Need Your Prayer Requests for December!

Prayer Requests | FromHisPresence.comHey beloveds,

I want to pray for you by name this month, and I need your prayer requests in order to do that.

If you would like prayer for anything specific, would you please leave your top TWO brief (bullet-point) prayer requests in the comment section below?

It will be my privilege to lift you up to Father. Note that I will not be able to respond to any comments, as hundreds typically come in when we do this. But, I will be praying.

Love in Christ,



  1. – For a husband, I’ve been praying for this for a long time.
    – For my family (including extended) their safety, conversion to become closer to God.

    Thank you! God bless you and your ministry that has been a huge blessing to me!

      1. Annette Anderson says:

        Financial Breakthrough
        My New Home for 2021

      2. Chinenye Nwokoye says:

        I pray for my own home ; For God to bless me with a Lovely Man

        I pray for the Grace, mercy and healing of God upon my father’s house. Amen

        May God bless and enrich you for this wonderful privilege to pray for us. As you pray for us may God Almighty fulfill your heart desires and needs. Amen

      3. Bewaji ADEYINKA says:

        Thanks for this opportunity ma. My name is Bewaji ADEYINKA from Nigeria.



      4. Babylin Salazar says:

        To live a life with peace, flee with enemy that attacking me. I pray for new open door for Job because the enemy is always look to attack me. Pray for my financial breakthrough 2021. Thank you Jamie Godbless you and your staff

      5. Babylin Salazar says:

        To live a life with peace, flee with enemy that attacking me. I pray for new open door for Job because the enemy is always look to attack me. Pray for my financial breakthrough 2021. Thank you Jamie Godbless you and your staff

        1. Brother brother says:

          For complete and total peace of mind and the final removal from my life of negative spiritual forces hindering executive functioning and progress

        2. Melany Graham says:

          1 Prayer for a transfer to a new place of work
          2 prayer for wisdom, guidance and discernment

        3. 1. Release of satanic holds that have plagued my family for a long time.
          2. A listening ear, obedient heart and mind, and courage; not be afraid to be an instrument in God’s kingdom, going into the unknown.

          1. * for immediate employment or business opportunities for myself and all my siblings and their spouses. Secured monthly source of once for the family’s upkeep.

            * For a successful execution of the Letters of Administration for my Late Fathers estate without any contention from usurpers, lairs and vultures. so that my mother can have what she is rightfully entitled to as the only spouse of my dad.

          2. – For my brother who was wrongfully accused of a crime he didn’t commit, he lost his job because of that and hasn’t been able to work since.

            – For a God fearing husband, I am a divorcee of 5years, Iet God take control this time.

          3. 1. For God’s promise to answer prayers of prosperity, justice, restoration, and healing-reverse unjust situations-financial breakthrough to cancel debts, house paid in full, new job and love in my life
            2. Lord’s protection and destruction of enemies-raise me up Lord in front of enemy, let no evil plots succeed, let enemy fall by own devices, let truth be known especially to daughter. Help her Lord.🙏

        4. For deliverance for my son Timothy and his marriage to be restored an my financial breakthrough. Thank you Jamie may God richly bless you an your ministry.

        5. I need multiple streams of income as well as a godly spouse

        6. Nikki Lowe says:

          I would like a breakthrough in my career life but even more specifically a career in hospitality that will allow me to relocate to the Bahamas (as I had an opportunity to intern and work there but my permit was cut short as I was to be there for 6 months but only got 2 1/2 months and I really loved it there and felt at peace – it really did feel like home to me) and everytime I have tried applying for a job opportunity I have always been rejected – please pray for a mighty and permanent breakthrough in this area and that the enemy would return all the opportunities missed a BILLION FOLD.
          My 2nd prayer is for justice and recompense for an abusive and toxic relationship I was in as the person still doesn’t see anything wrong with how they treated me as they still justify the treatment and I’ve been on a journey to try and heal and be at peace but I hope the Lord would convict their spirit so they can see how difficult it has been for me. Thanks in advance and in Jesus name it is already done. Amen.

      6. Wanda Wageneck says:

        Please pray for my mom we lost my dad this past March and she is in need of a vehicle and a house.

      7. Beverly ann says:

        To protect my race and family in south africa

        To bring in a special someone into my life …


      8. VICKI COLON says:

        Please pray for removal of jealousy from strangers and removal of negativity from my life and Michaels to have luck and favor in watever we do

      9. For my business to florish and financial breakthrough
        For my brother Ndaba to be saved

      10. Healing for my husband and I of quite a few physical things including wheelchair users.

        The land to build the house God showed me.
        Thanks so much. God bless, an honor to be a part of yoir ministry

      11. Please pray for my family to buy the perfect house that has come up for sale!

      12. Sheila Crenshaw says:

        * Finances to start my successful business
        * To stay committed to Jesus and not be distracted by the tricks of the enemy

      13. Nkechi Nnamani says:

        Deliverance from unclean spirits.
        Marital breakthrough this year.

        1. Please pray for Canada for the oppression and deception of this vaccine they want force upon us would be removed and not be used to oppress us

          2 nd for my husbands mind to be renewed to what God’s will and purpose is in the season , remove prejudice and hurt from his heart

      14. 1. Praying for divine healing and restoration of health

        2. Praying for a breakthrough in my finances and career

        1. Mine are the same as Eric’s.

        2. Jean-Pierre Ragaven says:

          Dear Jamie,
          Pray for me to keep my house in 2021 and to grant me favour with the Judge on 21st January 2021 by dismissing the financial claim against me. Thank you for your prayers

      15. Edmund Dankyi says:

        1. God forgive me of my sins and accept my prayer of thanks giving
        2. God should give me financial peace in my life

      16. Bonnie Moore says:

        A Miraculous Healing to manifest for Aaron Almond, my son, brain injury which God has promised me 27 years ago.
        Also for to flow of miraculous dollars to Bonnie & Steven Moore as we have been very consistent tithers & givers. — the above situation with my son has created some serious financial drains on us.
        We need a house speedily from the LORD

      17. Rev. Sophia Snyder says:

        Dear Lord You said in isaiah 65:21 “Let my people build houses and inhabit them.” Touch and agree with this child of Yours in Jesus name Amen

      18. Lelawatee Vidya Amarsingh says:

        My most pressing need is for restoration, redemption, resurrection and reuniting of my adult children and my relationship and also that they will return from prodigality. Due to strong Jezebel and witchcraft, our relationships with each other has been estranged. My 2 teenage granddaughters are caught in the middle of this. Also salvation for their spouses.
        We were once very close. For them to honor, love, appreciate, care support and spend quality time with me all together as the family we once were. For salvation for my unsaved mom and siblings and their families.

        – 2nd I would like to have the God ordained partner. A lover/friend/husband/real man who would truly love me as Christ loved the Church. I must be the No. 1 most important person in his life above all others after God and himself. He must be wealthy & prosperous holistically. Assertive, kind, affectionate, understanding, generous, faithful, diligent, assertive romantic, good communicatior passionate chemistry with us and must love, provide, protect and pursue me. I would like this to be the Christmas gifts for family and lover this year

      19. -I applied for performing Arts school and got accepted. I need the funds to go to school and March. So for God to open the door for me and my career in that field to send the right people.
        – my mother and I an apartment or house. That we want. A apartment or house that meets all of our requirements. So that we can leave our situations.

      20. For my family and me to be saved.
        For me to fully believe and live and know and have the best relationship shop with Him ever! Thank you! God bless!

        1. Lilah, thank you for writing in. I saw your other note too. Have you ever for sure given your heart to Jesus to make Him the Boss and Master of your life, holding nothing back and surrendering your everything to Him, to obey Him? If you have, then you are saved for sure. If you haven’t, then you’re right to be concerned because you wouldn’t be saved without that step.
          You can read more about this here if you like.
          I will pray for you! Feel free to message me anytime.

      21. Hello Jamie, my name is Monique. Thank you so much for devoting your time to pray for others. We all are going through something in their day and time and I want you to know that I appreciate you. My prayers for myself and my family is for a deeper relationship with Christ Jesus, healing, deliverance and financial increase. Thank you again and God bless you.

      22. Florencia Scagliotti says:

        To successfully catch a feral kitten today and relocate it with its family today in Jesus name. That God protect him and supernaturally feed and shelter him in Jesus name.

    1. Kimberly Walker says:

      My name is Kimberly
      My prayers are
      * for God to connect me to my God ordained husband
      *Complete healing & restoration of my body
      Thank You so much for praying for me Jaime I Love you with the love of Christ

      1. My name is Pertunia Banda.

        *I am writing my oral examinations on the 10th of December and I pray that I pass my exams on my first attempt.
        * Please pray for me to be free from debt.

      2. Prayer for complete healing. It’s been long term warfare. A church home where I can be free to walk in gifts and not be confined.

      3. Lydia Dragone says:

        1 jobs for myself and son
        2 salvation for my sons

        1. Jamie Allen says:

          For my husband to be financially mature and for us to purchase a house together

          My son to join the Air Force and a job for myself that is fulfilling and substantial for taking care of my kids

      4. Olga Adassa says:

        Hi Jamie
        May Father God continue to empower you and give you strength in Jesus name. My two request are
        1 Prayer for my children, for mental strength and that they will seek God’s kingdom and the recovery of their family blessings ( full restoration) in Jesus mighty name.
        2. Please pray for my x-husband A Anthony that God will bring him to that place and open his eyes, so he will begin to put God first, then his family next and he will have a Godly relationship with his children and me. I pray his eyes will open and he will realise that he is being use as a money puppet by these so call friends he has around him. I pray he will be like the prodigal son and find his way back home this holiday. And he will refrain from selling all our assets to give money to these people. May he reflect and start serving God.
        God bless and keep you
        Thank you

      5. Olufunmilayo says:

        Eyes that see and ears that hear.
        God will give me complete knowledge of His will and grant me spiritual wisdom and understanding.

    2. Ebony
      Total restoration
      Divine Connections

      1. -pass my interview with Microsoft
        -money owed to me is paid in full.there is a difficult situation blocking it

      2. Praying for God to reveal my husband to me with whom I can make a home. I also pray for a job that will be fulfilling and rewarding. Thank you Lord in advance for answered prayers. In Jesus name I pray🙏 .

      3. Prayer Request:
        Deeper connection to Jesus, heavenly visitation. Spiritual gifts of open vision, signs and wonders, gift of knowledge, wisdom, understanding,revelations,counsel,power and might and the fear of the Lord.

        A house and lot of our own-safe and whoever visit us will feel God’s heavenly presence.

        Thank you very much Jamie. God bless you.

    3. Akhona Mahlati says:

      – To be debt free
      – To purchase a house bond free
      God bless me, my health and may God cover me and family all days of my life.

    4. sharlon Ivory says:

      Hello Jamie, I am seeking God for safe, reliable car. I am also praying for restoration of unity among my children.
      Thank you so much for your prayers and God bless you.

    5. 1. A job
      2. A new house
      Thank you for being such a blessing and may God give you back a hundred fold.

    6. Generational witchcraft being destroyed…the veil that has covered our loved ones eyes to be broken….repentance, revival….our home/land being restored .The Holy spirit to fall afresh in our lives

    7. To get married
      A new car and new house

      1. 1. Emotional healing
        2. Restoration of marriage

      2. . Financial breakthrough to pay debts and buy a house
        Husband to get contracts and love me only as his wife.

    8. 1. Please pray for Hannah and Jael marriage for the will of God to be done in their lives.
      2. Please for my communication skills.

      1. Thank you so much for encouraging us to leave prayer requests. It’s an honor to have you pray for me.
        *please pray for my relationship with Tim. He has many struggles and I know the Lord can set him free.
        *please pray that Tim will love the Lord with his whole heart and then he will love me as he should.

    9. Gorataone says:

      # prayer for peace Azim going through a tough time of divorce
      # financial debt freedom

      1. Marilyn
        To get married to a great husband who loves God
        For my sister to get a scholarship for her studies

        God bless you Jamie

        1. – Soft and malleable heart towards God

          – Resoration of all lost since 2008 including family, finances, and career

          1. Hi please pray for me in agreement for:
            -1-Smoothly and quickly get the job I want, unprecendented pay and the move including forgiveness or payment of the rent bill here (that was sprung on me suddenly), and home there being paid, car all things regarding it. Overall career/ business/opportunities so that I can be/do what I’m meant to do on earth and be successful having the desires of my heart.
            -2-Right relationships including my husband and us coming together and children we have, his success and favor, my favor with him and that he knows that I am “the one” and me as well. Smooth and quickly. Amen. Thank you!

      2. Please pray for healing from Parkinson’s disease fused vertebrae

      3. 1.Relationship with Scarlett
        2. Finances
        Thank you for your prayer, Kevin

    10. Amy Chapman says:

      Jamie I would love prayers for my business and the salvation of my husband

    11. thanks Jamie
      Prayer for finances to complete construction of our house and clear all liabilities /debts2021
      God ordained partner for my son 2021
      God bless u

    12. My name is Kristy. Pray for my husband to come back to the Lord. His name is Isaac. Pray for him to be delivered of alcoholism as well.

      1. Please pray for my mother Sheryl complete divine healing in her kidneys and in her whole body from the root cause any and all sickness and disease known and unknown in her body mind and soul. Come into agreement with me for winning/ victory in EEOC case against FAA/DOT.

      2. Jamie,
        Thank you for this ministry! It is such a blessing!
        Asking prayer for :
        *Household salvation/ spiritual growth/hear the Lord clearly
        *For restoration of EVERYTHING we’ve lost since 2007. We’ve had many loses all throughout this time(unborn babies,jobs,finances,home,relationships, and health). Currently my husband is jobless again.

        1. My name is Joy ,thank you Jamie for this privilege , pray for divine direction on my calling ,
          And divine endowment to accomplish the task .God bless you .

        2. Hi I am Angela from Nigeria.
          Am believing God for a life partner and a good job.
          Thanks and May the Lord keep you and let his face shine upon you. Amen.

    13. Lisa Thigpen says:

      Thank you for praying for me. My top 2 requests are for my husband’s health and finances. Blessings

    14. Hello Jamie

      For my husband to be blessed with an IT job that will give time to service the Lord more.
      That I become pregnant this month.
      Thank you for your continuous prayers.

    15. my prayer requests are:
      –for God to connect me with the wife He wants me to have
      –for healing of my mind, body, heart, and finances

    16. Orla McDonald says:

      Hi Jamie,

      1. I pray to the Father that I will be connected very soon to my divinely appointed spouse who I have been waiting for.
      2. I pray for the health and healing of my parents and that they are protected from physical and mental illness in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you Jamie and God bless you.

    17. 1.My new business to enlarge
      2. Multiple streams of income opportunities

    18. Angela Sheffield says:

      Thanks for praying. Deliverance healing restoration in me and my family mind body and spirit. For God to remember me Angela abd my sons and to shine his face upon us and be gracious and merciful to us. Thanks Jamie

    19. Abel Olajubu says:

      Need financial break through for start of ministry

    20. Hello Jaime:
      Thank you for your prayers and God bless you for your willingness to be a wonderful servant for our Lord Jesus Christ. I ask for prayer with the following:

      1: My husband’s military career. We are asking for God to grant him reenlistment, but if that is not God’s will, we are asking God for a job for him before May 2021 (end of his Active Duty).

      2: The health and protection of our unborn child. We just found out we are expecting.

    21. •That I finish this 10 day fast and grow
      •A godly wife and good relationships

    22. * Wisdom and knowledge to obtain and sustain Financial Prosperity.
      * Peace.

    23. Shakira Chinsamy says:

      1) financial breakthru- excellent pay job for me, my paid for house, debt free, cars
      2) freedom from sexual sin n resisting Gods call on his life ( name Eldred)
      Thank you n God bless you

    24. Ann Mayne says:

      1 remove disappointment from me and my family. 2. Do I sell my house and move. Thanks so much have a blessed evening

      1. Marshay
        For my Ministry and Business to prosper
        Divine connections

    25. Asiimwe Bridget says:

      1. For my mother to conceive and give birth and also to heal her illness.

      2. For a husband and marriage and financial breakthrough

    26. Please pray for me, I’m suffering from a flare-up of IBS =Irritable Bowel Syndrome and also pray so that I get to celebrate a calm Christmas with just my husband and son. I’m drained physically and emotionally, and to just celebrate Christmas with my immediate family is what I pray for ❤️

    27. Please pray for an end to this pandemic that has caused so much turmoil in our homes, cities, states, countries, in Jesus name.

      Please pray for any enemies, plots, negative energy trying to prevent our family from prospering in all areas of our lives, in Jesus name.

      Thank you, Jamie, and I pray that our good Lord continue to bless you.

      1. My name is Shamecca
        * That my 4 children’s hearts be turned to God.
        *For God to send my God ordained kingdom spouse.
        Thanks for your prayers!!

      2. Relief from caregiver fatigue of two aging parents with chronic medical conditions (more than 25 years)
        Heart prayers from disappointment, people pleasing, hurt, pain, rejection, lack of trust, loss of passion, lost identity, and the desire to fully love again.

    28. Ruth Orhoevwri says:

      1. For family salvation
      2. Prompt resolution of long standing issues.

      God bless you

    29. Cassandra Rogers says:

      Household salvation, and baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire for my entire family according to Acts 16:31 and Acts 2:17

      Holy Spirt endow me and my house hold with His Extraordinary anointing and wisdom According to 1 Kings 3:1- 15 and Luke 2:52

    30. 1. Family breakthrough & Reconciliation with the Lord. Father, Mommy and relatives.
      2. My ministry

    31. I pray for a new job overseas and the opportunity to travel smoothly with my son and settle in to a blessed life.

    32. Yolanda Smith says:

      Prayer for a permanent job.
      Prayer for total victory and complete diliverance and to reverse unjust situation.

      1. Please pray for my husband’s salvation. And he will permanently leave Adulterous life. And return home quickly. Pray that my 2 son’s salvation and they will be blessed and will be married to Godly wise wife’s and be blessed to have godly children. Godly the glory in advance

    33. Constance says:

      1. The the will of God to prevail on the sale of my house, as there is severe conflict between me and purchaser.

    34. 1. Open door for job opportunities for myself and son

      2. Desperate need of mattress and box spring (senior citizen)
      Thank you for your prayers

    35. Prayer request

      Godly husband for my daughter and my husband’s salvation and deliverance

      Believing God for a restaurant. Financial breakthrough and manifestation of gifts and talent in cooking. Currently operating from home.

    36. Marlene Bond says:

      . Please pray for clear guidance and confirmation around where I am to go next on assignment

      Open doors and abundant provision and for a car and fab place to live.

