my prayers to be pregnant and give birth to my twins before I’m 40years.

    Thank you for lifting us in prayer. May God answer all your prayers too in Jesus mighty name Amen.

  19. Dear Jamie, Thank you. Kindly pls. p
    ray for the restoration of my marriage & family relationships. I also pray that I would be able to pay my child”s tuition fee for this month.

  20. Hi, thank you for your intercession, much appreciated.
    1. The salvation and deliverance of my family ( mum, dad, sister and brother).
    2. A deeper and closer relationship with Father. ( I have a deep yearning for His presence and closeness. I miss Him so much.)
    Thank you so much. God bless n much love.

  21. Doreen Chng says:

    Hi Jamie, thank you so much for your prayers:
    1) A new job with better pay, better Christian boss and colleagues
    2) A closer walk with Daddy God

  22. When will God fulfill His promise to me? He gave me a vision and showed me I would be married. Also I am in desperate need of a job I haven’t been able to pay my bills. Please pray for me. Debbie. Skaaden

  23. Pray for me over the spirit of stagnacy and against the spirit of backwardness please

  24. Chinenye Emeka says:

    1. Payment for my contracts
    2. Deeper relationship with God

  25. Denay Willie says:

    Dear Jamie,
    Please pray for my severe depression and anxiety I have been battling for 6 months.
    Please pray for my prayers regarding a husband and a child of my own. I am 40 years old.
    Denay in SA

  26. Thank you so much Jamie for interceding for us 🙂
    1. a proper closure, reconciliation, healing, and restoration with Nathaniel (a friend who I’ve liking towards), most importantly lead him back to God.
    2. provision for my new job in another Financial Advisory role

    God Bless!

  27. David Tetteh Dameh says:

    1 I need a financial breakthrough to help others who are in difficulties which is preventing of knowing Jesus. 2 I gave a drawings about a community which needs electricity, used my money to do it will likely not giving it to me but to different contractor where us am also electricity contractor, please pray that this projects shall be giving to me at LERKPONGUNO

  28. 1. Free from generational curses and devouring running in my family and to release generational blesssing

    2. anti- christian politics and its emerging power in coming election in India to be stopped

  29. Please pray that God will heal me of past hurts so I can help other women who are hurting. Also, for a long time I have had a desire to move out of state. If it is God’s will, please pray that the right doors will open for this to happen. Thank you so much.

  30. Cindy Hammill says:

    Thank you Jamie
    1. Spiritual breakthrough for holiness/purity
    1. Heavenly Wisdom to trust God and not lean on my own understanding.

  31. Colleen M says:

    1. Restoring of family(siblings)bond because of issue with our late mothers house. 2. Deeper more intimate relationship with Daddy God. Thanx Jamie

  32. 1. Please pray for my healing. I have been battling with ITP for 2 years
    2. I need prayer for Papa God to open my spiritual eyes and show me my purpose in his kingdom

  33. 1. Just lost my boyfriend a few days ago in an accident.
    2. Boyfriends family hate me wrongfully.

  34. Thank you Jamie.
    1. Financial Freedom (no lack, no debt)
    2. Grace for transition into full-time ministry

  35. please pray for me to find a job
    for wisdom to know what is right for me

  36. Dear Jamie,
    ① Oh Lord of restoration, I specifically pray, to rebuild my marriage and family relationship. In Jesus mighty name!

    ② Please pray for a financial turnaround, overcome chronic financial issues, and meet this month’s payables.
    Thank you Ms. Jamie.

  37. Thank you so much for the offer to pray for me.
    1) Spiritual clarity , wisdom and understanding in respect of next steps for my future
    2) To remove spiritual blindness from my son and my family regarding Jesus Christ

  38. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    1/ Please I need your prayer Jamie,I want to see my husband n my son,that God will allow us to meet each other one day
    2/Pray for my family that we will be together n serve our great God

  39. Nancy Gatimu says:

    1, Job Opportunity/Growth of my business

    2, Finances to clear debts

  40. 1) To be free from generational ties i.e spiritual husbands and anti marriage spirits that are stopping to reach my destination
    2) Release of my marriage and financial break through

  41. I ask for my family to stay strong in health and communicating our issues

    I ask for complete financial freedom/debt free

  42. Good Morning Jamie,

    My top three prayers for me that I will like for you to intercede in for me is:

    1. To give me justice in my internship for being accused wrongly by my supervisor and let Psalms 75 work for me by putting down one and promoting Pascale this year May 2018

    2. To get above a 3.0 this year in my Master Degree for Public Health because I walk this year May 17th 2018 and for debt cancellation for my loans and credit cards and all the money I spend goes back into my bank account.

    3. This year 2018 to get endorsements from top companies like nike, Apple, Google, Kpmg, Ernest and Young and other companies along those lines and to work as Vice President this year 2018 with top companies as Google, Ernest and Young KPMG and other companies May 2018.

  43. Kara Raubenheimer says:

    Dearest Jamie
    Please include me in your intersession prayers for:
    1. Total supernatural clearance of debt
    2. Elevation in finances and workplace in accordance to recent prophetic words spoken over me
    These requests hold close accordance to my calling for which it is now time…

    Be blessed!

  44. Maria Dimba says:

    Jamie pease pray for me for a new job and marriage. Thank you very much. God bless you

  45. CHRISTINA M ODell says:

    Thank you for prsyers.
    1. Healing for my husband from lung cancer.
    2. Deliverance for me from alcohol.

  46. Belinda Dede Tetteh says:

    1) Gift of the fruit of the womb.
    2) Inter- continental Job and business Open doors and opportunities for my husband and I.

  47. Nonhlanhla says:

    Hi Jamie my prayer request:

    1. To be called in at the school where I did my teaching practicals.

    2. The wisdom to master all my modules this year.

    Thank you

  48. Thank you Jamie!

    1. A husband/marriage.

    2. Prosperity for my son with him knowing that it is from our God.

  49. You are a blessing, thanks for interceeding!
    1. Our prodigal son, Nathanael, to return to the Father.
    2. Financial freedom.

  50. Please pray for my restoration, when l had cancer my husband left me for another woman , l got fired from work , am struggling financially . I need all round restoration please and pray for my two children .

  51. SIPHOKAZI says:

    Dear Jamie

    1. Please pray for my Family’s finances and that the people who owe us pay back all our money.
    2. Awaiting on a job

  52. Good Day Jamie, just want to say thank you for your blog – my two requests are the folowing please
    1. Please pray for my relationship with Hermanus Rudolph Steyn to be stronger his roaming eyes to be on me an his heart of stone to change to a stone please i have been praying for thhis relationship for nearly two years now Jamie
    2. an for a huge financial breakthrough please i see mountains please please intervene i am on the verge of a nervous breakdown an emotionaly drained

  53. Ndanatswa says:

    Please pray that God makes a way for me regarding my crowdfunding and that l have God’s favour daily . Please see link below :
    (Link removed by admin)

  54. Samona Love-Johnson says:

    Prayer to get back my faith
    Prayer to find Gods will and purpose for my life

  55. Gilbert Bergner says:

    Thank you, Jamie for praying for me:
    1. a new for the better in every aspect. New Job also in Berlin/Germany.
    2. Abundance in every single area of my life.

  56. Paul Konka says:

    1. Financial provision/breakthrough to settle some debts and also to complete our house project before our current rents expires in July
    2. For growth and expansion in my wife’s bead work business.

  57. Dear Jamie,

    Thank you Lord for the gift of Jamie – thank you Jamie for helping my faith grow.

    Please pray :
    1. For my daughter’s to get a good safe accommodation in the university campus
    2. For her to choose the right career which will help her be a witness to the Lord.
    Thank you.

  58. Tiffany Norris says:

    My children’s father and I have been seperated for over a year and has moved on. He hates me and I love him deeply. Please pray for his salvation and that he can come back to me and his children and get married. His children need him.

  59. CHRISTINE says:

    shalom Jamie, kindly pls. pray for me, i have under extreem attack,that almost killed me. it has been over & over. right now have been attacked again. my heart is cryyyiiing to God!! want to be free,& healed! no more pain in my head! no more this womiting feeling. need my full energie back. im sad. i need Jesus step in. & im a single mum !

  60. Augusta Ogwu says:

    Good morning Jamie
    I have been married for 16 yrs and I’ve been seeking God for the fruit of the womb, I want this year to be my year. I want God’s protection over my family and i from every spiritual strongholds.

  61. Dear Jamie
    1) I am waiting for life partner at Gods feet to share my life with
    2) My friend ( Sareetha ) misunderstood me , to remove all the misunderstanding

  62. Hi Jamie,
    Please pray for the right choice and temp accommodation, if I should move back over the other side of Brisbane.

    For God’s favor, for regular work hours & good pay, for it to go towards my small house deposit.

    Simone (Australia)

  63. Janey Bell says:

    Please pray for my marriage- our hearts are hardened towards each other Mike and Janey Bell
    Please pray for my new job that I get the offer this week!!
    In God’s hands-

  64. Mini Oommen says:

    Hi Jamie
    Thank you for your intercessory prayers.
    My requests
    1. Financial freedom from debts resulted in court cases coming up tomorrow and 23rd.
    2. I have applied for jobs so please I need a job immediately. I have no way of supporting myself.

    Thank you and god bless.


  65. Prayer Request 1:-
    I am always in debt, please pray for me to be delivered from shackles of debt.
    Prayer Request 2-:
    I work and I pray but I don’t see where my life is going. I need a financial breakthrough prayer. A prayer for breakthrough in every area of my life. Thank you Jamie for all the prayers.

  66. Dear Jamie…
    God bless you and your family always and your ministry!
    Please join your faith with mine, that…
    1. God will now divinely position me careerwise, ministry wise and marriage wise.
    2. My complete healing will now manifest as promised.

    Thank you for offer of prayer. May God return to you 1000fold from His bounty!

  67. Jamie, would you please pray with me for a promotion or a new job in the area of Clinical Research. Cancer research has always been a passi N of mine. I’ve lost several family members and friends to this terrrible disease. I want to be able to help someone in the future.

    I would also like to request reconciliation of a relationship with my ex-boyfriend, if it is in God’s will. His mom is sick with cancer and I pray that he changes his ways. He has been drinking and doing things that he shouldn’t. I know deep down inside he is a good man, he just needs to stop fighting and let God take over his life. I’m afraid that the devil has him doing crazy things. His mom is a minister and I pray he changes his ways for her.

  68. CHRISTINE says:

    shalom Jamie, i also long & beleive truly for financial breaktrough.
    more of Jesus.

  69. I am asking for financial blessings for my family & friends, ad I am asking for God”s blessing in my new relationship.

  70. Please pray that I will have the confidence and laser like focus to master the material that I’m studying and that I will become an expert in my field of study. Also, pray for a friend of mine who is struggling with direction/vision in his life because he has yet to make Jesus Christ Lord of his life.

  71. Thank you for your prayers. Kindly agree with me in prayer
    1. That God will heal me and restore me to the health of my body.
    2. That I will serve God faithfully and that he opens doors of blessing for me. In Jesus Name.

  72. Hi Jamie,
    This is Tiffany R

    1. Please pray that my husband and I will close on our home and have money left to purchase needed appliances and furniture.

    2. Please pray that I can hear Father God clearly about career changes

  73. That my marriage & Family will be restored to Daisy will be restored. That my job will be successful & grow.

  74. Eleanor Tay says:

    Please pray for 1)the salvation of my ex-boyfriend (who is also my best friend) and complete healing of his heart, and 2) perfect restoration of our relationship.

  75. Please pray for me and my father we had a big fight yesterday.

    Please pray for my job.

  76. Christopher says:

    Please pray for that God’s favour will always set me apart.

  77. Hello! Thank you for praying:
    1. Moving to another city
    2. Children’s peace over move

  78. Thank you for this.

    Prayer requests
    1. Financial release and abundance
    2. Husband’s visa to be approved to join the family in May 2018

    I am also praying for you. God bless.

  79. Patrick Nye says:

    Thank you for praying!
    1)Please pray for my friendship with an important person to be completely restored.
    2)I am really tired of being stuck, stagnant, and insecure. Pray for a real breakthrough.

    Thank you again!

  80. 1)Deeper Wisdom and revelations to minister to my women’s group, life group in my home, haven’t started yet but moving on it fastly, starting this Thursday evening.
    2) financial increase, debt free, becoming wise steward of money. I love to shop and make my home a beautiful place to host women in need. ?

    Thank you Jamie . Many blessings to you.

  81. Yolandi Coetzer says:

    Thank you Jamie,1. My mom, Santie had a mini stroke on Saturday and is going in for tests tomorrow,please pray for full recovery and no recurring serious strokes.

