How to Pray for Your Impossible Dream

How to Pray for Your Impossible Dream | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comBeloveds, the Lord is shooting revelation and downloads into me so fast as I’m resting with Him today that I can’t hardly keep up. And He has pressed me to release this word to you URGENTLY.

The Lord wants me to tell you one urgent way to pray when you have NOTHING except an impossible dream.

He gave me revelation about this several days ago as I was praying into the prophetic dream about You Need Sanctuary, Not Just Rest.

As I prayed about that dream, my vision for 2020 expanded. As I shared with you here, I was already praying a radical prayer experiment to reclaim sevenfold restoration of mountain land that was stolen from me when I was a child. That was already a good experiment for me, but the Lord enlarged my faith as I prayed …

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    … and He told me to believe for a log cabin / sanctuary / retreat center.

    This has been my dream for many years.

    For many, I have dreamed of living in a log cabin that doubles as a retreat center and sanctuary. It would be a place with many bedrooms, where scores of women and couples could come each year for workshops, retreats, equipping, healing, rejuvenation, and refreshing.

    It would be a place where I could serve you–ordinary people–and ministry workers both … and a place near where I currently live, so I can continue using the fastest internet in the country (which is in my county) and also conveniently get to my church so I can serve and attend there easily.

    Well, my husband and I have been working toward that by aggressively paying off our house. Our plan has been to pay off our house, then save for a few years, then eventually build. But the kind of log cabin retreat center that I have in mind is too expensive even for that–way beyond what we could personally save for, unless God intervenes.

    Basically, when it comes to realizing this dream, I’ve got nothing.

    But the Lord said something pretty amazing that I believe is going to encourage you today. He showed me that, when He created the earth, He did so out of NOTHING except His spoken word. In other words, everything you see around you was fashioned out of nothing.

    We read this in Hebrews 11:1-3:

    “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good testimony.

    By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible” (Hebrews 11:1-3 NKJV).

    Everything we see was formed from nothing. And the Lord showed me that, if I have nothing, then I have the building blocks for Him to make me anything I need.

    This applies to you just the same way:

    If you have nothing, then you have all the building blocks the Lord needs to create anything you want.



    Wow again.

    Whoa. Freak-out time, for me anyway.

    How does the process start?

    Just like it started at creation: by speaking the Word of God over the situation, for the Word of God literally creates. God is the Creator, and He has divinely ordained that His Word should create. He simply can’t help Himself; He always releases Who He Is (Creator) when He speaks.

    So I was praying over this log cabin retreat center, and my faith began to rise.

    I started looking at places, just to build my faith. If you would like to look at a few of the ones I’ve been drooling over, check out these three:

    But here’s the thing: again, I’ve got nothing toward this dream.

    I don’t do debt, so I would never take out a mortgage for something like this. And even if someone GAVE me or this ministry a house like this tomorrow, I’d have to have an endowment to even pay the taxes and insurance on it! Yep, that’s a whole lot of “nothing” that I’ve got, right there.

    But you know what? God didn’t ask me to “have anything” toward this dream. He simply quickened my heart to believe for it …

    … and showed me that my nothingness is exactly what He can work with.

    One of my favorite ministers, Jesse Duplantis, is in a similar situation.

    God told him to believe for an airplane that would fly around the world, so he could preach more. Brother Jesse told God that he didn’t have the money for such a plane, and you know what God said?

    God told him that He didn’t ask him to pay for it; He asked Jesse to believe for it! It’s been years, and he’s still believing for it! I believe God will give him that plane one day, don’t you?

    And the Lord wants me to URGENTLY invite you to believe for YOUR impossible dream today, too.

    How to Pray for Your Impossible Dream | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

    What are you believing for that seems impossible? Even more truthfully, what are you believing for that IS impossible? Outright, absolutely, no-nonsense IMPOSSIBLE?

    What do you long for that there is no way on earth you could ever have?

    What do you want to do that there is absolutely no way you could ever do?

    What star do you want to reach for that there is absolutely no way you could ever reach?

    When the Lord began cleaning my clock about this today, He put one song in my spirit:

    A song to which I had never paid much attention. It’s a famous song, but I have never sat down and listened to the lyrics until this day. The song is Impossible Dream, sung by (in my opinion) the greatest and most anointed singer of all time, Elvis Presley (who also missed out on the fullness of what God had for him, but that’s another story). 🙂

    Please take a moment and listen to this powerful song as Elvis sang it:

    I believe that this song, Impossible Dream, is the song of the hour, the day, the year.