    37. Tracey Clark says:

      Need prayer for my daughter she is not feeling well. Has temperature of 101. Pray that I dream with God again and that the swimmer’s ear I’ve been battling would dissolve. Thank you Prophet! God Bless You!

    38. – A new beginning
      – A successful and prosperous new career.

    39. My name is sandra and I’m searching for a home and also seeking the Lord for an idea or to be able to generate enough income while working from home

    40. A renewed mind. Healthy Christ-Centered friendships.

    41. Hi Jamie,
      Praying all is well with you and your family! I have been blessed by your ministry. Please pray for me…lately been feeling not myself or just not hearing like I usually do from the Lord. Mainly my purpose, so I can do His will. I am home from work such a blessing. I am praying for clarity, especially growing to the next level of faith and relationship with my Heavenly Father. I want to get married, thought I heard he was the one but not sure however trusting God anyhow. I pray for my children, my daughter to continue to be eager in the things of the Lord especially His will for her life. And for my son who is a young adult to continue to guide him and that he keeps the Lord close. As well as my relationships to be blessings and His will. I definitely need prayer to create businesses that God approves of so I can eventually leave my job. Amen.

    42. Hi,
      If its possible!! Please! Please pray for a good husband for me and good health!!!
      Thank you!!! So much!!!

    43. Diotay Baker says:

      Thank you so much Jamie! Family and financial restoration & divine connections

    44. Please pray that I be united with the person whom God has willed for me.
      Also, prayer for my name to be cleared with the case closed for all time.

    45. Nora Aleman says:

      For the past 10 years a group of people have been following, ostracizing, maligning, hurting me. The aforementioned behaviors has been progressive. I have moved from city to city and some how they always find me. I found a camera in my apartment is an example. I have a past , I have repented, I have changed my behaviors. I am a Christian however these people refuse to leave me alone. There is much dysfunction in my family. I had to separate myself from my family. Please pray that these people leave me alone period. I just want to live in peace. I am 60 yrs old.
      2. Family is so dysfunctional and very very vengeful. Pray for my family and pet Sofia who has pancreatitis.

    46. *Marriage- on the verge of unwanted divorce
      * grief relief/ need joy, wisdom, comfort and peace- I lost both parents within a 9 month period not COVID related

    47. Rev. Sophia Snyder says:

      Dear Jamie: Please pray for money for seminary and incorporation and to fix my home from weather damage. Also for healing of my body to be free from all disease and especially from tumors, abnormal blood protein and cancer diagnosis. Thanks for your faithful prayers of agreement. Rev. Sophia Snyder

    48. Prayer for my marriage and victory for my claims filed.

    49. Shantain mcmurry says:

      I want a prayer for my health I have lupus,tear in both rotary cupsmy feet hurt everyday due to arithitis severe all over my body I have an L4/L5 in my lower back and the weather turning cold is making me hurt even more I feel like I don’t have any strength left no matter how much I sleep I pray for strength my second prayer request is for a companion for 2021 I been single for so long I want a lifelong. Companion to share my life with

    50. •miraculous healing for my son
      •miraculous turn in my husbands heart towards the Father and restoration of our marriage

    51. 1. Pray for our divine healing me and my 7 months granddaughter
      2. For my son’s rape trial to be found innocent of all charges

    52. Thank you for praying for my family and I.
      – ONE: Specific direction HOW to start my businesses! God has given me multiple revenue stream ideas. I want to be obedient and know what direction to go first!
      – TWO: Healing in my husband’s body from back and knee pain so he can get back to being active!

    53. Racquel Pellikan-Younan says:

      1. To win a miraculous cash windfall for my family to be financially set for life and financially free to do more for the Kingdom of God than ever before.

      2. To use the money to invest and run a successful and prosperous an at-home arts and crafts business.

    54. 1. Complete restoration, healing in body (including family restoration & healing)
      2. Finances (including house sold)

    55. Mary Josephine Leong says:

      Hi Jamie,
      My top 2 requests are:
      1. I need a financial breakthrough very badly.
      2. My children’ s salvation.
      Wyan, sasha and sean.
      Thank you.

      1. Hello Jamie,
        My prayer request is a little late but, I am asking for prayer for my sister Shirley who taking treatment for sarcoma cancer. She needs healing. A prayer request for my own home sister and I can sleep at night. We have horrible 😞 neighbors


    56. Self discipline, without being legalistic.
      Extra money for some bills coming due.

      Thank you!

    57. 1. For a supernatural ability to learn and articulate concepts, even learn a new language such as Arabic! To read, understand and memorize the word of God so that I can be used for building His Kingdom!
      2. Entire Family to fall in love with God and not the world!
      Thank you, Blessings to all!

    58. 1)A job for me and my siblings,
      2) complete healing for me and every member of my family.

    59. Dudu Dlamini says:

      Hi Jamie. My name is Dudu Dlamini.
      I need to know Jesus more each and every day. I need to feel his presence in my life.
      For God to provide for my children’s school fees next year 2021.

    60. I need a job breakthrough to take care of my child needs…
      And a God fearing husband

    61. *My finances
      * A beautiful home for me and my 3 children

    62. -new home before my landlord sells this one

    63. 1. Justice in divorce court case and SACCO land court case and finances involved
      2. To be free from debts

    64. Christina B. says:

      *Prayers for a smooth delivery of my healthy, happy, beautiful baby girl due March 22, 2021.

      *Prayers to find and purchase a spacious, comfortable, multi-family property by Feb 2021 that fits my family and I.

    65. ●Id like to pray for financial healing and debt cancellation.
      ● Binding the enemies schemes as witchcraft at work & my neighborhood is rive.

    66. Rev. Sophia Snyder says:

      Touch and agree for husband, family , ministry to have all God desires according to Proverbs 10:24b

    67. 1. Please join me in praying for Marital Breakthrough.. Marital proposal this December 2021.

      2. Financial & Business Breakthrough

    68. Maureen Mentile says:

      Hi Jamie. Thank you for prayer request. I have a lot but there are 2 very urgent request i want to forward to you. Both are about reversals. I got 17 000 namibian dollars for my leave days as a pay out. My employer told me that they deducted the money from me since i was overpaid. I don’t understand why they discover this only now. The other request is for my granddaughter. I apply for grade 0 for the academic year 2021 but they rejected the application for no reason at all. Please pray for me. Let them reverse the decisions.

    69. *For the total removal of a Jezabel spirit that entered my in-laws family 5 years ago and has stolen my relationship with my in-laws! For All that has been stolen from my family & I to Be RESTORED indeed!!! In Jesus Name!
      *Prayer for those who are being corrupt and led by an evil spirit in our government, (including, but not limited to the presidential seat), to be removed & revealed and our nation to be RESTORED Indeed!!! That our nation will NOT become a socialist country! That The United States of America citizens will keep our guns & our freedom INDEED!!!

    70. Zena Spence says:

      Prayer Request
      : Health
      : New Home

    71. •For a suitable help-mate (husband) that I will remain steadfast in the wait
      •my daughter, Brooklyn (19) she needs healing in her body!! Was diagnosed at age 11 w type one diabetes…

    72. Hello
      May you please pray for my promotion with a very large salary and marriage restoration. Amen. Thankyou

    73. Gloria Chin says:

      1. For God to restore my finances (retirement savings of $1 million) that have been scammed (nickel investments in Indonesia) or lost through failed investments (White Dunes in Brazil) & for me to succeed & prosper in multiple streams of income (e-commerce + forex trading).

      2. My 3 sons to be healed & delivered from mental disorder of autism & acute schizophrenia & be able to find employment & stay employed.

    74. – to have wisdom and increased knowledge of God
      – the trial I have been going through will soon be resolved with justice, mercy and compassion

      Thank you for your ministry, thank you for your faithfulness to God, be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ.

    75. Kevin Thomas says:

      1. Relationship with Scarlett
      2. Finances
      Thank you for your prayer,

    76. Oyebamiji temitope oladimeji says:

      I want God to change my story for better,my family story for better one,may the grace of the lord never depart from me.and my family

    77. Nthabeleng says:

      I need a job urgently. I also pray for my child’s school fees to be paid off.

    78. 1. My enemies stop harassing me via all settings.
      2. Sell my home despite my enemies sabatoging.

      1. I prayed for you Nora. I know all too well what this feels like but GOD is GREAT! HE is The Great I AM but more importantly our Abba Father! Prayed an immediate demand for ALL harassment and sabotage stop IMMEDIATELY and your home sell swiftly! In Jesus Matchless name!!!

    79. * For my God sent anointed Husband.
      * For my business to be successful and favored so that I my share and bless.

    80. Rachael Musulube says:

      To be blessed with a husband.
      Protection of my parents,siblings and extended

    81. Orla McDonald says:

      Dear Jamie,
      I am praying that my divinely appointed spouse will locate me this year or in 2022. I believe God will provide and succeed.
      I pray for a debt free house for 2024/25 in Jesus name.
      Thank you and God bless you Jamie.
      From Orla in Dublin, Ireland.

  2. For a new job I was made redundant due to Covid19.
    For my acting talents to be notice and acknowledged by the industry.

    Thank you so much!! It means alot xx

    1. david adapoyi says:

      My name is David.
      Please I’d like prayer for my relationship with my fiancee to be restored– we were engaged to be married.
      Also I ask for prayer regarding my online business, to take off and be successful by early 2021.

    2. Stephanie Anderson says:

      My 2 prayer requests are:
      * to have a relationship with my 2 sons, Alex and Isaac
      * to have my own house

      Thank you & God bless you!

    3. Lauryn Msangi says:

      Shalom papa i would like you to pray for me to have a stand with my life and that i may be able to choose the right man for my life . Also to have a heart of forgiving and forgetting despite the situation so that i may succed in life

  3. Christina says:

    Please prayer for my marriage. And my prayer life.

  4. Christine says:

    Shalom kindly pls. Need really financial sudden breakthrough, & supernatural miracle own lovely cozy house, need this supernatural miraculously, only God can do this. Where I & my son are now will be pulled down. & we needed to move so many times before.😢thank you with all my heart for your prayers ❤️God s blessings to you dear Jamie

    1. 1.Prayer for protection, financial breakthrough and divine health for my parents and brithers .
      2.Financial breakthrough for me to relocate and start my career

    2. Ticia Powell says:

      * I have been trying to buy a house since September. I keep getting out-bidded. Please pray that God will show me favor in getting my house this month. (3bed, 2 bath, walkin closets)

      * Please pray that I will be healed and delivered from past trauma. I have a hard time focusing and my short term memory is lacking sometimes.

      Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your ministry!

  5. April McCullough says:

    Praying that every one of the staff at my company will come into the knowledge of Jesus Christ and grow and develop in their relationship with Him.
    Also praying for integrity in my personal and professional journey, particularly finances. I want to learn how to live by a budget, and be a wise steward over financial matters.

    1. Jagdeep H says:

      My name is Jagdeep. I would immensely appreciate for two prayers.

      1. For this ongoing court battle to come to an end which involves myself and my 2 children for the highest good of all of us, I pray for this and use your prayers suggested each time I am presented with court. Thank you for this. I am praying for a full and complete resolution so that the children and I can move forward in life with spiritual guidance and protection.

      2. For my home and children and life to be completely guided by prayer and keep us all on this path.

  6. Please pray for
    – my brother, Alex. He’s in need of miraculous healing and liberation.
    – my daughter that she may be healed by God’s might and make progress.
    Thank you so much for praying for us.

  7. Pray for my two children to be reconciled before Christmas
    Pray for my husband , 65 years old ,to be delivered from gambling.

    Thank ou

    1. Nana Boakye says:

      1_I need a house
      2 board of nursing to approve my license asap
      Thanks and God blessN

  8. Hi Jamie,

    Thank you for this prayer offer.

    1. Deliverance, freedom, healing and wholeness for my husband. Clear guidance from God re: marriage restoration.

    2. Permanent agreement with the finished works of Jesus re: my already purchased healing from thyroid disorder, digestive issues and menopause-related issues, and a smooth transition with my new job and imminent move.

    BLESSINGS and Shalom,


  9. Christine says:

    Please pray for the healing and restoration of my marriage.
    To get my own home and to get a permanent stable great job.
    God bless you 🙏
    Thank you

  10. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for your prayers. I want my children and son in law and a friend ,Chris saved and delivered from their addictions to alcohol , pot and cigarettes.
    I want to walk in Gods plan for my life,but not sure what it is.

    1. Jengi Cantilero says:

      Hi Jamie,
      Please pray for my husband’s salvation and conviction from his bondage in sin of adultery.
      Please pray that a private lawyer will accept my case and the final decision will be in my favor.
      Thanks Prayer Warrior

    2. My name is kizito
      O Lord open the doors and windows of heaven and the story of my life let a mighty transformation and financial breakthrough take place in my life in Jesus Christ name.

      Father break every know and unknown resistance aganist my due help and open the eyes of my destiny helpers to locate me speedily to help me with financially to put back my poultry farm in Jesus Christ name

  11. 1.Please pray for my 17 years old son to recieve Daddy’s gift of salvation,he is living a life that is not pleasing to Him please🙏
    2. I need prayer deliverance from the fear that is tormenting me…Daddy has blessed me so much, but I am stuck in life because of fear 😭😭

    1. Thabo Jafta says: brake through 2.Debt free

  12. Please pray
    1. For an increase in my family’s finances, so we can cover all college debts for our children
    2. Career and business advancement for my family

  13. 1) Burning heart for the Lord
    2)Open door for right job / career with good boss and company

    1. God bless you Sister Jaime. More grace to you. My name is VICTOR. My prayer request are Salvation for Coby, Lillian, Sean and Charles. Lord grant me financial breakthrough.

  14. Please pray for my relationships, future husband and marriage (if it be God’s wish) as well as God’s purpose for me, so that the enemy may stop making assaults on my relationships and work.

  15. Thanks in advance and God bless you.

    1. Please pray for me and my family to live a life of peace

  16. Meloni Simpson says:


    Thank you for praying for our needs. Just knowing someone is lifting me and others to our precious Lord, just warms my heart. Praying for you and your family and those who work with you, your ministry, and the ministry of Jesus’ love to be spread all over the world.

    My prayer needs are for salvation for my loved ones (husband, son), for my family members to stop using tobacco products due to the health issues. For me to be a light to others and to love the unloveable, I apologize for being a prayer hog.

    Thank you for your passion for Jesus. Praying you all have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas.

    Love in Jesus Christ


  17. Angela Teti says:

    Hey Jamie,

    For me to seek the Lord first in every aspect of my life and allow Him to align me to His good, pleasing and perfect will.

    For Him to bless me with the successful ability to live in both the city my family resides and my own.

    Love you sister,
    Thank you.


    1. 1) Complete healing & deliverance of my youngest son Jared & his son Easton.
      2) complete healing of Jared’s marriage….founded & built on Jeshua our blessed Rock!

    2. Elisa Johnson says:

      God bless you Jamie for your encouragement for us all. Please pray for the following
      – Wisdom and knowledge and an understanding to increase all areas of my life, teaching and a business,finances, healing of love and peace with my relationship, own a home. Double portion of anointing and blessings from the Lord.

      -Direction and discernment to hear His voice when he is calling so I know I’m on the right path so things can be aligned according to Papa’s will and the keys for the right doors to be opened and to shut the doors that need to be closed.

  18. Aliesana Sandoval says:

    -a high paying job that helps me pursue my purpose and I can be employed for a year
    -a full ride scholarship to my last year in college and God provided the house to live in Florida near my campus

  19. Christian says:

    1. Chaplaincy position to open up for me at a top level sports club

    2. Financial breakthrough in order for me to afford to keep living in my apartment


  20. Please pray for a financial breakthrough and a marital breakthrough.

    1. Pamela Stuart says:

      Please pray that the lord will cancel divorce plans and and restore my marriage.
      Pray that my entire family and household will draw closer to God in Jesus name. I love you with the love of the lord

  21. Lillian Nanteza says:

    Hello Jamie , thanks for the prayers. My two prayer requests are Marriage restoration that is team work, trust, peace and love into my marriage.
    My husband to be made a permanent worker at the company he works for.

  22. Ivelisse Melendez says:

    Hello Jamie God bless you, your family and ministry. Please pray for me for:
    * Divine direction
    * Provision
    Thanks a lot !

  23. Thank you for praying for me.

    1) Complete healing and restoration in my marriage. That we be unified and have a strong godly marriage that glorifies God.

    2) Raising our 3 children to know, love, and serve the Lord.

  24. Laura renee says:

    Please agree with me in prayer
    1. That i will hear his voice clearly.. so I can have clear direction for my life/ family.
    2. For my own home and peace in our

  25. Lerato Lebitsa says:


    Thank you for offering to pray for me and my family,

    1. Pray for the BDM job I’ve applied for at Marriot, I am in urgent need of this job as I look after two girls and my mother. I need the finances for my girls to be able to go to preschool next year.

    2. God’s grace, love, and protection upon my life and the lives of my loved ones. To be protected and anointed against witchcraft, and any evilness we are fighting. Blood of Jesus protect us and guide us, and break the yoke of evilness.

    Lerato Lebitsa (South Africa)

  26. Busayo Otekayi says:

    Hi Jamie
    Please help pray for healing from primary aldosteronism. I declare that I am perfectly healed.
    Prayer for success in my Nursing studies.
    Thank you for your prayers and spiritual support.

    With love

    1. Hi Jamie,

      Please pray for ~
      1. Baptism of the Holy Spirit
      2. Joy in my life
      Thank you for your prayers

    2. Asiimwe Bridget says:

      1. Please pray for my mother to conceive and give birth to one baby

      2. Marriage and financial breakthrough

  27. Grateful for your obedience to your prophetic ministry!!

    – Double portion of the Lords Anointing to touch, heal, and deliver those who encounter my presence via preaching, teaching or song

    – Effective, powerful and yoke breaking international ministry

  28. Rashidat Kassim says:

    Thank You Lord for prayers answered on Jesus Name.
    1. Believing God for a permanent employment position with six figures salary, paid vacations weeks, excellent medical and dental benefits where I can be a light and a salt, working with understanding and Christ like minded people
    2. Believing God for the soul of my teenage son Olabanji. I am requesting God to show Him mercy, help me on how I can bring him into the light, to help him to be focus with a pure mind of God and for divine protection upon him.

  29. LaCourdia Jones says:

    My top 2 are for my health and my son to be made whole from Type 1 Diabetes and for me to gain a position with favorable salary and benefits.

