Your Dream Will Test You

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Do you have a dream–something you dream of being, doing, or having? If so, did you know that your dream will test you before it comes to pass?

It’s true: your dream will test you.

We see this in the powerful story of the life of Joseph in the Bible. If you aren’t familiar with his story, Joseph was a guy who had 11 brothers. He was the favorite son of his father, Jacob. When the Bible begins telling his story, the interesting part starts when Joseph was a teenager–17 years old, to be exact.

The drama begins when Joseph has two dreams in a row.

Both dreams are about his brothers–and then his entire family–bowing down to him and serving him. Joseph, unwisely, shares both dreams with those very same brothers and with his father. (Oops.) Needless to say, the family wasn’t happy with Joseph. 

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    So one day Joseph heads out into the countryside to visit his brothers, and the boys see him coming. They hate him so much at this point that first they talk about killing him, but then they decide to just throw him into a pit.

    Later on, in lieu of killing him, they took him out of the pit and sold him to a passing caravan (on its way to Egypt) as a slave.

    When Joseph made it to Egypt, he was sold as a slave again.

    He ended up being a slave in the house of a government official named Potiphar. The Lord was with him there, and everything he touched turned to gold (proverbially of course). So Potiphar promoted him and made him the overseer of the entire house.


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    Great news, right? Sort of. The problem was that then Potiphar’s wife, who must have been quite an interesting sort, started hitting on Joseph. Eventually, she made her final pass at him, held onto his robe, and Joseph ran away from her, minus his clothes.

    When this happened, the “lady” was so offended at being spurned that she went to Potiphar and accused Joseph of trying to assault her. Potiphar promptly threw Joseph into prison.

    So Joseph had a few years that went really, really badly.

    Of course, in prison, God was still with him–and whaddaya know? He was such a good, helpful prisoner, that he got promoted there too. God never left him. Joseph even started to minister prophetically to the prisoners by doing dream interpretations!

    Long story short, after years and years–13 years total, from the time Joseph started dreaming–one of the prisoners Joseph had interpreted a dream for mentioned him to Pharaoh. Pharaoh called Joseph out of the prison to interpret his own (Pharaoh’s) dream, and was so impressed with Joseph that he made him the prime minister of Egypt. Voila! From prison to palace in one day.

    Despite appearances, however, Joseph’s elevation to Prime Minister of Egypt didn’t really happen in one day.

    And even though you and I may want our dreams to happen in one day, they won’t. Not really. Some things may appear to happen suddenly, but actually the PROCESS takes a long time–even if the culmination of the process becomes visible quickly.


    Because any dream worth having needs a foundation.


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    And foundations take time to build.

    Look at Joseph. Think how many times he must have remembered his dream. Through years and years of slavery, dungeons, dirt, mud, sewage, and forced labor. That dream must have always been on his mind.

    And the Bible says it actually tested him. Psalm 105:17-19 says:

    “He sent a man before them–Joseph–who was sold as a slave. They hurt his feet with fetters, he was laid in irons. Until the time that his word came to pass, the word of the Lord tested him.”

    Joseph got a word from the Lord when he was 17 years old. Then he went through 13 years of absolute misery. But he never forgot his word. He never forgot his dream. He kept it in his spirit.

    But if you can imagine his situation …

    • You know there were days when he decided he must have imagined the whole thing.
    • You know there were times he felt like giving up.
    • You know he had to ask God “why” more times than we could count.

    The word of the Lord tested him. Was he going to believe in the dream the Lord gave him? Or was he going to give up?

    The answer is, Joseph stood in faith.

    He may have had momentary lapses, but we know he hung in there. How do we know? Because he was ready, waiting, and perfectly positioned when his time came.

    What about you? Has God given you a dream? If so, is that word from the Lord testing you?

    I know that God’s word to me has always tested me. I have many dreams. I’ve felt like giving up more often than I could ever count. Sometimes I’ve wondered if all my dreams and words from the Lord were just in my head, or if they were really from God.

    Not gonna lie; I struggle sometimes just like you struggle sometimes. When times get hard, it can be tough to hang in there.

    But hang in we must. It’s crucial. It’s essential.

    If we don’t hang in there, we won’t be ready when the King calls.

    But if you and I will just hang on–no matter how difficult or miserable it is–Papa God will see to it that we are ready when our day arrives.

    His Word will not return to Him void.

    Is your dream testing you? Do you ever feel like giving up, but find yourself miraculously hanging on anyway? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience. Please share in the comments below.

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    1. Katie Reynolds says:

      What a word of hope! I just forwarded it to my husband also. He has 2 God- inspired inventions that he is working on. He has met resistance on several fronts and faced multiple obstacles in getting them going so this word is spot on! He’s teetered on calling it quits and has made the comment maybe it’s not meant to be. Sometimes the disappointment feels like being punched in the gut. A big challenge has been to not get caught up in the details of HOW and WHY but to just believe. Thank you for sharing!

      1. That is awesome, Katie! I would love to hear about your husband’s inventions sometime!

    2. I am praying hard that this is truly a word I can personally embrace. So many dreams are at stake. For some I have waited 40 years to see. Even with hard work I have faced failure and depression. Many times just fell into despair and forgot how to dream at all. I’m working hard to rebuild my faith and find renewed hope and purpose. I am holding on to Abba Father but have pretty much abandoned the dreams for now. I just want what He wants. Please lift a prayer for me.

    3. Chris pelak says:

      Well thanks for your obedience and never given up totally. We all struggle at times very human. God is using you in a mighty way believe in Faith for as we know all things are possible with Our God. King Jesus 🩸🙏🛡️⚔️🔥❤️📜😎. Blessings and prayers flowing your direction. Keep up the Good fight mighty warrior of God. Your fellow servant Chris some of your Words have been so timely as God is always on time. Just not ours so WE think. lol He knows best the beginning from the end. Awesome to know he cares so much. Well, Dabar Shalom to you all. Or in English terms may God bless you with Wholeness Completeness ,Health,Wealth,Favor of God and the ability to finish well the life put before us and given to us by God. Again Chris

    4. Stephanie Walsh says:

      Oh Boy. I can surely say the dream God gave me about a husband is definitely testing me and I am in that testing as I write this.
      God gave me a dream, promises and scriptures regarding the man I had a daughter with and how God is creating Him to be a great man of faith and giving him a brand new heart straight from heaven. Just when I thought there would be no way I could ever deter from what God promised and just like that God proved me to be wrong. I am definitely learning a new level of humility and being humble unto the Lord. This test has definitely taken things to new levels and heights that I never knew.
      All I can say is to keep very close to God, stay as humble as possible and keep tight to the dream.

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