Prophetic Bulletin: The Lord Is Removing Your Resistors and Crutches

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comBeloved, is the Lord trying to get you to move in some way in your life? If so, then today’s prophetic bulletin may be for you. Pray about it!

Here’s what I am seeing the Lord doing in the Spirit realm right now:

I believe the Lord has called many people away from their normal way of living and into something else. Something better. Something where freedom reigns. Something where you will have a good quality of life and see your dreams come true.

However, the warfare over it is intense–including the warfare in your mind.

You need wisdom in this area, and the Lord is helping you.

However, His wisdom is coming in unexpected ways. He is helping you first and foremost by removing the things you depended on in the last season. 

The things you depended on in the last season aren’t a fit for this season. You’re actually already in this new season; that’s why the last season–and everything that you’re holding onto from last season–isn’t working anymore. 

But you’ve been trying to make it work, and God sees the innocence and purity of your heart. So He is helping you.

He’s helping you by removing the things you depended on outside of Him, so you can look in His face and see His call.

This is not the kind of help you bargained for. 

Nevertheless, Father has all things under control.

He has you in His hand, and His plan for you is better. Remember that His plans for you are to prosper you; to give you hope and a future. And His prosperity encompasses everything–every part of your life.

Remember also that Proverbs 10:22 says, “The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it.” When the Lord blesses you, that blessing isn’t going to be painful. It’s going to be glorious instead.

So the Lord is inviting you to come on over to His side of the Jordan. 

Moses His servant is dead. The Lord is already breathing only on your new season, and you see evidence of that already. And if you’ll follow the fruit of the Spirit, you’ll know what to do. 

Galatians 5:22-23: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.”

Beloved, is this prophetic bulletin for you? If so, please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear what the Lord is talking to you about today!

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  1. Brittne Epps says:

    Amen. I receive this Word from the LORD! I totally sense that I am already in my new season! Things are definitely moving differently right now to the point where all I can do is focus on the LORD and seek His face!!

    1. Kris Villa says:

      Yes Jamie! Just the push I needed to keep going forward in the direction God is leading my on and leaving the past behind! Thank you and I receive this word from the Lord. Amen!

    2. Diane Watkins says:

      Thank you Jamie. This word is a NOW word for me as I am making my transition. Expecting the the blessing of the Lord upon this season.

  2. Mrs Sherly Dsouza says:

    Praise God .Lord let Thy will be done in my life.Lord , You are the Potter and I am the clay.
    God bless you Sister Jamie,this is Divine Prophesy,I am waiting for my visa which has enemies obstructing it to happen.Lord I hear you comforting me with affirmation.Glory and Praise to God On High

  3. April McCullough says:

    Yes! All glory to God for this NEW thing God is doing this season. God please help me to let go of everything that I depended on last season that is not working in this new season. The harvest is plentiful in this new season! I will live in houses that I didn’t build! I will drink from Wells that I didn’t dig! I thank God for being with me and holding me up in this season! Thank you for this word today!

    1. Yes this prophesy is for me.
      Glory br to God

      1. Gladys Mokupi says:

        Morning Prophetess
        Glory to God. Amen. I receive this Word from the LORD
        thank you for the word of God

    2. I believe this message and word are for me and my family. I have definitely been crying today, BUT my joy is coming. I receive all that The Lord has for me and step into my new season with victory. Bless You Abba Father and thank You! Bless you Jamie!

  4. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus for this wonderful prophecy, indeed things are beginning to show up in this season, my spirit took me to read my Bible from the book of St Luke 22vs42-45, i feel in my spirit that God is starting to take away all my suffering through the death of his son Jesus Christ on the cross, oh my God 🙌🙌im about to receive my deliverance especially financially as it’s my main problem, God is faithful and Merciful. Thank you Jamie

  5. Karen Secrest says:

    Hank youfor Blessing me with this Prophetic Word for today. The Lord definitely hasmovedme into a new season of Prosperity in every area of my life.
    Now I want to encorage you sice the Lord has Blessedme for so many years.
    Be it known tjat Jamie Rohrbach Will continue to Bless others as her ministry expans, grows, supplies needs not addressed in the news feeds of this era. Raie the level of committment in people who finally realize the time is NOW to get moving and let the Lord take care of the racism and the politicians, the “”fake” news and All that drive them. Hallelujah. We Stand today..

  6. Annanson John says:

    To God be the glory.
    Thank you Prophetess Jamie.