    1. Thanks Jamie for standing in the gap. My prayer request is, financial breakthrough and my own home come year 2021.
      You’re such a blessing sister!

  30. Financial miracle
    God’s blessings over my business

  31. Hi Jamie, thank you so much for praying for all of our tequests.
    1. For me to be more aware of Gods presence.
    2. For my son Lucas to have an encounter with God..
    Shalom to you your family and ministry.

  32. irene jones says:

    Healing emotionally for my 23 year old daughter. Praying that God will be in the center of me and my fiance marriage.

    1. Sue Tracy says:

      I need financial help and a fresh start. God to provide the exact employment he has for me that would bring Him glory. A new beginning🙏Help to take care of my debt that is overwhelming me.

    1. 1. My own home
      2. New job

  33. Christine says:

    Thank you Jamie for giving me this opportunity.Am trusting God for a financial breakthrough and to get married too.Stand with me in prayer.

  34. -To own outright my parents house that I have inherited with money to make the needed improvements
    – For a husband that is a Godly who can and will lead my family with love

  35. Christle Helms says:

    I am Believing God for a Spirit Filled Godly Spouse

    I am also Believing God for Family Restoration and Family Salvation

    1. Shavon T Magee says:

      -prosperity in every area of my life
      – wisdom how to steward prosperity

  36. -Prayer for a husband
    -Prayer for peace and joy

  37. Thank you for praying Jamie! 1. Please pray for the finances I need to move across country. 2. Please pray for my Mom to be healed of Crohn’s Disease. Blessings to you and your family!

  38. Joseph pedroza says:

    First thank you Jamie praying for you as well.
    1- hunger. And to feed that hunger. I feel the Lord calling me to fast more to be specific.
    2- the growth of my church I’m a full time pastor. I’m asking for wisdom to lead Gods people to christ and for us to become better disciples to the Lord Jesus

  39. Hi Jamie
    Thank you for praying for us, My first would be for my Brother Mitchell that has charges for eluding LEO that happened last December, court has been pushed out which we are thankful, our Abba Father has answered so much already in this situation, We pray for a declaratory judgement on his behalf, he as well as my family suffer from anxiety he was scared and thinking of everything he had to lose and nothing to gain, he has worked since he was 18 and a home owner of 20 plus years, so out of character for him, this is not who he is. Second financially to help my parents, my dad had stroke May 2017 being a caretaker of both and trying to support them while working a full time job, gets overwhelming at times. Thank you for lifting my family up in prayers, bless everyone, please pray for my family and in fasting.

  40. Cynthia Silas says:

    1. A 2000 sq ft condo home, school loans and income taxes paid in full.

    2. God will increase my real estate business to make my monthly bills.

  41. Christina says:

    For my relationship with God. For my relationship with my husband.
    Having some real struggles in these areas.

  42. Natalie Joseph says:

    Prayer Request

    1. For God to go down to the roots of me (Natalie Joseph), sister (Wanda Joseph) and my mother (Jocelyne Joseph) problem and deliver us and set us free and restore us and our destiny and to deliver & sanctity my sister wanda and fill her with his spirit (The Holy Spirit).

    2. I truly would appreciate prayers for God to deliver me (Natalie Joseph) from poverty & Backwardness or Setbacks and from ancestral/generational/foundational curses and to have mercy on me and open doors of opportunity for me in areas of employment and housing before the year end. Jamie i been without a job way before the pandemic and got no money from the pandemic funds because i wasn’t working prior to it and I truly need God mercy, help and miracle in my life in these two areas because these are things i truly need because situation is just not Good right now. So I’m believing God to give me a testimony in these two areas before the year ends because i want to end this year on a high note.
    – Thank you for the prayers, Blessing to you and your ministry.

  43. • Pray my son is released supernaturally from jail- he is vindicated, restored, delivered, unprecedented favored by God and man. He draw closer to God. Remove bias judges and officers in this case. (Urgent).

    •. Financial breakthroughs release of money owed – witty inventions and ideas.

  44. • for my husband and I to be able to have a baby. We have been trying for 7 years

    • for peace, joy and health over my family

    Thank you and my God bless you.

    1. Darlene Smith says:

      Darlene Smith, I am in need of breakthroughs for a new home,

  45. Prayer requests:
    1. A new paid for house for myself and my children.
    2. Health, well being and prosperity for myself and my children

    God Bless!.

  46. Thank you so much Jamie!!

    -For reconciliation and reunification with my 10 year old daughter. The enemy has done everything, thru the person who has custody, to prevent this.
    -For a permanent/forever home for myself and BOTH of my daughters.

  47. Hi Jamie,

    My name is Jessica Floyd and my top two prayer request are:

    * For God to bless me financially with a car
    * For Me to go to school part time to get my bachelors degree, with a supernatural income.

  48. 1. To be closer with Jesus without pushing Him away and to obey Him to fulfill what He has for me.
    2. To be a Mom that pleases Jesus, and have healthy relationships with all my family and friends and myself and my body.

  49. Thelma Austin says:

    Michael & Thelma Austin praying for unity in our Marriage save my husband and that we get our new home in 2021 and then I pray for the homeless and all the people who have lost their jobs and homes and for everyone who has lost someone during pandemic heal our Nation Lord and our Lands Spirit Soul and body in the Name of Jesus

  50. Hi Jaime
    Im having challenges in
    1)my health
    2)my finances


  51. 1. For may marriage life, my prodigal husband who took my son to be reconciled with me and God
    2. For a prosperous life and Job for both.

    1. Please pray for me , Deborah and my husband, Frederick to come to a peaceful divorce settlement. This entire process is so emotional and overwhelming.

      God Bless you and your ministry.

  52. My two prayers for December are:
    *Supernatural student loan debt cancellation
    *For my son and his wife to have a restoration in their relationship.

  53. -For a new job as company busy with retrenchments and I am affected
    -to be able hear God clearly

  54. Pray for debt free house and debt free vehicle.

  55. 1. My relationship with Albert. May we move forward and marry.
    2. A new home
    Thank you for the prayers

  56. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for praying for me.

    1. Praying for the birth of my healthy baby girl to be delivered in March 2021.

    2. Financial breakthrough for all my debts to be paid off including my house and increase in my savings account.

    Thank you

    1. Rebecca Blair says:

      Hey Jamie,

      Thank you for all you do. I’m praying many blessings on you from the Lord.

      * Just let the Holy Spirit lead you in praying for me. I just want to do our Father’s will for me.

      Thank you

  57. Jessie Yarbrough
    1. To be debt free
    2. To be a symbol and a source of blessing to the nations.

  58. Danielle Bedford says:

    Hi Jamie,
    I would God to restore all the finances that I have lost, been stolen in past seasons. Bring 3 consecutive clients for my online business.
    Thank you
    Danielle Bedford

  59. *For all the resources to rebuild the house I just bought and grants to get it to living condition.
    * to be debt free and my business creativity pattern business to make money to provide above and beyond for my family

  60. 1) Deliverance for my daughter Lilly from unhealthy- relationship with a bf for a time of healing from****** and coming back to Papa God
    2) Boldness/ Fire of God / God ordained spouse for son Ben

    Thank you so much for reaching out to us and praying!
    Bless you and your family abundantly!

  61. Shirley Alt says:

    1 Financial debt reduction
    2 Christy to come back to the Lord and her marriage

  62. I am praying for a husband. I want God to bless me with a life partner and love. I want to be settled as a married woman and mother of more children. God please grant this 17 year old prayer request.

    I also pray for business success. Lord please enlarge my coast and send more clients to me.
    Please send a financial outpouring.

  63. Demo Oduyemi says:

    May God bless you and keep you.
    1. For Wisdom, Knowledge, discernment, and understanding in spiritual and non-spiritual matters,
    2. To know and live in the fullness of what it entails to fear God and love God.

  64. Nana Adjoa says:

    1) Prayer that God will lead me to the man he has ordained for me to marry.

    2) Prayer for timely promotion at work (career progression).

    Thank you and God bless you!

  65. Thank you, Jamie, for praying for our needs.
    1. For my husband to be released from strongmen in his life and for my son to be restored in faith in Jesus. A job or income-generating business for him (son).

  66. A perfect Match for my oldest daughter and reconciliation from past heartbreak
    Complete healing from an incurable painful condition for my younger daughter

  67. Pleas pray for a Financial breakthrough…restoration for me and my children.,.thank you

  68. Paul Ndegwa says:

    Hello, I appreciate
    -I need prayers for restoration to bodily & financial health & anything alien in my body be returned to sender forthwith
    -That my children & I, my clients & friends be free from all demon attacks who are out to finish us

  69. Please pray for • a success transition into new employment that’s uses my God given talents and skills to the highest degree

    •• my relationship with ACG be made clear, restored and strengthened (if it be God’s wish)

    1. Sue Tracy says:

      For God to RESTORE me from a great loss financially.
      For new beginnings and a fresh start for 2021.

  70. 1. Prayers to be married.
    2. Deliverance from pain, addiction for my father Demetris and my older Becelone and dad to have an encounter with God and be saved.

  71. Christopher says:

    1. Well paid Job
    2. A blessing to people

  72. Jamie, we are fasting over our needs, P.L.E.A.S.E interceed on our behalf for God to DELIVER on HIS Promises which he gave us in visions and dreams over the years, more so this year. Our suffering have been beyond what we can bare.

    – We need Restoration in Health, Protection from hidden dangers and deadly diseases and from Spiritual attacks, restoration of Youth, longevity and safety from all evil forces for my mum, my “future” partner and myself.

    – Marriage, own home, ample Finances, a generous spirit, to BLess JAMIE ROHABAUGH’s Church needs.

    – Wisdom of God, Supernatural vision, interpretation

  73. Please pray for me :

    – Experience romantic love again – true love , one that would last until my life is over
    – a house, I really want to be independent and have my own house.

  74. Thank you.

    My 2 prayer requests are for 1. A high paying job that fits my personality and skills.
    2. A financial blessing to carry me through the new year.

  75. • healing for my left leg
    • healing for my son’s continuous headache

    Thank you for praying for me.

  76. 1. Please pray for healing/reversal of diagnosed Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) ……….. myself.

    2. Pray for open doors for ministry and that I’ll fulfill God’s ministry call on my life.

    Thanks for your prayers and for your frequent words of encouragement.

  77. Hi! Thanks for praying for me.
    -Deeper trust in God’s love for me
    -Relationship breakthroughs: Healthy Christ-centered relationships with friends and future spouse:)
    Thank you so much!! God bless you and your ministry!

  78. Alfredo Merejilla says:

    A blessed Day Jamie,

    1. Kindly pray that I will produce much fruit or positive results even before the course that I just enrolled myself into; called Internet Business Master Class (IBMC) succeeds, so I may finance my 5-fold mission. as well as to contribute to ministries that supported me one way or another.

    2 Please also pray that my pilot-project called 5-2020-5 Evangelistic Challenge will prosper and will create a ripple and a domino effect that will result in a massive harvest of soul. Thanks

  79. I need a God send marriage partner. I been single all my life. My time now for a husband.

    My son Carey is using drugs, please pray and let’s bind the enemy , in Jesus name.

    My daughter Kelly is struggling mentally in relationships. Let’s pray for Salvation and direction in her life.

  80. 1. For God to send me the right husband for me
    2. For the right land and home (location) mortgage free.

    Thank you for praying for us.

  81. Thank you Jamie!
    1. Freedom from/resolution to exhaustion.
    2. Direction – Have an idea for a non-profit to help single mom’s.
    Jennifer Z.

  82. Raina Milner says:

    Please Pray for my daughter to have good healthy Godly friendships come her way and also her personal issues to be healed and dealt with.

    Please Pray for Restoration of our family putting God first and giving Him the Glory for our Testimony.

  83. Please pray for healing & restoration for myself and my 4 children. I just left an abusive marriage and transitioned back to my home country.
    Praying for a job, in the area of my calling, that brings me joy, success, fulfillment, & financial freedom.

  84. 1.Please pray for my greencard to get approved and come in my hands with out any delay
    2.Please pray for a new big house for kids and me that we can afford mortgage or comes as gift with all new appliances in it.

  85. Angela Ellis says:

    *please pray for the success and growth of my businesses:; Practical-Hr, & Infinity Digital Journals & Notebooks. Funds from each business funds my new ministry to help employees heal from workplace abuse & bullying.

    *please pray for all of the people that my ministry reaches, all employees, that may they are healed from workplace post traumatic-stress and through healing change their world and the world around them.

  86. Jean Potgieter says:

    Salvation for my husband Krog, my son Schalk, my daughter Linda, my son-in-law Tyron and healing for my son’s digestive system.
    The sale of the house we presently live in in Goodwood, Western Cape, South Africa and the purchase of a house in the Langkloof, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

  87. Hi Jamie
    Thank you for prayer
    Please stand with me for the deliverance from the generational disease and restoration of my relationship with my brother.

  88. Hello Jamie,
    I pray you and your family are safe and healthy during this COV-19 pandemic. Thank you for this opportunity. My prayer request is:
    • Justice, recompense and vindication for injustice in a legal matter
    • Overturn in legacy if my parents business
    May God continue to bless you and your family.

  89. -for salvation and deliverance for my son Michael

    -for me, I would love the baptism of the Holy Spirit and a prayer language. I have been praying for these for years.

    Thank you!

  90. Prayers:

    Please guide us to the city you want us in.

    Please save our country from the directions it’s heading.

  91. Healing of body, mind, emotions & spirit for me and my son.
    God’s grace, love, provision, peace, joy and protection for me and my loved ones.
    Thank you, Jamie! God bless you!

  92. June Chandler says:

    * Lost my husband to coronavirus 2 weeks ago. Need Holy Spirit’s comfort and guidance.
    * God’s guidance in helping me with financial issues arising from my husband’s death.

    1. Dear dear June, I am so very sorry for your devastating loss. I am praying for you. May the God of all comfort lift you and help you during this time.

  93. Danny Castro says:

    Top 2 Prayer Requests I have been praying for:
    – Return to my job I left a few years ago that I so want to go back to and have been trying to, but there has been some obstacles in the way. I pray that God opens these doors again.
    – Increase my family’s finances.

  94. Hi Jamie, thank you for your big heart.
    1. Financial breakthrough and expansion in my business.
    2. Renewal in my marriage, and deeper spiritual connection with Christ Jesus.

    Thank you God bless you.

  95. JOYA WEBSTER says:




  96. 1. A man after God’s own heart to marry my daughter who is a single parent with 2 children.

    2. Financial breakthrough for my daughter to pay off her debts – educational loan and mortgage.

    Thank you Jesus for answered prayers.

  97. L Bloomfield says:

    1. Prayer to be in Gods perfect will.
    2. Success in becoming and MD

  98. Claudette Donn says:

    Thank you Jamie for praying for us
    1 Prayer for a husband
    2 Prayer for money to build a house for my mom

  99. Jean Potgieter says:

    Salvation for my whole family and restoration of my son Schalk’s digestive system.
    Sale of our current house in Goodwood, Cape Town South Africa and the purchase of our new home in Langkloof, Eastern Cape, South Africa according to the Lord’s will for my life.

  100. Heather R. says:

    Thank you in advance for your prayers.
    • For God to manifest the perfect house that He has for me. I know I have one because He gave me vision 4 years ago. I have put about 8 offers on homes and came close to closing on 1 and the answers: No. Very frustrating at times, but still faithful and trusting.
    •God to connect me with the right people to manifest the creative business ideas (book writing and publishing, counseling/coaching,etc) He has called me too.

  101. Gladys Mutungu says:

    Thank you Jamie for praying for me.
    – total healing and deliverance for my husband. Hiatal hernia, thyroid cyst and enlarged prostate.

    – own home in 2021

    God bless you.

  102. Tyesha Goldwire says:

    Thank you for this opportunity Jamie! Please pray for:
    1. My sister, Brymisha. She’s in need of miraculous healing and liberation.
    2. Fruitfulness in my dream/business and Womb. God has given me a dream of having an apparel line and I truly need divine resources and connections to get it going. As well as expanding our family. All honor will be given to Him! 🙏🏽

  103. Please pray for me to get Married Soon and to have a good Job in the government. And Thank you so much for your prayer.


  105. -Healing and restoration for my husband and I & in our marriage.
    -To be purified and refined so every area of my life reflects Christ. I want to be better for Him.

  106. Hi Jamie
    1. Prayers for my husband, to be saved as well as our 3 daughters
    2. For myself , to be baptized in the Holy Spirit

    Thank you in advance

  107. Clemmie LaShaun Hilton says:

    Hello Jamie,

    My prayer requests are as follows:

    Closer walk with God

    Prayer and fasting for the rest of the month into 2021

    In Jesus’s Mighty Name

  108. Hello, my name is Ashley and I enjoy your blog. I need prayer for a miracle. My 4 year old daughter has been under witchcraft attack for 2 years by my mother in law.

    I need prayer to remove this person from our life because she will not stop and also for God to restore what was lost, like my marriage and saving my husband. Praying for Gods justice and judgement. Thank you

  109. Dear Jamie, thanks for this, a prayer for good health, divine protection and prosperity in all ways – spiritually, financially, materially, for my beloved mother who passed this year to be in peace, for me to be able to fly with her ashes to India next year and have a sacred beautiful time, for my partner Zak’s businesses to prosper and for us both to flourish and thrive in all ways – spreading joy and be surrounded by love, positivity, divine joy within us and around us always.

    Many thanks


  110. Boitumelo Gladys Matima says:

    1. Financial Breakthrough
    2. To get married to my soul mate next year.

  111. Maria Edward's Olano says:

    ■ The possiblity of another charter flight To return to the land of my permanent residence with my children reuniting with my husband; their father as a family this month without any hindrances.
    ■ A breathrough in finances and more that we can sow to ministry besides taking care of our family’s needs.

  112. 1. SUV
    2.increased income

  113. Kishi Wuraola Fadeko says:

    I’m praying and believing God for a MacBook or PC before the end of this year as it would enhance my productivity and enable me reach a clear cut level in ministry alongside financing and funding.

    Secondly, I’m praying for the manifestation of my marital blessing and partner by God’s divine acceleration.

  114. Nettie Lewis says:

    My name is Nettie Lewis.
    If you could please pray for:
    -The financial state of my family. For God to flood our finances (like a tsunami wave). For our streams of income to shoot through the roof of everything we could have ever imagined so debt can fall off of us like dead skin!
    -My husband(DaQwon Lewis), and I to catapult into our purpose and calling so we can sharpen as disciples that make disciples and has an amazing ripple effect within our family, bloodline, and community!

