Prophetic Word: Kick Those Doors Open!

Beloved, are you fed up with getting run over? Do you need doors to open for you? If so, the Lord gave me a major word today that is for you. It’s about the fighting fierceness He wants to deposit in you, His people.

I heard the Spirit of God say:

“It’s time for you to stop waiting for doors to open for you, and start kicking the doors open.

Doors have no will of their own. They cannot exert any effort. They only respond to the efforts released against them. Doors open if they are pushed, and they close if they are pushed.

I still need you to trust Me to protect you from doors that should not be opened to you. I need you to ask Me to close doors for you that should be closed. Aside from that, however, I need AND WANT you to start pushing on doors.

Push on every door and trust Me to close the doors that are not My will for you.

I mean, push on every door. Every one. Knock, and the doors shall be opened to you. Some of you are mad at Me because I haven’t been opening doors for you, but I tell you all over the place in Scripture that YOU are supposed to kick doors down.

I tell you again today: KICK THOSE DOORS DOWN! Kick them open! 

Doors will open to you if you exert force on them. You can defeat any power of the enemy if you just push harder than he does. When you start pushing on a door, all the enemy can do is stand behind that door and try to push against you. But greater is He–Me–that is in you than he who is in the world! 

The enemy cannot overwhelm you. The enemy cannot out-push you if you will rise up and call him vanquished. The enemy cannot beat you when you walk in the power of My Spirit.

The heaven and the heaven of heavens belong to Me, but on the earth I have delegated authority to the children of men. You have authority over every door. You have authority over every gate. You have authority over the doors that no man can open and over the doors no man can shut. When you speak to those gates, THEY SHALL MOVE in My name!

So I tell you today:

  • Speak to the doors of the nations and command them to open, and they shall open!
  • Speak to the doors and gates of opportunity that I desire for you, and command them to open wide for you!
  • Speak to the gateways of every relationship I have for you, and those relationships shall come forth!

Open your mouth and SPEAK!

When you command a thing, it shall be established. When you fast and pray and declare and decree, the things you speak shall be established.

Open your mouth and exercise your faith in Me.

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Exercise your faith in My Word. Declare and decree that the gates you have been promised are OPEN to you! Gates of:

  • Divinely-appointed opportunities;
  • Divinely-appointed marriage and friendships;
  • Divinely-ordained business;
  • Publications which will broadcast and publish My Word through you;
  • People whom I have prompted to invite you to speak;
  • Streams of income which I have placed in your heart in embryo form;
  • Nations which I desire to open to you.

I have so much for you! I want you to see it!

I desire that you should come up to My level. As I commanded My servant John, “Come up here, and I will show you things to come!” Come up here! Come up higher! Rise up and come up and lift up and see!

Your vision is too small. Your spectrum is too limited.

Why can’t you be the one that changes the world in your generation? YOU CAN! Why can’t you be the one I use most on the face of the entire earth? YOU CAN! Why can’t you shake the heavens and the earth? YOU CAN! And I desire you to be that one!

Rise up with your level of faith. Come up to see from Heaven’s perspective. The old ways are not working anymore. Indeed, I have ordained a new path and a new way! Behold, I do a new thing; does not My Word tell you so? Yet you have been seeking the old way, but I am done with the old way!

The new way is better. The new way is higher. 

My sons of thunder and daughters of grace are going forth on the earth. In this hour, the men will rise up with the backbone I have always ordained for them. The daughters will walk in the grace and strength I have always provided to them. Both men and women equally shall shout forth My Word and proclaim it from the housetops over the whole earth. 

But this would not be possible without a new way. This would not be possible without new methods, new ways of doing things, new courage, new commitments. This going forth of My Word is only possible when you come up higher and let Me show you things to come.

The mantle of Billy Sunday is coming upon those alive on the earth.

I am raising up a spiritual generation of believers who are against sin. I am raising up this generation of My people who will kick and pound down the doors and gates of hell. As long as they have a foot, as long as they have a tooth, as long as they have a breath in their body, this generation will fight.

I want you to be part of My Billy Sunday generation.

You don’t need to be fancy. You don’t need to be professional at anything. It’s okay if you are, but you can be just as you are and still participate in My fighting anointing.