  7. Thank you, Jaimie, for this powerful word. I admit my dependency on “crutches” … today I am declaring total reliance on God.

  8. This prophetic word is definitely a confirmation for me today. I know that I am in my new season. The warfare is for sure intense in my mind as well, but I know God is breathing on my new season! I will continue to follow Galatians 5:22-23, the fruit of the Spirit! Thank you Jamie for your faithfulness to the word of God! Love Jane

  9. Angel Harris says:

    Amen! God is moving us into a new season, and doing a new thing, I see it, receive it and am obedient to it in Jesus’ Most Holy Name Amen!!! Thank you Sister Jamie, God bless you and your entire household in Jesus’ Most Holy Name. AMEN

  10. Good morning 🌞 this prayer connects with me I’ve felt like things that were acquired in my life is pushing me to release them and I’m deeply troubled by this notion but knowing that GOD will see me though all things and make my life better in this new season gives me hope and I wish for no more sorrows for the things I’m holding on too I have no peace or rest. I stay trying to make this work asking the lord for wisdom in this situation. Thank you as always for this joyful reading

  11. Teresa K. says:

    It is a good prophetic word from God for this season. Thank you and thanks to God for the encouraging message. God bless your ministry!

  12. Keanne Ambush says:

    Thank you for that word it spoke so loudly to my spirit. Holy Spirit delivered. Jaime thank you for being that vessel for such a time as this. I’m finished with the old season God is moving me into His next. I trust Him!

  13. jacqualine riddle says:

    yes Jamie bless you this was definatly for me i know im in my new season i feel the shift i want to read my bible more and the things i was golding onto were no good for me bless you for this and bless you for always encouraging me rigjt on time

  14. I think this message is for me.Thanks again.

  15. Hi dear pastor Jamie. Once again this word is for me. Through this word I got confirmation that The LORD is removing things outside of HIM and yes, the warfare is intense, but with HIM all things are possible. Thank you for your spirit of continuance and I believe that FATHER GOD is helping you also in all areas of need. May GOD continue to bless you and as you are willing to work hard in the Kingdom of GOD, be expected. GOD IS FOR you and not against you. May the Blessings from The LORD GOD overflow in your ministry in Jesus Name Amen.🙏💕💞❤

    1. God will give you houses that you did not build. Deut 6:11

  16. I believe God’s word. Hallelujah! I am experiencing this word since the beginning of 2021! Love you Jesus!

  17. Glory to GOD!! Just two days ago, the Lord literally had me remove and dispose of things from my ‘old life’. Cleared my house and my storage unit. HE told me ‘where I am taking you, these things cannot come’. Thank you for being obedient Jamie and sharing this word.

  18. I receive and believe the word in Jesus name 🙏

  19. All glory to God! I receive this word. My hope is in the Lord. A new season, Hallelujah

  20. The LORD has given me an assignment. He told me twice, he’s stretching his hand out to me and I am to do what he had called me to do, and he will house me and help me financially. Also, in the same breath, I am good helping others who are down and out in life. I can council people, though I’ve never had training. It’s a gift God had given me. So I’m asking him who, what and where do I talk to people. I want a place to live, but where I’m at, isn’t good. So God is going to help me get a place of my own once I start doing what he wants me to do. I need direction.

  21. Amen! Yes. Thank you!!

  22. Cari Cruz Rodriguez says:

    God is definitely moving people out of my life that I have been going to in this season.
    Your email came at the perfect time this evening.
    God’s timing !!
    Thank you Jamie

  23. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    This great prophetic message is for me Sis Jamie.I am so blessed to know you and hear the great living message from Abba to you.
    I am moving to a new season…Amen!Yessss Abba!

  24. Lynn Eplee says:

    Thank you Jamie. I receive this Word into my life.

  25. Lynn Eplee says:

    Thank you Jamie. I receive this Word into my life. The Lord has been moving dramatically in my life and taking people out of my life and other sources of money that I depended on. Now the Lord is causing me to be totally dependent upon Him.

  26. Jamie,

    I do receive this message. I believe God is moving in my life in this way. Amen!!

  27. Ma Cristina says:

    Thank you Ps Jamie. This word is for me too! I am still living in my old season, long suffering but i know GOD is faithful on His promises to us as His children. My prayers is that HE will put me in a new season before i will be in my twilight years. Thank you Father GOD for all these seasons that came and will come my way in this worldly life. I love you Lord!

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