    Thank you for your continued obedience in delivering the Word of God and the specific messages God gives you to lead, empower, and heal those who listen. I am thoroughly blessed by your ministry, as I am sure millions of people are! Continue living sent!

  115. My name is Cathrine.
    1. Our work environment has become toxic. Prying for God to restore order, peace and fairness at work.
    2. For a godly man who I can serve in ministry with. A man that will lead as a husband and father.


    ● Manifestation of the money due to me involving an lawsuit that I was included in but my money was stolen from me & I want punitive damages included.
    ● For my oldest son’s grades to improve in school & that he will pass his grade & not struggle.

  117. Rasheika Singleton says:

    1. My husband’s (Donald James Singleton Jr.) salvation.
    2. My marriage restoration.

  118. Full restoration of my life for deliverance from the crime of targeting
    Healing in my body and return to 1st love

  119. Maria Dimba says:

    1. God to give me direction on my gift of prophecy .
    2. My kiids to be saved and stop drinking liqour .

  120. Thank You Jamie for prayer blessings upon your life in all areas in Jesus Name. 1.Financial breakthrough,own house ,God ordained husband wants to get married 2021. 2.To be so blessed financial to be a blessing unto God Kingdom&your ministry

  121. Hi JAmie,,

  122. Michelle Deveaux says:

    Hi Jamie thanks for all the prayers I would like for you to pray with me for a financial breakthrough, a job a home and that my daughter will allow God’s blessings to upon her and for deliverance in every area of our lives.

  123. Hello Jamie,
    Please pray for:
    1) the healing and restoration of my marriage — reconciliation with my husband and his healing & deliverance from mind control/manipulation (witchcraft).

    2) a new affordable spacious house

    God bless you Jamie & thank you 🙏

  124. Hiawatha Pierce says:

    1. To own our dream home this year or 2021
    2. That the release of my 1st children’s book series this month will be a success on Amazon

  125. Thank you Jamie.

    1. For my sister Adele to give her life to Jesus.

    2. Got both my grandchildren Christine and Iva to keep well and grow up to be strong women of God.

    1. * Marriage healed and reconciled
      * sons private school tuition paid in full

      1. Saundra Obasoni says:

        Dear Jamie,

        My name is Sandy, thank you for this great opportunity and may God bless you immensely. My prayer request is for Gods favour upon in order for me start a successful blog and for my business to flourish. Currently my mother is the one who is supporting my family and I would like to take over this responsibility from her so that she can finally relax and spend time with her grand children or doing what she wants

        Lasstly is for Gods favour healing and anointing upon my family especially my mother .

    2. Aretha Alicia
      1. To get a nice job
      2. To get our new home

  126. My name is Praise
    My prayer requests are
    1. I need a dramatic turnaround especially in my financial life
    2. I need Divine connection that will transform my entire life, ministry, business and carrier

  127. hi 🙂 my top 2 prayer requests are to 1. be blessed with the spirit of discernment and hearing God’s voice. 2. Connection with people who will aid me in fulfilling God’s purpose for my life.

    sending love and light to all of you. I hope all of your days are blessed.

  128. Hugh Robertson II says:

    Greetings, Blessings, And Shalom Jamie!!!
    My name is Hugh Robertson II and my 2 Prayer Points Are As Follows



  129. Thank you!
    1. Restoration and healing in my body!
    2. Favor over our business!

  130. I am praying for a life changing job and my God ordained husband, wants to tie the knot next year God willing. God please help me and answer my prayers.

  131. Thank you and bless you, Jamie! Hope you are feeling better!

    1- a home for my family with bedrooms for everyone (my elderly mom is homeless and sleeping on my couch, she is unable to provide for herself and live on her own, we also have four kids still at home)

    2- open doors for me as I step into my calling

    1. My prayer is to get closer to God and a Financial blessing thank you so much Jaime

  132. Amrit kour says:

    My marriage and I want to pray for my family also 2. And for my CS examination ..I want to secure good marks in my exam this time..

  133. Mary Lynn Reynolds says:

    For my 23 year old special needs son will be delivered from being violent , Autism and mental illnesses. And for me to be able to hear God’s voice clearly.

  134. Connie Mungai says:

    Thank you and Glory to God for:
    1. Bring to nothing the proposed ssurgery on me ERCP and CBD Clearance;
    2. Receive without further delay, my benefits as per High Court Ruling in 2011

  135. May God help me get a good wife and job

  136. – prayer for a job,
    – prayer for a godly woman

  137. Direction as far as Gods will and career.
    Financial windfall

  138. Due to my situation I have been hiding for a long time. At this stage pray for my safety and going into coming out of hiding.

  139. Claudia Woods says:

    Please pray – I need a stable job near my home
    Prayers for God’s continued provision and protection for me and my family

    Thank you and God bless!

  140. Please pray for my finances and for healing for my husband.

  141. Thank you for your prayers. Now that my parents are gone I don’t know if anyone prays for me.
    -For full healing-spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally for my family,
    -That the work of our hands will prosper and all that has been taken from us will be returned.

  142. God ordained marriage 2021
    Multi million dollar business breakthroughs in 2021

  143. May Acosta says:

    Hi Jamie! Thank you for your prayers:
    1. For our son, John Irvine- salvation, protection, wisdom, success and to have a God-fearing partner in life.
    2. For my husband Jon – total healing from anxiety attacks & insomnia.
    God bless you Jamie 😊


    Hi Jamie

    My name is Emma Shabangu
    1. Financial stability for me and husband Pule. Stability in my businesses and stable good paying job.

    2. For my sisters Ika & Rego to be saved, and know the Lord.

  145. Siren Morrison says:

    •I am praying that the Lord will show me how much to give for our legacy service, so I can assign that seed to be debt free (mortgage and small loan) in 2021 in Jesus name!
    • I am trusting God for our mates to discover us(myself and my 2 daughters) in 2021. We are all praying for the Lord to send our men of God, filled with the Spirit of Lord husbands.

  146. Navneet kaur says:

    Please pray for my career good health of my mom dad me my sister and brother. Also for my marriage.. I’m 30 yr old.. Due to lack of finance I’m not married. Please pray

  147. Roshonda Cobb says:

    My name is Roshonda and I am asking prayer for me to get healing in my body and for family curses to be broken off my life and family. Also owning my own house paid for in 2021.

  148. >Orayer for my Chritian Husband to stop lying to me.
    >Prayer that God will show me howcto syop being angry for all the disappointments by people

  149. Jennifer Landry says:

    1.) Prayers for our Nation and that God will expose the lies and pour out His spirit upon the Presidential election outcome.
    2.) Prayers for my intimate close relationship with God to grow as well as keen discernment of His voice and discernment of spirits.

  150. Please pray for my current relationship? Going through a very difficult time and dealing with demonic strongholds in his life. Do I stay or do I leave?

    Start my own business

  151. My prayer requests:

    1. To be connected to my life-partner, and be comfortably married.
    2. For a prosperous life, no more stagnation in all areas of my life.

    Thank you Jamie for your thoughts towards us. May God continue to bless you, in Jesus name. Amen.

  152. — the right literary agent for me
    — our saved children to live intentionally for God

  153. Please pray for my finances to be stable and secure and a happy family please.

  154. Jamie,
    1. I’ve been asking God to send me a husband for a long time. I need for path cross his path.
    2. I need a better paying job.

  155. Bridget Ingram says:

    My two top prayers is 1. For restoration in my marriage new kind of love for each other.2 for mind an my two girls mental health… May God Bless you

  156. 1. God ordained spouse- to recognize, know and meet.

    2. Court case against our family home to be nullified without any unjust demolition of property.

    God bless you, Jamie!

  157. Thank you for your prayers. My prayer requests are:

    1. Complete healing in my body
    2. Prayer for stronger relationships with my daughters

    Thank you!

  158. Kanyisile Malahlela says:

    – Believing God for our own car we have been without a vehicle for 4 years
    – Our own property

    Thank you Jamie your ministry has really changed my life. Im believing God to be able to sow a big seed into your ministry one day. Love from South Africa ♥️

  159. Jamila M. Jones says:

    Thank you for praying Jamie. <3

    1- I pray that my family and friends come to know Jesus as their Savior and that God overwhelms them (myself included lol) with love, joy, happiness, comfort, peace, blessings in health/wealth, protection from ALL EVIL, and success/prosperity.

    2- I pray for healing for myself and my husband in every single area possible, for my womb to be opened to conceive and carry children to term with no miscarriages or complications, and for God to lead myself and my husband into our purposes/careers…specifically a successful career in blogging and fashion design for me, and success in business for my husband.

    Thank you so much and God Bless you.

  160. Please Pray for Me, my brother and nephew to ask HOLY SPIRIT to move us out of LAS VEGAS and move to LOS ANGELES, CA. Find the right home in right neighborhood and. Right price. I lost my husband on 5/17/20 and my son on 9/3/20.
    Holy Spirit to bless me with peace, comfort, love and happiness- Amen

  161. Shenita R Franklin says:

    1. Be purge from all of my sins (negative thought, bad attitude, anger, rejections, offence etc)
    2. Be transform who God created me to be

  162. Brittany Janae’ says:

    1. Full healing recovery for my mom on this side of Heaven.
    2. Financial Breakthrough

  163. Jackie Stratton says:

    1. That my business would thrive and not just survive
    2. Waiting for my Boaz

  164. Prisca Simango Mwansa says:

    1. My husband Christopher Mwansa to see again his eyesight to be restored completely.
    2.For God to help us buy a new vehicle Toyota Harrier hybrid 2020 or Toyota Fortuner 2018.

    1. Prisca Simango Mwansa says:

      Thank you woman of God for praying. More Grace

  165. 1. For receiving a permanent residency status in December
    2. For financial breakthrough, financial stability and overcoming the spirit of poverty.

  166. Tara Brown says:

    Please pray for my health, it’s in a very bad way.. doctors think i may have cancer.

    I ask please could you pray for me to find a loving partner who I could marry and be happy with.

  167. My name is Julie. Please pray for health and healing and reconciliation with my daughter and me. Healing of family members that have hurt and betrayed me..
    Thank you Jamie. I have been with you for years. God Bless you and your husband and baby 🙏🏻❤️

  168. Ugar Ambunde Ugar says:

    1.I am trusting the Lord to help my company (Vivacious Media Lt) contract to Mine and supply Tantalite concentrate to Select Minersls, so Select Minerals gives My Company grace period of 2 months to supply without any resort to Litigation

    2. Supernatural Supply to help build Gods kingdom and Pay all my Debts

    1. Hello Jamie,
      Asking for prayer for my sister Shirley who is dealing with cancer want her healed.
      Prayer for my own home. Landlord does nothing.

  169. Prayers for:
    1. My daughter, Verónica, that the Lord may lead her to the place he has for her, and to the husband that he has for her.
    2. For my son Daniel, that the Lord may open the doors for him (job) and lead him to the correct place and relationships.

  170. Hi Jamie, I need a new job/income stream tha would be enjoyable and lucrative. I also need clear direction wrt ministry decision.

    Thank you so much

    Felicity Williams

  171. 1. Major financial breakthroughs need to get all my utilities paid in full, groceries etc also want to bless others this season and get a new home paid in full and start a homeless shelter
    2. A husband who will be a good father to my children also.

  172. Ugar Ambunde Ugar says:

    1.I am trusting the Lord to help my company (Vivacious Media Lt) contract to Mine and supply Tantalite concentrate to Select Minersls, so Select Minerals gives My Company grace period of 2 months to supply without any resort to Litigation

    2. Supernatural Supply to help build Gods kingdom and Pay all my Debts
    Yours in Chris


  173. Thank you Jamie for doing this.

    1. Please pray that my marriage will be healed, restored, and made stronger through the presence of Jesus in my marriage. It is a second marriage for both my husband and I, and we both have children from our previous marriages. The negative feelings between kids and parents is affecting our ability to be one, as husband and wife.

    2. Please also pray for our children who are not walking with the Lord. I pray for salvation for ALL of my children and grandchildren.

  174. Thomasine Jones says:

    My name is Thomasine and my top 2 prayer requests are
    1. To quickly win a settlement for my lawsuit that is enough to get my dream house and much needed car
    2. To get my Real Estate license and be successful in Real Estate.
    Thank you for your prayers and I pray God continues to bless you and your family and ministry and keep you safe in the Name of Jesus.

  175. I really appreciate your ministry!
    I need prayer for my girl. I am dealing with lawyers for various reasons both girls . Trying to get financial help for my daughter in university who needs prayer for gender dysphoria.
    My youngest15 years old went to go live her dad( anger at me).i need prayers for financial breakthrough.i am struggling in many ways. Thank you!

  176. Danielle B says:

    – I need prayer for a spacious home for me and my family immediately.
    – Pray for my healing in my family and finances.

    Thank you I love you Jamie and I will be praying for you as well.

  177. 1. For Joseph to fully accept the love of God and for him to learn to love himself.
    2. For my breakthrough to be made manifest in this month of December, and for the God who does wondrous deeds to show up and show out.

  178. – To be married to the man who The Lord desires me to be a wife to

    – For supernatural payment of my student loan and credit card debt and for financial freedom

    Thank you for taking the time to pray for our heart’s requests. The Lord supply your every need, cause you to lack nothing in any area, surround you with His favour as a shield and cause you to prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers. Amen.

  179. Dear Jamie,
    Please pray for God

    * to lead me to the restoration of my hearing in both ears.
    * to help me understand what He has called me to do and to give me the courage to obey His call.

    Thank you Jamie. Your are blessing to us.

  180. -Prayer for my daughter to leave her ungodly, controlling relationship and to come back to her faith and her family
    -Prayers of protection, guidance, and salvation for my son and husband

    Thank you so much, God bless you

  181. Tracy Klimek says:

    1.) For my husband to truly see his worth and what was sacrificed for him by the precious Lamb, and have the freedom that Christ died for him to have.
    2.) that our marriage would be the marriage God designed for us to have so we can be a testimony and help others.
    Thank You!

    1. Jamie you challenged us (your readers) to a 2020 prayers challenge and I have prayed and spoken out that my husband and I would be a cord of three not easily broken💞

  182. For significant core health improvement for family and myself. be these, Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Financial and Relationships health.
    For significant financial burden relief for the remaining days of 2020 and the first 7 days of 2021.

  183. Bridgette says:

    1. Deliverance, healing, salvation and divine positioning for Gregory, Nicholas, Mikal, Matthieu, Bradley and Kim.
    2. Fully charge my spiritual discernment, vision and all other senses that I may not be led astray or deceived.
    God bless.

  184. Theresa Smith says:

    Unusual Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding of God word.

    Clarity for new career/employment and debt free.

  185. Bobbie Jo says:

    My husband Matthew needs to come back to the Lord
    I need a career with high quality benefits and with an employer who will be gladly to have me on their team with my disibility.
    May the Lord Bless you and your team Jamie.

  186. Madeline Brownfield says:

    *Pray for my daughter to find peace, stability and real love in her life.
    * Pray for my son who is deployed to the Middle East to return home safely to his wife. They are still newlyweds married less than a year having to celebrate the holidays apart and newly pregnant with their 1st child together.

  187. Please pray for…
    -Supernatural healing, supernatural restoration & restitution for son’s body, mind, spirit, & soul.
    -My family to become mighty men, women, & children of God and to do His will.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to pray for all of us.

  188. Ashley Demarcos says:

    Thank you Jamie. This is such a blessing. I always pray for you by name as well.
    Would you agree with me on
    1) seeking God first and having all else added to me. This looks like:
    -Waking up early in the morning or before the kids to study his word
    -Finding time during the day to *want* to want God instead of wanting to watch another tasty (etc.) video
    -Reciting Gods word throughout the day while I clean, cook, do laundry, etc
    -Remembering His word and hiding it in my heart

    2) having my children’s book published and noticed and sent around the world to bring the teachings of the fruits of the spirit to every child in every language

    Thank you for agreeing with me and lifting us up during this very trying time. ❤️

  189. Thank you Jamie for taking your time to lift me up in prayer. My prayer requests are:
    1. Total healing and complete restoration of my body and health.
    2. Open doors and fulfillment of the promises from Lord.
    God bless you

  190. please pray that me and my son and fiancé will be ok in 2021 that we can be stronger and be good parents to our little boy please pray for our finances this year the lockdown hit us hard and we were at n point of braking up and we didn’t see any other way but God pull us through this tough time
    please pray for me protect me i can feel something is very wrong my feelings off being scared and jealous towards my fiancé, that he will leave me and my baby boy .AMEN

  191. -Restoration
    -Protection over family and myself.

  192. Stephan Lottering says:

    For myself…..
    anointing in the Holy Spirit

    for my family…
    restoration and healing after separation from my wife…. 😢

    for you….
    blessings upon more blessings for all the work you do for us, the body of Christ.

    May the Lord bless you and keep you, shine his face upon you and give you grace, turn His face toward you and give you peace…. 🙏🙏🙏

  193. M
    Marriage restoration manifestation family to be saved.
    Mortgage free and debt free status

  194. Chenequa Cash says:

    •Prayer for my mind and soul. I want the torment to end. No more mental illness.

    •Prayer that my children & I will encounter Jesus in a way that will bring healing and restoration to our family. GOD SAVE US!

  195. Chantel Clark-Fortunat says:

    -Complete healing for my son Ajani
    -For my Husband to overcome his addiction to pornography and sexual misconduct and for him to give his life totally and completely to God.

  196. Henrietta says:

    Thank you Jamie!

    Please pray for fulfillment of all the promises the Lord I have been waiting for and for my family to get our inheritance back which was stolen from us.

  197. Christina McCrory says:

    Hello Pastor Jamie!

    •My Purpose Partner (God- fearing/ordained husband, who will help me to love more and fulfill purpose.)
    •Divine strategy for the new year; from my relationship with God, myself, others, home, ministry, business, godly connections/networking, finance, legacy building.

    1. 1) Praying for a God ordained marriage for me & even now for my children with no divorce, infidelity, or adultery.
      2) Divine connections, destiny partners, supernatural wisdom, supernatural discernment, & businesses with multiple streams of income🙏🏾

  198. My prayer request
    My son to turn back to God
    Restore his relationship with his son
    My own house and a good paying job where I can have weekends off to spend with family
    My son for healing in his health a job and to hang onto the job and turn his anger and cold heart back to compassionate and caring heart the way it use to be

  199. Dottie Mulenga says:

    Good day Jamie.
    1. Marriage manifestation
    2. More income sources and salary increment

  200. Thank you Jamie for praying! For over 4 years, I have been praying for my husband to leave the woman he left me for, no longer wanting a divorce, and told come home. We have a court date in January! Please Lord, intervene! We’ve been together for 24 years.
    Also praying for his and our family’s salvation. Your ministry has helped me so much in this storm I’ve been in.
    May God richly bless you sister!

