Prophetic Word: Dreams That Were Violently Stolen Are Being Restored

LIVE webinar: How to Speak In Tongues | June 26, 2024

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comHave you had a dream violently stolen from you? If so, the Lord showed me today that He is restoring your dream and making it happen BETTER than you ever could have imagined before.

This is what I saw:

I saw a dream you have had for many years suddenly come to fruition. This dream was a thing that you used to dream about silently, but you began to talk about it openly in 2016 and 2017. You thought it was going to happen then; you were led to believe it would happen then.

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    However, I specifically saw that, in 2017, your dream was violently stolen from you.

    It was stolen in a most unholy manner, by people who claimed to be of God—but they did not operate in the Spirit of Christ. It was stolen by people who operated in a spirit of control and could not allow you to outshine them, or to shine at all. It was stolen by a person who wanted to use you for his own benefit; who did not have the heart of God for you.

    And when you realized that your dream had been stolen, you wiped the dust off your feet, blessed God for delivering you from the evil one, and walked away from the ashes.

    But now, the Lord wants you to know that He is bringing things full-circle.

    What the enemy meant for evil, God is turning around for your good. It has taken all these years, but one step you have taken recently is leading to the restoration of all things—BETTER than they ever could have been before. 

    You did have to step out in faith, however.

    Even in this, God is teaching you:

    • Teaching you the necessity of being aggressive in taking His blessings for your life with spiritual and practical fervor (Matthew 11:12);
    • Teaching you how He rewards boldness;
    • Teaching you the power of the favor He has placed upon your life.

    You took a risk in order to step out and reclaim this stolen dream, but the risk you took was from the Lord. He showed you this by rising up to meet you at the point of your faith, which is the point of your risk.

    The dream the enemy stole violently from you has been restored to you.

    This is something you have fasted and prayed over for many years, and it is now coming full-circle. This gift will be a marvelous blessing to you, and will change your life forever. A new anointing and fire will come upon you as this gift from the Lord—the gift of a dream restored—comes to completion, and you will immediately walk in a higher level of authority as the new mantle of the Lord settles upon your shoulders.

    Is this word for you? If Holy Spirit is speaking this word directly to you in your heart today, leave a comment below! 



    1. Vihelieii says:

      Hi Jamie, thank you always, yes today’s prophetic word is for me. I know God will restore everything what have been stolen from me by the enemy, the God I trust is greater, powerful, mighter and everything is in His Control, may His name be glorified in everything and through me. Amen.

      1. G MONTSHO says:

        I receive the prophesy in Jesus name

        1. Thank, thank you in Jesus name. I take it. Amen. May God bless you and keep you.

        2. Carmenita says:

          Hi Jamie yes this word is for me the enemy has been stealing from me for years now I just can’t get anywhere in life but thank you for letting me know that God is still listening 🙏 to my prayers always stay the beautiful soul that u are and stay blessed

        3. Wow target! Hubby lost job at a
          church do to restructure. Sr pastor resigned youth pastor lead now . He hired his friends. I spare i you more details . He found a job for less then half the salary because of age and too experienced. God has been providing however it has been tough long journey.

        4. Amen this is for me I dream by 2016 2017 Ita happened in my life Thank you God he restore all by his grace and mercy

        5. I am truly amazed how you stood up and reminded me of my dream. At that time I went into pause mode because I didn’t want to sin against them. I was also very afraid of what happened to me because I thought I misinterpreted what God wanted of me. And yes I did forget my dream. And it’s all true what you said how the enemy attacked me but this time I said again, I am not going to drop my prayers and bible reading and everything. This time I won’t be side tracked. My dream is to help addicts. My son and two daughters are addicts and I wanted a mission of hope or something in the middle of where they walk and do there thing. Those living on streets and my son is this last year regularly thrown on the street by this old man who is a truck driver and gives me the creeps. He is driving with him on the road. My son is 24. And I do not accept this arrangement. I never did. But as always doing something about it was always taken out of my hand. Nobody cared to help me. Not even the church. Funny though through all of this I saw the need of things to be changed. People of addicts needs real hope. All of this is more about money and nothing about helping. Jesus have already paid at the cross. Poor people do not have money for expensive rehabs. Jesus is all the help they need. Amen
          Thank you so much.
          May the Lord bless you and keep you. Always. Amen