    Listen to the lyrics closely, then listen again … and again … and again. Apply this song to yourself. It is SO prophetic. Why? Because …

    You and I have an impossible dream. The reason our dreams are impossible is because we have NOTHING toward those dreams. But you know what?

    Your nothing-ness is all God needs to start creating on your behalf.

    What are you believing God for in your nothingness? Leave a comment below!


    1. Susan Edith Kazibwe says:

      I have been receiving your emails but never taken time to read them. But today I was pushed to read this particular one and guess what it has the same Bible reading as the fellowship I attended yesterday. Which to me confirms how God wants me to have faith. Am believing God for a husband and holy matrimony and also believing him for a job that pays me well to cater for all my expenses and even pay my debts after tithing. Thank you and please continue praying for me.

      1. Good morning Jamie, I’ve read your blogs/emails..I particularly like this one because it applies to me. I am producer that’s trying to get it the commercial side of business, movies, talk show, etc, also an inventor. I’m currently on Disability, for the first time in my work life, I’m not a lease to work, so my focus is else where, the talent that I’ve been Blessed with. My wife stepped in and rescued 4 of our grandkids from the state of Utah, to raise them right. We dropped everything that we had our dreams and sight on, now it’s a financial struggle, we have some help but not as much. The process is slow. I’ve been believing God for a Log Cabin house with land, debt free, 5 acres or more, Debt free RV Class C, a van for the family, nice luxury car for me and my wife and a4 door truck to put things in, debt free. I hate debt, Great credit scores, Solar panels on my roof to get the electric company out of my pocket, to say the least. I just want to live a comfortable life, not extravagant, but be able to help those who need help, be a blessing to many and study the word and attend church. When you’re around a family that doesn’t go to the extra effort to pray together and Believe God for what he said he can do, it’s a long process over here, up hill battle. I can see my dream, but no one gravitates towards the process that attempt at Believing God for it, sounds good when we talk about it, but that’s it, not doers of the word. He says to meditate on his word, day and night, make yourself prosperous and you’ll have food success. Sometimes I feel like God hears my prayers, but there isnt enough consistent Faith for him to move.
        Glasper W.

      2. Phyllis A Jones-Mejia says:

        Hi Jamie,I Am Believing For Re-Dedication To Jesus Christ And Deliverance For My 24 Year Old Daughter.A Thirst For Christ,A Rehabilitated Mind,Body And Soul For Mikaela.Mikaela Will Be A Proverbs 31 Women,Devoted,Caring Mother To Her Two Children.I Will Be Able To Live A Healthy,Prosperous Life With The Man Of God That Abba Father Has Sent To Me As A Godly Faithful Wife.20 + Acres Of Land A Large Ranch Home,Dependable Vehicles,Happy Healthy Grandchildren.Work Faithfully In Our House Of Worship And Community.Travel Often And Spread The Gospel Of Jesus Christ While Doing So.All My Children,And Family To Be Saved,Happy,Healthy And Prosperous.So Be It.Amen!

        1. I am believing for a paid for Farmhouse in the country, where I can minister to hurting women. Beautiful, quiet surroundings where God’s healing can take place.

      3. I also I’m believing for a husband and holy matrimony. A man who loves the Lord. I am also believing for my health and finances to line up with the word of God.
        I will agree with you that God will grant the desires of your heart and take care of your financial needs according to His riches in Glory.

      4. Good morning Jamie, this message was soo right on time for me. I’ve been a single parent since 2008 and living in a safe affordable house zoned for good schools has been a a dream for me. My oldest 2 children are already out on their own, but my oldest son mentioned that we didn’t have the best apartments or live in gated communities and often times we would hear gunshots at night. I’m believing God for a house that I’ve seen over a hundred times and it’s quite expensive. I’ve also had a dream about this house. You have encouraged me to start back praying for my house again. God bless you

