Prophetic Word: Don’t Compromise Your Boldness!

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Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comBeloved, have you been hanging in there, believing God for a miracle? If so, I want to encourage you today: don’t compromise your boldness!

What do I mean when I say, “Don’t compromise your boldness?”

Just this:

If you’re believing God to do something on your behalf, a lot of the time He’ll answer your prayer in increments. For example:

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    • Your body might show gradual signs of healing.
    • He might send you the money you need in small amounts, instead of in one lump sum.
    • He might draw your child to Himself slowly, when you wished and prayed that He would just shake that child up all at one time and change everything about their heart all at once.

    Our God is always able to deliver us and answer our prayers in one huge miracle.

    I’ve seen it happen and God does this for sure. But other times, for reasons known only to Him (but which sometimes we see later), He answers our prayers in increments. Here’s the test of faith when this happens:

    Will you compromise your boldness?

    If your prayer is to see your child saved, delivered, and baptized in fire and the Holy Ghost, will you stop praying if you simply see your child saved–but not yet delivered?

    Will you stop praying if you see your child saved PLUS delivered, but not yet baptized in the Holy Spirit and fire?

    Will you stop praying if you see your child saved, delivered, baptized in the Holy Ghost and fire, but not yet speaking in tongues, prophesying, working miracles, hearing God, and witnessing for Jesus?

    If you’re praying for God to give you the whole “kit and caboodle,” are you going to be satisfied if you see Him answer a portion of your prayer?

    Of course you’re going to be thankful for everything He does. That’s a given, and this article is not about that. And of course you’re going to keep loving your child and praying for them in the example above.

    But where do you stop contending? … IF you stop at all?

    Will you stop? 

    That’s a trick question … because the answer should be, “I will never stop contending nor ever be satisfied until God answers EVERY PART OF MY PRAYER IN FULLNESS.”

    In other words, our response should be, “I will keep fasting. I will keep praying with my head between my knees. I will keep crying out to God until I see the fullness of the answer come. I will be thankful for everything God does. I will praise Him throughout the entire journey. But I will NEVER cease fasting and praying and believing until I receive the FULLNESS, the TOTALITY, of what I asked God for.”

    The enemy will tempt you in this. The enemy will tempt you to compromise your boldness.

    Let’s say you run a ministry or business, and you need a certain amount of money. The enemy will tempt you to be satisfied when the Lord has sent you half the amount you prayed for. The spirit of compromise will whisper in your ear, “You could make do with this. You could lay off staff, cut benefits, eliminate programs or outreaches, push that bill off until next month, and you could make it work.”

    BUT THE LORD is whispering to you right now:

    “Come on. Believe Me for greater. Believe Me for a miracle! Believe Me for the fullness of everything you asked Me to do! Am I not God in Heaven? Do I not test the sons of men? Do not My eyes roam to and fro on the earth, seeking the heart that is completely Mine?

    What will I find in your heart? Will I find the boldness to keep praying as you ought to? Or will I find compromise? I am not done working on your behalf. NEVER COMPROMISE!”

    And yes, that is a prophetic word. The Lord spoke that to me for you as I was writing this. So let’s say it again:

    Never compromise your boldness!

    When you get praying for a miracle, you have to EXPECT that you’re going to receive THE WHOLE THING. You have to expect that you will receive every single thing you have asked God for. This is because Mark 11:22-24 says:

    “So Jesus answered and said to them, Have faith in God. For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says. Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them” (Mark 11:22-24).

    In the passage above, the word “receive” that I underlined actually means, in the original Greek, “to take; to get hold of” (Strong’s Greek word #2983). So in this passage, Jesus was saying that, WHEN YOU PRAY …

    At the exact moment you pray …

    No matter which “whatever things” you are asking Him for …

    You are to believe that you are TAKING THEM WHEN YOU PRAY … because your prayer of faith literally is the glove on your hand, and you can reach out and grab ANYTHING you’re asking the Lord for.

    You receive the thing the very MOMENT you pray.

    So what happens when you pray? The moment you pray, you receive the thing.

    If you receive the thing you ask for in the moment you pray the prayer, why on earth would you compromise your boldness?

    Why would you ever say, “It’s two days before the end of the month and all the money I need isn’t in yet. I’d better cut costs.” NO! Instead, say, “God has provided all I need to this day, and He always will. I bet today is the day He’s going to bring in the rest of it, and I’m so grateful! I believe for a miracle TODAY!”

    Or …

    Why would you ever say, “My body feels a lot better with these changes I’m making, but they say this diagnosis is genetic. I guess I can just manage the symptoms from here on out.” NO!

    Instead, say:

    “Father God, thank You for healing me. I was healed by the stripes of Jesus. Thank You for every manifestation of that healing I am experiencing so far.

    But Father, You know that I am still seeing some manifestations of that sickness too; so continue kicking those symptoms out, Lord. Get thee behind me, enemy! Infirmity has no place in me. I receive HEALING and resurrection life in Jesus’ name! I am healed by the stripes of Jesus!”

    Beloved, it may feel like the midnight hour. It may even BE the midnight hour. But if the Bridegroom hasn’t come yet, don’t stop watching and waiting.

