7 Keys to Constant Miracles

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Beloved, did you know that you can live a lifestyle of constant miracles? It’s true! And no matter what your life looks like, it can get better—starting today.

7 Keys to Constant Miracles | Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com

Many people in this day and age are immersed in hopelessness, discouragement, and desperation. Like Sanballat and Tobiah in Nehemiah 4-6, plenty of folks are hanging out down in the fields of “Oh, no!” (Ono).

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    But you know what? YOU don’t have to be one of those people. You don’t have to be another sad person in a sad, miserable crowd. You can walk in the total and complete VICTORY that Jesus Christ purchased for you on the cross.

    God is still in control, and His Word gives us keys to a miraculous lifestyle of constant breakthroughs.

    And God’s keys WORK.

    This means, even when things look bad on the outside, God will work everything out for your good if you’ll obey His keys. The same way He is reaching the world with His goodness, mercy, and love right now, He wants to pour out His blessings on YOU and YOUR life.

    His goodness, His miracles, and His victories are not just for other people. They are for YOU, too.

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    The question is:

    Do you want to live a lifestyle of constant miracles and breakthroughs?

    By tapping into the Lord’s miracle keys, I see Him work miracles every day. I receive testimonies from people every day whom God has transformed. The secrets to these miracles aren’t complex (and they really aren’t secrets). They are, in fact, quite simple!

    The keys to seeing constant miracles in your life are clearly outlined in God’s Word, and we’re going to discuss seven of those keys in this blog post.

    But before we begin, I want to encourage you with this:

    Everything that God wants to do for you is available to you through the blood of Jesus Christ.

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    Jesus already died for you, so He already did the hard part. Now, all you have to do is receive from Him! The receiving process involves searching out His will, obeying Him by His grace, and applying His blood and His principles to every part of your life.

    This process isn’t hard. In fact, it’s fun! The Gospel is simple, and the teachings of God are simple and fun to obey. Obeying Him brings fullness of joy!

    The truth is simply this:

    Jesus died to redeem you back to GLORY.

    In Hebrew, God’s “glory” means His weight, splendor, and copiousness. (See Strong’s concordance for more of this definition.)

    In other words, in Christ, you are to be clothed at all times in the weight, splendor, majesty, and abundance, riches, wealth, and prosperity of God. All of those things together make up His glory. And your life should look like a flowing river of those things happening to you all at once, every day, day in and day out.

    Again, I ask:

    Do you want this?

    Beloved, everything that God has—and everything that God is—is freely available to you now through the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord. Nothing can change this fact. 

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    Even if things look bad in your life right now, it is still a miracle season.

    When things look the worst, God says, “I’ll turn it around for your good.” That makes this season (and every season) a season of OPPORTUNITY. 

    Let’s press into God together, studying and living out His seven miracle keys, and see what He does. Okay?

    Key 1: Purge Before Surge

    If you want your life to be a river of constant miracles, breakthroughs, and blessings from the Lord, you will have to purge out any sin in your life first. In God’s Kingdom, “purge” always comes before “surge.”

    Purging our lives of sin is necessary because God’s promises are always conditional.

    Some people love to preach “cheap grace,” where they tell you that you can do anything you want and still be blessed—because, after all, “God is good and He loves you. He gives grace and mercy,” they say!

    But you know what? That viewpoint is wrong.

    God IS good, and He DOES love you. He IS gracious and merciful; those things are true.

    However, God’s blessings are conditional. When He promises things in His Word, He always says “if.” Even if you don’t read the actual word “if” in the Bible verse, as you study God’s Word as a whole, you will find that His promises and blessings are always dependent on these three things:

    • We have to love God;
    • We have to put Him first and seek Him with all our hearts FIRST; and
    • We have to obey everything He tells us to do in His Word.

    As God’s children, we cannot walk in sin and still expect Him to bless us.

