Prophetic Dream: You Need Sanctuary, Not Just Rest

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Prophetic Dream: You Need Sanctuary, Not Just Rest | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Beloved, are you tired out, burned out, and worn to a frazzle? If so, the Lord gave me a healing how-to for you today.

This isn’t just a prophetic word; it’s a key to the healing you need for your soul.

I love prophetic words as much as the next person, but sometimes we have to stop prophesying and start equipping. And the word the Lord gave me today is an equipping word that He gave me first for myself, but it is going to apply to the whole Body of Christ who will receive it, also.

It all started with a dream.

I dreamed about a large home with many floors. This home was light, bright, and airy. It had a main hall that was long and wide, more like a great room than a hallway; and this main hall repeated on floor after floor. Beautiful staircases went up and down to the other floors off this main hall, and the hall on each floor had more staircases.

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    Off this beautiful main hall were many rooms–or actually, suites of rooms. I believe someone was showing me around, but I don’t remember for sure. At any rate, I remember being in the main hall and peeking into the rooms, one after the other. Each room was empty, and when I looked inside and saw that they were unoccupied, I went in.

    As I entered each room, I was continually surprised to find not just one room, but suites of rooms.

    Each room was in fact a self-contained hideaway. The first room led to another and another, with no access to the outside main hall except through the door I had used to enter. The suites were completely private, and with each corner I rounded–discovering more rooms in each suite–I felt more and more hidden away from view.

    The suites were beautiful. They had been professionally decorated, with light and neutral tones. They were absolute places of peace. The world seemed far away in each one, and I knew in the dream that that was their purpose: to hide people in peace and allow them to rest in solitude, quietness, and privacy.

    I continued through the main hall, walking through suite after suite after suite of bedrooms that all had their entrances on the main hall. Every time I walked through a new room, I was again surprised to find that each room became more than one room, and the farther you walked back into each beautiful suite, the more hidden, private, restful, and healing it felt.

    When I woke up, I heard this: “In My Father’s house are many bedrooms.”

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    The “In My Father’s house are many bedrooms” reference alludes to John 14:2, which states:

    “In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you” (John 14:2 NKJV).

    Some versions translate “mansions” here as “rooms.” I’m not saying that what I heard was a direct quote of Scripture, though; it wasn’t. But I believe the Lord spoke this to me because He was trying to get a message across.

    Let me tell you the rest of the story before I share the message:

    When I woke up from the dream, I felt a longing for the place I had seen in the dream. My heart ached for it, and still does. It was a place of peace, of solace, of solitude and rest.

    The house I saw in the dream was a healing place that put distance between you and the stresses of the world. In the dream, I knew that the whole purpose of having each bedroom turn into a maze of private rooms–each designed for one person only–was because people needed to put space and walls between themselves and the rigors of daily life in order to heal.

    And I could feel that rest after the dream–as well as the longing for more of it.

    I was visiting family shortly after this, and they have cable TV (which we don’t have). 🙂 I was watching TV shows at their house about people who were purchasing log cabins and lakefront homes. Somehow (and this has never happened to me before), every time they showed a home on these TV shows that was private and secluded–a place of rest and peace–I got choked up and began to cry.

    By this point, I was paying attention. The Lord was definitely highlighting REST in my spirit. But I knew there was more to it than that. The prophetic words He has given me for 2020 have had a lot to do with rest and healing too–but I knew there was more to this dream than that, too.

    So what was it? He showed me this morning.

    Here’s what the Lord showed me:

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    The people of God–myself included–need more than rest. We need sanctuary.

    If this word is for you, your spirit will immediately recognize this. If this is for you, it’s more than rest you need. Yes, you need to rest–but you need something else. You need safety. You need peace. You need a buffer zone between you and the demands that life puts on you. 

    You need a place of calm, quiet, and a place of less.

    I don’t mean financial “less.” I am not referring to the loss of anything that has daily or eternal value. I am referring to less when it comes to:

    • Less pressure;
    • Less stress;
    • Less junk around the house;
    • Fewer commitments;
    • More open space;
    • Less noise;
    • Less … of everything that drains you.

    And just this afternoon, as I have been praying and resting, the Lord showed me that His people are like a parched desert.

    When you pour water on soil that has been dry for a long time, it won’t absorb. You can’t get it to soak in. It runs right off, and the soil is none the better for it.

    The Lord showed me today that that’s how many of us in His Kingdom are right now. We are like dry, cracked clay–or dry, hard, brittle, dusty potting soil–and we need to soak in the refreshing rain of His Presence, but we cannot receive right now. Why? Because we’ve been too dry for too long.

    What’s the solution for you and me?

    The Lord showed me five keys:

    1. Silence;
    2. Solitude;
    3. Stillness;
    4. Creativity; and
    5. Nature.

    If you are dry and parched right now, I encourage you to try one or more of the five keys above. If you are so burned out, worn out, and tired that you can’t even stay awake to pray, or that the word of the Lord falls off you because you’re in no condition to receive, try:

    Getting to Know the Sevenfold Holy Spirit: A 12-Day Devotional Guide

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    • Going for a walk in nature;
    • Painting a picture, sewing a quilt, or doing a DIY project;
    • Sitting by the lake or in the mountains and just soaking in the silence;
    • or anything else that uses these five keys.