  82. Hi Jamie,

    1) Please pray for my son Cecil and Gina who has been falsely accused unjust situation by a family member.

    2) Please pray for my niece Ashley to remain with her children in there home.

  83. I am praying for a stable and prosperous job with great benefits andworking with good people.
    Also I pray for a financial miracle that will be more than enough to settle obligations, pay dues and support my retirement. Thank you.

  84. 1)Request you to pray for complete healing and restoration of a fissure in ano I developed post partum
    2)salvation of my husband and parents

  85. Thank you for your intercession, Jamie.
    1. Healing and conversion for Kyle.
    2. Healing for my daughter’s dyslexia.
    Count on my prayers for you and your new family!

  86. Kimberleyy Dacosta says:

    Hi Jamie for my Business to be prosperous and for me to walk in the perfect tune that God wants men to to reach my and fullfill my destiny

  87. Irene Jones says:

    Pray that I go deeper in the Lord and no distractions. Praying for a car for me and my two kids for work.

  88. Thank you for the prayers and interceding this week. Please pray for salvation and repentance for my husband, Jacob. Also praying for God’s will in the restoration of our marriage and family

  89. Hi Jamie, I’m Vanessa. Pray for strength and endurance when fasting. Pray for spirit of gluttony to be removed ( food, debts especially credit cards).Thank you.

  90. T. Williams says:

    T. Williams,

    Good Morning! I suffered a miscarriage 2 weeks ago. This is my prayer, Heavenly Father, we come to you today and always your loving servant to ask of You a request to be able to conceive another baby. This reward that we will cherish with our life. we thank you for the blessings we have and for the blessings we are about to receive. We believe in Jesus’s name and do not take him for granted. We love you Lord with all our hearts and we know we are not forsaken or forgotten. In Jesus Name, Amen!

    Also, praying for managing finances. God, help us straighten out our financial problems. We haven’t been good stewards of our money. Give us a new attitude and a new commitment to managing our finances wisely and responsibly. If our problems are beyond our repair, help us find a way, Your way, to meet our obligations. We place this need before You, knowing that You will guide us to a good solution. Amen.

  91. Thank you Jamie. Please pray for
    1. Exceptional grades in Dem408 and Econ417
    2. Unspeakable Grace and favour as I go through this transitional period in my life

  92. nisha kochar says:

    Thank you Jamie,

    1. I want to have a new heart n a new spirit to love Papa GOD as he loves me Infinitely.

    2. I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

  93. Dear Jamie;
    Thank you, my prayer requests:-
    1. A closer encounter with Christ my Saviour;
    2. Financial breakthrough;
    3. New job for my daughter.

  94. Henrietta says:

    Dear Jamie, Thank you for praying for our needs! I specially need breakthrough in the area of family as I’m waiting on the Lord for fulfilling His promise concerning a life-partner and my son needs deliverance. The second area I need prayer for is finances.

  95. 1. Please pray that my finances increase so me and my son can finally move out the hotel.

    2. Please pray for me to get a new job and new place to live in Tampa, Fl, for the sake of me and my son.

  96. – complete healing in my body
    – a job that pays well, has a flexible schedule and allows me to be a work at home mom also

  97. Hello Jamie,
    1. My work visa expires in September and I am trusting God forna new job that will help with renewal of my work visa before September.

    2. My friend was diagnosed with cancer at Christmas. I pray for speedy and total healing for him and the strength for his family at this difficult time.

  98. You are a blessing, thanks for interceding. I’m a single mom going back to college. 1. I need prayer for balance between work, school, kids and maintaining a household. 2. Restoration of a relationship.

  99. Hello Jamie
    Thank you for praying for us.
    1. Pray for my husband to get a better paying job.
    2. Pray for me so that i hear when God speaks to me.

  100. Lola Anderson says:

    My son will have a early release from jail. Favor for my family and l in every area of life

  101. Good morning-
    Please pray for my husband’s healing/deliverance/restoration and that of our relationship.
    For me (husband and son also) to walk in the fullness of purpose and any longstanding issues to be resolved.

  102. Amy Johnson says:

    Blessings Jamie for interceding on our behalf.

    My specific prayer request ls are
    1. God to bring my future husband into my life within the next 2 months
    2. For me to receive at least 2 checks over 40K to pay off debts and answer prayers .

  103. Sophie Deborah says:

    1- Growth in intimacy with God, in faith, and a clean heart and right spirit. No strange fire or disobedience.
    2- I work as a Judge and my term as ended and need direction and breakthrough for next door of opportunity. Thank you and bless you!

  104. Please pray for my foster homes and health and finances.

  105. Jamie, Please pray for healing for my daughter and financial breakthrough for my family!

  106. Thank you Jamie for interfering 9n my behalf and others. You are a true blessing and vessel of God.

    Specific prayer requests are
    1. God to send forth my future husband within the next 2 months for him to be truly affectionate and passionate
    2. God to send forth the 2 checks over 30 to 40K and can be much higher to pay of debts and answer prayers within the next 3 months

  107. Please pray for God’s blessing and provision to complete the purchase of the house for Meri, who desperately wants to quit prositution forever.
    Pray also for my finances because I paid everything to help her staying far from that evil world, which caused financial troubles.
    Jesus reigns!!!

  108. Hi Jamie please pray for my husband and I for business breakthrough.
    Please pray for my niece from poverty and for new open door for a job.

  109. Jamie, please pray for me to have children

    I also need breakthrough in ministry

    Thank you

  110. 1. For my Prodigal daughter to come home to the Lord
    2. Direction , clarity and discernment as God shifts me (and sifts:-) me in this season.

    Thank you!!

  111. Linda Cross says:

    My first prayer request is to know God’s will for the next move for the right place, right plan and the right people.

    Second is be obedient to His leading and Hid leading.

  112. nisha kochar says:

    Thank You Jamie,
    1. Pray for me to have a new heart n a new spirit to love PAPA GOD as he loves me infinitely.
    2. Pray for me to be filled with the holy spirit n its fruits.

  113. Gayle Gay says:

    Hello Jamie, I need prayer for the following: currently I’m not working and a full time caregiver for my mother and I need a job assignment.
    2. I need money to pay my car note and other household bills.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  114. Sally Anne says:

    Hi Jamie, I love Presence Seekers and have learnt so much from you. Thank you. Please pray for: 1. A job for my husband in our own country so that he no longer has to work away. 2. Healing for me from a traumatic childhood.

  115. Sandeep kaur says:

    Thanks Jamie for ur prayers
    Specific prayers
    Pray that God remove toxic people from life as soon as possible
    Pray that God will give victory in our asylum case .final hearing date is on 15 Feb 2019
    Pray that God heal my marrige and my my husband living and caring

  116. Jamie,
    My prayer requests are:
    1. To get out of debt, including this truck I’ve been paying pmts on that is draining me of all my money so that I can afford a new economical vehicle and get my teeth fixed.
    2. To break the strongholds holding me in the relationship I’m in and to part my red sea so I can walk out with EVERYTHING that has been stolen from me & into a new life.

  117. Lisa Perez says:

    Praying for financial abundance and prosperity overflowing without struggle for my two children and our immediate families. I prayer for favor, open doors, Devine interventions and God’s direction of their steps and protection always be over all of us and my kids especially as they grow and prosper into young adulthood!

  118. Presence seeker says:

    Clarity in vision and dreams.

    Workplace opposition/oppression.

  119. Cynthia Sedor says:

    1. Please pray for my husband Richard, children Jon and Sarah and Tom for healing and most of all salvation.
    2. Restoration of finances

  120. Vicki Clementi says:

    Thank you Jamie I need provision for my day to day living and clarity fir what He is calling me too.

  121. Prayer request
    1. Praying for a job as well for my two sons that are unemployed.
    2. Financial breakthrough for my family


  122. Hi Jamie, could you please pray for an urgent financial miracle for me? Also, could you please pray for career breakthrough for me too? Thank you, and God bless you!:)

    Annie Chan

  123. Dear Jamie – Please pray for my daughter Katie to be restored to health – physically and spiritually. Also, please pray for my peace of mind and a greater willingness to accept the will of God. thank you so much for all you do!

  124. Thank you.
    1.Emotional healing and free from anxiety disorder from an abusive husband . (Which even prevent me from doing my nursing job and facing public)
    2.A godly end to my relation with my husband (for whose repentance I have been waiting for 2yrs.)
    3.A pass in my OET exam on 19th and a job to look after my kids.

  125. Jamie,
    Thank you for interceding on my behalf:
    1. Pray that the soul tie/stronghold that binds me to RWB is removed.
    2. Any memories, thoughts, false needs and desires pertaining to him are taken away.

  126. Thanks for this as we call all pray for the current requests as well. Ill be praying for you as well Jaimie.
    1- healing in my body specifically eyes/ ears. aligning it to God’s word and promises
    2- unbelievers in my family to come to repentance

  127. I need financial breakthrough I am in a lot debts and I don’t even know sometimes where my money go.
    The other request is my marriage is being prolonged. The man keep saying 5 more years again and it’s just frustrating because it’s making me not to serve God.

    Please pray for me this are the two problems I have been having in my life for more than 10 years.
    Finance is just better and worse and marriage is just taking forever and the act’s really caring and supportive.
    Success is just on a slow pace in my life.

    Thank you

  128. Hi Jamie

    Please pray for my mother and my husband to mend their broken relationship
    Please pray for the safe return home of my drug using younger brother.

    God bless you and thank you

  129. Please help me pray to God for the following:

    1.) God should renew my strength to seek his kingdom first knowing every other things will be added unto me
    2.) let the holy spirit teach me how to love, trust and obey God.

  130. Karen James says:

    Hi Jamie, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD! Please pray for my adult son/daughter(William & Sandria) that they would let go of the hurt & pain that they caused one another and forgive each other. Also, pray for my fiance Jamie’s supernatural release from the Philippine immagration and all of his monetary funds be freely & clearly released too. AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE WE WILL SERVE THE LORD… AS JESUS IS SO ARE YOU IN THIS WORLD…AMEN

  131. My prayer requests:
    1. Healing for my mom. She has cancer and is going through radiation.
    2. My career/finances. I have been wanting to start a small business as well and Good showed me what I should be doing. I also got back into the insurance industry and I am believing for God to use me to reach people to get their affairs in order.

  132. Thanks Jamie for this sacrifice.God bless you!my requests:
    1.Please pray that the Lord meets all the requests on my thanks list.
    2.Bring to speedy manifestation my sister’s twins; Mary and John whom we have been praying for.


  133. Rumbidzai Gertrude Mwedzi says:

    Thank you so much Jamie.
    Herewith my prayer requests:

    1. To get more and more paying clients in my perfume selling business and other doors of business to open.
    2. To be blessed with a Godly husband.

  134. Aida Fernando Situmba says:

    Good day Jamie

    1. Please pray for my finances, I need breakthrough and debts to be paid off. I’m currently blacklisted as a bad debtor at the credit bureau. I cannot afford my bills.
    2. Please pray for my marriage, we are newly weds and my husband is still living as a bachelor.

    God bless you and your family especially the little one.

  135. Hi Jaime,
    Please pray for my healing from eczema and psoriasis and physical pain.
    Please pray for salvation and deliverance for my family members.

  136. Blessedek says:

    Thanks for interceding for us…please pray with us for:
    1)paid in full new/very nice reliable used vehicle(s) 2) & sudden supernatural financial overflow be evident not only our lives, but also in your life and in everyone else’s on this site requesting prayer.

  137. Rhonda Fleming says:

    1. I’m seeking God’s vision for writers groups that I’m starting. I need wisdom and strategies in creating the foundation. 2. I want to pay off my credit cards and purchase a new-to-me vehicle. I need opportunities to make extra income using my skill sets.

  138. 1. Divine alignment in my household
    2. Financial Breakthrough

  139. REGINA MILLER says:

    Thank you for your prayers!! Love your blog!
    Prayer for my children to all be saved and walking with the Lord. I have 4.
    That my husband and I would be completely healed and walking closer to the Lord.
    Thank you again. Prayer for you!

  140. Rentia Pretorius says:

    Dear Jamie
    1. Please for my niece, Charlize,18, to be delivered from darkness and meet Jesus in all His Truth, Light and Love. She has a calling of worship on her life, but was lead astray so badly and struggle with depression, drugs and suicide attemps.
    2. Also Please pray for me that my beloved will soon arrive, I am waiting…and for me to step into my full Purpose and Plan of God in my life and for doors to open according the vision God gave me!

    Thank you for the Blessed Word you always shared.
    I really appreciate it every time

  141. Comfort Sajowa says:

    Hi Jamie my prayer request is salvation of souls in the lives of our youths.