      5. Good morning Jamie, this message was soo right on time for me. I’ve been a single parent since 2008 and living in a safe affordable house zoned for good schools has been a a dream for me. My oldest 2 children are already out on their own, but my oldest son mentioned that we didn’t have the best apartments or live in gated communities and often times we would hear gunshots at night. I’m believing God for a house that I’ve seen over a hundred times and it’s quite expensive. I’ve also had a dream about this house. You have encouraged me to start back praying for my house again. God bless you. My marriage to their father wasn’t the best. He has since left and started over with his life, leaving them behind. I am also believing in God for a God fearing husband who will love me and my children and show them what a marriage is supposed to look like. And I’m also believing in God for healing in my body and for total restoration of things that were taken from me by my siblings after my father’s death

      6. Lorenza Passarella says:

        Thank Jaime
        For this beautiful message from our Father God!
        This message confirms what my mamma gave me in a birthday card!
        Nothing is Impossible with God!
        For those who believe! I need to remind myself to believe again!!
        Thank you for the song that Elvis sings! I am an Elvis fan!
        I’m believing for a husband ! Of my needs and desires! I’ve been a widow for 18 years!
        I’m believing fir my house to be PAID in FULL, Now in Jesus name! And living in this home!
        I’m believing for other homes to own so my children each can have their own. I’m believing for God to help me enjoy life!
        Love ❤️

    2. Pearl Abotsi says:

      To own home in Tarrytown Irvington District NY. Don’t have any money saved…None

    3. I am believing to move across the country. Also, to have a new home, car and ministry. My desire is to help hurting women who are going through what I have gone through. In the natural, this all seems impossible since I don’t have the money for any of it. That is why I am believing for God to do what I can’t. Thank you for posting this. It’s so encouraging!

      1. Sue Tracy says:

        Hi Jamie, you my sweet friend have helped me immensely, I’ve been dealing with a truly unjust situation and have been praying your prayer for at least 5 hrs. I know Jesus has heard every word and I’m believing he is going to set things right, my hope hasn’t wavered and I know he will. He is a God of impossibilities and the giver of all good things . Thank you for all your posts and prayers for every situation it’s exactly what I needed to realize that there was a purpose for all that has happened in my life. Now I must continue to trust and obey God is in charge and on the throne and I just haven’t seen it yet. I want to meet you one day and I know in my heart that it will happen, perhaps I’ll be a guest at your retreat home one day! Believe and keep on asking it’s what I’m going to do. Not giving up but looking up and praying ask and keep on asking. Thank you for all your help.
        I’m asking for a PCH miracle and I trusting that my God of impossibilities can do it. Much love and blessings to you my dear friend.
        God is good all the time!!!

        1. Dear Jamie,
          Another answer for what my dream for… a new house and lot in a countryside place where there are no nuissance of a city living. But i know it is still impossible for us to buy a lot and build a house. So i begin to think how my GOD will do an impossible things to be possible. I let my faith work for me. As of now i am still praying and let my faith do the possible things for me and my husband. God speed!

    4. Susan Edith Kazibwe says:

      Your vision seem to be familiar with mine. I have a burden of helping youth in schools not to make the same mistakes I made. I plan to do this through counseling but in my country they don’t believe and pay counselor. I have written a project proposal but no funds. I want to reach out to as many schools as possible. This seems impossible but the Faith will carry us through.

      1. Karen Carter says:

        Dear Sister,

        Please read about Pastor David Oyedepo (who is affiliated with Kenneth Copeland Ministries)in Nigeria. He has a thriving church, ministries, homes for his members, etc. and he started out with nothing but faith! Truly a faith building story and man of God!

        1. Hello Jamie, thanks for sharing- to God be all the Glory!! I’m believing God for an awesome prayer ministry and I want to be a fruitful soul winner for Jesus! I’m also believing for a husband, a home that will be used for ministry and to be debt free!! No resources but believing God to provide!! AMEN

      2. A bridegroom for my daughter who loves God first, but loves her as Christ loves the Church. And supports her calling. My second impossible dream is healing for my other daughter who’s condition has, so far, in this world, been incurable.

    5. HELLO Jamie

      The lord always have a word if we are willing to listen and He said the same thing to me .That i am a lender and not a borrower that i am Financier in the Kingdom of God. I holding to what he said. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord.