          1. Southerner says:

            I’m not sure the exact year this happened but it was probably about 7 years ago which means it would have been 2016 or maybe 2017 so this is very accurate. I left my church of 30 years because the pastor had a controlling nature and didn’t want anyone to outshine him. I even SAID out loud (not to the pastor) I was wiping the dust off my feet because I felt like I could not see progress in my life because being there was stifling me. I looked but I still haven’t found a permanent church. I know dreams were stolen from me but the pastor still goes on like nothing happened. I know because when I tried a different church
            that same pastor, who has since retired from the first church, started guest preaching at the new church, and I can see he hasn’t changed a bit. I feel like he’s following me from place to place which I know technically isn’t true but how else can I feel when he is always around and still doing hurtful things. I feel a spirit of oppression when around him. I know in my heart he also drove away the worship leader who had a true anointing, and the leaders family, because they were all talented and anointed musicians and worshippers and they were getting more attention because the congregation loved them…I did forgive him and had started healing once I left the church but does that mean he must remain in my life even now? I’ve always been respectful towards him no matter what because he was my pastor. But he’s become toxic to me and to my family. He’s not who he pretends to be around VIP’s and people who have clout that he wants to impress; he puts on an act, and he’s completely different…Thank you for praying 🙏🏻

          2. Christian Lady says:

            I don’t know how long ago you left your comment here but I will say a prayer for your children (and for you). My heart goes out to you as I have 3 grown children also.
            I hope things have gotten better for your family since, but whether they have yet or not, God is for you, and for them also, and things will start changing for the best because God is always faithful.

          3. Beth Jones says:

            There is hope out there for all addicts. Of course in the Lord through the power of Holy Spirit there is always the miraculous. I believe Teen Challenge is still doing their life and soul saving work. See about contacting them. I will be praying for you and for your children.

      2. Patricia Sambo says:

        I receive the prophesy in Jesus name

      3. Tess White says:

        Thank you dear Jamie! This word is like you are writing our biography, encapsulated with prophetic words from others woven throughout, which had been given in Dec., 2017, as my husband was violently attacked with a massive hemorrhagic stroke, and we fought for his life. We had many people who said they were our brothers in Christ beforehand, come against me, and continued 59 days later when he was discharged from the hospital and rehabilitation center. Even his family threatened us because they didn’t like our witness for Christ.
        This has been a very painful journey and frankly a nightmare at times, but our Lord Jesus and Father God have been so faithful, and Holy Spirit has led, guided, and directed us to this point.
        We have been waiting for this breakthrough and praise God, He has used you to encourage us, and to press through.
        God Bless You, dear Sister, as this is so amazing to hear this from you as you are used to release The Heart of God. All Glory to Abba Father!

      4. Amen Jamie. Thank you for your obedience. This word is truly a blessing this morning and confirmation of victory over some things that took place personally back in 2016 and spiralled for years. Since this month has come in I have felt a shift for the better. Your ministry has been a blessing to my family! Thank you Jesus!

      5. theresina.maltaus says:

        This word is for me I receive it and I take it in Jesus’ Name.

      6. Patricia S Hatcher-Jones says:

        Yes, this word is speaking to me. Thank you for the encouragement.

      7. Yes, Jamie I believe God is restoring my dream of being a successful Turnaround Manager at Dow Chemical and no devil in hell will stop me from being successful again. Praise God and Thank You, Jesus.

      8. Yes, Yes God is restoring it today, This Prophetic Word is for me.. I receive it & claim it Everthing the have stolen must be restored in Jesus Name..

    2. caroline naidoo says:

      amen amen amen restoration of all things including health wealth joy peace love family celebration upgrades…all things

      1. Yes Jamie. I know deep in my spirit the word is for me and i receive it to manifest; all for His glory.Thank you Jesus

    3. Hi Jamie,

      That dream is for and I believe and receive every word of it in Jesus name. Amen amen amen 🙏🏽. Thank you Lord.