    Pray for my sons exams and mine as well.

    God bless you sis.

  142. Jamie praise God for you. I’m stepping out on faith:
    1. Generation curses of divorce and ungodly relationships be broken and generational blessings be released.
    2. I am not alone but lonely at 64 yrs. old however I want so desperately to be married again to my “Boaz” . P.S. pray for Desiree and Ervin

  143. debbie baker says:

    Thank you for praying for us.
    1. Please pray That my boyfriend and I get married to each other very soon. (Both in our 50’s) and spend the rest of our lives together as a happy, loving couple together.
    2. That all of my finances will be paid and the Lord will give us a ministry to do together (to God be all the praise and glory) and we will run the business together.
    Again thank you and congratulations on the baby.

  144. Please pray for a breakthrough regarding a new job / position for myself.

    That my daughter’s projects group at university will have a change of heart and each one will start doing their bit to hand in their commitments.

  145. Corrine Bounty says:

    1.A good paying job and good benefits for my husband Scott
    2. Financial breakthrough

    Thank You

  146. Hugo Coetzee says:

    Hi Jamie
    bless your heart
    1-Prayer for urgent financial provision through new contracts
    2-Protection for farmers from being killed

  147. Jamie, please pray for the doors to open for me to get a good paying job closer to my home. Please intercede for me for my friend, Anthony, to come into the knowledge and understanding of our Heavenly Father.

  148. Tapiwa Tawonezvi says:

    Hie Jamie

    My Prayer Requests

    1. Righteous Of God In My Life ( Today I started my 5 days fasting and praying for righteousness of God)

    2. Financial Breakthrough

  149. Katrina Pritchett says:

    Hi Jamie,

    1) I desperately need a new job in a safe environment with safe people and that will give me the money and work flexibility I need to care for me and my daughter as I am a single mom.

    2) I am in need of miraculous breakthroughs in my physical and emotional health, finances, and in all types of relationships as I have been under major attack from the spirit of Jezebel. This spirit is trying to destroy my life.

  150. Missy Kopf says:

    Thank you for prayer. I am praying specifically for my unsaved siblings including a brother who is transgender.
    Secondly, Papa God has given me a vision for a big dream and possibly to grow my family. I need confirmation and I need my husband to be on board too. Thank you

  151. Hi Jamie
    Please pray for healing of my face. Secondly for financial breakthrough.

    Thanks,much appreciated.

    God bless you.

  152. Please pray for the salvation of my son’s partner and her whole family and for my husband to completely and speedily heal from his recent hernia op.
    Grateful Blessings

  153. Tapiwa Tawonezvi says:

    Hie Jamie
    My Prayer Requests are:

    1. Holy Spirit To Feel Me With The Righteousness of God

    2. Financial Breakthrough

    Thank you very much. God bless you

  154. Cherry Hall says:

    1. Please pray the glory, presence, power and life of the Lord be made manifest in me and through me.
    2. Pray that God would bring me a godly husband!

  155. Kahn Johnson says:

    Thank you for the prayers for us, Jamie.
    My 1st prayer requests is for the Lord to bless me with a psychologist job with the city of Los Angeles, the County of Los Angeles, or with the state or government of California. This is because I have 18 years already invested with the county of Los Angeles and landing a job within the City, the County, State or government of California would allow me to continue my tenure versus starting all over at the age of 48. This will allow me to give back to my mom as she has given her all for me. God has already answered my prayers when He allowed me to graduate with my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in January 2018, so now I need a psychologist job.

    2nd prayer request is for the Lord to bless me with a husband. If it is His will, I don’t want to go this journey alone.

  156. Nathan Montgomery says:

    Hi Jamie please pray for me
    1. Vindicated in this legal situation I am going through
    2. Supernatural Finacial breakthrough

    Thank you really appreciate you and your prayers

  157. Jamie, my children are victims of Satanic ritual abuse. Please pray for their freedom and exposure of all those who have abused them. It’s beyond description what’s been done. They are using one of my daughters as a breeder.

  158. GOD bless you for your heart to bless and help others grow up into CHRIST…
    1) This Saturday I am helping pray with laying on of hands for Catholic Christians on a Life in The HOLY SPIRIT course to receive The Baptism in The Spirit. Please pray He will mightily mightily flow through me to impact them to become burning men + women of GOD, on fire with His passionate Love..
    2) That I too am impacted to manifestly burn with His passionate extravagant Love – which turned the world upside down in the days of the early Church!

  159. Please pray for my husband Steve’s salvation! Also pray for his business based on the idol he is worshipping be destroyed and canceled in Jesus name!

  160. Karen Deglau says:

    Jamie, pray for me that I will be able to close on my late husband’s estate and I will that will stopped being taunted by his estranged daughter. I want peace so I can begin to heal. Thanks

  161. Jamie please pray that I will be able to close on my late husband’s estate and keep his estranged daughter from taunting me. Just want peace so I can begin to heal

  162. Tonya Howard says:

    Please pray for my marriage to be restored and my dad healed of cancer

  163. GOD bless you for your heart to bless and help others grow up into CHRIST…
    1) This Saturday I am helping pray with laying on of hands for Catholic Christians on a Life in The HOLY SPIRIT course to receive The Baptism in The Spirit. Please pray He will mightily mightily flow through me to impact them to become burning men + women of GOD, on fire with His passionate Love AND power from on High..
    2) That I too am impacted to manifestly burn with His passionate extravagant Love AND power from on High- which turned the world upside down in the days of the early Church!

  164. 1. Finances – immediate need of $8,000 before June 1 to pay taxes
    2. Contractor who is trustworthy, operates in integrity, and does a good job at a fair market price, to do roof repairs on my house.

  165. Ms. Raphael Moore says:

    1) New Job. I want a job that I would love doing, something creative and that I would have to be at a desk all day would be able to interact with clients. Also, making double from what I am currently making now.
    2) Relocation to another state.

  166. Dreama English-Smith says:

    I’m requesting a prayer request! I need prayer for restoring & healing of my family. And a friend of mine! He’s name is Gabriel. A prayer that our friendship will grow stronger!

  167. Please pray for a new job with great pay and Supernatural finances so that we can get away from the pharaoh in our lives and never look back. Thank you for intercession of prayers in Jesus Christ name amen!!’

  168. Catheryne Elizyethoro TAN says:

    Beloved Jamie, appreciate praying is caring: physical challenges eye, ear, liver; spiritual growth to keep the ‘fire’ burning. Shalom with Thanksgiving!

  169. Never Mpopoma says:

    Thank you for being used by God you on many occasions have spoken about situations concerning me.I have received answers to prayer since I became a member.Pray for the return of my dreams through the holy spirit. Prayer being answered.

  170. Thank you Jamie for intercession..
    1)Request you to pray for the Complete healing and restoration from a fissure in ano I developed post partum
    2)salvation of my husband and parents

  171. Please pray for our new home, good job for my son and husband for my daughter.

  172. My prayer requests are:
    1. To have a family (husband and children, I´m now 41)
    2. To live the fullness of life (to flourish as a person, to have success in my work, finances, health and relationships)

    Thank you wonderful Jamie <3

  173. Tim Steeles says:

    Hi Jamie please pray that my body be disease free completely healed and free

  174. Vernetta Wicks says:

    Please pray for peace in and over my family and home.also please pray for me that God pulls me out of this financial mess that I am in

  175. Release of muchos, muchos, muchos finances.
    Favor over our son for a job opening.

  176. Hi Jaime. Thank you for your prayers.
    1. Prayer for health. I have extreme fatigue
    2. Prayer for a place to live. I’m single and would love a house but where I live and on my income it’s next to impossible. I have been praying for one for 25 years. Thank you

  177. Hello Jamie. Please join me to pray for my business that has been under a spiritual attack causing everything to go wrong unexplainably and causing me to lose money.
    Secondly, please pray for God to reveal to me my life partner (husband) and reveal me to him and orchestrate our union.
    Thank you for your service to God. I pray the Father rewards you beyond your imagination. God bless you.

  178. Please pray for a financial breakthrough and that Lloyd will get delivered and healing and restoration in our relationship

  179. Please pray away the other woman my husband is seeing that she leaves him so that he can return to work on our marriage and the church.
    * please pray for financial blessings to be able to pay for my daily needs and not get into debt but pay off the debt I have, and a home. I pray and receive, in Jesus’ name.
    Thanks Jamie

  180. Dear Jamie

    Marriage and Financial Breakthrough

    God bless


  181. Lijanda Slory says:

    1. My mom Audrey will accept Jesus and that she will be delivered from the demons in her.
    2.,Growth and financial breakthrough in my personal life and in my business LS Shoes Shipping and More.

  182. Thank you for joining me in prayer for a job, preferably in HR field with a good company. Also for directions as I feel as of I am out in the field.

  183. Angela Villarreal says:

    I am in desperate need of a miracle for my daughter and I. And I need it quickly before she tirns 4 next month. We need to be free from a person in our lives legally.

  184. Georgina Barboutis says:

    Please pray for:
    1) my house sells soon with a good price.
    2) Wisdom to make wise decisions for the next phase in my life. i.e. country to live in, job, business, good homes for my animals etc.

  185. I I have a recently came on board with refuge and restoration ministries a nonprofit to house and feed the homeless. Please pray that God will open the doors that he wants us to use for the ministry that we are just beginning to do. But he will open the doors for the land etc. and those that are to help us pier .

    I am presently not working and have no income but have filed for Social Security disability asking that it would be stamped approved and that God would show me what he would have me to do at this season of my life.

    Thank you for your prayers and I pray God blesses you a hundredfold for all that you do and say.

  186. 1.) Prayer for son Jared to have renewed spirit in him and his marriage / children be filled with Holy Spirit
    2.) Prayer for my new business : prosperity and commitment .

    Thank you and God bless you and your ministry, may the Lord pour out His abundance upon you and your ministry for you faithfulness in prayer and intercession and reap a harvest you cannot contain….Shalom….

  187. Thank you for interfering for us. Please pray for:
    1. Total healing and restoration of my marriage and husband
    2. Supernatural financial provisions and increase

  188. Hello Jamie,
    I am praying that everything goes accordingly with my new place in Chicago.
    I am praying for a financial blessing seems the harder I try the harder things get, just need a breakthrough that will get me ahead.

  189. I’m requesting prayer for

    1. Reconciliation for my marriage, for my husband to hear God voice and obey Him. To have a “Damarcus” type experience like saul/paul, to be a better father to our son and be filled with the Holy Ghost and come completely out of adultery.

    2. For God to heal me of all my hurts and disappointments. To show me how to solely depend on Him. And to help my son focus more on his work, he’s trying.


  190. For the healing of my aunt & uncle, who are also my godparents. He has cancer & there is no more the doctors can do. My aunt has PSP (similar to Parkinson’s disease). My uncle is also my aunts carer.
    Thank you so much Jamie!

  191. 1. Divine connection to help me begin my business and develop business plan . 2. Spirit of delay to be destroyed

  192. Hello family! Hello Jamie! Thank you so much for blessing us with prayer, for blessing us with your posts and your revelations and everything! You’re awesome!
    If you need some help praying for people, i’m here 🙂
    Thank you for blessing us with prayer too 🙂
    I’d like to request prayer for the whole congregation where I am, Naic, from leadership to members 🙂 and I’d like to ask prayer for my mom to heal completely from her health, and her relationship with Jesus 🙂
    Thank you so much! Please, count on me in what you need! 🙂

  193. Susana Hernandez says:

    My name is Susana…thank you and God Bless You for being willing to do the work of the LORD! Blessings!
    1.) I ask for prayer for God to bring forth justice for my children. Their father abandoned them physically and financially.
    1.) For God to bring forth justice for the destruction if my marriage. Adultery was the cause of this.

    Thank you, you are a faithful warrior
    Of God! God Bless You, your family, and your ministry in the Name of Jesus!

  194. 1. Divine connection to help me with starting my business. 2. Spirit of delay to be destroyed

  195. Please pray for God to continue to restore my marriage completely
    For favor with my husband at work as well as home
    There is a girl working for our company that I believe may have the wrong motives. I have been asking God to remove her in His timing and His way.
    Clear direction for future with ministry and where God wants our family to live

    To heal one of my best friends from her chronic pain and for her to get pregnant

  196. Please pray for me to have a 1.spiritual breakthrough and deliverance.
    2. Financial breakthrough and blessings.

  197. Hi.

    My requests are:
    1) Please remove & heal both the psychic curse, attack (burning, stinging, cysts, ill health) that was put on me and the effects it has had on my body, soul and family.
    2) Please get me and my family reunited to a safe place with appropriate jobs & hedge of protection around us.