    6. To be accepted at The Julliard School (Dance) and to minister through dance around the world!

    7. Summer Lynn Geymann says:

      Wow! I have for like three weeks SO SO heavy on my heart a new French Farm house for my husband, two young children and our now 9 month old dog. I’m dreaming of it like crazy. And we have no money in savings! There’s no down payment even in sight. But I just can’t stop thinking of it. The Lord put it on my heart. And now I know why. It’s the impossible dream! And I won’t stop believing for it!

    8. I am believing to go to work for Jamie at her cabin retreat in Townsend, Tn. I have been a Material Planner/Production Scheduler all of my adult career and now am supervising others in the same field in a Japanese automotive manufacturing corporation. It is high pressure but God has formed something in me that is firm through all the fires. I believe every word of this prophecy….every last little bit.

      1. Hello Jamie,
        The impossible dream I’m believing God for is a Husband. I’ve been waiting, praying, hoping and believing for years, and I believe that this year 2020 that I will see manifestation.

    9. Elaine Tucker says:

      I’m believing on God restoring my relationship with my husband
      I’m believing in God for his salvation
      And also for his healing of diabetes and hernias which are lies from satan
      I believe it will happen in just a few months
      And by the end of the year
      I will be like Job and have things returned tenfold. In the mighty name of Jesus I am standing on this

    10. Wauw🙌🏾 I am believing Abba Father for the impossible ♥️
      “Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for his miraculous power constantly energizes you.”
      ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭3:20‬ ‭TPT‬‬

    11. I am believing God for a fully-paid mortgage-free 4 bedroom house with a mother in-law suite with it’s own yard, in a good neighborhood with nice neighbors, good schools, and most importantly a good church home that believes in God, the death and ressurectoon of Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit. Also the church should have a good children and youth ministry. Also, I believe God for a fully paid SUV preferably a Toyota highlander. Right now, I have nothing and I give my nothing to God to speak and create more than something in Jesus name, Amen.

    12. Hello Jamie. I could not hold back my tears as I read this. I’m believing for a home. Ours was stole from us from the enemy along with our jobs & retirement. It truly is a miracle that will need to happen & I am standing with you as you stand with me. This word truly was for me today & I can’t wait to see how something out of nothing comes forth. Love your ministry 💕

      1. Thank you God and Jamie for this word. I am believing God for total restoration upon my life, glory, dreams, desires, my marriage and that Godly man that he has appointed me to be with, my Minister, my homeless shelter, my tutoring company to help the youth, me being debt-free and financial stable, building tiny homes in Haiti, my family, my children, my happiness, my joy, my peace and the deliverance that he has for me. Thank Father I give you all the glory and praise for what your doing in my life.

    13. Thomas Swartz says:

      Hi Jamie
      I am believing God to own a petrol station and buying houses, build shops and offices to rent .
      I believing God for a fully paid my bank debts .
      God bless

    14. WOW, this word is urgent……Believing for the impossilbe with a GOD who is unstoppable…..
      Faith of a mustard seed is all we need and has been given to all who dare to receive the truth of HIS word…..YES Jaime thank you for speaking life and truth….thank you for starting fires in people and igniting our FAITH, as long as you see it you can receive it….His promises are YES and AMEN….ALL praise and honor, glory and power to the most high GOD🔥🙏

    15. Marriage & a job or business or ministry I can serve in with other people having joy and succes for all who are involved wheather it may be clients and their families / colleagues and their families.

    16. Valerie Price says:

      Beautuful…God gives us so many ways to do it His way…I have had dreams of things to be restored that were stolen by the enemy years ago, including my home by the sea, etc. I have prayed forever for that and still believing for it…and like all of us, I have nothing for it!! Praying for all of us for God to make our dreams come true, what seemingly is the unreachable star …He keeps His Word!

    17. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Hi Jamie.

      I have a plan to go across the other country and visit.I have nothing to start of with,but with the message today,i believe God will intervene and help me to go.Nothing is impossible for our God and i will go by faith.Receive it.

    18. scott mahoney says:

      marriage/ministry/finances/me and my wife can serve others by praying for the sick,and for healing, laying on hands,salvation for my father,and the rest of my family,favor at my next physical,colostomy,10 fold monthly money blessing,wisdom,to own my own mobilehome paid for,new car,proverbs 31 philipino wife,43 rn nurse into ministry/finances,with a car,no physical problems,deeper walk with Christ daily,that jesus would bring her to me in his timing, I ask for this in jesus name I pray amen

    19. I am believing God for $100,000 to remodel my home and pay some bills. Thank you so much for blessing us with this word.