I want you to be a scrapper. I want you to be salty. You are the salt of the earth, but too much of the salt on the earth has lost its savor. 

When the savor comes back to the salt, people cringe. You will make enemies, but no matter. I am putting the fight back in you. I am putting the spirit back in your bones. I am bringing you back into fighting position, and you’re going to kick down the gates of the enemy.

So rise up, beloved! Rise up and come away!

Let me plant My fierceness back in your belly. Ask Me to give you the Billy Sunday anointing. Let Me make you mad with My righteous anger about everything that angers Me. Let Me give you the anointing to fight, to wage war, and to win. Let Me make you My salt-carrier on the earth. After that, you will be able to rise up, and kick down the doors!”

Wow! Thank You very much, Lord! I receive this word! Do you? If so, leave a comment below!


  1. Just had a door opened!!!

    1. Thanx! sister – – – my new boss has been extremely hostile to me- but covers his trail very well — prayers please

    2. I receive this word .

  2. Yolanda Gomes says:

    Jamie thank you for your prayers just had a door open.

  3. Sanhawit Suzie AHMAD says:

    Every Word Spoke deep into my Spirit! I receive this word lord! And I am here and ready in Jesus name !

    1. Hi Jamie…thanks again for an on time Word from the Lord. I’ve been on this battlefield for some time now and it’s hot and heavy. I do know God is stiring the pot, refining me in His refiners FIRE and I’m thankful and expecting to come out as pure gold. Please pray for me(extra abundance/strength/ courage and clarity/focus/ protection) and my family( salvation and deliverance. Thank You and So be it!

  4. Declaring and decreeing doors are opening now. Lord let me be the salt of the earth and fight for what is right, which is your word. I know what God promise me and physical eyes I cannot see it but eyes of faith -its already done! Thank you Jesus!!! Beautiful word today and thanks for sharing.

    1. Linda Stanford says:

      I declare and decree doors will be opening for me In Jesus name! Thank you Jesus for this word and Thank you Jamie for speaking it to us!

  5. Amen!!

    I receive this Word in Jesus Name!!!

    God bless you Jamie!

  6. Cecilia Ramirez says:

    Yes Lord!!!!!!! Anoint me, Apoint me, have Your way Lord! Wow! This Word moved me Powerfully! I am a World Changer, Planet Shaker, History Maker, Change Agent, Kingdom Wealth Carrier & Financer Lord!! Thank You Jamie for Your obedience! Lead me & Guide me Lord!

  7. Candacé Thomas says:

    AMEN! I absolutely love the part about being scrappy! It’s right there with having grit. I am absolutely blessed by this word and, as usual, it is timely… a Rhema word.

  8. I receive these words in Jesus’ name. Lord give me your strength to kick these doors down. Direct my steps and renew my faith. I need You Father. My Redeemer.

  9. Danielle Brewton says:

    I recieve this word GOD has upgraded everything within me and I have been ready to kick down doors.

  10. CHRISTINE says:

    thank you precious Jamie, really timely word. i receive this word. i ask Abba Fther to put His firecness back into my belly. the door s of God s promises to open up!!! to my finall rejoycing, & testifying.bless you precious ,Jamie.
    the doors that needs to be closed shall be Jesus name.

  11. Tess White says:

    Thank You Lord for this excellent word! We receive and understand what You are saying to us. Anoint us with this “Billy Sunday anointing”. Your will and timing be done. Doors and gates open wide – for The King Of Glory is coming in!
    Thank you Jamie as always for your obedience and loving heart!
    Rest well, dear sister.

  12. Thank you Jaime I needed to hear this word . Thank you Father, you always help us and show us what and how we need to do what we don’t know what to do, you are so good to us daddy and I praise you father.

  13. Patricia Daniels says:

    I receive this word today. It lines up with the word that preached at our church regarding open doors that need to be kick to be open.

    Thank you for your obedience to Father God in giving His message.

    May Father God bless you hugely in Jesus Name.

  14. I receive this word in the name of Jesus!!

  15. Jacqualine Riddle says:

    Thank you Jamie I receive this word

  16. Yes and Amen!! This is spot on!! Praise Your Holy Name, Lord Jesus! Thank you, Jamie.

  17. Yes !!!!! I decree and declare this Word over my present circumstances.. I shall Rise Up and see the goodness of the Lord in this prophetic Word .. thank you mighty woman !!!