  198. 1. Marriage restoration after adultery, homosexuality, porn and all perversions.

    2. To sell our house and get a fresh start somewhere else, new job too. And the wisdom/ money to do it! With good schools for the kids.

  199. I’m requesting prayer for
    1. Spiritual breakthrough and a true deliverance
    2. Financial Breakthrough.

  200. Prayers for my son Anders , for God to become a reality to him.

    My daughter : she is seeking the Lord but longs to start the relationship which will lead to marriage

  201. 1-Pray for Laura and Jay, they are in desperate need of money to pay the bills.
    2 Pray for J-Tek to get work coming in on a steady basis so they do not bankrupt.
    Thank you so much for praying . Will let you know how God answers

  202. 1: for our custody hearing for my stepson, that we will win full custody and that supervised visits is all she gets, & that she will be indicted.
    2: for the upcoming community drug outreach we are helping out with. That chains will be broken and that souls would be saved.

  203. Please pray for the following.
    Increased income to become debt-free in 2018 and that I will have a personal experience with the Lord.

  204. Hi Jamie. Thank you for your prayers. Please pray for my financial prosperity. I’m unemployed and in over $500,000 debt due to divorce and college loans for my children and me.
    Pray for healing in my body. I have significant hair loss to the point of wearing a wig.

  205. Diane Mulumbenji Chisela says:

    Prayer requests: Affection in marriage. New job. D

  206. Thank you Jamie, Much Appreciated!

    Please pray with me for a serious Financial breakthrough,
    Restoration of health for my mom, partner and I.

    Yes, I understand you said TWO, but I REALLY NEED this one BADLY – PLEASE.

    Spiritual Wisdom, deeper understanding of the Bible and the ability to articulate myself well enough to others when teaching and writing.

    God Bless You Jamie.

  207. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

    1)In the name of Jesus pray for me to receive deliverance from the suicide devil tormenting me night and day .So that I can receive the Jesus anointing to be released from stronghold and forgiveness.Amen
    2) pray that my family be released from any generational ties and any occult practices which has been done in the past.Amen

  208. Prayer for guidance in finding new church home for our family.

    Prayer for continued wisdom and discernment in decision making.

  209. 1. Complete re-write of book by the end of May.
    2. Cut sugar from diet for at least 30 days.

  210. Prayers for God to restore my hormonal imbalance , settle down in marriage. Amen and Thank you.

  211. Keisha Weston says:

    I greet you my sister in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you for interceding on our behalf.
    My request are:
    1. To be blessed with a financially viable and stable job as I am seeking employment.
    2. For reconciliation with my son’s father to be reunited as a family once more.

    I will also continue to pray for you and your family and this ministry. It’s been truly a blessing.

  212. 1. Healing, emotional and physical

    2. God to bless me with a true/best friend

    Thank you

  213. Emily Michelle says:

    Hi Jamie, please pray for my complete physical healing/deliverance and financial protection/blessing that I’d be able to enter this next season strong in both areas. Much love to you for all you speak into our lives. ?

  214. Hi Jamie,
    Pray for deliverance from generational curses and financial breakthrough for my family.
    Pray for a job placement for my daughter and myself.
    Thank you and Hid bless you.

  215. Janice Holmes says:

    Hello Jamie,
    I am in a situation where I am at a fork in He road and have been stuck. I know the Lord has Called me to Ministry, but there are many who oppose me, even those closes to me.

    I need a breakthrough in my life and finances.

  216. Jamie, please pray that I get a promotion in a form of a new job. I have been applying and interviewing, nothing fruitful so far .

  217. BeowulfSabrina says:

    Reconciliation of my marriage, drop the divorce action, and my husband get mental health help.

  218. 1) pray that I will be delivered from community harassment and gangstalking.

    2) miracle if healing for my Dad and salvation for him and the whole family

  219. pamela Etheridge says:

    Please pray me for a fresh encounter with Jesus
    My ministry Preparing The Way For The Kingdom Outreach Worldwide I am the senior Pastor

  220. Stacy Clayton says:

    Please pray that God would intervene and overrule in my husband’s life as he is loving another woman as though she is his wife. He is being deceived. Thank you sooo much.

  221. Finances/business to grow with God’s blessing and favor, so that we can bless others.

    To truly know Papa in a deeper way, to receive His love for me.

    Thank you Jamie. How can we pray for you in return?

  222. Emily Christine says:

    Thanks Jamie,
    1.Family to be totally for Jesus especially my brothers and sister, protection by the blood of Jesus ,favor and blessings.
    2.Lord to enlarge my territories especially finance, marriage

  223. Thank you Jamie for your prayers
    1. Pray my spiritual eyes and heart will be opened to receive all God has for me.
    2. Pray for my husband and two boys to grow and to serve the Lord in a mighty way.

  224. 1) for restoration of my marriage
    2) getting into a teachers training program

    Many thanks

  225. pamela Etheridge says:

    Hi Jamie thank you for your labor of love. I am asking for prayer I need a fresh encounter with Jesus Christ. 2. Please pray for my assignment as a senior pastor of preparing the way for the kingdom outreach worldwide I need the fire of the Holy Spirit ??

  226. Hi Jamie, THANK you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule as a new mom to pray for each of us. We will also keep you in our prayers.

    Please pray for Reconciliation for my marriage, (after adandonment of my husband due to s
    Adultry, poronograpy and who knows what else) for my husband to hear God voice and obey Him. To have an experience like Saul did on the road to Damarcus (To to be a better father to our 2 little boys 4 and 2 yrs old) to be filled with the Holy Ghost and come completely out of adultery and drug use and return home and STEP up to his responsiblites as a husband and father.

    2. For God to pour out a supernatural out pouring of financial blessing and to restore my health which has been affected due to my failed marriage (to restore all that the enemy has stolen from me so can can be better mom to my two little ones)

  227. Thank you Jamie. Please pray for me to 1) Finish writing my research paper on time.
    2) Know for sure what God’s calling on my life is.
    Thank you!

  228. Glorialynn says:

    Hi Jaime. Please pray to cancel out all wicked an evil actions that my landlord is doing against me.

    Please also pray that it becomes easier for me to lose my stubborn fat (and back fat) and lose weight, revealing a firm contoured shape so I do not have to get surgical assistance.

  229. Thank you for your offer to intercede on my behalf. I pray for you and your family as well.
    1) a vibrant, active serving church home with good friends to uplift.
    2) a godly wife for my son that will be a support and encouragement to him and fit effortlessly into this family.

  230. 1) Please pray for Beth Osborne’s test results that No cancer will be there

    2) Please pray that our children (April, Amanda, & Adam) come to the Lord

  231. 1.Reconciliation in my marriage. My husband to have a super natural encounter with Holy Spirit and be completely freed of all drug, tobacco, alcohol, and darkness in his life for the rest of our lives!

    2. For our 1 year old Towing business pick up, prosper financially, and have favor! My husband to be and exceptional leader and boss with integrity in our company for the rest of our lives!

    In Jesus Name, Amen!
    I am also interceding for you and yours sweet lady!

  232. Thank you for interceding.
    1) Please pray that I will receive clients & doors will be opened for my business.
    2) And there is a serious issue, praying that the criminals from the apt complex will be arrested for the vicious crime committed against my family & I.
    In Jesus’ Name.

  233. I pray for a part-time job in a place and job where God wants me to thrive.
    I pray to get rid of bedbugs I have had for months. Since Nov. they have sprayed 6 times with 2 different chemicals. I can’t go to other people’s home and they won’t come to my home for fear of spreading them and I am allergic to their bites.

  234. 1) Salvation in Jesus Christ for Masoud Rasti, and his family.
    2) Full restoration and new beginnings for me.

    Thank you, and God Bless you.

  235. Thank you Jaimie,
    Please help me to pray for spiritual growth as i yearn to have a closer relationship with God and to lean on Him alone as my source of strength through life

    Also please help me pray for my God Ordained marriage and life partner to be revealed to me.

  236. Hello Jamie, thank you for praying.
    Please pray I need a financial miracle to pay my car insurance, move my checking account from negative, money for food and other expenses.
    Thank you

  237. Favor & financial blessing for the home we need.
    Healing for our bodies to God be the glory

  238. Kenneth Summerour says:

    Hi Jamie….I really appreciate all your encouragement. Here’s my request…1) I pray that God will show me how to be a man, living independent, working with my own hands in my own life. 2) I believe God has called me into prophetic ministry but I’m not sure where to begin. I ask for wisdom and spiritual understanding of His will for my life. Thanks and God bless you!

  239. Hi please pray for healing for my mom colon cancer.
    Financial breakthrough for my household. Thank you.

  240. 1. Prayer request
    To win a courtcase for stealing my inheritance

    2.prayer request
    For the wellbeing of my family

  241. Rick Davis says:

    1. Pray for marriage restoration.
    2. I’m having difficulty at work and have been missing work due to anxiety. Please pray for a breakthrough.

    Thank you!

  242. 1. That my brother, Sister in law and niece come to know the Lord
    2. That my husbands settlement is processed without question or delay

    Thank you for your prayers!

  243. Lisa Gaines says:

    Hello Jamie,
    Thanks for praying for me/us…
    1) I’m been battling pests in my living spaces & I’ve done all I know to do – asking for wisdom, breakthrough & restoration
    2) I have heavenly grants that I’ve presented prayer petitions to the Lord – I desire funds in my hands now

  244. Theola Norris says:

    Please pray for my Daughter Mariah to pass the mcat. Also, a job I don’t have to work late hours coming home at 3 in the morning.

  245. 1) I need a miracle in my career
    2) Please pray for divine healing on my left jaw joint (TMJ)
    Thank you so very very much Jamie

  246. 1.Please pray for a financial breakthrough and to be totally debt free.
    2.for my husband and son.
    Thank you very much Jamie.

  247. Hi Jamie, Thanks for taking the time to pray for me!! Here are my 2 prayer request:
    1: For my finances. I’m in so much debt and I need a financial miracle
    2: To cope with the financial stress I have now turned to alcohol instead of putting my faith and trust in God. Please pray that i will stop drinking

  248. Hi Jamie,
    Thanks for your ministry, I am truly blessed by you .
    Prayer requests (1) God will supernaturally give my husband and I twins. Pregnancy for this year and birth early next year after 15 years of marriage. (2) My relatives and in-laws saved, soaked in the Blood of Jesus and set on fire for ministry within their homes and communities.

  249. Gifty Addo-Gyane says:

    1. Indebtedness
    2. Marrital distress through adultery..abuse and lavk of affection and communication

  250. Kristi Woods says:

    Pray that my promised miracle would come soon. Pray for continued healing in my body.

  251. 1. Pray for release of finances due to me from overseas investments without further extortion of charges and financial breakthrough to be debt free.
    2. Pray for salvation for my father and 2 sisters and 2 brothers and their families.
    Thank u.

  252. Hi Jamie-
    1) Restored contact/relationship with Jacob who I feel was strategically placed into my life for a bigger purpose.
    2) physical healing and then to continue to maintain that healthy lifestyle

  253. Emily Matthews says:

    For a High paying job/ motivation and for me to get married this year

  254. Hi Jamie,
    I’m requesting prayers for permanent housing, advancing in a career that I’m not qualified to have, whatever it may be and my two rebellious teens Tral 15 & Quaysha 17.
    Thank you, in advance

  255. Paige Gregory says:

    #1 LORD, lead me to my people, my community to do life with, aligned with passions and with pursuit of God.
    #2 LORD, reveal my purpose. Reveal to me what you had in mind when you create me personally. Give me a vision for my life.

  256. Michele Browne says:

    we are believing God for financial breakthrough. My husband needs a new job. And help getting the ministry off the ground. Finances for all the other bills that are seem to be piling up. Thank you

  257. Linda Martinez says:

    Please pray for my husband Jake’s salvation and restored marriage. Thank you so much for praying for us. May the Lord continue to Bless you and your family.

  258. Thank you Jamie my God he knows just what we needed.
    1. Wisdom and knowledge on how to maneuver in this season with that I can do everything he has for me to do.
    2. Complete healing in my eyes from blurry vision and my sons skin spots and bumps, a godly husband and financial freedom and stability.

  259. Going through child custody case for my 3 year old and I’m having a home study. Praying that the Lord gives favor to my husband,myself and our 6 kids.

  260. Thank you Jamie,
    #1. spiritual up-liftment and first love
    #2. to get employment with a good salary for me to plant seeds.
    God bless

  261. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you so much for touching and agreeing with me in regards to the following:

    1.) To walk in the fullness of purpose that God has appointed over my life.
    2.) To be financial sound with super natural debt cancellation

    Thank you so much, In Jesus Name

  262. Shari Burgess says:

    Please pray for my release from feeling guilty about Everything
    Please pray for my release from poverty mindedness, lack and fear of growing old alone and never being married.