    20. Karen Carter says:

      I have been believing for my debt free, dream log home (I have all the specifics written down. Too many to list here. But God knows! 🙂 ) and also my debt free 2020 Ford Escape (again everything written down that I want in this vehicle).
      For my husband to be totally sold out to and passionately in love with Jesus. And he is the Godly, mature/grown-up, Spirit-filled husband and leader of our home. That he makes his health and our marriage a priority. And that we are serving in ministry together.

    21. Hi Jamie

      Glory to God. Thank you for your obedience. This word brought tears to my eyes. I am trusting God for my children to be drawn to do God s will and take things serious knowing we living in the last days. I believe for my son to be set free from alcohol and smoking. Then I believe God for a miracle so big debt to be paid up, and my mortgages to be paid up supernaturally . we serve a mighty God whom owns everything the property, the banks and everyone working in the banks, thus nothing is impossible with our God. In my little faith I trust a mighty God in Jesus name. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏

    22. Jamie! As soon as I read the part about you crying over the lodge type homes, my spirit leapt for you and I knew before I read it, that God birthed that desire in you for your “log home’ because He had ALREADY planned for the ‘sanctuary’ for you and those who need respite will be called to it. WOW! On fire for YOUR sanctuary! This is a DONE deal, already birthed in the Spirit years ago, by God, for you Jamie! Like Abraham who believed the impossible, ignoring what he saw, and believing instead what he was promised by God. Hallelujah!!
      … for me/us: to be used by Goda home, a lovely home, one made of quarried stone, on the St Lawrence River, about 1500 square feet, with a few acres of land, where I can roam freely and safely and where the birds that I love will come and feed from my hands. A sanctuary.

    23. P.S.
      I vote for 508 Kinzel Springs Way, Tennessee. 😇

    24. Dannah Hew says:

      Greetings from Belize again!!
      I have been reading your prophetic word for months now and you are spot on!! God has been calling me for the same purpose of a healing retreat for women here on my farm in the jungle! A refuge and sanctuary of His doing!! He has kept me here for 30 years and He is moving in that direction too!! Keep your faith sister now is the time!!
      Thank you for your inspiration and courage!! God bless!!!

    25. Cynthia Wilson says:

      This is SO Good! Timely. I am fastung and praying and God has used you to speak int my Spirit. Thanks

    26. My dream it to move with my family to Maui Hawaii and own a nice house with ohana and land with lots of fruit trees , safe town and Christian school s for my boys a safe church that loves us , marriage restoration , justice, deliverance. Amen

      Had a dream Sunday morning :
      1. Changing times and seasons
      2. All things are possible with God!

    27. TABITHA SEKOATI says:

      We give God the glory for using you so much in our lives. I have been having a dream for so many years to have a retreat home/accommodation for men and women of God who come into my country to minister.
      I don’t have resources to build such a facility, but through this word that has been imparted to us, to come with nothing and believe God for impossibilities, I am excited and believe it is done in Jesus name, Amen.

    28. Lillian Chebosi says:

      Wow Jamie! And thank you.

      I am believing God for two things;
      1. To have the house we live in fully paid off, own it mortgage free this year.
      2. To transition from my job to earn a good living working from home, doing what I love.

    29. Joy Compton says:

      O Jamie, I have been singing this very song for weeks now. I have been in poor health for over 6 years now. God asked me to “accept the unacceptable” for Him so I would know His “perfect will”. It has needed TOTAL surrender and has involved the greatest warfare of my life. I absolutely believe He intends me to be whole and healthy- ALL His word confirms it and He is faithful. I feel just like that song and it is SO meaningful to me. To have you confirm this today is so awesome and comforting. I WILL reach this “star” of healing. I believe I am carrying something for the Lord which at the Kairos time will be manifest. I have absolutely nothing but my faith in His word and the testimony of my mouth BUT as you say He brings something from nothing. Thank you Jamie. With love Joy

    30. Hi Jamie, thank God for the 2nd prophecy in one day.
      He knows why this had to be done, Praise His name.

      I believe God will come through for my impossible dream to get a vehicle donated to me as I have no means to buy it and I need it to drive around schools I intend to run workshops for the girl child programs, and also going to drug rehabilitation centre. I believe that God will come through for my impossible dream to be debt-free one day and I believe He will come through for my mortgage arrears to be fully paid. I thank Abba Father for His love and grace and provision, and also for fulfilling my impossible dream.