      Thank you.


    4. Dr. Torise Hiller says:

      Thank you so much for your leadership and writing this was such a blessing and really needed on today at this moment at this moment in this hour. I needed to be reminded of WHO I am And that MY LIFE is Coming FULL CIRCLE. GOD BLESS U

      1. Glory to the highest King,what satan meant to destroy instead God change it for my own Good.Amen Jesus Name.

      2. I receive my restoration in Jesus name

    5. Thank you Jamie, this is very encouraging.

    6. Yolanda Smith says:

      I connect in faith and come in agreement with this prophetic word and received it today in the powerful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen Amen Amen

    7. Nadia Slater says:

      Good morning 🌄 Jamie, I am so blessed to have you in my life, I know that God is answering my prayers and I will continue to pray for you and your family, I am so blessed by your teachings and this word is for me I have been seeking God for his word and I’ll get my life back together with God help.thank you for your dedication and your teachings 💖🙏

      1. Stephanie says:

        Hi Jamie, Good morning!!! What a powerful word we receive today!!! This is yet more confirmation of how God is moving and working all things out for good!!!! Amen!!!! Thank you!!!!

    8. Thank you for obedience to God. This word is for me and I receive it. I also receive the one about honor! That was so powerful. God bless you Jaime!!

    9. Jearlene Dixon says:

      Amen!!! I receive this prophetic word and I give God all the Glory Honor and Praise for what he is doing in Jesus name ! God Bless You and Your family Jamie 👏🏾🙏🏾

    10. Lashaunda❤ says:

      Good Morninhg Jamie🌄
      It’s funny how you say the years 2016 and 2017 yes those were my trying years.
      I know God never forgot me…and thank you for the reminder…
      Blessings to you your family your ministry

    11. Annanson John says:

      After 23years, some Nigerians I ministered to, one of them have found me on messenger and he said, “”JOHN I WILL FIXED YOU”! Just yesterday around 7:25PM!
      Yesterday, after 23years and after about a week of leaving a message, since I was off grid.
      Hallelujah Amen! Prophetic precision and accuracy for me, here! Talking about 2016 and 2017 and so called “men of God” friends, I am better off without a word. It is sufficient that God has chosen to reveal these things of my life to you Prophetess Jamie, so many thousands of miles away, in such a picturesque manner. Hallelujah.
      Prophetess Jamie 1Cor15:58/Heb6:10. Thank you really.

      1. Judith Makunga says:

        Thank you Jamie I receive the prophesy may it be unto me as the Lord has promised.

    12. I receive the prophecy in Jesus’ Name

      1. Southerner says:

        Jamie, I absolutely receive this prophetic message for my life, and for my family, as part of the previous mess years ago affected them too. The years you listed were pretty accurate!…Thank you!

    13. Brittne Aigne' Epps says:

      I receive that this Word is tailor made for me and I am sowing into this specific WORD now. Thank YOU ABBA🙏🙏💕

    14. Mbah John Ogbonna says:

      Thank you lord for restoring my dream, i return all the glory, all praise to you o Lord… Prophetess jamie, thanks for the prophetic words, God bless you.

    15. As I began to read, the first thing that came to mind was my husband. He passed away Sept 4, 2017. It was sudden & unexpected. Last year I was at a conference & a speaker veered way off her topic to tell us that the lives of many people in the Kingdom have been stolen. It is the enemy who steals, kills & destroys. Holy Spirit tapped me on the shoulder & said “He was one.” We had a rocky marriage but we served faithfully in pursuit of Kingdom agenda. Things were just starting to turn around when he died and I remember collapsing over his body crying to the Lord, “This was not the promise, God!” I believe that I will marry again & will manifest promises that God made. Glory be to God for His faithfulness! 🤣

    16. John Veldsman says:

      Good Day Jamie. Thank you for this wonderful Prophecy. The Prophecy regarding the Dream is accurate. All Glory unto the King of Kings for this Prophecy. I will rise up and do what the Father wants me to do. God bless.

