Prophetic Word: “You Are Earning Your Promotion,” Says the Lord

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Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comIn the Spirit, I saw many people taking a sudden interest in things they had long been putting off and avoiding. Things were coming together quickly and easily for them for the first time, and their hearts were fully invested in what they were doing.

I also saw in the Spirit that the Lord was providing for everything they needed.

Old obstacles, some of them over fourteen years old, suddenly fell away. Conflicts were nonexistent. Peace and anointing reigned as they took the proverbial reins of various projects and work assignments.

And I heard the Lord say:

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    “You are earning your promotion!”

    He continued by saying:

    “You have long been doing your best, but you have been intimidated by projects that seemed too great for you. You have been putting things off and putting things off, making them bigger in your own head than they ever were in reality.

    But suddenly, My Spirit of craftsmanship settled upon you and undid the work of the enemy. All of a sudden, you found yourself ABLE–and more than that, well able to do what you needed to do.

    [mv_video doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” jsonLd=”true” key=”uj69wtx0xmthpofa7ziv” ratio=”16:9″ thumbnail=”” title=”Believe (And Remind God) That Promotion Comes From Him Alone” volume=”70″] 

    It is My Spirit who has done this for you, and it is a permanent change,” says the Lord.

    “Now that you have invested your heart, you will not be able to go backward. You have tasted and have seen My goodness at work in your life, obliterating obstacles and making a way for you where you were too overwhelmed before.

    Your stewardship is pleasing to Me,” the Lord said. “I have been waiting a long time for the time to be right to speak with you about this. The time has not been right before; there were other things that required My attention in your life, and it would have been too much for you to deal with it all at that time. 

    But now, you have done so much work that I can take you where you have been praying to go all these years. And the changes you are making are part of the last step toward your promotion!”

    “I have heard your cry,” the Lord says.

    I have seen the longings in your heart. I have felt your tears fall upon My lap as you wept for so many nights. I have seen the pain you have endured, and through it all you stayed strong.

    That season is over, My child. You have confronted many issues and brought them out into the open, where they belong. You will continue to work on these things, as you should; but know that the hardest part is over.

    Never forget that I am light and do not dwell in darkness.

    I cannot move in a thing when you refuse to admit that you need help; when you refuse to let Me access it. For a long time, you refused to acknowledge your true need, thinking somehow that your denial was holier than admitting the truth. But, it was not. Remember that I am the Truth, so only truth represents Me well.

    You thought the two whirlwinds in your life were unrelated, but actually healing the one brought healing to the other as well.

    Visible things always reflect the invisible. It is a principle of My Kingdom that you would do well to learn. The outside always reflects the inside, both literally and symbolically. So when I healed one, healing was reflected in the other as well. When I brought order to the inside, that order began to reflect on the outside.

    You have no idea what I have for you, but your stewardship is making you ready.

    Never forget that everything is Mine. Everything was made for and by Me, and without Me nothing was made. This means that I control the destiny of those who walk with Me; the steps of a good person are ordered by the Lord (Psalm 37:23).

    And because everything belongs to Me, nothing is impossible and all things are possible. Because everything is Mine, I order it and bestow it where I choose. I am the One who lifts one up and brings another down; I am He who promotes you.

    Your stewardship was a necessary part of your journey.

    I need you to practice it awhile, forming new habits that will never leave you, but I want you to know this: 

    You are going to be dynamite.

    My child, My son, My daughter, you are amazing and I adore you. I have made you for Myself, to be My own chosen one–My own purchased possession.

    You are My inheritance and My portion. So, believe Me when I tell you that I know your DNA better than you know it. As My child, you carry My DNA, and no one knows Me except for I Myself.

    And since I am the only One who knows My own DNA, I am the only Person who knows your DNA, too!

    Why else do you think I will be giving you a new name, which I Myself have named–a name that no one knows except for Me? (Revelation 2:17) It is because I, and only I, know you–and My child I will not share with another.

    My thoughts about you are pure and righteous, and I will not tolerate any thoughts but My own thoughts to be in you. Believe what I say about you; I am the only One who knows!

    That said, I reiterate: You are going to be dynamite!