    Do this in order to open up your soul and spirit to be able to receive from the Lord.

    Basically, these five keys are a way to break up the parched ground of your worn-out soul and spirit, so that you can begin receiving more refreshing from the Lord.

    But after that, if this word is for you, pursue sanctuary.

    Not just rest, although you need rest. But sanctuary goes beyond rest. Sanctuary involves hiding. Taking sanctuary is essential right now.

    Read this definition of “sanctuary” from

    1. a sacred or holy place.
    2. Judaism:
      1. the Biblical tabernacle or the Temple in Jerusalem.
      2. the holy of holies of these places of worship.
    3. an especially holy place in a temple or church.
    4. the part of a church around the altar; the chancel.
    5. a church or other sacred place where fugitives were formerly entitled to immunity from arrest.
    6. immunity afforded by refuge in such a place.
    7. any place of refuge; asylum.
    8. tract of land where birds and wildlife, especially those hunted for sport, can breed and take refuge in safety from hunters.

    WHOA. Read those last few again:

    Immunity from arrest … immunity afforded by refuge in such a place … any place of refuge … a place where those who are hunted for sport can take refuge in safety from hunters.

    Um. Anybody been in the middle of spiritual warfare lately?

    Anybody been hunted by the enemy lately?

    Anybody need refuge right now?

    I think you do. And if so, the word of the Lord to you today is:

    “Pursue sanctuary; don’t just crave it.”

    The Lord says:

    REST: You Need It

    Encouragement from God for the Weary and Heavy-Laden

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    “Seek and aggressively pursue sanctuary in Me at this time, and sanctuary under the shadow of My wings. To get this, you will have to aggressively seek it. You will need to make every place around you a place of peace.

    I am speaking very practically here. You know how much better you connect with Me when you are in a place of peace. So right now, do what you can to turn every place around you into a place of rest and sanctuary:

    • Eliminate clutter.
    • Wash and clean out your car.
    • Throw things away.
    • Reduce commitments to a minimum.
    • Add beautiful praise music to your daily routine.
    • Cherish silence and solitude, and pursue them.

    These are very important to you right now, for I cannot heal you unless you submit to My rest. And you cannot receive My rest like I want you to while your attention is taken by other things.

    I am bringing you to a place of healing.

    Like the horse, I can lead you to water, but I cannot make you drink. I want you to drink deeply of My presence, but the things of this world are crushing you. 

    I invite you to a simpler life; a life that is hidden in Me.

    The things you need are all around you, and you have many things you don’t need as well. Get rid of the things you don’t need so that you can have more margin in your life. Seek sanctuary from everything that would pull you out of My place of rest. As you take little steps, I will be with you to confirm the direction you are going.

    I have a quiet place for you.

    I have prepared places for you both on this earth and here in My Heaven. I have a quiet place in which you can find shelter. My quiet place is not found in a different place to go, but rather of changing your lifestyle and the place where you are now.

    Try Me and see.

    You desperately need rest. You need sanctuary. You need to be hidden, and your soul knows it. Heed My voice and find rest and solace in Me, and make your outside surroundings line up with your place of abiding in Me. You will never regret it.”

    My friend, I don’t know about you, but I sure receive this word. Do you?

    I am already acting on it, and I am finding it to be very true. I pray you would begin to pursue and find rest and sanctuary too.

    Does this word speak directly to your heart? If so, leave a comment below.


    1. Just sold large house, gave away most of its contents and now reside by the lake. However, the longer drive to work, the always over 40 hours work week, the “no time” for myself because the days are so short have left me empty. I long for sanctuary…just time for the word…time to listen….simply time. Thank you Jamie! I believe most of us will relate to this one. Thank you Father for this special word.

        1. Osabouhien says:

          this word is directly to me I have passing through hardest time…in my life….the lord is preparing a place for me….thanks you for praying for me …..God bless you and increase your in spiritually and physically…I bless almighty God name and I give in praise

        2. Father yes Am in need of Peace, rest in your Father

        3. Desiree Custis says:

          This is my for me I was just crying out to God this morning saying I am tired lord.

        4. It’s like you are sitting listening to all that’s on my heart .EVERYTHING you’ve said has been desires or burdens , answered prayers , thoughts I couldn’t find words for
          I need this DESPERATELY

        5. Yes this message is for me.
          Thank you so very much!

      1. Gail Segars Rainey says:

        Yes, this word regarding REST directly appeals to me at this time and for the past decade. I do need SANCTUARY. The past eight years have been the hardest of my lifetime. I am longing for the place Jesus has prepared for me.

    2. Very very true and I need this so much: peace. I am taking care of my very old parents and left one country to live in their house but my mother treats me very badly that it gives me fever. I just can’t do any good in her eyes and she is always accusing although I know I do everything in a good and organisé way. She even said that she would slash a knife in my back if I did not obey… Please pray for me and my mother.

        1. Yes…Amen sister God says He got you! Dont you fret your kind and loving soul. I Am…will avenge you every time. Jehovah Shalom rest in your life and family. Remember.. Peace be still! He loves you!

        2. Vernell Gore says:

          This was so for me. Thank you for sharing. I really needed this.