    17. Amen! I receive this word in the name of Jesus!!! Blessings to you Woman of God🧡

    18. Rosetta Hargett says:

      PRAISE GOD!!! I receive this prophetic word in the name of Jesus!

    19. Thanks for the prophetic word. I’m still thinking over it, noting that yes in 2017 i did have a ‘violent’ turn around in my life indeed. It did bring me to stress, want, and untold anxieties. It changed the complexity of my life and how I perceived it. Years have past, and i’m not sure if I would like to complain about it, noting that I have survived this long by HIS grace, providence all coming to indeed meet me at points of need. I’m more celebratory because it has been a moment of celebration and preparation for testimony each day that evolves.

      Your message, however, saves as a reminder on how the journey has been from that dark day, and how to date HIS presence in my life allows for me to say, thank you Heavenly Father. Your works are always amazing, and I will never doubt anything that comes from you because it comes with your blessings. Amen.

    20. I receive this word in the name of Jesus and excited for restoration! Blessings dear sister!

    21. Thank you Jamie so much for that word I received and believe God is turning things around in Jesus name Amen. I felt every word in my heart may God continue to Bless you with his words for us . Enjoy your day.

    22. I received this prophecy in Jesus Name!

    23. Lord am ready for the restoration.Make me whole for only you can do what no man can do.

    24. He is in the business of restoring the years the locust has eaten. He is just. Standing firm that every cent, every dream, every prodigal relationship will be restored according to His promises of biblical restitution. Receiving that word today.

    25. HALLELUJAH! I receive in Jesus’s Name!!! I also sowed toward the prophesy! Amen and Amen! Thank you so much Jamie!
      your sister-In-Christ,
      Angel Harris

    26. OH-GOD Jamie! it is like you came to me an whispered this in my ear ,for many,many years I carried my youth stolen from me when I was 6yrs. old an when I was an adult/married, We had been in a spot where we were happy old scars were healing, I trusted people again an then ,POW! we were side-lined at a job we take great pride in our work,ethnic, some,people who may never have known the Love of Christ we were sharing an then ,a certain group of people who stood to gain more then us were jealous because we did all for Christ not man an ended it , we left the job ,hoped we left a mark for the hurting an moved on, Thank-you,Jamie God Bless YOU!

    27. TC (another one) says:

      My dream was violently destroyed by ungodly and unjust acts from within the family. And I do believe the “dream” was given to me by the Lord.
      I have still been feeling great deal of pain, sorrow, and there is now suffering for the whole family because the destruction was so heavy.
      A lot of your word resonates; but in my specific situation the dates are different from your word. The destruction was several years before 2017 and the negative impact has still been very heavily upon the whole family. The family has been in earthly crisis. I have been asking for reversal and for restoration of our family.

    28. Prisca Simango Mwansa says:

      I receive the word of God for my life thank you Father GOD for restoration of my list dream, thank you that you are bringing things full circle and you are turning things around for my Good. You are meeting me at the point of my faith.
      Iam so excited and expectant of God doing. Hey hey hey, Jesus thank you.

    29. Elizabeth Winfree says:

      Yes, for me. For years I’ve wanted my own business but I didn’t know what – then I found I love helping people find who they are, walk away from their past that has into their planned-ordained future. When He lead me to a season of learning and I found a way to help, someone in power stopped me. But as you said-He said I was set free and am just now beginning to see light. This word was very timely. Thank you, Jamie

    30. Ntombi Muchuchuti says:

      This is so very true. I thank God for answers to prayer. Just completed a 21 day fast for my breakthrough and restoration, thank you Jamie! Praise be unto God!

    31. Hallelujah!! I receive these prophetic words in the name of Jesus.

    32. Yes, in 2017-2018 I had to walk away from some people that never truly supported my dreams. It left me defeated! I have tried to figure out my next step and have taken small steps to get back on the path to fruition but feel exhausted and wrong about every step I take. Thank you for this!

    33. Friday Idise says:

      Thank you Lord for your faithfulness and your promise that you will never forsake or leave me.

      I claim my DREAMS THAT WERE VIOLENTLY STOLEN FROM ME in Jesus name Amen.