  201. Candace Lykken says:

    Jamie❤Praise& Prayer request:
    1.Praise report, my friend, Erin sold her house Denver, CO so has finances but is being turned down for apt or home in Sandy, Utah because of recent repo on her car (repo on car way before sold house)Erin just moved to Utah state….Pray she will find apt to live in or apt home for her and her 2 dogs(dogs like family to her) where he car repo’ed not an issue and not do financial check & if do wont let recent repo affect the housing she needs.Thanks❤
    2. Healing for Erin from recent gang rape, divorce, and relationship with Jesus and God the Father. Thanks.

  202. Evelyn Sanches says:

    Prayer for my own home ( I’m living house to house for over a year…for my finances, I have a part time job but have not seen any unemployment money and I could use it right now
    Thank you so much

  203. Trusting the Lord for a godly husband and waiting for his arrival.
    Ephesians 3:20 growth for my Business – trusting the Lord for a HUGE blessing. Something that has never been seen before. New clients and the right team to join me (especially in our new product offering and new markets)

  204. Robynne Leigh says:


    My name is Robynne
    I am trusting God, for a home and car.
    For a husband, that loves Jesus.
    Thank you
    GOD Bless

  205. I pray for victory over my EEO case.
    I pray for healing in my body from sickness and disease.

  206. Essie Fiadzo says:

    My husband should know and live for God

    2 God should heal my daughter of
    Iump in the breast.

  207. April Senegal says:

    1. Financial breakthrough
    2. Supernatural manifestation of healing for everyone in my immediate and extended family
    In Jesus Name Amen.

    Thank you Jamie
    Sincerely, April

  208. 1. My 76 year old Dad, who has never given his life to Christ, would do so immediately.
    2. Myself, my husband and sons would love the Lord with all of our hearts, minds, soul and strength.

    I agree with the prayer that Jamie prays. Amen.

  209. Doreen Tukezibwa says:

    Hi Jamie, my name is Doreen Tukezibwa. My 2 prayer points are:
    1. Favor, provision and financial increase for me and my fiance’s upcoming wedding in April, 2021.
    2. For more hunger, thirst, passion and fire for my Father God, my Savior Jesus Christ and my helper the Holy Spirit.

    In Jesu’ name, Amen!

  210. Zandra Peterson says:

    1. I want my 1st Love for the Lord back.
    2. Healing for my left shoulder, torn rotator cuff

  211. LaTrina Steele says:

    1. For the spirit of poverty and division to be BROKEN over my entire family.
    2. For the Holy Spirit to rest on me, move through me and speak to me ALL THE DAYS OF MY LIFE AND FOR ME TO OBEY

  212. * A shift and increase in my business

    * Continued good health for myself and my family being that I work directly with covid patients

    Thank you and God bless!

  213. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Jamie

    Thank you so much for lifting us up in prayer. I am truly blessed by your ministry:

    1. Please pray for Salvation & Deliverance for my son Glenn, my partner Bill, a young lady Taneille and that God will restore EVERYTHING the enemy has stolen from them in terms of education, relationships, finances, careers, and their spiritual walk.

    2. Please pray for me to walk in All Pappa God has for my life and that I will use the talents and gifts He has given me to bless others.

    thank you so much
    Blessings to you and your family 🙂

  214. Finances please, that God would breakthrough any lack in my life. I am a missionary.
    For a husband who would also be my true partner in mission.

  215. My husband that he would be obidient to the lord. He is rebelling against God and refuses to let him heal his wounds. Hard for me and our 2 kids. Today an older couple who know us and our struggles quite well even asked if I would consider divorce cause it hurts them to see me suffering.
    Therefore please pray for him for the fire and love of God to come down on him in a mighty way and revelation.
    I don’t want to quit cause it is not God’s will

  216. My two prayer points are:
    – To hear God’s voice better, to have my spiritual eyes open and to operate in the prophetic gift. This is my biggest prayer lately
    – Breakthrough in life
    Thank you. Blessings

  217. Dylana Alleyne says:

    My prayer request is
    1. For success for my mother’s business and prosperity in our finances
    2. Succeed in all of my exams and continue getting scholarship money, and to receive a new scholarship.

    MY name is Dylana Alleyne

  218. Ann Wilhoite says:

    My name is Ann.
    1) Agreement in prayer for the complete healing of ourselves and all our relations in spirit soul and body.
    2) Agreement in prayer for financial breakthrough with lifelong overflowing provision above and beyond what we can ask or think.

  219. Thank you Jamie!
    Earthly Encounter and radical.closeness to Jesus.
    Supernatural gifts to start operating at a SUPER level!!!

  220. 1. To get the finances to finish build and furnish my home.
    2. That God would bless me with good health as I enter my 60s and beyond.

  221. ● Prayer for Father Elohim to bring Healing, Restoration, and Deliverance to our land, and bring the lost souls to repentance & salvation
    ● Prayer for wisdom, increased discernment, revelation, and to be filled with Holy Spirit and FIRE to carry out the calling, assignments, and ministry that Father Elohim spoke over me before the foundation of the earth to be completed before I leave this earth realm

    1. I need a complete restoration of all I have lost especially in my career
      I want God to take I and my husband to a house of our own before the end of 2021.

  222. Please pray that God will give me a good mentor in my workplacement for my repeat placement.

    Also for successful completion in my nursing carrier.

  223. Rosalie Bridgemohan says:

    . Pray for me that I will not be harassed by the Immigration officers when I traveled. I have a green card, but unable to stay for long in the country.
    For me to get a job in FEbruary 2021. In Philadelphia one that pays at least $18.00 per hour

  224. Georgette says:

    Prayer Requests:
    1) I’m believing God for my God-ordained husband and I to be connected soon. I desire Godly marriage.
    2) Multiple streams of income and my new businesses to thrive. I desire to use my gifts for God’s glory and want to reach many!

    Thank you for praying with us!

  225. 1. Wedding next June and all preparations go off without a hitch.
    2. For my fiancé to sell his house quickly and make a large profit off of it and for us to find the new house God has for us quickly too.

  226. Hi, thanks for offering to pray for me( 1.) I need financial stability in my life( 2 I live a lonely life and i need a female partner to share my life

  227. Thank you Jamie,
    Reading these there are so many of the same request! Breaks my heart. We need to stand together for the enemy to STOP destroying our families! We all should be praying for every person who posted, not leaving it up to Jamie, how much more can we all do if we stand together and prayer for each request? Let us see the promises manifest, let’s see the turn around before 2021!
    Wage War till it manifest!
    It’s tiring and it’s hard work, it came be discouraging BUT MY GOD!!! I recall the lord asking me, how bad do you really want it?

    My request is the same;
    *Salvation and restoration for my husband,
    *full healing for my body, heart, soul and emotions.

  228. * Please pray for my relationship and for me to get Married if its the will of the father because I just want to walk away that all I know how to do.

    * Please pray for my life to go well and to be strong in the Lord. My heart is not strong enough at times for this life. I cant even find the strength to go back out to work. Jobs are being offered and I dont even have the will to keep going.

  229. 1.Protection over my life and family in all areas including recovering lost finances
    2.Prosperity in all areas including wisdom to know and understand my purpose in life.

  230. Ramon Gutierrez says:

    Asking for prayers for my son Ramon Jr. That’s he gets hired at Pantex (DOE) site. As a Production Tech or Material Handler. He has been working two jobs for 20 years. Wants to cut back to one job. I ask you Heavenly Father to reward my son with this jobs for being so patient I pray and plead the blood of Jesus over my son.
    Prayer #2. That we are able to sell my mother in law’s estate pretty fast. So we don’t continue to pay taxes and making payments. I plead Father God. Help us out.

  231. 1. Complete Body, Soul, Spirit Healing, protection and favour for Maresa, Mariah, Malik and Myself..

    2. Miracle financial provision to avoid bankruptcy, pay debts and purchase homes.

  232. Ingrid Silgjerd Husefest says:

    Please pray for help and healing for our son that is an alcoholic

    And please pray for our church as We have big problems right now

    Thank you

  233. Tammy S McKelvey says:

    To be debt free
    Clear direction for nxt step in our ministry.
    Thank u

  234. Jennifer P says:

    -Stronger relationship with the Lord
    -For healing, joy, and breakthroughs in all areas of my life: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and relational.
    Thank you so much!

  235. 1. For The Holy Spirit to be poured out on my family!
    2. Restoration of everything that has been stolen from me! ♡♡♡

  236. Praying for God to reveal my husband to me with whom I can make a home. I also pray for a job that will be fulfilling and rewarding. Thank you Lord in advance for answered prayers. In Jesus name I pray🙏 .

  237. Hello Jamie. The Lord has used you for the past few months to encourage and inspire me in so many ways. Thank you for being faithful to His calling. My 2 requests are:

    1. For the radical salvation of my entire family. There’s a lot of lip service to the things of God but the substance is truly lacking when you choose to delve deeper.

    2. For the strife against my wife and I to come to an end and for us to receive grace to fulfil destiny and become the version of ourselves as God intended in His blueprint for us.

    God bless and continue to use you mightily Jamie.


  238. Hi Jamie.. Please intercede on my behalf for God to bless me with a Godly husband, a good man with beautiful loving heart and of good characters.. Also help me with prayers for God to restore my business and finances in Jesus Mighty name.. I believe where two or more are gathered there’s the spirit of God, the spirit of living God is here and he has heard our prayers and answered us in Jesus name. Thank you Lord Almighty God 🙏🙏❤️

  239. Chinita Williams says:

    Hi. My name is Chinita Williams and I want pray for:

    Home in 2021
    Business prosperity

  240. 1-my husband and son’s addiction to alcohol and drugs. 2-My husband, son and daughter to get good employment.

  241. • Marriage
    • Complete relationship restoration for Joe and Kari.

  242. Kenneth Summerour says:

    1) I pray that God will deliver me from this homeless situation; poverty mentality (ash heap) for good and seat me with princes, likeminded (influential people) according to Psalm 113:7-8…IJN!

    2) I pray that God will empower me to be a kingdom man and grow in more intimacy with the Holy Spirit, who is my Heavenly Coach.

  243. God to accelerate /speed up my connection with my divinely appointed spouse
    I need to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

  244. My name is Ebony
    I would like prayer first of all that God restores my marriage. I want to fall in love all over agian and I want my husband to fight for us.. ( after accepting my calling into Ministry my husband and I have drifted further and further apart, it’s like he’s not interested in the newness of the woman that God is creating.
    – secondly I like prayer for our financial income, that God provides everything we need in order to pay off our home in full with money left in savings and in our childrens education funds.

    Thank you and many blessings!!

  245. Pam Walcott says:

    1) Guidance for my husband and I to fulfill our God-given destinies on this earth.

    2) Deliver my daughter from being deceived about her sexual identity.

  246. Patricia A. Thompson says:

    Good Afternoon Ms. Jamie. I Thank GOD for you, your spirit and your ministry. I appreciate you allowing me to send my prayer request. I am trusting, believing and have total faith that with You & I touching and in agreement. God, Jesus and His Holy Spirit will send me total turnaround and blessings of nothing less that breakthroughs!!!!!!! \O/!!!!!!! I am expecting GOD to do the SUPERNATURAL!!!!!

    * #1.) INJUSTICE OF AGGRESIVE VIOLENT DOMESTIC ABUSE(PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL & PUBLIC HUMILIATION OF BEATING AT MY CHURCH.)……. having to deal with scars of traumatic trauma from my husbands deceit, attacking my character with lies, dealing with nasty divorce and Church Hurt(turned their complete backs on me and sided with my abuser. I am in ministry and had to leave my church. NO BODY BELIEVES ME!!!!! ;(((((((((((

    *#2) COMPLETE HEALING, RESTORATION, & TRANSFORMATION THROUGH GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT…….In order to save my life I had to leave my home with the clothes on my back. No where to go or no one I could turn to But4GOD I can trust in, have faith in and to believe in.

    Peace, Love, Light, & Blessings

    Patricia A. Thompson

  247. My top two prayer requests are more faith and trust in God also i keep praying for my hearts desires which are to be married and for a Godly husband and father for my 3 year old that he will look at and call his dad and also i want prayer for my up grade my callings and spiritual gifts to come through fully come through ( hear the lord with clarity, ears and eyes to see, praying for people, minister to people, words of edification, prophetic words not just with my patients at work, out side of work.,) thank you

  248. Hi. My name is Kesha. Please pray for:
    *Marriage restoration, reconciliation.
    *Fruit of my womb, healing.
    Thanks so much <3

  249. Joyce Burton says:

    Hi Jamie, thank you for all that you do and for praying for us!

    1. I ask for much favor with everyone at my current job at that my job is secure and I’m never laid off, terminated or demoted. That I always do great work for my company with excellence and make right decisions.
    2. Wisdom, discernment, guidance, and lots of help on how to navigate the road ahead as it relates to where I’m to live and what to do about this house.

    Thank you! And God bless! Love you!

  250. Prayer requests
    1 full restoration of my relationship
    2. The relationship to lead to marriage.

  251. Matilda Edinam Akporsuer says:

    1•A financial miracle of an amount of $50,000(Ghc.200,000) by end of December.

    2.A huge testimony of a Destiny helper and marriage partner.

  252. Praying for you Jamie and your ministry which has been a tremendous blessing to me.

    Please pray for my husband and I to be debt free and for my four young adult children to really authentically live their lives for God.

    Thank you!

  253. Sherie Smith says:

    Hello Jamie! Please pray for
    * Healing and restoration in my body.
    * To receive this month, the promises of the Lord I have waited to manifest all year.

    Thank you so much for offering to pray for me.

  254. 1. My dear friend–his soul wounds– continued healing
    2. Husband & to be marriage [single & ready 🙂 ]

  255. Hello Jamie,

    I pray for God’s continual blessings on your life, and His will to be fulfilled in your life!
    1. Please agree with me for a breakthrough for a great career opportunity and a financial breakthrough. I was laid off due to COVID-19, and another door has not open as yet.
    2. Fulfilment and manifestation for a long-awaited promise.

  256. That I now experience the manifestation of Yehovah God showing Himself strong on my behalf to execute judgment against my enemy (the devil) demanding Full restoration (with restitution) of everything that has been stolen from me and my children.
    That my children and I now experience an outpouring of the everlasting, super-abundant Love of our Father Yehovah in our lives continually.

  257. Alberta Johnson says:

    Please pray for me a job promotion with more money under a suportive manager and friendly helpful peers and I for me to purchase me a new home in a warmer climate and to be able to maintain it.

  258. Stephanie says:

    Greetings in the name of the most high, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My prayer request is for Justice in an unjust situations and for victory in all areas of my life and full healing of my body. Strength to continue to run this race for Jesus. Covered in his Blood 🙏🙌🙌🙌

  259. Jamie, we have a bad neighbor we want removed an they can never live there ever,an we need an income things in this area are shutting down again an been out of work 2 months now we need a miracle, Thank-you an god bless.

  260. My name is Jillian.
    Please pray for me, my family has been in a legal battle for years we need it to end so that we can get our settlement.

    Secondly I need a house.

  261. Jean Potgieter says:

    Complete restoration for my mouth and teeth.
    I need to loose about 30 kg of weight – prayer in agreement that the Lord will teach me
    how to eat the proper foods and not to overeat so that my body can be healthy and whole.

  262. Barbara Green says:

    For Ashley my daughter to be healed from wounds that cause heroin and drug use.
    For my boyfriends business deal to go through so he can bless many as he has plans to do

  263. Jean Potgieter says:

    Resources and provision to complete my vision and destiny from God.
    An daily abundant supply so that I can be a blessing to others in need.

  264. 1. A huge financial breakthrough
    2. Job promotion and job re- designation.

  265. Please pray for God to use my place of rest as he declared this year to raise help for me.
    Secondly, I need the holy spirit more than ever.

  266. Lynette Reddy says:

    Hi Jamie
    Thank you for praying for me
    1. I need a home of my own for my 2 girls and myself. I have been living with my mum for over a year now.
    2. I need a job to pay for my home.
    I am unemployed from March this year because of Covid 19.
    I am trying to work from home but i have no finance to even start it up
    Im very depressed and feeling helpless

    Thank you

  267. Elizabeth Winfree says:

    Top two prayer requests:
    * God would continue to use me as His agent
    * Restoration would continue in all areas of my life

    Thank you Jamie

  268. Aloysius Okechukwu Ezewankwo says:

    1. That God will radically turn my situuations around as he did to JABEZ to his Glory. 2. Divine healing upon my mother Virginia Ezenwankwo and conversion of my father Joseph

  269. To get married or at least meet the person I’ll marry someday.
    Supernatural confidence.

    Thank you!

  270. ***Please pray for my daughter to be healed from past trauma that negativity impacts our relationship and that she and her husband both have a deep personal relationship with Jesus.

    ***For my business success as I launch early next year. (And my husband’s health:)

  271. Please pray for healing in my breasts and entire body.
    The second request is for a financial breakthrough! Thank you so much for an awesome ministry. Your videos and prayers have helped me get through some really dark times in the past few months.

  272. 1. Prayer Request: I am single. Let my Godly, caring husband find me soon. Our pass will cross..
    2. Financial increase and credit score increase to move in my own new house. I am paying $1,200 in rent….God bless and thank you in advance for praying….

  273. Good day Jamie. Please pray for father Gods protection over my family. And for my son Elridge to pass grade 5. All is possible with God.

  274. Here are my two prayer requests:
    1. Marriage Restoration. My husband Jerome has moved out of the home and has his own apartment. I dont see that we can ever fix this seperation.

    2. Please pray that God answer my impossible prayers as I am losing faith that he can. God knows what those impossible prayers are.

    God Bless you, your family and your ministry Jamie.

  275. My three sons to be drawn back to Jesus-relationship level
    Financial breakthroughs multiple ones

  276. Thatayaone says:

    1. Restoration of every glory and blessing stolen from my life
    2. Supernatural breakthrough in my financial life in order to finance the kingdom of God

  277. Lum Kairdy says:

    1.Please pray for me to find the man that God has ordained for me as my husband.
    2.Please pray for me to have a job. I graduated from school for more than 8years now and I have never had a job.

  278. > To know the purpose of my life .
    > For wisdom to understand the heart of God.
    Thanks for your prayer support.