    I have more in store for you than you can ask or think. I have amazing things that I want to do for you; places I want to take you; anointings you can’t even imagine yet! The best part of all is that I am going to get you there! Believe Me; believe that I am for you; and believe that I can and will help you!

    People will see you and marvel.

    They will see Me and wonder in awe at what I have done through you and for you. You have already seen this happen to some extent, but it is going to happen more. And on this journey, you will take others with you! You are only the beginning; what I will do through you has far-reaching consequences.

    You have no idea who you are pulling with you,” says the Lord.

    People are watching you from afar, but you don’t even know they are watching. Nevertheless, they are. That is because you are a changer, a pioneer; you have the DNA I gave you to break through, break out, and break into the destiny I have for you–and to bring others with you. 

    The breakthrough I am bringing you is for yourself first, because I love you. However, after that, it is for everyone.

    One man can change a generation. One woman can change a generation, and one child can change a generation. Your circumstances are not too small to bring change!

    Start in your prayer closet, but branch out from there. Do outside of your prayer closet what I have led you to do inside of it. Continue with the process of changing on the inside and reflecting it on the outside. Know that I am doing this for you because I love you, and know that your change is impacting your whole community and changing people you don’t even know.

    I love you, My child. You are right where I want you to be as long as you are walking in holiness.

    You walk with Me, and I will keep you. I am your Father who loves you best and knows you best too. I am good, and you are the apple of My eye.


    Your Abba Daddy God.”

    Beloved, if this word about earning your promotion hits home with you, please leave a comment below!


    1. Amen and amen! I receive this word, Jamie!

      1. Gail Segars Rainey says:

        Sister Jamie:
        What a POWERFUL WORD FROM ABBA THROUGH YOU. Yes, yes, yes, I receive and it gives me much JOY IN THE LORD whom I know loves me. It really is good to be truly loved (agape). There is no other kind and I pray that I shall evermore live with that kind of love for others in my heart. However, there is another part of my personality (as in Jesus) who has the LION OF JUDAH in her heart over those things which must be brought into the light and cannot be silent about. Not time for Jesus’ Ekklesia to be silent. I cannot be silent or inactive or apathetic about our wicked culture which can only be turned with the power of Holy Spirit firing each of His believers into ACTION! Thank you, Jamie. One of my promotions is going to be my getting God’s money back into my hands for such a time as this!!! God bless you on HYSTERICALLY HISTORICAL ELECTION DAY! P.S. Hearing BRIDGE,FEED MY SHEEP, WATCHMAN, PRAISE & WORSHIP, INTERCESSOR

        1. Hi Jamie! I am much blessed and moved by the words Papa God is revealing through you. my faith and spirit is highly lifted, because of the LOVE that Abba has bestowed upon me. I believe and receive each word and meditate on it daily so long as I live. God bless you as you continue touching more souls.

        2. Thank You, I believe And I receive this Blessing.

        3. Amanda Nachalwe says:

          I am blessed with this word.Indeed the Holy Spirit has the Truth of our God because in the back of my mind i kept saying since am the champion for the month in our sales team at work for my first time since a year of working there i will move from a champion to something greater because God is real.Sisters and Brothers pray for me that this word keeps manifesting in my spirit and physical.Has sister Jamie propetically said “Continue with the process of changing on the inside and reflecting it on the outside. Know that I am doing this for you because I love you, and know that your change is impacting your whole community and changing people you don’t even know.” My change has begun.Amen

      2. theresina Maltaus says:

        how can I thanks that real so real God of ours!
        IPraise him higher and higher for his love care and all the rest.
        Ithank Him more and more, no more word to say after what he said through you>
        I thank You Jamie
        Be blessed.

      3. theresina Maltaus says:

        I am experience what he said

      4. Temwa Nyirenda says:

        What a powerful word sister Jamie .May the good Lord bless you

      5. Gloria Dios, que asi sea

    2. Anonymous says:

      I receive this Word ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Judith Makunga says:

        I receive the prophetic word Jamie.Thank you for sharing with me.

    3. Babylin Salazar says:

      How amazing this word Jamie I now experiencing this believe me I was shock because all words here you’ve told are true and living I am living… Oh Halleluiah Glory to God Thank you Father God for doing a transformation in my life

    4. Lenora Masters says:

      Thank you dear Jamie! I receive this word with all my heart! God bless you!
      Lenora ❤️🙏🕊

    5. Kimberly Walker says:

      Thank you Jamie for this word from the Lord! Yes it was for me and spoke to me!!!! I thank you for your diligent work in the Lord and for His Kingdom!!!!