    31. Linda Stanford says:

      Thank you Jamie for this word. I am trusting God for an impossible dream. I know he is able and willing to answer this prayer. I’m claiming it and Thanking God for it. Thank you for your Ministry and all you do.

    32. Hlawulekani says:

      To own a house, own a car and have a family of my own. But I have nothing except faith in God, that one day he will fulfill my impossible dream.

    33. Maneesh Massey says:

      Thank you so much Jamie. You are so spot on! His word is so spot on! This prophetic word is so timely and means so much to me at this moment when I have become so discouraged and hopeless. But your timely prophetic word, inspired by the Holy Spirit, lifts me up to keep believing and never to lose hope in the God of the impossible.

      I’m believing God for something which is beyond my realm. And I have nothing, absolutely nothing, except my radical faith towards my desire to be fulfilled. Nevertheless, I’m exercising my radical faith muscles over the past months, believing and trusting God for my impossible desire. I truly believe God is able to fulfill my heart’s desire. When He can do something like Ezekiel 37, He can surely do it for me too!

      I bless you and your ministry and your posts which are so prophetic and speak to the core of the heart. Your posts are so comforting and encouraging. I wait for your prophetic posts everyday now. Thank you so much once again Jamie!
      ~Maneesh Massey

    34. Osoba Funmilayo Esther says:

      Thank you so much Jamie. You are so on point! This prophetic word is so timely and means so much to me at this moment. The Lord bless you for being sensitive to His spirit thereby stirring up our faith. I’m believing God for a celebration of His faithfulness as I’ll be 60years in March and also retiring from active service. I desire to celebrate Father God in massive way for He’s being so so good to me. I’m believing Him to supply all I’ll need supernaturally as it seem impossible with me not financially buoyant presently. Blessed be God. Hallelujah!!;

    35. Evelyn Sanches says:

      My own home and to open a one of a kind bakery…thank you for all you do and may God continue to bless you

    36. Hello,

      Thank you, I had ever quite looked at Hebrews 11 that way, that having Nothing is the foundation on which God builds on to answer us!

      I am believing God for a husband and for our marriage to be blessed with the gift of children.
      On a material level, I am believing God for a job that I applied for last year as well paying off my house and getting a new car this year.

      I am also believing for a blessed 2020 and the rest of the decade for myself and my family.

      God bless you and may he bring the Retreat to fruition in the name of Jesus.

    37. Good Day Jamie

      I would so love to travel in Gods country and have God as my every move , every step I take in everything I do honestly.

      I cant think of nothing else just to be and live in HIS presents at this moment.

      Bless you Jamie

    38. Maneesh Massey says:

      Hi Jamie, please pray a prophetic prayer for me as led by the Holy Spirit for my impossible dream to become a reality. My dream definitely brings God all the glory. Thank you. God bless you.

    39. I read this the other day and did not leave a message. I need to leave a message. I am believing for the home I am living in to be mine. I moved in with my mom 5 years ago to take care of my mom who has dementia. I want to be able to keep the house even when she can no longer live here or goes to be with the Lord.
      I also believe for a husband that will love me the way Christ loved the church and me him. That our relationship will be a blessing to our families both natural and spiritual.

      I need a word from God that I am on the right path believing for these 2 things. It has been a long 5 years and I am getting weary.

      Thanks Jamie for all your work to share His words with us all.

    40. When I was kicked in the head by a prison inmate and suffered a concussion 8 years ago the Lord promised I would be fully healed. Still praying for my brain, thinking ability and emotional strength and balance to return. And second, like Luke 18, praying for justice from the damage done by ex-husband. Full restoration is my impossible prayer.

      Love your heart! Bless you Jamie.