      1. Believe me family is so tricky to deal with. Its a good thing you know you need a break.Why don’t you take a break dear and leave your parents for a while, Let them have their space while you refresh ,when you come back i am sure they will appreciate you better. Do this more often or rather find your own sanctuary place nearby and visit them more often when you see the need for you to be around and if you can afford a maid it would be better to hire one to assist them when you are not around. sometimes relationships are strengthened when people are apart than together

    3. Lucretia Wingate says:

      I received that word and I felt it.. Amen 🙏🏾.. Thank 🙏🏾💕 You God.. And God bless you Jamie..
      .*💗TAKE CARE💗*.

      1. This word is total confirmation of what Father is doing i n my live right now. I am comforted to know I am not alone in this transition. Thank You Jamie, your ministry is a tremendous blessing to me. Happy New Year dear one (:

    4. This spoke directly to me. Lately my life has been a screaming match and I am definitely seeking a Silence, solitude, stillness, creativity and nature. I think my soul needs it.

    5. This Word is for me. I receive it. Thank you Jamie. God most High, I thank you.

    6. Jerome Cowell says:

      Wow Jamie, I want to Thank you for the Word and Work you put into building the Kingdom Of God! I am New to your Ministry. I want to Thank God for placing your Ministry in my Life. Also my Sister for Sharing one of your Prayers. It was about answer Prayer for Justice. What an Awesome Prayer. Prayed in God’s on Words. I need this, We need this in our Life. Like you said we are All into this TOGETHER! A Spiritual Journey Of Life. May God Continually To Bless You. Keep Up The GOOD WORK! Plz keep me in your Prayers. Amen

    7. Thank you Father and you Jamie for this word. It was and is exactly what I need. I wept when i saw the 5 words as this was my heart’s cry these last couple of days as I attempt in peace to move my 98 yr old mom to a higher level of care. This taking place thousands of miles away from my own home.
      Bless you

    8. This is such a word in due season. I just ended a 3 week break – where I was fortunate to rest. However, I am not feeling well rested, or ready to return to work and all its challenges. (4th quarter last year, just got attacked by enemy on many levels at work – things that happened just didn’t make sense)
      I just couldn’t figure out why?
      Your piece of today gave me a very clear answer….. I do NEED sanctuary.
      I also couldn’t connect with God the way I know I can. My soul just feels so tired…. the words around the dry and parch desert ground is exactly it!!!!
      I commit to get back to sanctuary to feel the rivers of live flowing through me Thank you Jesus ❤️

      1. Hi Jamie, yes this resonated with me. God has been telling me to get rid of junk. We have had a whole house worth of things in storage for a year. If we haven’t used it for this long. We should throw it all away. We are moving into a much cheaper house, saving so much.

        This morning, I read Isaiah 55 “For as the rain comes down, and the snow from heaven, And do not return there, But water the earth, And make it bring forth and bud, That it may give seed to the sower And bread to the eater,
        Isaiah 55:10 NKJV

        I was thinking how the rain WATERS the earth. It is to refresh it to cause it to come forth and bud, but if we’re too dry to receive the water, we won’t produce any harvests. Thanks as always for a timely word. God bless you and I hope you and your family find some serious peace, rest and refreshing. God bless you. 💓

    9. Delphine Finney-Scott says:

      Thank you Jamie for this word. It is the word for the season for me. The Lord has been speaking to me about rest (remember your ICU word) for a while now and I had embraced the ‘three months rest and healing’ period. Although I am home not working I don’t seem to rest enough. The thought of being dry and patch seems to resonate with me. I do take short walks, weather permitting but the thought of sanctuary never occurred to me.
      Thanks for sharing as I will be using some of the tips to move forward.
      God bless 💞

    10. This resonated with me for sure! I was feeling a need to declutter and craving the more artistic, life giving side of things above the doing, doing, doing…but I don’t know I needed sanctuary until I read this and now I understand the healing I’ve been needing is waiting there. Thank you Jamie… praise you Lord God🙌

    11. Margaret A Mills says:

      Yes. I receive this, and realize we have been moving in that direction already. Really feel this!

    12. John Annanson says:

      Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary for you. Lord prepare a sanctuary for me,oh it is good to know that a sanctuary is what I needed from all the hustle and bustle of this life. Lord thank you for Jamie! Thank you for the many authentic prophetic messages. 1Kings18:41 . Let there be a performance,Lord.

    13. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Good Morning Jamie!
      Yeah,just finished my quiet time with Papa in another new morning.I read your email knowing that i’ve got sonething so special today on the 8th of Dec.For these last 3 days ,all i need was rest,physical rest.But i thank God for this early morning message to have rest in His Sanctuary.Yes i am focus on these and i receive my message from God.I glorify His Name Alone,no other place like a place of safety in Papa” s hand.A place of security,love and rest.
      Thank you Jamie
      God Bless

    14. The Lord dropped the word Sanctuary in my spirit this past Saturday and I haven’t been getting my proper rest for months. I have also been searching for a better home I am currently renting right now but for the past 2yrs I have been desiring to become a home owner.

    15. yes yes I receive thank You Lord yes Abba Father You are awesome.

      Thank You Lord for Your Voice speaking with us Wow thank you thank you thank you.