    6. Linda Sulak says:

      Thank you so much for this beautiful word! I receive it all, in JESUS name. Thank you LORD! What a wonderful birthday gift! My heart’s desire!

    7. Danielle Bulloch says:

      All I can say is……WOW! Definitely an on time WORD!

    8. April McCullough says:

      I believe this Word for my life this day! God is not done! He has me in this place for a purpose! I settle on this today and believe it in my heart!

    9. anonymous. says:


    10. Wow!!! I truly desire to be a craftmanship I’ve been waiting to do this. I’ve been praying asking God to help me concerning my business and I want to do it the right way. God is really speaking!!!! Just the other day I drove passed the 18 wheeler truck on the side of it said “Design Craftmanship” 😊 It blew my mind. Thabk you lord for speaking through Jamie!!!

    11. Thank you abba Father, thank you Holy spirit for this revelation. Amen to it and l receive it. God bless you Jamie.

    12. Yes and Amen, Jamie!!! A Word straight from The Lord and right on time… speaking directly to me also! Thank you for this encouragement to give me the boost needed to keep going stronger and more focused!

    13. Priscilla says:

      God Bless you woman of God.
      As I read it with tears coming down my face all I could say is Thank you Lord My Heavenly Father for the true word of God.
      When God knows your DNA that is so special and he is so close to me.
      I Love the Lord he heard my Cry.
      You listen to God and spoke the word.
      Hallelujah thank you Jesus.
      Be Blessed thank you for Gods word.

      1. Benita M. Ball says:

        thank you Jamie and I recieve this in Jesus name.

    14. I receive this word in the name of Jesus! Amen, amen, amen!!

    15. linda harrison says:

      Amen, Praise the Lord

    16. Jamie I thank you for this for I needed this so much today it inspires me and keeps me through the days I need prayers my family some salvation some repentance my son and I all of us financial prayers jobs better paying jobs some that need to hold on and keep jobs the homeless the hungry ones with no vehicles our country I could go on thank you

    17. Lovedelia says:

      Thank you Lord, for speaking into my life!!!!
      I believe this word is for me,

    18. I Receive it!
      Amen and Amen
      Woman of God Jamie I feel so blessed just reading your scripture I am so overwhelmed you are truly blessed to have this anointing to draw millions to come to God To come to Jesus Wow!

    19. Thank you Abba!!!
      This is a confirmation of your word to me ,Lord.
      God Bless You, Jamie.

    20. Lucretia Wingate says:

      Amen 🙏🏾. Thank you Father 😊😊🙌💞💕 I received that word.

      1. GENEVIVE ETTAH says:

        Lord I believe every word You have spoken to me, Lord I give thanks and praise because Your has a self fulfilling power to produce in my life.
        I love You Father God.

    21. Elo Ajise says:

      Amen and amen!! Thank You Heavenly Father!
      Thank you and God bless all that concerns you, Jamie!✝️🙏🏾💕

    22. Thank you Jamie and all praises to the All Mighty Lord! 🙏🙏🙏❤️

    23. Stephanie says:

      Yes, yes, yes!!!! My Father God in Heaven!!! We receive this Word and we are expecting your favour in all that concerns us. To God be the Glory!!! Amen and Amen!!!!
      Be blessed Jamie!!!!
      You’re a mighty soldier in the Army of the Lord!!!!

      Love, peace and blessings…..💌❤

    24. Elizabeth Winfree says:

      Jamie, thank you. This is just more of what I’ve been hearing from the Father since “stepping out of the boat” last year. Goes along with the restoration He is bringing me into.

    25. Wow! Hi Jamie, Totally accurate, Just awesome and blown away by this prophetic word, really I am.

      I receive this.

      Praise The Lord of Lords Amen.

    26. Chuku Okorie says:

      ?Hello Jamie, thanks for these timely prophetic words. I receive them in the name of Jesus

    27. Glory to God. This Word is timely and a reflection of me now. God bless you Jjamie

    28. Rebecca Jones says:

      What a beautiful word, Jamie. And my blog theme is Taste And See November, so that stood out to me. Once we are enlightened, we must not go back. Who among us would crucify Him afresh?