  263. Fiona- Ive been very very ill, bedridden two and half months, but now ill for 5 and half months! Diagnosed also with diabetes but sure this is due to violent abuse and cruelty we went through! So need total healing from top to toe high blood pressure included. Thank u Jamie. But TOMORROW 15 hours from now South African time I have to undergo an operation due to blockage inside urinary works and pelvis and most extreme fire day and night. 2. Finances – dont have enough in to cover my op but people have pledged to help but havent! Mike to get a fulltime salary. Urgent. Thank u.

  264. Thank you Jamie,
    #1. My prayer level as an intercessor has gone down and I need spiritual up-liftment because my first love for the Lord has gone cold
    #2. I am presently a single unemployed mother with a self sponsored son at university, and I owe the bank and need employment with a good salary for me to plant seeds for the gospel clear my bank debts and assist my son at school.
    God bless

  265. Please pray with me for God to grant me victory in my court case.

    Please pray with me that my home will be restored to the original pattern God intended for families to be like to the glory of God in Jesus name.

  266. Please help me Pray for a Husband and now for a continued flow of new customers for my biz to support myself.

    Ednah A



  268. Amanda Encalade says:

    Husband Anthony and I
    spiritual adversity

    For me To trust and believe again in The Lord’s faithfulness and to lay down my control over the ones I Love.

  269. 1) Heartbreak over my family’s dishonor & disconnect to me. Major family healing needed – lack of love.
    2) Healing in my body – from hormone issues, leaky gut, & a major imbalance in my body (not sure the source).

    Thank you! Blessings,

  270. Cynthia
    Pray to be speedily delivered from the spirit of rejection and depression… I ave battled this for YEARS… I don’t want to die lie this.??

  271. 1. Unmarried and over 50. Not giving up. Still active in ministry. Working with my own business and community for years but still… I desire a spouse and family.
    2. Restoration and health as I recover all that enemy stole from me before I begin studying prophetic and deliverance.

  272. 1- Please pray my brother Aaron’s Friday the 18th surgery to remove a tumor goes well and he’s completely healed in Jesus’ name.

    2- I’m dealing with a rare lung disease. Please pray I receive complete healing in Jesus’ name.

    THANK YOU! God Bless You!

  273. Marriage and soul restoration for me and my husband

  274. Thanks so much Jamie. May the Lord give you strength.

    My prayer requests are
    1) That the Lord teach my children, give them wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him.
    2) That my immigration status approval be granted as soon as

  275. pay off all credit cards debts to be debt free fast speedily this month in the Name of Jesus.

  276. Thank you so very much for praying for individually praying for us. I am praying for you, your family, and your ministry.
    1. Financial freedom from every debt owed, breakthrough and flow of finances, and repayment from years of the locusts. Everything that I given up to follow Christ is being returned to me according to HIs word, 100 fold.
    2. One hundred hold financial blessings for the seeds that have I sown. I am asking Father to move now, in the month of May, according to my faith, obedience, and perseverance.

  277. Pray for Mike& I our relationship a new marriage new life together. Pray for Mike’s salvation

  278. Hi Jaime, heres is what I need prayers for:-
    1. To get my own home and move out of a living situation that is difficult for me emotionally.
    2. For wisdon to know what to do concerning the above situation.

  279. Thank you Heavenly Father for my perfect health of mind & body and for the fact that my mother was told she hasn’t got cancer after all:)

    Thank you Heavy Father for giving me someone I love to share my life with so that I am
    not now isolated, & thank you for resolving with your justice the Gender Hate Crimes of targeting & discrimination I was subjected to & all that it has maliciously stolen from me.

  280. Hi Jamie Hebrews 13:1 to you today. my prayer request that I can sell my condo, to moved back to the Florida area, closer to family members. Also that i may join in with the believer of Jesus Christ at a Spirit filled word teaching church in my area.(Hebrews 3:13-14). Thanking you for praying on my behalf.

  281. Pray for My marriage boys family is against this marriage .pray that God’s speak to them and for marriage to happen this year spiritual growth and really want to be faithful to my calling needs God’s help in maturing me as a true child of God

  282. Dear Jamie,
    Kindly pray
    1.for the divine deliverance from my inner ear problem
    2. for my spiritual growth

  283. Allecia Browning says:

    I am praying for a residual income from me and my daughters I am also praying that with the residual income that we can eventually move into our own home because our living situations are not of our own right now thank you for your prayers and thank you Father for answering my prayers

  284. Thank you Dear Jamie
    1.Exceptional favour in my application with CitiBank.
    2. Reveal His purpose in my life.

  285. 1. Please pray for a breakthrough and for the Lord‘s will to be done between myself and someone else involving our relationship. Thank you so much!

    2. Please pray that God will open a door for me to move from teaching elementary school to high school. Thank you!

  286. To find my wife and find the perfect job for me.

  287. Marriage restoration that my husband Clisson would love and respect me… To be like Jesus and grow in his word. Amen

  288. Kim Miller says:

    1. All my husband’s and my school loans paid off miraculously or cleared completely.
    2. Career/job promotion and workplace change

  289. Hi Jamie
    No.1 health issues
    Eye problems ( flashing lights ,etc) anxieties, fears for a long time now (years)
    No.2 To trust Him and let go of a divided heart towards Him . He has said He wants an undivided heart towards Him .i find this hard to do though I want it more than anything ❤️
    Thank you and God bless for you faithfulness and prayers.

  290. 1) Please pray for me for God to give me unmerited Favours.

    2) Immigration Acceptance Status ( Permanent Residence in Canada).

  291. Please pray for my daughter’s marriage. Reconcile her with her husband.

  292. Lisa Caywood says:

    Hi Jamie,

    My husband who is 70, left me 2 years ago for a 47 year old woman. He desperately needs salvation. He wants a divorce. She is still married. I’m praying that the ungodly relationship will end suddenly and for his salvation and our marriage to be restored. We have been together for 22 years. This has destroyed our family. Please pray that papa God will intervene and bring restoration and his salvation. Praying for you! Bless you!

  293. Hi Jamie, please pray for reconciliation in my marriage and for the salvation of my daughters

  294. Pido Oración para que en Jesús reciba : 1) que Dios multiplique el tiempo, finalizar y presentar con éxito la tesis Doctoral 2) Para recibir mi jubilación en el trabajo ahora

  295. Thank you Jamie for praying for me!
    1. Please pray for complete healing from arthritis in hips and knees and heart issues;
    2. Healing for my friend Lisa for severe facial pain due to TMJ

  296. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to leave these two (2) prayer requests:
    #1. Please let the financial needs and wants of my each and every member family.
    #2. Please set my father free from his alcohol addiction

  297. Adrenamae rollr says:

    Please pray for healing in my family and for debt cancellation.

  298. My only request, is that all receive what belongs rightfully to them as appointed by the will of God and not any flesh involvement except a surrendered heart to love God with all of their whole hearts, minds, souls and strengths.

    For Jamie and all others praying, May God continue to bless and keep you all in his perfect love, peace, joy and grace to do all that HE has called you to do. May you enjoy long life full of days along with your families, friends and even your enemies. May God bless you abundantly in every area of your lives and restore you the same. Amen

  299. Please pray for me,I need wisdom on hpw to
    take care of my son (TASHANI)he has sickle cell.
    2.Have being asking God for a business idea which has given me but now I need capital to the tune of 1000 u.s dollars.

  300. frena nyasetia says:

    Thank you for this…
    My requests are
    1.Relationship full restoration that leads to marriage.
    2.Financial breakthrough.

    Thanks again.God bless you .

  301. Please pray restored health and finances and deliverance from drug addiction

  302. Please pray for me:
    I) Financial miracles – to be debt free and have financial freedom.
    ii) Health miracles – healing of various health issues.

    Thank you.

  303. Hi Jamie thanks for the prayers. I need them!

    1) grow closer to God.
    2) freedom from depression which is tied to my mother’s death last May. She was saved so I’m not worried about her salvation. I’m struggling with how to cope with her death. I feel like I’ve lost my footing/purpose since she died.

    God bless you and your family.


  304. Buki Akindele says:

    Please pray that i am joined with my future husband this year and my son passes his SATs

  305. Anel Potgieter says:

    1My brother and his family does not serve God.2.Extremely unhappy in work.Would not be easy to get other work.Difficult to clearly discern Gods will in this.Thank you

  306. Thank you Jamie for your kindness.
    1 – I need out of unemployment with new financial analyst role or vision of what work God wants me to do.
    2 – Decades long wall towards God in my heart/mind to come down. Fear of God I don’t understand.

  307. Hello Jamie,
    Thanks for praying for me and other and your encouraging words from God.
    I.- I am in a need for a financial blessing to keep my home. I filed bankruptcy and need to payoff the it off to keep my home. and to pay the taxes on my home, also get insurance.
    2. my car broke I need a automobile and to be debit free.

  308. Hi Jamie, thank you for your emails, I really enjoy them and have learnt so much.
    My prayer request is: to meet and exceed my sales targets at my new work, which is a big blessing from Abba Father.

    To meet my future husband

    Thank you so much xxx

  309. 1. To get my vehicle licence
    2. For God to send me my Boaz :_)

    Love you Jamie!

  310. ANN Mayne says:

    Hi Jamie thanks for this I’m needing financial breakthrough. Both my children to hear God’s voice and for their salvation and reconciliation. Thanks again and may you stay blessed.

  311. Dear Jamie, bless you for being so generous with your time and offering up our prayers on behalf of us.

    Please may you pray for:

    My debt to be cleared and an abundance of wealth to flow.

    For the Lord to provide me with a husband.

    Thanks again Jamie.

    Lord bless you and yours.

  312. 1. That i can have time and money freedom, to work fulltime at my church.
    2. I will know clearly how to make this happen. Thanks!

  313. 1. That God brings me and my soulmate together
    2. For healing of cancer for an acquanintenace. She has 2 young boys.

  314. Khomotso Johanna Mboweni says:

    1.I need a permanent job at Tshwane Municipality

    2.Marriage to my desired husband

  315. Hi Jamie,

    Please pray for my financial breakthrough and that I get clear direction for my calling. Thank you and God bless you.

  316. Ralph Lee says:

    My prayer requests
    1. I am asking for God according to His will to provide a spouse who loves God greater than myself. Who also is willing to partner with me for Gods purposes and not our own.

    2. I am seeking Gods will and a stronger relationship with my 21 year old son.
    Thanks you!

  317. God bless Jamie and reward her with wisdom and favour.

    For God’s promise for me Psalm 126 … I am ready to reap in joy

    For restoration of marriage (standing 8 years) and to be healed (47 different evils) and my daughter to be restored and healed from trauma.

  318. Hello Jamie
    Thanks for this opportunity that you can pray for my 2 specific requests so :
    1: To hear from God directly, and to dream and see visions and have revelation from them. (SPIRITUAL BREAKTHROUGH)
    2: Breakthrough for an apartment this month and favor for 10 years resident card.

  319. 1. Creative & witty ideas
    2. Wisdom/Revelation for my purpose filled destiny

  320. Carol ward says:

    1, Lord open a door to a Doctor to put me on state Disability Ins temporarily for monthly income, been waiting !! paid my taxes from job for state dis..Unable to work been ill & no income. FINCIAL BREAKTHRU of MONTHLY INCOME to live, single mom, need physical health healing on Teeth peridontal disease & infection body. Bless my relationship Son and Daughter stay close and strong & live together

    2. Blood work to come out healthy & nothing wrong been exhausted & ill for months DOCTORS DOING TESTS.. Lord PHYSICAL HEALING of body, depression trauma & abuse.

  321. Ingrid Silgjerd Husefest says:

    Please pray for our son Harald for salvation and to break fri from big problems with alcohol and also pray for salvation for our second son Jarle.

  322. Betty Bollenbacher says:

    Hi Jamie –
    Thanks for intercessory prayers this week. Here are my prayer requests:
    1) That both my daughters (Dani and Jamie) would come back to Jesus.
    2) That my husband would be more serious about his Christian walk.

  323. Please pray;
    1. Heal my mom from all pain, and Florence from broken thigh bone and total recovery from surgery for removal of uterus
    2. Restoration of our blessings for us; five siblings and my husband

  324. Please pray for Restoration of my love relationship with my loved one and my mum’s healing from anxiety. Thank you.

  325. Dear Jamie

    1. please pray for my job my contract end next year march 2019 Would like to renew.