  279. Susie Jones says:

    That I would see clearly and not lose my place with the Lord and
    that my children would walk in His ways and be close to Him and me always!!!

  280. Thank you for your prayers.

    1. To walk intentionally & strategically into the Kingdom purpose God has for me.

    2. To know & be married to the Kingdom Husband God has for me.

  281. 👑 Mommy and Daddy to stay healthy and disease-free.
    👑 For my husband to succeed in his new work by having many clients to be able to provide for our family.

    Thank you Jamie. I am praying for your concerns as, well.

  282. Thank you very much for your prayers Jamie!

    Prayer 1- A new paid in full home for my daughter and I.

    Prayer 2 – For God to bring justice on my behalf.

  283. John Veldsman says:

    1. Own Home
    2. Job and Income

  284. *To meet the man of my dreams and get married.
    * To start an online greeting card store that will flourish

    1. *The promises and manifestations that the Lord God has for my family He has brought together. He will get all glory.
      *Wisdom in my finances and credit improving.
      Thank you Jamie for praying and agreeing with me, Amen.

  285. I requesting prayer for:
    1. Financial breakthrough (as my husband is now unemployed).
    2. For my sister Laura who suffered from abuse from a person close to her.

    Thank you so much and God bless you abundantly!

  286. 1. Financial Increase-“15”-God promised to me.

    2. Husband-God promised to me.

  287. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

    1)In the name of Jesus coperate with me to receive wisdom and guidance in this spiritual warfare I am going through. I ask Holy spirit for protection peace joy and comfort in this time of need.Pray for me to have the faith and courage to keep my mind fix on Jesus. Holy spirit burn all shacles and bondages in my life and lead me to my deliverance. Prune my soul and all carnal sins and make me become more spiritual. Bring my thoughts my soul my mind my body my free will under your Authority your blood and your grace.Give the faith of Abednego shadrac and meshac the kind of faith that please God.I declare that no weapons form against me shall prosper in my life as I am under the protection of Jesus blood and his holy blood and his grace.I declare that I can do anything through christ as he strengthens me.Pray for me for the perspective of this warfare to be revealed to me.I pray that anything which been destroyed stolen and killed in my life be restored with multiplying abundance in my life.I chose life over death .I chose faith over fear.I am the head not the tail.I chose love over hatred.I chose forgiveness over unforgiveness. I chose peace over anxiety.I chose hope over discouragement. I chose abundance over lack.I chose wealth over poverty.I declare no spirit of fear poverty and infirmity has a place .I rebuke them in the name of Jesus.In Jesus name I pray .Amen
    2)Pray for me to meet my God chosen partner my future wife to form a family.Pray for me to have a financial breakthrough. Pray for me to begin to build my house .Pray for me to receive my true calling and to know the kingdom and the Glory of God.In Jesus name I pray.Amen

    1. 1. For my friend Lizette who’s been in the hospital with Covid for 2 months now, healing.
      2. For my family to come close to Jesus.

  288. God will surely reward your labor of love.
    1/ Restoration for my daughter and son-in-law whose daughter passed away suddenly
    2/ Fruit of the womb for another daughter and son-in-law

  289. Miracles of Winnings of Victory. Business Genesis.

  290. Henry S. Olasupo says:

    My name is Henry S. Olasupo
    My prayers are
    * for the approval of my Canadian work permit visa application this year 2020.
    * for the establishment of my feet in Canada.

  291. Breakthrough in my health and weight
    Prodigal daughter

  292. top two prayer requests:
    1. Resources for my business -contracts, partners,
    2. instruction on what to do with my house which needs lots of work and is a financial burden.

    Thank you. I appreciate this very much!


  293. That God will heal my body and heal my life in the name of Jesus

  294. Evelyn Sanches says:

    Aside from finances and a house
    The enemy has stopped me from opening my own business.
    Also pray for a husband…
    Thank you

  295. Thank you for interceding and lifting me up in prayer. My two requests are 1) For my husband Kenny to move back home w/me and his children with a restored, honest and unified marraiage.

    2) For Trenius to return to my life with a new soften heart towards me and the doors to open for honest communication. Remove barriers between us that causes the shutdowns.

  296. Bless you with fervor!
    Healing of brain trauma and migraines

    My own home for peace of mind and more time to spend with father

  297. 1- LES -HEALING – for my brother from joint pain, heart issues, and colon cancer and the desire and wisdom to change his eating habits.
    2- LAUREN – DAUGHTER-in-Law, a beautiful believer, suddenly showing Jezebelic tendencies. Dark cloud comes over her and is unreasonably angry and belittling toward my son when her expectations aren’t understood and followed to the letter. She is now introducing my grandchildren to Harry Potter books.
    Appreciate your help!! God bless you!

  298. – I’m expecting my PR and I have faith God has heard my prayers so I want to thank and glorify God for the PR in advance.

    – For God to reveal the husband he has for me. Let it be according to thy will oh Lord.

  299. linda harrison says:

    My name is Linda, praying for a part time job or the money to get my own business started. Unspoken requests. Thanks, God bless

  300. My husband’s job – his project at work is about to get cancelled
    My business has been destroyed by COVID related closures and low traffic

  301. 1.Please pray with me for continued health and financial stability.,
    2. I’m also praying for a Godly spouse to share my life with

  302. 1. For my beloved husband Emanuel to be healed completely and miraculously from the Parkinson disease
    2. To pay fully our home

    Thank you Jamie

  303. Kristel Patterson says:

    – pray for our business K&C Candleworks to grow and provide more income for our future
    – pray for my Nieces and Nephews to come into the Faith

  304. Richard Dichabe says:

    My 2 priority prayer requests is TOTAL DELIVERANCE especially from WITCHCRAFT SPIRITS AND WITCHES and my second one is FINANCIAL MIRACLE in Jesus name Amen

  305. Ramon Gutierrez says:

    Good afternoon Jamie. Thanks for your prayers. I appreciate it.

    Prayer Request # 1.
    Asking for prayers for my son Ramon Jr. Asking that he gets hired at Pantex, a government DOE site in Texas. He has applied for a Production Tech position and a Material Handler position. I plead the blood of Jesus over my son. He has been working 2 jobs for 20 years and it’s been taking a toll on his body. Please Lord Jesus, we plea your blood over him that you give my son this employment.

    Prayer # 2..
    We are trying to sell my deceased mother in law’s estate and asking Father God to send us a buyer quick so we don’t continue to pay taxes and making payments. Thanks Jamie for your payers and we continue to pray for you. Blessings

  306. 1.My son’s in-laws do not know the Lord(my son and his wife both serve the Lord,he is a pastor)They reject him and it’s a bad situation for both of them and their small son.Please oray for complete reconciliation and forgiveness.
    2.Please pray that I will be able to keep ob working my retirement job to supplement my small pension.
    Bless you and you and your family.

  307. Millicent says:

    Pray for a Breakup between my husband Ken and his mistress.
    Financial breakthrough.

  308. Please Pray for Financial break through.
    God Bless Amen

  309. Please pray i have lost my income during Covid I need a new successful good paying project financial breakthrough.
    Please pray for my daughter who is correctly influenced by bad friends resulting in her being rebellious and involved with wrong friends and things. She needs GOD in her life

  310. Jennifer Botes says:

    We,my 6 children and l need to own the appartment we in bond free,facing eviction every week,and my business restored, thanks

  311. *Prayer for healing of the several diseases that have been plaguing me for years.
    *Prayer for a husband (my Ahasuerus).

  312. Hi Jamie my name is Grace Makombe.
    Please pray for complete healing for my mother Ellen Jonga both physical,emotional and spiritual.God must please strengthen my mother and give good health.Father God please bless and keep my mother for many more years to come .Amen

  313. Jessica F. says:

    To be have wisdom & discipline in everything!
    So thoughtful & awesome of you to pray for us. Always thankful for you Jamie. God bless you & the work of your hands. 👑

  314. Mamahlohonolo Peko says:

    – I pray that Holy Spirit guide and direct my steps on how I should serve the Lord, all days of my life.

    – I trust God for a Husband. A man I’m going to be help to. A man that God has created for me

    I thank God for the answered prayers.

  315. Hi Jamie
    Please pray for me Grace Makombe for God to bless me with a good man that will love and care for me with his entire heart and soul.
    Please pray for my daughter Shaunte Makombe for God to always guide safegaurd and keep her safe.Keep her out of harm’s way please father God Amen

  316. 1.A job for me with good payment
    2. A God ordained husband for me

  317. The Lord bless you Jammie.please pray for my family for:
    1.Financial breakthrough.
    2. Own home,no more renting.
    Lindiwe Mkhwanazi
    South Africa

  318. Since March, my martial arts business ( has been struggling. Please pray…

    1) God opens the floodgates for 50-100 new, high-paying, long-term clients so confirming his covenant to us, and

    2) The Lord allows us to finally pay ourselves after a year of zero income so that we can fulfill our roles as Kingdom Givers.

    Thank you!

  319. 1. My mom’s body fully restored
    2. Peace in my life

  320. Angela Villarreal says:

    For a miracle for my daughter and I to have justice and peace in our lives. For this man to no longer have any control over us leaglly.
    Hello Jamie. I love your blogs and I do a lot of bible studying on many of your articles. I’ve been dealing with a court issue, and I’ve been fighting it for going on 3 years. The last 3 years have been so painful. I have a special needs child who I raise and a judge has given joint custody over my child to a man who is not the child and it has not gone well. This whole situation has drained me, it caused my ex fiance of 5 years to leave me as well. My daughter can not talk well and everytime she leaves for visitation she cries and begs me not to go but doesn’t understand why she has to go as much as I try to explain to her. I find myself on my knees begging God to please help us. I even asked God if this is your will please give us peace.let my daughter be okay going and let me know she’s okay but within the years it has gotten worse. I’ve even had to take her to the hospital for bruises,a sprained wrist and dehydration. This judge will not budge… And I’ve prayed lord there’s no peace with in me about this. Something in my soul will not let me rest… Please save us, please remove this man from our lives… Am I praying right,? Am I wrong to ask God to remove him from our lives?

  321. N. Williams says:

    – Financial breakthrough
    – Pass mark in my CSEC Math exam

  322. I need financial breakthrough,tired of living from one pay cheque to another,and having wisdom on how to use my finance.
    2. Healing for my family (myself, hubby and the kids) God heal us from any kind of disease, physically,emotionaoanc spritually.

  323. Thank you, Jamie.

    A job/Dream job
    Financial Prosperity

  324. Ashley sanchez says:

    Hi!! My name is Ashley Sanchez, I would appreciate to have you pray with me about:
    *The husband of God that I am waiting for.
    *To have an increase of Faith.
    Thank you in advance for taking your time on doing this. We need people like you. God bless you☺

  325. A deeper more intimate relationship with God.
    My SiL to really walk in the fullness of his Sonship knowing God as his good and faithful Father.

  326. To seek first the kingdom of God.

  327. Please pray for family Salvation & for our marriage to be restored to us.

  328. Amanda K. says:

    Thanks so much for this Jamie!
    * Pray for marriage / family restoration
    releasing my husband from the devils grip leading him to true repentance and put God as his 1st priority ..followed by being the loyal & devoted husband and father he was created to be!

    * Also pray for covid19 to be diminished from the earth and everyone suffering to be healed.

  329. Nordia Mckenzie says:

    Hello my name is Nordia Mckenzie and I would like for you to pray that I will be cleared by the nursing & midwifery council and be restored to work as a nurse and that the money I want to build a house for my dad in Jamaica £68,000.00 I will get that money in the name of Jesus.

  330. # Need the Holy Spirit to empower me, so l can win more souls for our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
    #Trusting the Lord for my life partner(Husband)

  331. Gift of healing
    Financial prosperity

  332. Corina Kostreba says:

    Pray for my husband. He has struggled with his weight all his life. Has been on many diets, meal plans, etc. but he always gains it back. It’s so painful for him to fail over and over and painful for me to watch.
    I believe that he suffers from a spiritual blindness that will not allow him to see. I think it’s a generational curse as his father and grandmother were the same way. I pray but he refuses to receive any word from or through me.

  333. Mbah John Ogbonna says:

    Hey Jamie!
    Am Mbah John Ogbonna.
    Am praying to God to give me mercy and grace in this season and to put a hedge of protection over my life again attack from my enemies.
    Am praying to God to transform and restore me and open new doors and new opportunities for me.
    Am praying that God will give me financial miracle in this season.
    Lastly am praying that God will fight my battles and give me victory over my enemies.

  334. Terrian Byrd says:

    ~Prayer Request~
    My name is Terrian Byrd

    ~ I have been battling Postpartum Depression, for a couple of months now. I’m just ready to feel like myself again.
    ~ to get back into the word, my calling, purpose. So that I can relaunch my business. And use that as an opportunity to reach Gods people. Since yesterday I’ve had a strong urge to re dedicate my life to God. I want clean hands and a purified heart. So that my life burns for Him! To be able to give back to the kingdom what He has poured into me. Fresh Oil

  335. Kathy Privott says:

    Praying for:
    *Money to remodel my home
    *Money to pay my bills

  336. Thank you Jamie! You have helped me so much to grow and I am wanting to keep growing!
    -Please pray that God positions me where he wants me and help me to follow and to always be lead by the Holy Spirit.
    -Please pray for strength, energy and endurance and healing for all (husband and son) as I am caregiver for many and helping raise my 3 grandchildren.
    God bless you!

  337. desmond Greene says:

    Hi Jamie my pray request would be for to be healed from ocd intrusive thoughts. also for loneliness and isolation since my wife passed 2 years ago that Jesus would grant me some company and make my life a little easier .

  338. Oluwafemi Isaac Aina says:

    Hello woman of God. Thanks for this divine opportunity. Below are my prayer requests.

    2. I need CLARITY of GOD’S will concerning my destiny and His purpose for my LIFE.

    Thanks and God bless you ma..

  339. Kembe penny says:

    Calvary greetings.
    Greatfull for this God given blessings, its an answered prayer
    -Pray for aGod fearing, faithful, alcohol and drugs free husband for an inspiring marriage.
    -pray for divine connection, good new job and break through.

  340. Hi Jamie,
    Praying for financial stability for my family and I.
    And also the husband that God has created for me and me for him. Praying that we are brought together in Gods timing, and that our union is like no other, and blessed beyond measures.

  341. *Please pray for my daughter, we live in a small community and she is feeling depressed and closed in;
    * please pray for my husband to accept Jesus as Savior and our marriage; and for extended family to accept Christ as their personal savior

  342. Faith Chishiri says:

    * New , stable employment in a peaceful atmosphere
    * Financial breakthrough – to get out of debt

  343. I have been soul tied to a Man for 2 years and we work in the same place so I constantly have to see him! I just wanna be free of the Soul Tie! I was Deceived into thinking God sent him until he became colder and colder towards me! I know God can do all things but I have done No Contact and Prayed ! Please pray that God allows him to get a Route closer to his home like he wants and I can be at Peace on my job of 21years!

  344. Thank you for caring.Please pray for:
    1.spiritual upliftment and boldness in every area that it touches
    2. Healing of every spiritual and physical weaknesses of Pialla, Irenus; Nicko; Jasmine ;Blasio and myself.
    GOD bless you and your family

  345. Greetings dear sister Jamie, please come into agreement with me that my kingdom husband will no longer be hindered or delayed.
    Also no more attacks on my finances, my new car God has promised me will come speedily. My heating etc broke on my current car, by obedience I am attending bible college in another city. I know these things are already mine, need prayer of agreement to break every hindrance delaying what my Daddy God has said is mine. Amen

  346. My 2 top prayer request:
    1. I pray for Restoration of all that the enemy has stolen from me and my daughters, our broken family, destroyed businesses( 2),financial debts both personal and business ( credit cards, law suits, from vendors and government agencies, mortgage and loan debts to be paid off in full) and settlement of my divorce in my favor. I pray for Complete Good health(both physical and spiritual) for myself and my loved ones and I pray for forgiveness of my enemies who have done many things to destroy me and my girls.
    2. I pray for my country and the Nations of the world and ask that God would send more help to convert more of us to be believers and followers of Jesus Christ our savior.
    ThanK you Jamie for this prayer request , you have been a great inspiration to me through your podcast blogs and prayers. I pray for good health toy and your family and team as we transition into 2021
    Blessings Marcy

  347. Nikki Fitz says:

    1. Please pray for healing for Stella Stella Martins-Visagie from cancer.
    2. Please pray for me for God to protect me and my family and to give me discernment.

  348. Shanna Dowd says:

    1. For my husband who is battling cancer – that his bone marrow stem cell transplant will be a total success
    2. For my daughter who us traveling to Bulgaria for 2 1/2 weeks on December 21 – let the angels if travel & mercy keep her safe the entire trip & beyond

  349. 1) Restoration of my family (prodigal daughter and 4 grandchildren – haven’t seen or talked to them for almost 3 years)
    2) Healing in my ankles (ruptured tendon in left ankle, Achilles tendinitis in right ankle)

  350. 1: My 10 years carte de Séjour here in Paris France. I am waiting for an appointment over 2 months now.
    2: My own apartment furnished this year. As now I’m sharing and I really need my own now.
    Thank you Jamie.
    God bless.

  351. Marilyn Dillard says:

    Hi Jamie! First off thank you, your family and staff for ALL you do for the Kingdom of God. It is a sacrificial labor of love that is invaluable, priceless.
    1-That our family would serve God all the days of their lives to the glorify and honor of Abba Father.
    2-As we are good stewards over our finances, we need a major financial breakthrough.
    Thank you so much! It is deeply appreciated.
    A Grateful Heart,

  352. Nokukhanya Makhaye says:

    1. I am requesting God to Bless Me and My Son Thando Makhaye with Good Employment & Great multiple Business Opportunities.
    2. My Son and I request God to Bless us with a Home.

  353. Thank you.
    My name is Shirley
    1. For total restoration of my health
    2. For a godly husband

  354. Susanna Baehler says:

    Please pray that my husband and my father will come to belive in Jesus.
    Please pray that I will get out of the cleaning ministry now! It was promised again and again but never kept.

    Thank you Jamie, God bless you.

  355. • Complete healing and restoration of a precious relationship between Joe and Kari
    • Marriage

  356. Thank you Jamie,

    7 times whats been stolen returned to me

    Start my business/ministry

    God Bless You

  357. Carla Y Lane says:

    1. healing in my body-physically and emotionally.
    2. finding the right home for me, and a successful move, finances, and any home furnishings to purchase without going into debt.

    God Bless Jamie,
    and thank you for interceding for me and other Believers in Christ.