      Thank you Jamie bless you…..

      That was just what I needed to hear wow.

    16. Sappirha Turner says:

      Wow yes this word just resignated in my soul.You confirm so many things…I need so much Rest right now and peace that it ain’t even funny…I am going to find a secret place a sanctuary and get into the presence of GOD and rest,take a walk in the park etc thank you for this email bless you.

    17. Christina McCrory says:

      My God, do I so Love the Lord and I so love you Minister Jamie!!!
      You are a literal jewel from heaven. I’ll forever pray for you, especially your eyes and ears, that you will forever hear our Father!!
      This Word is so for me and I am immediately getting right to it as I am desperately longing for rest in the sanctuary of God!!
      As always, thank you!!

    18. There are no coincidences with God. Today, I was praying about healing and this word is just on point. It resonated deeply in me that I cried. It spoke to a longing that is within my soul: longing for more silence, solitude, and peace. Shalom peace in my life. The word immunity just blew me away. I really have felt like life has been hunting me like sport and I am looking to God as my refuge. I see myself curled up in Him as a baby/child would with its parent when afraid. Thank you for the Word Lord. Help me. May Your name forever be glorified.

    19. Duduzile Nyalunga says:

      As I’m reading this message, I’ve decided to squeeze every single cent I have to take some holiday with family. I was super-drained/ exhausted. I just couldn’t take anymore what 2019/ previous years have done to me. For me it’s for refreshing, rest and definitely to be able to receive again. I receive the word that I also need solitude. Thank you Jamie. God bless you.

    20. Henrietta says:

      Oh how I need this! I need it but the situation is such that I cannot make the time and get the quiet and peace I need so much as I have to take care of my mother who has had cataract surgery and is due for another one next week. Praying that the Lord will help me find peace and give me grace to do all that I need to do during this time.

    21. This was for me. On January 1st I decided to pull away from the world because I would go and go constantly not realizing that I was placing myself on life support in every way. I thought getting off of social media would be enough, but due to God calling me to a different space, he is requiring me to do different things. Thank you for sharing this word with us. It is the exact confirmation I needed.

    22. Millie Williams says:

      Jamie, I thank you for this word today. I am finding a quite place each day to be with my God. May God continually bless you and your family.
      Love Mrs. Millie

    23. Dannah Hew says:

      Greetings sister!
      If the Lord leads you I live on a sanctuary here in the jungle of Belize! You are welcome any time!!
      And that goes for anyone who is reading this!! Truly the Lord God Almighty leads His people! Here on top of the mountains!!!

    24. Rebecca Jones says:

      I am writing about rest this month, I will be sure to mention sanctuary. And I will add more to my Sanctuary Pinterest board. I had a lady tell me my boards were peaceful and she spent two hours there. His peace, not confusion. I know about that warfare, I receive His sanctuary.

    25. Thomas Swartz says:

      Hi Jamie
      This word is for me direct from God .
      Thank you !!!!
      God bless!!!

    26. Francie Robertson says:

      The Word of the Lord for 2020 through Jamie. I am taking this message as STEP 1. “the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and he delights in his way.” NKJ Ps 37:23
      We have heard the Word now it’s time to DO it! Amen Lord Jesus!
      Just to CONFIRM. Lord gave me these this morning first thing.
      The Ark of the Covenant was SENT to the House of Obed-Edom a TRUE WORSHIPPER for 3 months. This still holds true for us today. So as to prepare us to TAKE OUR PROMISELAND!
      Our FATHER is still seeking those who will worship Him in Spirit and Truth. NKJ John 4:23

      We must delegate responsibility so as to seek God in the Ministry of the Word and prayer without DISTRACTION ACTS 6: 1-4. The word “delegate. This is just one example. No more taking on responsibilties that are NOT ours to take. Here it means “NO!” AMEN LORD! From SLAVES to SONS!
      The Father and Son seek those in whom they can come and live FOREVER. No more just visiting. John 14:23. That means NO MORE VEIL between SPIRIT and SOUL. The two shall become ONE! Getting ready to be UNVEILED once for all as HIS BRIDE! And it will only take A LITTLE WHILE LONGER! John 14:19
      For in just a little while He who is coming will come and will not delay NIV Hebrews 10:37
      The Spirit and the Bride say “Come!”…”Yes I am coming soon” Amen. Come Lord Jesus. NIV Revelation 22: 17,20.

    27. Summer Lynn Geymann says:

      I broke some soul ties on December 30th using your prayer with my husband. It was powerful. Break! (With the clap!) I feel better and since then I’ve read your ‘moving in to the promise land’ and now this post of sanctuary. I feel for sure God lead me to your words. I really do feel I been in the wilderness and was stubborn but that IF I obey His commands I will enter that Land of Promise. Thank you. And oh God yes Sanctuary! My husband is not a believer and even he said today ‘when was the last time you had your prayer time?’ He knows when I’m to ‘Martha And need to be more Mary’ Silence, pray, refuge in His Presence- sooooo the season for that! And yes. Less, less, less. Merci beaucoup from an American expat living in France. Summer Lynn 🙂