    2. Prayer for good life partner and finances.

    Thanks god bless

  326. Christina says:

    Looking at your list I decided to lift you up in prayer instead as you lift the others. I cant pronounce your last name so I will just use Jamie.

  327. 1 I need promotion in every area of my life
    2 Marriage to my God-ordained partner

  328. Pray my 3 sons will fulfill their destiny in Christ to God’s glory!
    Pray they each marry a Godly wife!

  329. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for doing GOD’S work. You have and continue to bless many people’s lives!!
    My prayer requests are: Financial breakthrough and Obedience to GOD’S call for my life!
    GOD bless you!!

  330. Prayer Request
    1)Salvation for my family and neighbours
    2)Career opportunity for full time employment where I can use my gifts and talents .

  331. 1. Divine covenant in Marriage
    2.Finances/Debt free
    In Jesus El Shaddai Thee Breasted One Name. ??

  332. Please pray for my spiritual growth in the lord and also for God to add more years to my grandmother

  333. Thank you Jamie. I will be praying for you. My prayer requests are

    1: Healing of my thyroid
    2: Salvation of my loved one, Juan

  334. Mary Azumahmar says:

    1.pray for my son Meshach who is addicted to drugs and for the salvation of his soul

  335. Thanks Jamie for praying for us. God bless you abundantly.
    1) For my deliverance from bondages, generational curses and delays in my life.
    2)A fresh annointing, clarity and divine direction for my life.

  336. Prayer Requests
    1. That I pass my state / national real Estate exam
    2. The release of my great grandmother’s house that the enemy stole from my family be released back into my hands debt free,in Jesus name!

  337. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks Jamie

    Prayer request:
    1. For my son Glennto be delivered and walk in all GOD has for his life
    2. For me to have breakthrough in my finances and career.

    God Bless

  338. Hi Jamie – I would like prayer for a car have been without one for over a year now and prayer that God continues to fill me with his perfect love – thank you very much!

  339. Dear Jamie

    I am not posting because you have so many prayer requests to do. I will give mine to God directly.

    With every blessing.


  340. Shada' Wilson says:

    1. Restoration of my Marriage
    2. Better career opportunities

  341. Thank you Jamie! You are a blessing! May God always protect you and yours.
    My prayer request are:
    1) Financial miracle – to be debt free and be able to repay all loans and save my family’s home (mom and brother); to have my business project happen and advance so that I can be a blessing
    2) To get my brother Harry’s business started
    Thank you for agreeing with me in Jesus name!

  342. Geraldine Murray says:

    1. Greater love for Jesus/God.
    2. Part time income with benefits
    Thank you. God bless

  343. Michele m Pierce says:

    Thank you so much, I’m stuck. 1 prayers for a farm that will unite families. 2. Unite my family in love. Thank you for all you do.

  344. 1) praying God restores my marriage from divorce. Husband back home 5/2018.
    2) praying God provides the college tuition needed for our two college students.

  345. G. Mayers says:

    Please pray that my 24yr old son would stop being addicted to his cell phone and just taking lots of videos on it at the expense of doing more constructive things with his life. His name id Danny.
    For me, that I would become confident and bold removing all that fear and that I would be more consistent and persistent in every area of my life.
    Thank you and God bless you all.

  346. Hi Jamie thanks alot
    1 May God heal and restore my relationship with my partner
    2 good health for every member of my family .

  347. Salvation for my 2nd son and his fiance’ They will getting married soon. My youngest son who is battling for his kids to get them fairly this has been a lengthy battle the 2 mothers of his children have teamed up against him

  348. Please pray that my highest heart’s desires and greatest dreams to be fulfilled and made reality in my life and in the lives of my 3 children and futur grandchildren. Thank you, I will pray for you and your family.

  349. Please pray that I will be immediately and completely delivered from smoking cigarettes.

    Please pray for reconciliation in my relationship with my landlord and the reversal of their request for me to leave.

    Thank you.

  350. Prayer request:
    1) My husband and I are potentially starting a new business. We wanted Jesus’ blessings to make it a success and enable us to balance a family and all other priorities with the business
    2) I pray that I continue to perform well at my job

  351. Hi Jamie, pray that God will grant me the money to pay for a Lawyer.
    Please pray that God will grant me all the favor I need in court to get 50/50 parental custody

  352. Jamie:
    My Christian friends in God’s Kingdom on earth have promised me that if I wait on God, He will send me a husband. I have prayed for this blessing for 15 years and was greatly disappointed in this last year by an ungodly man that entered my life. Multiple people in God’s kingdom who don’t know one another have said “Wait on God” for this blessing next time and let Him do the choosing. Please pray for me as I have waited a very long time and feel very much alone as an empty nester.

    Also, please pray for my sons who both need Godly wives.

    Blessings on you, your husband and precious baby.

  353. #1 Please pray that legal issues will be dropped resolved in best possible way ASAP.
    #2 Properties would sell, 2 homes and lots in development ASAP.

    Thank you so much, your words are always a source of comfort and inspiration

  354. 1) I will see my two adult sons Joshua and Patrick accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior
    2)God will soon bless me with the Godly husband He has for me

  355. Maria Torrealba says:

    Hello Jamie, please pray for my niece Daniela Mujica so that she can operate on scoliosis and that it is okay for her to approve the resources of the operation and for me so that the Lord reveals my life I need it and it gives me greater revelation and discernment thanks

  356. Total restoration (include good work)
    Gert out of debts (healtthy finances

  357. Linda Davies says:

    1. To receive deep healing from emotional issues , my daughter Sophie too.
    2. To know God more closely and build a successful business and write books to glorify him

  358. Greetings in our Lord Jesus’ name, here my top two prayer request.

    #1. I would like prayers for some very dear friends in Christ Jesus. These friends are great mighty disciples of the Lord and they hit a very bumpy patch in their lives right now.
    They need prayers more than ever right now!

    #2. I would also like prayers for a great gathering/First Nations Revival that will be taking place in June (1-3) at the Black Hills in South Dakota. It’s time for the First Nations people to rise up and take their place in the Lords battle!

    Thank you and God Bless you!

  359. My husband and I will soon retire, and we want to start a new life somewhere else and start a small business. Please pray that the Lord will lead us to the right place and show us if we are on the right track.
    I also want to ask for my daughter, that she may find a man that will love her as she deserves.

  360. Thank you Jamie for this!

    The following are my prayer request:
    For Hubby’s healing, Salvation financial break through in his business.

    For extreme financial favour of $10,000 this week for me to start up my business.
    God bless you Jamie

  361. Sherri Roberson says:

    Please pray I find a full time permanent job with good benefits soon and that I find direction in life.

  362. Hi, Jamie. I’m joining my faith with yours that God’s will is done in each and every situation, circumstance, and condition posted and that you receive blessings in the 1000 fold realm in every area of your life. I thank God for you in accordance with Phil. 1:3-11.
    1. Please pray Is. 43:19 and Rev. 21:5 for my husband Mike/our marriage’s healing/deliverance from soul wounds and complete restoration.
    2. Please pray for my total alignment with John 4:34 (AMPC), “Jesus said to them, My food (nourishment) is to do the will (pleasure) of Him Who sent Me and to accomplish and completely finish His work,” in all things consciously and consistently.
    Grace to you, Sister according to Numbers 6:24-26 (AMPC)!

  363. Mary Holt says:

    1. Please pray for total healing from heavy metal poisoning and tremors and
    2 Breakthrough in all areas of my life!
    Thank you Jamie so much!!

  364. 1.Please pray for a permanent job for me – have been temping for 10 years and need stability
    2. Please pray for a new home for me and my pets which needs the release of the finance from the sale of my parents home

  365. Jamie, please pray for my husband so that he can have a fear of God and repent for his infidelity.
    Pray for my son to do well with his EOG exams this month.
    Thank you for all you do.

  366. Caethy Tuvalu says:

    Breakthrough in all areas of my life
    Deliverance for my daughter in all areas of her life

  367. Hey Jamie I ask you to pray that my husband will be saved and come to know Jesus and pray that God will bless us with a house and bless us financially.
    Thank you

  368. Thank you, Jamie, for praying for the following:
    1. for total restoration of Orlando’s left eyesight, left ear hearing, full function of left shoulder and a sound mind
    2. please pray for God’s favor upon him so he’ll be given a student visa at the U.S.Embassy so he can study for his Master’s Degree program in the U.S.

  369. Millie Williams says:

    Jamie, I thank you to pray for me and my husband to get a financial breakthrough enough to pay our debt off, we need transportation to go back and forth to the doctors appointments. And pray for me and my husband to get closer to the lord. I thank you so much. May God continually bless your family and ministry. I thank you again Mrs. Millie

  370. Thank you for your prayers Jamie, I would like prayer for:

    1- Have a deeper revelation of who God is and a stronger connection with Him.

    2- I’d like to speak in tongues.

    God bless you and family. ❤️

  371. Sheri Stuart says:

    Jamie, thank you for this opportunity; please pray the following for me:
    (1) That I will receive a job offer for an on-camera news reporter position by Oct. 31, 2018. My desired locations are Michigan or Southern California.
    (2) That I will not miss the leading of the Holy Spirit as I seek direction for my career and relationships during this season of my life.

    Thank you!

  372. Thank you Jamie! I’ve been reading and praying over the requests already mentioned!
    For me:
    1. Financial restoration and healing after the divorce.
    2. For my annulment to be processed and granted.

    You are such a blessing! Praying with you and for your ministry! God’s abundant blessings!

  373. Bobbie Jo says:

    Please pray for my husband Matthew and I as we are living apart because of our careers. We have been married for 24 yrs today and have been apart for 4 yrs. Pray that the Lord opens up a door for us to live under one roof. Thank you!!

  374. Praying for YOUR needs also, Jamie.
    Thank u for praying for me:
    1) healing for my daughter with Cystic Fibrosis
    2) help me with my emotions and anxiety

  375. Thank you Jamie. You are a true blessing from God…I’m so blessed by your prayers on your blog and have been speaking them out in prayer almost every day.
    1If you could agree with me that my youngest daughters spiritual eyes would be speedily opened and blinders fall off and she would see herself the way God sees her ,and see the truth embrace the truth and walk in the truth . That Lilly would separate from those that are keeping her from Jesus and the Lord would dismantle this relationship.Lilly had a prophesy where it spoke about Esther many years ago , so I pray she stands up for Jesus and separates from Haman like people that are not God’s will
    2)That doors would open for my son Ben at Standard Process in Charlotte if that would be a blessing from God for him. Thank you , Shalom

  376. 1. My son Joek’s return to the Lord

    2. A huge financial breakthrough to have the means to pay the debts incurred from unscrupulous moves of former business partners and to see my dreams be realized.

  377. Thank you for your prayers! Please let us know what we can be in prayer about for you, too. My two requests are:

    1. That my son Jacob and Madysen work out their differences, marry, and that they live happily ever after.

    2. That my son Stephen meets and marries a wonderful young lady and they live happily ever after.

  378. Jamie, please pray:

    1. For meaningful work and financial breakthrough; and
    2. For Gary to overcome and break free from alcohol addiction.

    Thank you! Grateful.

  379. pray for me for my wife and two daughters —Abigail and Ebnezer
    Pray for me for financial breakthrough

  380. Pray for my wife and two daughters –Abigail and Ebenezer
    pray for me for financial breakthrough

  381. family reunion
    financial breakthrough

  382. Pamela Reed says:

    1) For mom with mental health issues
    2) To be out debt and financially provide for my family

  383. Thank you Jamie for being an intercessor…my 2 needs that I would be grateful for prayer support on are:
    1. Finally being blessed with the man God has planned for me…my heart is crying out with the deep need to meet my spouse & partner.
    2. Restoration of finances/freedom from debt…that I would continue to be a good steward, and continually improve in my stewardship that I may be blessed with financial freedom.

  384. Verónica says:

    Hi Jamie!

    1. I’m studying overseas and I am struggling with the feeling of loneliness. I do a lot of activities, I am going to a church, etc. but I haven’t been able to make a true connection with someone. I need friends that love Jesus.
    2. My dad is depressed and he cannot see it. He won’t do anything because he says that he is alright, but his attitude is destructive to himself and the rest of the family. He needs to see it, and seek help.

    Thanks! <3

  385. Akinbowale Adewumi says:

    Please pray for me that the good Lord will establish me and guard me and my family against the evil one.God should cover me and my family with hedge of protection continually. Anyone holding my blessings back, may they be released into my life this very moment. God should take me to higher level, empower me and activate me with anointing of heaven for the service of Christ’s kingdom on earth.

  386. Erika Edding says:

    1. Wisdom and understanding in my personal and professional life.
    2. To be found by, meet, love, and marry the man of God that God promised me.