      1. Thank you for this prophetic word
        I fell it in Jesus name Amen.

    34. Lisa Bolden says:


    35. Henrietta says:

      Thank YOU LORD! I receive this word in Jesus name! AMEN!

      Thank you Jamie for sharing this message!

    36. Thank you Lord my dream was violently stolen from me in 2017. I thank you Lord for this restoration…. Amen

    37. Chuks Okorie says:

      I receive these prophetic words in Jesus name. Thank you so much. God bless you.

    38. Temi Michelle Anokwu says:

      Yes thank you for this word it’s for me,I receive back all dreams that were stolen from me, in the name of Jesus Christ.
      The word about promotion is a confirmation from. What was said in my local church on Sunday. God bless you

    39. Tracy Kelley says:


      1. Emma obeng- Tuudah says:

        Thank you Jamie,
        Everything you said is soo true about me. Like Mary, I say, Iam God’s child may it happen to me as you have said.

    40. SHIRLEY TYSON says:

      Your word was confirmation and so on point until I had to read it several times in order for it to sink in. Thank you for the awesome gift God has given you to bless those of us seeking answers in our walk of faith. You are God sent and I will definitely be sending you a donation. I will follow your posts on a daily basis because since I have been reading them, they have been a blesssing to my spirit. I am getting clarity and understanding pertaining to the areas God has been dealing with me about.

    41. Lydia Joe says:

      I receive this prophetic word in the mighty name of Jesus. Yes i emembered 2016 had a big dream to have my owns home and my plan was to build a small mansion on 1hacter and yesterday i dreamt my sister and her husband had a big mansion with good finishing i asked myself where did they get money to build this house? I hope this is a fullfillment of my dreams that i am going to own my home as i planned. Either build with my own hands or to my husband to be. Amen

    42. Raylene Pauw says:

      Hi Jamie
      Thank you so much for this word and yes this word speaks directly to me, the enemy has stolen so much from me and I do trust and believe God is restoring everything back to me in Jesus Name.
      God is faithful and will never fail me that I know for sure.
      God bless you Jamie 🙏❤🤗

    43. Sally Petterlin says:

      Hi Jamie. The moth of October my husband and I started building our house after standing for 4 years, since .2016.
      Now I’m believing to build it debt free.

    44. Mrs Sherly Dsouza says:

      Praise God !!Lord Thank you for restoration and your prophesy that’s so true for me.I claim the Lords plan for my stolen dreams to be realistic thru sister Jamie’s prophesy.

    45. It is time … Thank you Father!
      God bless you Jamie

    46. Amen. Amen. Amen it is so it is Done. Grateful for the prophetic word as the Holy Spirit speaks through you In the Mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


    47. Rebecca Jones says:

      I believe this is so true for me. The restoration is coming and I believe He is too. There are way too many people given to self righteousness and violence.

    48. Glynis Abrahams says:

      I can only say thank you Lord Jesus.When I read it ,it was like I was going back in time just as it truly happened. Yes I walked awy know that what I felt truly was from God.Yes it all hsplen in the year 2017.
      May the lord Himself bless His ministry., I have no dorfs but to say let the lord be magnified today and always.

    49. Hi Jamie ,
      Everything you said is happening in my life its all being restored in amazing ways! Thank you for this confirmation ! God Bless you richly !!! Glory and Honor to our King🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    50. Crystal hill says:

      Hi Jamie I received this message in Jesus name may God reveal all my breakthroughs in the name of Jesus

    51. This words just speaks so much to my heart…… was exactly that time (2016/2017) when that big dream I had was completely stole. Praise the Lord for this, I know he wanted me to read this in this very hour! Thank you Jamie for sharing this word! I take it by faith in Jesus name! Amen, amen, amen!

    52. Thanks Jamie. I believe I receive a fresh new anointing and fire for these dreams. I have the gift of music and I’m ready to serve my Lord and bring Him so much Glory!!! Hallelujah!!! So be it!

      1. Gail Segars Rainey says:

        Sister Jamie,
        I receive this message from God through you. I have read others’ comments and it is amazing how so many of us have been hurt by our own families. But we understand that the devil, the prince of this world, comes to steal and destroy our dreams, but God has already won the victory. These trials just make us stronger and bolder disciples of Jesus. Thank you for listening to God’s word to you at 1:00 a.m. and then sharing with us.