    28. Laurie Turcotte says:

      Jamie, this word is for me! I have been so far beyond frazzled, with Canada Revenue having come after me for back taxes, and trying to dig myself out of debt, by working 70 hours a week for months…I was so far gone by Christmas, I really wanted to lay down and die. I told the Lord I would never do anything to hurt myself, but if all my life was just being isolated (being single and feeling very much alone), and working to pay a mountain of debt (which got worse with an unexpected Vet bill for my kitty, who needed surgery just before Christmas), I wanted Him to just take me home. Not trying to be dramatic, but I was so stressed, I cried every day. I so need this Sanctuary….please, pray for me. Much love, Laurie

    29. Valerie Price says:

      Thank you Jamie, I’ve always believed in the “sanctuary” life. I actually grew up in a mansion with my own suite and the grounds were a fariyland of nature and beauty. I was blessed in that way. But there was motherly and sibling abuse. I knew Jesus at a very young age and I was blessed with my “sanctuary”, He comforted me there. My home has always been that for me… But I’ve been through some hard years and have had to work, work, work, ahh, we know tired and dry, the noise of the worldly stuff, difficult people, etc…
      I have come down with acute bronchitis and do herbal remedies, from God’s medicine! But it’s still been a tough one! I was actually going to try and make myself go to work (I need the $$) and have been praying about this because I still have an obnoxious cough. I don’t want my work to be upset bc I’m out now 4 days, tomorrow will be 5 days..but I can’t help it!! I always read your posts everyday and the one on rest was great. I love this sanctuary one. I am crazy to think I can go to work tomorrow and what (!?) cough my head off??..I don’t hear God telling me that. It’s out of my control and I need to trust Him for my financial losses this week and rest in Him and in my sanctuaries He has provided, His first and foremost. Thank you for this word. Love you in Christ 💜

    30. Karen Carter says:

      God bless you, sister. I need this on so many levels. I am being attacked by a certain person ruled by witchcraft/ religious spirits/Jezebel spirit, who thinks she has a right to control me and tell me what to do (dead works) to be “accepted” by her and a group that I was a part of. I used to attend a small group that she led. I have since left. God has opened my eyes (Praise You Lord!) to what is going on. I am waiting to have a meeting with her when she gets back from vacation, with my response to her “attack” on me. I can’t wait for this meeting because God has told me that once I break ties with her and this group, He will be promoting me to the next level. I am so weary of having to walk on eggshells around her and the others to not “offend” them, at a great cost to me. I have a strong personality and tell it like it is (trying very hard to walk in love and be Spirit-led), but they can’t handle it. Also, the Lord just highlighted Isaiah 44:3 to me a little while ago (and I think the first part is confirmation of what He told you): “For I will pour water on the thirsty land and streams on the dry ground…” Thank you so much and blessings upon you.

    31. Thank you very much for this word. I needed this. Yes I have to work at removing clutter around my house. Less junk. I need sanctuary. Even within where I live right now.
      Amen and AMEN to this word.
      God bless you Jamie and grant us all this sanctuary.

    32. This word truly confirms things God has been speaking to me about very recently. As a mother of ten (including triplet one-year-olds), it can be so challenging to find a place of rest in my life, where I can soak in the presence of God. I went to a church service on Sunday and tears kept flowing down my cheeks throughout worship and throughout the sermon. I just could not stop crying! I’m not normally a ‘crier’, so this caught me off guard and had me wondering why. I felt an analogy come to mind as a I sat there crying…that I was like dry soil which hadn’t been watered in so long that the Lord’s presence was just running off rather than soaking in. I realized that if I could experience the ongoing rain of his presence, I would be able to absorb anything he would then pour over me. Imagine my surprise then, when I read what you wrote! Wow! I plan to aggressively pursue creating sanctuary in my life. It’s worth contending for! Thank you for this word!

    33. Dear Jamie,
      This was really exactly for me. I was depressed last night thinking of all my backlogs. I have been a busy wife and a mother both physical and mental. Inspite of what i did for my husband and children still i felt that i was not respected by my young adult children, especially my daughter who was influenced much by her husband. That’s why i am talkig with God that iam really tired and weary with my life. Thinking also that all my works done are futiled. I ask God that i need a rest. For whatever His will for me to rest whatever kind of rest He will be done. I prayed and rebuked what i have been feeling. I wanted that God would take my life so i can be rest. I even claimed His promise that “Come to me all you are heavily laden and i will give you rest. Seeking for the answer, i finally found your article here and i was so delighted and think that this was an answer by God for me for what i have been through last night. Thank you and Godbless.

    34. God is really using you, Jamie, in a mighty way, I Bless His Holy name for using You. I really need a sanctuary, I am going through a lot financially I have been stressing a lot, crying and asking the Lord if I should quit the community work I am doing and focus on getting a full-time employment, I have asked the Lord if I should stop helping drug addicts in my community and give up on my calling when I am suffering financial and my husband too is having difficulties in his employment, it is a huge mountain we are facing right now, 2019 school fees for the kids are not up to date and schools are re-opening next week the eldest cannot go back without paying, the housing bond(mortgage) is in arrears, I am in need of rest and a Sanctuary I need God’s hand upon my life and my family, I need His touch and a breakthrough. Thank you for today’s word.