  358. Thank you for your prayers Blessing i am praying for you and your family and ministry that every need be met above and beyond every month this year coming in
    i am praying for my God appoint husband to come in my life
    salvation for all my family and extended

    thank you blessings

  359. Gwendoline Williams says:

    Thank you Jamie.
    1. For my orphans Andrea 30, jacq 28, Reubens 21, Ayanda 23, Nigel for jobs they are comfortable in. Struggling to get jobs.
    2. For my friends for their own house. Shirley and David . Living with me for 10 years. Want to live by myself and live my life according to God’s will

  360. Linda Johnson says:

    Please pray for my daughter Melissa to be healed
    For a financial blessing (employment)

  361. Hi Jamie,
    Wow, that is so kind of you!
    Mine are…
    – for God’s breakthrough for me in a situation.
    Mainly that actually!
    I have prayed for you too.
    (Just been reading some Ruth Heflin, ‘Glory’… You could always sing over these!) God bless you, lovely lady.

  362. Please pray that I am promoted on my job.
    Please pray that the Father will send the man who is perfect for me and that we will love, marry, and cherish one another.

    Bless you, Jamie

  363. Camille Heid says:

    Thank you Jamie for agreeing with us!
    *Please agree with me for God to reveal to me what other talents/gifts I have or need to grow to earn income while at home due to COVID and *to have God provide for our transportation needs (we need a vehicle).

  364. • I’m requesting a prayer for my career situation, growth and promotion. I’ve been passed by in the past and dont want to continue to put so much in to education and career without growth.
    • I’m requesting a prayer to eliminate debt from my life.

  365. Gale Pettiford says:

    my top two request are 2000 to pay builder for repair next week and
    retirement by 01/31/21 without a financial strain

  366. Hello Jamie,

    Thank you for praying with us. Once more congratulations on your ordination.

    Pray with me:

    1. My family bloodline to know Jesus as Lord and savior; healing for my sons left hand ring finger – fungal infection; spirit of poverty; and that we may have love and unity as a family; (healing; deliverance and restoration, wealth) and we get our Title deed back; financial break through/financial prosperity; school fees, fully paid house and car.

    2. Am a single mother, my son is 4yrs old; that I may have wisdom in parenting; I desire an appointed husband from God, who seeks God diligently – after God’s own heart, a good parent to my son; deep walk with God and spiritual growth,

    May God help us rest in Him, and trust Him. Father God we thank You for having already finished a good work in our life. We ask in Jesus Name, You manifest whatever it is that You have already done on our behalf. Amen!

    Daughter of Zion,
    A Joseph of my family,

  367. A prayer for a huge financial blessing for me and my 3 daughters. To have covenant friendships and restored, renewed and revived relationships.

  368. 1. For healthy recovery for my Family from the virus especially my father.
    2. For financial breakthroughs for myself and my family. So we can move past this difficult time we are financially facing.

  369. Financial restoration
    Household salvation

    1. Doris Mbadiwe says:

      1. Complete Healing and Wholeness for Self, children and parents
      2. Salvation of soul for Husband and Brother

  370. Diana Matias says:

    1. Health restoration and salvation for my family and myself.
    2. Full time employment, financial breakthroughs to get my own home and business.
    Thank you, Jamie for praying for me!

  371. Gina Saia says:

    Thank you for your prayers. Please pray for better family communication and empathy and love towards each other. Then also for my financial situation since my husband passed along with the muck and mire of grieving

  372. 1. Requesting prayer for my marriage; for God’s perfect plan for us to be revealed and accomplished in this new season.

    2. Requesting prayer for my entire family; my unsaved and backslidden loved ones that I have been praying for to be saved and return completely back to God before the year 2020 is out.

    Thank you. Amen.

  373. I would like prayer for finances to pay for barristers for a family law court matter. For my granddaughter to be returned.

    For our church ministry finances to purchase a building

  374. 1. Deliverance, Healing, Restoration & Justice for what the enemy has done to me & my family.
    2. Close Intimate Relationship with God, hearing Him more clearly, and a Hedge of Protection!

  375. KarriLynn Keith says:

    1. Financial prosperity – for a solid and stable new career that will bless me with financial prosperity where I will have divine abundance; all my bills paid in full, retirement guaranteed, and the ability to bless others and minister out of my overflow!

    2. Paid for homestead ranch where I have to blueprints and land to build a sanctuary, my garden to provide our food, and grow everything for my organic Apothecary where I create holistic remedies, skincare, Organic produce, eggs and honey to sell

  376. Rocky Byers says:

    Recovery of lost business because of Covid.

  377. Praying the Lord unites me and my God ordained husband.
    Praying for my sons to accept and acknowledge Jesus as their Lord and Savior

  378. for the healing and restoration of my marriage and for our own home. thank you Jamie. God bless you and your family

  379. Rick Tisko says:

    Pray for my irregular heartbeat to be healed.

  380. Hello Jamie,

    Thank you for praying with us. And congratulations on your ordination.

    Stand with me in prayer:
    1. My husband to re-commit his life to God & start going back to church. And healing in my marriage & my health, too. Pray that my husband’s relationship & fellowship be restored with my father and brothers. That there’ll be forgiveness & reconciliation, unity & love.
    2. Financial Breakthrough & Restoration & to get out of debt – our business has been going through financial hardships. And to have our own fully paid house & vehicle. For me to have increase in my wages at work.

    Thank you & God bless you.

  381. Tammy James says:

    Hello Jamie please pray for total healing in both mine( Tammy & Derald my husband) bodies , as well as protection from devices of men , breakthrough in moving into a new split level home & being able to maintain it without any stress , strain or struggle. Lastly wisdom to step into my purpose, calling & destiny & remain strong in the things of God.

  382. 1st prayer request finacial blessing

    2nd Godly mate

  383. Tammy James says:

    Please pray for favorable closure in a court case that has been lingering on & that we live in peace & safety in. A better neighborhood , where we dont have to live in fear in Jesus name Amen .

  384. Brad Wilson says:

    1) I request prayer for God to provide complete healing and financial restoration to end this 20 year long back side of the desert trial.

    2) I request prayer to ask God to provide the specific anointing of the Holy Spirit that I have been waiting a lifetime for.

  385. Hi Jamie I pray you see this 2 top prayer request.

    1. For my household salvation , deliverance, protection, healing @ filling of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues.

    2. A new home for my family,
    Thank you Jamie!💕🙏🏽

    1. My name is Daphne.
      1. Prayer for a new debt-free home as we relocate
      2. Prayer for God ordained marriages for my daughters.
      Bless you!

  386. Londie Berkley says:

    °Financial restoration and wisdom
    °Restoration of family relationships (my daughter and my sister)

  387. 1. A new mindset to love myself and loose all the negativity on how I think of myself. And to start caring about my weight.
    2.God gave me a vision it was about a man and I standing in a church like we were going to be married. I’m still waiting. That was in the 80’s. I want to be married.

  388. 1. Prayer please for my son & daughter-in-law (she is a confessed atheist) to be saved & turn their hearts to God
    2. My son works for the airline industry & has been given notice of Furlough in January

    I Praise God for you & your ministry, through God & your ministry & am healing from a 37 year marriage/divorce, now living a life of freedom with out so many bad things. I pray God continues to Bless you, your family & your ministry so you can continue to help other be free from so many things.
    Thank you

  389. 1.for Yahuah to show me a sign for good for what I have put before his court. perform His word according to Exodus 14:14, Isaiah 41:11,12, Deuteronomy 28:7,Psalm me and for Yahuah to greatly enlarge your ministry. Thanks so much

  390. Pam Krecek says:

    *Salvation for my family members who are not saved. May Jesus open their eyes to the truth.
    *Restoration and healing of my heart- the Lord knows what I need, grant me patience to wait for Him.

  391. Cindy Green says:

    My partner Dwayne to be saved.
    Step into my calling.
    Thank you

  392. Hello Jamie,
    1. My husband and I to be completely free of all debts especially my student loans
    2. To study successful and pass the Physical Therapy licensure exam on my next try.
    Thank you so much for praying for us. Pray that God continues to bless this ministry.

  393. Hi Jamie.

    1. I request prayer for complete healing for myself, to walk again so I can proclaim the works of the Lord to the four corners of the world and win souls for Jesus.and that all the good things the Lord has spoken to me through His prophets and word will come to pass without any of it failing.and the healing for every member of my family.

    2. For Humphrey’s complete healing and for the will of God to be done between me and him, and that the Lord will guide us, give us wisdom and financial provision for the building project of his house that he has asked me to help him with.

    Thank you

  394. * That God makes a way and delivers my son out of the continent he is residing in and opens all doors, with much favour, for him to gain access into another continent. This too is his sincere prayer.
    * For my son and I to live in the same city! We have not so much as seen each other in at least 5 years – it’s heart-breaking! This too is his sincere prayer.

  395. I would like to ask for wisdom and clarity and stamina for the coming year for me to continue to run my hair salon. I wanted to sell this year, then Covid hit. Our state had a long shut down and many people are afraid to come and get their hair done. Business is down almost 30 percent. Im weary.

  396. james lewis says:

    Prayer for divine healing,health,wellness,wholeness,prosperity,provision,protection,restoration,affluence,influence,increase,abundance,favor,jobs,careers,positions,Israel,America,Donald trump,a strong marriage,for the return of our six children,for everything the devil has stolen from my family to be returned to us according to proverbs 6:31 seven times,for debt cancellation,erased debts,financial freedom,for all city,local,state,federal,government rules and regulations and policies changed to benefit me and my family,for the reinstatement of my drivers license,for new 2021 honda/hybrid/insight paid for in full,for all veterans to have all of there needs met,thank you and God bless,shalom.

  397. Lorraine Murray-Richardson says:

    Prayer for me to be free from student loan and other debt. Praying for me to return to God with as serve him truthfully

  398. -For new employees to be hired that they will be a great addition to my store team spiritually and professionally . To be hand picked by God .
    -For me to be a leaders for them that see them with the eyes of Jesus .
    -For my Son that Jesus will resurrect my son in him , and the Spirit of Hope invades his life .

  399. 1. Total Marriage restoration to God’s standard and my household salvation , deliverance, protection, Wisdom and knowledge to sustain my marriage/home.

    2. Career breakthrough and financial success.

  400. Charles Session says:

    Bless you Jamie, I thank God & pray for you daily that the Lord will continue to bless & anoint you & everyone connected to you, all the more for the task He’s given you to bring it to completion. My standing prayer request is that the Body of Christ come together & be of One Heart, One Mind & One Accord to be about Our Father’s business according to His Will. Also that I be & do all that He’s called me to be & do for His Honor, Glory & Praise! Love, your brother in Christ, Charles

  401. Kedibone Celia Magooa says:

    Good morning, I’m asking God to release me from the the bondage of debts, i was scammed last year in October and i ended up in huge debts, Financial restoration and breakthroughs, deliverance of my children from bondage of unemployment and badluck,. Healing of myself, my younger sister and my mother, Devine protection blessing in my future, spiritual upliftment

  402. Ms. Sam Hodges says:

    * Daughter, Carmen’s mental health
    * Great Granddaughter, Harlow, 2yo, severe autism needs healing

  403. 1. Salvation for family (Keep Believing list)
    2. Strength to care for husband with Alzheimer’s.

  404. Margaret Ann says:

    – For good health for me & my sons
    – For financial abundance for me & my sons

  405. Please pray for:
    ~ My sons to get serious and get back to serving the Lord.
    ~ My husband to gain a strong desire for God and to become the spiritual head of our household.

  406. #1 To be consistent in Bible Study and mediation, on fire for god, obedient, filled with wisdom and insight, a contagious worshiper.

    #2 To be prosperous bless my finances, career, relationships and purchase my home in 2021 and build generational wealth ( no one in my family owns their own home, let me be the first but not the last).

    1. Thank you Jamie,

      As I read the other prayers I was brought to tears there is so many like me our God is truly able. May God bless you!

  407. – For my rent arrears to be paid in full
    – for my identity in Christ

  408. Complete healing mind body will emotions for myself and my family members.

    The ability to produce and obtain wealth for myself, my dependents and for my husband to be aligned with Gods Word and His will. I feel that if my husband were to become aligned with Gods will and purpose we would all benefit and suffer less. I have been trying and I didn’t know it at first to drag and carry this man which I believe has led to some severe illness and symptoms in my own mental and physical health while I have been obedient in and to Gods will I still am seeing the results of being unequally yoked in marriage. Making it very difficult to want to remain married it has been chaos almost from the start but I didn’t realize it right away because I myself was out of Gods will at the time.

  409. James Weiss says:

    • Please pray for that the vaccine will be the blessing for those who are fighting COVID-19

    •. Please pray and agree with me that I will start to gather my harvests from all of the seeds I have planted so that I can continue to be a blessing to others for whatever need they may have

    Thank you and may God continue to bless your ministry so that those like me can feed on your teachings and grow.

  410. Christi Banks (CJ) says:

    1. Praying for a husband & children (long awaited & standing on His promises)

    2. Financial Freedom

  411. I listed my 2 requests & am gladly sowing a seed / donation for this honor to be in agreement with Jamie. God bless! CJ Banks

  412. Jearlene Dixon says:

    Praise The Lord my name is Jearlene I’m requesting prayer for generation curse to be broken off my family bloodline of gambling . Son to get a job back in the field of computer sciences . God Bless You !

  413. Maika Kamikamica says:

    Migration to America / own house
    Godly wife to support me in ministry and businesses

  414. *Prayer for healing of the several diseases that have been plaguing me for years.
    * Prayer for a husband (my Ahasuerus).

  415. DARLENE M CERTAIN says:

    I so admire you and know each time I read on Elijah’s List or Spirit Fuel what you have heard from the Lord that I need to have the tissue box next to me.
    My name is Darlene and my two prayer requests are:
    1. I desperately want to hear from God as plainly as you do and know that he does love me.
    2 .Immediate financial rescue. I desperately need an answer to my prayers for help.
    Thank you and God Bless.

  416. Margarita says:

    Hi Jamie, I’m Margarita.
    Total restoration for my physical body, finances, home, family and business
    Divine Connections and relationships: God ordained husband, friends, and in business
    Thank you for your prayers Jamie. I love your teachings and appreciate you. God bless.

  417. – Financial breakthroughs to be debt free in all areas
    – Salvation for my family and rekindling of love between my children

  418. Final breakthrough to eliminate debt in all areas
    Salvation for my children and grandchildren

  419. Claire Adams says:

    Hi Jamie,

    1) Please pray for God’s holy, saving fire to come to the friends & family on my prayer list;
    2) Please pray for provision of a godly husband to me.

    Thank you sister in Christ,

  420. Soughtout says:

    My top two pray request is for God to restore me and my children and childrens lives. I had a house fire and lost everything. My two grand daughtwers is being sexually assaulted by their step father and my daughter is affraid of him beacause of hid violent behavior. Father please in the mighty name of Jesus deliver us. My husband and I are in the process of getting a devorce and he does not want to share anything with me. I had to leave home in fear of my life and his infedelity.Amen

  421. Dear Jamie,
    Thank you for requesting for two prayer request.
    I need prayer for my husband who has been sick of cancer.
    I need prayer for my two court case coming up soon. I need the Lord Jesus to my judge for these cases.
    May God bless you and your ministry.

  422. Please pray for the following:
    – That I would have a baby this coming year
    – That my husband would be baptized in the Holy Spirit this coming year
    Thank you and blessings!

  423. 1, Paid for Land and house
    2, Financial stability

  424. 1. A house
    2. Out of poverty & to receive my inheritance of Abraham

  425. * Praying for my husband to return/ manifestation of my restored marriage

    * Cancellation of all student loan debt

  426. 1) Prayer for healing of the several diseases that have been plaguing me for years.
    2) Prayer for a husband (my Ahasuerus).

  427. 1. A house of my own
    2. My inheritance of Abraham to be out of poverty

  428. Vihelieii says:

    Hi Jamie, I am Vihelieii, 1. Pray that I get married to the man God has for me very soon. 2. Pray God to heal my brother’s hip joint. Thank you.

  429. Sandra Jacobs says:

    1. Please pray for my future husband to find a job in my area so we are able to marry
    2. Financial provision for myself and my future husband

  430. JaNelle Moses says:

    1) That my family and I will stay in good health during this Pandemic.

    2) That the Lord will open up doors for what I have been praying about: New job opportunity, Friendships etc.

  431. Jay-R Gatdula says:

    Hi Jamie, I am Jay-R from the Philippines. Please for for:
    – the P80,000.00 that was stolen from my bank account to be given back to me as it meant for my home loan and because I worked hard for it and was taken by some fraudsters.
    – Covid-19 to be gone as it has affected me and all of us greatly. 2020 has been a very difficult time.

    Thanks a lot Jamie. I hope you can post the Day 22-31 also on your Youtube account. Thank you.

  432. Please pray for a miracle job for my son Michael before FebruAry 2021.
    Please pray for family restoration and for son Michael to be reunited and see his four siblings again.
    In Jesus Name Amen
    Thank you for praying 🙏

  433. Jerome Cowell says:

    Hello Jamie
    Here are my two Prayer needs.
    – I am Praying for funds to fix up and repair home
    – Money to met my financial needs, to help the family and continue to be A Kingdom Builder.

    1. my inheritance of Abraham to get out of poverty and I was my own to live in

  434. Shinika C McQuarter says:

    ♡I ask for prayer for a 6 bedroom home with 6 bedrooms, a garage , large backyard, etc

    ♡Prayer for my future husband and a kingdom marriage

  435. Hi Jamie,

    1. Pray for me for God to send me the marriage partner he has kept for me.

    2. Financial breakthroughs to acquire two more homes and my business to thrive.

  436. Thakgalang says:

    -Financial breakthrough

  437. – to live my life abundantly according to God’s plan for me
    – for the release of the people of God from the bondage of sin

  438. – Andrew K. to have a life changing encounter with the Lord, for the scales to fall off his eyes and his heart of stone be turned to flesh.

    – I recently took a leap of faith and moved across the country with my 3 year old. Starting life over at age 39. I need covenant friendships, a new job, and want a spouse.

  439. Lorenzo Wise says:

    1. To be healed from years of physical, emotional, and mental trauma from injuries, family (father), bad relationships, and jobs (bosses). I’m TIRED!!!

    2. To receive more of God to help step forward and handle new everything in my life!

  440. LaTasha Prince says:

    Praying for the promise of healing and restoration to supernaturally manifest in the physical realm

    Ability to Speak in Tongues

  441. 1. That my husband turns back to God and stops the divorce that is scheduled to be finalized in a few days.