    53. I humbly receive this gift in Jesus name. Thank you Papa God and God bless you Jamie.

    54. Angela Richardson says:

      Amen I receive this Word you are talking directly to me. I am going to sow on this Word in Jesus name.

    55. Bi Jamie, thank you and bless you for this word.
      This word is an encouragement and such a blessing to me. I was granted a farm back in 2013 and then in 2016 there was a plot to move me out of that farm. Finally, this was granted to someone else in 2019, however the Lord said to me that I will come across that farm once more as I walk through the path he had set for me.
      I believe and I receive this word. I thank the Lord for trusting you with this word.
      Much more blessings.

    56. i thank God that He loves me so much, in deed this is my month of restoration. may the Lord continuously use you for his glory

    57. John Akeem Shomade says:

      I receive the restoration prophetic word in totality and the new mantle & fire to soar into new height.
      Thank you .

      1. Mary Josephine says:

        Hello Jamie,
        This prophetic word is so accurate even down to the years my dream was stolen from me. I have almost forgotten about my dream, rather, let it die!
        Yes, it is exactly how you described how it happened. I was heart broken then.
        I am awed when I read your prophecy, had to read it over and over to let it sink in.
        I am so grateful to Jesus, everything I have lost I know He will recover it all and above for me.
        I am excited and waiting with expectation to see finally my dream comes true!
        Yes Lord, so be it. Amen.

    58. Joyce Senyo says:

      This prophetic message is for me and take it in Jesus’s Name. Amen

    59. Dearest Jamie,
      I praise The Lord God in the Mighty Name of The Lord Jesus. Glory to Our Yeshua.
      This is confirmation of what The Holy Spirit spoke to me today. He led me to read this just now. The Lord is soooo good, 🙂
      I believe and receive this word and all the blessings in Jesus’s Name.

    60. Kahn Johnson says:

      Thank You Jesus!!!! To God be the Glory!!!

      Yes, I am being restored and my dreams are being restored as I speak. I have taken a risk. I am moving back to Tennessee from California to care for my mother. I asked for you to pray that I receive my Doctorate in California and I got it!!! Thank You Jesus!!! Starters to go on the next journey in California building my career. The Lord had other plans. The plans are for me to move back to TN and care for my mother. In the process, I was hired in Tennessee before I have even moved back. I recited 3 positions!!! I have choices!! Thank You Jesus! I even have a husband to be in Tennessee as my fiancé is in Tennessee as well.

      I resigned from my job in California on November 3, 2020. The Lord has been opening doors before then and He continues to open doors !!!

      I am elated that I feel His presence and guidance! I am elated that I yearn for Him, time with Him, own personal time with Him. I am excited that I carve out time eith Him and He meets me in that time and His blessings continue to follow from the Communion with Him. It’s getting to the point that I want Him every second. I want to feel Him and gear Him all the time! I just love it!!!

      Yes, my dreams are being restored beyond what I could ever think!!

      To God be the Glory!!

      Keep being obedient Jamie!!
      You bless me greatly!!

      Kahn Johnson

    61. Patricia Huff says:

      Hi Jamie,
      Thank you so much for being obedient to God’s voice and feeding his sheep. I appreciate you…this is certainly a confirmation from God for he promise restoring what the enemy had stolen from my life.

      Pat Huff

    62. Thank you Jamie. God has seen my pain and I have never given-up. I want to Thank God for his promises. Be blessed.

    63. Jyoti Khajekar says:

      Thank you Jamie for posting this, Yes indeed my dream is stolen and i am very happy that the Lord is bringing it to the full circle and that he wants us really to live life in the richness of Christ and not in a substandard way. HE wants us to have the best. Thank you Lord for bringing all my hearts desires and dreams to pass 🙂

    64. Amrit kour says:

      Dear Jamie…I want to know about my academic career…I’m persuing C’s executive and my exam are upcoming in this December..your advice is very accurate ..I want to know about my job opportunities.. please inform me

    65. Thank you God for this prophetic message… For over decades of year I have prayed for marriage and producing twins and this my time . I reclaim my dream to restore in Jesus Name. Before June next year’ I command my marriage to happen in Jesus Name. Amen.