    This does not mean we will never sin accidentally. However, it does mean that, since we are free from sin by the blood of Jesus, God expects us to live holy lives. We are to “Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord,” Hebrews 12:14 says. And when we do that, seeking Him first and obeying His Word, He will bless us.

    However, when we expect God to keep His promises but we don’t bother to meet His conditions first, we will be disappointed every time.

    What is the solution?

    The solution is that we have to repent. We have to change our way of thinking, stop going down every wrong path, turn around, and go down the right path. We have to get back to the soul-cleansing power of Jesus’ blood. We have to ask God to purify us.

    I’ve been falling on my face for years, praying, “God, cleanse me.” This is my perpetual prayer because I know I’m not like Jesus yet—but I want to become like Jesus! So, I ask the Lord to change me.

    Want more equipping in this area?

    Listen to my podcast episode entitled “Prophetic Dream: Purge Before Surge,” and get empowered with the Word!

    When I pray, if I know I have committed any particular sin, I confess it and ask forgiveness as quickly as possible. However, even if I’m not aware of anything sinful in my life, I still pray:

    “Father, cleanse me. Search me, O God, and know my heart. Try me and know my thoughts; and see if there be any wicked way in me—and if there is, get it out!—and lead me in Your way everlasting”(prayer based on Psalm 139:23-24).

    Purging your life of sinand beginning to live with single-minded obedience to Godis the first key to seeing constant miracles in your life.

    Will you ask the Lord to help you purge your life of everything that displeases Him today? Will you listen to the gentle prompting and conviction of the Holy Spirit as He shows you the paths of life? Will you truly repent for anything sinful in your life—then turn around and go the other way, walking in the paths of the Lord?

    I pray so.

    If you will, then stop right now and respond to the pulling of the Lord as He tugs on your heartstrings. Take a few minutes and get everything in your life right with Him through the blood of His Son Jesus!

    Note: If you aren’t sure what words to pray, read Psalm 51. Pray through the verses as you read, making them your own. You will be surprised at how the Lord washes over your heart and makes you new as you read and pray these words of true repentance!

    Key 2: Dwell in the Land

    Meme: "To see miracles in your life, your dream has to be not just something you think about occasionally, but an integral part of who you are. Meditate on your dream so much that the DNA of your dream merges and manifests with the rhythm and DNA of your daily life. " - Jamie Rohrbaugh | 7 Keys to Constant Miracles | FromHisPresence.com

    If you are ready to see that constant river of miracles and breakthroughs in your life, the second key is to dwell in the land of your promises.

    “The land of your promises” means the full manifestation of every dream God has ever given you.

    And in order for you to get to the land of your promises, you have to “dwell” in it first. This means:

    • You have to get your dream deep in your heart.
    • You have to think about and chew on your dream until you can see every aspect of it in your mind’s eye.
    • You have to imagine the dream, pray about it, and even thank God for it until you feel like you are living in it right now.

    In order to dwell in the land of your promises, you have to have such a revelation of your dream that you can feel it, smell it, hear it, and taste it every moment. You need to wake up in the morning feeling like you’re already living in it.

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    This is why people use prayer lists, vision boards, and even hope chests to inspire themselves and keep their dreams alive. They’re using these various techniques to help themselves dwell in the land of their promises!

    Dwelling in the land brings you into what many people call “now faith.”

    Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

    Did you notice that word “now”—the very first word in Hebrews 11:1? That word isn’t there by accident. This passage is talking about “now faith”the faith that exists in you NOW. This verse tells us that, if you have a real, tangible faith inside you now, then you HAVE the thing you are hoping for!

    In other words, once you have real, present-tense faith for a thing, that “thing” you’re dreaming about is a done deal.

    When you learn to dwell in the land of your promises even before you see them manifest with your natural eye, you’re walking in faith. That’s how the Bible tells us that Abraham, Moses, Enoch, and so many others walked. They believed God, regardless of what they saw around them!