    35. Yes, I receive this word! Thank you for sharing it!
      Thank you God of peace for blessing us with rest and refreshing to heal, restore and bless us!🙏🏻❤️👑

    36. Andrea Melara says:

      I think this word was literally written for me. I’m astounded. Exactly. Precisely. In fact, this spoke exactly about my inward thoughts, desires, longings & needs…bullseye…this is ME! Hallelujah! I know there’s others who might receive it as well but it is simply Ahmazing how on-target this is. Wow. Holy Spirit spoke right now to me. Received.

    37. From past few days that’s what i was feeling..dry,parched…those five words just resonated..solitude,silence,stillness,creativity,nature, and i thank God for providing me with the answer..thank you Father!!

    38. I receive that in Jesus’s mighty name. Amen

    39. Lisa Mers says:

      You are right on target! Thank you for being obedient so that others can receive what they need from the Lord! I also walk in the gift of prophecy but some times life is so loud its hard to get quiet enough to hear His voice and we need the voice of others who can! I need and am desperately craving sanctuary. My life doesn’t afford much of it right now due to many stressful and painful family situations but I intend to apply this word and pursue it! I know our Father will meet me there! God bless you and your ministry!

    40. Reassuring, powerful words, thank you! Though I´ve already been very closed down for a very long time now so I kind of could live with some more action and Power…. but I´ll have to wait still… Bless you and thank God for you!

    41. Nadia Slater says:

      Good morning 🌅 Jamie, I am so much in need of some rest right now, I have been trying to get rid of the clutter in my house, but is still unable to do so, my plate is full and I am trying to clear it up, right now I need your help in praying through a scholarship for my daughter to pay for her tuition fee for university, please agree with me in prayer on her behalf.

    42. Many blessings Jaimie. My heart witnessed to this prophetic dream. I too have been working diligently on making my home a sanctuary with minimal stuff. My husband of 18 years sold our house and left me this past Spring with no plan to divorce or to reconcile.. He refused to do any reconciliation work for our family as the Lord would desire. I believe he is a narcissist. It’s a long story but the Lord confirmed it in my spirit. Right in the middle of that you sent me an encouraging prophetic word to focus me during this season. God has shown up. On the heels of this treacherous act toward me, God has provided me with a debt free home, a new car, a new office, neighbors who have been taking care of my lawncare needs without asking! They dont know me! God is removing the old and making all things new. I have been laboring to enter into his rest and have laid aside every weight that so easily besets me. This includes extra stuff. I’ve given away truckloads of stuff and even sold a few items focusing on making this peaceful house God gave me into a sanctuary. The views lead me to worship. Its peaceful here and there’s no demonic manipulation in this atmosphere like there was in the marital home. My work is exhausting and taxing because I am in the mental health field. When I come home, I need and enjoy rest, and replenishment in his presence. Thank you for this reminder that I’m on the right path and that God is with me in it and even guiding me. I feel safe here with him. Please continue to agree with me in prayer for His will and His imagination to be fulfilled in this vessel. Shalom.

      1. Hi sister, I’m so sorry the bad parts of this happened, but so glad that the Lord is healing and restoring your life. He is Healer, God who makes all things new! I prayed for you just now.
        Love and blessings,

    43. Matshepo Seletswane says:

      What a beautiful word, thanks Jamie. I have been feeling that I need rest in my heart but not sure how to take it. I need peace and quiteness but I have two toddlers (3 and 2) and I tend to be overwhelmed by everything. Our house is small and we have been believing God for a house but can see Him being at work. I just pray it will be a place of peace, of rest and sanctuary for us. I need that so much!

      Please pray with me.

    44. Francis Le Roux says:

      Jamie, I thank God for your ministry. I honor you for your obedience to God’s voice. May you keep on increasing in wisdom and in stature, and in favor with God and men. (Luke 2:52)

    45. Ann-Marie Lewis says:

      Thanks so much for this needed word, i am really at that place as well, feeling totally drained, now matter how much I sleep, may God bless you for your obedience in sharing this word, you are awesome!!

      Blessings and Love in the Lord

    46. Prisca Simango Mwansa says:

      Yes I need sanctuary not only rest. Abba I enter into your sanctuary, my family, my relations cause us to be in your arms. Thank you God.

    47. We have endured a bad neighbor for 5 years an our safe haven is all but gone I want them to move away, they are into no good ,an spy on us alot

    48. Yes. Thank you for sharing Jamie.

    49. A week ago I had this heavenly dream. I saw the glory of God. My middle child is acting like she is dominating me as a mother. I’m a single mother. I’m trying my best to understand her. This is what I need. A sanctuary.
      Thank you for this article. Blessings be upon you.

