3 Divine Strategies For Getting What You Want

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3 Divine Strategies For Getting What You Want by Jamie RohrbaughDo you have a dream in your heart that you really want to happen NOW?

I do. I’ve been dreaming of doing one particular thing for many years. It’s THE DREAM. Then I have other goals that are part of my list of life goals, and I want those pretty badly too.

For many years, I’ve been preparing for my dreams. I’ve done everything I could, and I’ve waited patiently because promotion comes from God.

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But eventually there comes a time when we stop waiting and we actually see God move.

THAT can be an interesting time. We get so used to just preparing that sometimes it’s surprising when things actually start to happen. When God starts to open doors for us, sometimes we don’t know how to handle it, or what to do… or we’re a bit hesitant to take action, even when He nudges us to do so!

I was studying the book of Matthew a few days ago when the Holy Spirit struck me with some practical advice about this very subject. I was reading Matthew 7:7-8, and He showed me three things I need to do to see my dream happen. This passage says:


Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.”

It suddenly hit me that these instructions–ask, seek, and knock–are not three different ways to say the same thing. Rather, asking, seeking, and knocking are three separate activities that get three separate kinds of results. That means we have to tailor our action to the result we want!

Check out these three divine strategies for getting what you want:

1. ASK a person in authority when you want something they can give you.

The word “ask” here means specifically that you ask of someone with more authority and power than you. It doesn’t mean asking your friend or someone of equal rank for something. No; this ask means you ask your authority figure for what you want. This word “ask” is used in the Bible when a subject asks his king for something or people ask God for something.

So what do you want? Ask God for it! If He shows you that you need to ask someone else too, then go ask! What do you have to lose?

It’s also important to note that Jesus said “IT” shall be given to you. That means you have a specific thing in mind that you want, and you’ll get THAT SPECIFIC THING when you ask for it.

So what specific thing do you want? Perhaps it’s:

  • Time off work to go on a mission trip or personal leave;
  • Opportunity that you’ve prepared for and sown into; or
  • Permission to do something new.

Whatever it is, Jesus said if you ask for what you want from the person who has the authority to give it to you (and the original text indicates you may need to keep on asking), it will be given to you. What are you waiting on? Ask today!

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2. SEEK when you need a solution to a problem, or when you need to know something you don’t currently know.

“Seeking” here means to look for something you don’t know yet. So if you have a dream in your heart, but you aren’t sure how to carry it out, start seeking the solution.

How do you seek a solution?

  • Brainstorm ideas. Write them all down, and don’t rule anything out.
  • Ask people you trust for their ideas.
  • Start looking into your options one at a time, and look for what God breathes on.

When you seek a solution, remember this:

If God is breathing on something, there will be a divine FLOW.

If one of your ideas just isn’t working, there’s no flow on it. That means God isn’t in that particular solution.

When God is in something, it will just work. People will respond to you. You’ll have favor. Unexpected blessings and affirmations will come your way.

So look for divine flow. That’s how you know you’re on the right track with a particular solution. It may take time, but Jesus said that if you’ll seek, you’ll find.

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3. KNOCK at a particular door after you’ve identified the exact thing you want.

Jesus said to knock, and “IT” shall be opened to you. That means knocking is done after you’ve figured out what you want.

So after you’ve determined what solution God is breathing on, start knocking:

  • Reach out to people to develop the relationships or contacts you need.
  • Ask people for permission to do what you want to do.
  • Look for the supplies you need.
  • As God leads, let people you trust know what you’re up to so they can help you.

Take one step at a time, and pray about each step. Remind God about Jesus’ words when you pray. Tell Him that you’re knocking at this door, and ask it to be opened. Speak God’s Word out loud into your situation… and watch that door open up.

Whatever your dream is, it can happen. Jesus Christ Himself said that if you ask, it will be given to you. If you seek that solution, you will find it. If you knock on the door you’ve identified, it will open up to you.

What do you need to ask, seek, and knock for today?

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