Prophetic Intercession for Your Finances

Dear Presence seekers,
Did you miss out on our time of live prophetic intercession for your finances recently? I received several emails from folks asking for the link, so I thought I’d post it here so it can be available to everyone.

Here’s the link to the video:

How to use the video:

This was a facilitated prayer time. If you need to pray for your finances, watch the video and pray along for yourself as I lead you in prayer through several key Scriptures.

Also, in the future, know that all videos we make on Facebook Live are always available permanently over on our Facebook page! No need to wonder when I’ll post the link; just hop on over and watch the videos anytime!

I pray this video of prophetic intercession for your finances will bless you! Have an awesome day!


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  1. I want to encourage everyone that God is very interested in taking care of His children. Matthew 6:25-34 Jesus was so clear about this, although it is harder to walk the path sometimes.

    3 years ago I was so sick of worrying about money. I was struggling to re-establish my business with a (emotionally) hurting daughter to take care of with maybe $2000 left and a very unknown future. I prayed many times, “God I’m sick of worrying about money. Only YOU can do this. I want so much business to come my way I don’t know what to do with it!” It didn’t happen right away, but I’ve never been late with a bill or never been without food. I’m happy to say, this past May was the BIGGEST month of my entire career in 20-years. As well, in the last year I have purchased all new equipment to make my business even more profitable!

    Don’t pray to “get rich”. That was never my motivation. We do have a rich father, and there’s nothing wrong with wealth. But I don’t think God’s heart is such that He want’s you to have “stuff”. Case in point – in that same month I overheard someone wanted to buy a camera. I asked how much it was. $300 used, but it would take her a long time to buy it. It sat on my heart, and as I was mowing the grass that day the HS said so clearly to me, “I’ve blessed you to BE A BLESSING.” I believe that’s God’s heart. I went and bought her a brand new camera that day.

    I don’t worry about money because I know my father will take care of me.

    1. Thank you for that blessed word i needed to hear that and i was worried but reading this give me much hope

  2. Awesome prayer thank God in advance in Jesus name amen.

    God bless you

  3. I opened the email for this post this evening around 820pm and watched the replay of the video. The need is so great for my family, and recently been standing through several, not good reports…holding on, by His grace, to keep grateful hearts, full of faith in the midst of surmounting “natural” impossibilities. Thank you for your obedience, Jamie! I was SO blessed by the Word, the prayers, and all that was shared, like the Ecclesiastes 10:9 practical wisdom.
    Here’s a testimony of confirmation:
    Within 2 hours after joining in prayer by video, my parents stopped into McDonald’s after their midweek service and went inside to the counter. A man was finishing his order. After the order-taker advised their total, the man, who had stepped aside, quickly turned and extended a $20 bill to the employee to pay on their behalf! Hallelujah! Hearing this quickened confirmation in my spirit. Like when Elijah’s servant came back and reported, “I saw a little cloud about the size of a man’s hand rising from the sea.” and his response to this seemingly small sign when he’d been praying so fervently for rain was “Hurry!…If you don’t hurry, the rain will stop you!”

    I see You, Abba! How beautiful and kind You are! I see You…

  4. Thank you for kind words , it’s true we get caught up in money instead being caught up b God .WHEN God is our EVERYTHING. God bless you’ll love you’ll in Jesus Christ. ?????

  5. Good Day Jamie

    I cannot open the video on Prophetic Intercession for Your Finances – can you please email me the prayer please

  6. Catherine says:

    Jamie I’ve just listened and prayed thru this on my phone,at my 94yr old mothers as i am her carer. THANK YOU. I am expecting great and massive and lavish financial answers today and breakthroughs now in Jesus Christ Name. Amen. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah ?

  7. Jamie, I was listening to your podcast and before you even got a chance to pray for everyone my device froze and shut down I was unable to listen to your prayers so I am going to retry again to see if I can see the video. Thanks anyways for your time and effort out of your busy schedule to pray for others.

  8. I don’t use Facebook. Is there another way I can watch the financial blessing video?

  9. Linda Foley says:

    Jamie. I would love to hear you speak but I am deaf. Please caption your webinar’s so that I can read them to understand them. Thank you.

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