      1. Amen I receive that word from Abbah Father.

    29. I received all In Jesus mighty name

    30. Being in the secret place with Papa God is starting to explode, what an awesome word, thank you Jamie, i receive it…

    31. I am encouraged by the words of Our Lord God. I am looking forward to to be obedient to His voice. I will go into my prayer room for a change.

    32. Lady Mascheria Perdue says:

      This word was for me. You see God has called me into the healing ministry. But it is teaching about how to keep ourselves healthy. I am a health coach and soon will be a Dr in Natual medicine. He is putting things together and it is really blowing my mind. And I thank him. Great word.

    33. I receive this word but what really hit my spirit was:
      “And on this journey, you will take others with you! You are only the beginning; what I will do through you has far-reaching consequences.”
      THIS journey I’m taking others with me!!!

    34. Shamiso Abuka says:

      Thank you Abba… and thank you Jamie! This word blew me away!!! I’ve been praying for these things and to read back my own prayers back to me from God?! I feel to cry!
      Amen and amen and amen! Glory be to God I receive this for me and my husband and my children! 🌸❤️🌸❤️🌸❤️

    35. I am in tears. I receive these words in Jesus name. The Spirit of the Lord leaps within me. Hope and joy fills me. God bless you Jamie.

    36. Brittne Aigne' Epps says:


    37. Maika Kamikamica says:

      Praise the Lord and I receive it in Jesus name.

    38. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      .WOW!!!!! What else can i say Jamie?I went through this yesterday.I am amazed How He works for me.. Lord Jesus..I am yours ,use me..

    39. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      My heart leaps with joy and i am in tears now…what else should i say Jamie.

    40. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      ♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏Praise God!Love you Dad,you are my Father.

    41. Gladys Mutungu says:

      Thank you Jamie. This word resonates with me. Thank you for sharing. I am so grateful.

      Love and blessings.

    42. Hello Jamie,

      I receive this word in Jesus name. I have been 5 years in my current job and Nov 2 was my workversary. I have been longing to hear God regarding the next phase of my life. I believe this word is for me as 5 is the number of Grace and 11 (Nov) is the number of new beginnings. I receive my new name endorsed by God. All that you described in the prophetic word coincides with the seasons I have been in.

      Best Regards,


    44. Jowanda Lucas says:

      Thank You Abba, I receive the promotion that You are giving me. To You be the glory,
      In Jesus name Amen

    45. Thank you Lord for your word. It has come at the right time. Am Soo down don’t know where to turn to or what to do. I receive your word Lord and I seal it with the blood of Jesus.

    46. Bless you Sister Jamie for imparting these wonderful words from our Savior.
      I received this message in the mighty name of Jesus Christ👏🏼🙌🏽🙏🏽

      your blog is a blessing


    48. Yes 🙌 conformation 🙏🙏

    49. Thank you I received this word. Please pray for me. I am facing eye surgery. Serious eye condition.

    50. Yes this word is true for me. I receive it now manifest in my life Ezekiel 3:8,9 and Isaiah 49:2. Yes Lord! Amen and Amen!

    51. Amen,
      Amen dear Sister, God bless you!

    52. Thank you sister in Christ, right on time for me at such a time as this. I am thankful and grateful for what God has been doing through me and the most unimaginable ventures(great works), He has for me according to 1 Cor. 2:9. I am His Pioneer and Changer and he is making me a better man in Him. God You so worthy of my PRAISE forever! Thanks again Jamie and many blessings to you. Amen

    53. Thank you for the Word,I receive it in Jesus Name.It came at a time I needed to hear it.I thank God for the confirmation of his word in my life.

    54. This wold is truly right on time. I just told somebody that I know I have been thrust so far from where I was that I feel like the door that I walk into has closed behind me so tightly….because I feel the conviction so strongly in my life when I find myself falling back into the old me. God has heard me cry out loud and put myself out there as the Holy Spirit interpretated my groanings. This word is truly for me and I receive it with thank you and Amen!!!

    55. wow Jamie!!! I’m so gobsmacked right now, God is amazing. Truly, truly amazing! thank you!

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