    When you believe God, your faith is the actual evidence that the promise is going to manifest for you. That’s why it’s so important to actively build our faith, walk in faith, and never let our faith die or even diminish!

    We’ll talk about powering up your faith later in this series.

    However, for now, just remember that you can’t get to the level of real faith—”now faith”—unless you dwell in the land. And “dwelling in the land” means you abide in Jesus and occupy the dream He has given you with all your heart, even before you ever see it manifest in your life.

    How can you begin dwelling in the land of your promises today?

    Key 3: What You Steward Will Increase

    If you want constant breakthroughs and miracles in your life, the third key is very simple. Key #3 is found in one of the strange sayings of Jesus:

    “For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away”(Matthew 25:29).

    This is a “strange saying of Jesus” because we understand that part about “To everyone who has, more will be given.” However, the second part of the verse is a little more challenging. How can you take away something from the person “who does not have”?

    Obviously, that person “who does not have” must actually have something, for Jesus then said, “even what he has will be taken away”! You have to have something to have it taken away!

    So what is Jesus’ point? Simply this:

    Jesus is referring to the level of our stewardship over His gifts.

    If you read the context of the entire passage in Matthew 25:14-30, we see that Jesus is saying (if I paraphrase it in modern-day language):

    “If you recognize that you do have something, and you steward it properly, I will give you more. However, if you don’t recognize what you have, don’t acknowledge it, and don’t steward it properly, then whatever you do actually have will be taken away from you.”

    This is consistent with other Scriptures that teach us that, when we steward something well, God will give us more to steward—but if we are bad servants and bad stewards, He will take away what we do have and give it to faithful servants instead.

    So what does faithful stewardship look like when you want to see miracles in your life?

    Four things:

    1. Acknowledge that even the smallest blessings are still things the Lord has given you. Even small beginnings are important!
    2. Thank Him for everything!
    3. Keep believing His Word and promises over your life, even before you see those promises manifesting.
    4. Take care of everything He has given you the way He wants you to—even the small things.

    No matter what, do not let yourself say or believe lies from the enemy like “Oh, God’s promises and prophetic words never come to pass for me. Nothing good ever seems to happen for me. Everyone else gets blessed and promoted, but I never do.”

    That kind of doubt, self-pity, and unbelief are odious to God. If you let yourself go there, even what you have will be taken away from you.

    God requires us to be faithful stewards.

    Being a faithful steward means that you acknowledge God and take care of everything He has entrusted to you to the best of your ability. Please, don’t despise the day of small beginnings (Zechariah 4:10). We have a sacred trust, and that sacred trust is:

    • To honor God;
    • To thank Him;
    • To glorify Him; and
    • To worship Him with our actions and obedience—including with our faithful stewardship of His blessings.

    If you want to see constant miracles, acknowledge and take care of even the small beginnings.

    Take care of what God has given you, even when it’s tiny. Give God glory, right where you are. If you will be a good steward of what He gives you, He will increase you over time.

    Is there a small beginning in your life for which you need to thank the Lord? Do you need to improve your level of stewardship?

    If so, stop and make things right with the Lord right now! His ear is tuned to your voice, and He delights in hearing your humble cry!

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    Key 4: Keep Your Faith Powered Up

    In order to see constant miracles in your life, you have to keep your faith powered up. Let’s talk about how you can take your faith to the next level.

    During His ministry here on earth, Jesus said the same phrase to various people:

    “According to your faith be it unto you.”

    He said these words, or slight variations thereof, to many people who sought miracles from Him. But you know what? They weren’t all believing Him for the same thing. Some believed Him for huge miracles; others for smaller miracles. Nevertheless, He met each person at the point of their need—and at the point of their faith.

    For example, when the centurion said:

    “Jesus, you don’t even have to come all the way to my house. Just speak the word right now from miles away and my servant will be healed” …

    … Then Jesus said, “According to your faith be it unto you.” And the centurion’s servant was healed the very same instant, even though Jesus never physically saw the servant nor laid hands on him!