    66. I receive it by faith in Jesus name. Amen

    67. Yea! This word is for me. So valid and timely. I receive it just as it is in Jesus Mighty Name. I believe that the dream is coming to manifest. Thank You Jesus. Thanks prophet Jamie. You really bless my life. May God continue blessing you, family and all the work that you do for His glory. Amen

    68. Prophecy received 100% in Jesus’s name!

      Awesome, powerful, Thank you so much.

    69. Maika Kamikamica says:

      God never leaves me or forsake me.
      Thank you Father for the restoration of that dream, to be a successful business man for the advancement of your Kingdom.
      Thank you Jamie for the word🙂 be blessed.

    70. This is a word for me its amazing how precise it is. In 2016 my boss left and i was asked to Act in the position. For 9 months that i acted, i prayed and fasted and sowed seed for the position, only to be told that i came second best. In 2017 new boss joined and left within a year. I acted again for 2 years and did not get the position.
      I believe on this sure word of prophecy and receive my promotion in Jesus Name!!!!

    71. Shamiso Abuka says:

      I receive this is my spirit, my mind and my heart. Thank you Jamie and thank you always my Yahweh, Abba Father 🌸❤️🌸❤️🌸

    72. Grace and Peace in the Name of Jesus!

      This WORD is for me — with all the details therein. I was in awe when I read it, I shared it with my husband and he was smiling. The Lord is so so so faithful and true, He used you to release this WORD to encourage me- right on point ! He is so good and His mercy endures forever. THANK YOU JAMIE!
      May He continue to use you mightily for His glory and Honor in Jesus Name!

      Richest blessings! In His love!

    73. SHIRLEY TYSON says:

      I receive this word from the Lord. It is in direct alignment with what has happened in my life. God opened my eyes and through His revelation, He revealed how my dream was being stolen. One morning the Spirit of God said “I am restoring your joy and your peace.” Since that time I have experienced His joy and peace like I have not known in times past. Through all the challenges that have happened, God has been teaching me to TRUST Him. Thank you again for this word of confirmation. I will be sending you a seed offering. Your ministry is a blessing to my heart. I feel Luke God is speaking directly to me as I read your blogs.

    74. Kimberly Walker says:


    75. Jamie, I claim this prophecy in the mighty name of God Almighty, the Son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. I will therefore walk , swim and possessed this prophecy to the Glory of God. To this effect, I claim my sperd of light and exponential Restoration, Total Freedom in its entirety and full and speedy award of all PUNITIVE DAMAGES due me , in the name Jesus Christ my Lord and Personal Saviour. AMEN AND AMEN. Thank you Abba Father, than you Jesus Christ and thank you Holy Spirit. AMEN

    76. I pray this is for me. 13 years. Joseph season pretty much. Thank you Jamie, blessings to all, and especially those who’ve been beaten up and jealously stolen from. Amen.

    77. Leunida Ambalu says:

      God’s word is timely
      I have had very big dreams about what God’s promising to lift me from one glory to another.
      God keeping me in good health and prosperity.
      This is the month of my testimony..
      God I surrender to you as I ask you to increase as I decrease.

    78. Deirdre Danna says:

      Amen! I receive this prophesy in Jesus Christ name.

    79. Amen I receive this word in the name of Jesus. Thank you God and Jamie 🙏🏾🙌🏿🤗

      1. Angela Richardson says:

        Amen I receive this word

    80. TGBATG! Yes this prophetic word is for me! I am believing God that I will recover my losses and that God will honor my steps to transition my life for his will

    81. Hi Jamie. This prophetic word is for me. The enemy stole my dreams but God will restore everything. That dream that he stole God will make it happen.

    82. Hi Jamie,
      A few months ago the LORD sent someone to tell me that what I have been going thru all these years is because of the thief – John 10:10. Thank you for this Powerful Word. In the Holy Name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Amen. Thank you LORD and thank you Jamie.

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