    41. God take our dreams an make a future that without you ,truly would be impossible,amen.

    42. Thank you Jamie, I just received this message this morning, and incorporated into my devotions. I totally understand this dream and on a much smaller scale, I have a dream to sell my cabin in the mountains of North Georgia. This was a gift from God, but there is a new season and this calls for making a move now closer to family. So, as I join you in prayer to reach your dream, I also ask for prayer that God would send someone special to buy my cabin so I can attain my dream of being closer to my family. You are such an inspiration, and your faith is so strong….I love this. It was my faith and prayers that brought me to this place and God gave me more than I could even dream….that’s why I know that holding onto nothing until God’s ready to make something, will reap more than ever dreamed….nothing is impossible for our GOD!

    43. I have one question. Which species of humans (around 20 different human species inhabited earth since 35 lakh years) are human begins in the eyes of God?

    44. Hi Sister Jamie.

      I am believing for a healing miracle for me and Humphrey for I do believe that what is impossible for man is possible with God (The Lord promised I will be healed, walk again, get married and bless me with a baby girl ) and for the Projects God has put in my heart Abanqobi and MSSEC

    45. Hi Jamie. I just saw this mail today (14 Dec 2020), late but so timely for me. I am believing God for wealth transfer, to create jobs by owning a hotel, a manufacturing company for bedding and towels and other companies and Housing Estate. I want to teach the word of God to young adults and kids to give them a spiritual foundation which is the Word of God. I want to have a foundation to help the poor in my country South Africa, by paying for food, medicine and college tuition. I want them to know and have a relationship with God, for nothing is impossible for our God. Oh!, I can go on and on… this is the summary.

    46. linda harrison says:

      Yes, dreaming for my impossible dream, God knows. Praise the Lord

    47. Am believing God for a life partner (Husband) and also believing God to fill me with the Holy spirit so l can win more souls for Christ Jesus.

    48. LaTrina Steele says:

      I am believing God for an apartment complex or houses to shelter the homeless, provide case management to assist them with services to start over. I want them to transition to their own apartment and become independent again.

    49. I am believing to be a Superprize winner in the PCH Sweepstakes which I have been entering for 15 years. I have heard it told I can’t believe for something like that because God does not answer prayers. I will be waiting forever, try to believe for something else. Why can it be possible with God for all things but this? I am believing God for His favor to giving me victory for a substantial financial prize. If you are in agreement that this can happen to me, bless you. Winning such a blessing with odds too great for me is definitely an impossible dream but I have visualized it and I have begun tithing and sowing for it. I sow my entries and continue to believe God for the rest.

    50. Jamie I strongly believe that God has a lot of
      Blessings for us we just have to believe and trust him ask him for his desires not ours the word says what is impossible for us is possible for Him with God all things are Possible I am believing for a miracle right now I declare it and decree it He is my Healer And my all I am fighting for Teo tumors to be removed that I have cancer cells on one it was caught on time I honestly I believe and trust God is going to do surgery on me before I go to the operating table I am going to be a living testimony for slot of people that what he has done for others he is going to do for me I am his daughter and He is going to favor me I will continue praying for your dream and one day go to your cabin for a women’s retreat I will help you plant a seed for my healing because I am already healed the Lord continue blessing me so I may bless all those faithful Pastors and wife’s to continue reaching out others who are not saved come to know Jesus and experience and encounter with him to give them their desire of their hearts in Jesus mighty name I pray with the bottom of my heart I will continue doing his will fasting and praying always focusing on him I surrender all my life to him may the lord continue blessing you thank you Abba Father for Jamie Amen and Amen 🙏

    51. latreeta A Burns says:

      Although this was written earlier this year, it resonates with me right now. My son is high school senior who aspires to play college football- he had to recuperate from an injury he sustained during 2020 basketball season. It impacted his ability to compete at football camps this past summer. Due to COVID, he only played two football games this season. Now, he doesn’t have a lot of film to share with football recruiters. This encouraged me to believe that when he seems like nothing is working in our favor in the natural, it gives God the opportunity to perform a miracle. We just have to continue to believe that what seems impossible is truly possible with God.

    52. I’m believing GOD for a paid for house

    53. Owner-management of a full-service Inn (or a network of several) that offers an enriching environment for people to “soak in” while they visit. Not super-luxe, not “road warrior”, not apartment-hotel. No, instead I am referring to a special type of property that nourishes people such as through the service, the environment, and the presence of God (even if some of the guests don’t initially understand that). Pleasant building for people, with God’s artistic creation outside, and a commercial kitchen to feed guests all are part of the overall picture.