    Why? Because the centurion got exactly that for which he believed Jesus—even though he made a pretty radical and bold request!

    However, when other people told Jesus that their loved one would be healed IF Jesus laid hands on them, Jesus agreed with that method too. Jesus’ response to that type of request could basically be captioned like this:

    “Okay, your level of faith requires Me to lay hands on your loved one. That’s no problem; I’ll meet you at the point of your faith.”

    And then He would go and lay hands on the person and heal them. Jesus could have healed any sick person from miles away, like He healed the centurion’s servant—but He didn’t. He did what each requestor asked; He met them at the point of their faith.

    What does this principle mean for us today as we ask the Lord for miracles?

    Simply this:

    Jesus will meet you at the point of your faith. His Word to you and to me, just like His Word to the centurion two thousand years ago, is this:

    “According to your faith be it unto you.”

    So if you want to see constant miracles from God, you need to have constant faith. If you want to see Him do great and mighty things on your behalf, you have to have faith for that.

    How do you power up your faith so that you can believe God for great and mighty things?

    The Bible tells us that “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17). This means, in the original Greek language, that faith and hearing come from listening to God’s “Rhema”—His on-time, right-now Word of God that the Holy Spirit illuminates in your heart.


    • When you read the Bible and a verse or phrase seems to jump off the page at you
    • When you’re listening to a sermon, and something the preacher says leaps into your heart—your spirit bearing witness with the Holy Spirit that the message is for you …
    • When you read an encouraging word on your favorite Bible study website, and you begin weeping because God’s Spirit ministers that word directly into your heart …

    … These are all “Rhema,” on-time words from the Lord—and hearing these words is how you power up your FAITH.

    In order to build your faith, simply listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying right now through His Word as He quickens it in your heart and ministers it to you.

    If you believe God’s promises and meet His conditions, God will work constant miracles for you.

    However, we have to keep in mind that constant faith is one of His conditions. We can’t go down into doubt, unbelief, and self-pity. As James 1:6-8 says:

    “But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. For let, not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.”

    If you doubt God, you won’t receive anything from Him.

    Therefore, keep your eyes on Jesus today! Don’t look at the people, the pundits, the pandemic, the politicians, or the possibilities. Look to Christ and Him only. Keep your eyes on JESUS, the Author and Finisher of your faith—and make the CHOICE to believe Him, no matter what.

    Do you need to get your faith right with God?

    If so, stop for a moment right now and pray! Confess any doubt and unbelief to Him, and remind Him—and yourself—of His great and precious promises. This is a key to your miracle lifestyle, so do this now and often—and keep your faith powered up like it is supposed to be!

    Key 5: Pray So God Can Move

    A lot of people think that God will move in their lives whenever He wants to “because,” they say, “God is sovereign.” However, that’s just not true—and it’s not at all Biblical.

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    The fact that something is God’s will doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen.

    It is not God’s will that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9). Nevertheless, every day, people reject God and perish, dying in an unsaved condition without Christ and entering into eternity in hell.

    People dying and going to hell is NOT God’s will; and YES, He is still sovereign. So why does this happen?

    The answer is simple. Despite God’s sovereignty, His will does not always happen because God has given each of US the ability to choose (also known as “free will”).

    God is sovereign, so He can do anything He wants to do.

    However, our Heavenly Father made us to be His children, not His robots. Therefore, He has given us the freedom to choose—and He will not take that back. He does not want to violate our free will, so He does not and will not do so.

    God honors our free will because He desires a relationship with us—and the only way that a relationship can form is if both parties are free. Any other arrangement would be slavery, not true relationship—and definitely not true sonship.

