Prophetic Word for December

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Hey beloveds,

For the month of December 2020, I heard the Lord say:

1. In December, your mail will be smoking.

This applies both in the natural and in the spiritual realm. In December, the Lord wants to speak powerful prophetic words to you personally–in your own ears.

The Lord wants to give you original words in December, not just words from other prophets. Tune your ears to hear, and listen for the voice of the Lord with expectation. When you hear Him call you, say to Him, “Speak, Lord, for Your servant hears.”

Also, look for life-changing and vision-changing mail in the natural this December. The Lord is downloading new vision for your life, occupation, and ministry–and His letters are coming in the mail. Watch the mailbox!

2. The Lord says, “I am giving you some thunder back!”

I heard the Lord say, “I am giving you some thunder back. But take your time; in this period of rest, you have enhanced your capacity to carry My glory more than you know.

My glory is so hot, however, that it could sear you and burn you if you don’t get used to this level of glory slowly.

My thunder is My voice, resounding over you. My voice releases My power and strength into your very being. I have been speaking in a still, small voice over you all this time, for you were too weary to carry My thunder.

Now that you have rested, however, you are able to begin carrying My thunder again. So I am restoring it to you, one little bit at a time–in proportion to what you are able to carry. Keep resting and looking for more and more of My thunder over time, for it will not be long until you are able to carry the full amount.

3. In December, the Lord says, “Dig yourself out of the pit slowly, with lots of rest.”

I heard the Lord continue: “In learning to rest, you have preserved your soul in accordance with My guidelines. You will need to keep resting going forward, even as I begin using you mightily again.

You have entered into My rest, but be sure you do not leave it. Abide in Me, in My love, and in My rest. If you do, you shall bear much fruit.”

Beloved, is the Lord using this word to confirm something that has already been in your spirit? If so, leave a comment below! I love hearing from you!


  1. Lisa Kirkwood says:

    Dear Jamie , truly pinpointed confirmation !!! Deeply deeply needed to hear this word ….. Love to you , Lisa

    1. Amen…Im here for His Love

  2. Amen to this prophetic word. God bless you Jamie.

    1. Judith Makunga says:

      Thank you Father God for what you are doing in our lives and using Jamie. Thank you Jamie for sharing with us. We receive the prophetic word.

  3. Thank you Jamie and thank You, GOD.
    It means the world to me as well. May we be blessed. Amin 🙏

    1. Desiree Hoosen says:

      Yes this is true. And I’m going to heed to His command. Thank you.

  4. SHIRLEY TYSON says:

    Thank you for this word from the Lord. It is so encouraging to hear what He is saying through His prophet. The clarity of the words He gives you are so clear and precise. I can understand the message without having to decipher it. Be encouraged and keep letting God use you to confirm His word with signs following.

    1. Sue Tracy says:

      Lord I will trust You help me to be still and wait on you.
      Thank you Jesus 🥰

  5. I have been praying and asking the Lord for the specific things mentioned – to hear his voice better, for His vision for my life/business/ministry! This gives me a new level of expectation!


    1. I am listening Lord and I receive this word! Bless Jamie with continued strength and peace Lord!

  7. Nordia Mckenzie says:

    THANK YOU JESUS I have been going through a lot with work and my profession as a nurse one thing after the other and it came it my spirit what if God is giving you time to rest so that you can do something else just like what he did to Paul when he put him in prison and he had time to sit and right the epistles without hinderance and you have now confirmed this conviction in my spirit, Thank you for this wonderful word

  8. Good day, I am laughing and crying at the same time while reading this prophetic word. I have been learning from Mark Virkler during this past year, how to “tune to flow” and this morning in my journaling God spoke the very same words to me. It was definite confirmation and encouragement. In my journaling God instructed me to look and listen over and over again. Then he encouraged me to Rest and abide in Him for very soon He is about to reveal something marvelous and exciting in my life. Thank you Jaime for being obedient. Your example, as you trust God, has surely encouraged and inspired me during this time in my life (recently left an abusive marriage, with my 4 children). God is faithful and Just. Psalm 37:5 Commit your way to the Lord. Trust in Him and He will do it. Psalm 37:7 Be still before the Lord. Wait patiently for Him and Entrust yourself to Him. Psalm 37:19b (I decree and declare) that in the days of famine, they (I/you) will have plenty and be satisfied. Amen!

  9. Pray for me( Thersa) and my sons ( Jalen and Jakobbie) to find a career/ job soon.

  10. Matshepo Seletswane says:

    Thank you for this confirmation Jamie. I receive it in Jesus Name


  11. Tiffany O. says:

    Thank you Lord for this Word!

  12. Amen to the prophetic and powerful words. I want to hear from God, my ears are open.

  13. Brittne Aigne' Epps says:

    Wow amazing! I receive these Words from the LORD!! Amen!! Thank YOU Abba Father!

  14. Eric Mckenzie says:

    hI JAMIE,


    Hi Jamie,

    Thank you for that prophetic word from God I claim it in Jesus and I believe that He is speaking to me. It is true that a lot of prophets gave me word but sometime they are not accurate, nevertheless I decipher what belong to me. I am very grateful for God to speak to me and will be using me again. thank you Jesus I love you.

  15. Sharon McLafferty says:

    That is an amazing word Jamie about mail and receiving God’s letters in the post box because about 3 weeks ago I saw Jesus post a red letter to me and He looked so happy and excited! I thought BIG news must be coming so your word is a confirmation of that! Thank you so much. Sharon McLafferty

  16. Thank you Jesus! Bless you Jamie for sharing.

  17. Thomas Swartz says:

    Hi Jamie
    Only I can say is Amen & Amen!!!
    May continue bless you

  18. Rebecca Jones says:

    What an interesting word, mail and thunder Thanks, Jaime.

  19. Linda Anderson says:

    Yes Lord…..let me hear your thunder…Amen 🕊🔥⚘

  20. Sheri L Stuart says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Yes, this Word resonates with my soul. I receive it and thank you!

  21. Hi Jamie
    Your words have explained what’s has been happening to me lately . Simple instruction have been give. to me and I think it’s all in my mind. But then comes the push to complete the instructions and then began to realize this can only God. I am now paying attention to that still small voice and carrying out the instructions.

    Thank you for your confirmation and May the Lord continue to bless your ministry.

  22. Brenda L Payton says:

    Oh Jamie!!!! Yes, God has been speaking to more recently and this word goes right along with it! It is confirmation, Yes Lord!! My spirit leaps with joy knowing God has original words to give me this December. I must remember to proceed slowly & stay in God’s rest! Oh I am so very happy!!!! Praise God from whom all Blessings flow!!!

  23. Kenneth Summerour says:

    Hey Jamie thanks for this on time word and thank You Abba for all you’ve done and all you’re about to do in my life…DIVINE ACCELERATION!!! Give me supernatural patience and endurance and to LABOR and REST only. You still love us, in spite of our many flaws. You’re AMAZING GOD!!!

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