Listening With Our Hearts: My Article In The Christian Journal This Month!

Listening With Our Hearts The Christian Journal April 2014 smallHas anyone ever attacked you verbally for no good reason? I thought so! Unjust accusations and attacks have probably happened to most of us.

Well, for today’s dose of encouragement and inspiration on that very subject, please check out my article that was just published yesterday in the April edition of The Christian Journal!

The article is called “Listening With Our Hearts,” and it’s about what happened when someone I love lambasted me recently for no good reason. When she did, my sense of justice roared to life and I wanted to defend myself! But the Holy Spirit wanted me to follow another plan. What happened? Read it and see!

Click here to read “Listening With Our Hearts” in The Christian Journal!

The article is on page 5, on the far right.

Have a great day, and let’s listen to the people around us with our hearts today!

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