  18. Wow….love this! Thank you!Thank you Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit…..I am yours!💜

  19. Joy Ehrenzweig says:

    Hallelujah🔥🔥Praise The Lord Jamie!
    Here I am Lord send me🙏 I’m available🔥Equip me please 🔥🔥

  20. Amen! And AMEN. I receive this word. LORD I am ready. Use me I am available to be salt and light. I refuse to continue in timidity and weakness. I am Yours Lord. Mould me according to Your will. Your will be done in me and through me.
    Thank you so much for sharing Jamie. God bless you and provide for all your needs, personal and ministry. I thank God for you.
    Numbers 6:24-26
    Shalom shalom 🙏🙏🙏

  21. In the name of Jesus I receive this mantle over my life. I receive the anointing to wage war, to fight, to win. To be the salt carrier for the Lord. The anointing to kick those doors open in Jesus’s mighty name.
    Wow! What a word. Thank you so much Lord.
    Sister Jamie, may God continue using you as His vessel. May He bless you abundantly as you obediently humble yourself to Him.
    Love in Christ.

  22. Fosen Grace says:

    I receive this word with faith believing I kick doors of advancement spiritually and all round, doors of ministry fulfilment doors of all round destiny fulfilment and accomplishments are opened to me, doors of opportunities, positive destiny enhancing relations oh I believe all that the blood purchased for me are here I embrace them halleluyah praise God!!!!!!!

  23. I decree and declare this word of doors opening in my life. Thank you God for you grace and love. I will be blessed with all my heart desires for 2019-2020. God I give you all the glory 🙌🏿🙏🏾

  24. Thank you, some say the word ‘as little as a mustard seed,’ and I may be trying to muster up a mustard seed, put wind behind it, LORD and water the seed.

  25. Jan Claassens says:

    Job 22:28 Amplified Bible (AMP)
    “You will also decide and decree a thing, and it will be established for you;
    And the light [of God’s favor] will shine upon your ways.

  26. Shera Chieves says:

    POWERFUL as usual!!! Thank you sooo much Jamie!

  27. Henrietta says:

    Oh Wow! Till now I was in the ‘waiting for God to move’ mode! So now everything has changed… there are some doors I have to kick down! Praying also for wisdom to know which doors to keep away from.

    I am ready and excited to see what the LORD is going to do this season! Halleluyah and Glory to God!!!

  28. Amen! I receive this word, in Jesus name. Thank you Jamie

  29. So glad I found this! It ties right in with what Jesus has been telling me that I have the heart of a lion-the Lion of Judah and its time to stride forth. For far too long I have been keeping my head down taking the blows. In the name of Jesus I receive this word of kicking doors in.

  30. Yes PaPa God I receive this Word and have kick the doors OPEN.
    Praise your Holy Name Jesus . Thank You and I love you Lord.

  31. I receive it in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen

  32. Gloria Williams says:

    I receive the word, amen and amen 🙏
    We praise God for you and the anointing He has placed upon you Jamie. Stay blessed.

  33. April McCullough says:

    This prophetic word could not have come at a better time! I was just talking about and envisioning this Athletic Club that so work for to be bigger and better at a place next door where we are partnered with not only my kids school but schools from all around to have their kids trained in strength and conditioning, skills and fundamentals, and being a primary center for putting the FUN in functional movement! I am praying for investors and resources and whatever else it takes to make this happen for the city of North Little Rock! I want a place for kids to come in and find wellness as well as adults! I want people to be able to come from Cabot, Sheridan, Pine Bluff, and all over Arkansas to book a hotel and participate in activity here. It would bring business to us and to the restaurants and hotels around us. Lord, lead me to this door! And let it be so! In Jesus name!

  34. I received it in Jesus name

  35. I just received this prayer more than 3 years after you sent it out. And it is timely still. I want all God has for me and you. If it means I have to don my Wonder Woman boots, I will. I’m kicking doors and taking blessings that belong to me. And with my speech I decree and declare that those immeasurable blessings will be shared with others.

    So pray for me cause the kingdom is definitely getting enriched!

  36. Thank u Lord .i receive

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