      But this isn’t a fanciful whim: I’ve prepared for decades for this situation including owner-management of other businesses, formal education, and years (and years) of prayer. I have nothing now but I have invested myself very, very deeply into this direction that I believe God has spoken to me about over decades.

      My need is for either a deed to a facility (land and buildings), … or cash to buy a property that fits.

      I am ready to move in and start the work with maybe something like 1 week’s notice.

    54. It’s great to read everyone else’s dreams. Thank you Jamie for telling us to dream big because God says that. I’m not sure what I want. I guess what most people want, a paid for sanctuary of a home I can be proud of. A place where I can pray and worship and have prayer groups. I would like a stay at home job…. I’ve always wanted to write screenplays. Also, I would like to have more open doors to do deliverance. God, if this is your dream for me and it’s written in my books in Heaven then read this/speak this out over my life and everyone else’s that wrote on Jamie’s blog. In Jesus’ name🙌🏼💖 let it be

    55. April McCullough says:

      It is not something that I have ever thought of but I saw myself on a stage once with a headless mic on my face. I knew that this had to be from God because it is not what I would have imagined myself doing in front of a lot of people! Well today I am on the speakers list representing my team at a National conference, and I don’t believe God is done yet! I believe the best is still yet to come and God is preparing my heart for something. I am so glad I serve the God who makes all this possible!

    56. Sylvia Smith says:

      Hi Jamie ! I am believing for GOD ALMIGHTY to restore my marriage! I am marry to a pastor. I want to buy properties and businesses in USA and Caribbean. I want to help single parents / married families / the homeless. I need finances to start my clothing/ shoes/ jewelry/ facial products etc . I am believing our children, and grandchildren and families give their lives to JESUS CHRIST!! Yess, with GOD ALMIGHTY NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!! ❤😍😍

    57. Moira Shole says:

      Thank you Jamie, thanks for the revelation of that verse something out of nothing, it is really a miracle. The house that I am believing God for is really a miracle because I am nearing retirement and have no house, my husband does not have income, It’s an emergency because at work they find a reason to let us go to retirement earlier than normal. I have to move from the rented house. Three years ago I geared the Lord telling me that I can move to my house, since that day I have been actively believing Him for it.

    58. I am believing for God to provide a way for me to homeschool my children with godly curriculum. We live in a country where homeschooling is not allowed. I have nothing here. I just believe and declare that God will make a way.

      1. He will make a way for you. Nothing is impossible for God.

    59. Sandra Harris says:

      My dream is to have a domestic violence center with housing for the ladies. Another dream we have is to own a very big building where we have a youth center in it, a roller skating ring and a few other things for entertainment for the people. Thank you for reminding me that it is possible.

    60. Linda D. Johnson says:

      I believe my Father will return to full-time funeral service by building a funeral home. And bring me back old clients as well as new clients. Allowing me to serve as my parents before and serve with Christian dignity, compassion, and empathy.

    61. I am believing God who give power to the weak for these three things.
      Comfortable mansion that can be called home. Also a fully paid SUV vehicle preferably Toyota . Also to be financially buoyancy so as to be a source of blessings to many

    62. A vision the Lord gave me in 2008, is The King’s Ranch USA. It is a ranch that will serve the under 18 year old males, who are survivors of being Sex-Trafficked. In the last two years, the Lord has opened doors bringing people in who know how to put this together. It is coming closer to the bricks and mortar it will take to minister hope to this population. I continue to trust my Father to produce everything needed for this vision of His that He has chosen to give me the privilege to be involved in. Eph. 3:20-21

    63. I am believing in a full mouth dental implants amen

    64. my impossible dream is for a full set of dental implants

    65. Jaimie, what I am believing for is not “pie in the sky” but is based on nearly 25 years of prophetic promises concerning my husband and me. This one has become so lofty, so huge, that I cannot even utter it except in the Holy Ghost. The Lord has given me a praying friend, my “Elizabeth,” who is right on board. And my brother, who is for me but kinda, at this point in the process, saying “tell me all about it when it’s over and we will celebrate!” LOL That’s it. Anyhow, I am basing my believing all on God’s faithfulness. He fulfills His word. All we have to do is BELIEVE. And I do. Much love, Sinea

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