    [mv_video doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” jsonLd=”true” key=”neu92kmyyvchbq3jfncl” ratio=”16:9″ thumbnail=”https://mediavine-res.cloudinary.com/v1611858961/sy9zxahhxnd6vead9dsq.jpg” title=”Fullness of Financial Prosperity” volume=”70″]

    Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

    And when you have a dream, you have a choice in front of you:

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    It may be the sovereign will of God for your dream to happen. However, in order to see your dream actually manifest on the earth, you have to voluntarily come into agreement with and obedience to God’s will.

    This is why prayer is necessary; why you MUST pray over your miracle in order for it to manifest.

    Your life is your domain, and God will not violate that domain against your free will. Psalm 115:16 sums it up best:

    “The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord’s; but the earth He has given to the children of men” (Psalm 116:15).

    God wants to move in your life, but you have to invite Him to do so before He will. Therefore, if you want to see miracles happen and dreams come true, you will need to pray.

    Your prayers tap into the willing, eager heart of your loving Father God—opening the door for Him to move on your behalf.

    Your prayers pave the way for God’s Kingdom to come and His will to be done on the earth and in your life, just as His will is being done in Heaven.

    Is it any wonder, then, that God’s Word tells us to pray without ceasing?

    God wants to bless you exceedingly abundantly above all you could EVER dream! He wants to work miracles for you that you can’t even imagine. However, He needs your permission to move in your life.

    Your prayers give Him that permission. That is why “pray so God can move” is the fifth Biblical key to receiving constant miracles in your life.

    Will you be able to pray unswervingly and unceasingly about your dream today?

    If so, stop right now wherever you are and pour out your heart to the Lord, just like you would talk to a friend! He is your Friend who sticks closer than a brother—and He is waiting for you to invite Him into your situation right now!

    Key 6: Go Out and GET It!

    Sometimes, people who want miracles sit around and think, “Okay, God, I’ve prayed. Now, I’m going to stay right here and wait until You make it happen.

    However, that method isn’t Biblical—and nothing will happen if that is your strategy for trying to see constant miracles in your life.

    Prayer should come before action, but action is still necessary if you want to live in a river of miracles from the Lord.

    The Bible tells us that “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:14-26).  

    Throughout Scripture, we read that God doesn’t want us to sit around and wait for Him to move while we do nothing. Jesus actually told us that the (spiritually) violent people go out and take His Kingdom BY FORCE:

    “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force” (Matthew 11:12).

    Jesus wasn’t talking about physical violence in this verse. He was talking about aggressively going after the promises of God and seeking out their manifestation.

    We have to chase God’s promises, knitting all the wisdom and success strategies from His Word together into one cohesive action plan—and then we have to carry out the plan! 

    Jesus also commanded us to ask, seek, and knock when we want something (Matthew 7:7-11). 

    In order to receive anything, first, you must ask for it. Yes, you must ask God; but you must ask people, as appropriate, too!

    That doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to ask people to do a thing for you. No; you’re supposed to ask God to do the thing for you; but, then, follow up on your prayers by asking people the appropriate questions you need to ask so you can move forward with your action plan.

    For example, this year, our ministry launched a prophetic hub in the financial district here in my hometown. 

    It was a  miracle of asking, seeking, and knocking from beginning to end. 

    When the Lord put it in my heart to open such a facility, I didn’t know at first where it should be located. I had to look at a lot of real estate listings—and contact a number of property managers—in order to rule out various locations. 

    When I finally identified the office suite we ended up leasing, I couldn’t get the property owners to answer my calls for a long time. However, I asked, sought, and knocked. I was persistent, and I chased them down! 

    Eventually, my persistence paid off:

    • We got all the information we needed; 
    • We found favor with the property managers;
    • The people of God joined with me to fund the project; and 
    • We opened a Holy Spirit-filled prophetic hub inside the prettiest, best-situated high-rise office building in town—and we’re reaching people all over the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ from that hub! 

    Glory, hallelujah!

    But my story isn’t unique. My story can be your story, and your story can be a thousand times better.