  387. Please pray that my grandson Chase gets completely healed of seisures and with a miracle of God his right hand gains full strength and mobility…

    That My son and daughter in law grow in a relationship with Jesus

    Jamie, Thank you and please email me with what YOU need prayer for!!! Sheri

  388. Hi Jamie, can you please pray for
    1. A deeper knowledge and understanding of God’s love for me.
    2 That as I continue studying for a Certificate in Christian Ministries this year I would make the most of this opportunity to grow deeper in my relationship with Papa God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
    Thank you.

  389. Hi Jamie
    1. Remove all blockages.
    2. Fulfilment of prophecy.

    Thank you

  390. As you pray for us, I shall be lifting you and all others here for His perfect will to be done in our lives and for us all to remain faithful to His love.
    I would like God who puts the single into families, to send the St Joseph who will be a loving husband to me and a wise and loving stepfather to my little boy. I also pray for God to restore unto me, sevenfold, what the enemy has stolen from me and continue to bless me with the gifts of the Holy Spirit to fulfil the work He is calling me to. Amen.

  391. Daphenie Benders says:

    Hi Jamie,

    God Bless you for your wonderful Christian site and for reaching out to the world, we appreciate you.

    Please pray for;

    1.) family curse to be broken for good
    2.) financial breakthrough/for me to see good opportunities when life presents them

    God Bless!


  392. Thanks for your prayers, Jamie!
    1) To find an amazing new job that allows me to use my talents to the fullest while serving others that will provide financial breakthrough, stability, and complete debt cancellation.
    2) To have the energy, focus, and resources to complete projects around my home (specifically remodeling and decluttering) that will position our family to be ready to make a transition into a new season and new ministry opportunities.

  393. Suluet Ronald says:

    Hi Jamie,
    I am a student that is currently studying in Australia, and my please pray for:
    1) My 2nd Semester school fee of $7,000 AUD to be paid before June 10th 2018, and my rental fee and allowance
    2) Part-time Job and my offer for next year (2019) to do a dual degree of Bachelor Business Management/Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management at University of Queensland.


  394. Hi Jamie,
    Please pray for me in;
    1. Breaking all powers of witchcraft fighting my life
    2. Restoration of finances and business

  395. Please pray for me for debt release and financial. I am in too much debt and pray for the loan for my daughter to pay otherwise I won’t be able to pay. And pray my spiritual uplifting

  396. For my daughter Adah that the stronghold of trans gender be broken
    For my Son’s and husbands relationship that it would be restored

  397. Hi Jamie



  398. Hi Jamie, these are my two prayer requests:

    1) That everything beneath the earth, on the earth and above the earth that the Lord has given to me should be released to me speedily.
    2) I ask for a termination of financial struggles in my life.

  399. Please pray that I have another baby (baby girl) and pray that I find a wonderful church where my family and I can belong and grow in the knowledge of God’s word.

  400. Chiara Pardini says:

    1- God grant me the legal permission to relocate to New Zealand in October 2018 pls

    2-God grant me a really good outcome of 500k plus from the property settlement by October 2018, pls

    God bless you.xxxx

  401. fabienne FLORY says:

    hello thanks for praying for me:
    – I have been harassed by a neighbour for 3 years. rumors and rejection have been paving my way.
    – inancial breakthrough ( many of my blessing have been stolen: inheritances..)

  402. Thank you for your prayers

    1. If it is Gods will I would like to buy a house in a better neighbourhood and to be able to buy, i would need to find a good price for another apartment which has proved so far to be difficult to sell.
    2. For both my children to grow in Gods favour and Grace

  403. Dear Jamie

    1. Please intervene for me for the “Reversal of Unjust and Unrighteous situations for me here at my place of work/or to find a new job with better benefits.
    2. For my finances to be restored and debt paid up.
    In Jesus’ Holy Name.

  404. My husband Will totally healed of stroke and sleep apnea.
    Complete debt freedom.

  405. Thanks so much Jamie.
    1. Please pray for my husband Zulu to come to the Lord.
    2. Please pray for my marriage which is in crisis right now.

  406. Claire Smeath says:

    Please pray for my husbands to accept Christ and for my health. I have had on going issues since January.

  407. Robert Majara Kabiito says:

    Dear Jamie,

    1. Please pray for me to have God’s favor that i may win medical negligence court case against hospital,
    2. That my marriage be restored so that Iam reunited with my wife and my children.
    I pray all this through Jesus Christ our Lord.
    Thank you and God bless you.

  408. Thank you for your ministry and prayers.
    1. Please pray for a reversal of multiple health problems that continue to weigh on my husband and myself.
    2. Please pray for provision as we send our son to a Christian college which we believe is God’s direction.

  409. Merlin Vermaak says:

    Hi , Im Merlin Vermaak.
    Please pray for my son Marvin Kannemeyer salvation. He’s an atheist.
    And for financial favour for myself and husband John Vermaak.
    Thanks and God bless you and the work you do.

  410. Thank you Jamie x
    For my girl Arwen to be healed from every symptom of genetic disease.
    For another healthy baby, somehow.

  411. Wanda gordon says:

    Hi Jamie
    Please pray for supernatural debt cancellation
    Please pray for salvation for my husband

  412. God Bless you & your family

    1. Family member(s) need of physical healing
    2. Hubs needs a job.

    Thank you

  413. Dear Jamie
    My prayer requests are:
    1. Financial blessings
    2. Divine health

  414. 1. Pray for me to hear God’s Voice and for my children to receive salvation
    2. Pray for my daughter Gem to be favoured by her bosses and to receive the promotion that was promised and due to her with an extravagant salary and for her to be happy at the work place, Let there be joy and happiness in her life.

  415. Thank you Jamie. God Bless you! Requesting prayer for:
    1. Personal Breakthrough in regards to my mind and interaction with others
    2. Healing in my body: back, neck, knees, feet and eyes

  416. Boipuso Mosesane says:

    1. Pray wisdom upon my life
    2. Pray for my daughter Rorisang to be serious with her academics and transformation of her life(salvation).

    Thank you

  417. Lisa Pickett says:

    Jamie, please pray for freedom and abounding health physically, emotionally and in all relationships.

  418. Wow…just saw this…thank you so much Jamie?
    Prayers for my sister Sally…clinically depressed, has been my best friend, safe place till 4 years ago, then started blaming me, rejecting me, growls at me, so angry like her husband?

    For my husband Walter to sell his first house?

    Prayers of support for you Jaime! I love your honesty and gift of communication in all things of our Lord????

  419. Christianna says:

    1.That God will connect me with the right people, I like to call them God connects to help to fulfill my purpose as an actress and singer. 2.To help me with organization, cleaning and order in my home

  420. black jewel says:

    Hi Jamie
    please pray for total resurrection of all dead areas of my life including financial breakthroughs in order to get out of debt.
    also pray for God to open uncommon doors

    bless you!

    1. Hello dearest Black Jewel. When I read your post I was struck by your name—Black Jewel. The Bible relates the story of Abram, whom God renamed ‘Abraham’.. the story of Sarai, whom God renamed Sarah, Jacob whom God renamed ‘Israel’.. Saul, whom God renamed ‘Paul’. Each person was renamed, by God, after a revelation of God’s purpose for their lives. Their new names represented how ‘God’ saw them, people of purpose and destiny. God has a wonderful plan and purpose for every life, but sometimes it’s difficult to see ourselves in HIS light because of our past or present circumstances. God’S focus is our future. His plans are for our future. He sees only who we were formed to be, and it obliterates all the past and the present circumstances. His view is our best selves. He sees you as victorious Black Jewel, and He has a new name for you. Ask.

  421. Dear Jamie, thank you
    1 Pls pray for my family and our finances
    2 For the new season upon me literally and spiritually
    Thank you and God bless

  422. Please pray for finances to improve.

    Please pray for reconciliation in two areas of our lives as a family. One family and one is church.

    Thanks x

  423. Please pray for a financial breakthrough for my husband and I and that we are delivered from debt. I ask that you also pray for my daughter’s physical and emotional healing, favor on her job, including promotion, salary increase, and longevity and for a God-fearing husband for her that will be a great father figure to my granddaughter.

    Thank you!

  424. Good morning
    My name is Margaret, please pray
    for me for my bills , I’m so back
    Up with my bills, but I know God will help me in his own time . God blessed u all .

  425. Dear Jamie, thanks for your prayer:
    1. A good job position offer will come soon.
    2. Restoration of our wealth as He promised.

  426. Patrice Johnson says:

    1. Please pray for complete growth and normal functioning of internal organs and body parts for my premature daughter Zoey before her hospital release.
    2. To always be Thankful and remember that all good things come from God and to Love as He Loves us.

  427. Ana Jarmoszko says:

    Thank you for praying for me: I will do the same for you in return:
    1.) It’s been 10 years & i still can’t get out of my huge financial debt alone, Jesus I need your help-it’s bad…I’m ashamed to say how much I owe. I can’t do this alone anymore. I am in dire need of a huge financial windfall to pay my house and debts.
    2.) I lost my job April 16, 2018 to top it off…(was laid off) I pray for financial windfall as I have no will left. I pray my prayers are not in vain…I pray I don’t lose faith. I am sinking fast.

  428. To finally walk/live in God’s deliverance from smoking cigarettes
    Healing, and deliverance from cigarettes, alcohol and anything else that may have my daughter bond.
    Thank you so much

  429. Hi Jamie
    1. To finally walk/live in God’s deliverance from smoking cigarettes and to finally walk in the power, humility, confidence and authority that Jesus has given me.

    2.Healing, deliverance and protection addiction to cigarettes, alcohol and anything else that may have my daughter bond and for her total and completed salvation and that she will be everything God created her to be.
    Thank you so much!

  430. Thanks Jamie,please pray for
    1. for my husband salvation
    2.For my medical career to be fulfilled.

  431. 1. Revive our hearts and let healing and deliverance flow to the Body of Christ.

    2. Every hindrance would be removed from the Body of Christ

  432. Hi Jamie , please pray for deliverance for my two sons Shawn and Justin ..

    Pray for the people of the world. Thanks Jamie !!!!!

  433. 1. A powerful divine visitation of his transforming, re-aligning and providing presence, this week
    2. Inner healing deep in the recesses of the soul

  434. My 2 prayer requests are:

    1.That the Lord would give me revelation. I want the Lord to give me revelation of the things that belong to me. And give me revelation of His plans and purposes for my life.

    2. That the Blessing and Favor of Abraham would be bestowed and released in my life. Breaking all financial barriers and restraints.

  435. Thank you for your prayers! I pray for the salvation of D, R, G and J (God knows who they are), and for healing for my vision (my doctor says I may have glaucoma and/or possible cataracts; they will do further testing in another month and I am praying when I go in for that, that there will be nothing to find because God will have healed it!) since without my vision I cannot do my job.

  436. Hi Jamie 1. please pray for my husband and I to conceive a much wanted baby this year and 2. For financial blessing and breakthrough, for me to make money online or have an income.
    Thanks very much and God bless you.

  437. Jamie, thank you for honouring us in this way.
    1. I want to wear Jesus’ love like a cloak around me so that when I touch others, they too are enveloped in His love.
    2. I want to forget who ‘i am’, and embrace the “I AM” so His Will, becomes my will.

  438. Please pray that I’d be debt free.
    For my daughter to have a safe delivery of her first baby

  439. My prayer requests are for healing a broken relationship and for emotional healing.

  440. Hello Jamie. I am Dylana,I reside in and am from Barbados. I am a teenage Law student (18 years old
    1. I completed my Associates Degree in Law and Literature (I started at 16 and have just finished it). Pray with me that, I am able to continue my education with my tuition fees fully paid for in relation to my Bachelor’s of Law Degree at UWI (The university of the West Indies). Also that my Mother can get her degree as well.

    2. Pray that my mother and I also receive a break through financially and in relation to finding respective spouses.

    Thank you very much

  441. Thank-you Jamie,
    1. Emotional healing for my family.
    2. For my brother Ken to fall in love with Jesus.

  442. Hi Jamie,

    My top two prayer requests are:

    1) That my former finance will be spiritually restored. I pray your, “Prayer to Restore Spiritually Dead” over him frequently. And;

    2) I pray for my former fiance and I to be restored to engagement and marriage.

    Thank you.

  443. pay off large amount of debt I acquired helping 2 pastors

    end estrangement between my children and myself due to divorce

  444. God bless you Jamie!! 1. Please pray for us for a new bigger home.
    2. Please pray for us for freedom from debt.

  445. Prayer Request:

    1. I feel so lost and confused like l do not know where l am going. I have just finished university waiting graduate but still feel so lost with no sense of direction.