    Don’t stop contending.

    Don’t stop believing. 

    Don’t stop fasting and praying and sowing and speaking in faith and declaring the Word over yourself.

    Don’t stop. 

    Never stop until you receive the FULLNESS of ALL that you’ve asked God for. 

    In Jesus’ name.

    Beloved, was this word for you today? Leave a comment below if so.


    1. Nannette Cleare says:

      Thank you for this on time confirmation. May the Lord continue to bless you!.

      1. Right on time! Never giving up!

    2. Jamie,

      I thank you for this message. God is reassuring me in this regard. I have been praying for healing from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Asthma, and Cataracts. I DO believe God’s healing will manifest, and I have been experiencing some relief from RA pains etc. So, i continue to pray with thanksgiving to God for everything he is doing…


      1. Thank you for this word Jamie I was so needing this I’ve been praying for my sons dog to return he’s been missing for a month and I am believing God will safely return him. To my son and our family he isn’t just a dog he’s a member of our family and I have a little yorkie poo and Tanka is his best friend and he is missing him.
        I have been praying your prayer of Reverse Unjust Situations because we all think someone has taken Tanka in and not wanting to return him.
        God bless you and your ministry I learn and grow so much through what you teach.

    3. Thank you so much for this word!

    4. linda harrison says:

      Yes, receiving & believing, thank you Lord what u have done & what u going to do, getting excited bout what God is going to do cause I know it’s going to be good. God is good all the time, Amen, Praise the Lord. Thanks Jamie. All Praise & Thanks to the Heavenly Father always.

    5. Allison Nelson says:

      Jamie, as usual your word from God hits straight to my heart. I went through treatment for cancer over 2 years ago and God did amazing things and has carried me throughout. I am however still seeing manifestations of sickness, my numbers have increased and I have irregular cells… I just had a blood test and I go in for a CT scan today. I am praying for God to finish the job and heal me fully. I don’t believe He wants me to be in fear my whole life and He didn’t mean for me to only be partially or temporarily healed, in JEsus name!

      1. I agree with you that you are HEALED by the stripes of Jesus! Don’t be afraid to go through any medical treatment the Lord leads you through–after all, Jesus Himself said “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick”–but I agree with you that YOU ARE THE HEALED OF THE LORD! He sent His Word and healed you!

    6. Jamie,
      Thank you so much for this inspiring message of faith.
      I have been believing God for his healing hands upon my mother who has been down with stroke since about this time last year. It seems there is no sign of healing yet, but now I believe more that she’s healed already in Jesus name. Amen.

    7. Amen. Thank you Sister Jamie 😇💝🙏

    8. J Gandywest Agathe says:

      Amen.I receive and believe this word .In Jesus name.Amen

    9. Thank you so much for the words and i agree, declare and decree that really answers prayers if you trust and believe HIM all the way without hesitation. More powers and annointing for you! God bless

    10. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Halleluya and Amen and Amen!!!
      I just received yesterday (30/08/21),as our time is 16hrs ahead of Eastern time.,today is the 31st of Aug again,-two open doors for work during this lockdpwn.I prayed my needs for God to intervene.But as God taught me again this morning that it’s not that ALL..I have to continue seeking and praying as 1 Thessalonians says tp pray without ceasing.I was reading this great message a while ago.WOW!!!and your message appeared.,Our Abba is so amazing and amazing and amazing ALL THE TIME..

    11. Thank-you ,Jamie! this is the confirmation we need the scripture Mark 11;23 is the one we say while praying for a miracle , Also we have seen a miracle of our lord through a stranger today that proves God is the miracle worker an we believe this couple was brought to us to see miracles can be ,God bless you ,Jamie please keep praying bad neighbor, removed forever, Allen

      .*💗TAKE CARE💗*.

    13. Yes very much so!
      Thank you 🙏🏻

    14. Amen and amen.. Thank you for this divine prophetic words sister in Christ..
      I believe, I trust Almighty God is perfecting, restoring, accelerating every area of my life and destiny now.. He’s also exposing the schemes and plans of the enemies..
      He’s fighting all my battles and victory, breakthroughs, harvest, increase, marriage, blessings, divine favor, mercy, miracles, signs and wonders are my portions in Jesus Mighty name..
      He’s also using me as a living sacrifice and an altar to my family, friends for the glory of his name. Hallelujah, I am excited to everything the Lord is doing in my life. I totally surrender my heart and life to him.
      Thank you Jesus.

    15. Thank you for this motivation. I agree that this is my word from God. I receive and declare that every prayer come to pass. All my lost time and finances, are coming back hundred fold in Jesus Name
      Thank you Lord. AMEN

    16. Mrs. Sherly Dsouza says:

      Praise God.. I speak this word that I received in the mail, which was the MOST appropriate moment,. Sister Jamie, you speak for me always thru God’s wisdom. I required this very same word. Undoubtedly God is using you mightily and building my faith stronger. I love you Jesus.
      Love you Sis Jamie

    17. Jacob Gomes says:

      Very much inspired with your words indeed. Presently I have not job and prayed for Good Job. Beside this have facing some family conspiracies .Please pray for me. Jacob Gomes

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