    50. Kahn Johnson says:

      Hi Jamie,
      What an on-time Word. This message so resonates with me! I need rest, sanctuary, solitude, peace, creativity and nature. I am swamped, exhausted, irritable, short-tempted right now, can’t seem to get any peace. My father passed away last year this time and my mother’s health is declining. I did not want to move from California back to Tennessee where I was born and raised because of so much past family pain. Nevertheless, throughout the years I prayed that my mom and I would get over past emotional pain and for the most part we have. Mom asked me to move here to Tennessee so I did as of November 14, 2020. I left a job in California that left me in more emotional pain and got a new job in Tennessee that reminds of the job I left in California and therefore…. more pain, stress, chaos, no organization, and punitive place. I was also in a long distance relationship between Tennessee and California with the guy who promised to marry me. So coming from California to Tennessee was supposed to be a two-fold blessing , to be with my mom, who is now a widow after56 years of marriage and to get married. Got down here in Tennessee and relationship fell apart due to a third party, my mom is critical and non/ sensitive and I hate my job. I feel no rest, no peace, no solitude, no love, no sanctuary. I’m hurting to the point that I can’t get a prayer out of my mouth. I can’t even cry like feel like I should. Only a few tears but nothing to the point that I feel I need to. I’ve asked Hod to just take me because the pain is just too much!!! I’m not suicidal but I wouldn’t mind if the Lord just took me to be with Him in my sleep. I’m usually strong in the Lord but I feel so beat down, worn, weary, mad, angry, hurt, disappointed and any other word that would be synonymous to these. I need ALL 5 of those things you named. This second!!! I just can’t take it anymore!!!

      Kahn Johnson

      1. Hey dear Kahn. I’m so sorry you’re going through a hard time right now. Which part of Tennessee are you in?

    51. Yes this is true. I have had several dreams about rooms. One a group of people walking through the halls of a building together. We opened the door to one room and the couple inside did not want to be bothered. We continued on and came to a point where the lead person was setting the building on fire all of a sudden. I think this has to do with Covid vaccinations being administered at the organization this person belongs to and others. Another dream I saw people I knew going into their various rooms. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but now makes sense. I was desperately trying to find my room. Another dream more recent, I was looking down the hallway at someone I know and waving goodbye. I was then in my room and I saw someone else walking by my room. I felt like I wanted to go with that person but knew I had to stay where I was. Rooms are definitely a sactuary that I am still in need of more so now. Lots of spiritual warfare happening.

    52. This is exactly what I needed today. There has been a longing in my spirit but didn’t have the language. This spoke directly to me. Thank you for being obedient.
      We are pastoring in a tough area in the NE of the country and many times this year I wanted to quit. It was too much, too painful, to demanding. his Grace kept me but I do recognize that I need healing for my battered heart and soul. Sanctuary is what I long for.

    53. Lisa Syde-Hagen says:

      What a precious word. Since working from home over the past year, my daughter & I have decluttered a lot. We have been through a lot. She is in recovery, over 2 years, from a heroin addiction, me, I was a wine-a-holic. God has taught me so much about peace and I love quietness now. I can drive without the radio on, sit without the tv on.
      I’ve been learning lately to just rest in Him when I’m feeling anxious that life isn’t where I’d like it to be. I know He has good plans for us. He will never leave us or forsake us. It’s a journey and there are still things he needs to reveal to me while I wait.
      Your words spoke to me deeply. Rest, breathe, be still and know that He is God.

    54. Hi Jamie
      This was a word right on time and spoke right to my heart and is a word for me right now. For my very survival I felt I needed to cling to this word. It is a help and a wisdom in my life at this time. Blessings Joy

    55. Thank you Jesus
      This is exactly what I need a sanctuary and rest.
      Your words are so timely and on point it is as if you know me and my situation personally . God is awesome 👏 👏👏👏
      Much blessings and love to you Sister Jamie
      Always a pleasure to read your emails every day

    56. Jennifer Landry says:

      I have been praying and talking about how I have so many distractions that I can’t even pray and find the words. God spoke directly to me through this. Thank you so much. God Bless

    57. A thousand amens to the five ways of restoration and sanctuary. Bless you!

    58. Lynn Eplee says:

      Jamie thank you so much for sharing this Word from the Lord and your dream. It speaks directly to my heart and what God has been dealing with me about. I receive this Word for myself and what God has for me. God bless you and your family. I am so thankful how you allow God to use you to minister to all of us. Love you! Lynn

    59. Jamie,
      This word was definitely for me. I need all of them and I pray God’s guidance in the route to take. My story is a long one. Still living it. Sanctuary I DO NEED! God is Good he knows exactly what His children need at all times, even when we don’t/ Blessings my friend. Thanks for this prophetic word.

    60. Hi Jamie. This word is definitely for me in this hour. I started crying when I came to the part of needing sanctuary with God. I live in someone’s mobile home and it’s a 2 bedroom place. The people let me stay with them but it’s like living in hell. I have no job but am looking for something. Very frustrating. I sleep in the living room on an airbed. I’ve been here way too long. The people here are very rude. This word fits me to a tee! Thank you for this word from God. I need rest but I need sanctuary too. I need my sanity. Please lift me up before the LORD. I need my own home. But I need peace mostly. Thanks Jamie.

    61. This word is for me, and for this season going forward. I also believe the sanctuary that you should build is for situations where persons can come and be rested. My prayer is for the Lord to cause manifestation this word in my life and those that are in need of a sanctuary speedily. God bless you and your ministry Jamie.

    62. Bantshang says:

      Hi Jamie! This word resonates well with me. Am really tired and won out of these constant spiritual warfare. I really need the sanctuary, place of safety, rest from the cares of this world. Oh Lord help me to find your sanctuary.