    When you begin birthing a dream, remember this:

    The Lord will help you, but that doesn’t mean things won’t be hard. I can almost guarantee you that chasing your dream WILL be hard at first. 

    Why? Because the enemy does not want you to get started on your dream. He wants to hinder and obstruct you as you begin chasing your miracle.

    The easiest place for the devil to beat you (if you let him) is at the very beginning of your process.

    I believe the enemy knows full-well that, after you’ve been winning by faith for a few years, it’s impossible to stop you.

    However, if he can get you at the beginning, then he might be able to keep you from starting again or ever even trying—and thereby steal your dream.

    Don’t let that happen. 

    The worst warfare may be at the beginning, but don’t let difficulty stop you. No matter what, push through

    Just like birthing a baby, you can’t stop just because things are challenging. You can’t stop when there’s pain. No matter what, hold onto the promises of God and push through:

    The enemy might tempt you to get discouraged when the process is hard, but push through. 

    If doors aren’t opening for you yet, it only means that you haven’t asked at the right place or for the right thing yet. If nothing is working, you haven’t knocked enough yet—or you haven’t sought the right thing yet. 

    However, if you persist, doors will open. Opportunities will come, and your dream will be fulfilled.

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    Beloved, if you’re going to see your miracle happen, ask—and you shall receive. 

    Seek—and you shall find. Knock—and that door shall be opened to you. Faith without works is dead, so go out and GET your miracle today!

    Where do you need to ask, seek, and knock today? Take your action steps right now, and see what God does for you!

    Key 7: Feed on God’s Faithfulness

    In my experience, when breakthroughs happen, they don’t always happen all at one time. You can have constant breakthroughs in various areas happening on every side; however, sometimes the Lord will pause one particular breakthrough right in the middle of the process. 

    In other words, the breakthrough/miracle process in one area isn’t always without its starts and stops—even though you can have a river of constant breakthroughs progressing nicely in your life overall.

    So when God pauses in the middle of any particular breakthrough, what do you do? 

    The same thing we are to do all the time anyway: feed on the God’s faithfulness.

    What does it mean to feed on God’s faithfulness?

    In the natural world, “feeding” is something you do when you’re hungry. You feed your body in order to sustain your health and life.

    Well, your soul (consisting of your mind, will, and emotions) and your spirit both require feeding, just like your body does. And as you’re waiting for your complete breakthrough to manifest in any particular area, you have to feed your soul and spirit. 

    How do you do that? By pondering the faithfulness of God; by chewing on who He is—and what He has done—over and over in your mind until your soul and spirit are totally filled with Him.

    What is God’s faithfulness to you?

    Three things:

    1. God’s faithfulness is who He is

    “Faithfulness” is not a thing God has, like you and I might own a coat or shirt. It’s not something He puts on and take off, like we do when we change our clothing. 

    No; faithfulness is who God is. It’s His DNA; He IS faithful, all the way through. He cannot change that fact about Himself, and it’s not possible for Him to ever be unfaithful to you—because there is no unfaithfulness in Him! In other words, it is not possible for Him EVER to let you down!

    Want more equipping in this area?

    Listen to my podcast episode entitled “How to Meditate on the DNA of God,” and get empowered with the Word!

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    2. God’s faithfulness is what He has done for you in the past.

    To feed on God’s faithfulness, remember your story with God. Meditate and chew on it over and over! And as you remember what God has done for you, give Him honor and glory—because whatever He has done for you in the past, He will do for you again.

    3. God’s faithfulness is what He has promised to do for you.

    All the promises of God are “yes, and in Him amen,” according to 2 Corinthians 1:20. You may not see your dream manifested before your natural eyes yet. However, if God has promised a thing—and as long as you are meeting the conditions He attached to that promise—then He will do what He has promised you.