    2. Emotional healing and loneliness. l have family, friends and l am in a long term relationship but l still feel alone. Like l am doing life alone with help or support.

    Thanks you, Jamie!

  446. Thanks for offering to pray for us, Jamie.
    1) Prayer for a new full-time career with excellent benefits, fantastic pay, awesome people in a good location for my husband and I by the end of this month.
    2) Prayer for consistent, laser focus to finish my book manuscript by the end of this month.
    Bless you and your family!

  447. Hi Jamie, thank you for honouring us with your prayers
    1. For financial blessing,To move to a better house and area
    2. Protection from bullies ,For my youngest son , for him to be happy and have friends for going through high school after the summer holidays

  448. Michael Laney says:

    2 prayer request.
    God’s instructions for moving to Morristown Th.
    And increase in health challenges for my wife and I.
    Thank you greatly!

  449. Prayers that (1) my two daughters and son will know what God has called them to do and fulfill His will for their lives. (2) That my real estate business will be prosperous (Papa God sends clients ready to purchase homes) allowing me to financially bless my church. Thank you very much Jamie. May God give you strength, wisdom, and the desires of your heart as you intercede for us.

  450. Prayers that (1) my two daughters and son will know what God has called them to do and fulfill His will for their lives. (2) That my real estate business will be prosperous and that Papa God sends clients ready to purchase homes allowing me to financially bless my church.
    Thank you Jamie. May God give you strength, wisdom, and the desires of your heart as you intercede for us.

  451. Thank you so much for offering to pray for us. My two prayer requests are as follows.
    1. Spiritual enhancement on a daily basis, as I grow in intimacy grace favor wisdom and understanding bringing me to all ABBA created for me.
    2. Debt Freedom that I owe no man anything but to love him, including godly wisdom and understanding in financial matters as I serve as a distribution center for the Kingdom of God.

    May Daddy God rebound back to you all that you sow in prayer for others.

  452. 1. Marriage Reconciliation
    2. For my husband Kelly to become a godly man

  453. Greetings Jamie, please pray for my children! Jeremy to excel in Gods word and school! Money to buy back my years of retirement! Hear God’s clearer! Thanks

  454. Praying that God provides the employment i am seeking.
    Praying also that God would touch my husband in a special way and cause him to love,acknowledge and dedicate his life to Jesus.

  455. Linda Janssen says:

    1. Pray that my son be established in both life (place to live, job, relationships, freedom from legal problems,) & in Gods will & favor.
    2. Pray that my daughter & son in law become believers, establish a healthy relationship with my son & his baby.

  456. pray for my marriage to my fiance who is in America. and for my visa application to go to the United States to build our calling with my future husband build our ministry in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

  457. Dear Jamie

    1. Please pray for my job my contract end March 2019. would like to renew
    2. Pray for a good life parner ( my boaz)

    God bless

  458. Mary Azumah says:

    1.pray for my son Meshach who is addicted to drugs and doesn’t want to go to school
    2.pray for my husband whose doesn’t go well,more than 7 years no job the work he has done no payment

  459. Christine Sanchez says:

    Hi Jamie, please pray for my daughters to know Jesus and accept Christ as their savior and pray that God protects me and my loved ones from harm..(Living in dangerous place)
    Praise God. Thank You

  460. 1. Please pray that God would prosper our family to continue His will/mission throughout our region.
    2. Lord open the right doors for all upcoming decisions regarding relocation: finding a new church home, selling existing home and purchase of a new home.

  461. 1.Please pray that The Lord would help me do better in the job I have now and that I can enjoy it, or open a new door that I can find a job I love and enjoy and can share Him.
    2. Pray for health, memory and mind.
    Thank you for praying!

  462. Bless you, sweet Jaime.

    1. To see a relationship restored, and that the restored version would be God-honoring.
    2. Financial increase. To move beyond BARELY covering necessities of life to having more than enough.

  463. 1.God to open my inner eyes and let me know Him more.
    2.To heal of anxiety completely

  464. Thank you Jamie for your intercession prayer. I need all the prayers I can get. Please pray for my son who is battling addiction and anger. Pray that God gives him the strength to break free of the addiction and anger. I noticed another reader asked for prayer from generational curses and asked for generational blessings. I am not sure if that applies to our situation but I prayer for blessings to strengthen us in God’s name. Bless Jamie for your kindness and love. I praise God that you are there when I am needing inspiration.

  465. Hi Jamie
    Please pray for a restoration of all that the enemy has stolen from me especially finances
    also pray for the special gift of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the work he is calling me to.
    God bless you Jamie

  466. Michelle Craffey says:

    Please pray for my
    partner Mike he will walk in his desiny in ministry he will be serious of his calling

    Mike and Michelle will make it together in marriage and fulfil
    God has call us together to do in the kingdom of God

  467. Thank You for your prayers.
    1.Please pray that my ears, both are healed of congenital deafness. My left ear has been worsened over the past 12 months significantly.
    2. I need a job I love, as am working part time, and need to do work that is fulfilling, and blesses me with a good income. I have been unable to work FT due to hearing/balance/tinnitus since June last year Thank you.

  468. You have been such a blessing. Thanks for following God’s call. My prayer requests:
    1. I went through a terrible divorce for the past 9 years. There is a man that I see a future with for the first time. I pray the Lord to put everything into place already or align my heart with His will if I am incorrect.

    2. I am having surgery Friday, I am a single mom. My son is 9 and is very nervous. I pray for safety and no complications.

    Thanks again. God bless you.

  469. Thank you in advance.
    1. Divine Intervention/Rescue for me and my kids.
    2. Destiny Income/Provision/vehicle.
    Blessings and peace to you and family.

  470. Gina Williams says:

    I ask for prayer for an increase in income and for me to make a success of the hotel that I’m now managing.
    I also ask for prayer for God to restore, renew and rejuvenate me and Joe’s relationship, for us to fall back in love with each other and to make it right.

  471. Suki McNeill says:

    1. Please pray that I carry my pregnancy to full term. I am 9 weeks tomorrow Thursday May 17th. I have had an etopic with removal of right fallopian tube, May 2016. And a son i carried to 6 months and gave birth to with no heartbeat, June 2017….I want to give birth to a healthy baby.

    2. Please pray for me to have a financial breakthrough asap so that im able to be on top of my bills and be able to take care of my family.

    Thank you so much. You are truly a Godsend.

    With Gratitude,

    Suki McNeill

  472. Helooo am Sheko from Kenya and you are God sent to me and my these are my prayer request

    1..I want a home ….my own and I want to enjoy it with my husband and kids

    2 I want blessings for a good cohesion in marriages for you
    And my elder sisters. ……By the way u are my spiritual sister, you have taught me so much God bless you girl


  474. Thank you Jamie for your prayers:
    1. Have been overlooked for promotion on my job many times. Please pray for promotion and when the promotion comes, I will have great success.
    2. Pray for my children and their success. One to enter the college of her choice and the other two to have a successful career in the entertainment business and that doors open for them quickly.

  475. Thanks for this opportunity Jammie
    1. Please pray for my son , he lost a job more than 5 years ago and nothing is going well in his life.
    2. I know God want me to be in a ministry but I dont knw how to start, pls pray for me, I dont want to miss Him.
    Thank u.

  476. Hi Jamie,

    Greetings from South Africa and thank you in advance,
    1. Divine intervention in my family`s situation and for my brother and sisters return to the Lord / Peace and healing especially for my Mom.

    2. I really need a car and a financial breakthrough.

  477. To know Gods will concerning 1. Job and 2. to keep me on the path for my life relationships

  478. Jasmine Dorn says:

    Good morning ☀️

    Pray with us for wisdom in our business for our team.


    Pray that I continue to become more aware of who Jesus is. I want to know everything.

  479. I need prayer to be broken from addiction and for better health all around.

  480. Sandra Katerere says:

    Thank you

    1… I need a job
    2. Husband/ Marital breakthrough

  481. 1. Hunger for the word of God
    2. Financial Stability

  482. Gina Trahan says:

    Thank you for your prayers of intersession. Please pray that the slip and fall law suit that I have against my apartment building will settle out of court for 50.000 US Dollars. Also for my boyfriend Rick to get the best medical insurance plan…for his medical needs with little to no copay for Drs or specialists.

    God bless you mightily
    Gina Trahan

  483. Toni Herbert says:

    Greetings my two prayer request are1) we have to move our two family’ ASAP time is demanding!
    2) send my sons home all three prayerof deliverance.

    Thank You

  484. 1.Salvation of husband and mother. Loved ones especially children to have a personal encounter with Jesus.
    2. Healing, restoration and reconciliation in the family.
    Relationships to be made whole.

  485. 1 – Desire to grow closer to God
    2 – Prayer for the husband God has for me.

  486. Gwynne Nation says:

    Thank you for your prayers for my daughter in law Karen. She had a biopsy on May 11th of her left breast. There’s a area that looks suspicious. I’m believing it will be gone in Jesus name.

    2) Please pray that the Lord will heal me of a female issue that I’ve had for 12 years. It causes chronic pain and is food related.

    Thank you so much!

  487. Sibuyisile Dlamini says:

    Thank you.
    1. I pray for God to remove the spirit of fear and delays in my life.
    2. I pray that me and my family would receive financial breakthrough.

  488. Sibuyisile Dlamini says:

    Thank you.
    1. I pray for God to remove the spirit of fear and delays in my life.
    2. I pray that me and my family would receive financial breakthrough and prosperity.

  489. mecrina edwards says:

    My Salvation and for God to Open Doors of opportunities

    1. Have you already given your life to Jesus and made Him the Lord of your life, Mecrina?

  490. Hi my sister in Christ
    Help me with prayers I need a finance break through and I want to be pregnant! By the cience I cannot but I know by faith God cam make it happen!

  491. Thank you for your intercessory! Can you please help me in praying
    1. A supernatural healing in my mind, body and spirit to feel peace and joy.
    2. For my continued focus on Jesus Christ as my savior

  492. Hi sweet sister, I praise our Beautiful Father for you and your family, thankyou for your sacrifice.
    1. My Dad and Moms salvation. He is very sick, heart failure and cirossis of the liver , starting to impair his mind, been standing 24 years but I believe for my family salvation.
    2. Financial wisdom knowledge and understanding, and favor.
    You have brought joy to me. I love our Father’s work in you you are precious!

  493. Thanks alot for all your help in praying for people needs. J
    My prayers request:
    1. Praying for God Devine intervention in my immigration situation.

    2. Praying for God to break every curse upon my life that is making things not to work out for my good.

  494. Thank you for praying!

    1) To be ever more able to hear, discern and obey the Holy Spirit;
    2) For my family to be free of mind binding and effects of free masonry, to love and serve the Lord

  495. Hi Jaime
    1) Please Pray for me to have a fresh encounter with Jesus
    2) Financial Breakthrough

    Thank You so much

  496. Joyce Ellen Pass says:

    Hi Jamie, Thank you for your prayer and encouragement.
    I very much want a deeper and closer relationship with the Holy Spirit.
    I need God’s help to decide which church to connect with.

  497. I thank the Lord Jesus for your life that is mightily being used to bless may broken and hurting people. Please pray for the following:
    1. New leadership role in an organization where I can greatly influence people through my faith and life testimony
    2. Healing of my 2 brothers from sickness

    The Lord richly bless your ministry.

  498. I hope I am not too late in responding.
    1. Please pray for my prodigal husband to make his way back to God.
    2. Please pray that as God answers the first prayer, our marriage will be restored and God will give me the grace to move forward without bitterness and resentment.

  499. Lisa Pickett says:

    I also hope I am in time to share a prayer request.
    1. Please pray for continued emotional healing and deliverance from the cave I have placed myself in for many years. No fear!!! Grave clothes off!!! Never to return to the pit!!!
    2. Please pray for upcoming marriage and continued growth in the Lord for my husband to be. No more running!!!

  500. Atafiire kenneth says:

    Pray for me to get aright wife and agood job most of all blessings.

  501. Eloise Miranda says:

    Hi Jaime, Thank you for your ministry. May God bless you abundantly. 1st I want to give a praise report. My daughter Amy was supposed to have a custody deposition on May 18th. The other party decided not to go forward with it. Praise God!. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for Amy.

    1) court case August 1, 2018 to overturn separate interim order for Paternal grandparent visitations. The mediator recommended grandparent have her visits when her son has his child. This is the normal child custody between father and mother of child. Not separate visitation for grandparent.
    2) reverse interim order for my daughter Amy to pay father of child 1/2 expenses for his traveling to see his child. Plane tickets and hotel could cost up to 2000.00 per visit. this is unjust. Father of baby makes twice as much money as my daughter.

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