    63. April McCullough says:

      I’m reading this while I sit beside the lake listening to William Murphy’s Settle Here—not a coincidence! I need Gods glory to settle here, not just in my own personal life but in this city. I am desperate for an outpouring of God’s Spirit and I can’t go on without Him. I can’t do anything without Him. Praying John 17 over God’s people in the city of North Little Rock this day, and rest for His people. We actually do need a sanctuary and to find rest in Him.

    64. Grace Bristol says:

      I went to Urgent care last night. I had asthma like symptoms and exhaustion for many days. Asthma started in my overnight stay in the hospital and never went away. I could not get the strength to go have blood drawn for many days, just too tired..Had 4 surgeries this month…My orders from the place was to rest in bed and do no work of any kind at all. I have been caring for my husband with his cancer for a year and I am truly worn out and done in..The urgent care gave me an IV of heart medicine and prescription for high strength antibiotic. After their treatment I did not wake up with asthma this morning..I am about to go to rest in the bedroom until bedtime and the same for tomorrow. Jamie you know the right words at the right time. Thank you for being Jamie!!!!

    65. I always love how God uses our slothfulness (no, MY slothfulness) to give me another chance and bring back the word that He intended for me at a particular time to come around again and remind me that no you need this NOW. Jaime, I bless God for continually using you in a mighty way each and every time I feel like it is exactly what I need for what I am going through, feeling, wanting, or needing at just the right moment and if I heard it and did not act upon it right away, mercy and grace come following me to remind me to get on it NOW…so God Bless you for always being a blessing and sharing the Father’s heart with us always.

    66. What a beautiful, soul restoring, equipping word! I receive this for myself, my family and members of our congregation.

    67. Lynette Marshall says:

      My soul stirred so much after reading this! I have been telling my husband for the last month or so that I need rest for my soul. Not just to sleep in…not just a day off…not just a vacation. I need soul rest! We relocated back to Houston in 2013 with our 4 children to care for his parents (both had Alzheimer’s) for 7 years until they recently passed away. Going through this pandemic (I’m a school teacher), and helping to raise nieces, along with my own serious health conditions. I just completed the “40 days of Prayer” today and opened up my email to this devotional. When I came to the line that says, if this is for you, you need sanctuary. I felt my an unction in my spirit and immediately began weeping. The Lord was faithful to show me exactly what I am needing! Thank you for this prophetic word from the Lord. Just shared it with my husband and we are praying and actively making steps to incorporating these 5 keys in our lives.

      1. Hi Lynette, it’s great to meet you. I will pray for you today – for the Lord to give you sanctuary for your soul.
        Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

    68. I am now reading this word for the second time. I woke this morning this Good Friday morning and I was reminded of this word. These past 5 months have been challenging to say the least, the loss of both my parents in the past 5 months after more than 30 years of being their primary caregivers has truly taken a toll on me and hit me to my core. Not the sorrowful grief of their loss, but the loss of ME in the midst of it all. This word is a call to duty and a call to action. I am finishing up some things around my house today and then I am going to drive to the park where the waterfalls and the geese are calming and peaceful and just SIT AND BE STILL. Jaime, again I thank you over and over for your timely words of rest, restoration, deliverance, healing, encouragement, and love all from the Father. I CHOOSE today this Good Friday to find not just sanctuary and rest from all that has been draining me, but I CHOOSE the peace, safety, and protection of the abiding love of ABBA to abide and find refreshing.

    69. Thankyou for this word so very much needed and timely, God bless you Amen and Amen

    70. Thank you Jamie!! Just what I needed! And thank You Lord for sending it!! Blessings!

    71. Catherine says:

      Dear Jamie

      I found ‘rest’ reading thru your words this morning. The word is an actual Shalom happening. Thank you & blessings to you. I am sharing your web site with many. Will be putting your link to this profound reading in my MeWe Group “Breaking Chains of Bondage – Prayer Group”. I know many will receive & be blessed.

    72. Christopher Beene says:

      Good word, The part where you said from arrest, warfare, got me,I have not had a vacation or off time since 2009, I don’t have the means to do so I have access to a sanctuary,but I need more,thank you for the word it was a blessing!

    73. Definitely spoke to me! Thank you!

    74. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      Holy spirit lead to your rest and sanctuary.In Jesus name.Amen

    75. I do need the rest and sanctuary, being caregiver to husband who has dementia is exhausting. Husband’s son won’t help nor his wife, to give me time to myself , to take him even for one day. I cannot afford to pay for someone to look after him for a day. I feel stuck and have no privacy with him around, even follows me into the bathroom !

    76. Just read this this morning. I so need this and receive it, for myself and my daughter. Thank you for this! Thank You Jesus!

    77. Anonymous says:

      This word is so on time. I feel so depleted and burned out. I feel like life is so busy. Although, I don’t have a physical job I feel like I’m always working constantly. I wake up tired and lay down tired. Before I moved I use to take long prayer walks and long prayer drives just to get in that places with God. Now I feel like life is so busy and moving at a fast pace. I’m tired and need God to refresh me. It’s like all the instructions God has given me nothing get done like it should. I went from living alone for almost 6 years to God having me to pack and move 12, hour away to live with a friend. It is so much different. Pray for me! This was so on time!

    78. Irma Nortje says:


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