    2. That my husband and I learn to communicate in a healthy, godly way.

  442. My name is Archana. Top two prayer requests:

    * God’s justice to close divorce case filed against me. The case has been built with complete lies and also accuses me of doing things my husband did.
    * Salvation of my husband and mother.

  443. Pray for my own home, and for my divine connectors to locate me

  444. Theresina Maltaus says:

    1. Restoration of my marriage, my husband to be back home with me and my 8 kids before this Christmas.

    2. For getting more close with God and be able to listen carefully in all instructions given by Holy Spirit

  445. • To meet my God’s ordained husband & get married
    • Desire more Wisdom from above

  446. Theresina Maltaus says:

    1. Restoration of my marriage, my husband to be back home with our 8 children.

    2. My husband to change his life and kneel down to God and serve him all his life in order that my home serve Only Our God.

  447. Gwynne Nation says:

    I would like healing for a female condition called vulvadynia that I’ve battled since 2006.

    Im seeking the Lord about moving in a prophetic healing ministry.

  448. Thank you so much Jamie for giving us this opportunity !
    * please pray for my husband (Lambert) to be filled with the Holy Spirit / baptized with the Holy Spirit and Fire ! He has been baptized with water but has been struggling with alcoholism and some other things over the years !
    * please pray for me personally that i would be able to Love like Jesus loved us!

  449. Yvonne Petersen says:

    Please pray for me for marriage I want to get married. My second request is to buy a house.

  450. Taranjeet says:

    Thank you so much Jamie for this prayer request !
    My prayer requests are:-
    1. For my health. It keeps occurring one after another and Im only 39. Its either my stomach, and having hearing loss due to nerve damage.

    2. A clarity to know where I am to be headed. Confusion about my life, my job, will there be marriage, or to be full time in missionary.

    Thank you!

  451. Thank you for this opportunity!

    1. I ask God for a financial breakthrough in my life and family!
    2. God settle me maritally in this new year!

  452. ● pray for my Son Joseph to be filled with God wisdom. Give him eyes to see god plan for him ears to hear god, heart healed and full Jesus love. Mouth full of God glory. Wake him up from the comagodbrought him out of 4 yeats ago

    ● pray God to fire up my gifts for his glory help me decern good from evil.

  453. Tiffany O. says:

    1. That God would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let His hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.
    2. Success & Wisdom in WORD! business that allows me to be a full time entrepreneur.
    God Bless You Jami & Thank You

  454. Hello Jaime,
    I need miracle healing in my husband and daughters relationship
    2 finacial increase
    3 a house
    Thank you for your time in prayer

  455. My December Prayers
    I just ask for health, happiness, blessings, peace, love , prosperity & abundance for my husband, my son and myself keep us safe from any evilness or sickness. May we always be protected

    I pray for world peace. I pray for my anxiety to go away and to feel energetic and not feel tired anymore.

  456. 1. Prayer for family’s healing
    2. Prayer for divine justice for lawsuit
    Thank you and GOD’s richest blessings upon you and your family!🙏🏽

  457. Pray for forgiveness and reconciliation with my fiancee John.

    Pray for John’s healing of nerves damage and stomach healing, emotional,spiritual, and mental healing.

    Thank you and God bless you Jamie and your ministry.

  458. Antoinette says:

    Hi thank you for all your uplifting prayers please pray for me on the 11th December 2020 the judge is having a ruling for my court case I pray in Jesus name he dismisses this case and ends in Jesus name also for corona to go for good so I can be with my husband to be amen

  459. Dumnamene Apenu says:

    Wisdom and Understanding

  460. -For my husband’s faithfulness to God and me, to return to me in love, faithfulness and repentance
    for me to have faith that God will restore and bless us abundantly

    Thank you for all you do

  461. Jamie McLaughlin says:

    Thank you Jamie!
    1) all of my daughter’s college expenses are paid in full for all 4 years of undergrad and graduate school in JESUS’ name!

    2) my Mom is completely healed of onset dementia in JESUS’ name!

    Be blessed everyone!

  462. 1. Revival in South Africa
    2. Protection of God’s people

  463. 1. For each one of my kids to be saved. For the grace of God to reach them and help them live a life for Him under His care and protection.
    2. For God to change me. To make me a more loving caring person. For God to show me how to live, how to talk, and how to walk, especially how to react, and how to live for Him. I want to be a virtuous woman who builds and doesn’t destroy with my actions or words. I want to blessed with wisdom to make the right decisions.
    Thank you so much God bless you

  464. Ricky Rabi says:

    ONE : Closer walk with our Saviour, to dwell in His presence & a hunger & a memory for His word.
    TWO : Unmerited favor with a work situation, restoration with my estranged daughters & my husband & I got divorced last year and we are still living together peacefully praying for Gods will to be done in both our lives.

    1. Trusting God to get married am a single mum.
    2.Own a home(no renting)

  466. 1.miracles of healing in my body…mind…soul….finances…restoration of every kind…Isaiah 61v7…Isaiah 62v4…Isaiah 45v17…for me to be made whole in every way nothing missing nothing broken….joy happiness laughter peace celebration marriage family all the pieces come together.
    2. my daughter chemiah jade needs 102 000 RAND FOR COLLEGE FEES this coming year need a miracle here like a bursary.

  467. I pray to get married and have children, I have not have a fruitful relationship, disappointment after disappointment, next year turning 39 never married no kids, I pray also for healing of an ankle dislocation, I pray for my brothers to be healty, and be kept by God, ipray for 2021 to be happy and be kept by God and restoration of whatthe locust stole in Jesus name

  468. 1.My name is mbakiso jimmy please pray for me to be able to hear and understand God voice

    2.Pray for my financial breakthrough Amen!!

    1. Richard Dichabe says:

      Blessings in Jesus name, please pray for my TOTAL DELIVERANCE especially from Witchcraft spirits, witches, necromancers and ancestral powers
      2. Financial miracle and business breakthrough for i want to partner with you in Jesus name Amen.

  469. 1. Restore my son and my relationship and that he gets saved so he will raise his family with God in the center

    2 My grandson be free of seizures and have full use of his right hand and his temper flair ups due to that part of the brain are completely healed in the Mighty Name of God

    Jamie you are an angel!!! Sincerely, Sheri from Michigan

    1. Prayer for my oldest brother to make peace with his father and other relatives of the family

  470. For my husband

    For my children

    Thank you. God Bless

  471. Velile Nyathi says:

    Morning my prayer request are:
    . Holy spirit to intercede in my marriage .
    To get a new job in 2021
    . To listen to God voice

    Thank you God Bless Jamie

  472. Matshepo Seletswane says:

    For God to help me and my husband parenting our kids.
    For a smooth move to our new home.

    Thank you so much Jamie for everything you do for the Kingdom of God and us through this blog. Are there any pray requests you would like us to pray with you for?

  473. josephine says:

    for my daughter Priscilla to pass her final examinations and eventually get a good course after this

  474. I need prayer to have a child

    For a financial breakthrough to help me purchase a house and pay off my debts.

    Thank you

  475. Cynthia E Ramirez says:

    I need affection from His Himself. Is that even possible. I have been through really heavy warfare in the past few years and it’s not even over yet. My spirit is tired of fighting but I know I can’t give up but I feel I’m about to. I’m a little busy situation. I have to monitor text I have financial problems I have relationship problems I have all kinds of problems I also have transportation problems anything that you can imagine I have it my life has been so messed up for so many years and I can’t take it anymore.. I need to get away from here where I live and go to a place that’s permanent. Thanks Amen

    1. Cynthia E Ramirez says:

      Sorry, that’s from God Himself

  476. Shailaja Abraham says:

    Praise the Lord sister. I request you to pray for my husband Mr Abraham who is admitted in Covid hospital in India pray for his speedy recovery and normal function of the lungs. Pray for every member of the family to come under the Salvation experience of the Lord God Almighty.
    Thank you sister for your concern. God bless you and your family.

  477. 1. For my son, Austin, who has drifted away from the Lord. For his salvation, his protection, and wisdom and guidance for me with the direction of my son.

    2. For me for complete obedience to God, desire to read His word, to know His voice, and that He would get all the glory in my life, and I none.

    Thank you, Jamie.

  478. Vilencia Camm says:

    * Prayers for my health to be fully restored and to rid my husband and I from depression and anxiety
    *New business proposals in the new year for our company

    1) Shalom Jamie my mentor. I need total deliverance in my marriage life because I have been going through many difficult trials of evil spirits. I have been crying day and night asking God so many questions imagining how my life could be when I have a happy marriage throughout may God intervene in my marriage and bless my husband and kids. I pray God to remember my work because it is the one that gives our our daily meal.
    2) May God remember my family members so that the chain of the evil spirits to be broken in the mighty name of Jesus because I know the devil is a liar he comes to steal, kill and destroy. I pray for unity in my family, my my parent, my siblings and bless the work of our hands.

    Thank you

  480. Rose mutheu says:

    top prayer requests
    1. Pray for my promotion in my place of work
    2. pray to complete my own house which is half done and shift by January 2020

  481. – to get my green card before next year January

    -For my six missing teeth to grow again

    – For protection against physical and spiritual attacks

  482. Christine says:

    1.New job with great environment for growth and financial terms especially in Ngo
    2.Breakthrough n healing in My family

  483. Bishop Simon Mwenja says:

    My Prayer Request
    1. God to provide his divine provisions to establish a paid-for, lodge/retreat center with which to serve wounded and hurting servants of God in Nairobi, Kenya.
    2. The Lord to empower the current Shunem Prayer and Retreat Center to achieve its God’s intended vision and objectives

  484. Dear Jamie,
    1. Please pray for a financial breakthrough for my husband, sons, and our family
    2. Please pray for cancellation of college debts and career and business breakthrough for my family

    God richly bless you for all you do.
    Thank you

  485. Dear Jamie these two i really need;
    -destiny alignment all round spiritually, marital, financial, social and physical
    -deep salvation for my father and his household

  486. Pepukai Muriro says:

    1. For financial breakthrough and a new job.
    2. God’s healing power over me and family members who are sick.

  487. Leon Dietrich says:

    1) To thank and praise the Lord for bringing me through a very dark year after my fiance committed shooting suicide whilst i was with her in the house in Nov 2019, the un-describable pain and anguish endless depths of self pity and my own suicide thoughts and the suddenly coming together this week of all issues being resolved and litigation with the estate – The Lord has answered and set me free
    2) To rebuild my life from here, my business which took a hammering and that i can maybe help others who need help from a similar situation.
    All praise and honor to God!

  488. For marital settlement and for the success of my movie proposal to be signed and sponsored.

  489. Rachael Musulube says:

    To be blessed with a husband/marriage.
    To be blessed with Children as soon as I get married.
    Amen Amen

  490. Thank you, Jamie for this opportunity. May the Lord grant you grace and continue to bear your burdens. Please pray for me for precision and clear direction of God’s purposes in my life in this season. Thank you. Love you.

  491. Christine says:

    1.Doors of the new job with great environment for growth and financial terms especially in Ngo It was already spoken through a dream
    2.Breakthrough in all and healing especially my mum conditions n eyes in My family

  492. 1. Praying for a godly husband
    2. For Mentees in regards to single motherhood and remaining in Christ


  494. Evangeline says:

    1. For my fiance that he is granted his military retirement with no issue, all his bank accounts re-activated successfully and immediately and all his plans in mind are going well and smoothly now and forever.

    2. People that I know with issues with authorities, be solved easily and immediately and their financial matters are all in perfect order.

  495. Kindy Ague says:

    First and foremost, thank you for your kindness and generosity in offering to pray these things for us. May God continue to bless you with His favor in all areas of your life!

    I ask that you please pray for my finances to substantially increase to where I can be a steward of my money to become a lender and not a borrower.

    I also ask that you pray that the business that He charged me with as His calling on my life’s purpose takes off and becomes successful in His eyes instead of it being stagnant and still as it stands currently.

    Again, thank you and bless you! 💕🙏🏽💕

    1. Salome Beetge says:

      Hi Jamie
      Can you please agree with me for financial restoration and to move into our very own house- debtfree.
      For my son Marcel to recieve super natural debt cancellation and financial restoration.
      Bless you

  496. – Please pray for my husband. He has left us his parents his son and me. Its going to be 2 years this February. Please pray that he should come back home to us.
    – Please pray against the 3rd person / another woman in my marriage. Praying for God to remove her from my husbands heart.
    These 2 years 2019 and 2020 have been tough. He left me pregnant. I delivered a son alone in the hospital all by Gods grace. My son is 1 year old now.
    Praying for a break through this year in 2021.

  497. *Deliverance and Salvation for Curtis.
    *God’s healing for my daughter Victoria’s heart.

  498. Jamie the lord put it on my heart to learn about the Jezebel spirits couple years ago when my husbands sex addiction came out. Your ministry has helped me so much.
    1) prayer to remove the Jezebel spirits that attack me personally and professionally attempting to hinder my ministry

    2) prayer for generational curses to be broken and for the impact on my son from my line and my ex husbands to be removed in the name of Jesus and only the blood of Christ to stand in that space

  499. Boitumelo says:

    *Please pray for me to get married to a good husband
    *Pray for me to get a permanent job

  500. Eric Mckenzie says:

    1. Deliverance, freedom, healing and wholeness for myself and family.. Clear guidance from God for the wife He gave me in the spiritual for re: marriage..

    2. To stop Satan from attacking my financial blessing, miracles, breakthrough, deliverance and my bodies. For God to send his angels to retrieve everything that the enemy has stolen from me including my health, financial prosperity, destiny and God promises for my life.

  501. Thomas Swartz says:

    Hi Jamie
    Please pray for me and my household for God divine protection and to save my entire household and my family ,for more grace and His mercy upon my household,pray also for me and my wife ,two children who already finished matric for new jobs and totally obedience unto God, pray also for me and my wife for debt cancellation of African bank.
    May God continue bless you

  502. The spirit of rejection removed from my life(so tired of being rejection)
    God would bless me financially with my state retirement and my Social Security disability benefits

  503. Please pray for my sons to be delivered from jail and when they come out they never enter those bars of confinement never again as a guilty or condeem person pray for Isaiah’s 54,17 over family ,my self pray God will supply ever need in my life from finding a apartment that’s safe and secure to a good turn around in my finical statis

  504. Frances Clark says:

    Asking for prayer for my 12 year old great niece Jacara for healing in all areas. I had to put her in a long term mental health hospital yesterday, very hard. I know GOD is the healer! Also prayer for our own home for her to come home to. GOD bless you & thank you!

  505. Riley R Brodrick says:

    – Promised financial abundance to manifest
    – Familial relationships to be preserved, restored, and strengthened

  506. I need my home n family

    I need transformation in my family

  507. I need a home of my own.
    I need a financial breakthrough.

  508. De
    *Salvation and divine healing for Mike and Ban
    *Uncommon consistent financial breakthroughs-to be more of a blessing to those in need.

  509. Prayer Requests
    1. For a new opportunities, assignment and alignment from the Lord in my job for next year as the times are uncertain.

    2. For the God-ordained man to be my husband and prepare me for marriage as well.

    Thank you!

  510. Thank you for praying with me that my family and I are protected from the enemies plots, and for the financial breakthrough I’ve been praying for for years God knows what I’ve desired and I believe he gave me that desire. In Jesus name Amen!!

  511. * Pray for a Godly husband who will cherish my kids and me; and, be the spiritual leader our family needs while in turn we provide love, support, and fulfillment to him.

    * Pray for a court issue (ongoing since December 2014) to be resolved and my children and I be protected emotionally, physically, and financially with this court decision.

    Thank you for your honest prayers! May God continue to use your ministry in reaching others for Him.


  512. Evangeline says:

    Please pray for my fiance smooth retirement exit
    Pray for my fiance bank accounts re-activate smoothly

  513. Maria Liscio says:

    Please pray for my finances to increase and marriage….Thank you.

  514. terry white says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Please pray for me against witchcraft in my life, generational health issues, and retaliation against witnessing for the Lord to the community. May God bless you.


  515. 1.Please pray for my engagement or marriage to Jason Williams that he steps out on faith and makes a Godly decision with us in Jesus name Amen!!
    2.Please pray that my relationship with God doesn’t waver in Jesus name Amen!!!!

  516. Totally financial freedom so I have more to give to God’s kingdom
    My Dream home

    1. Annmarie Spring says:

      1. Please pray for the salvation of My daughter Annmarie, son Andrew and Grandson Joshua and the for deep and intimate relationship with our Lord.
      2. The year 2021 is a year if abundant overflow.
      Thank you , love you , bless you

  517. 1.To let go for good my past-that tries to return and torment and keep me from my promised land.
    2. Business/entrepreneurship success

  518. Katherine Latter says:

    Thank you for praying! I am praying for you and your ministry!
    Please pray for my children to return to the Lord-the oldest is a Marine Combat Veteran, with PTSD.
    The second is serving in the Marines, and is soon to get out.
    The the third, our only daughter, ships to Marine boot camp, soon!
    I love them!
    I also need physical healing from a long term autoimmune issue.
    Blessings in abundance to you!

  519. 1. Restoration and preservation of my left kidney that was left nonfunctional due to chemo and radiation treatments, preservation of vagina, creative miracles for vagina and lymph nodes. Everything the devil stole to be paid back. Praise God He healed me of cancer and now it’s payback time!!
    2. Preservation of marriage

  520. Mary Purcell says:

    *Heal of giant cell aid (GCA)
    *Pay off my house

  521. *Heal from the spirit of rejection
    * God will bless financial with my state retirement and Social Security disability. Any way he blesses, I will be satisfied.

  522. My two adult sons each would accept Jesus in their heart.

    My health would be restored.

  523. 1. Need prayer for 7 fold return for everything that was stolen from me

    2. Start my ministry/ business for the Lord
    God Bless You

  524. Wambele Natala Richard says:

    My Prayer Requests:
    1) Finances (15,000 US dollars) to complete my House and enter it
    2) My company called LABOTEC SCIENTIFIC SUPPLIES ( U) LTD to open doors and start doing business, 7 years down the road since it was registered but has never opened

  525. Okhen Esangbedo says:

    My name is Okhen, Here are my two prayer requests:
    1. My Life: Manifestation of my husband, prayer answers,healing,deliverance, spiritual gifts&fruits:to hear God clearly&obey him, & miraculous breakthroughs.
    2. Finances: Job, business, career advancement and payment of debts owed me by Temidayo&Joshua.

    I believe and receive answers to all prayers by faith in Jesus name amen. Thank you Jesus and Jamie for interceding on my behalf.