    When you dwell in the land and feed on God’s faithfulness, you:

    • Remember how faithful God has always been to you;
    • Choose to walk by faith and believe God’s Word, no matter how you feel (or how things look) at any given time; and
    • Worship God and serve Him only, honoring Him with your heart and with your obedience.

    If you obey everything God has written in His Word, following Him and living the way He prescribes, He will bless you. If you believe God and His Word, standing firm in faith, He will reward you. If you ask, seek, and knock, He will help you go out and drag your miracle home.

    And if you delight yourself in the Lord, He will give you the desires of your heart—and the miracles and breakthroughs that make up your dream really will come to pass.

    Miracles happen when your obedience, your faith, your prayers, and your work all align with God’s promises to you.

    When all these elements come together, then your Father, who loves you, says the “amen” to your dream—and He brings your dream into miraculous manifestation.

    Will you obey these keys and go out and get your miracle today? And even more importantly, will you keep on obeying them so you can live the lifestyle of constant miracles that God wants to give you? Leave a comment below!


    1. I was in a season of feeling like I can’t rise again to work on my dreams, but through this powerful message, I am revived, encouraged and empowered for work. I am ready to start living miraculous life everyday by obeying God’s principles

    2. This is so informative and you cover everything we need to move forward. I have been so blessed by this ministry and I am amazed at the wonderful nuggets Father gives you. Thank you Jamie for always digging them out and sharing them with us.


    4. Jamie, God bless you for this teaching. It is powerful and I’m believing and trusting that it will take me a long way of I keep to it. I definitely have to because that’s the way that I can get my breakthrough.

    5. Y Petersen says:

      Thank you so much for the 7keys to constant miracles. Its not new to me I just have forgotten about them. It was like fresh “manna” to me as we know sometimes we forget but when we get a word like this one you gave it reminds us of Gods goodness and His love and Grace for our lives.

    6. Maika Kamikamica says:

      Thank you for the word Jamie.

    7. Patricia Battle says:

      Jamie, this is an exceptional teaching. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you and to every one of yours in Yeshua Jesus. LOVE

    8. Thank-you Jamie, Please pray for us a mighty move of God in our situation.

    9. pheobe Aluoch says:

      Thank you Lord Almighty God for your words, your promises and the keys to receiving constant breakthroughs, favors, blessings and miracles from you.. You have again opened my spirit eyes and heart to continue seeking you more everyday.. Grant me the grace father, strengthen me and let your holy wisdom be with me in Jesus Mighty name 🙏🙏

    10. Anietie John says:

      It been a blessing to me, it come on the right time and moment, blessed be the name of the Lord.
      More grace.

    11. Thanks Jamie, this teaching is truly in time I need. Shalom

      1. Such a blessing and on-time word Jamie. Thank you!

    12. Hello Jamie, you are such a blessing to many.. thanks for the 7 keys to constant miracle, its quite encouraging. GOD bless you.. I am blessed by this that I know. Thank you Sweet Jesus

    13. Judy Rolle says:

      I am so blessed by this that I feel as if My life has just begun at the age of 57years. Thank you Jamie. Thank you Father God.

    14. Amen. Bless you, bless this word and all of us receiving it. In Jesus name, Amen.

    15. I believe this is my season may the God of heavens here me amen and amen

      1. Angela Katchire says:

        A very big AMEN.Thank you so much for these 7keys,I almost gave up on myself.Now feel kind of life in me, Infact, I’m blessed.God gas really visited me.My God will bless you for me.

    16. I have been blessed by this word. I am surely going to activate whatever steps I hadn’t undertaken seriously.
      Thank you Jamie. God Continue to use you mightily. Amen

    17. Iva Leacock says:

      Good morning Jamie, and thank you for your constant devotionals, which has an impact on my life, and which continues to push me, and help me to exercise my faith.
      I know this message is for me.
      May Almighty God continue to bless you in abundance.

    18. i like this e-book and its contents but how do i go about getting one for myself.

    19. Irma Nortje says:


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